Monday, July 28, 2008

Me. Writing. The Cinema Blog.

There are a couple of things I've been wanting to say, but none of them deserved a whole piece. Then it occurred to me I could kill a couple of birds with one stone (common mynahs perhaps) and I wrote the following.


Whilst I was reading Dave McGowan I appreciated it when he told his readers what he looked like. Whilst I have no desire to be famous, or recognised, or anything other such thing, (I don't call myself nobody for no reason) I can see how there's a lot to be said for a reader being able to attach an image or description to the fellow one's reading. The idea that people should communicate without knowing what the other party looks like is, in the span of human existence, absurdly recent, and as such vaguely unsatisfying. And far be it from me to go against a million years of human evolutionary psychology.

I also liked McGowan's means of doing this. He merely named the famous person whom he most closely resembled, that being Kevin Bacon. Funnily enough I've actually already written about the fellow whom I resemble with an in-joke that only I got - this being over at the cinema blog in my review of Blueberry. My precise words were, 'He is exactly that kind of cinematic French ugly'. Ha! I crack myself up! Anyway, the fellow I'm talking about is Vincent Cassel. Who? Exactly. Happily, hardly anybody has seen his films or noticed him when they did. But those who have, declare the resemblance spooky. Should M. Cassel ever appear in a movie playing some long-haired, ill-shaven variant of a hippy, switch the screen format into some kind of anamorphic squeeze so that he appears tall and skinny, and there you'll see yours truly.

You may also be interested to know that I have an indeterminate accent. It's not quite Australian and not quite English. It seems no one is able to place me. When they ask me where I'm from, I always answer, 'Nowhere in particular'. This is true of course, and sure enough I have the accent to prove it.


Writing here has been a very interesting exercise for me. I don't know about other people, but me, I love the actual physical act of it. One of the best things I ever did was to learn to touch type. I enjoy watching words appear on the screen without me giving the least thought to what my fingers are doing. As someone who spent most of his life working with his hands, this is as close as I get now. Actually that's kind of sad, but never mind.

To be honest, the physicality is the least of it. The biggest questions are: who am I writing for; and what point am I making. The first question is ever fluid. I hold no fixed position on this and will sometimes chop and change within a single piece. That light-as-a-feather 'Hitman 5' thing I wrote was a perfect case in point. That was simultaneously written for: unsuspecting gamers who dream of assassinating people; the game designers who train them to think this way; the ever lurking spooks; regular readers who hopefully will get the gag; and me, sure enough. Sometimes I declare who it is I'm addressing and sometimes I don't. I like to keep the ground shifting and it pays to be nimble.

Then there is the matter of what point I'm making. Sure enough, this depends on who I'm addressing, as in that Hitman thing - different points for different people. But if I'm in stentorian mode addressing the masses (ha ha ha, just for the record I now average 60-70 hits a day - masses indeed) I do attempt to focus on a single point (or view perhaps). Ideally I'll be running at 180ยบ to conventional wisdom. I've no desire to write something we've all read a dozen times already. And sometimes I fail, sure. And sometimes I confuse people too. I'm rarely straightforward and embrace ambiguity and sideways attack. Sorry, but that is what it is.

Otherwise, for every piece I post, there'll be another rejected and consigned to the 'unfinished' folder on my hard drive. Some seem to go nowhere and some I just can't tie up in any kind of satisfying fashion. So I ditch 'em. And of what I do post, some fly off my fingers and some get torn down and rebuilt over and over. I prefer the former, sure enough. The latter are arduous. And sometimes they're worth it and sometimes they're not. Inspiration is a funny thing. Great ideas go nowhere and dull ideas round up nicely and get lots of comments. I'm always surprised by what does and doesn't inspire people to comment.

The Cinema Blog

For some reason the cinema blog gets about a tenth as many hits as the church blog. It's possible that this is because I post so sporadically. It's also possible that people don't groove on it. If it's the latter, I'll have to be honest and say, I don't get it. For mine, there's not much difference between the church and the cinema. In approximately half the reviews I write there, I barely talk about the film as such. Often as not the film is merely a prop or spur for some other point I want to make. Other times I address the context that surrounds the film. I do this because I'm bored to death with reviewers who discuss films in complete isolation from their sociological meaning, or intent, or impact. With this in mind, it's often a complete toss-up as to what blog I put it on. Annemarie (who's on sabbatical at the moment it seems) made exactly this point when I did The Ground Truth. She was probably right. I probably should have posted it here.

