Saturday, May 17, 2008


How to explain the evil fuckers of the world? Over at smokingmirrors there's been talk of a 6% of people as being psychopaths. Apparently there's a book called Ponerology that explains the science of ponerology, which is to say 'evil'. I haven't read it. I've merely read about it. But I have to be honest and say that I have trouble making this concept gel. There's something that's a bit too 'either/or' for mine.


This is my continuum. No one cares for it. Never mind - It's as fine a means of judging behaviour as any I've encountered. And you can't say it ain't elegant.

Human behaviour is very messy and many factors come into play. Determining the rightness of one's actions on this continuum is not simple. The middle ground between the extremes is huge and ambiguous. There are no simplistic do's/don't-do's here. Thought is required. But two aspects of it are simple - they being the extremities.

Any person who can perfectly embrace selflessness is Buddha. They become one with the universe. This does happen but it's a tough gig. It's not made any easier with every aspect of our media devoted solely to making the population as selfish and self-indulgent as possible.

The other end of the continuum is less spectacular and far more common. People at this end are what I call anti-buddhas. For the record I shall state that an anti-buddha is not the Antichrist, whatever that is. Anti-buddhas are merely wicked paragons of selfishness. An anti-buddha has the least regard for others and the most regard for himself. An 'us and them' mindset is necessary. Dig it - 'us and them' is the opposite of 'one with the universe'. Interesting, no? Anyway, given that the above continuum goes to the nth degree, this ultimate selfishness would ideally comprise the enslavement of all living creatures to the benefit of the fewest people possible.

An anti-buddha is a psychopath, same-same. Except it's not that simple. An anti-buddha is not an either/or proposition. There is no either/or on a continuum. Between a baby-killer and a baby-beater and a baby-neglecter and someone who just doesn't like kids very much, there's a linear path travelled. At what point does one cross that threshold and become one of the 6%? And is there truly no turning back? And is this alleged either/or psychopath irredeemable? Is there nothing to be done with a psychopath apart from locking him up forever or killing him?

What then to make of this fellow? Have a read but give equal attention to the Chinese. The Japanese soldiers that the Chinese locked up were precisely anti-buddhas. And somehow the Chinese thought them worthy of redemption, and succeeded at it.

It wasn't easy. It took years of unrelenting psychological pressure. No self-serving bullshit was permitted. Nothing short of completely admitting to the full wickedness of their behaviour was accepted. There was no time limit. Whoever it was, was stuck in jail until they made a full confession that the jailers decided wasn't bullshit. I don't believe any human could defeat this process.

Remember the end of 1984? As the bullet entered his brain, Winston Smith loved Big Brother. Smith's understanding of the rightness of 2+2=4 was broken down and rebuilt until he embraced 2+2=5. What I'm suggesting is the inverse of this process. One would take an anti-buddha and give him the opportunity to abandon his delusion of us-and-them, of 2+2=5. He would then be free to embrace the truth of selflessness. Breaking down a false proposition is easier than building one. Even a six year old can learn that 2+2=4. The replacement for delusion requires no fabrication. It exists already as truth and need merely be seen with a mind unclouded.

I have no time for aliens, lizards, or non-humans with a DNA of 'evil'. I view them as metaphors for people who have utterly embraced selfishness. That they should do this is neither unlikely nor difficult. In fact it's a certainty. Of course there are people like this. As sure as there are Buddhas there are anti-buddhas. This state of being, of delusion, is not irremediable. That's not to say that such a remedy is easy, quite the opposite, it's tremendously difficult. But it can be done. If Pu'yi with his life-long inculcation can be rehabilitated, so too can a Rothschild. Lock a Rothschild up in prison and I guarantee you he could be broken.

Denial and resistance. Nervous breakdown. Reconnection with humanity. And, believe it or not, gratitude. Even for the worst of the worst, redemption is possible.

PS. But just to be on the safe side, our Rothschild would be banned from possessing any money, restricted to a cloistered community and (sorry folks) sterilised. After a multi-generational succession of anti-buddhas, it's better safe than sorry.


Anonymous said...

Contrary to what Apollonius says elsewhere 'religion' is why we do not look after ourselves as a race. Our religions condition us not to make the hard decisions.

nobody said...

Hey Tony,

Do you actually read what he writes? Wow. When I tell him I don't read him, I mean it. In fact when he originally called for my death I didn't even notice. I didn't pick up on it until way later when I popped over to curtmaynardsblog and saw the page he devoted to me.

Me! Go figure. I shake my head.

Anonymous said...

He's a flim flammer nobody but some of his detail is true it's just the way he puts it together; he tries to con us. He's almost polite at Les'.

Anonymous said...

a page devoted to you?
Are you famous or something?
ps it's just that the big a was having a go at kikz is all

Anonymous said...

It must be easy for psychopaths or extreme control freaks - they maybe the same thing - to lead religous people. I heard a woman on the radio yesterday working for some aid group overseas and she said she felt 'lord led'. I presume she was doing good for people but it is a big worry when they feel they communicate with god often.
I've got this theory that during the '80's and '90's people in the US and in Oz here were brainwashed with the 'moral majority' evangelical brand of Christianity and during the late '90s the word went out across the western world through ministries that Islam was on the rise and Israel was under threat from the moslem scourge. A lot of evangelicals were financed (maybe that is where the missing 2.3 trillion dollars went to) to rise to become politicians and heads of departments in such areas as the military, police , intelligence organizations, the judiciary and others. All making descisions and judgements to protect and centralize power in the US and Israel for the elite of course and with the promise to ordinary people of getting eternal life.
If that is close to the truth than it is is downright psychopathic. A lot of people are easily led though.

nobody said...


