Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What are we on about?

What with a constant series of statcounter arrivals from Winter Patriot and kenny's sideshow, I thought it was time to go beyond my usual tip-and-run and have a good wander around. And a good thing too - they're worthy sites with my kind of sensible people writing lots of good stuff.

Ordinarily in linking to worthy sites I go with a less-is-more philosophy. If every man and his dog is worthy, the word 'worthy' doesn't mean much, you know what I mean? Besides which, what with using a public library to connect to the net, my time online is very limited. Thus, with my links list representing places I visit regularly, a longer list means less of my time spent on my own pursuits and more on other people's. But what are you going to do? When the sites are worthy one just has to go there. And so! The list expands.

Lately over at Winter Patriot, in answer to a tiresome, and rather obvious, Jewish fellow bitching about things Jewish being discussed in something other than glowing terms, Winter wrote a fine comment that addresses that hoary old chestnut of what we're on about (clearly Kenny liked it too). And amongst the comments at Winter was a sideways discussion that was actually more germane than anyone knew. It involved an incendiary chap called Akira (whom I'm thinking isn't Japanese) doing his best to fling sparks into the tea-tree with the ever sensible James monstering him with a plane-load of philosophical fire retardant. For mine this second strand to the conversation is the necessary how to Winter's what.

So what are we on about? Collectively, that is? Between the unlikely bedfellows of Aangirfan, Les Visible, Twelfth Bough, Penny, Kenny, and Winter, and even the hill-tramping John Frampton (hullo John) what are the ties that bind? There must be something surely? And what does it mean that we have as many differences as commonalities? And what am I doing in that crowd? Good God, I'm an oxymoron all to myself. (Actually I'm a foxy moron, hyuk hyuk)*

But to hell with me. We want to figure out what defines the, um... 'whatever'. No need to argue whether it exists. If you've read this far and haven't fled in terror at the senselessness of it all, then that's proof enough that we're part of a noun of some description. For the purpose of the exercise I'm going to loosely call it 'the conversation'.

What can we say about this conversation? The initial temptation is to whip out the word 'truth'. Me, I don't know about that. There's something a bit too portentous or po-faced about it - and if we're being that kind of serious, you'd have to include this blog out of it. I'm far too idiotic. Perhaps this is due to me being partial to the idea of the fool, à la Lear. Certainly Lear's fool was an avatar of truth, but in any discussion about him truth would never be the first word anyone would reach for.

Besides which, truth is that thing always to be pursued and almost never to be caught. Sometimes it happens, once in a blue moon - often as not we catch it and don't even know - really it's too slippery, too ethereal. I prefer to take truth as a happy intangible rather than enshrine it as some kind of golden calf. And then there's the question: How many cherished 'truths' have we all thrown away now? Me, I lost count. Okay, so how now the inverted-commas truth?

Instead, what if we gave in to our inner apparatchiks, and made a what-are-we-on-about qualification list, perhaps along the lines of What have the Romans ever done for us? The meeting comes to order:
"First things first - 911"
"Absolutely - do I have a second? Enter it into the minutes."
"MIHOP of course."
"Must mention Israel."
"No planes!"
"Particle beams!"
Oh dear, there's that gone to hell. Really, we've all got our lists and no two will be same. Lists aren't entirely useless of course. Anyone who wants to say that 911 is unimportant has to be some kind of bullshit. Same-same banking. Same-same the pedophocracy. (Oops, there goes Xymphora). Whatever, let's just put the idea of lists up there with the idea of enshrined truth as, um... not nothing, but not a be-all-and-end-all either.

