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On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 3:45 PM, N's buddy C wrote:

Hey N,

Thought this would appeal to you...

Xxx C
Subject: [S] Threat Levels

The English are feeling the pinch in relation to recent terrorist threats and have therefore raised their security level from "Miffed" to "Peeved." Soon, though, security levels may be raised yet again to "Irritated" or even "A Bit Cross." The English have not been "A Bit Cross" since the blitz in 1940 when tea supplies nearly ran out Terrorists have been re-categorized from "Tiresome" to "A Bloody Nuisance." The last time the British issued a "Bloody Nuisance" warning level was in 1588, when threatened by the Spanish Armada.

The Scots have raised their threat level from "Pissed Off" to "Let's get the Bastards." They don't have any other levels. This is the reason they have been used on the front line of the British army for the last 300 years.

Italy has increased the alert level from "Shout Loudly and Excitedly" to "Elaborate Military Posturing." Two more levels remain: "Ineffective Combat Operations" and "Change Sides."

The Germans have increased their alert state from "Disdainful Arrogance" to "Dress in Uniform and Sing Marching Songs." They also have two higher levels: "Invade a Neighbor" and "Lose."

Belgians, on the other hand, are all on holiday as usual; the only threat they are worried about is NATO pulling out of Brussels .

The Spanish are all excited to see their new submarines ready to deploy. These beautifully designed subs have glass bottoms so the new Spanish navy can get a really good look at the old Spanish navy.

Australia , meanwhile, has raised its security level from "No worries" to "She'll be alright, Mate." Two more escalation levels remain: "Crikey! I think we'll need to cancel the barbie this weekend!" and "The barbie is canceled." So far no situation has ever warranted use of the final escalation level.

**** Klein

Hullo C,

It's poor of me I know, but as I read this I knew it had been written by a Jewish person. And sure enough I get to the bottom of the attachment and there's the name L***s Klein right there. I know it's all meant to be light and frothy but I can't help but be struck by the irony of a Jewish person who thinks it's fine to make sweeping racist jokes about others but who would, in turn, view any jokes about Jewish people as an unforgivable sin.

Here's a list of quotes from the talmud. Would it be okay if I tailored one of them into that gag? Never mind the Italians as feckless cowards, how about this: When you go to war do not go as the First, but as the last, so that you may return as the first? Italians - Jews - fair's fair, isn't it?

I guess the difference between me and everyone else is that I'm of the opinion that there are two racisms. Firstly there is the one which may be discussed (and condemned of course) and that is the racism of the majority against the minority. And you know me, I'm against it sure. But the other variety is never discussed with most not even aware that it exists. This other is the racism of the minority against the majority. I'm talking here particularly of any multi-generational minority that has, as central to its identity, a refusal to join with whomever it is they live amongst. They are perpetually the 'other' and possessed of an eternal, without-it-we-are-nothing 'us and them' mindset. I'm sure you know what I mean.

I actually wrote about this other racism you know. You should read that, it's quite good - I don't mention Jews at all. Oh, and the author of the book I discuss there, Amy Chua, is the same woman currently embroiled in her silly Chinese-Mums-Are-Superior brouhaha. For me I'm entirely unsurprised since I'd pegged her as a racist from day one. She married a Jewish chap by the way. Anyway, her book World On Fire is an apologia for the racism of the minority and I basically tear it a new one.

The thing is you see, is that once you acknowledge the racism of the minority everything changes and the discussion shifts into whole new realms. Indeed it's an arguable position that an us-and-them minority, hugely impressed with their own greatness and fearful of subsumation, would benefit from fostering the racism of the majority in order to stoke their own us-and-them fires and thus keep the flock together. Or to put it another way, in a wolf-free environment, with the flock wandering hither-and-yon, it would pay to manufacture one. And they do, believe it or not.

In fact it's my opinion that the majority isn't particularly racist at all and left to themselves will enjoy each other's food, marry each other's sons and daughters, and pretty much get on just fine. If they're left to their own devices, that is. But they never are. Instead we have an endless stream of people, Jewish more often than not, endlessly stoking the fires with their particular variety of under-the-radar racism. That link is just one example but it would be the easiest thing in the world to swamp you with an endless stream of more-of-the-same.

Sorry for being so tiresome mate. There you are thinking this is jolly and N will like it and what do I do? Tear strips off it! Terrible Terrible.

