Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Infectious Mindset and Rivero's 10%

Following that Holocaust thing I wrote recently, a fellow dropped into the comments section and declared Mike Rivero of What Really Happened was a Jew and perfectly untrustworthy on the subject of the Holocaust etc. He declared Rivero a gate-keeper who only let through 90%. Jewishness aside, the former claim was specious nonsense. But the latter was true. Mike Rivero does have his 10%.

But let's rewind a little. To a certain extent I started on WRH. It was the story of the USS Liberty that really did my head in. To a fellow with a Time Magazine mindset, the Liberty story was perfectly impossible, and yet here were the survivors laying it all out. It was impossible and it was true. Time and again, WRH has tripped me over the line of impossibility: remote control of wide-body passenger jets; molten as opposed to softened steel in the WTC collapse; the placement of bombs in OKC bombing; Pearl Harbour foreseen; the Holocaust; and now even global warming.

This is the infectious mindset. Once you've started, you're fucked. There is no cure for the red pill. But that's not to say that there aren't variations of red pills. There are. I wonder how many people stick with WRH as their sole provider of media-impossible stories? I understand the temptation. It's a one-stop shop. You hit it once a day and get everything you need. Curiosity's pangs of hunger nourished with a set daily diet. Who needs to go trawling through google, looking stuff up, when we have Mike to do it for us?

But like I said in an earlier piece, WRH's world is finite. It has limitations. You can spend all the time you like there and will never encounter Dave McGowan nor any mention of the 'pedophocracy'. (For late arrivals, The Pedophocracy is a must-read. It can be found here). And sure, the pedophocracy is explicitly a phrase of McGowan's creation, but the word itself is neither here nor there. It's the concept that counts. Give it whatever name you like, as long as it describes a network of immensely powerful people who traffic in children, have a penchant for satanism, and are seemingly untouchable. In terms of this big picture, I haven't a shred of doubt. The pedophocracy exists, and it exists big time.

McGowan took the red pill long ago. He wonders at things. He does not dismiss inconsistencies or make excuses for them. He asks questions, searches, and if sacred icons get smashed, well, what's a feller to do? Apart from 'Get Smashing!', ha ha.

But it's not all just iconoclasm. McGowan arrives at inevitable conclusions regardless of those conclusions being completely and utterly at odds with any sing-from-the-same-songsheet media message. We get this don't we? It's what we do. We know the media has bullshitted us on pretty much everything - certainly everything big. We're so completely there, that whatever the media says, we now start in the total and opposite direction to see if we aren't nearer the mark. That's our mindset. That's how our brains work now.

Where was I? Oh yeah, WRH's 10%. Rivero does do pedophilia from time to time. He does priests (so much so that we're now all perfectly familiar with his jokey refrain about 'always picking on the Catholics'), and he does the Franklin scandal. But that's pretty much it. Ironically, for a fellow who gives us all the stories the media ignores, on this subject he seems never to stray from the media line. The media loves to trash the Catholic Church and does pedophile priest stories to death. In fact, for many of us, the first thing that pops into our head upon hearing the word 'pedophile' is the word 'priest'. And then there's the Franklin scandal of twenty years ago. This too made the media. It was on the front page of the Washington Times no less. And sure, it was then buried and let die but that's neither here nor there. Fact is, we heard about all of it without WRH.

But Mike does other stories too. Here's a recent one, the basic thrust of which is that the current pedophile witch-hunt has run amuck. Read the link if you want, but for mine, it's the comment that's really interesting.

Child porn scourge creates more suspects than can be arrested

Mike's Comment -
Now, I will be the first to admit that there are some very sick individuals who do some very strange things to little kids (especially among the clergy), but when I hear the word "resources" it sounds like the true scale of the problem is being exaggerated to protect someone's budget from the axe during these difficult economic times.

I recall the brouhaha about Satanic Ritual Abuse in the 1980s and 1990. A media-fed panic swept the nation that children were being abducted and in some cases intentionally bred for the purposes of use in rituals to Satan. Despite many sensational stories in the media, and huge sums of money budgeted for the investigators, not a single case of actual Satanic Ritual abuse was ever found.