Along those lines, what if we were simply to define ourselves by what we're not? It's negative I know but there's a logic to it that everyone out there now viewed as mad by their friends and relatives will understand. Yeah, yeah, no need to raise your hand, you, me, all of us... So! In searching for an expression to define what we are not, what if I was to grab Galbraith's 'conventional wisdom'? Perhaps I shouldn't mention Galbraith, since I've never actually read him (not that I'd let that stop me taking his phrase and turning it into a hat, a brooch, a pterodactyl etc). Clearly conventional wisdom is not that variety of wisdom measured in pearls. By being called conventional, whatever it is has ceased to be particularly valuable and has become a thing that functions in spite of its own inconsistencies. It's the truth reduced to functionability. And a truth thus processed and reconstituted (contains emulsifier, preservative, and colouring) is no truth that we're interested in. We are not that. Very good... the truth, lists, we-are-not-that - how do we tie that all together?

How about this - the what of the conversation is any goddamn thing. We simply refuse to have any manufacturer of conventional wisdom tell us where the limits are. Anyone who declares a subject sacred or profane deserves to be questioned. Okay dandy, let's do it. Between a Brahminical insistence that no questions be asked, and the Buddha's declaration that we take nothing he says for granted, the former can go fuck itself. And the Brahmins of today? The Jewish media and no mistake.

Stepping outside the limits of permitted topics is one thing, and the way in which it's discussed is another. We now know full well that we live in a world of endless false dichotomies. The bullshit choice between left and right is merely the first of many such contrivances precisely designed to trap us into dead-end losing arguments and go-nowhere conversations. In amongst these snares also resides the how of the conversation.

I don't know if the epithet-spitting Akira over at Winter is an otherwise well-meaning bloke or not. It's possible. What's certain is that there's been any number of attempts, not least at this joint, to turn a given conversation into that variety of instant argument-losing name calling. Hands up anyone who hasn't encountered someone insisting that we all become foaming-at-the-mouth racists?

Way back when, in the days of indymedia, any article on Israel would within five minutes of posting see one, two, three, Jewish boys piling in and flinging shit in all directions. And it wouldn't be long before the Jew-haters would pile in and do the same. God spare me. And the heads of the Ku Klux Klan have all been Jewish have they? Sure, of course. It seems that if we want to talk about profane subjects we must do so as caricatures - doing zer funny walk and talking mit zer funny voices. Dig it, it's the Germans from a Zucker brothers movie. Or it's the skinheads from American History X. Whatever, there's a hundred Hollywood dress-up costumes to choose from, each carefully designed to suit your individuality. You can be anything they want you to be.

In much the same way we step outside the artificially imposed limits of the what, we do the same for the dictates of the how. We'll talk about whatever we goddamn like and we'll do so as grown-ups. We'll have the only conversation worth having, the one we dreamt of, but never knew existed. It exists if we want it to - here we are having one now. And yeah, it's desultory - it's the grasshopper leaping from tree to tree in a single bound, fighting a never-ending battle for truth, justice, and mixed metaphors. It's a shitfight, it's a comedy, it's a tragedy, it's all of the above. And if Jews and their Nazi partners don't care for it - bleat, bleat - a tuppence for them and a tuppence for their boundaries. We've ceased caring what they think. We're past that now.


nobody said...

*Yeah, yeah, I pinched that gag from Kath and Kim.

Edo said...

Hi Nobby, thought provoking post. What (the fuck) are we on about?

I like to think of it this way; Whilst we go about our online research, wherever that may lead, we're redefining our view of the world. Our reality if you will. By us doing so collectively, and in many cases collaboratively, the effects of the changes in views / reality are having quite an unexpected effect on some people.

We've all encountered resistance from friends and family to some of our new found 'ideas'. Maybe the time is coming (and it certainly feels like it to me) that this resistance is diminishing.