But it gets worse! What with not having put anything on the blog for ages it suddenly occurred to me that this was just the ticket and, believe it or not, I whacked it on the front page. If you were wondering why I was replying at such length (and in such a pompous tone) well there you go. I was addressing the masses, ha ha.



PS. I should also mention that this gag has as its foundational starting point Muslims as crazed terrorists who hate us for our freedom. Don't argue because it's clear that as far as the gag is concerned there's nothing wrong with the idea of alert levels per se. Instead it merely wants us to laugh at the idiocy of the various races in failing to respond to them. I have told you that I think Al Qaeda is a con yeah? Bin Laden was always a CIA asset and he's been dead ten years. Did you know that the current big wheels in Al Qaeda are Jewish? I wrote about Adam Pearlman already and the other big deal, Yousef al-Khattab aka Joseph Cohen, you'll have to google for yourself. I mean honestly mate, if Al Qaeda is so desperate for mad Muslims that they have to recruit Jews, then - bloody hell! - it's as fake as a two-bob watch. Honestly!


Sabretache said...

Nobby. Sorry I haven't dropped in for a while; doesn't mean your posts aren't eagerly awaited - in fact unmissable IMHO. How's that for ingratiating obsequiousness eh ???

Anyway, in case you missed it here's another QED for the 'al Qaeda as totally phoney' proposition.

And I found this quite entertaining too. Don't do much blogging these as you can see from the dates

Best - and keep 'em coming.

Timster said...

Very well said. I've been saying this for over a year(not quite so well) and few seem to get it. Kudos!

Penny said...

Yes, I noted immediately the denigration of the Italian people.

Not funny, at all.

Never mind all the dumb stereotyping of all the other people.

A. Peasant said...

and as ferris put it brilliantly the other day:

"Anyone who has even the slightest inkling of being 'chosen' above the rest of humanity and acts upon it is very open to having their cupidity outwitted."

Anonymous said...

The bit about Australians seems quite accurate.

It is rumoured that Osama's Mum is Jewish.

- Aangirfan

nobody said...

Hullo boys and girls,

Lovely of you to pop in. As I said to my buddy C, amongst you folks this piece technically qualifies as the bleeding obvious. Which is to say it's pretty lightweight.

Sorry about that but the old man is really getting somewhere now. It seems I'm becoming an expert in palliative care. Or that's what the visiting consultant cove said the other day. He is now amongst stratospheric levels of pain relief. Previously the gig has consisted of doping him enough to stop him bitching about pain but not have him so stupid he stands there with his hands in his underpants all day with drool coming out his mouth. Now it seems like there is no middle ground, with him attempting to bitch through the drool. Which is to say I have to do every goddamn thing. Weirdly enough, it's not so bad. For some reason I don't hate it as much as when he was rational. Even though nothing makes a lick of sense, ha!

And C, if you do pop in, you will be nice won't you? Ciao Ciao.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post.

I have also answered these mass email propaganda blitzes myself, but not in such a laborious manner, or with such grandiose stylings. Usually it's my mother that passes them on, unfortunately. So far, there has been the refutation of the muslims cutting off a small boy's arm with a truck driving over it for stealing; pointing out a supposedly hi-tech japanese learning bus with computers on it was chinese; debunking pictures with muslims holding signs that say awful things; etc etc etc. Usually these days, it's muslims or chinese . . . the PTB are generous in letting us know which country is the target.

Well done, and keep up the good work. Because on this "friend" level . . . this is the bravest work any of us can do. Stand up for what we believe in, and not be cowed into silence.

slozo said...

that was me, btw.

kikz said...

hey noby.. sorry to hear your old man is slipping further.

if you as a homogenous element residing among many your ‘own kind’.. let’s say caucasions, errrr… pink folks w/a deist creed…caution your girl children against marrying into various other races/creeds on grounds of their being considered second class citizens, or ending up on the wrong end of a ‘cultural/religious stick’.

decidedly, this strategy has limited the avail gene pool of prospective mates w/which to fulfill their biological imperative… but, is it not wise to counsel them on the possible/probable negative situations (which may affect not only them, but any future offspring) – that may arise from tensions and discord not only w/in the familial unit but wider society as well?

if that’s racism.. color me guilty.

kikz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nobody said...

I just wanted to make a few specific responses-

Thanks Aang, and yes it is accurate... groan. As I used to say about Italy, what makes it the greatest place ever is how no one obeys the law, and what makes it the worst place ever is how no one obeys the law. I'm sure we could say something similar about Oz and the concept of she'll be right. Laid back as we are I don't think we'll ever become torturers. But nor will we care if somebody else is either. You know... a blessing and a curse, blah blah blah.

