Monday, January 7, 2008

The purpose of Pearlman

Azzam al-Amriki, aka Azzam the American, aka Adam Gadahn, aka Adam Pearlman has made a new video. Mr Pearlman is the weirdest Muslim extremist on the planet. He started out Jewish. Indeed his grandfather was on the board of the intensely Jewish Anti-Defamation League. Adam didn't care for his hippy Christian-convert parents. He preferred to live with his Grandfather. Whilst doing so he took himself off to the nearby mosque and remarkably became a mad, bad, dangerous to know Muslim and joined Al Qaeda.

You'd think it was remarkable. But it's not. No one remarks upon it. Not on the TV, not in the press, not even in Al Qaeda, if you can believe that. Al Qaeda has given him their full endorsement. No less than Al Qaeda number two Ayman al-Zawahiri told us we should all listen to him. In spite of being evil geniuses of the internet it never occurred to anyone in Al Qaeda to put Adam Gadahn into google. So unconcerned and trusting is this secretive criminal uber-gang that they made Mr Pearlman their chief spokesman. Meanwhile back in America, no one seems interested in interviewing his parents, friends, or school teachers. Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, Oprah, all too busy. Mr Pearlman, it seems, is completely and utterly, 100%, D-notices-ain't-in-it, unremarkable.

Unless he's expounding Al Qaeda propaganda, that is. When this happens the media is transfixed and quivers with excitement to relay his important message. It's a funny old media isn't it?

And what is it he's said today that the media wants us to know? Does he urge Death to Zionists? As a Muslim and well aware that Zionists occupy Jerusalem (now beyond holy to him) you'd think he'd have an opinion. Apparently not. He seems to have no opinion on Zionists or Israel. It's a funny old Al Qaeda isn't it?

Okay I'll quit taking the piss. Here's the real world - Pearlman exists because there is no Al Qaeda. Or more specifically Muslims aren't as docile or as stupid as the funny old media would have us all believe. They can be tricked into playing paintball and other penny-ante incriminating things but when it comes to the crunch nobody, dimwits like Richard Reid aside, will be in it. So hard up are the creators of Al Qaeda that they need a Jew to play the part of the Mad Muslim.

He's not in it for a lark. That Pearlman gave up his life and put himself on top of the FBI list is the equivalent of martyrdom. His place in the secret pantheon of Zionist saints is assured. With this in mind, know that he doesn't get wheeled out to jibber-jabber madly on a whim. Everything he says is considered and scripted. It's all to a purpose. Which is what? They love it that we don't know. But here's my guess. Pearlman is setting the stage for Bush's assassination. Since these motherfuckers are the kings of the two-fer, three-fer, four-fer, the assassination could, all things going to plan, serve several purposes -

- If they can tie the assassination to Iran by way of the Palestinians Israel can bomb Iran and crush the Palestinians. Better still, the Americans can do it for them. Why not smash Syria and Egypt while they're at it? It's all good. Oh, and Lebanon will get theirs too.

- Since it was all urged by Adam 'Gadahn', an American 'convert', all manner of pre-arranged domestic shit will be justified and carried out. Martial Law - Sure. HR 1955 kicks into over-drive and Halliburton's concentration camps start to be put to good use. And of course - All Heil President Cheney.

-Ideally the grabbing of control will allow the imposition of the North American Union and the crushing of the cannot-be-allowed-to-live internet. And sure, chaos and suffering like we've never seen before. But only the people on the receiving end will give a shit.

-Since it'll happen in the Mid-East, the uneasy military/industrial American old guard would be somewhat mollified. They can console themselves that The Inevitable didn't take place on American soil. They're villainous greed-heads and sellouts but they're not completely unpatriotic. And they never liked the idiot son anyway.

- Speaking of which, they get rid of Bush, who's now a dead rubber. The longer he hangs around the more useless he becomes. Eventually the drugs will stop working and he'll give the game away.

-Big Bonus! As a trip-wire event it's cheap and effective. You gotta love that! No need for hundreds of mossad agents, co-ordination with the FAA, Pentagon, NORAD, no inquiries with hundreds of witnesses, video footage, evidential debris. And no messy, traceable nukes neither.

But I'm just thinking out loud. It's a game I play. I call it 'What would I do if I was a self-impressed motherfucker who viewed people as beasts?'. Or just 'Hubris' for short.


Anonymous said...


