Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Att: Satanist Clergy

Dear satanists, paedophiles, and other death cult members posing as the Roman Catholic clergy,

Have you ever thought of just doing it? You know, where you just throw up your hands and confess everything. You tell the world that you're a false priest who doesn't believe in Jesus, the Bible, any of it - a full public confession of all of your sins - the satanism, the paedophilia, all of it. Don't tell me you've never thought of it, that you've never imagined the relief it would bring. That word 'redemption'... it's a tough one isn't it? It offers so much but gee whiz...

I expect you've come to view the sacraments with a sneer but they haven't existed for so long for no reason. Obviously they're not all bullshit. Take confession. Confession enables someone to start afresh. Can you even imagine what that would be like? Think of your head. Remember when you were young and didn't have a head full of the knowledge of your own wickedness? And here you are now, an infinite black nebula of perfect falsity barely held in by your own skin. If I said your body was like some high-pressure containment vessel, a titanium balloon, would you know what I meant? Imagine if that was all gone with you feeling comfortable in your skin again. Relief. All that fear and desire let go of - the burden, the complication, the busy-ness of your mind all brought to an easy serenity.

Sure the real world will still be out there. No doubt they will scream bloody murder and tear you limb from limb. But it's okay. You are unburdened now, a cork that floats upon the ocean. The cork cares not whether the ocean is stormy or unruffled. It makes no difference. There is nothing that says you may not be that cork, not apart from that false voice in your head.

Speaking of which, have you figured out that voice yet? It's not the devil. Okay, so it is the devil but the devil is just you, the selfish you, you thinking about yourself. That voice of you is a thousand drips of black ichor calcifying into the weight behind your eyeballs. 'I want this, I want that, because I am this, I am that.' What bullshit. If you don't listen, if you choose not to pay attention, if you cease to believe in it - then it ceases to exist. The devil, or more precisely the-devil-equals-you, only exists if you believe it exists. A state of grace is not magical or hard to achieve. It's as easy as not participating in a conversation. It's just watching and having no thought.

And sure, all that Buddhist shit is one thing and the cold hard facts are another. Here is a fact - there is nowhere to hide. The church is being brought down. The people who own the media have pulled the pin. They can do that you know. And now whatever you thought you had, it's all over. Here's the new deal - you cannot be saved. As long as you and your fellow corrupted attempt to hide in the church, the church is doomed and you are too. There's only one thing for it - you'll all have to go. Whether you publicly enumerate your sins and cop the punishment, or whether you just quietly kill yourself and leave a note, either one will do.

Honestly, satanism? paedophilia? What were you thinking of? Never mind that - there's no point beating yourself up now. Now, you just have to grasp the nettle. Don't mind anyone else. None of it matters. Redemption is a personal trip - it cannot be given. You have to do it yourself. Imagine that... redemption, even for a black-hearted fucker like you.


Penny said...

the catholic church is not going down.. not at this time.
see my other comment, they will take everyone else down with them if they go.

which sure as hell would not be a bad thing!

slozo said...

The key thing to remember for these "instruments of evil" (people who fascilitate or perpetrate murder and rape and wickedness for their own power trip and rewards from the ptb), is that you have been sold a big, big lie. This lie is that there is "honour among thieves".

There is zero honour or loyalty among any of you, period - and deomonstrably so.

All it takes is chance circumstance, and you too could be left hanging out to dry . . . murdered and tortured, hung in the court of public opinion and left penniless by the side of the road, or perhaps used further in some scheme and then laid to waste.

There is no honour among thieves, nor rapists, murderers or evil people of any kind. Spend enough time as a snake in a den of vipers, and you are just as likely to get bit as any of the mice.

the Silverfish said...

The Church going down? One can only hope, one can only hope.

nobody said...

Pen! Don't tell them that - you're ruining the gag. Slozo gets it obviously and Silv's up for it without giving the game away but Pen, you've blown it. All those priests and bishops etc who aren't going to commit seppuku or confess or anything, and it's all your fault. Boo!