And Tache, nice to see you mate. Quick question - if I want to get in touch, how do I do that? I find wikispooks a tad confusing on that score. Should I just sling you a comment on whatever is the last thing on your blog? Otherwise I noticed someone hijacked your wikispooks the other day. Some guff about insurance. Was that interesting? Possessed of any significance?

Oh, now I remember! The letter spacing on your logo drives me nuts so I quickly knocked up a rough just to see if you liked it. How would I send you an attachment like that?

And AP, I suspect that that's the first time I've seen the word cupidity outside of Patrick O'Brian. It's a great word. Mind you, I don't know that the sentiment is a slam-dunk in logic terms.

Hey Slozo, it's actually a rare event for me to get these things. Mostly on account of most people having given up on me. Once you write a few replies like this it seems they leave you out of the cc list.

And Kikz, I don't have kids but if I did I can imagine offering advice as to whom to marry but mostly on the basis of (waves arms airily about) 'their' racism. If you can dig it.

Ciao all, back on Monday.

slozo said...

That is absolutely terrible advice, kikz.

Absolutely no backbone, and let's face it, it's self defeating. How do you combat racism of any kind by segregating yourself and your kind/culture?

And any smart girl (or guy, but I'll stick with your example) who marries a man of a different colour, of a different culture or religion - she should be smart enough to marry one that has some balls to stand up to a community if it belittles her in any way.

kikz said...

“Absolutely no backbone, and let's face it, it's self defeating. How do you combat racism of any kind by segregating yourself and your kind/culture?

I don’t have a backbone because I use my older, more developed prefrontal cortex and its experiences .. to help my underdeveloped kids interpret possible life impacting decisions that could affect our family for generations to come? piss off hahaha do you even hav kids?

are there not degrees of segregation and racism?

my current location was/is factored more on economic options than racial considerations. it’s more of an ‘economic class’ thing.. than color.

color(race) is superficial; mindset, creed and cultural mores hold greater weight.

you’re talking to someone who grew up in the deep south, as a white minority among a black majority. most southerners, especially new orleanians, have never had a hangup about sharing close geography w/others. southerners view family ties in a very picky manner, no matter what race, geographical closeness, not so much. although one can get a bird’s eye view into a culture having friends of that culture, understanding it to some degree does not necessarily mean that one could/would have smooth sailing if one wishes to marry into it.

I have more in common w/my foreign natl, or naturalized friends than I do w/my own countrymen. one ‘combats’ racism by educating ones’ self of others cultures. the general populations of texASS, and the US are myopic; unless residing in the more cosmopolitan setting of the larger cities/univs or port cities - have no real/less opportunity for exposure to other cultures or their economic class strata, other than PBS or natl geo, unless they are very lucky… or work large intl. construction projects which usually feature large numbers of foreign natls - although the types of people that do construction is decidedly a tad more rough/tumble than the general population. good people, but much more adventurous than ‘planted’ folks, different mindset. also having worked for years in a mini UN, global telecom here in the US, I can w/some degree state that I have more than compensated for early beginnings of cultural insulation (due to geo) and possess a wide and varied perspective on at least the public side of multicultural/global business practices and some small degree of insights into the private lives/cultural ‘colorings’ of my immediate co-workers. name a culture.. if they have developed first/second world international interests/business/trade - I’ve worked w/them. some even from 3rd world developing nations.

kikz said...


my neighborhood and acquaintance circle is quite multicultural, as is a portion of my extended family. my best gf/family on our street are from paris, other neighbors; a Japanese(f) married to a mainland chinese, various sikh, ismaili, hindu, vietnamese, live w/in a half mi, visit my home and attend school w/my kids.

my husband’s family includes a niece of multicultural extraction, maternal scot/engCanadian – paternal Chinese/Spanish… 2 other nieces, of can -scot/Italian extraction, one is married to a brit/pak.. the other a can/French.. not quebecois.