As an aside, and because she's my beautiful girlfriend, I want to tell you one story. My girlfriend doesn't share my enthusiasm for real news. We've had some fallout over this before, especially when I mention pedophocracy related stuff. So, trying to be considerate, I have kept off the subject with her for a while, when, for one reason or another, I just 'had' to tell her all about the current Hollie Greig scandal. Again, predictably, this turned into, "you've done it again Edo, you've put all these upsetting thoughts into my mind, and now I don't know what to do with them" scenario. I felt bad about this, but also wanted to explore what she meant. So we talked about what I did with those thoughts (write my blog, talk with friends etc) and how it helped shaped my view of the world. Anyway, imagine my surprise when the following day, off her own back had decided to:
1. Email all her friends to google Hollie Greig
2. SMS all her friends the same
3. Left adverts in the local supermarket
4. Wrote to her MP

I was gobsmacked, and to be honest, a little humbled. For your info, the MP wrote back swiftly, saying there was nothing he could do because it was a Scottish legal problem outside of his remit, not at all surprising, but she quickly followed this up with another letter to Kenny McAskill. Fair Do's, I have one heck of a girlfriend.

Penny said...

you do have on heck of a gal there!!
hang on to her.

good people are hard to find, and btw have you talked much to people out there...
Well you don't even have to talk to them, just listen to them talk.
One recent conversation I eavesdropped on, in the doctor's office, was, get this??
Dancing with the stars!
Yup, dancing with the stars.
I am like wtf?
Who cares?
Apparently these two did?
If your girlfriend will talk, and yeah she came around slowly, but she did.
She is in tune with reality.

Penny said...

Nobody, what are we on about?

I think and it sounds rather selfish, but, we are on about..
what interests each of us and then we share it with others.

Some of us have overlapping interests as you have noted, some of us don't.

The overlapping interestings bind us, and the differences are there to open our mind to a different perspective.

That is what each of us is on about.

Or, that is my take on it?

veritas6464 said...

Hey nobody,..mannn you are some esoteric bitch lately.. Amazing stuff jammin' while ya'll crammin' at the library, doood, you are foamin' man, cut that swell bro. Whatever, sorry just trying to work my street jive(Street jive? how old is this fucker anyway?). Excellent work brother, as per,..You are so right about time management, I normally surf the usual suspects and drop comments, mostly encouragement just to let them know they are valuable, I was a regular at Les's but now I need to work my own novel, you get me? I don't do so much persona dissertation, as much as provide a 'library' of stuff for folks to T-off from, because I have to work a number of Blogs and sites professionally and discourse to clients and members on a professional basis, I get pretty much wasted of art-energy before I get to my own personal opinions, yeh? Anyhoo, I think there is a connexion between genuine 'trooferz' mate, that is tangible on our plane. The spooks and sayanim and those frauds on a 'I like the look of my own voice in print commentors' are pretty obvious to those with the special 'Sunnies'.



Oh, Edo, I have a similiar relationship with my wife - excellent. You are obviously connected, nice. (Dame Edna voice)..And Penny, always on the ball - how are you dear? All good I hope, we must catch up for an iced-vovo and tea.

Ta Taa!

Anonymous said...

It's about 'People Power' being organised by the spooks; it's about the silence when bin Laden stayed in an American hospital and was visited by a spook; it's about spooky cover-ups in the Dutroux and Jersey child-abuse affairs; it's about the Lockerbie trial involving fake evidence from the spooks; it's about the feudal system being run by the robber barons who employ the spooks...

- Aangirfan

Unknown said...

My two cents? It is called a collective consciousness, and it ferrets out the truth and forces its will upon us, because it IS us, whether we like it or not. Once we become "aware", there is nothing we can do to become unaware. It is human evolution, the waking of dormant DNA, the "AHA!" moment of our species. We are becoming more than the sum of our individuality as we shed the spiritual, psychological, and emotional chains of enslavement. Above all else, our Keepers fear this the most, and they are pulling out all stops to keep us fettered and ignorant. Their days are numbered, and they know this. The apocalypse will only be horrific for them, for their deaths are prophecied. We will simply....evolve.

nobody said...

