Thursday, May 28, 2009

Walter Bowart, meet Carl Cameron

A plunge down the memory hole! Penny sent me this book in pdf ages ago and I only just now got around to reading it (sorry Pen and thanks). I have to say that this book is, if you'll forgive the term, a complete mindfuck. So much so I want to urge it upon everyone.

But! It doesn't exist! The CIA bought the entire print run. It was even disappeared from public libraries. Admittedly it's on Amazon but only as second hand copies and those are going at a hundred bucks each. You read that right - US$100. Given this, and given the fact that the author died a couple of years ago, I see no problems with me making it available for download - 2.9MB pdf - off you go.

The book itself is written in a straightforward newspaper journalese. It's Dave McGowan albeit with a bigger bibliography and more footnotes. In many ways Operation Mind Control is a prequel to McGowan's Progammed To Kill. Ideally you'd read Bowart first and McGowan second. But really it's neither here nor there. Each book reveals the most astounding facts and there's very little direct overlap.

The main thought that kept running through my head as I read this book was that it was written in 1978. My naive wonderings in that know thyself piece were old hat well over thirty years ago. Bowart discusses the use of computers back when supercomputers had less grunt than a mobile phone now has. As for the book's discussion of tiny electronic implants in the skull for remote triggering, you don't need me to tell you how far we've come with that. Not forgetting that whatever we might know about RFID, we barely know the half of it, and even then the truth will be ten years ahead of that.

As then there's the drugs. Good God! LSD, as huge as that was, was just a small part of it. They tested everything - Bowart's book lists over 130 drugs. Since then I'd bet that there'd be that many again as families of drugs. And for every 'happy' drug like Prozac (even that's old hat now) there will be ten black opposites. The book makes clear that very little mind research takes place without spook involvement. And if this spook funded industry comes up with anything 'good', ie. useful for something other than the black arts, it's a complete fluke. The last thing they're interested in is improving the lot of mankind.

Bowart paints a picture of mind control taken to such a degree of perfection that it's staggering. Anyone could be made to do anything and have no memory of it at all. And that was thirty years ago. And here we are today, with endless discussions of 'how is this all possible', and yet Bowart had the answer in 1978. His book makes it clear that just about anyone, given several weeks of programming could be made to do pretty much anything - right up to killing their own mother. And after having done so, they would think nothing of it. And further, were they to be hooked up to a lie detector and asked if they knew anything about their mother's death they would pass with flying colours. Don't forget (and it's worth italicising twice) - that was over thirty years ago.

In 1978 a computer interface consisted of green glowing text in a UNIX shell. Now we have gorgeous photographic desktops with little animating icons, all of which are endlessly editable. I'll bet money that the fully operational mind control programme of that time, has now advanced to a similar level of sophistication. The 'tech' endlessly talked about by that fellow over in the Smoking Mirrors comments section seems perfectly feasible.

Once again, I'm forced to re-evaluate everything. Obama spent two years working for a CIA front company did he? Well that's all it takes. Pick a leader who makes no sense and plug him or her into this book and see if you don't view them in a whole new light. Sure enough, bring up 'mind control' in any discussion of current world events and you'll be viewed as a crackpot. But honestly, read this book and you'll know that there's no point discussing such things without mind control being considered as a distinct possibility.


The only point of contention for mine is who owns the mind control caper. Bowart, like McGowan with his paedophocracy, posits his 'cryptocracy' as a product of the CIA, the NSA, the US military and sundry US government acronyms, and all of this under the control of about 'twenty people'. We're left to assume that these twenty are all of the American ruling class. Me, I don't buy it - way back when, this might have been the case, but not anymore. The rule now seems to be that as the stakes rise higher, so does the likelihood of the US elite absurdly acting against their own interests. Honestly, we see it over and over.

Since we're in memory hole territory, why don't I put up another disappeared story - it's Carl Cameron's Fox News reports of Israeli spying, and specifically Amdocs and Comverse Infosys. It's in mov format and comes in four parts, each between 10 and 15MB.

Watch these and ask yourself - if the US spook elite is so powerful, how is it possible that they'd let two such crucial apparatuses of spook control end up in Israeli hands? If they really were such ne plus ultra powers, there is no way known that these insanely important telecommunication functions would be in any hands other than American ones. QED.

