Sunday, January 27, 2008

working title - 'Dreyfus 2 Bigger and Better'

Just a thought on that wicked French bank fellow. What if we're seeing a deliberately set up Dreyfus Affair MkII? The Dreyfus affair served in its day the same localised purpose the holocaust globally serves now. It was proof of the innocent victimhood of Jewish people and of the timeless racism of the French people. For the record I have no idea if that affair was a scam or not. But either way, the utility of it was what it was. Let's imagine you were interested in putting a damper on rising anti-Jewish sentiment, possessed of resources, and sitting around a conference table.

'What about a Dreyfus redux? We get instant brand recognition in the title..."In an incident harking back to the infamous Dreyfus Affair in which French anti-semitism condemned an innocent man..." yada yada yada.'
'Hmmm...' say the other wise heads.
'Tell me how it's a twofer.'
'Let's make Dreyfus a trader who appears to swindle a billion dollars.'
'Don't think so small. Let's double that Leeson guy.'
'Double up!'
'Done. The biggest loss - or profit, ha ha - in history. And the eternal victim found innocent. Sounds good.'
'Due to the usual lack on interest we'll have to whip up some indignation. I recommend media hints of fore-planning, hints of a conspiracy and appearance of guilty behaviour. Perhaps we say he's run when he's done nothing of the sort.'
'And we sacrifice him?'
'Keep up. He's completely innocent. There's nothing to link him to the crime except for media hints to whip up the goyim.'
'No, I mean, why not follow through, find him guilty and send him to some modern version of Devil's Island? Suffering like that really amplifies the victimhood when he's found innocent on appeal. Like a Jewish version of the Libyan schmoes in the Locherbie thing. Travesty of French justice and all that. Except our guy's innocence gets some airtime.'
'And how!'
'Sorry yes, okay. Sounds good. I can have a chat with the judiciary. It'll all depend on the timetable. I don't know that we'll have that much time in the er... 'denouement', ha ha.'
'This isn't an all French affair is it? Surely we can make it global.'
'Yes, yes, of course, but with the historical guilt of the French as the unquestionable foundation.'
'And how much do we make?'
'Well there'll be disbursements of course - parties to be kept happy - but let's aim for, I don't know, ten billion? But just as an aim. When we hit ten we'll pull the pin on him ourselves. If he gets caught before that, then fine.'
'But not too much before...'
'No we can ensure that. Say, after eight billion we'll start leaving clues and see how long it takes them. And otherwise calm down. It's not like we need the money. And yes, I know about that rainforest you want. You'll get it. The sum is mostly to shock the goyim. And let's not overdo the media. Leave it sparse. Use the usual signal code-words and let everyone fill in the gaps.'
'And those disbursements... how about some discoverable trails leading to Muslims?'
'What, from some innocent Jewish guy? How does that work?'
'Leave it with me. Maybe we have no mention of where it all goes. Or maybe we can add a cutout and pull off a threefer.'
'Fourfer! And not a penny to the Arabs! Some anti-semitic rabble-rousing, some swastika graffiti in the Banlieues, the police crack heads, and the Arabs will be rioting in the streets! Sarkozi empowered!'
'Ha ha ha, you're a genius. Europe in flames with the Arabs to blame. The freshly impoverished French, their iconic bank destroyed, go on to destroy what's left of their own society. Sarkozi an embattled hero and we walk away with the loot.'
'And Dreyfus' halo!'
'Ha ha ha ha ha. What is that? A sixfer? We are exactly as great as we think we are!'
'Ha ha ha ha ha. Gentlemen, I thank you.'

No such conversation happened. It's imagined in much the same way as Muslim villainy is imagined by way of Hollywood. Given the apparent legitimacy of defaming Muslims I'm merely providing equal time. I expect if I swapped 'Jewish' and 'Arab', and 'goyim' to 'infidels' in the above script I'd probably be up for Hollywood funding. Otherwise let's just keep an eye on this Kerviel fellow. Something stinks.


annemarie said...

I immediately thought that this was a Z-setup, just on the face of it. Though didnt' think it thru nearly as much as you have.

Velly intellesting scenario you put forth. uh huh. And as they say in detective land, if you want to catch a criminal, you must think like one.


nobody said...

Keep in mind I could be wrong. But I've always wondered what these fucked-up conversations would consist of. I love it when we get the actual words. The Enron traders laughing at the grandmothers. Dov Weisglass cracking jokes about Palestinians 'going on a diet'. Nixon saying he likes more profit and less care in Sicko.

Interestingly I found a blog belonging to an Israeli water engineer (yeah don't ask me) who said he read in the local press that most of the defrauded money went to Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Wow. Did I read that right? Without pausing he instantly went on to dismiss Kerviel as being Jewish on account of Kerviel being an old Breton name or somesuch. He either has an encyclopaedic knowledge of European family names or he thought the same thing as I did.

Make sense of that. The thick plottens...

nobody said...

Here it is -