Have you all seen Zietgeist The Movie over on google video? It comes in three parts. The first part is best. It details religion as a control mechanism. It's a pyramidal structure that enables a small group to control a large group.

Otherwise I was reading somewhere about the number one selling bible in America, The Somethingorother Annotated bible. Sure enough it was bought out just after the war and each progressive volume has dwelt to an ever greater extent on the importance of Israel. Also the history of 'neocon' co-option of the born again Christian movement is pretty complete now.

Anonymous said...

Even for the worst of the worst, redemption is possible.

Hail, fellow windmill-tilter.

I linked you on my side link thingy. We're kindred spirits.

nobody said...

Thanks genedios,

Any time bra.

Anyone popping in here, sympatico with the subject, should click on genedios name right there and find an worthy take on the subject.

kikz said...

hey y'all...

yea, the ponerology thing was only useful to me in a terminological sense.

thanks tony for the support.. :) i'm quite simpleminded.. but i damn well see thru bullshit quite clearly. no amount of intimidation thru dialectic roundabout can obfuscate it.

other subjects...
i managed to get thru all the 'cassi' adventures last wk.

my god, whatta rube this woman was..for years she endured certain people who obviously didn't have her best interests at heart, which brings up noby's all are redeemable argument.

i tend to disagree on this level of the game.. and am a cold bitch.. sunk costs and the like. it depends on the nature of the relationship, family or a child is certainly worth some extended effort, but i take the stand on most all others that would endanger or harm me or mine....fuk em. let god sort em out. like that SOB in austria.. the incest case. or pol pot or any of the like? i think such a breech of human etiquette, should require the offender to forfeit this round (life), and be allowed a chance at another.

but, all the cassi stuff aside... DNA, lizards, grays, channeling of self/others from other planes, all of this aside.
here is the clincher for me in a channeling session , to blow it all off.

'chpt 35
Q: (L) Who was the snake?
A: Result of giving into temptation without caution, i.e. leaping before looking.
Q: [...] (L) So what you are saying to us is that the story of the temptation in Eden was the story of Humankind being led into this reality as a result of being tempted. So, the eating of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was...
A: Giving into temptation. [...] Free will could not be abridged if you had not obliged.
Q: (T) What were we before the "Fall?"
A: 3rd density STO.
Q: [...] (T) We are STS
(service to self) at this point because of what happened then?
A: Yes. '

here's why.
there was no fall, after we got here. the only 'fall' could be the choice to incarnate on this plane of matter, if we have any choice in that at all.

once here we are to learn lessons that could not otherwise be learned w/o the benefit of bodies of matter, the result hopefully is...evolution of the eternal soul, or which ever portion is eternal.

the serpent/dragon has always esoterically represented wisdom, not temptation.

we were/are meant to exercise our freewill, why else would we have been so endowed by the creator? we're all meant to return 'home', it's not an either/or, but a when.

this... would round out, my concurrence w/noby's thesis.. all are redeemable, just on a another scale.

having read castaneta sometime last yr, and taking into consideration the attributed source; yaqui indian/meso- american mindset...
i, same as noby, conclude all is metaphor for the battle w/in; freewill to reason beneficial or non-beneficial - actions and possible consequences to self and others.

nobody said...

Hey Kikz,

As I said to Les once, I didn't understand a word you said, but it's okay because I understood every word you said.

Funnily enough, Les and I, say, are absurdly far apart. He talks of things that I can only imagine. Which is to say, it sounds imaginary to me. This is not a criticism you understand. It just is. Nor is it me dismissing it. He has seen a thing that I haven't and that's all there is to it. I have no opinion on it.

These things aside his heart is in the right place. I reckon we're in complete agreement as to how to behave, how to treat other people. And so it is here. Hello kikz! Glad you could pop in, ha ha.

Sorry I didn't pile in with App. I've just had it with him. Every time I talk to him I regret it. I expect I'll regret even this mention.

Not sure who 'cassi' is. But otherwise that Fritzl guy in Austria... even him, mate, even him. And really, visceral, media-invoked responses aside, he is such very small potatoes. Between him and those using war and starvation to maintain their superior position it's no contest. And if not him, who?

Anonymous said...
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kikz said...

hey noby:)

the cassiopieans from the signs of the times site...are (if i understand correctly) versions of the author, from the future on a 4thdensity plane of existence.. whom she channels...? shrugz...

y, there are varying degrees of tyranny against other humans..

i do believe some crimes should be paid in kind by forfeit of a round. however, whether i would play god on this account would vary w/the circumstances.

as you said, somethings just aren't worth the bother.. even in a muchless serious vein.. such as our 'crazed xtian patriot'.

nobody said...

Thanks kikz,

Well that cleared things up, ha ha! Sorry mate, truth is it only made me a little bit dizzy.

Not nearly as dizzy as Apple Onion. Actually that's just hyperbole. His above scribblings didn't make me dizzy at all since I didn't bother reading it. I expect at the end it said CONCLUSION - something or other!

I did once declare that I would always identify who got deleted and what they said. Sadly Apple Onion, makes me break this rule since I don't read him.

If you're perverse enough to wish to know what he said I expect you'll find his missives by typing 'apollonian churchofnobody' into google and looking for the white supremacist sites. The Onion likes to repost them there. I'm not sure why. On the aforementioned one I saw not a single person piled into pat him on the back or any other goddamn thing. Get a clue Ap. The only person grooving on you is you.

Anonymous said...

I would increase my dialectics if only to pee more profusely on appleonoin but my pharmaceutical bill would go through the roof.

nobody said...

Gee whiz, coffee works for me.