And so it is with the latest effort, Bloody Sunday. I bounced it backwards and forwards and in the end decided to write it for the cinema blog. Unsurprisingly I barely discuss the film itself. Instead I try to make a point about non-violence and also discuss the film that Bloody Sunday isn't - if that makes any sense.

Otherwise, I've seen a couple of flicks lately and they'll keep me over at the cinema blog for a bit. It's possible something will pop up and put a wild hair up my clacker in between times, and I'll be back here to have a spray. Um, believe it or not, that was the main point I wanted to say. For someone who doesn't have much to say, I do go on. I expect it's just the joy of the typing.

PS It seems African Warrior, apropos Bloody Sunday, is urging me to do 'better' movies. Like Dark Knight. Perhaps he's got a point.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

a simple question and a simple answer

Here's a quote from Darryl Robert Schoon in Market Oracle -

"In but five decades, the US squandered not only its extraordinary patrimony (21,775 tons of gold), but the income and assets of future generations. Today US obligations, in excess of $70 trillion, are incapable of ever being paid back."

As I've said before, I have no time for impossible riddles. I view economics and monetarism as one of these riddles. Delving deeply into its intricacies will not lead anyone to enlightenment. The only way to get the true nature of the beast is to step back and ask simple questions.

The United States was the world's biggest economy. Its people all laboured mightily and produced untold amounts of everything - food, minerals, products and services. And yet inexplicably the whole enterprise seemed to go out backwards. Somehow all the labour and creativity of the American people left them worse off than when they started. Not only did they lose all that they possessed but they're now massively in hock. Does that make any sense at all?

If Americans had all sat on their arses doing nothing, I'd get it. But they didn't did they? They all worked like Trojans with only their lousy two weeks holiday a year. And now they're all in the hole. How the fuck does that work?

Obviously, labour and resources count for nothing in the face of the control of the notes of exchange. Forget all the gobbledegook, money is nothing more than a medium of exchange. In and of itself it's worthless - infinitely less useful than food, shelter, and tools. And yet magically everything is inverted. Bits of paper are all important and food and shelter has no value.

This is simple, simple stuff. As is the obviousness of the fact that the way things are currently arranged is bullshit. Monetarism is bullshit. It's a scam and we've all been had. Paying interest, which is to say more money, to those who already have all the money makes no sense. The rightness of our ancestors in viewing the usury of the goldsmiths as a sin, is made obvious once again. Clearly the whole system is fucked and there's only one thing for it. Burn it all down and start again.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

World Youth Thingy

Right this minute, Sydney, Australia's biggest city, is awash in Roman Catholics. There's some World Youth Thingy on featuring the Pope. Happily I'm a thousand kilometres away. Me, I already know precisely what everyone is in for, having been through this when I lived in Italy. Back then they had the Jubileo, whatever that was. There I was wandering around Padova (a really marvellous town with some spectacular Giotto frescoes) and you couldn't turn a corner without being surrounded by idiot young people singing and clapping. Between them and football hooligans, I'll take the hooligans. At least the hooligans don't stray far from places selling beer.

Anyway... a funny thing happened on the way to Australia's World Youth Thingy. A really tiny crowd of demonstrators seemed to hog all the air time. These being the curiously titled NoToPope Coalition. They were cross that the Pope won't support condoms. So cross, that they've made a sharp professional website, printed sharp professional t-shirts and stocked up on tons of branded (but hopefully not sharp) condoms. All washed down with a really cracking media campaign. These people are waaaay better funded, better organised and far more visible than Sydney's anti-war coalition ever was. All this for an event that lasts a week! Absurdly enough, these dozen or so people somehow seemed to get the same amount of screen time as the hundreds of thousands who marched against the Iraq war. What a whacky world.

I don't want to talk about the Pope and the church here. The Jewish media already heaps more than enough shit on the Catholic church. If you don't care for that thought, ask yourself what kind of coverage, or lack of it, would have been given to a NoToRabbis Coalition objecting to the Jewish Church's support for Palestinian ethnic cleansing. Exactly. In the media, screaming blue murder about the Catholic church is precisely as permissible as doing the same about the Jewish faith isn't, if you can dig it. But never mind that, what I'm interested in is the kerfuffle involving this little come-from-nowhere group who managed to hog all the limelight. And... the weird shit that followed.

Absurdly this tiny group was such a threat to social order that the police were astoundingly given the ability to arrest anyone who might behave in an 'annoying' fashion. I am not making this up. The people of New South Wales woke up that morning to learn that they suddenly had 'anti-annoyance' legislation.