Besides, watch Cameron's reports and see how these all-powerful institutions flail about, unable to do anything about Israeli spying. Not forgetting that the FBI's biggest case for decades, the AIPAC spy trial, just folded with only a single guy going to jail, and he was American. Honestly, for the old school American elite this was nothing other than an ignominious, shit-spattered defeat - an unambiguous, in-your-face demonstration of who's in charge.

Let's not forget that the CIA, founded as an umbrella organisation to whom every other intelligence agency would report, is now itself underneath the Department of Homeland Security run by an Israeli citizen. (Hmm... it seems we have unstoppable programmed killers and yet Michael Chertoff remains unwhacked. More QED for the question of 'whose cryptocracy is this?')

Let's finish with a quote from Operation Mind Control about Dr. George Estabrooks, who in the early forties theorised about what the fiendish Japanese might do with a single hypnotist -
It would be possible, he said, for "the enemy" to plant a foreign agent as a doctor in a hospital or his own office. This "doctor" could, by means of fake physical examinations, place thousands of people under his power over a period of time. Estabrooks projected how, by hypnotizing key officers and programming them to follow suggestions, this "masked maneuver" could enable a lowly first lieutenant to take over the reins of the entire U.S. Army.
Ha ha ha, such fatuous nonsense. I have a much better idea. Why not let the intelligence agencies spend all their time and money conducting experiments and torture etc. and then if what results is a thing worth having, just take the reins when it's done? Cue the maniacal laughter! Ha ha ha ha! Bloody evil genius, me! Oh wait, it seems someone already thought of it. Damn.


slozo said...

Awesome - I will be busy reading tomorrow.
Will check back in when finished.


Penny said...

hey don't feel bad nobody, I have only read bits and pieces of it, myself, and haven't yet read it in it's entirety.

I am working on a book I got for christmas, and due to my accident I am greatly behind the times, but I am so glad it has blown your mind, and I am certain it will do the same to mine.

So it is like the companions piece to programmed to kill, interesting.
I still refer to that book. Which is surprising to me, as it was so repulsive a read, and yet sometimes I come across something and have to go check in that book.
Makes me think I should print this one up!

the Silverfish said...

I suppose one would have to wonder what the CIA was up to with all of the LSD experimentation at the University of Manitoba during the late sixties and through the seventies. Mind you when one knows who the dean of the U of M was at the time it all makes sense.

Miraculix (Doug) said...

A seminal text, and one of those that convinced me many moons ago that the darkest realities of government "black ops" will never truly be known.

The records and personnel will all be (or have already been) destroyed for "security purposes". The loyal assets will be promoted, so long as they remain useful and complicit.

However, what I do know for certain is that I will never be able to discuss such matters with any but a very (very) few rare individuals, many of whom have (understandably) given in to despair, or in their lack of rigor end up damaging our common cause and further polluting the already muddy waters.

All we will ever know for certain is that they are wielding tools against us against which we have very little to defend ourselves except those qualities which James Joyce used in his own defense nearly a century ago:

silence, exile and cunning.

And every time I consider these qualities, I wonder what part of his wisdom I am violating by my particpation in the online world. Most, it would seem.

So, thanks for the brilliant link Mr. N. Now I can finally pass this seminal text along to a few folks who deserve to know its dark the truth of its foreboding message.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Me too

nobody said...

Did James Joyce say that did he? Hmm... I have to admit I'm not very ofay about Joyce. But that's interesting. Still! Bugger it, I'm just going to say what I think. Wait! I get it. That statement is a statement of fear. Or is it common sense? I'll have a think about it.

That's alright Pen. It was partly inspired by Silv giving me a hard time for not having read the thing he sent me. I'm getting around to it Silv, alright? And yes, off I go to look up your cryptic reference.

Von Curtis said...

I heard a weird talk by this George Friedman yesterday -
This man was speaking on ABC radio The Conversation Hour about his book - he said very similar things as what he said in this following article on
Energy from space predicted in seven years

"But it's not going to be Earth based solar power, that would be an ecological disaster. We're going to put it into space, where there's plenty of room, no night, no clouds, and beam it back to Earth in the form of microwave energy," he says

Friedman is a forecaster and writer. His new book, The Next Hundred Years, A Forecast For The 21st Century, suggests California will be using power from space in seven years.