“And any smart girl (or guy, but I'll stick with your example) who marries a man of a different colour, of a different culture or religion - she should be smart enough to marry one that has some balls to stand up to a community if it belittles her in any way. “

in a perfect world. one not only marries another, one marries that family.. if there are children the bond is for life….sometimes the dynamic of the hubby’s family’s influence on his behavior can take unexpected/unanticipated turns.

some problems only come to light after years of marriage and children. by then options for remedy are slim, and the possible damage of remedy often may outweigh the initial problem or compound it…

one sticky example..
a hindu friend from work, lamented to me… that even though she had initially gone against her parents’ wishes for an arranged marriage – she happened after much debate to find one of their offerings to be suitable, as he had no qualms about her continuing her engineering work. she married him, all was well, until after they had kids and started the return home (visit his family) yearly vacation. which was no vacation for her. as upon entering her in-laws’ home as a married woman/mother, she is now expected to be as the other women of the household - housemaid/cook (as well as her girls) – all while the men fart off and enjoy their vacation. my friend resented this, as she contributes as much or more to the household budget and the vacation budget than hubby. but even after repeated chiding, pleading for equality to even divide the time btwn his/her families he will not stay at her family home– she must acquiesce to his wishes on the matter. she doesn’t want this for her fem children nor herself. so what is she to do, unless divorce him.. or beat him to death in his sleep? decidedly this is a minor prob, in the grand scheme of life.. but it sets a bad precedent for her children, and she has no recourse, other than to teach her girls to be even more careful than she was w/their choice of a mate.

this is but one example of many, I could give… but I’ve yammered long enough.
I stand by my orig assessment. you’ll think what yer gonna think, no matter my input 

slozo said...

Yep - I will stick to my original assessment, although I do appreciate the long answer.

I speak from experience when I say that mixed racial marriages can and do work, and yes, the kids will be just fine, thanks.

kikz said...


i NEVER said they couldn't... geeeeeezus!

depending on factors such as geo and inter family dynamics..
it can be no big deal... happy happy joy joy...

but that's just one side of the equation.

why must everything be a fukin war????!!!!......

so what you're saying is... the only effective way to ...
'combat' racism ...

is to shed any vestige of recognition and or pride for your racial heritage or its continuity; whatever that may be?

or is that you think all peoples must interbreed to get your final solution of no racism?

if that's the case - that sentiment, in it's absurdity, is a form of racism itself and bigotry to boot.

racism exists w/in single races, one example of that is lighter/darker skin w/in the same 'race'.

there will always be degrees of stratification of peoples - no matter what their color/race.. the criteria may not based on color/race, could be money, if it's not money , its' education, if not, it's religion.. or E. all of the above.... any other idyosyncratic minutia humanity can come up w/ to make themselves feel more special and superior.

sneeetches slozo? you got starz on yarz?

giordano bruno said...

never was that keen on Borat(Cohen!) slagging off east european Islamic States.
My sister works in 3rd world occasionally, helping poor women... but threw me & my 3rd world wife out of her house after 1 week. so it goes.

A13 said...

HI Nobody,

As Aangirfan said
"The bit about Australians seems quite accurate"

yep, i had to laugh and shake my head as well, and you could even substitute the bit about the BBQ for the cricket..

Thanks for your blog, i like what you write.
cheers A13

aferrismoon said...

FRom Gilad Atzmon writing about Baron-Cohen:

I'll accept your not a 'slam-dunk' for a lucky edge through the slips.

keep your zion the ball :)


slozo said...


So, you never said that mixed racial marriages can't work; you would just advise your own children and suggest to other parents to do the same, and that is stay with your own kind, to avoid future issues.

And that is why I answered you have no backbone.

No backbone means you don't have the strength to back up your own stated opinion on things, and your supposed moral outlook on matters.

That is not trying to start a "war", kikz, that is just my opinion.

We all know - and I know better than most, having experienced it firsthand - that marrying someone of a different skin colour, different country, different religion, different culture, different language, different 'race' (I put this in brackets as we are all human race, so I never liked this term) . . . they all present challenges and roadblocks to a certain extent, depending on the circumstances. As well, marrying someone from a different social background, family political association, different financial level, different ages / maturity level, etc also provides similar issues, to varying degrees.

For instance, I have encountered every single one of these issues, and it has been trying, difficult, and a long hard road in some areas.

That doesn't mean it wasn't worth it.

No, no person is an island, and some couples have a terribly difficult time of it . . . and when my son and daughter get older, I will have ample opportunity to counsel them on the difficulties that all these different factors have on a potential marriage. But it would be extremely shortsighted and ignorant of me to assume that my kids cannot make the same kind of decision I made with strong conviction, knowing the difficulties that may lie ahead.

I was lucky, personally - both my parents were very accepting of my wife, and I was always very proud of that. Same with my in-laws, eventually (took them a bit longer, understandably, as they did not know me very well at all). And I know not all parents are so accepting . . . and at times, sacrifices have to be made for true love.