Sure enough, the media went nuts with NoToPope starring as freedom-fighting, underdog heroes. Everyone else ducked for cover. It seemed that no one had asked for this legislation, no one wanted it, no one made it happen. The Youth Thingy people said it wasn't them. Nor was it the police. Nor even the government! Um, okay, that's weird. Perhaps this law wrote itself.

Next thing we know, the NoToPope Coaltion is in the Federal Court fighting for their right to hand condoms to people who don't want them. Did I miss something here? Has the legal system suddenly changed overnight and become cheap to participate in? Or does the No To Pope Coalition have scads of money? Really? From where? If all sorts of legal people donated their time for free, why did they do that?

Miraculously common sense ruled the day. Happily the legislation we didn't need for a public threat that didn't exist from an 'advocacy' group that seems to have no public support was defeated. Three cheers for whatever that was all about! Camera crews awaited the thronging mass of five or so celebrating NoToPopers. All five of them were rapt! They promptly starting walking up to random Catholics and giving them condoms.

Unsurprisingly these random individual Catholics who'd had nothing to do with any of it, behaved ungraciously. Not only did they not care for the NoToPoper's clever double-entendre t-shirts, they also didn't appreciate being given things to put on men's penises. What's wrong with these stupid Catholics? Who on earth would object to people asserting that they have sex with strangers and need something for their penises? The NoToPopers were merely helpfully assisting those too embarrassed to walk into an anonymous chemists by handing them condoms in public in front of all their friends and relatives. Why would anyone object to that?

Archness aside, what was this all about? I mean really? Dissuading Catholics from being Catholics? Seriously? Funnily enough, I have actually done this but I suspect I wouldn't have been so successful had I chosen to get in people's faces and make suggestions as to what they should do with their penises.

Perhaps it was to broadly promote condom use? But broadly is the wrong word. The only people the NoToPopers will appeal to are inner-city groovers who already use them. And teenagers. Teenagers have been perfectly trained by the TV to know that any kind of rebellion against squares is good.

Groovers and Teenagers aside, I'm prepared to declare, with perfect certainty, that the broad majority of Australian punters, Catholic or no, would view the NoToPopers as ratbags, dickheads and bullshit artists. God knows how many people wondered if anti-annoyance laws weren't a good thing. If it spares us these fuckwits maybe there's something to be said for it?

Otherwise, I broadly suspect that all of this was nothing more than yet another campaign against the Catholic church. The church is right up there with Muslims, the Russians, the Chinese, and Robert Mugabe as those we must hate. Forget what any given campaign is about exactly. There's no point trying to make sense of 'what' it's all for. The 'what' of any particular campaign is irrelevant. It's merely a cover for the campaign itself. The 'what' is an impossible riddle that will make less sense the more you look into it. All you need to do is ask who am I meant to hate here?

Frankly the bloc media could save us all a lot of time if they merely had a nightly hate list following the weather report. Talking head - 'And now we go to Murray with tonight's Jewish media's hate list. Murray?' Switch to camera 2. 'Thanks Tina, not much change from last night. With no attacks scheduled in the Middle East this week, Muslims have slid down to third place. But with the Catholics looking to hitch a free ride in the Jewish media with their World Youth Thingy, we've decided to take them down a notch by putting them in as tonight's Number One target of ridicule! So! All you impressionable people out there, teenagers, and kids - the Jewish media has spoken. Behave predictably! Good night, and back to you Tina.' Switch to camera 1. 'Thanks Murray, and following tonights news, on A Current Affair we'll have a grab bag of great anti-Catholic one-liners you can all repeat at school and make yourselves look clever. Good night!'

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

all-out assault

I used to think it was about oil. I thought that everything that was going on was driven by the inescapable fact that fossil fuels were necessarily finite and that the end of this finite resource was near. Of course there will be ructions, I thought - ain't nothing to be done about it. But that swine Dave McGowan made me go back to the drawing board. I can't pretend I know precisely what the story is with oil, but I do know it isn't the card hand that's driving the betting. It's merely part of the bluff.

The liars who run the world are very very good. Their lies are multi-layered. Up front are the stated reasons as to why things are being done. These are invariably presented in a blizzard fashion. There are so many lies, coming so thick and fast, that by the time one lie has been dealt with, three more have popped up. The point of the exercise is confusion and it usually works pretty well. It sure worked in Iraq.