"NASA's working on it right now and Pacific Gas and Electric which is California's power company has already contracted for purchasing it in 2016," says Friedman.

For reasons of military and technological superiority, Friedman maintains his country will stay the world's dominant power for this century.

Don't know - but it makes me think they have the technology already and are using it in certain spots around the world to make global warming appear real for their own advantage , global control and power at present.

Then Richard Gage of controlled demolition theory in this interview seems to have a VERY cosy relationship with Fox News and he believes in Al Qaeda - so I would NOT trust him.
So I believe they did test some new weapon on 911 and are still using it to bring in their global warming /carbon trading world corporate government agenda.

Anonymous said...

a more recent version of bowert's book is:
operation mind control. a limited edition from Flatland Publ., november 1994.

the Silverfish said...

Yeah right Fox News, fair and unbiased reporting. I'll mark in on my calander when it happens.

Penny said...

hey nobody! dish one thing, what was one part that just simply blew you away?

If you had to pick one?

nobody said...

Silv, go and watch 'em. These four pieces were disappeared from the Fox News website the day after they were posted. Watch them and you'll see why.

One thing, Pen? Did I mention the fact that it was written thirty years ago and that they've had thirty years to take it to new dizzying heights? Or depths, depending on how you look at it. Otherwise I liked the individual cases presented and would like to learn more - Candy Jones etc. Thinking about it now some of the more obvious examples of its use now becomes clear. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed looks like a dead cert. But then I wonder if everyone hasn't copped it.

Von Curtis said...

I got kicked off an agricultural site yesterday because I put this on -

America - I HATE YOU

Iraq's riches are being your companies and those of the smelly once a month bathing Brits can enjoy their leisurely lives.

Australia or Britain could have been written their instead of America.
Australians don't like admitting the truth - as she said in another article -

And in those sick, sick, minds of yours, you justify it all with "we are here to help."

Do you know why you do that ? I will tell you why. It is because you have this amazing propensity to LIE TO are in fact the PEOPLE OF THE LIE.

And that is the plain and simple Truth

Many country Australians do not like any criticism of the US.

So called Christian people in our countries tell a lot of lies to themselves - it is pathetic.

Visible said...

Hey there Nobody.

Thank you for that book.

You wouldn't happen to have a copy of Programmed to Kill floating around would you? (grin)

nobody said...

Hey Les,

Sorry no. But the thing is that parts I and II are already out there, and all you're missing is part III. Part I is about the pedophocracy and Part II looks at serial killers. Part III is, well here's Amazon -

"Part III looks at some recent scandals as well as historical precedents from the past. Along the way we get a lucid exposition of why the parents of Jon-Benet Ramsey probably killed her and why Charles Lindbergh probably killed his "kidnapped" son.
McGowan concludes that the wave of sensationalized serial killings beginning around 1966 were a domestication of Operation Phoenix, the U.S. program of mass political assassination in Vietnam. The goal was to shock and frighten the public into acceptance of police state measures in the United States and to create a climate of right-wing reaction."

As much as I like doing things for free (and you Les), some people need the money, and I suspect Dave might be one of them.

¡All those folks who can afford it and want to be the proud owners of the 'book of the century' (don't laugh, I suspect he might be right), Go on! Stump up the money! Bugger Greenpeace! Dave McGowan is the best cause going!

But for the cheapskates like us Les, in the meantime there's the first two thirds of the book for free. Yoroshiku!

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the name of Dean Warwick. He was a civil engineer and ‘inventor’ working sometimes on ‘advanced systems’ for HMG amongst others who was the victim of probably the most public assassination in recent times. He was taken out on stage, mid lecture in front of a packed auditorium, many think by a beam weapon. A couple of weeks before his death he gave a taster of his speech in a radio telephone interview with Dave Starbuck.

MIR wrote “The records and personnel will all be (or have already been) destroyed for "security purposes". The loyal assets will be promoted, so long as they remain useful and complicit.” In Dean’s particular case, it sure looks that way. The high profile killing will have marked the cards of anyone else with similar ideas.

