Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Julian Assange: His Role in Reality Creation

The people who rule us know that to behave overtly is death. Thus they are occult, which is to say, hidden. And this works brilliantly for them sure, but it's not without its downsides. Imagine the crushing irony of being a death cult god-king utterly full of yourself - self-impressed beyond all imagining - and having to keep it to yourself. What a bummer. Sure they award themselves honours and knighthoods and Nobel prizes etc. but these are all substitutes, awards they take in lieu of acknowledging their true brilliance.

If only they could crow like a rooster and brag of their real achievements, their true genius, their infinite superiority over the dim-witted masses. Happily for us sometimes they just can't help themselves and they say what they think. Does everyone remember this fine chestnut courtesy of Ron Suskind in the NYT 2004:
The aide said that guys like me were "in what we call the reality-based community," which he defined as people who "believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality." ... "That's not the way the world really works anymore," he continued. "We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality - judiciously, as you will - we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.
That's perfect isn't it? In a real world, that would be headlining the Penguin Book of Quotations, but as things are it will never earn an entry. I actually already wrote about this quote way back when but here now I want to come at it from a slightly different angle: the idea of posited reality and the use of artifice to arrive us there, and also the created realities versus the creation itself.

With the above quote it should be kept in mind that the man saying it is undoubtedly an habitual liar. And Jewish, natch. The odds of the above sentiment being voiced by a non-Jew are so low as to be worthless. The only people to argue otherwise would be Jews - 'If a goy wants a Jew to stand witness against a Jew in a Court of Law, and if the Jew could give fair evidence, he is forbidden to do it' - and goyim who are unfamiliar with the book from which those italics were taken (which is admittedly pretty much everyone).

Where was I? Oh yeah, what with the quoted fellow lying like he blinks, the above quote, whilst telling, is not everything it says it is. For instance, 'we're an empire now' is neither here nor there. What would be more accurate? How about 'we're our own messiah', ha ha ha. The word 'now' is rubbish of course, merely there to put distance between the current shenanigans and what's otherwise been going on for centuries. His other furphy is the use of the word 'actors' to describe himself and his like-minded fellows. They are not actors - they are writer/directors. We, the Christian and Muslim bunnies fighting each other are the actors. We get given our lines and we do what we're told. And all to the tremendous amusement of our master scenarists, sure.

But never mind the lies. In amongst the above quote is a perfect discussion of the dilemmas facing anyone attempting to decipher the auteur's artifice. It's foolishness of course since the artifice is merely a vehicle. Not that we get that of course - we're all too busy with the minutiae. Meanwhile we're being carried somewhere with none of us even aware. We see the scenery outside the window constantly changing but that's what it's meant to do isn't it? It's 'progress' or something. And aren't our feet planted on firm ground same as it ever was? And sure we're moving forward but that's obviously a good thing otherwise why would sportsmen put it in every sentence?

Just now The Illusionist popped into my head. Poof! It's the perfect example of a narrative we didn't need leading us to a posited reality we were always going to get. Punters in the audience follow the plot's twists and turns - 'judiciously, as you will' - all the while utterly failing to realise it's all a con.The truth of the matter is that the film merely exists to lionise Jewish rat-bastardry and to depict those who doubt or oppose the Jewish trickster as flat-footed dimwits who deserve death. The entire film (as are most of them funnily enough) is merely artifice, a variety of reverse engineering to arrive us at the dreamt up Frank Frazetta reality of our Jewish hero triumphant with his foot planted on the corpse of his goyim victim, the deluded but worshipful trophy-shiksa on his arm, and his awe-struck shabat goy step-and-fetchit pleased to have glimpsed such genius.

Jewish people are not geniuses of course - they only imagine themselves so. But if all you get on TV is Jewish imaginings, then how would you know to think otherwise?

Long and short, the only thing worth knowing in any story coming from Jewish sources is that it's a story coming from Jewish sources. In the face of the Talmud's 'Love each other, love the robbery, hate your masters and never tell the truth,' the intricacies of any given plot were always going to be worthless - mere lies to arrive us all at the 2000 year old posited reality of Jews as masters over their goyim hewers of wood and drawers of water. 'When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 slaves'. And of course in the Jewish world of us-and-them and its inevitable self-fulfilling prophecy of 'if the goyim knew what we teach about them they would kill us openly', all goyim effectively qualify as opposition and thus it's necessary we view each other as villains and make war upon ourselves.