But for those who know that the whole blizzard is bullshit there are a variety of unstated reasons. These are merely hinted at. Clever-trousers, like yours truly, cry, 'Aha! You liars! I know the real reason'. But really, they saw me coming. The hints were just more lies. The beauty of this is that anyone grasping this 'truth', what with their own cleverness being wrapped up in their 'discovery', will be unwilling to consider that they too have been had. 'Surely I wasn't played for a fool here too!' Who wants to admit that they were had as easily as the dim-witted lumpenproletariat? Nobody, that's who. Thus - I admit I was played for a fool.

So what is it all about?

Towards the end of WWI an Australian fellow, John Monash, invented the all-out assault. Rather than have a useless artillery bombardment followed by a useless infantry charge, he used the new tanks and aircraft to combine with the aforementioned so that everything happened all at once. The concept of the unchangeable front was blown to the weeds. For this and other things Monash got a spot on our one hundred dollar bill. He was Jewish by the way. Not that that's really germane here. Nor is it germane that this style of warfare was studied and implemented by the Germans and called 'blitzkrieg'. And of course, everyone does it now. It was called 'shock and awe' on it's last outing.

Anyway... the assault on our collective mind is not dissimilar. We are bombarded on a dozen fronts by various means of assault. The thought that oil is running out is one of them. Climate change is another. Then there's the obvious bullshit War on Terror. And to round everything off, there's the banker's collapsing of the world economy by way of debt and currency manipulation. And all of these combine to make food shortages and starvation. It's the equivalent of infantry, armour, artillery, and aerial assault. None of these elements were what it was all about. They were merely a means to a murderous end.

But what's the end? To kill us all? To be honest, I have more questions than answers. But let's see what we do know. We know that this thing is global. No country may opt out. If Australia with its insignificant population of twenty million on the far side of the world is forced to march to this tune, then everyone is. There will be no havens in the English speaking world.

We also know that the size of this assault is unprecedented. Not a single world leader will raise their voice in opposition. They understand that this is, as the Bard once said, the biggie to end all biggies. Every conceivable stop has been pulled out. The bloc-media, which is the theatre of war for our minds, is now all-fear, all-the-time. This campaign (speaking of Shakespeare) is in blood, stepped in so far, that a return (tedious or otherwise) is impossible - to go o'er is the only option. There is no turning back for these Macbeths. Whatever this thing is, it's all or nothing, now or never, crash or crash through.

This thing that's coming cannot be anything less than the final step (or an uber-significant penultimate step) in the biggest plan there is. Those people who've been rabbiting on about the 'illuminati' were right - our world is to come under the single control of an international elite. Previously the infrastructure hadn't existed to make this possible. But it exists now. If you thought yourselves lucky to live in these times, I expect you'll soon find yourself reconsidering. The marvels or science, manufacturing, and communication were actually the tools that those who would rule the world needed to pull it off. The dizzying heights of human achievement we were all so impressed with are to be our downfall. If only we'd all been Luddites. Never mind.

Is there anything to be done for it? Hell if I know. What will I, as a charisma-less git with bad teeth and a worse attitude, do in the face of this? I have no idea. I cannot resist this wave. I can merely body-surf it or get dumped. The only thing I possess is my mind and my sense of the truth. I will never concede either to fear. I will not give them what they want. I don't need anything they have to offer. I don't need their toys and I have nothing to lose. Whatever games are played I will refuse to play them. The games will be theirs. The threats, theirs. The wickedness, fear and duplicity, all theirs. If those who would have me fearful want to teach me a lesson I will refuse to learn it. Whatever this bullshit charade is, I will not play a part in it.


Is that of any use to anyone? Probably not. If stepping away from the machine was easy then there'd be no need to do it because there wouldn't be a 'machine' as such. Everything you need they have. You have to go to them. I've stepped away and currently live a twilight existence. I wouldn't wish my situation on anyone. God knows where I'll end up.

Today the entire state of Queensland lost the internet. Paranoid dickheads (oh alright, me) wondered if this was it. No one knew anything. Eventually I got in touch with a friend in Sydney who told me a cable had been cut and would be repaired shortly. But it makes you think. Whatever this thing is that we have here, a discussion or a community or whatever, will end. The internet cannot be allowed to live. And then we'll all be on our Pat Malone. It'll just be you and your neighbours. Godspeed.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Here's an experiment you can try at home. Ask just about anyone what they know about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. If they've heard of it at all, it's unlikely that they'd know anything beyond the fact that it's a forgery. This invariably represents the sum total of anyone's knowledge on the subject. This struck me as curious. Can anyone think of any work wherein all we know about that work is that it's a forgery? Are you scratching your head? It seems that in this regard, the Protocols is perfectly unique.

