Monday, May 18, 2009

I'll take the little Asian guy

Does the Queen go to the cinema? Fat chance! She's the Queen for chrissake. And when you're the Queen you know people, which is to say you have flunkies who know people, and they arrange for whatever film it is that tickles your fancy to be delivered to your palace for a private screening. Same same for presidents, popes, and any number of the rich and powerful. If you were given to such things, you could divide the world into two groups: those who go to the cinema or otherwise wait for the DVD; and those who have private screenings. Hmm... if you could develop a bio-weapon that killed only the latter group, you'd really be on to something wouldn't you? God save the Queen though! She's lovely!

Mind you, the people who wield true power in this world, ie. those who own the Reserve Banks, could go to the cinema if they wanted to. It's not as if they'd be recognised is it? Which is the whole idea, sure enough. When people start using words like 'lamp-posts' and 'dangling from', it pays to have no one know who you are, what you look like, or where you live. Assassination is only ever for figureheads and flunkies. The rain falls in many directions, but never 'up', if you know what I mean. Otherwise if you want to view their deliberate anonymity as an acknowledgement of their own wickedness, go right ahead.

So. Even though those in the twelve families could go to the cinema unrecognised, I doubt that they would. The price of hubristic self-adoration would require that you never mix with the hoi polloi. God forbid the self-impressed viewing others as human. But still, I don't doubt that those above us would listen to music, read books, and watch movies. Certainly they would have watched The Matrix. All of those arcane references, in jokes, and messages of homage are there for them. When someone says a film 'works on so many levels' they don't know the half of it. Those in the twelve families have their own level.

Speaking of levels, I wonder if our kings of hubris saw Stephen Chow's Kung Fu Hustle? Probably not. I suspect that they wouldn't have cared for it, what with its message that regardless of how powerful one is, there is always someone who can best you, and invariably from a direction least expected. In some ways, it's the anti-Matrix.

But never mind that, I'll bet the Rothschilds et al would have watched the Matrix and been only too chuffed to see themselves as the omniscient, omnipotent godhead with the rest of humanity deluded, powerless, and flailing about in their own filth. But that's the problem with hubris - it renders one susceptible to arrant flattery.

Whatever they tell themselves, or let themselves be told, the rulers of this world are nothing more than writ-large versions of those who worship their five senses, their stomachs, and their cocks and cunts. And as ugly as those last two words are, whatever utility they serve, they serve for those who rule also. Or to put it another way, these people shit, and their shit stinks. They're just anti-Buddhas and there's nothing special about that. In fact, it's the most obvious and prosaic choice anyone could make. And to be the greatest anti-Buddha is to render oneself the Lord of the Obvious. If the word 'sublime' is in their vocabulary it's only because they don't get it.

Regardless of The Matrix's assertion otherwise, the fact is that these lords of usury have not seen the turn of an age. They don't know what the Mayans knew. Oh alright, they've probably read up and know as much as anyone. But what's that worth exactly? Do we imagine that in any clash between the wisdom of true ancients and the usurers' self regard that the latter wouldn't trump the former? If they possess the wisdom of the Mayans in any way it's only because they stole it and beat it into some idiotic shape that served their own purposes.

The Matrix is better viewed in the context of Hollywood and the money men who funded it. Never mind the obvious bilking of cash from the gob-smacked masses - the subtext serves to flatter the powerful, and to fill the un-gob-smacked (that's us) with dismay. But both of them are worthless propositions that don't deserve our attention.

To hell with its message of the godhead's timeless omniscience and control - an age turns now and this will be a new gig for our jumped-up moneylenders. And frankly their desperation is apparent. Every day sees the lies getting ever more numerous and ever more pathetic. The number of people who get it is perpetually rising.

Clearly the families are approaching their 'crash or crash through' moment. And it's perfectly unsurprising that there are elaborately constructed elements of our culture (ahem, that would be films like The Matrix) that ignore the first half of this one-or-t'other choice. Sure enough. It stands to reason that their plans for world domination would necessarily have everyone convinced of the caper's inevitability. If we're convinced that it was always going to happen, then it probably will. God forbid that we, or even they, acknowledge that the whole thing coming a cropper is as likely as any other result. More so, if you think about it.