VonC talked about a new weapon being rolled out on view but according to Dean Warwick (4 min in), he worked on such weapons in the late 50’s when beamed infrasound was used to bring down 25 story buildings and the strike on the second tower happened in exactly the way that he had witnessed at that time. He also claims that Infrasound is the ultimate weapon which makes nuclear warfare obsolete.

Su – He also claims that the 9.4 Richter Indian Ocean Tsunami was deliberately caused by infrasound (53 min in). Going back to your comment about 55 whales recently beaching themselves on the South African coast, he says that the only reason whales and dolphins do this is because of sound disturbances in the water which wrecks their sonar communication system. So it looks like any bad tidings to affect SA will be the result of a sound related event.

Also which might interest you, he talks about the world’s missing children and young people who are mainly but not exclusively between the ages of 10 – 23 (27 min in).

Quite frankly, I don’t know what to make of this interview. Wrt the twin towers, if infra sound was the culprit then why didn’t they fall down straight away and why the reported explosions in the basement and the molten steel said to come from thermite together with the smaller explosions on the middle floors just prior to collapse. Maybe the infrasound, if that is what it was, caused the initial damage and the later explosions were to bring the towers down in their own footprint. The other thing which disturbs me slightly was how one man was privy to so much of the puzzle.

Anyway, putting these doubts aside for now, I will let you judge for yourself. Here is a link to a 12MB bit torrent audio download; click on the bit at the bottom of the page which says Dave Starbuck interviews Dean Warwick.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

MIR, in your comment above, I don’t know how to interpret the end of your third paragraph. You wrote “……. or in their lack of rigor end up damaging our common cause and further polluting the already muddy waters.” Whose common cause are you referring to? It would appear that you are arguing from ‘their’ point of view but this seems to be negated in the next paragraph. “All we will ever know for certain is that they are wielding tools against us against which we have very little to defend ourselves…..” in which the juxtaposition of they and us seems to sit you on our side.
Yes, the waters are muddy but are you saying that knowledge and newly found facts which usually clarify things will only makes the situation worse or are you saying that whatever it is that ‘they’ have is so terrible we are better off not knowing about it?

This is not personal, I just want to understand your point of view. I don’t mind putting you on the spot but I don’t want to hang you out to dry so if you would prefer not to answer I will understand.

Miraculix (Doug) said...

"...or in their lack of rigor end up damaging our common cause and further polluting the already muddy waters."

That's just my flowery, generalized way of pointing out that many among the disenchanted, disaffected and disillusioned crowd -- a group in which I also claim a form of what should probably be referred to as "membership" -- are doing more harm than good to the dissident cause when they so enthusiastically spread ideas which upon deeper examination may just prove to be disinfo.

A general sense was used precisely because I don't wish to point fingers at any one particular set of ideas, which will only serve as a divisive act. That is neither my intention or desire in commenting here at Mr. N's House of Dissenting Opinions. I'm certainly not the final arbiter of what is and is not capital-D disinfo.

If you must have an example, lets just say I trust the bullhorn-toting Alex Jones crowd about as much as I trust Mike Ruppert, which is to say that I share some feelings with Pedophocracy author Dave McGowan about most anyone who plays the "inside knowledge" trade.

I simply have a bad feeling in my gut about them, and no amount of blustery reporting about the scary extremes just around the corner seems to alter the sensation.

For mine, the coup de grace for Alex was "sneaking in" to the Bo-Grover's annual picnic.

I'm sorry, but intruders such as themselves would have been spotted by thermal imaging and/or ground sensors, or run into a patrol (or similar) long before they were able to approach the guests and facilities. I simply can not accept that perimeter security around a collection of world movers and shakers like that would be so lax.

In the end, I just don't trust the guy, and it felt a little like getting a glimpse of his backstage pass through the folds in his stage costume, know what I mean?

So, there you have it. I've hung myself out to dry without any further assistance. Happy now? =)

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,


Not at all happy if you feel I have pushed you into saying more than sits comfortable with you. Thanks anyway for the clarification, the run of words confused me a bit but that is not unusual when you get older.