Trespasses against Jewish people are perpetually portrayed in our media as the wickedest thing imaginable. Not forgetting our schools. Here in Oz, we're currently being harangued that the nation's kids aren't being taught enough about the Holocaust. Perhaps Australian kids don't watch TV? There, all things Nazi and Holocaust are pored over in great detail so that we might not miss even the smallest aspect of it. And yet of the Protocols we know nothing beyond its falsehood. Why has no one delved into this forgery so that we might better understand the wickedness of the false slurs it casts upon the Jewish people? Surely this would be as worthy of our attention (and our understanding of Jews as victims) as the endless documentaries about Nazis and their women, pets, haberdashers etc? Curiously, unlike every other crime against the Jews this one get no attention at all. Nothing.

For the sake of ambiguity I will concede that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a forgery. It's a curious forgery though. It's not a forgery like the time I forged a David Bowie concert ticket. The original ticket existed and I merely copied it (Sorry Mr. Bowie but we were poor and there was a particular girl I wanted to impress. I'm sure you understand). The Protocols is not that sort of forgery. The author's lateral means of slurring the Jews is to imagine himself as a member of a cabal intent on world domination. The 'forgery' is an entirely original work that has leapt fully armed from the forger's head. It's fraud lays in its positing of a mindset that doesn't exist, at least not in the minds of Jewish people. Or so we understand.

In reading the Protocols might we not ponder the mind of the forger? What of his outlined plan? Would it work? I defy anyone to not be profoundly impressed by the author's understanding of human affairs, politics and war. Nor by his embrace of a most singular inhumanity. His ability to imagine himself as the most perfect anti-Buddha the world will ever see, is extraordinary. I declare him a black genius nonpareil. Machiavelli ain't in it. Nor Sun Tzu.

Which is curious don't you think? People study and debate both of these aforementioned. They are considered touchstones in the subject of the governance of humans. And yet I doubt that there's a curriculum anywhere that includes the Protocols - except to dismiss it as a forgery, sure. But oughtn't that to add to it's singularity? The other two works, The Prince and The Art of War, were written by men who had ruled nation-states and fought and won wars. Had our forger? Who was this guy? Could he have been some general or head of state? How precisely did he write such an astounding work? By all rights, it should be the literary puzzle of the century. As a forgery that is. But it ain't.

It seems no one studies our forger or his work. Or do they? The Protocols is far too significant a work to be ignored. It's a perfectly workable plan for world domination and the enslavement of mankind. This is a big call sure. But I'm prepared to make it since I see our forger's dictums at play every day in what passes for news in what passes for the media. It's all right there. If you want to dispute this, feel free to read the Protocols and tell me I'm wrong. Good luck.

I will concede that it's possible that those who rule us are carrying out the Protocols' agendas without knowing anything about it. It's also possible to master the violin without ever hearing someone play it. But it's unlikely. To this weary observer it's clear that those who rule us have studied the Protocols and implemented them entirely. If anyone can read the Protocols and not come to the same conclusion I will eat my motorcycle.

Says I, if you haven't read this work, don't miss it. There is nothing quite like it. And it's on the net for free! Oh look, here it is. For those with short attention spans don't worry. It comes in perfect bite-sized stand-alone paras that probably add up to ten pages. Brevity aside, it is gruelling. But don't worry, you don't actually need to read it all. In fact, if you give up half way through take it as proof that you still possess a soul, ha ha.

Certainly you will never read a work that's more hateful. Over and over you will find everything that could be considered great about humanity viewed merely as a weakness for humanity's destruction. Never has the product of a human mind so lacked humanity. Everything that we think of as good in this world: art, music, literature, culture, fellow-feeling, compassion, and love, is absent here. The world of the Protocols, the world being made right now, is a world without joy - a world of shit.

But don't look away. Know the world you live in. Take a breath, steel yourself, and read it.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

getting into bed with racists

I expect we've all noticed the shift in the tone of the alternative sites on the net. Even the soft sites have had to concede to the sheer weight of evidence - and the sheer number of people who've woken up to the evidence - and are now discussing all things Jewish. And sure enough, the sites that weren't soft to begin with are now becoming really quite vicious.

