Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Brendan Fevola and the Pope

This is Brendan Fevola, otherwise known as 'Fev'. He is a star of the Australian Football League. Sure enough, the AFL, like every other overpaid industry in the world, likes to have big lavish award nights / circle jerk wankfests. At these events their sporting boofheads can wear the suits that had otherwise only been used in court appearances, and the boofheads' trophy girlfriends can fulfil their greatest ambition: getting their picture in magazines sold at supermarket checkouts.

These award events used not to be broadcast live (on account of being as dull as dishwater) but now, what with Fox Sports having ten 24hr sports channels in need of filler, they qualify as that variety of filler known as 'special events'. Who watches these stupid things? I'm thinking it's the same people who read those stupid magazines, which is to say chicks. Between chicks tuning in to see what other chicks are wearing, and blokes tuning in to watch sportsmen in suits giving speeches, would anyone blame me for putting my money on the former?

Anyway, as part of what seems to be an organised campaign to turn everything into reality television, the AFL's big award night saw Brendan Fevola given a microphone and a camera crew to film him as he... um, "I don't know Fev, just run around and pull some funny shit." I doubt the brief consisted of him being told to get drunk and behave like a complete arsehole, but you know... free-alcohol-shit happens.

Sadly for our Fev, but happily for the media, his drunkenness - in view of women, horses, and everyone - hadn't been any kind of brief embarrassment. It had gone on and on with the outraged media spoilt for choice as to which clip of Fevola to show; the unintelligible screaming; the mad laughter; the beer sprayed in all directions; the crash tackles; the prat falls - it was all too bloody marvellous. And it went on and on and on.

As did the media outrage. They camped outside his house, chased him hither and yon, and diligently failed to ask the question, 'Who permitted this to happen?' Sure enough none of it had been Fevola's idea. Fevola had not called a production meeting to tell everyone how it was going to go. Fevola had not sat at the control desk in the OB van controlling the live feed, whilst the media banged on the locked door asking him to stop - "Please Fev! Think of the kiddies!" Nor had Fevola held a gun to some innocent's head to force them to screen it - "Put me on TV or I shoot this dog!" The truth is that in the long line of people between himself as drunken arsehole and that image of him screened around Australia, Fevola wasn't so much the whip hand as he was the end of it being cracked.

The shakeout was utterly predictable. Fevola, who'd so rudely barged his way into everyone's living room, was sacked from his football club and now perpetually carries the tag 'famous for his off-field incidents'. The media, which transported him to all those living rooms and handed him the key (and then, what with him being so incapable, had taken it back off him, opened the door, and then carried him across the threshold), was guilty of nothing apart from doing us all a great favour.

The media: "Look at him! Drunk! In your living room!"
Us: "Gosh! You're right! Fev, you bastard! How could you?!"
Fevola: "What? Living room?"


What's this got to do with the Pope you ask? Okay, here's the gig - In any media depiction of any event that urges us to shake our fist at someone, the media will easily be as guilty as whomever it is they're accusing. Further, whatever reasons they're putting forward (explicitly or otherwise) as to why they're showing us, will, in one way or another, be utterly laden with falsity.

In true chaos theory fractal fashion, the one-way nature of the media's finger pointing works at every scale. That endless procession of sportsmen guilty of alcohol and drug wickedness will have their sins media-dissected by hard-drinking drug fiends that make the sportsmen look like amateurs. And from penny ante sporting boofheads right through to a triple-crown wearing head of a corrupt child trafficking crime syndicate masquerading as a religion, the media and their non-existent masters are with them all the way, matching them drink for drink, child for child - been there, done that, got the thousand yard stare to go with it.

That's not to say that whomever it is we're told to hate isn't wicked. They probably are. But between that individual and the media and their masters, it will actually be no competition. The media serves many purposes but above all is the prime function to which everything else is subservient: the cameras may point in any direction except 'in'.