One of the most famous cases of accusations of child molestation, including Satanic Ritual abuse, involved the McMartin Pre-School. One of the mothers, an alcoholic and diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, accused one of the workers at the school of molesting her child. There was an arrest, nut in the absence of evidence no charges were filed. That this same woman had a history of false allegations of sexual abuse of her child was kept private, but a "Confidential" letter was circulated warning customers of the school that the issue of sexual molestation had been raised. Fanned by the media and by a local Catholic church that openly called for the death of the main McMartin suspect, Ray Buckey, the situation exploded into hysteria. Parents were convinced their children were victims. Interrogators pressured the children to "remember" the abuse, and forensics tests which contradicted the claims were scrapped while new and unproven testing procedures were tried.

After six years and $15 million, the case ended with no convictions. In hindsight, it was recognized that this had been a witch-hunt in the truest Medieval sense of the word. Popular imagination had run wild, and the people paid to find molesters had seen molesters at every turn, whether they were truly there or not.

In hindsight, it was clear that the children had simply gone along with whatever the interrogators suggested had happened, more in the spirit of a game than our of malice. That no evidence was ever found off the secret underground tunnels that figured in the lurid stories should have been a warning but it was not. The trials proceeded to their humiliating end.

Now, as I said above, I understand that there really are some very sick people out there. But when I hear claims that there are simply too many of them to arrest without more resources, I have to wonder if this is a problem with the economy, rather than with the real crime.

In her book, "Who Stole Feminism" Christina Hobbs Sommers revealed that while rape is and remains a real crime, there was no explosive epidemic of rape in the 1990s. The so-called rape "crisis" was a manufactured issue used to fill talk shows, sell books, and mostly to justify funding for campus rape centers and rape counselors, most of whom sat idle a great deal of the time. Like the Satanic Ritual Abuse panic, the Rape Crisis resulted in a flood of false accusations of rape which had the long term result of making it more difficult for real rape victims to get be believed. But the money flowed to the self-appointed saviors and that was the important thing.

So, I have to view the huge numbers of offenders mentioned in this article and wonder if (not unlike the global warming scam) the situation is being exaggerated to make a grab for more public funds, or at least dodge the budget ax as the economy slides.

If there is one lesson to be learned from the real Medieval witch hunts, it's that when you pay people to see witches, they will believe witches truly exist, and that bystanders, rather than miss out on the fun, will gladly join the hysteria.

What a long comment! Especially given that it's not factual. Unless there were two McMartins and I was watching another one, that is. Whilst McMartin was pre-red pill for me, that's not to say I wasn't paying attention. I was, and my recollection was not of a media witch-hunt per se, but rather of a media condemnation of a witch-hunt, pretty much precisely like Mike's above. As I understood it at the time - the whole thing was hysteria, the McMartin folks were innocent, and the parents and counsellors were all nutters, drunks, and villains. That's what the media told me and I believed them. Between an impossible crime, and the oh-so-credible False Memory Syndrome Foundation telling us that people just invented these crazy stories, I bought the 'false memory' line. It never occurred to me at the time that the False Memory Syndrome Foundation might be a creation of the CIA, funded by God knows who, and entirely staffed by 'ex'-spooks and 'ex'-pedophiles.

But never mind all that, best to keep things simple. So I wrote to Mike and set him straight on a key fact -

Hi Mike,

I hate to tell you this, but the tunnels under the McMartin school were found precisely as described. Google 'E Gary Stickel Phd McMartin tunnels'. That should sort you out.

Stickel by the way is actually famous. He's the archeologist Spielberg went to when he needed a consultant for Raiders of the Lost Ark. He's the real deal. And he found the tunnels and said so.

The tunnels were there. And if the tunnels were there, the kids and the parents weren't bullshitting. The drunk you mention only got that way because no one would believe her. Can't say I blame her myself.

It wasn't a witch hunt mate. It was real.

If it's any consolation I thought it was bullshit too. But the facts are undeniable and I changed my position.



