Friday, May 22, 2009

The Goose and the Gander and True Romance

I have this habit of mentally rewriting what I see and hear in the media. And when the news is on, I'm unbearable. Some Western leader will stick his worthless bonce up and spout his shit, but you probably won't hear it because I'll be talking over the top of them putting words in their mouth. The difference between my answer and theirs is that mine will be a lot closer to the truth, ha ha. Sure enough, I can be hell to watch the news with. Whilst I'm a sensitive fellow (no really!) I find it hard to feel bad when someone gets huffy about not being able to hear a pack of lies. I don't know if Aangirfan is hell to watch the news with, but the school-girl collective certainly gets the gag. Onya Aangirfan!


And then there's Hollywood. But movies and news, it's all the same thing. A prime function of this bloc-media is to tell us who to hate - Arabs, Germans, and Russians mostly. Since the media is completely Jewish, it's no surprise at all that we should hate whomever the Jews hate. And for those who've read the Talmud, it would be hard to disagree with the proposition that the Jews nurse a variety of hatred for everyone who is not them.

But down to today's Hollywood microcosm. Evidently in Hollywood, organised crime is Italian, or Chinese, or Japanese - anyone except Jews. And yeah, yeah, there's a tiny handful of exceptions like Once Upon A Time In America and Bugsy. But even amongst these rare exceptions we find individuals who (unlike the endless parade of Italians-Chinese-Japanese who must always expound on their Italian- Chinese- Japaneseness) seem barely to be Jewish. It seems that there are no Jewish traits, there is no Jewish 'character', and to be Jewish consists of nothing beyond being a deserving plucky underdog or a 'visionary', or both. Either way, a hagiography is the least they deserve.

Anyway, who's seen True Romance with Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette? This was directed by Tony Scott with a script from Quentin Tarantino. Neither of them are Jewish, but the Weinsteins who paid for it all are. Lately my head has been thrumming with the memorable scene in which Slater's dad, Dennis Hopper, is about to be tortured by the Sicilian mob boss, Christopher Walken, who wants to find Slater so that he can recover the money Slater stole. To save his son and spare himself torture, Hopper decides to insult them in the absurd, yet happily realised hope that they'll just kill him.

We as the audience are meant to think that it's right that Sicilians be racially slurred because they're villains. But this is simple-minded. They're villains because the fellow who wishes to slur them, declared them so. Explaining and excusing individual scenes by the totality of the plot is a mistake. The plot, the dialogue, all of it, the whole thing, is a contrivance to arrive us at the bigger message of the-world-is-thus, and its whom-we-must-hate. Everything is subservient to this.

Fine. In the spirit of 'If that's fair enough, so is this', let's re-write the original and see if these minor variations don't recast everything we understand. And wonder also if this only-ever-so-slightly altered script would ever have gotten made. Otherwise I declare this to be 'walking in another man's shoes' albeit turned on its head. The shoes here have been used to deliver a kicking and now I borrow them to kick in the opposite direction and see how the kicker likes it.

Walken: Jews are great liars. The best in the world. I'm Jewish. My father was the world heavy-weight champion of Jewish liars. From growing up with him I learned the pantomime. There are seventeen different things a guy can do when he lies to give himself away. A guys got seventeen pantomimes. A woman's got twenty, but a guy's got seventeen... but, if you know them, like you know your own face, they beat lie detectors all to hell. Now, what we got here is a little game of show and tell. You don't wanna show me nothin', but you're tellin me everything. I know you know where they are, so tell me before I do some damage you won't walk away from.

Hopper: You're Ashkenazi Jewish, huh?

Walken: I'm Jewish.

Hopper: But you're Ashkenazi Jewish.

Walken: Yeah, Ashkenazi.

Hopper: Ya know, I read a lot. Especially about things... about history. I find that shit fascinating. Here's a fact I don't know whether you know or not. Ashkenazi Jews ain't from Israel. They ain't God's chosen people. They ain't real Jews.

Walken: Come again?

Hopper: It's a fact. Yeah. You see, uh, Ashkenazis have, uh, Asian blood pumpin' through their hearts. Or regular white blood, take your pick. Hey, no, if eh, if eh, if you don't believe me, uh, you can look it up. Hundreds and hundreds of years ago, uh, you see, uh, these Kazakhs invaded the Caucasus and settled there. And the Kazakhs are Asians, and Caucasians are white, and neither of them were from Israel.

Walken: Yes...