Best I can make out there is only one juju that counts in this world and that's the juju of many minds thinking the same thought. Clearly the media is the ultimate juju machine. Whoever controls the media is the juju king of the world. I expect that the other death cult partners, like the Vatican say, imagine that since the other gang members are equally in it up to their eyeballs that there's some safety in that. It's my melancholy duty to inform them that there isn't. In thinking this they fail to understand how it all works. Whoever has the juju machine doesn't exist. There is no crime there because there is no 'there' there. The crimes shall belong to everyone but them.

Otherwise for everyone out there cheered by the coming fall of the Vatican, you might want to keep in mind that the taking down of the Catholic wing of the death cult is a major sacrifice play by the people at the top of the pyramid. It's not done lightly and whatever cheer you might get from it should be tempered by the unpleasant thought of the banking families exultant.

I ain't here to stick up for the pope. For anyone who wants to tell me something bad about him, in all likelihood I'll agree with you. But when the media does that thing and points their juju bone, I refuse to play whatever role it is they expect from me. They can take their pre-scripted conversation and stick it up their arse. Never mind their screaming and gesticulating - for mine, this serves only to denote where not to look. It makes far more sense to look 'in' since that's where the power lays.

Catholics, Muslims, the Russians, the Chinese, Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong Il, Robert Mugabe, hell even Brendan Fevola - it's just one long line up of the usual suspects. Says the bad juju media, 'We have met the enemy and he is everyone but us. Now get killing.'

Yeah... right... I tell ya, they better blow up this internet soon or it won't be long before their juju has no mojo.

Ha! The devil unable to convince the world he doesn't exist. Oops.


nobody said...

Hi Folks, if anyone was wondering where I was: the library by which I connect to the net was closed over Easter.

Also, there are two pieces here. The Fevola thing is immediately followed by another. Library is closing again. Off I go. Ciao Ciao.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Nobody,.. nice work, "Here, here!" Oh, by the way watched 2012 last night; New Release at VideoEasy, mate; what a load of hero/villian/becomeshero/make-up sex/voodoo horseshit served on a plate of overwhelming SFX. The Mayan calendar does not "predict" the end of the world merely the end of an eon as the effects of progression change the seasons and Weather(not going to say the 'C' word) which is what the Mayan calendar transliterated - seasonal change to forecast planting and harvest. It's not a doomsday clock.

I receive essays from Hutton Gibson quite regularly, he is an authority on Catholic dogma and process, his work is quite illuminating(grin), if you Google his name you will find him or follow this link http://www.huttongibson.com
if you are interested in a high level alternative narrative/opinion of the Catholic Clergy and its dialectics, particularly the Popes!

Again, nice work.



Penny said...

interesting, I got to admit this attention being heaped on the catholic church at this point in time has got me wondering, why this again, yes, again and why now???

your right, one has to look at what is going on beyond this all, on the periphery.

I can't put my finger on why this distraction at this point in time...

But, will the catholic church fall over this, no!

not unless it is going to take everyone else down with it.

hutton gibson is this mel gibson's father?

slozo said...

I actually look at any "attack" on the Catholic church as simply another footnote in the "divide, and watch them fight each other so that they don't see us" progrom.

An attack on Catholicism in this and other forms is simply par for the course alongside the much more concerted effort against muslims and Islam. No different than pitting Conservative against democrat/liberal; US nationalism against Russian and Chinese nationalism; east versus west; rich versus poor; religion versus non-religion; pro abortion versus abortion; men versus women; and the list goes on and on and on ad finitum almost.

Anything highlighted like this that is already widespread is just a bright flare to bring your attention to it - it serves no other purpose, in my mind. It's psyops, and the reason it is obvious to me that this is just for psychological conditioning is that there are virtually no repercussions, no changes taking place as a result . . . only superficial posturing which will only incite rage, doubt, and a predisposition of hate.

A pedophile is a pedohpile . . . not a Catholic, not a teacher, not a cub scout leader, not a pope, not a prime minister.

Just a pedophile who needs to be scorched.

veritas6464 said...