Okay so I'm in Les Visible territory here. Les asserts that a supernatural response is building up a head of steam and that a colossal arse-kicking is coming. He might be right. I expect that many of Les' readers don't actually believe in the supernatural. But that's only because they never thought about it. Let's just substitute the word 'supernature' for 'supernatural'. Anyone who's read James Gleick's Chaos Theory, or is otherwise familiar with it, (regardless of what kind of nihilist they are, ahem) would have to admit that with chaos theory we're in some spooky territory. It could fairly be described as the ghost in the machine.

Chaos theory's truth is that the universe is infinite. Beneath atomic structure lays infinite levels of ever decreasing 'smallness'. And above what we perceive of the universe is a flipside infinity of 'hugeness'. There is no end to this and it cannot be comprehended. Except by the Buddha, ha ha. (There! I knew I'd get him in somehow!)

This the 'above' and 'below'. And whatever terms you use to describe them it really doesn't matter. Between a god reaching down, and a butterfly making a thunderstorm, it's all the same thing - from the tiniest to the largest and back again. Who knows where things start and end? The butterfly for instance is only an approximation. It's not actually the start of anything. In a universe of infinite 'crinkliness' running in both directions, the butterfly is merely an image we can comprehend. It's just one point on the 'strange attractor'. The trail that led to the butterfly is infinitely long. Nothing started with it and clearly nothing ends there either.

And the same is true of the thunderstorm. That too is just another photo that our brains will understand. If you like, you could throw out the butterfly and instead start with the thunderstorm as the small thing that led to a far greater event of destruction or salvation. Sure enough, there's no knowing which. If you understand chaos theory you are only the tiniest step away from acknowledging Shiva as destroyer and creator. Call it whatever you like. Of view it as a concept - who cares. They're just different words to describe the same thing.

It's entirely unsurprisingly that chaos theory doesn't get a lot of press. Whilst it confirms everything told to us by the assorted priesthoods (of religion and money both), it also renders those same people as superfluous. It declares that any claims they make about possessing the truth are bullshit. The universe is infinite and unknowable. Anyone who declares that they have the ultimate answer is a liar. There can be no truth declared apart from the Buddha's bullet-proof dictum that the only certainty is change.

And below this is the undeniable fact that we, as humans, are not separate from the universe. We are one tiny part of the whole. To imagine, as anti-Buddhas do, that one is special, or above, or other, to that-which-is-not-oneself is patently false. Regardless of whatever blink-of-the-eye events have occurred before, the position is not tenable.


Um, okay, what? What are we meant to do with all this? Okay, maybe I can distil it into point form like some kind of powerpoint demonstration.

- Of course those who worship themselves would sell us their hype to make themselves appear invincible and to otherwise fill us with dismay.

- Hype is hype and they can stick it up their arse. There's no point listening to their lies unless it's to more closely study pathology.

- Fear is to be rejected. It serves no purpose and is otherwise a delusion.

- Microcosmic historical examples might be repeated but ultimately cannot define the macro. Indeed macros cannot truly be understood, never mind predicted.

- As ambition more nearly approaches the god-like, 'butterfly' frequency increases as does the likelihood that the outcome of crash or crash through will be crash. Not forgetting that the bigger they come the harder they fall

- Lying self-obsessed motherfuckers have nothing to offer. Between, 'the only certainty is change' and, the 'truth' of the self-serving, the latter is on a hiding to nothing.

- The Buddha, who cast off fear and desire and became one with the universe, was not unhappy. And between him, and those who'd have us live lives of fear and desire, I'll take the little Asian guy.


Anonymous said...

Aw crap, you mean I should stop buying lottery tickets? What else is there to live for---and that waitresses smile was only for a nicer tip? And that stripper isn't really warm for my form?
Next you'll be telling me there is no Santa Clause-----
Curse you, you evil bastard!!!!!!

Jj :)

Zellie said...

Thanks...I needed that!

nobody said...

Hee hee. I love those two comments being one after the other.

What do you get when you laugh maniacally (Hollywood villain-style) and smile serenely like the buddha at the same time? Well, that's what I'm doing.

Hmm... not a good look.

nobody said...

BTW. I took a longish break from the haiku blog due to want of inspiration. I think it was worth taking a long-ish break since I'm all refreshed now. Anyway, apologies to those who kept popping in only to be disappointed. But now it's all back on board and this week there's a spooky ukiyo-e print by Hiroshige.