This is not for nothing. We can no longer ignore the fact that the US Federal Reserve, along with every reserve bank in the Western World, is in the hands of a tiny number of Jewish families. The banks rule all. The Media are their hand-maidens and are 'corporate' only insofar as the corporations are the capos of the banking godfathers. The US congress and senate are owned by the Jewish lobby. US foreign policy is not an expression of corporate will but of Jewish will. And most obviously the only Jewish state in the world, Israel, seems perfectly unrivalled in its calculated, media-savvy infliction of misery, suffering and ethnic cleansing.

Initially people were keen to make a distinction between Zionists and the majority of right-thinking Jewish people. But what were they to make of the fact that this majority, otherwise very busy across all the alternative sites, refused to address the question of ownership of the Fed and control of the US Government and the media? Even the most modest discussions along these lines were attacked by these 'right-thinking' Jewish people. To people who had not grown up racist and were merely asking what they considered fair questions it seemed that these non-zionist Jews (for want of a better description) were tasked with protecting the wicked by flinging accusations of anti-semitism at anyone who dared stick their head above the parapet. Sure enough this accusation is now so devalued it's merely water off a duck's back.

So here we are in uncharted territory. The people whom we understood to be victims are in fact the victimisers. The more one learns - of the holocaust, David Sassoon, the talmud, the USS Liberty, the dancing Israelis, ad infinitum - the more one has to wonder at these people. Henry Kissinger's quote, "Any people who have been persecuted for two thousand years must be doing something wrong" starts making a great deal of sense. It seems our understanding of these things is a fictional creation. So where are our certainties? Where do we stand? On what ground do we plant our feet? Without the answer to this question our posture-attitude-stance cannot be known. Any position we take is untenable.

Anyone who's been spending time here, or over at smokingmirrors, will know perfectly well the rising glee of white supremacists rapt that people are coming around to their way of thinking. Hitler was misrepresented they say. And they're right. He was. Just like every other thing. Says they, if you wonder at the wickedness of Jews, you've really no other choice but to take that final step and embrace racism and take up the cudgel of 'Jew expulsion'.

In the absence of any other foundation for dealing with the 'Jewish problem' (and here I merely quote the Zionists of the time who used the term in their declarations of admiration for Hitler's extolling of racial purity) it seems like racism might be our only option.

Yeah? Fuck that - it's bullshit. It's an idiotic argument that falls at the first hurdle. If you wish to battle Jewish racism with your own variant, you will be precisely as successful as Hitler was. Jewish people are the masters of the racism game. Their ability to remain distinct, to refuse to become part of those they live amongst, is peerless. You play that game with them and you lose.

In fact, racism suits Jewish people. A great number of them have said so. If neo-Nazis didn't exist the Jews would have to invent them anyway. In fact they did. Google 'bill weiss megaphone'. This created racist 'opposition' aside, the Jewish media is a racism machine. Every opportunity to promote racial disharmony is unfailingly taken. But I've done this subject to death and really couldn't be fagged pointing out examples. The simple fact is that racism is a weapon. And it's their weapon. It serves several purposes: it helps keep the expendable Jews paranoid and united; it provides a means of attacking those who would oppose them; it keeps those same people divided and distracted; and it provides a cover to carry on with their own specific brand of racism.

Racism is a construct based on the thin-as-a-hair fear of those a bit different to us. Anyone using either their sense of reason or their sense of decency will know that racism in response to racism fails on both counts.

If you're like me and have never previously been racist there is no need to start now. The means to attack Jewish control is perfectly obvious. It's a simple platform of clear-eyed anti-racism. Any form of racism must be attacked. And sure enough, the kings of racism, the most perfect exponents of it, the ever separate Jews, should come in for the most criticism. Their racism should be waved in front of them. They should not be allowed to change the subject, to point at others, or to redefine the argument with whatever self-serving bullshit definition of racism that they come up with.

Every man is my brother and every woman my sister. Except for racists. Racists deserve no respect. They get nothing but scorn. There is no pity for a racist. There was no pity for Nazis or their supporters, and there should be no pity for Zionists and theirs. Any people who think they are 'other', or 'separate', or 'better' deserves long, loud, unstinting public approbation. If you think that's not enough for this particular problem, you're wrong. The media is not controlled for nothing. It's controlled because such a public discussion is death to these people. Fuck secrecy. Fuck muttering. Loud voices raised in righteous unison is an irresistable spotlight that defeats wickedness.

