Thursday, January 20, 2011

The IMF - a statistical analysis

The holiday from reality is over and now we're back into it. Whilst I try to make sense of, and hack away at, the latest absurdly long and self-obsessed piece, please enjoy this truly marvellous entry I screen-grabbed from statcounter. Click on the image to get a legible rez.

Nice one, eh? It's my opinion that if you have a blog it's worth having an entry containing the words 'israel' and 'cock' if for no other reason than to see who searches for such things. Admittedly searches for 'israeli cock' come from all over but what's odd is nearly all of the hits I get from the Middle East arrive looking for Israeli cock. In this case my conundrum is: are they Muslim or Jewish? Do Muslims dream of Israeli cock? It's possible. But then again Israelis are everywhere. They travel like a coprophiliac Tom Joad, "Wherever there's a goyim's place un-shat in, we'll be there." And when you're stuck in your hotel room with no assassinations on the horizon, and the carpet, bed, and furnishings already covered in faecal matter, what are you going to do? Get on the net and find some 'israeli cock' of course!

But thinking about it - who the fuck does that? Which is to say, who searches for a specified, non-exotic, home-brand cock? Do Australians cock-searchers specifically look for Australian cock? I'm going to call that one as no since an article entitled 'Australia sucks Israel's cock' is just as likely to deliver those searching for 'australian cock' as the israeli version, and yet I get half of fuck-all searches for it, and none from Oz (that I recall). In comparison, it's a pretty rare arrival from Israel that hasn't come in search of 'israeli cock'. Don't worry about the irony, it's running rampant and can look after itself.

Irony aside, are we surprised? Jews wrote the book on racism (it's called the Talmud, ha ha) and Israel is the living embodiment of that book. Is there anything in the Talmud about cocks? "Any Jew who takes a goyim cock up the jacksy on the Sabbath should be killed." I just made that up but it wouldn't surprise me if the Talmud didn't have all manner of proscriptions which, depending on: jewish or goyim; circumcised or uncircumcised; shagger or shaggee; sabbath or non-sabbath; etc etc. would then declare each given variation of cock-chasing a sin or a virtue. Not forgetting of course that Jehovah would be in awe of anything the Talmud would have to say on the subject. The Talmud says so.

'But!' I hear you say, "What's all this crap about the Talmud? This is just some individual from the IMF and you don't even know if they're Jewish." Well that is true. But who gives a shit? I only know two things: the only hit I ever got from the IMF was looking for israeli cock: and whoever it was was stupid enough not only to try and find it via google but to also click on my obvious non-sex site in the process.

Or to put it another way, 100% of IMF visits to this blog have been made by cock-obsessed, racist fuckwits. Don't argue, the statistics are bullet-proof. Ha!