Sunday, January 20, 2008

cinema of nobody

I am schooled in cinema and film. I started as a sculptor/FX guy and ended up as a director of TVC's. It's possible you guessed something-like already. It's all in the past now. But I can't help myself and remain endlessly distracted by moving pictures and what they mean.

And they don't mean nothing. Anyone who says It's only a movie, doesn't get it. Moving pictures sway you like nothing else. They are propaganda vehicles nonpareil. Advertisers don't spend such spectacular sums on little 30 second movies because they have no effect. Their effect is precisely measurable and precisely calculated.

If you're not in the industry you have no idea how much thought and argument goes into every single thing in every second of every shot. Everything is there for a purpose. Everything is there to sway the viewer. And boy, do they know how to sway. Not only can they sway you but you will remain unaware of what is taking place in your head. Even cynical types get their heads done in, me included.

But I'm getting ahead of things. I've decided to split off another blog, the cinema of nobody, devoted to moving pictures, and where I intend to dissect them in a socially disagreeable fashion, ha ha. If this appeals, pop in. First up - deviltry.

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