Hey nobody,.. Penny, yes, Hutton is Mels' Dad. Hutton Gibson is quite well known here in Oz due to his big win on the Ford SuperQuiz in 1982. Slozo, I agree, however, I am quite close to the Clergy of many Denominations here in Oz due to my vocation and the attacks upon The Catholic Church are to counter the resurgence in religious curiosity as a result of the 'Doomsday' scenarios that have been playing out all over the world; the last thing the Zionists and thier shills want is a well-informed and righteous population - Zionazi Yids are fitting perfectly into the holes that are scattered throughout Apocalyptic scriptures; I would suggest to anyone not currently familiar with the scriptures to read as many of them as possible including the Talmud and Encyclopeadia Judaica - these demonic tomes are nothing short of ghastly confessions, and certainly evidence for the prosecution!

Try here for some incredible information and scriptures - http://www.gnosis.org/naghamm/nhl.html
The Nag Hammadi Library

To all...



nobody said...

Hey PG,

Hutton Gibson eh? I remember him from Sale of the Century. Won everything there too I seem to recall. Sure enough, I had him pegged as a froot loop. But! It's a sign of how far we've come that I'd be prepared to concede that Gibson could be one of the good guys. Knowing what we know of the Vatican as rat's nest of satanist paedophiles, anyone who sets himself up in opposition can't be all bad. You know what I mean? Mind you, I checked out his site and found it all a bit eye-glazing, if you know what I mean. Putting words in his mouth, I expect Gibson's response to paedophilia would be, 'Well it would never have happened if they were still giving the mass in Latin.' Not forgetting his son is a dreadful actor.

And Pen and Slozo, you're right of course but that would have blown the conceit of the next piece.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Nobody,.. It is easy for us to make judgements based on influences that have established themselves in our pathology over many years and possibly throughout our formative years. Nonetheless; as a former cricketer of some ability(vanity not withstanding) I was taught when Batting - to play every ball on its own merit. Preconceived ideas are usually manifestly innacurate due to establishing conception prior to collating all the relevant data. That The Catholic Church is grossly mismanaged is no coincedence - the Yids have been usurping the infrastructure since Augustine first came to organise a polytheistic religion, a religion of unity and inclusion; anethema to the pharisaic prejudices of the eddomite yids. Now is a time of cooperation and universality - those of us that have become that which we despised, will perish, those that have eyes to see and ears to hear will become eternal, from the temporal. From Chaos comes Cosmos - Period.



nobody said...


the Silverfish said...

I find it all rather funny to think that some are concerned that the Catholic Church will fall.
When one thinks of How many Millions of Morons still go to church every Sunday get down on their knees(as they have been taught from day one) and do their thing like all good god fearing choir boys and girls should all the while paying out of pocket moneys(both moral and monetary) that they do not have to a lying shit mouthed pervert wearing poofs clothes.

Hell the goddamn pope could run around Saint Peters buck jaybird naked fucking boys up the ass left right and centered between the cheeks on public television with all of the cardinals and bishops waiting in line for sloppy seconds while the priests were doing the fluffing and most catholics would still vote for the son o bitches.

No the Catholic Church will not fall, not even close, not when there are so many morons who are addicted to illusions and deception, nope the Vatican will do some small amount of damage control throw a few of their own to the wolves like good Christians should, wipe off their shit encrusted cocks and go on with business,the BUSINESS of fucking all the people all the time as per normal.

DPirate said...

Nice post, I like it, nobody

Anonymous said...

Nice rant Nobody.

I thought it was just me who thought this jerk Fev was an arsehole of demonstrable proportions.

He's akin to Sam Newman, Gary Lyon and all those wankers that host The Footy Show. Who watches this shit not to mention the retards who go to the studio to watch it live. Braindead, mindnumbing drivel.

It's a blight on the greatest game ever that being AFL. I was sort of hoping the show wouldn't make the grade in 2010 but *uck me there it is.

Mindless crap. It's a no wonder we are where we are at today in this existence.

We can be thankful for one thing and that is when the extra DNA is handed out they certainly won't be getting any.

And don't get me started on those child molesting whores at the Vatican....


Anonymous said...

Poor Fev. I'm a Collingwood supporter, so I never liked him - but I do now.

The bloke is a 20-something footy player - what did everyone expect? Did they think he was going to recite fucking poetry?