Gee whiz Edo, don't tell your gal about the Naxalites or she'll be off tramping through the jungle. Anyway, you got it exactly right. Me, I'd have told her the world is still beautiful and she'd have said, 'Yeah, I guess...' followed by an eyeroll. Um, this isn't a comment on her you understand, just on me and my perpetual ability to never get it right. Anyway tell her nobody thinks she's tops. Ha!

Dancing with the stars Pen? One way or another it's always dancing with the stars. Pretty much everything is exactly that pointless.

Hey PG how you doing? A bit excitable today? Dr N prescribes you a joint - medicinal purposes only of course.

Hullo Aang, lovely to have you pop in. I do like it when you let rip. And did I mention I grooved on your near death experience thing? Very good.

Hey Stephen, fingers crossed mate. If a fellow was going to pray for a thing, that'd be it wouldn't it? Divine intervention aside, I have that outcome pegged as being as likely as any other, and not forgetting - the sun also rises.

slozo said...

I consider you Nobody, as well as Penny, people like myself - trying to figure out the truth for our own reasons because we have been imbued with a healthy dose of inquisitiveness, as well as a strong sense of justice. Les I only know a bit, but he has gone on a harder journey I think, with the same result - a need to make sense of it all combined with a search for the truth. That is in the simplest terms, really, with no elaboration necessary.

Others I know less well, or not at all, or have perhaps discarded in the spook/bullshit/idiot pile. As you mentioned, one only has so much time.

My wife made me think about that aspect long and hard once, and I came back with a half-assed response while she was grilling me about how I wasted my time . . . I said, "I am doing this for you, for us - to find the truth and who controls what and how the systems work means we can se what will happen, plan ahead, and stay safe". Of course, my half-assed answer to satisfy my constant need for research at the time of 9/11, Oaklahoma City and Kennedy was totally correct, although I did not know it until I spoke it.

I want to make like a boyscout and be prepared . . . and thank goodness I have a healthy bullshit detector that got me started on it.

I think many of us probably forget that part of the equation of all the research and talking and the conclusions we come to and the new info we find is - action. If you don't use the information, at least some of it, to help your family and friends - those that don't mind the help - then it's a waste for anyone but yourself.

Use the information to protect yourself and your family from the coming financial shitstorm; to protect yourselves from the potential wars to come on top of the wars that be; and to protect your sanity, intelligence and logic.

And thanks again to you, Nobody, for the many assists to myself while I also journeyed on this road.

Hei Hu Quan said...

Top shelf and insightful topic Nobody.
What brings me here and to all of the other sites you mentioned is simply this... sincerity, inherent and reclaimed humanity not afraid to stand fast to the wind and declare actionable truths. The current blather of shite masquerading as social-engineered society is all about the hive mentality. So many different flavours for every taste, that has those thinking they've escaped and are proclaiming their individuality only to find they're just wearing a different uniform. The power is from the inside outwards and not from donning accessories which distil to nothing more than attention seeking. Free thy mind and thine ass will follow is the determinant factor. When you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha, which simply means that one must seek the inspiration of leadership from within themselves instead of seeking it in others defined for you. It's about the following the message and never the leader, the message is truth and in its purest unadulterated form it is as clear and satisfying as water.

What are we on about? Analysing news, crimes, facts, evidence and eyewitness testimonies and running threat assessments to survive a war that's been covertly waged on us for years. Our crimes? Our numbers, our stubborn addictions to freedom and for seeking a path of justice forged throughout our communities. For rising in indignation at the legion of protected parasites, murderers, child-rapists, and assorted filth-dwellers and wanting them either executed or in jail.

Our enemies surround and are clearly on the warpath, escalating it daily with outrages, plunder guised as law, compliance gained by intimidation, threat and violent example. Brutality and imperial Reich marketed as patriotic democracy when it smells and looks a lot like strategic ethnic cleansing for corporate proxy resource dominion. But alas I preach to the converted. The call has silently gone out, and moves through those with the will to fight and stand for right, to preserve a life fit for humanity and its children. At this point it's about survival, and trying to negotiate the landscape in a defensive war waged against us for simply wanting a better world and to live free.