Planting your feet on the rock hard certainty of anti-racism is the only way to win this battle. Side with the racists and you've nothing but quicksand beneath you. You are not attacking a race. You are attacking racists.

Friday, July 4, 2008

And the winner is...

Just a short note to announce the winner of the competition. Competition? What competition? Don't worry, I didn't know about it either. Truth be known, there wasn't one until I had a winner that was so irresistible that I made a competition just for them.

As background, this all came about as I was browsing my statcounter. This statcounter is responsible for the little hit counter at the bottom of the right hand side here. Actually, it does more than merely give me a total count. It gives me the country, state and town of each hit. Don't worry, I have no idea who anyone is. Other spooky people might, but not me.

Anyway... one place-name just kept popping up over and over and over again. Was it a big city like LA or New York? Hardly. It has a population of just 56,447. And yet people from this tiny town have recently been hitting this site every hour or two. I get more hits from this place than any of the world's great metropolises. That's why I made a competition called The Busiest Internet Town In The World.

And the winner is... drumroll... Reston, Virginia!

Actually it's not really a regular town. Perhaps we should call it a 'company' town. Mind you 'town' isn't quite the right word either. Really it's more of a suburb of Washington DC. It's a bit like Langley in that fashion. Which, funnily enough, is just next door.

Anyway, the fine people of Reston Virginia, I salute you! Long may you have nothing better to do than sit around on the US taxpayer's dollar spending time on sites like this. Hats off to your sinecure! After all the amateur zeroes who come here on the cheap, it's nice to know that there's people out there who are actually paid to do it. And I join you at sneering at those who think that you're villains. You're not villains! You're making the world a better place. Not for all of course. Just for a small privileged elite. As the old saying goes, better to be a fucker than a fuckee, eh? In honour of your victory here today, and in acknowledgement of your service to a tiny percentage of the US population, I declare you to be, without doubt, the former of these two aforementioned! Three cheers!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

DIY subversion

Over at smokingmirrors, Les Visible is in amongst a discussion about making stickers and plastering the neighbourhood in order to get the topic of 911 out into the wider public. It's a good idea. But I went sideways. Here's what I wrote in the comments there -


I had a thought. These stickers are a fine idea. Everything to push the concept and spread it about is good. But where do people go from there? Wouldn't it be nice if there was a website address they could go to? The problem with this is that a sticker needs to remain visually uncluttered to have impact. Furthermore who's going to remember an address? I have trouble at the best of times.

So I thought, wouldn't it be cool if whatever it was had little tear-off strips like those photocopied A4 sheets you see taped to traffic poles at intersections. I don't know about other places but here they usually advertise share accommodation, or a lost pet, or some kind of work-at-home thing. They're invariably hand written, not too much text, a single photo in the middle, and tear off phone numbers at the bottom.

Why don't we steal that and subvert the medium? Instead of a phone number we put a website on the tear-offs. Me, I'd put The other beauty of the concept is that you don't even need a printer or any sticker paper for it. Hell, you don't even need a computer. You just hand-scrawl it up, tape in a quick piccy, and run 'em off on your nearest photocopier. Ten cents a pop. And there's the sticky tape of course and a pair of scissors to cut the tear-offs. And you could make a new one each week. Or each day if you're up for it.

As for the copy, it should only be two or three lines. We ain't trying to explain everything. It's just a teaser to get them to go to the website. Ideally it'll be some head-scratching fact.


And here's what I quickly came up with. If you don't care for them, that's fine by me. Make your own. Don't forget how it works. An interesting or unlikely photo will turn their head. The sparsity of text will make them want to read it. The rule for the text is - keep it short, make it intriguing. No explanations, just a teaser. They should be intrigued enough to tear off the address and then check it out when they get home. Happy subverting.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The mighty Dave McGowan

I have slowly been ploughing my way through everything written by Dave McGowan. He is really something. Firstly I admire his breezy writing style. He reminds me of no one so much as me, albeit without the smarty-pants syntax and the mad urge to end every other sentence with 'ha ha', ha ha.

But never mind the self-reference, he's possessed of a laser-like intellect, has an uncanny bullshit detector and he actually looks stuff up. Me, I preach to the converted. Dave McGowan does the converting. He certainly converted me.

His deconstruction of 911 is the best I've ever read. His look at what took place at the Pentagon is peerless, as is his analysis of flight 93 in Pennsylvania. Then there's his questioning of the concept of 'serial killers' - it's a headfuck. His current yet to be finished effort on Laurel Canyon and the birth of the hippy movement is just spooky. McGowan has an astounding ability to take what you'd thought was bedrock and show you the four-be-twos, plaster, and paint, leaving you in the sure knowledge you've been had.