And then there's Julian Assange! What's that, Julian? Australian ex PM KRudd said that America should attack China? And the Lebanese said that Israel should wipe out Hezbollah? And the Sauds said that America should cut the head off the Iranian snake? And the Americans said Putin is a Girl who takes it up the jacksy? And the English said the French don't wash, smell bad, and like to make love with their faces? Gosh it just goes on and on doesn't it? And of course always with Israel high and dry - no need to dance between the rain drops since since they're standing well back with their hand on the tap. Laugh? This is more fun than machine gunning Palestinian women and children.

Admittedly, Julian Assange is not Jewish. But gee whiz how many clues do we need as to whose zombified mouthpiece he is? Says Benjamin 'Three cheers for Wikileaks' Netanyahu:
“Israel has not been damaged at all by the WikiLeaks publications. On the contrary, the documents showed support in many quarters for Israel’s assessments, especially on Iran.”
Ha ha ha ha! Very good! And blow me down if Wikileaks' Assange doesn't love him right back:
"We can see the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu coming out with a very interesting statement that leaders should speak in public like they do in private whenever they can. He believes that the result of this publication, which makes the sentiments of many privately held beliefs public, are promising a pretty good [indecipherable] will lead to some kind of increase in the peace process in the Middle East and particularly in relation to Iran."

God spare me, the butcher of Gaza as paragon of honest government. Hands up everyone who feels sick. And the dead-giveaway dirt continues to come to the fore. This via Aangirfan. Fine - me, I'm taking it as read. (PS - Oh look, the tail-wagged-dog did their bit too. Three cheers).

Not forgetting of course, that: in spite of AIPAC being the single most powerful lobby in the US (indeed none may stand against it); in spite of Israel being called the US's 'number one ally' for no apparent reason and absurdly receiving more US foreign aid than the rest of the world put together; in spite of Anne Coulter ruling herself out of the Neocons on account of not being Jewish enough, and all American policy right up until the other day being routinely described as 'neocon'; in spite of the last couple of years having seen hundreds of Israeli spies thrown out of the States for espionage immigration violations, easily more than every other country put together; in spite of every single one of Obama's 'czars' being Jewish and/or dual passport holders; in spite of the Jewish state seeming to wholly occupy American foreign policy it magically only seems to comprise 0.03% of the various memos that fly backwards and forwards through the Byzantine channels of the US government. The big message from Wikileaks is, 'Israel? Jews? Who? What?'

Hyperbole aside, that right there is what's known in the real world as a complete impossibility. Any punter with even the meanest understanding of the laws of probability would look at that and know that the game was fixed.

To: Mossad
From: nobody

Hey Boys and Girls, I just thought I'd drop you a line saying how much I love your work, love your gear. And big fan though I am, I thought you slipped up ever so slightly in this wikileaks caper. I mean honestly, what with Israel being the US's number one client state (Ha! Just joking, but you get it I'm sure) what with that as the facade don't you think that it looked a bit ordinary how every country seemed to be bagging out every other country but not a single person in the US had anything to say about Israel? It's a bit weird isn't it?

And sure I know Israel has to be that shining beacon on the hill with nothing bad said about it ever, but I had a thought - what if you had some US criticism of Israel but all from the basis of Israel not cracking down hard enough on the Palestinians? That would work wouldn't it? You could have whomever it is complaining that Israelis are just too big hearted, ha ha ha.

Here's an idea: what if it featured the phrase Israel is soft on terror? Tell me that that isn't the perfect soundbite? You guys of course would instantly come out in righteous indignation saying how untrue it all was and how you were selflessly leading the world in the very important battle against terrorism and to prove it you'd... I don't know, re-invade Gaza or Lebanon or something. But properly this time. None of the pooncing about like last time - imagine killing people in the six digits - wouldn't that be grand!

yours in dreams of bloodshed and carnage,


Okay so what was all that stuff about not getting distracted by the narrative etc? Haven't I done precisely that? Well yes, but that's the thing you see: the above chap sneering at us for playing catch-up - 'judiciously as you will' - knows that we haven't any choice. But at least we've got a head start: at least we know to cherchez le Juif. Ayah! There's an ugly phrase, eh? Who knew (back in our former lives) that we'd be uttering such things? But sure enough here we are, and sure enough here they are, hiding in plain sight, daring us to call them out.