Hopper: So you see, way back then, uh, Ashkenazi were like, uh, Hun from Asia who moved into the white neighbourhood. And, and your great-great-great-great grandmother fucked a Caucasian cracker and that's why you're as white as I am. But, uh, well, then these Asian crackers converted to Judaism and just called themselves children of Israel, and ah, chosen by God. They just declared it themselves! That's why that chosen-by-God bitch Zippy Livni has blonde hair and blue eyes, yeah. You know, it's absolutely amazing to me to think that in this day and age, hundreds of years later, that, uh, that Ashkenazis imagine they have some connection to the bible, or the torah, or the 'promised land', or any of that shit. Now this...
[Walken busts out laughing]

Hopper: No, I'm, no, I'm quoting... your history. It's written. It's a fact, it's written.

Walken: [Laughing] I love this guy.

Hopper: Your ancestors are slopes and crackers. Uh-huh.
[Starts laughing, too]

Hopper: Hey. Yeah. And, and you ain't chosen, or special, or nothin', ho, ho, yeah, you ain't even Semitic. You're just a jumped-up, self-impressed, racist git who thinks he's special... now, if that's a fact, tell me, am I lying? 'Cause you, you're bullshit.
[All laugh]


There. No one will take offence at that will they? No one took offence at the original when it was about Sicilians. In fact we all thought it was very clever. And if anyone wants to get huffy, feel free to pile in to the comments and hoist yourself on your own petard. I dare ya.


Bleeding Pom said...

Exhaustive Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA studies have not borne out a simple link between the Ashkenazim and the Khazars. The evidence is conflicting, subject to interpretation, and the fact that Khazars no longer exist as a distinct group makes it impossible to establish actual proof, as opposed to evidence. Much of what evidence we have points in other directions, such as a genetic similarity between European Jewry and present-day Syrians and Lebanese.

You might find this helpful:

Randall said...

I don't have a petard, but I've always liked that film. Gary Oldman playing a half breed or wanna be "gangsta".
Brad Pitt not yet the Big, overpriced
gossip gleaning half of the Hollywood
Super Duo.
Can't wait to see what kind of monstrosity Inglorious Bastards is going to be because he obviously wrote this
to please the Weinsteins.
"brave Jewish freedom fighters". Now there's something not to be mistaken for a true story. Maybe they'll be wearing "one shot, two kills" tee shirts.

Penny said...

ok , first off, I love that crazy movie.

True Romance is the craziest love story I have ever seen.

In a way, I am glad you wrote this because it is something that has been on my mind.

I was talking with my kiddo, who is a young adult btw, and she was reiterating a common stereotype, the all Italians are mafia.

This one sticks in my craw, for personal reasons.

Then one Sunday, in the paper, there was a story on Berlusconi, written by a fellow of Italian origin, and he said something like contrary to popular belief all italians are not in the mafia.

Ok, so he has lived under the thumb of that idiotic stereotype.

Back to my kid...

The conversation went like this.
K: Italian mafia.

You know there are other organized crime groups, right?

KWell yeah, there are the oriental ones,and the Russian ones.

Yeah, but you know there are other ones too right like Jewish ones?


Well the oligarchs from russia are very rich criminals, largely Jewish.

Who was Myer Lansky?
A jewish organized crime criminal?

K:I didn't know that

Of course you don't because, you watch so many movies, and the movies feed you this stereotype
Think about it

Italians: mafia or bafoons
Blacks: Gangsta, rappers
Russians: KGB, bad guys
Arabs: terrorists
Jewish : victims
Germans: nazis

This kind of crap is used to stereotype people, in so many negative ways. Personally I am sick of this.

It is not positive, it serves no one.
It reinforces stupidity by reducing people to one dimensionality.
Like everyone fits the cardboard cut out.

If the influence in hollywood is overwhelmingly jewish, and honestly I don't follow movies enough to say this for sure, but if this is indeed the case I ask why?

Why reduce people to stereotypes and why portray yourself as a victim, endlessly.

This is all so unhealthy.
And stupid and sadly more influential then it deserves!

Franz said...

Hi nobody! Great piece. I might have an answer here. I also might not. But it's Friday! So here goes:

The situation Marlon Brando politely referred to as the "You can't say nuttin' bad about da Kikes" thing ACUALLY HAPPENED; in a far smaller way.

Long ago I was in the Navy and a strange little picture called BILLY JACK came out. 1971 I think. What we would now call an independent film because no one would back it. It was aggressively antiwar (Vietnam was happening).

The guy who made the movie was named Tom Laughlin who might still be alive. He was not very old then.