He got bladdered, took the piss out of a few fellow footy players, and generally behaved like a bit of a dick. Anyone who hasn't done likewise is a bit of a sissy, in my book.

And he (inter alia) schtupped Michael Clarke's missus - which reflects badly on both of them: Fev's infidelity to his wife reflects badly on him, and Bingle was revealed to be a starfucker (which surprises... nobody).

Guess what Fev DIDN'T do? (Inter alia).

Fev didn't:

Fuck kiddies who were entrusted into his care (I'm looking at you, Catholicism);

Send gangs of armed sociopaths to fuck up entire countries (Bush, Howard, Blair);

Grin like Jeffrey Dahlmer while congratulating the Indonesian government for executing a terrrrrrist suspect without trial (yes, KRudd, that's YOU); or

Sit with a hard-on while greasing a bunch of innocents from a helicopter (the two Yank fags in the Collateral Murder video).

Guy Lebord coined the phrase "The Spectacle" - whereby the whole of civilisation is basically corrupted by fetishisation. Given that I am a bit of a fan of Diogenes, I initially thought Lebord's stuff was just pretentious wank (like Lacan or Derrida).

I wasn't wrong - it is a load of old wank, but it (perhaps by accident) reaches sound conclusions, namely those that can be arrived at by standard Cynic worldview: all players in political drama seek power above all else; those people will be inherently vile; they will pervert society.

Anyway - I'm glad to see that Fev and Brown are working well as a power-forward combination for the Bears; I wish Collingwood had secured the big drongo (Medhurst and Didak are skilled, but the Woods need a good tall up forward).



veritas6464 said...

Hey Nobody,.. GT- LMFAO; excellent summation fucker - and so eloquent a closing statement - fresh and intuitive, right on the money and yes, Fev' does no - thing in comparison to the devils hench - mensch - Fuck evil cunts and death to their tyrannical stooges - Go the Crows!!


A Temple Knight.

Anonymous said...


The trouble with analogy posts is that you don't know whether to comment on the analogy or the subject of the post – he,he. Anyway I remember when Georgie Best was a media event but after he drank his way through two livers the media threw its hand in and figured he might be worth more dead than alive. A bit of a shame really because he was good at what he did. It's not his football I will remember him for though but the reply he gave after he filed for bankruptcy and a reporter asked him what he did with all his money. He said “I spent it on booze, women and fast cars – and I guess I just squandered the rest” .
Still I hope he had a bit of fun with it while it lasted, I used to know one of his totties so I think so; better than investing it in boring T bonds that just shores up the PTB.

I guess that when Hollywood explains how the whole scam works in films like Network the viewing public regards it as fun and goes home entertained. Talk about selling you the rope that will hang themselves if they think they can make a buck out of it, I will bet they had a few chuckles after sliding that one through.

Are the gates of Catholicism about to fall or are the organisers just rattling cages? It depends if they are the same ones who did it for Shinto. Don't forget that the for the time being the Jews still need an advisory and Catholicism will continue so long they can make a buck out of it.

But tell me who was responsible for putting that Socialist backdrop behind the fist of Fascism? There again I guess it's all the same to them.

nobody said...

Ha! I'm glad a few au fait bods popped in.

Just for the record, I'm not actually any kind of huge sports fan. I just happen to live with the old man whose dying wish is to spend every waking moment left to him watching Fox Sports. Subsequently I've watched a lot of Fox Sports and it's my considered opinion that they are truly fucking hateful.

My rule of thumb is - if Fox Sports designates you a target, you can't be all bad. Ben Cousins was a classic case in point. For a guy who'd ruined his career with drugs it's funny how his form never dropped. The year before he was sacked the Eagles had won the premiership. No one ever mentioned that. I was just waiting for someone to say, 'Imagine how good he'd have been if he hadn't been on drugs!' Ha ha ha, yeah right.

Otherwise I'm sick of seeing sportsmen pilloried from um, pillar to post for doing things that I've seen over and over in any number of advertising/media workplaces - simple stuff: getting drunk, sex between consenting adults, snorting a line of coke. None of it saw anyone sacked, fined, publicly ridiculed or anything. One producer I knew made Cousins and Fevola look like boy scouts and nothing happened to him apart from becoming a millionaire.