Mike's not a chatty fellow so I got no reply. Nor did my thing appear on his letters page. But this one did -

READER: Thank you for your mention of the McMartin Preschool fiasco. A few points are worth mentioning. You wrote, "There was an arrest, but in the absence of evidence no charges were filed." Not so - charges were filed against 7 people, though dropped for all but 2, Peggy Buckley and her son, Ray. Ray Buckley spent 5 years in jail on a no-bond hold. Peggy's bond was $1million. The investigation and subsequent 2 trials resulted in a criminal case even longer and more expensive for Orange County, than OJ's. Actually, it was the longest and most expensive in American history. At the same time, as you note, other such cases against preschool teachers (and parents, grandparents, clergy) popped up around the country (bringing to light the phenomenon of 'false memory syndrome'). The second most well-known one occurred in North Carolina, the Little Rascals/Edenton Seven. Again, after the hysteria and trial, all were acquitted. A good website recap on the McMartin case is And an award-winning 1995 movie starring James Woods covers the subject well - 'Indictment; The McMartin Trial.'
WRH: There were no charges in the initial arrest; the one following the single accusation by the women who was a paranoid schizophrenic. The charges you describe occured later after a media-whipped frenzy made it politixally imperitive that someone be charged with something.

Um... is that interesting? I guess. Mike certainly seems down on the details. And it's certainly good reinforcement of the themes of 'hysteria', 'schizophrenic', 'waste of money', and 'false memory syndrome'. Pity they're all false. So I wrote to Mike again -

Hello Mike,

It seems my email yesterday went astray. I'm sending it again since you seem to be labouring under the misapprehension that there were no tunnels under the McMartin school. There were tunnels. Like I said, just google 'E Gary Stickel Phd McMartin tunnels'.

I look forward to you addressing this issue.



PS By the way, that False Memory Syndrome is a product entirely of the creation of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. If you google the names of the founders +pedophile, and +CIA, you might be in for a surprise - Martin T Orne, Louis Jolyon West, Ralph Underwager, and Peter and Pamela Freyd. Otherwise, did you not ever wonder where they got their funding?

Sure enough, no reply. But front page on WRH the next day is the ever reliable Franklin Scandal as a prompt for another comment on McMartin.

Feb 8

Franklin scandal (curiously, no use of his standard 'Flashback' preface)

Mike's comment -
The McMartin pre-school scandal made headlines for months and cost $15 million and wound up finding all parties innocent, but THIS scandal never saw the light of day because the corporate media refused to touch it.

Weirder and weirder! To highlight the fact that the Franklin scandal never saw the light of day because the corporate media refused to touch it, Mike actually posted the front page of the Washington Post on which it appeared. Ha ha ha ha. (Go on! That has to be worth a laugh, surely?!)

Am I the only person wondering what's going on here? What's up with this obsession with a twenty year old scandal that was covered in the media anyway? Isn't WRH all about the stories the media doesn't tell you? Go search WRH, see if you can find any mention of 'The Finders'. In spite of it being one of the biggest mindfucks ever, it doesn't exist on WRH. Just for the record, that's '0' results. Keep searching, look for 'Dutroux', look for 'West Point' or 'Presidio', hell, just put in 'pedophile'. For this last obvious search input, the new WRH provides two results, both of which are above. On the old WRH, you get fifteen. To put that in perspective, now try putting in 'Israel'.

I shake my head on this. I can sort of understand his position on McMartin and 'false memory syndrome' since it used to be my position. But that was before I was seized by the infectious mindset. And what, Mike doesn't have this mindset? Huh? Didn't I catch it from him? Surely his head is there.

Okay, so how is it that his site contains no mention of 'The Finders'? How is that possible? It's the perfect WRH story - crims caught dead to rights with a van full of kids; a customs agent's report detailing the bust of their headquarters (!); the CIA, the FBI, the Washington Metro police shutting down the investigation; and overall, the obviousness of wickedness at a colossal scale. Plug it into McMartin, the military childcare scandal, and yes, even Franklin, and the whole thing goes exponential.

But not at WRH it doesn't. On this subject, WRH is with the media. There is only one variety of pedophilia, and that mostly in the Catholic church. Beyond this there are individual perverts who occasionally seem to act in concert, but in no significant fashion. Any talk of childcare centres, global networks, or satanism, are notreallyhappened non-events, or otherwise discreditable variations of witch-hunt craziness, bad schizophrenic craziness, or just regular, old-fashioned alcoholic craziness. Which is to say, the victims imagined it all.

Is it just me, or are we in 'nothing-to-see-here-folks-move-along' territory?