Right, so we don't believe anything they tell us and we know that goyim being turned against each other is an inevitability, and... and... that's it, is it? We're going to be lied to and the lie will a neat, easy-to-understand one-off. Somehow I don't think so: as if the masters of the Big Lie would expend this much time and energy on a simple one-fer. Lies this big are always layered. Never mind the onion, any give Big Lie will be like a citadel with successive walls, each to be abandoned with the final never-breached inner sanctum being 'the truth is elsewhere'.

Whilst I was never a big fan of Marshall McLuhan's the medium is the message, I'm thinking it might be useful here, albeit from a sideways direction. In spite of the fact that not one single Wikileaks story went on the Wikileaks website without first being featured in (and of course vetted by) the MSM, somehow all this alleged leaking is the prompt for a discussion, not about the media, but rather the internet. Or so insists the MSM. Well they would wouldn't they?

Under this rubric, McLuhan suddenly becomes right, which is to say, the individual messages don't really count. That doesn't mean that there aren't rules about what the messages may discuss, but we can sum that up by saying that all the topics currently verboten in the media are likewise verboten in the Wikileaks' material. Or to put it another way, there is nothing in there to cause anyone any real trouble. No heads will roll. No heavens will fall.


And there you have it. A medium that allows the free exchange of information cannot be allowed to live. Every other medium is in the hands of the Jews (in as precise a display of contempt for the medium is the message as could be found) and so it goes for the internet too.

Thinking about it, how much effort went into the media campaign to bring war against Iraq? Now compare war against Iraq with the taking of an entire medium. Believe it or not the latter is waay more important than the former. A people in control of a totality of falsity grant themselves the god-like ability to control the narrative and create their own reality. Thus lesser things like wars become a snap of the fingers.

The net as it stands must be taken - dead or alive, pick one. The falsity must be a totality. Everything else is second fiddle.

Thus: Julian Assange as scarlet pimpernel; the well-meaning but deluded legions rallying around him; our politicians flipping between nonchalance and high dudgeon; the machinations of Swedish justice; the endless carefully scripted talking heads; the earnest blatherings of should've-known-betters; hell, let's just say this whole fucking herculean effort is not here for any run of the mill ginned up wars. Sure they may result since everything is a two-fer minimum but really this is way beyond such lesser topics as this-or-that versions of desired reality. This is about the very ability to create those realities in the first place. Like I said, first comes the lie. Everything is subordinate to this.


Pstonie said...

Great post, been trying to put a lot of these pieces together myself.

I think they made more than one mistake with the plan behind this leaking. I've seen leaks attacking shell and the papacy. The retaliation should be interesting.

kikz said...


standin O, noby!

it must be an infuriation for them knowing the net is still out of pocket.

they're workin on it though...

but we goyim hafta keep in mind, the 'narrative' may be their wish reality but it shouldn't be ours.

didn't the gnostics caution humanity against the archons' propensity for utilizing simulation as deception?


Anonymous said...

Well written and so very true sir.
(the ghost of) Sir Robert Gordon Menzies, KT, AK, CH, FAA, FRS, QC

kikz said...

ahem... and speakin of wish narrative... be sure to watch the vid at duff's link


Anonymous said...


“His other furphy is the use of the word 'actors' to describe himself and his like-minded fellows. They are not actors - they are writer/directors”
Hmm, maybe a bit of duplicity going on there, double-entendre at the very least but I think you know he didn’t mean “we are just the ones who walk around and read the lines” what he actually meant was “We are the ones who are proactive”.

“Lies this big are always layered. Never mind the onion, any give Big Lie will be like a citadel with successive walls, each to be abandoned with the final never-breached inner sanctum being 'the truth is elsewhere'.” Looks remarkably like the Pentagon to me and we all know how impenetrable that is. And what was it you said was at the centre “The truth is elsewhere”.

Otherwise I think you nailed it.

Anonymous said...


If you want to interpret that First quote about ‘we are the actors’ as ‘who are the players and who are the pawns’, here is what Joe Bagent has to say on the subject.

“The WikiLeaks affair is surely seismic to those whose asses ride on the elite diplomatic intrigues. But in the big picture it will not change the way the top lizards in global politics, money and war have done business since the feudal age -- which is to say with arrogant disregard for the rest of us. Theirs is an ancient system of human dominance that only shifts names and methodologies over the centuries. Two years from now, little will have changed in the old, old story of the powerful few over the powerless many. In this overarching drama, Obama, Hillary and Julian Assange are passing players. Watching the sweaty, fetid machinations of our overlords with such passionate involvement only keeps us from seeing the big picture -- that they are the players and we are the pawns.