Starring everyone's favorite Jewish Jihadist, Adam Pearlman

i seem to recall reading a story about Adam Pearlman back in the days wheh he was hanging around a southern California mosque.

Adam became so violent and squirelly, the people at the mosque got a police restraining order against Adam.

annemarie said...

Yes, I agree that it is remarkable. But the truth will not (always) be hidden, obscured or ignored. Why it's the very nature/essence of truth that it must be revealed...eventually to all of us. That's how it goes. As simplistic as that sounds, that is how utterly simple it is. :)

Pride/hubris goes before the fall. As sages and others before us have noted. Time and again, it rings true. !

And as usual there have been, there are and there will be many scapegoats. But this bit from the bible springs to mind in this regard, the first shall be the last, and the last shall be the first.

The way I see the political world, it's not only Muslims or Arabs who are being scapegoated; though they are the scapegoats du jour. So too are Jews or Israelis, as well as ordinary people from all over, from all walks of life.

Divide and conquer is the fuckers rule. But ultimately, I feel that it is this very thing that will destroy them. Their own weapons and tactics will ultimately destroy them-selves. Same as it "ever" was?

There's something really delicious that I came across recently. "What's real cannot be broken. What's broken cannot be fixed."

Isn't that marvellous :)

Real magic, see. See. How. It. Really. Is. :)

Want to mention that I'm not a Christian, nor attached to any religion or "holy" book. Still, truth can be found in many places, if you don't toss the baby with the bathwater.

:) annemarie

Adam said...

Great article. Azzam the American is Goldstein in 1984. This can only mean they are getting desperate.

nobody said...

Thanks Folks and Thanks Mike Rivero,

Everyone's too busy being cognitively dissonanced right now but in the future Mike's role in this struggle will be more fully appreciated. I'm not given to gushing so I'll leave it at that.

Otherwise - annemarie - Hubris is the word. Those who commit Hubris go against God. They fail to understand the totality of myth, what they collectively mean and why they exist. If you don't believe in God (I'm talking to the fuckers here) then you should know that where myths spring from is not some bullshit nothing. It speaks to that which separates humans from animals. Can you dig it? A thing bigger than you. A thing bigger even than whatever it is you think you are. Your downfall will be mythic in nature. Laugh at me now because you see a second meaning that renders that sentence idiotic and confirms your greatness. Self-impressed as always. But wonder at a third meaning.

And never forget the possibiliy of redemption. You can redeem yourselves. Cast off fear, admit the wrongness of your behaviour and wake up.

nolocontendere said...

Excellent take on this stage play we're presented with.
I had exactly the same thoughts about Dim Son's useless upcoming jaunt to the middle east. The ziofascists have batted zero since Hezbollah kicked Israeli butt in Lebanon; they've failed miserably in forcing their wider middle east war down everybody's throats. The NIE release killed all hope of usual means to justify war on Iran.
But they still had one ace in the hole - the presidential bully pulpit. Sending an immense, big fat target to stupidly gallivant around a purpously wrought chaotic hellhole is inviting just the "incident" they'll need to justify the rearrangent of the region. Look for the despicable MSM to whip up the necessary outrage if it happens.

annemarie said...

And never forget the possibiliy of redemption. You can redeem yourselves. Cast off fear, admit the wrongness of your behaviour and wake up.

January 7, 2008 5:55 PM

Yes! Yes! Yes! It's always there. Where there's life, there's hope... the opportunity for redemption.

And this "Cast off fear, admit the wrongness of your behaviour and wake up." is precisely what I would have loved to say to Grandma just yesterday. As well as to others at other times. But it's often pointless, a waste of time, and I don't care to be annoying or appear that I'm "lecturing" people. So I say nothing.

So many people are addicted to escaping reality. Fact is, none of us can. It's just that some of us understand this, many don't.

Many people are wrapped too tight and entwined "together" in a web that is partly (largely ?) of their own making. It's truly awful to witness.

I suppose I just resign myself to something that I learned from Richard Bach's book, Illusions: you can perform miracles, but you can't MAKE people care.

It's sort of like watching people who are broke earnestly fantasize about winning a lottery when they haven't even purchased a ticket!

***This little ramble has been brought to you by nobody's words about redemption ;) heehee


nobody said...

Thanks annemarie,

You know, I found it curious that Les knocked this on the head just yesterday. In pretty much the same words. It's either synchronicity or he's popped in here. Or neither, ha ha. But my ego dismisses that, of course!

Anyway I stuck in my tuppence worth. As did you!