Here's to all the human lights in the darkness that just got switched on during the course of this writing that declared they've had enough and they know who's responsible.


veritas6464 said...

Hey Nobody,.. a tad racey ya think, geez I haven't had a lung-full of anything, since May last year, just stopped, promised my eldest daughter I'd stop smoking nails on my birthday, missed by a month, let the the little sweety down and then one day we were talking and I thought, mmmm; next day put the winnie gold rollies & papers up in my little bong cupboard, you know those useless little cupboards in modern apartments, sort of a wasted niche with a narrow door on it, well, they're for your bong & paraphenalia, I worked it out. So, yeah, stressed lately due to detoxing for a month - cold-turkey, yep that's a mistake.. migrains, tooth-ache, arthritis, sheeet. I have never felt better since I started in to the Seaview brut de brut - chicken and champagne diet was one I got from Hinchey when I was a stringer years ago. I deleted/obliqued fish for chicken. Well, here's ma point I have been hacked and terrorized by the chosen for about a month and u try re-posting work two or three times a day and having people tell you it is impossible to comment and when you check it and works no probs and then getting no emails - whew, am I done?
Sorry if I flew out of the box the other post but yeah, breathless maybe but not so wired.

Keep up the good work mate.

Nameste brother.


veritas6464 said...

Hey Nobody,.. Cooooee! That Hei Hu Quan sure can wail - Hey Hei,..(grin)I checked your handle and there's no blog or website. Do you Post anywhere like essays or what? You have talent mate, real talent. I was a pretty good writer some time ago, I'm always too exhuasted these past years, I'm an ex-soldier and not all that well. You can see from Nobody's work that when he is in form he is a bard. That's probably where you should be
wailing on your own Blog.

Nameste all,


P.S. Hey Nobody,..check this pic out of Golda Meir, more like Esther/Columbia/Shek Inar I thought...ratty old shrew.


nobody said...

What are people doing here in the Antipodean daylight? I'm not used to this.

And PG I was just thinking that - this is one of those pieces wherein the best thing about it is the comments. I struck a chord it seems. Very good.

As for the survival thing - well, there is that aspect. I have to admit that it's distant from my mind. I took all the steps I was going to take years ago when I converted everything into gold. Now I just live with the old man in an idiotic two bedroom apartment and wait. Eventually the wave will crash and everyone will be dumped. The only difference between me and everyone else is that I'll be debt free and with 50oz of gold. Yeah, yeah, it's pathetic I know but I figure anyone who isn't in debt to the banks is ahead.

nobody said...

Oh, and Golda Meir! The very picture of a patriotic American, hyuk hyuk!

Edo said...

Nobby mate, the picture I get of you and your dad, your day-to-day, and from listening to your preparedness for the impending, man I think it sounds like a script for a film I'd enjoy watching. You may think its pathetic, but I certainly don't.

As for whether its better to be debt free and facing what is ahead, or to face the same with debt, I think it's kinda irrelevant.

This will turn into a whole blog post for me, so I'll stop now and start thinking about writing that instead.

the Silverfish said...

It's really all about nothing, it's about people trying to make sense out of something that makes no sense at all. As for me and mine we have pretty much closed the door on a great deal of this madness, we have found that for our little community at least it seems to be working quite well and with any luck will continue for the foreseeable future.

As for the others who have not had the foresight to take back their lives and reject the madness I have regrets but not many and when the shit really hits the fan I won't even bother to say"I told yuh so".

However right now I have flower beds to tend to, Humming bird feeders to hang out and an
orphaned baby deer to take care of. Thats what it's all about for me right now, take it or leave it as you wish.

Hei Hu Quan said...