Still, I for one am in favor of giving Assange the Médaille militaire, the Noble Prize, 15 virgins in paradise and a billion in cash as a reward for his courage in doing damned well the only significant thing that can be done at this time -- momentarily fucking up government control of information. But "potentially stimulating a new age of U.S. government transparency," (BBC) it ain't."

Which brings us to back to the question of cultural ignorance. For ten points, why was Julian Assange forced to do what the world press was supposed to be doing in the first place?

Bulletin: PayPal has caved to government pressure to pull WikiLeak's PayPal account for contributions. However, the feds generously let PayPal keep its porn and prostitution clients.”

Anonymous said...

it appears that we are working on a the very same puzzle, or how else could I neatly refer to these synchronicities that have risen in the past weeks between you and I. we will have lots of fun in the future, I bet.

last thursday I got an email from an old friend who I've ceased to stay in contact with due to him being amazingly ignorant about all deemed 'metaphysical.' might have something to do with his talent in the field of traditional physics, or then not. anyway, for a moment I thought he had lifted his head from the sand as he was describing being 'obsessed' about a documentary dealing with metaphysical ideas while using scientific methods.

the documentary is called what the bleed do we know? down the rabbit hole we go, and can be viewed on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSk51Lp-vHU

after watching that documentary I can say it didn't really reveal anything that I had not observed from the events taking place in my own life in regards to this 'reality creation,' even though I know very little about quantum physics, and am not very keen on the idea of parallel realities - I tend to not to be of things I have no straight experience of...

from my studies on (ancient) philosophies and religious practices, I have gotten the idea that hands on knowledge about creating reality has prospered in the dawn of humanity, and then slowly disappeared from the sight of the masses into something occult. fair? well, no if we are to dwell on contemporary ideas surrounding things such as 'democracy,' and yes if we are to support the old idea of how to acquire knowledge, that being from within (anamnesis).

words never really mean anything specific, not at least when trying to convey spiritual ideas, when using our everyday language. a big thing in all this is 'acceptance,' though I cannot emphasize that enough in this short piece of writing. what one accepts as reality will prevail as reality, and what is accepted can be studied (think about this in regards to evidence about how the objects of scientific inquiry change their way of behaving when being observed). sometimes merely seeing is accepting, which actually makes the idea of 'hidden in plain sight' pretty damn funny when seen in the light of this plain sight becoming ever more plain - one would think that to be part of lowering the level of difficulty in the mastery of reality, and this ties to wikileaks.

"We're history's actors and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do."

I can see what he means for knowing that reality creation is not script writing that works in unison with regular logic. there's great truth in the fact that we cannot lie to ourselves when creating reality if we are to be active, conscious participants in that process, but when being passive, sleeping pawns for the very same process we literally embody a lie cast upon us.

a few days ago I was reading random quotes by descartes, and like always when reading whatever I tried to look behind words to see what the person behind them must have seen and tried to put in writing. don't remember the actual quote, but I found an interesting key into unlocking his views in this sense we are discussing here if the word 'will' is seen as a word relating closely to the word 'create.'

which brings me to 'do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.' let it unravel.

also, and this is my favorite, god created man in his image, thus a man is to become a god who creates.


nobody said...

Hey folks, first up the cryptic comment:

Hey Skinny, did you intend to leave a comment over at the cryptic blog? Whilst it's true that no one ever goes there I still have this vague dream that some crossword fan will find it and do the crosswords. To that end I'd like to at least carry on the pretense over there that I'm a, um... 'normal person', ha ha. Otherwise, is there any reason I couldn't whack your comment here? I don't see why not. And the last one yeah?

Hey Pstonie, does the Vatican ever retaliate? I have them pegged as fulltime butt-boys for the bankers. "Thank you sir, may I have another?" kind of thing.

Hullo Ming! Lovely to have you drop... 'ing'! How's the old death caper? Not too dreadful I hope?

Is anyone here familiar with clerihews?

Robert Gordon Menzies
was given to silent frenzies
imagining the queen nude
brought him quite unglued

Thanx Kikz, Gordon Duff is really something isn't he. He's been so spot on for this wikileaks thing that he's been reminding of Dave McGowan.