But for me, that is actually the most special, the strongest kind of love, in many ways. Just think of the apple usually not falling far from the tree . . . for a child to break free of his/her parent's ignorant stance on race/religion/whatever should be seen as deserving of the highest of commendations.

And arguing that my point of view is to "only" do this or that . . . is a strawman argument. For each couple, the decision to go forward to marriage or end the relationship because of a road too rocky is a personal decision, and hopefully one that can be made intelligently. As for shedding recognition for racial heritage, pride on one's culture . . . again, strawman argument, I never said anything of the sort. I am pretty strongly against nationalism, frankly, but have no great gripe about carrying on and learning about some traditions, cultural history, etc . . . again, you seem to want to pigeon-hole me for obvious reasons.

What the heck are "sneetches"? "Starz on yarz"?

kikz said...

"....and suggest to other parents to do the same, and that is stay with your own kind, "

never happened.

your comprehensive reading skills are lacking, slozo.

i stated my opinion, and you inferred otherwise.


slozo said...

If you are not suggesting to others for them to teach their kids to stay with their own kind, please explain your original statement please:

"if you as a homogenous element residing among many your ‘own kind’.. let’s say caucasions, errrr… pink folks w/a deist creed…caution your girl children against marrying into various other races/creeds on grounds of their being considered second class citizens, or ending up on the wrong end of a ‘cultural/religious stick’.

decidedly, this strategy has limited the avail gene pool of prospective mates w/which to fulfill their biological imperative… but, is it not wise to counsel them on the possible/probable negative situations (which may affect not only them, but any future offspring) – that may arise from tensions and discord not only w/in the familial unit but wider society as well?"

Show me exactly, please, where I am lacking in reading comprehension here.

Please tell me what you think myself and others should be teaching our children in regards to marrying others of a different creed.

nobody said...

Hullo A13, i'm glad you like it.

Thanks Ferris, I read that link mate and whilst one has to commend Gilad Atzmon for, I don't know... 'stirring the pot', I've never fully embraced him on account of him being just a bit too (if you'll excuse the expression) 'softcock'.*

For instance his piece there is all couched in terms of zionism. Zionism? Talk about overcomplicating things! In fact there's almost a desperate air to it all insofar as God-forbid-Atzmon-should-rail-at-Cohen-for-being-Jewish. That's not Cohen's problem, says Atzmon, zionism is. Says I, 'Huh?'. Israel is the Jewish state yeah? So perhaps Cohen is merely being Jewish? Actually to hell with it. Never mind gentle suggestions, I'll go balls out and say that that's precisely what it is.

To be honest, I actually screwed things up in this piece. For some weird reason I went sideways and discussed Jewish racism in terms of its function to prevent 'straying'. Why did I do that?

It's true that such mechanisms exist within the Jewish discourse (I mentioned this particularly in those jubu pieces I wrote) but long before we get to such advanced stuff there is the simple unadorned old-fashioned racism of the Jews. Any people that has maintained a distinct us-and-them separation from everyone they ever lived amongst is obviously racist at a definitional level. They have to be racist or they would cease to be their much-cherished 'other'. Simple stuff.

Or to put it another way, scratch a Jew and you'll find a racist.

So! First and foremost that's where Sasher Baron Cohen is coming from. He's a racist and he likes to display his contempt for, well... let's just call it everyone-not-him (which is to say goyim) at every possible opportunity. He is nothing if not a sneer. And sure, first and foremost the usual suspects cop it: white English Muslims (ie. Pakistanis who imagine they're Rastas), Central European Muslims, and lately Germans (or Austrians, like anyone can tell the difference). What's the money Russians are next? But otherwise Cohen is an equal opportunity racist. Everyone is fair game.

Did anyone watch the Ali G show? Remember the dancers? Cohen claps his hands - he has Jamaicans and Asians lining up to shake their arses like caricatures of whores and all for his delectation. How about the time Dodi Fayed went on a danced like a performing bear? The sneering part of Cohen was in raptures. Even to wink with him and pile in is to be a dupe. The only response to anything a Jew pretending to be a Pakistani pretending to be a Jamaican is to call him out in precisely those terms. If I saw him in public I'd yell at him to do his funny blackface shtick, "C'mon Cohen sing Mammy for us!"

part 1 of 2

nobody said...

part 2 of 2

What Atzmon would never write is what I view as the bleeding obvious: Cohen is Jewish; Jews are racists; therefore Cohen's characters are all racist caricatures. QED. And Israel? Er... yeah, whatever...