I'll leave it to you to take your pick of excuses. Either the subject is too distasteful for Mike (unless Catholics are involved) and he prefers not to go there. Or it's a hurdle too far for him to get over - the Holocaust, no problem - but for the pedophocracy, his mental horse shies. Or perhaps some other reason occurs to you. Perhaps it occurs to me too. And?

And, let's just say Mike Rivero has a 10%, and this is it.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Burn in Hell you deniers of the Holocausts!

Ha! Call me a sell-out if you like, but I've decided to join with those who demand that history not be questioned. I now condemn all those who deny the Holocaust. And as a man not given to half measures I'm upping the ante. It is no longer good enough to condemn those who question the Holocaust. Since there were two Holocausts, both of them must be sacrosanct. Both of them demand that anyone who questions any aspect of either of them deserves to be jailed, broken, and have their life ruined. One is not good enough. It's both or nothing.

What two Holocausts you say? Fact is, there was a Holocaust in each of the World Wars. Before the Holocaust of WWII was the Holocaust of WWI. If you're wondering why you've never heard of it, you need merely look to the anti-Semitic media. As we all know, Jews never get an even break in the media. If only they had a voice! A means to tell us of their suffering!

Never fear, I shall be their voice!

To dwell on the Holocaust of WWII alone is not enough. Any right thinking person must also acknowledge the Holocaust of WWI. To not do so is to dishonour the memory of the victims of a Holocaust. Every aspect of German wickedness delivered upon the innocent Jewish victims was present in both events. Both had gas chambers. Both had soap rendered from human victims. Both had lampshades made from human skin. And crucially both had six million victims. 6,000,000! To not scream in shrill indignation over both of these events is the absolute height of moral depravity.

Consider the enormity of those who only discuss one of these two Holocausts. For mine, it's the moral equivalent of a Palestinian mother who had ten children shot by the Israelis but only wants to talk about the five that she liked. Admit the truth you dreadful woman! The Israelis shot all ten of your children and all that rubbish about choosing five is just embroidery to, a) slur the good name of the Israelis and, b) save you acknowledging the five children you never liked anyway. Honestly, was there ever a people more deserving of their genocide than the Palestinians? The media is right to perpetually paint them as villains. How dare they resist their righteous Jewish masters!? Bloody untermenschen!

Where was I? Oh yes - as in all topics deserving of shrill moral condemnation, silence equals complicity. I'll say it again - Silence Equals Complicity. Anyone who wants to pretend that the first Holocaust isn't the equal of the second may as well just lather up with human soap, settle down in bed next to a human-skin lamp, and read AJP Taylor's History Of The First World War. I read this hateful tome and it appallingly failed to contain a single mention of gas chambers or 6,000,000 Jewish victims. Taylor is a denier pure and simple, and if he isn't dead already, he certainly deserves to be.

And for those who want to start bleating about any other Holocausts, I spit in your face. I have no time for such piss weak 'moral equivalency' arguments. Fuck the massacre of the Armenians under the Donmeh Turks. Fuck the mass starvation of the Kulaks under the Bolsheviks. Were Jews involved in any of these? As victims, that is? NO. As we all know it's only genocides directed at Jews that are worthy of shrill condemnation. And since here we have two Jewish Holocausts with identical features it follows that the shrillness must be doubled. Subsequently those who deny that two Holocausts took place are twice as condemnable as those who only deny one. Don't argue, the logic is bullet proof.

It's always a beautiful thing to have the moral high ground. I am now one up on those who only ever seem to bang on about the Holocaust, as if there was only one of them. Their moral unimpeachability is now laid bare as a sham, a hollow thing of no substance. Anything they say in their defence, ie: it never happened; the numbers don't add up; there's no evidence etc etc, falls at the first hurdle. As they've said themselves in their one-Holocaust campaign, to argue the point is to be a denier - the Worst Thing In The World! Shrillness is all they deserve. Don't argue with them. Just scream '6,000,000 Victims!' How dare they dishonour Their memory! Sickening.

And besides, anyone who disputes this, instantly disappears up their own clacker. What does it mean if one Holocaust is true and the other isn't? That the Jews merely imagined the first one? That they just made it up? What mad inhuman creatures would do this? What possible reason could Jews have for marching around America telling people that they'd been victims of an unparalleled injustice? Why would they do that? I can't think of a single reason. To even suggest that such a thing is possible is a tremendous slur against Jews. A clear case of anti-Semitism. Me - I reject anti-Semitism, I reject Holocaust denial, I embrace all that I am meant to.