...hey, just came back from watching that Anthony Lawson vid from your link. Aangirfan already linked to it but I wasn't able to watch it then. Anyway it's brilliant. Anyone who hasn't seen it go to Kikz's link. Gordon Duff is great and the vid is even greater.

And FB, onya mate. You are correct. Now that you mention I'm sure that that was that fellow's meaning. But that doesn't mean the second meaning doesn't exist or that people on hearing wouldn't sway in that direction. You know what I mean? I always shudder when I hear people say things like, 'the enormity of my daughter's birth'. Technically they're correct but couldn't we have found another word that didn't have an unfortunate second meaning?

Otherwise that's good news about the prostitutes. I'm pleased for them. As for the assorted credit card/paypal conduits by which the deluded send their hard-earned to wikileaks, three cheers that they're being cut! Everything is a charade of course and who gives a fuck about the various ins-and-outs but at least some punters will be spared throwing their money away. (for the record, I once foolishly sent money to truthout, antiwar.com and zmag.org. What a waste of money. Oh well, never mind).

And thanks JPi. Have you been in before mate? I can't recall. Anyway good stuff. And would I be right in thinking that your last couple of paras weren't seeking reverent belief so much as a smile and a cocked eyebrow yeah? Anyway, pop in anytime.

A. Peasant said...

excellent unpacking nobs, as usual. (tanks for the link too). it's just a big hamster wheel, isn't it? wikileaks, nothing but busy work from st julian of assange, the nordic bin laden (as g. duff called him). when i saw that julian's defenders were co-opting that V character from that movie i couldn't sit through (V for Vendetta), i knew they were laughing their asses off in herzliya.

the fallacy of insufficient cynicism strikes again.

nobody said...

Hee hee. AP as ever you are too cool for school.


And P2P, are you out there? Sorry mate, your thing is on my desktop and only waiting for me to figure out how to end it. I expect it'll go the way this thing went insofar as the ending appeared out of nowhere and was not what I expected and thus required me to go back through the rest of it and rewrite it all. But don't worry Chinita I haven't forgotten you.


Otherwise boys and girls, my schedule will change what with us running into the Christmas season and my daily schedule of yoga and martial arts ending for the year. To fill the gap and avoid going stark staring mad I have ignobly decided to fall off the wagon and to that end have scored myself a bag of North Coast organic hippy buds.

Whilst it's true that grass does put a slight dent on my reputation as 'most reliable and hardworking blogger there is', ha ha ha, it's also true that some of my best pieces have been written whilst I was stoned. Or that's my opinion anyway.

But who knows what will happen? Not me that's for sure. Ciao.

Anonymous said...


On the subject of where one chooses to throw ones hard earned away this is interesting:
“Visa, Mastercard and PayPal all enable donations to be made to US-registered groups funding illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank in defiance of international law.

It appears at least one of the major credit cards also enables donations to an extremist Jewish group that has placed a bounty on the lives of Palestinians.

All three have in the last week ceased enabling donations to WikiLeaks. Neither Mastercard nor Visa has explained the basis for their decision to do so. At this stage WikiLeaks has breached no international law and no laws of any country, but Mastercard, Visa and PayPal have all blacklisted it”


nobody said...

Hey FB, well if they're shining a spotlight on such wickedness then at least something good has come out of it all. Mind you, what are the odds that the wikileaks media lollapalooza pays that particular aspect of things no attention at all? If the bookies gave you a 1000 to 1, it might be worth a buck... or not... probably not actually.

P2P said...

yes, I am here. wrote the comment behind a bit too cryptic nick I guess. heehaw.

patience is such a virtue btw. should feed mine with some buds, too.

skinnylegsandall said...

Sorry I think I had everything on your blog open.The phone rang.I left,hours later I sent what I had.I'm glad it at least made it one of Nobodies blogs.

Anonymous said...


Hey Nobs, this is an aside which has nothing to do with the post. I just walked past the TV and there was a fill the space at the end of the news item on. There were these Nepalese kids all about eight years old all in rank and file as far as you could see left to right and as far as you could see front to back, it was like a Moonies wedding and they were all singing “Brown girl in the ring tra la la la la. I walked away shaking my head thinking “is this what the soul of Buddhism has come to?”
Ok now you can go back to what you were talking about.

Anonymous said...


The best investigative sites quickly gave us the goods on him and his role in this psy ops release of information. Aangirfan was especially good.

The corporate swine's media whores immediately divided the people into the usual false left/right camps....either calling Julian a saint or a dangerous terr'st jihadi enabler. Other views were not tolerated, you had to chose one camp.