Anyone who wants to drop in and pen a haiku will be most welcome. And it's not like it's hard, ha ha.


the Silverfish said...

To answer your question, Yes the Queen does indeed go to the cinema. Normally to the Warner West End Cinema, Leicester Square London where all of the Royal Command Performances are held, it's quite a gala event really that is if your so fabulously fortunate to be invited to attend that is. And oh what an event it is you get to eat the Royal Popcorn topped with the Royal Melted Margarine and of course the Royal Salt. It really is Soooo upper crust.

My wife and I were invited to not one but TWO such events back in the late seventies one being for the opening of Star Wars and the other for Close Encounters of the Third Kind and oh what nights they were too, what with the red carpet the barricades and the security. Damn it just made a person glad and do I dare say Proud to be one of the little people paying outrageous taxes so that this pompous bitch can get in without paying.
But still just to get the chance to breathe in some of the Royal Rarefied Air that Liz surrounds herself with and then later to be able to think of it as nothing more than a fart seemed to make it all worth Sooo much more.

Ah yes the memories of the waiting in line while the Royal Entourage passed us by lives with me still, and when I think that as Liz walked but a few feet from me I was thinking, Yep ole grrl I’ve got coins with your Royal face but mere inches from my common cock. Cum to think of it I wonder if her face was ever that close to Philips? Can’t see it meself.

slozo said...

So Nobody,
When will you post the pictures of the 12 or so men that control the universe . . . the apostles of the Fed, as it were?

Because it's funny that I've tried myself, and somewhat failed at the attempt - but that was a while ago, maybe I should try again when I have the time.

And when do we start to call them by name, instead of this anonymous shit? I feel like we are helping in their anonymity by referencing them in this faceless way. Btw, I'm not having a go at you - I really would like to have a few faces and names is all.

And Silverfish - thanks for the good laugh!

nobody said...

Post the pictures? Ayah! That sounds like an epic enterprise. Actually I already asked this question and someone kindly sent me this. What a rat's nest. Mind you that's the whole idea - cutout after cutout until no one can tell who controls what.

Me, I'm just going to call them 'Rothschilds'.

Hey Rothschilds! You are the most worthless people on the planet! In the grand scheme of things a worm is more valuable than you are! At least they make good earth. You are black holes with legs, useless negative suck-holes that have contributed nothing to anything except for the perversities of your children. And when you die you'll be food for those brilliant aforementioned worms.

Three cheers for the worms!

nobody said...

And hey Kikz. We'll take the happy face as shorthand that you're well.

Miraculix (Doug) said...

First, Silverfish said: "And oh what an event it is you get to eat the Royal Popcorn topped with the Royal Melted Margarine and of course the Royal Salt. It really is Soooo upper crust".Funny as this truly is, there's no such beast as the Royal Margarine. That's only for the proles in attendance. The Family rather famously only consumes raw dairy products, just like us "salt of the earth" types here in the Eifel. The health benefits are innumerable. Just look how long the Saxe-Coburg line tends to ride the mortal coil, on average.

As for not-so-thin Lizzy and Phil's membership application, let's not forget that she supposedly rules over one of the most powerful covens bestride the planet. In which case she's likely met quite a large number of senior members over the long years of her reign, though whose is an open question.

Meanwhile, the little Asian guy is but one of many Christic characters spanning a multi-cultural pantheon best measured in millennia. While his message was clearly tailored for time & place, contextualized in the contemporary space as they all naturally must be, in one of the grandest ironies of all, much of his wisdom is echoed within the deeper explanatory structures of the Judaic Kabbalah. Go figure, eh?

Gnostic thought down through the ages has been represented in many forms, but the underlying wisdom in each and every case leads back to the same interior spaces and basic ideas: we ARE all connected, and in ways "modern" science is only just beginning to comprehend, even if their dogmatic chieftains of Hippocrates' cult are deathly afraid to admit such a heresy.

nobody said...

Um, okay - you got me mate. What have the kabbalah and buddhism got in common?

I hope that doesn't sound snide. It's not, it's just me being curious.

john said...