But all of these come second to his absolutely trashing of the peak-oil myth. I'd always had a problem with Mike Ruppert. Something didn't smell quite right about him. For me, as a penniless fellow, it didn't help that he required me to pay. What sort of saviour demands your money? McGowan (who doesn't demand your money) has torn Ruppert to pieces.

It turns out that any discussion of fossil fuel is worthless on account of its beg-the-question false premise. 'Fossil fuel' is a misnomer - oil isn't made from fossils. Yep, I found that hard to believe too. Weren't we taught this in high-school? Well, it turns out that oil is made deep under the mantle of the earth where heat and pressure chemically convert limestone and other minerals into hydrocarbons. Scientists have reproduced this in the lab and it's a big don't-argue. So don't argue. Just go read. The link is to the right.

I've been singing from the peak-oil song-sheet for years now. And I was wrong. I feel bad that I spent all this time wrong-drumming people that oil is running out. If only I'd come across Dave McGowan earlier. Never mind. I was duped and that's all there is to it. As it is, I'm still recalibrating how everything fits in with this reality. I now look at many, many things in a new light - the campaign against the electric car, wars in the Middle East, the CFR and eugenics, every goddamn thing. Curse you Dave McGowan!

There's only a single thing missing from McGowan's look at the big picture. As far as I know he's never addressed the privately owned Fed, international banking, and control of the money supply. He's perfectly convinced that the empire being built is an American one. The villains behind global wickedness are the American ruling classes, corporations, and the CIA all acting in concert. Sorry Dave, I don't buy it.

This disparate corporate elite is still disparate. And yet it acts as one. How is this possible? How does a collection of powerful and yet self-interested people suppress their self-interest to work collectively? Self-interest is centrifugal. Think of all those heist flicks you've seen of gangs of criminals coming to pieces as everyone attempts to diddle each other out of the loot. This is the truth of self-interest. There is no such thing as a collective of wicked self-interested people united in fellow-feeling. It's a contradiction in terms.

The unity we see amongst the wealthy and powerful of the world can only come about by one of two means. The first is religion. Religion, by way of delusion, can unite an otherwise disparate people. In fact I would say that this is its primary purpose. But in this case, it's absurd on its face. In my wildest script-writing dreams I couldn't come up with a structure and creed that would bring the world's most powerful people to truly believe in the way that the worshippers of other religions believe. These are cynical sons of bitches - there's only one way they're going to act collectively. And that's through fear - the offer they can't refuse.

And somebody has to deliver this offer. It has to be a single entity. It has to be united by clan or religion or both. It has to have the power to enforce its will. All of McGowan's villains fail on this score. They are not united and they don't have the power except as a collective. His villains are merely capos. The capos are free to operate on their own provided they don't undermine the ruling banking families. And they have done. It's perfectly evident. But to imagine that the capos are the bosses is a mistake. These capos cannot stand in the way of those who wield the ultimate stick of monetary power. These bankers have the power to ruin any economy in the world, even the US's. In fact they're doing it right now. And the capos, the American ruling class, cannot resist.

In no way does it suit the ruling class to have the US economy destroyed. It can only suit the banking families. From 1914 onwards they took all of America's gold and replaced it with worthless paper. Now that the gold is gone they no longer need the US. In fact, better for them that it was destroyed. And it is being destroyed. The US military is being smashed to pieces in the Middle East as we speak. The American ruling class will be left with whatever tattered remnants remain of their once great country.

Certainly there will be fascism. But who would destroy a nation in order to be the overlord of whatever shit-hole remains? If, on the other the hand, your nation was to be destroyed by those who could not be resisted, then you'd have no choice but to grab at whatever straws remained that would keep you in mansions, yachts with helicopters, and underage pussy. That the bankers have agreed to allow the American ruling class the use of the bloc-media to complete the imposition of fascism is merely a sop to stop them, and the people they might control, from getting unruly. Don't be confused about the media. It doesn't belong to the MIC or the CIA or the corporations. It's merely lent out to them occasionally.

But never mind that. In attempting to figure out what's going on in this bullshit world, no one has every piece of the puzzle. But Dave McGowan has way more than just about anybody. With his style, his incisiveness, and his ability to strike out on his own, he represents everything that's right with America. And me, I hang off every word he writes.