To me the most interesting aspect was that of the big well established "liberal" blogs. Those that stayed within the corporatist medias left right divide while rejecting any notion of Assange as establisment tool revealed much about themselves.

AfterdowningSt./War is a Crime

Those sites keep well intentioned gullible people in the dark. I would single out the small yet very greasy and effective rawstory along with the celebrity war crimes enabling Michael Moore for going above and beyond the call of fascist duty in selling the Assange myth.

I wonder if I will be able to write shit like that once the Assange inspired internet censorship crackdown is complete?


Other random thoughts to follow.

Anonymous said...

This post inspires us to consider just how complete and total the domination of our masters is over us people.
I agree with your point illustrated by the Suskind chirping, but I still wonder if their domination is more tenuous than they would like us to believe.

Protests on the street's of France, Ireland, Greece and London (agent provocateurs not withstanding) show that a lot of people are still ready to stand up for themselves, as confused as they may be. Of course the banks are winning all those wars, but what about Iceland and Greenland? I am reaching, reaching for anything.

The NWO domination is more confusing when looking at their attempts at fusing Mexico the US and Canada into one big fascist zone.
First the NAU North American Union had a unified currency the Amero, like the Euro, as its goal. Fail.
Then it was the toned down to SPP, Security and Prosperity Partnership which also failed to happen. I believed the people were informed and opposed to an extent that our leaders backed down. But they didn't quit, they never quit.
This week saw CBC report a done deal on a North American Security Perimeter with Harper and Bushbama set to sign it soon. The silence was deafening.

Back to the Assange deal, the efforts of psyops trolls to sell Assange as credible seemed a bit over the top, as if necessary. Ditto for their big liberal mouthpieces. I am not sure they got the big reaction they hoped for from average Joe's either.
One risk the elites take in dumbing down the sheeple, is that once in a blue moon when they actually want us to get riled up, they see that we have become too lobotomized to care or move.

They may be vulnerable in ways we might not realize. Then again I may just be a little bit too high right now?


Edo said...

Victoria, liking your style girl...

There is hope. The Greeks aren't taking things lying down. Check this, especially at the end, where the 'protesters' have got a hold of the Greek minister for development...


kikz said...
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gallier2 said...

Hi, good one.
Du vrai nobody comme on l'aime.

Had a funny impression today while browsing indistinctly on teh intarnet today, I came about wicked.com which as main stream as it gets. I came upon this article


It's quite funny how after been thoroughly "educated" by McGowan, the badassery of the presented persons, doesn't look so "badass" anymore, and stink of death-cult media manipulation and spookery. Nearly half of the actors shown are officially former (yeh whatever) spooks and psyops (Christopher Lee, Catherine Hepburn, Julia Child and Mel Brooks). And some other could be suspected as such (Samuel L. Jackson as infiltrated agent, Arnold as Operation Paperclip remainder). The others are clearly MK-Ultra, Laurel Canyon puppets on a string (Daniel D. Lewis, Kurt Russel, Creed Bratton (even with direct link to LC).
The only 2 "unclears" in the list are Harrison Ford and Robert Mitchum, but only because the anecdotes chosen are inconclusive).

I particularly liked the funny outrageous anecdote with Disney and Kurt Russel which might even have hit a bullseye without knowing. Wasn't he clearly an anti-jewish freemason? And now who owns that empire? Could he have been eliminated by one of the controlled zombies? Who being the darling of the nation would be above all suspicions?

Sorry to spam your comment section with an only tangential subject.

kikz said...
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kikz said...

gallier.. um.. disney. newp... demolay, i think, but never went thru blue lodge nor aasr....
no such unc'/bro walt....

which is weird.. cuz there's '33 stuff all the hell ovr dland, CA.
dunno bout dWurld, FL...

nor any intl dwurldz...

Peter said...

***have scored myself a bag ***

I am only guessing.. but having read a few of your posts in the past (not alot of them really), this one, has a certain quality that makes my think it was written under the influence. it seemed a bit more "seat of the pants" flyin' high. Oh maybe I am just projecting, but hey, you did say you write better under the influence and I thought this piece particularly free flowing.
Rawk dat ganj boy oh. ;D

slozo said...

Great post, Nobody. And great comments . . . especially Victoria and Gallier.

I've nothing more to add, other than I eagerly await Nobody's finest cannabis-induced piece to date in the near future.

kikz said...
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kikz said...