Anyone who objects to the 'facts' of the first Holocaust, whether they like it or not, legitimises the questioning of the 'facts' of the second one. Both Holocausts carry nearly identical features - both were conducted against the Jews by the Germans, both had six million victims, both involved the same monstrous atrocities of lampshades, soap, and gas chambers. Between the two alternatives: that Jews recycled the same story to paint themselves as the world's greatest victims; or that Germans are the world's greatest monsters who pull the same shit over and over, only one of these is permissible.

As anyone who's been to the cinema knows, Jews are always victims and Germans are always villains. We cannot flip this coin and reverse these descriptions. To do so would be to say that all those Holocaust movies were a load of shit. Perish the thought! Jews cannot be fraudulent villains who've tricked the world. Germans cannot be the victims of a colossal hoax. The very idea is monstrous. Thus we have no choice but to double the charges. Therefore Jewish victimhood climbs to ever greater Olympian heights (of the God-like variety not the sporting one) and German villainy doubles again, plunging to a whole new nadir.

Is Dante still alive? Someone should get in touch with him and tell him to rewrite his Inferno with an added 34th circle of hell reserved just for Germans. God knows they deserve it.

So! I stake out my territory. I take the highest of high moral ground. I refuse, unlike all those other people who question unquestionable orthodoxies, to deny anything. It's all or nothing. Either both are true, or both are questionable. And I reject the latter. No fence sitting! Silence Equals Complicity. And so, I point my finger - J'Accuse! Acknowledge both Holocausts or be hoist on your own petard of Holocaust denial. Ignorance is no excuse! Anything other than accepting the truth of both Holocausts is no different to pushing that gas chamber button. Twice!

Burn in Hell you deniers of the Holocausts!

Monday, February 2, 2009

I Declare Victory! No wait... what's the other one? Oh yeah, defeat. I Declare Defeat!

A while back I had a brilliant idea. It was to be an experiment using google that would appear to be what the searchers were looking for but was actually no such thing. Instead what they got was me screwing with their heads.

It took the form of a fake interview about the new release of a famous computer game. The targets of the exercise were the people who wrote the game and the people who played it. This particular game is an assassination game. Each level comprises a series of targets (as designated by a fictional 'agency'), which the players then have to assassinate by way of shooting, knifing, poisoning etc. I shan't name the game for reasons that will become obvious.

The nature of the game is such that if the creators of it aren't on the CIA's payroll, then they're idiots who are missing out on free money. This game is precisely to the CIA what those Death-to-Arabs army games are to the US military.

The plan was merely to leave the interview on my blog (complete with an unmissable title) and let the assassination obsessed fans find it via google. This strategy worked a treat. The fans arrived in droves. The next part of the plan, wherein I would screw with their heads by way of the developers explaining: the enormity of what they had done; their desire for atonement by means of a new different game; and how in the new game the targets would consist of the agency and other warmongers who'd previously been the bosses, was an abject failure.

Of the thousands and thousands who arrived and read it, not a single one got it. They were utterly unable to view their bent for assassination in an holistic fashion. Forget the wide-angle, the only lens in their head was a 500mm scope that, if it didn't have a target filling the viewfinder, couldn't see anything at all. Every single comment left was perfectly moronic. Okay, there was one fellow who got it, but he pretty much shrugged his shoulders and went back to the strangling etc.

Eventually it was all too much for me. Every day, every goddamn day, about a quarter of my arrivals here were these idiot gamers. It was a tsunami that never ended. This thing was just relentless.

I tried tweaking the experiment by going so far as to explain the point of the exercise, and it made no difference. They just didn't want to know. What they wanted was a new series of people to assassinate. And they just kept coming.

Rather than surrender I deleted the previous text and inserted a new piece. Brilliant. But it was pointless really. Nothing changed. The game's name was still in the address path, and the idiot legion of gamers seemed to stretch into infinity. Sure enough, no one got the new piece either. "This doesn't seem to mention ______ at all! Who am I meant to kill? What bullshit!" And every day my statcounter thingy gave me the depressing news. More fucking gamers.