Hey, you picked an off the Richter scale example with Alex Jones there. He is someone who just makes me feel ill at ease. For example, he is the only interviewer I know who actually speaks more than the interviewee. Talk about blowing your own trumpet, he is his own brass band. Another thing I never liked was the fact that I never trust anyone who can talk faster than I can assimilate. You just know there is going to be some run of words which get by you on the blind side. I can’t recall examples now but in the early days of the twin towers he seemed to almost be caught out by being in possession of privileged information not even quoting non attributable sources, like ‘someone close to the president’; a ‘White House official’ or a source in government’ and the plausible opnews had a sleazy feel to it.

Not being a card carrying member of the banking class – credit card that is, I was never able to subscribe to FTW l. In fact I have not even read Rubicon (No CC kinda screws you up for Amazon too but as is often said, life is about choices). I have seen a couple of Rupert’s video performances and read bits of FTW ll. I always thought he was a clued up guy who soaked up info and had the ability to connect the dots mostly in the right order. Then there was the trashing of his offices and his temporary exile in Venezuela; maybe this was a sympathy trip and maybe it was at face value, who is to say? That is the nature of info / disinfo. All you can do at the end of the day is to either is to go hermit; subscribe to the MSM or read the official sites and then be selective about the alternative news and views sources you subscribe to on the internet. That’s why I hang around in the places I do.

So, my friend, I guess we are saying the same thing in different words. Anyway, thanks for wafting a fresh breeze through my foggy mind.

Von Curtis said...

In the end, I just don't trust the guy, and it felt a little like getting a glimpse of his backstage pass through the folds in his stage costume, know what I mean?

Yep there is a lot of these types of people in the world working hard to distract us.

We had WW1, WW2 and our rulers in our Nazi countries won and have done all the wars and terrorism since. We have been living in Nazi countries and we didn't know it. They didn't teach us that at school. They told us we had democracy - that was a joke!!!

nobody said...

Um, you guys did read McGowan's dismantling of Ruppert yeah? He ate him alive as far as I'm concerned. The big problem with Ruppert is that any discussion he has about peak oil inevitably ends up on the subject of overpopulation and how we must all prepare ourselves for warfare, starvation, and population reduction. Gird yourselves he says - ain't nothing for it.

Geez, who needs the Bilderbergers and the CFR when we've got Mike Ruppert?

Otherwise, I don't have a link right this minute but if you google 'mcgowan ruppert peak oil'. Wait I just looked at McGowan's site (link's on the front page) and I'm pretty sure it starts with 'newsletter 52 cop v cia'. That's if you haven't read it already of course...

Miraculix (Doug) said...

FB said: "Not at all happy if you feel I have pushed you into saying more than sits comfortable with you. Thanks anyway for the clarification, the run of words confused me a bit but that is not unusual when you get older."

** No worries, mate. Nothing revealed that wasn't already public domain. For what it's worth, I tend not to overuse the "smiley" function, leaving it for judicious application where I really want to emphasize that I'm cool, just like Fonzie. And as my sentence order and syntax does tend towards the creative at times, I'll happily shoulder some of that responsibility you're toting there... =)

Then FB said: "Hey, you picked an off the Richter scale example with Alex Jones there. He is someone who just makes me feel ill at ease. For example, he is the only interviewer I know who actually speaks more than the interviewee. Talk about blowing your own trumpet, he is his own brass band."

** Yes, Alex was an intentionally easy mark. Like a Young Republican with poor interviewing skills hiding behind a Che t-shirt and playing-acting with Libertarian mantras. Or similar. I see him as a disinfo shock trooper, doing his best to keep the "fringe markets" entertained. I trust him about as far as I can throw him. And he's a puffy chub.

And finally FB said: "Another thing I never liked was the fact that I never trust anyone who can talk faster than I can assimilate. You just know there is going to be some run of words which get by you on the blind side."

** In which case, I'll have to be very careful should we ever meet, as I have a tendency to achieve warp speed rather quickly when "fully engaged" in deep conversation. Especially when the requisite quantities of social lubricant have been applied.

giordano bruno said...

Manhattan December 1980, a small poster was stuck up on a hundred poles.
"John Lennon's Murder was a political assasination."
mind control, Japanese wife, music ambitions all provided...
With all paranoid theories, you have to give themn a % rating. I guess I'd give it a 2%, but non-zero.