It's my considered opinion that the purpose of Fox Sports is to install finger-pointing and screaming for blood as default behaviour. They're doing a pretty good job of it so far.

As for that bit about DeBord, funny you should mention it because I watched Society of Spectacle just recently. I have him pegged as another in a long line of impossible riddle merchants. We can all have a long discussion about, what is it? Spectacle? Yeah, that... and sure enough run round and round in circles and never get any nearer to the truth.

That's not to say he's wrong, because he's not. But he's not right either, and he's certainly not right in any useful fashion.

the Silverfish said...

As for sports supporters, the one thing that I would really like to know is just what does one get out of supporting one team of any sport over another?

Oh sure some will say but it's our team,but unless one is one of the owners, shareholders or players it is not your team, nor will it ever be.

Personally I have never cheered for a sports team of any sort and I don't think that I have missed much.

The amounts of moneys spent on watching someone else do something that at the end of the day accomplished nothing leaves me shaking my head.

Penny said...

well the sports angle has lost me completely but, what the hell!

I liked the commment from GT, astute.

nobody said...

Interesting -

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14th April 2010 08:36:55 Page View

No referring link


Anonymous said...

G'again Nobody (and others);

When you mention Benny Cousins (another terrific player I wish the Woods had had the balls to sign), you touch me (but not in the way a priest will touch a kiddie).

I dunno when the AFL decided it's players had to be 'pure as the driven', but I think back to the days of Big Carl Ditterich (and, later, Wes Fellowes - whose cousins I used to have to oversee at the Shoppingtown Hotel in Doncaster when I was a bouncer).

Oh for the days when a player who 'ironed out' an opponent didn't have to fret that he would be rubbed out: Magro's historic shirtfront on Jezza would have landed the famed No 3 in the klink. And the idea that talk radio buzzes when a few players get on the squirt... bloody hell, even St Peter Moore would have been hard-pressed to stay out of the media.

On debord/lebord (I can't ever remember the bugger's proper name: let's agree on "Frog Wanker who wrote "The Spectacle") - he gets it half-right, like most non-congnoscenti who are trying to tickle the right note (a la the characters in Eco's "Foucault's Pendulum")... as a bona fide cognoscentus (who used to be a bouncer and a smutterman) I can tell you that he did manage to embroider near the edges.

Veritas6464: your illumination will be complete once you abandon the darkness of the Crow and yield to the Lure of the Maggie. (as an aside - I learned as much from my Mark and Chapter initiations as I did from the KT ritual... but that was long ago [not THAT long since I only turned 45 in Feb].)

This comment has too many ellipses and brackets: I have to start drinking later in the day, and more slowly.

I've got 2012 in my Netflix queue: it's also a year in which 'my' guys (the 'lodges not in amity with anyone else') claim that Rome's hegemony will finally be finished for good, and when anarchy (or more properly, AKRATY) will gain a foothold.

Or maybe that's the wine talking again... it talks all the time.



nobody said...

Onya GT, nice one. Pop in here anytime. As for the question 'When did the AFL decide to blah blah blah?' I don't reckon they did. Does the AFL own the AFL? Or does News Limited? Who owns the NRL? Whoever it is that owns whatever, can any of them stand up to the media?

In this discussion of sports personalities being forced to get down on their knees and beg for forgiveness for minor sins declared mortal by the media, might not these actions also be described as enforced public declarations of fealty? Apart from the art direction, how does it differ from a kowtow?

It's the media saying to whomever, 'We can do this to you, and there's nothing you can do about it.' Which is a nice way of saying, 'Dance to our tune or we'll fuck you.'

Or to put it another way - can anyone imagine the AFL (say) contriving a situation whereby Rupert Murdoch has to front up to the assembled masses and beg forgiveness? Hardly. Between the media and any sporting entity (hell, never mind sports: any entity at all), one can call a tune and the other will have to dance to it.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the bad guys belong to different factions?

- Aangirfan