Anyway moving on from the obviousness of that (but not as far as the anti-straying function) whilst Jews are clearly ipso-facto racists they wouldn't get very far is they said so. Then where would their cherished victimhood be? Thus it suits them to have everyone in whatever society they find themselves racist against everyone else except Jews. This has several functions: a) it covers their own racism; b) it has those they view as the enemy busy fighting each other; and c) creates a milieu in which they may depict themselves as uber victims beyond all scrutiny.

I understand that the above paragraph could come a cropper amongst those who are unfamiliar with two things - the talmud, and Jewish control of the media. so I've provided some handy links. How thoughtful I am.

Also it occurs to me that people might object to me saying 'scratch a Jew and you'll find a racist' by pointing out that Gilad Atzmon clearly isn't that sort of racist. To which I'd reply, 'Isn't he?'. For mine anyone who calls himself Jewish is declaring himself 'the other'. I'll be impressed with Atzmon when he declares himself 'ex-Jewish' and goes on to enumerate why. He could start with tearing down the concept of us-and-them, move on to the talmud, then tackly usury, and then finally, waaaay down the track, arrive at the otherwise advanced topic of israel and zionism.

*Do any Australians remember the name of the comedy show this expression came from? I did a google search and had no luck. Was Rob Sitch in it? And given that it was derived from a bloke's name, how did they spell it? Anyone?

nobody said...

That aside, Kikz and Slozo will you two knock it off please? I read all of that and view it as much ado about nothing. Slozo I get your point mate but I don't think Kikz is that chick.

...three deleted paras later I figure I'm better off with a single word - 'unedifying'. But whatever! Carry on if you like...

gallier2 said...

May I just weigh in on the "interracial marriage" thing? As I am married to an African lady and was engaged before I met her with another one, I might know one thing or two. To get it short, discriminating on ethnical consideration is bullshit, discriminating on social consideration is not bullshit but evil.
Ethnical consideration is bs because the individual variation of character of people is stronger than the cultural veneer it is presented with.

Anonymous said...


The Australians should not be mocked for achieving a state the rest of the world would aspire to. The world, however is not like that and anyone worth their salt knows that if they want to attack little Belgium they are going to do it of a weekend when the army goes home; a bit of a running Yom Kippur if you like. That’s a point, I wonder if the army takes bridge days? All national holidays in Belgium are on a Thursday so that the population can bridge the Friday and make it a long weekend. Billy Brag wrote a song called England, half English and it is the same with Belgium and Netherlands too where the locals are supposedly in the minority. A few years ago a politician was gunned down in the street for coming up with the cute little slogan “Holland is closed”. Like Mr N’s blessing and curse, the right wing nationalist parties need all of those Moroccans and Turks because without them they have very little to bind them together. But where they make their mistake in my view is that they attack the symptoms of economic migration without even acknowledging its cause. They would probably argue that sorting that problem out is not their concern but whose concern is it? Like the two sorts of racism there also appears to be two sorts of administrations; those that assert control of other countries affairs and those that don’t. So long as we know that someone has an overall plan and everything is going along swimmingly then we won’t have to cancel the barby after all.

A13 said...

Hi Nobody,
You mention that
"I'm sure we could say something similar about Oz and the concept of she'll be right. Laid back as we are I don't think we'll ever become torturers. But nor will we care if somebody else is either. You know... a blessing and a curse, blah blah blah."

in this respect the Habib case is worth looking at.
Maybe we are be "Torture Voyeurs" instead?
Please see my post if you have time:

and good on you for how you look after your old man, that takes alot of grit.
Heads up and cheers.

A13 said...

Hi again Nobody.
as per comment by anon @6.16
" A few years ago a politician was gunned down in the street for coming up with the cute little slogan “Holland is closed”. "

in Australia, we have seen bumper stickers with the slogan
"fuck off, We're Full"

and that "soft Cock" phrase i think was used by The "police" character in Fast Forward . His name was Sgt ??? agh..i can't remember..i'll try later.
"Ucken Unt" he used to say all the time..well i think it came from there?
Cheers A13

nobody said...

Thanks A13, close but no cigar. But funnily enough, at the precise moment I read your suggestion the answer popped into my head - it was Steve Bisley in Frontline. I knew Rob Sitch was in there somewhere. As I recall though, they were able to get away with saying it because it was actually the name of a guest they had on. Or am I imagining that?