Thanks much for your gracious words Veritas6464, the funny thing is that I don't ever set out to write that much in comments. I just key in to some undefinable source and out it comes without much effort. It may be that I've been a soldier at this war for so long now that now I don't have to think about what to say anymore. When you see so much you eventually become a truth raconteur, just relating what is and in some cases, what isn't. You're spot on about perhaps starting my own blog. I've done the forum thing more than a couple of times, a spot of radio for a wee bit. The forums have always eventually soured as they're often well-infiltrated by paid nefarious saboteurs. Or decompose due to surreptitious insertions of personal agendas, narcissistic ne're do wells, or still others who simply can't adjust to civil, truly democratic discourse.

I however, live my words and convictions, which can often run quite contrary to a number of environments and personages.

I've pondered the blog idea about for a while and perhaps will commit to it when more time avails itself to the endeavour. As now, I'm busy as a clock running about reading, researching, analysing, running threat assessments, investigating, working on special cases and rare-times, some well-needed battery recharging. So once I start a project I'm bound to see it through regularly on through its course. I am acutely conscious of the length of my commentary and have even thought to myself of the equity in writing so much in another's blog. So I beg of your pardon, if I run overage in the ammo I'm using when firing at a designated target, whilst engaged in a front-line discourse. I well enjoy hearing and participating in the brilliant and sincere commentary of others, as they spit the fire of their minds. That, as well as sharing in the camaraderie of the common ground.

Cheers and respect.

nobody said...

Edo ya weirdo, it's as dull as dishwater mate. Um, I guess it's possible it could be made interesting if you jammed it into 90 minutes... no wait, the key defining aspect to this gig is how it could perpetually end at any minute and yet manages to drag on for years. Would that be cinematically interesting? Probably not.

And Silv ya lazy bum, the shit will be hitting the fan and there's you too slack and idle to get off your arse and come round here and say that you told us so. Boo!

Anonymous said...

As someone who knows Grimblebee I can say you have him all wrong.

But I'll wager it felt really good to project all those negative qualities onto him, so congratulations on that.

slozo said...

I am compelled to add my sincerest gratitude and appreciation to Hei Hu Quan for (her) eloquent soliliquy as well. I do enjoy standing beside your fire, friend.

nobody said...

Hullo CO,

It seems you thought it was worth popping in here and having a spray over a chap I didn't name and otherwise had very little to say about. Um, okay, is that like you taking offence twice removed?

Best I can figure you're unhappy that I called him 'tiresome' and 'obvious'. Is that right? And what are you saying? That he was in fact 'refreshing' and 'subtle'? It's hard to know really what with your comment mostly consisting of 'I know a thing and you don't therefore you're wrong'. How about this -what say I call your ability to argue 'poor' and then you send someone around to tell me that they know you and that you're actually very good? What fun that will be.

Otherwise mate, I do hope you'll stop in and sign up on my followers thingy on the front page. All the coolest people are in it. Then when people see whatever that picture of yours is, they'll think, 'Gosh, this Oxtail S. Oup fellow sure has gone up in my estimation!'

Anonymous said...

Nobs, you're funny
'Oxtail S. Oup' - a very nice dish by the way.

Hei Hu Quan said...

Cheers up to you Slozo. By the by and for the record I'm a lad and not a lass.

slozo said...

Hei Hu Quan - fair enough and apologies on getting gender incorrect.

Nobody, you almost made me choke on my wine with your oxtail soup, bugger!

Penny said...

veritas6464, I have proper tea hat and gloves on.

biscuits and crustless sandwiches?

Hei Hu Quan

Are you even not 'spot on'

"The current blather of shite masquerading as social-engineered society is all about the hive mentality"

I wonder why the massive insanity in the hive.

But, I look no further then the media spin on everything, the influence of PR firms.
Straight propaganda from government agencies and ngo, who are affiliated with all manner of god awful persons, with interests that are diametrically opposed to what is good for humanity and I understand the insanity!

hubby says you should call yourself somebody, unless your a 'glass half empty' kind of guy?
I laughed.
Of course, there is always anybody?