And so, I give in. I wave the white flag and surrender unconditionally. Which is to say, I have deleted the whole entry. The gamers won. I declare defeat.

*Anyway, the second piece I wrote may be of interest to those small numbers of people who don't groove on assassination, and it is immediately below. Yoroshiku.

An evil time and place

Think of an evil time or place. Think of some country that we all condemn as wicked villains. Presumably this country was some variety of fascist or communist. They probably sent their troops to invade innocent countries, kill the locals, and steal their shit. Imagine them in their villainous costumes goose-stepping about in big militaristic parades. Perhaps your historical villains were the kind of murderous racists that picked on some ethnic minority and put them into concentration camps. For the purpose of the exercise, the more villainous the better.

So, do you have that time and place fixed in your head? Excellent.

Now go sideways and wonder at the boys and young men in this place. As sure as eggs is eggs the vast majority would have grooved on the thought of their nation as ass-kicking powerhouse. There were no t-shirts back then but they probably had pictures of their weapons of war on their walls - tanks and fighter planes, that sort of thing. And there was probably no TV at the time but they'd have had some equivalent like the cinema, and they'd have gone to see the movies that made heroes of the soldiers that we now view as the greatest villains who ever lived. And they'd have cheered those villains. Because for them, they weren't villains, they were heroes. That's how it is in evil times and places. If you want to call those boys and young men brainwashed, I won't argue with you. They were brainwashed.

But that's no surprise is it? In those evil times and places, everything would have been like this - the movies, the radio, the newspapers, the comics, everything right down to the cigarette and bubblegum cards. Every single form of media that existed would have been this way. And all those kids would have thought that this was normal. It would never have occurred to these kids that what they were doing was wrong. And yeah sure, there would have been other stuff too, boring stuff for girls and for grown-ups. But the boys wouldn't have been interested. They would have been too busy with all that neat stuff with soldiers, cops, and spies, all with tons of gunfights, chases, and action, action, action.

Imagine if you were able to magically teleport back in time and tell those kids that what they were doing was evil. It's a complete certainty that they'd never have believed you. They'd have told you that you were stupid, crazy, a complete bullshit artist. Even the nice ones would have heaped shit on you. They'd have told you that the 'bad guys' attacked them first. Everyone knows that. The 'bad guys' wanted to destroy their country, whether they were a million miles away, or here at home waiting to fill up those concentration camps. And those brainwashed kids would have defended everything their goose-stepping heroes did, whether it was bombing civilians or torturing innocent men and women.

It's also possible that some of those boys didn't like what their evil government was doing. But they still loved their weekly instalment of Stormtrooper Hero, or whatever it was called back then. "You should see it. It's great!" But you wouldn't have the heart for it. It'd be too sickening, watching these fucking villains bombing those villages and hauling those people off to the concentration camps. Even the best of those kids would have had you shaking your head at how they didn't get it.

So with this picture in your head of this evil time and place and of those brainwashed kids, why don't we try a really crazy experiment? Imagine (it's crazy I know, but just humour me) what it would look like if this was your country, here and now? What would that look like? And what would it be like for the boys and young men? How would they dress? Can you imagine them wearing military camouflage and t-shirts with pictures of tanks or gunships on them?

Imagine if everything, from the movies to the computer games were full of our soldiers, spies, and whomever, going overseas and killing the people there. Imagine if there was some minority back home that every piece of media told you were the bad guys. Imagine we were told that they attacked us first.

Imagine that there were TV shows where the hero actually tortured this minority and that no one thought that that was evil, or weird, or any other thing. They just watched it and grooved on the excitement. Imagine computer games that would have fitted right in with the propaganda of that other evil time and place, with whoever was playing being told to go and kill whomever and them doing it and thinking it was the coolest game ever. Can you imagine that?

And one small step now - imagine some guy zapping in from some other time and place and telling you that the whole fucking thing was evil and that when you wore those t-shirts, and watched those shows, and played those games, that you were participating in something really monstrous? What would you say to that guy? Would you think he was nuts? Would you tell him he was bullshit?

You? Brainwashed? Ha! Those other kids in that other evil time and place, sure - but not you, no way. Go ahead, tell me I'm "stupid, crazy, a complete bullshit artist." You know you want to.