A bit boring but from Nicholas Davies; Throughout the late 1960s and early 1970s Elizabeth and Plunket would go out secretly together,
to dinner, and to the cinema and, occasionally, the theatre. They would have supper and enjoy a
glass of champagne, no one aware of their identities. Frequently on a Monday evening Elizabeth
and Plunket would leave the palace in Elizabeth’s old Rover, she dressed in a coat with a scarf
over her head to conceal her identity. They would often visit a cinema, usually the Odeon in
King’s Road, Chelsea, two miles from Buckingham Palace. Plunket would pay, always securing
two seats at the back of the auditorium.

Penny said...

out of destruction comes creation, out of creation comes destruction, and this shiva person??
Interesting, but I always thought of this as kind of common knowledge stuff.

chaos theory and the little asian guy?

Isn't it possible the powerful ones watched the little asian guy and went,nice story but the stupid suckers, they of the oppressed masses, don't realize they have the power??
And are too kept down or dumbed down or ignorant, whatever, to do a dam thing about it?

and silv you shared the air with her royal highness, how hoity toity of you.
That means if she farted, you inhaled royal farts, making you specially gassed! ;)

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Silverfish, Just another normal day in Gotham City, or two.

And talking about upper crust, when I attended a knees up, albeit a local one, to celebrate her Majesty’s birthday, I am here to tell you that none of the butties had crusts on them; upper, under or on the sides. All served on silver trays by flunkies in dinner jackets and white gloves. I thought “I could get used to this” so I told the wife she could chuck out her French maid’s outfit and get togged up in a tux and white gloves. She was so impressed I hardly noticed the difference in my lifestyle.
This act of reverence to the crown was a case of pay €10 to get in then drink yourself stupid in four hours at her Majesty’s expense. The crust less butties did help to temper the effect of the rising alcohol level though.

One can only conjecture about the proximity of the Royal oral cavity to the consort’s appendage but when Michael Fagan, that famous after the event, riff raff about town, stole into the Palace one night, he actually made it to Her Majesty’s bedroom, not the Royal bedroom. On the other side there are three royal sprogs and one sprogette so who is to say?

Miraculix (Doug), Can we swap e–mail addresses through Nobody, if he would be so kind to do the honours.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Hey Gellier I just noticed the comment ticker on the previous post had jumped a notch and looked in. Sure, why not if that’s OK with Doug, send your e mail to Nobody for a three way swop.

BTW, when I first started contributing to the blogosphere, I did say the anon thing sat uncomfortable with me and I was told there were a couple of options. I could register a blog name and never do one or I could post anon but in some other way identify myself with a handle, so that is where the FB thing came from. Having said that, I do put three or four posts a year up on the Trout Clan Campfire. I know I am not prolific but I have an outlet whenever I feel I have something to say.

nobody said...

Ayah! Guilty of stating the obvious, and getting it wrong about Her Maj. I sentence me to transportation the penal colonies of New Holland. Oh wait, I'm already there.

Thinking about it, it makes sense about Maj. It's nice to go out amongst the hoi polloi as long as you don't have to put up with anything. It's like a variation on seeing how the other half lives, albeit we swap 'half' for '99.99%'.

Same same for the Rothschilds. We all like going to the zoo to see the animals don't we? We wouldn't eat their slop or put up with their nightmarish conditions but we still go and have a lovely time wandering about having a look.

nobody said...

And yes, no problems with me as email central. If you do all get together, have a witbier for me.

nobody said...

Also - new crossword! 'Arthur' *Now featuring a downloadable and printable pdf!*

Not that anyone here cares but here's my favourite clue - Legendary adulterer's feverish loins are to receive tender loving care (3,8)

Ha ha ha, I crack me up!

Miraculix (Doug) said...

Our selfless leader is already in possession of my e-mail addy and he is hereby authorized to pass it along to my fellow ex-pat neighbor "From Belgium" for the sake of improving my social life yet another notch... =)

Meanwhile, given my rather leading assertion, here's a bit of borrowed text by way of beginning to explain their shared characteristics Mr. N:


The term “Buddha” is a title. It is a Sanskrit or Pali term, an ancient term, which means “Awakened One.” Now, we typically in these times talk about “the Buddha,” which in the exoteric point of view, the common point of view, refers to one particular person, who is also known as Buddha Shakyamuni, or Gautama. But in truth, the name Buddha is a title, in the same way that Christ is a title. Christ is that universal energy at the base of all things, the force that gives life to all existence. A Christ is also a title for any person, any being, who incarnates that energy, who merges and becomes one with that energy, who expresses it. So, a Buddha is someone who has incarnated his own Inner Buddha, in other words, his own Inner Spirit, who is awake. In the Kabbalah, this refers to Chesed, our own Spirit.