Oh and thanks for the link. I've got you on desktop and I'll have a long read later. And Radio Birdman? Ha ha ha, there's a blast from the past.

Thanks Gallier, Thanks FB. Um, who can argue? Short stop today, have to race off and have a fight with the old man's doctor. Ciao Ciao.

aferrismoon said...

Sound points. I think SBC goes perhaps even racism, just unadulterated hatred, which one may consider a component of some or all of the Talmudic gabble about gentiles.

SBC - an upstanding supporter of Israel and Judaism , yet a genitally-obsessed dumbshow entertainer.

I did see his early Ali G when Tony Benn caught him out and told him that he was talking crap .

The AliG character also mocked all the other characters in his 'film' by having them have homosexual sex together, except for him of course.

Scratch a Jew - Judaism at present seems to deny both the individual and global humanity by demanding its cultural-religious right to be exclusive, while trying to legally deny that for anyone else.

I see your point about GA couching it in terms of Zionism while not pointing out that Judaism is a religion that prides itself on its refusal to integrate [ unless profitable].

Anyhow , just after the cannonade might interest u -

You'll have to read the subtitles


Anonymous said...


Mr. N, in your meanderings through other sects sacred texts you missed out big time on this little bit of enlightenment.

Originally I thought I got the reference from you but now I am not so sure. Anyway, enjoy or whatever the appropriate word is.

Aferrismoon said “I think SBC goes perhaps even racism, just unadulterated hatred, which one may consider a component of some or all of the Talmudic gabble about gentiles.” As the intro to the above linked article says “Hatred is just fear with attitude”.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

nobody if GA was a porn star then your "softcock" quip is spot on. GA's afraid he'll get The Gush.

nobody said...

Thanks boys and girls,

The gush? What? That Masopust was interesting albeit confusing. I tried looking it up on wikipedia but they were pretty skimpy. And thanks Ferris. Tony Benn told him off did he? He's alright, that Tony Benn. Hmm... wonder if that clip of him is on youtube? ...yeah, I just found it. He still shook his hand at the end I notice.

Actually everything you need to know about Cohen is in that clip. Every idea he expresses is basically a fascist one.

Oh Oh! Time to go. Ciao.

Anonymous said...

The barbie is certainly NOT cancelled

Anonymous said...


Hey nobs did you know that your democratically elected representative government is illegitimate and if you are at any time apprehended you have every right to tell those in authority to stuff their laws up their ass because they don’t apply to you.
Read on:

And if they want to cancel your barbie you can tell them to bugger off.

Anonymous said...

Right or wrong we are being governed?? by
clowns from a circus.


nobody said...

Hullo boys and girls,

Sorry I've been so slack, it's just that looking after the old man is now, um... I think the correct word would be 'overwhelming'. He's so spectacularly zombified on drugs that... well for instance, between being told to go to bed and walking to his bedroom, he'll get there and then forget to lie down. Instead he'll just stand there like something out of a David Lynch movie. I have to go in and tell him to lie down. And stand there and wait until he actually does it. Otherwise he'll sit on his bed, forget why he did that and, believe it or not, stay that way all night.

Anyway, he hasn't got long left. The oncologist bowed out the other day, nothing more he can do.

And so between dealing with a zombie who's only capable of complaining about pain all day, and my own head obsessed with what I'll do after I'm rendered homeless, gathering my thoughts and writing something for here has, um... 'receded into a hazy distance'.

kikz said...

may it end quickly for you both.

good luck, noby...

big hugz

wv: andso.. and so.. this is life.

P2P said...

may the force be with you, nobody.

kikz said...

ah.. just found this. hope you can find the time for it.
it's short..

nobody said...

Thanks boys and girls,

Hmm... I'd never heard of Fred On Everything but I read him up on wikipedia and he sounds interesting. And the reason I had to do that is because his site refuses to come up under the heading 'website cannot be displayed'. Whether it's the public library banning him or someone else I can't tell.

Hey P, I'm glad to see you're back to photography. You have a marvellous eye.

Otherwise I'm in amongst insane doses of industrial smack, adult diapers, and endless mad conversations about those people who are visiting, the trip we've just been on, and when are we going home? My standard reply is, "I think that must be something you saw on TV, Dad." Otherwise my intolerance for mind games is completely disarmed by the fact that he now has no idea what he's doing or why.