3 There is a conspiratorial set-up working in history, but not a full-blown global conspiracy as such. One purpose of these lessons is to describe the set-up. This is nothing like exposing an alleged or secret conspiracy. In fact, the approach I am developing here could be called counter-conspiracy theory. It differs from conspiracy theory in that it does not purport to expose a specific conspiracy by naming names and citing events; rather, it attempts to show how blind collusion arises automatically around a predetermined plot.

kikz said...


4 This distinction may not be clear at first, so it might be helpful to disengage the usual assumptions and associations attached to conspiracy theory exposés, and introduce two novel terms—to freshen the syntax, as it were. Instead of conspiracy, I will refer to the master scam (comparable to what Mary Daly calls "the Master Myth"). The scammers may be called Illuminati, but this term is charged with associations, so I propose another: the DC. In this new jargon, we can speak of "the master scam run by the DC" in order to show how it is not a conspiracy as such, but a collective fantasy that enables a core of truly evil activities to be perpetrated on the world at large. Because the master scam is a fantasy of the collective imagination, it does not need to be effectuated by a vast conspiratorial effort. It more or less invents and sustains itself as long as the collective imagination is not alerted to the plot and guided along other lines.

kikz said...


5 And there is a plot, a hidden agenda run by real people, a core group I am calling the DC. The initials stand for "divinely chosen," the directive belief of the DC. The core group of dominators all share a belief that they are more and better than other humans. Conspiracies such as the New World Order are collective fantasies that arise due to the human attempt to imagine what the DC are doing, how they operate. The DC then take advantage of the collective fantasy process and exploit it in extremely devious ways. At no time, however, do DC orchestrate a program of global manipulation. They don´t have to. They rely on humanity to dupe itself, to create its own prisons and invent the monsters that defeat it. The work of the DC is diabolically clever, a self-fulfilling delusion like a Kafkesque nightmare that comes to be acted out in blind, compulsive behavior by millions of people. The genius of the DC inheres in their ability to play the collective imagination against itself. They count on humanity to be entrained by its own delusions, or by beliefs attached to those delusions and "deceptive myths," as Mary Daly calls them—the myth of corporeal resurrection after death, for instance.

kikz said...

and final...
The DC believe they are the favored few of the paternal deity who works against humanity. HE, Yahweh, will reward them with physical immortality or a clone-like status of deathlessness, a similacrum of life, prefigured by the eerie figure of Melchizedek who is "withour generation." They can shrug off humanity, and pursue all kinds of measures to see that it poisons its habitat and destroys itself with sectarian violence, nationalism, racism, drug addiction, and other induced pathologies, because they are allied with the higher-than-human power of the off-planet father god. As far as I know, only the Gnostics of the Pagan Mysteries came out in public and explicitly challenged this anti-human pact by exposing the Demiurge, the demented god that works against humanity. This goes a long way to explaining why they were so brutally eliminated.

lash's synopsis on the grail legend and its opposition to the 'paternal lie' of institutional religion :)


thx for the space noby :)

Anonymous said...

That John Lash site is interesting, thanks kikz.


NumberSix said...

kikz and vic

The article below has some interesting thoughts
on the Holy Grail click here



kikz said...

@vic.. you're welcome.. much much much more there ;)

@#6 thx for the link at montalk, but... this guy and i disagree on too much to have a meeting of the minds.

i read his essay on the grail, then decided to read his first entry in the gnosis section; and from his postulations on the human condition... i can't agree w/his almost zero sum externalized antagonist 'game theory'.

where he sees 'master' genetic design flaws and high failure rate of spiritual evolution in humanity due to archonic predation, i see exquisite physical adaptation to environs and opportunity bounded by internal disposition; the battle is internal; to realize choice (freewill) exists and be claimed as sovereign birthright - to choose a polarity and evolve.

he sees grace/salvation granted by external divinity's interventions; where as i see these as internally generated by an indigenous fractal of divinity, acknowledged and claimed (awakened 3rd brain) leading to 'salvation' if you will, or polarization to the positive - thru higher faculties of reason and empathy overcoming our more 'base' physical and less empathetic basic programming (lizard brain).

he sees evil as externally generated and manifested by archonic influences, the only evil i am able to discern is from the heart/hand of 'man'.

but thx anyway... :)

Anonymous said...

Very well put.

And I liked the comment about Aangirfan.

- Aangirfan