Hei Hu Quan said...

Penny, gracious words and coming from you I am humbled and thankful. Now I do believe much praise for your efforts is due as when I read this article I thought of your stalwart efforts.

Spiegel: 2009 Swine Flu Pandemic a Boost for Big Pharma

Your work had a hand in informing us all on the Swine Flu Scam and now it had been substantiated by Der Speigel.

nobody said...

Sorry boys and girls,

I haven't been in on account of the ANZAC long weekend and the library being closed. And don't ask me why but today its wifi is running like a bucket of wet sand. It's taken me an hour to get to this comment page and now I go fingers crossed that it posts.

Oh and I have a piece written and ready to go up but with the connection running this slow, it's never going to happen. I'll have to do it tomorrow.



PS. Pen, how about whomever?

veritas6464 said...

Hey No B. Ody,.. How are ya? I thought I'd have a quick surf and see whats new. Every B. Ody must be as busy as me. Only have time for quik comms' and then aaawaaay! I never thought I'd get my last post done and up, whew. This Blogging deal can be a chore, if not for that certain satisfaction one achieves from getting it done, gonna swing passed Timsters' and see his new piece.



Greg Bacon said...

And then there's the question: How many cherished 'truths' have we all thrown away now?

A newborn hasn't thrown any away, he/she needs to have adults teach them that little trick.

On the other hand, an entity like Murdoch's Soft Core Porn Blues Channel hauls away truths by the supertanker, to be never heard again.

Most religions have disappeared many truths that would have helped us out of this wilderness.
They were trying desperately to eliminate competition.

But if the disappeared truths are for real, they're never gone, only lost?

Penny said...


isn't that still nobody?


nobody said...

Hi Folks

Sorry for the absence. As I said over at the haiku blog, it's the fault of a mate of mine who sent me a wee bag of DIY party as a belated birthday present. Which was nice of her I thought. Anyway the name of the game was 'feeling-pleased-with-yourself' and I kicked arse. I was so pleased with myself I made Elie Wiesel look Jewish.

Oh and that piece I wrote and was going to post? I read it again and decided it was crap. These things happen...

Penny said...

Hey nobody,
glad to see you about, I have been barely about myself, throw up a post and move on, but that whole Dr Israel thing, bizarre?


Anonymous said...

Dear Mister Nobody

Here is an exclusive for your clog; a preview of a little something we have for Minister Abbott. Advert.
We were encouraged to produce this by
this piece of blathering.

Your Favourite Prime Minister of Australia
Kevin M Rudd

slozo said...

Dear Nobody,

We miss you. Please write us something quick to let us know you're ok.

Sincerest Regards,

nobody said...

Okay Slozo, just for you mate.

Um, the holiday is over and there'll be a new piece sooner or later. Probably later what with my desktop overflowing with a month's worth of everyone else's stuff to be catching up on. It'll take me a whole day just to read Aangirfan, ha ha.

Anyway, it seems the world is still out there. Which is good news! Or bad news! It depends on how you look at it really. Yoroshiku.

Nick said...

G'day, nobody! (see, I learn quickly---thanks for the lexicon)

After my last comment, starting with the very stuffy "Good Day" (however well-meaning), I feel incredibly stupid. Sorry about that; just truly trying to be a decent sort, and ended up showing my American schooling in spades, eh?

As for what we're on about: I am en-heartened by the commentary on your blog. I'm glad you keep the trolls and trouble-makers at bay, also. I'm glad you care enough to moderate the way you do. We seem to be 'on about' getting a clearer view of what is really happening, as opposed to just swallowing the swill that is offered by the propaganda machine.

I am not very hopeful, lately, but as I have said on one of my pages, "Just trying to acquire a few more pieces of the puzzle before I die."

A pleasant evening to you, sir.


nobody said...

Onya Nick,

Feel free to drop in anytime.