Weirdly enough, by way of statcounter I reread an old thing on the blog here wherein I declared he couldn't last long - and it was from over two years ago, ha! Anyway... he can't last long now. Surely...

And then I'm in amongst it!

Dave Q. said...

So sorry Nobody.

'Overwhelmed' is exactly the word, as I recall. Don't be too chagrined at the time-distortion; we were on death-watch for my dad for over 6 years. Doctors gave him between one day and six months. That said, what the hell would I know?

I think about you often, and return here to see how you are faring. Fare thee well.

Dave Q.

Penny said...

Hey nobody!

just wondered, how is it all going?
Things with your Dad?
been thinkin' about ya, that is all

Penny said...

Hey nobody,

ignore the previous comment I left.

I saw in the Haikus your Dad has gone.

Despite your dry eyes, it has to be difficult.

Dad being such a big part of day to day life.

Anyway,sorry for your loss. However you may bear it

kikz said...

penny, chk the haiku pg .....

A13 said...

HI Nobody,
Just wanted to drop in to say hi and hope all goes well with you and yours..
we have a new blog if your interested, and we allow drunken blogging.. ;)
maybe see you at the bar?

big cheers

Anonymous said...


- Aangirfan

nobody said...

Hullo Aang, well that was very good mate. In some ways approaching it in that fashion makes the whole thing clearer than were you to do it sensibly.

Is anyone still coming around to the church? If you are, and are confused, we're talking about Aang's marvellous take on Osama Bin Mole.

Otherwise boys and girls, I'm thinking I should have space to write shortly. I say this because I like writing and people seem to like reading it. And me, I like reading my own stuff too, ha ha. Anyway my mind has been burbling away and fingers crossed I'll make something coherent out of it.

I should add that I haven't settled down for any long term thing - I'm still floating waiting to hear if I've scored a caretaker's gig at this property belonging to a wealthy chap who needs someone to look after his horses and chickens. But in the meantime I'm minding an apartment in the city where there's nothing to do apart from watch TV and write. And I don't watch TV. So! Writing it is.



Anonymous said...

No freedom without responsibility!
I don't mind this Nobes, I would suppose you wouldn't mind it where you are come Schoolies influx?

nobody said...

Hey Tony, I'm in Sydney now so none of that schoolies monkey business for me.

And I just heard that one of the people who owned the apartment I've been staying in found out and objected. He'd rather it were empty it seems. Time to find a new place to stay, groan.

Anonymous said...

Nobes, five months Les' blog tells me.
Give us an update.

Anonymous said...

I see you've fallen by the way side, Nobody. It's your pal(disinfo, Mr. Company, whatever it is you like).

If you're going to be loud - at least have a clue what you're on about, lol. A joke.

All the best

BTW I read through our last exchange and you kept on about me only talking about MCMartin pre-school. The thing is, that's the only point I was talking to you about. But you know that. It's typical of your type to insist they are right and throw around insults instead of debating. That's why we don't see you anymore at Xymphora - who is still going strong, btw -I'm assuming.

Anyway - other than that we're on the same team, so I hope you've grown up a bit in the last three years....


Anonymous said...

Hello Mister Nobody

I thought I might bring this to your attention as I have always thought you and your blog were an effluence within Australian society.
Within the world scene we now have suggestions for New World Currency, one of which is the Lectro.
Please take note of the inscription on the bottom of the coin.
My confidence in you is justified with this nomination for NWC and if I were to be your PM again (in the cards) I would probably adopt this standard as the new Australian currency electis delecti (NACED).

Forever your previous best prime minister of Auz.
KM Rudd (MFA)

slozo said...

Wow! The infamous Stevie B makes an appearance, and tries to sling shit.

What a laugher!

And him, of all people, accusing YOU (Nobody) of only throwing insults to prove a point.

What irony that statment his comment makes.

I suppose it's just on and on and on like that forever with those disinfo guys . . . insult, harangue, put down with cute turns of phrase and ad hominem attacks, then try to somehow weasel in with friendly comraderie as if the insulting never took place.

What a FUCKED up way to try and convince others of falsehoods and conspiracies.

Well, let's face it; no convincing, really - at least, that's not the point. The whole point is the constant haranguing, the needling, the trolling, the pestilence. It's a deterrent threat, that's all it is.

But real funny how this guy piled in with Nobody out for a while . . . as if he could convince some visitors after the fact of some poignant matter.

Not a surprise he still hangs out at a disinfo blog.

Oh - hopw you're well, Nobody. Cheers mate (raises glass of wine)