In reality, there are many different kinds of Buddhas, because again, the term Buddha means “Awakened One.” We awaken according to specific levels. The consciousness awakens by degrees, according to our work. So, when someone is given the title Buddha, it doesn’t mean that they enter into a level in which all Buddhas are the same. The first acquisition of that title, when it is given to the Inner Spirit, the Innermost, is just the first level. And of course, if you have studied Gnosis, you know that this is related to Netzach, the Mental Body. When an initiate has completed the initiation of Netzach [the Fourth Initiation of Major Mysteries], his Innermost is called Buddha; his Innermost, his inner Spirit, becomes a Buddha: but a Buddha of that level. And from there, that initiate has to continue to work, to comprehend the mind more deeply and thereby ascend through different levels of Buddhahood, to acquire greater and greater understanding. So, from this point of view, we can grasp and understand that there are actually millions of Buddhas. Really, every star is the expression of a Buddha, every star in the sky.

There are two primary forms or types of Buddhas. First is a Contemplation Buddha, which is really what we are talking about when we say Buddha itself, an Awakened One, or the Spirit. And this refers to what in classical Hinduism would be called Atman, or Chesed. This is the seventh Sephira on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life; this is our Inner Spirit. Our Inner Spirit becomes a Contemplation Buddha when the acquisition of that initiation occurs.

Second, there is the Manifestation Buddha. This is the vehicle through which the Contemplation Buddha will express himself. In Mahayana Buddhism, this would be called a Bodhisattva. So, the Manifestation Buddha is the awakened expression of the Contemplation Buddha...


If you'd like to review the text in its larger context, start here:

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Rumour has it that Emperor Nero used to finish off a nights entertainment by wandering around Rome doing a bit of midnight mugging and strangling. Liz, it is said, has subtler ways of dealing with her subjects.

nobody said...

Sorry Mir, I'm just having trouble with the concept of Kabbalists (from which we get the word 'cabal' - a secretive us-and-them clique) becoming one with the universe. Where's the compassion of the Kabbalists for any apart from their own? Do Kabbalists have no connection to the talmud? Why is Kabbalism popular in talmudic Hollywood? How does that work?

Otherwise, FB - what, like a stiletto?

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,


Looking at it in the round, she has a wide variety of options at her disposal, the stiletto, as you mention both blade and heel. Then there are shootings; drownings; hangings sometimes followed by drawing and quartering; strangulation; poisonings; falling from high places; bombs; gassings; hit and run; electrocution, hunger; thirst; asphyxiation and hypothermia.
After these there are the less common options, in the western world at least which include crushing; stoning; burying alive; boiling in oil; bleeding by the death of a thousand cuts; harpooning which is a combination of shooting and stabbing and beheading.
Then there are the really esoteric ones such as crucifixion; ritual garrotting and ritual disembowelling. But I reckon on none of these. I think she will be really subtle and withdraw the money supply to such an extent that we will do it to each other by any means we can and then she can walk away from it all with clean hands.

nobody said...

Sorry FB, lost the plot there with the old posting. Um, that was encyclopaedic mate! You made my head spin. You know, that would make for a brilliant short movie. We could demonstrate each method of murder as performed by the Queen at night in the streets of London. The only difficult part would be choosing the right soundtrack. I'm thinking something demented and whimsical with oboes and clarinets kind of thing.

Montyone said...

Called those guys Goldman - Sachs, because of that short clip I watched, featuring 2 of goldmans -finest discussing pros / cons that another baillout 700 billion would do.

They hardly keep straightfaces , no time 4 patience and those questions were never more
lame and annoying 2 begin with.Turns out those guys were exactly what they looked like afterall- that is moneywhore/ slave-psychopaths outoftheirminds determinded 2 fuck the "The Economy" 4 good.

Never pretended 2 not rob and fuck them over..phony pseudo-official function 1 of them borrowed from anybody..allwhile that smaller rapefreak stares, radiates hate , maybe hes even
slightly bored..? Shoud give them some ridiculous as it gets brandnewname, very feminine cheesy

Dailyshow btw