For either the original BILLY JACK or the sequel, not sure, the critic Pauline Kael narced Laughlin out as an anti-Semite because he made (get this) all the VILLIANS LOOK JEWISH.

These are old, OOP movies so to explain: The sheriffs, deputies, ETC, in the BILLY JACK movies are all members of the same hopelessly corrupt family. They indeed look Jewish. They are into graft and keep themselves in power by being thugs and keeping all key positions in the family. They
manipulate from behind the scenes till Billy Jack shows up.

The key to the violence in BILLY JACK isn't Good Fights Evil. It's more like Good Blows Evil's Cover. (In one film, Billy is in Vietnam and blows the whistle on the My Lai massacre. I did say these were fantasies, right?)

After one of the sequels stiffed, Laughlin was no longer visible. The movie biz in America is controlled exactly the way the little western town was controlled in Billy Jack. You know where that puts dissenters.

Pauline Kael was a true viper. She wrote it up like, "Poor misguided movie directer Laughlin. Too many fights with Jewish bankers, so he makes them the villians just like the Nazis." Ouch! Tom never got a good review after THAT.

In some quarters (we know which) it would not count because, like Gore Vidal and Ralph Nadar, Laughlin is a liberal. In current opinion, asinine in my eyes, liberals might be wise to Judaism and especially Zionism but they're still dipshits about everything else. That's why politics in this country is screwed and likely to stay screwed.

nobody said...

Thanks folks,

And thanks Bleeding Pom! Is that a petard you brought with you? Very good. You missed the point it seems. Did you object to, or otherwise nitpick, the original slur against Sicilians as 'eggplants'? Or did you just let it wash over you like so much goose gravy? I suspect the latter. So why do you feel the need to take objection to this one? Why is that?

Otherwise, I do get it that Ashkenazi Jews have expended time and energy proving that they do in fact come from that region and aren't merely murderous, racist bullshit artists with no claim to that land whatsoever. It stands to reason. Of course they'd do that. Why anyone would believe them is another story.

Otherwise keeping in mind the arc of skin colour stretching around the eastern end of the Med, from the dark Egyptians through to the almost-as-dark Turks, and you're going to tell me that the fair-haired, fair-skinned Ashkenazi who've plonked themselves in the middle of it make sense are you?

Perhaps there were no Khazars? Or perhaps there were but they weren't in the Caucasus so much as the Levant? Perhaps there were no Ashkenazi as such? Perhaps the Russians, Poles, and Germans who slaughtered the deserving Palestinians were actually their erstwhile brothers and sisters sanctified and made white by a loving, albeit fussy, God?

Who knows what to think? Nice of you to drop in and sort us out Bleeding Pom.

And onya Frank. Billy Jack! I saw the first one a zillion years ago now. But now that you mention it I realise that it's been pretty much disappeared.

Wait, back again. I just looked it up on wikipedia. Good God, it seems that every studio dumped it! Compare that to the free rein given to Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda post-easyrider. It seems that the assertions made by the producers at the time, that they didn't understand this market and that's why they let Dennis Hopper go batshit with The Last Movie, were somewhat disingenuous.

Perhaps they knew precisely what they wanted and Billy Jack wasn't it. And so they fuck up the marketing and it bombs. And then Laughlin re-releases under his own marketing and it goes on to be one of the highest grossing films ever. It's almost enough to make you wonder that perhaps there are things in holiday more important than making money. Like being on message.

I wonder if the whole episode isn't another piece of Dave McGowan's Laurel Canyon puzzle? McGowan shows us what was wanted by way of hippy culture and Laughlin shows us what wasn't. That makes sense doesn't it? Anyway thanks Frank, nice one.

BTW. It seems Laughlin is alive and well and made another sequel in 2007! Ran out of money it seems. I'll bet it could have been completed for pennies too. What are the odds he was under a sotto voce blacklist?

Bleeding Pom said...

I didn't bring a petard, just plenty of rope. I get it. I get all your postings, and I like your blog.

Your advice in one of your posts to sock it to the Jews by being vigorously opposed to racism, including and especially theirs, is timeless advice that I have already used to good effect. I especially liked the post about the six million in peril during the Great War.

I get your post; it's humorous, so there's no point in posting a "corrective" comment. I get that too.

But you wrote: "Hopper: It's a fact", and there's your problem right there: it's not a fact, and Jews don't even seem to mind the Khazar hypothesis. If anything, it plays to their conceit that they're somehow exotic.

Never assume: my comment was a ploy to see if you're another out-of-control guy with too much testosterone. You are. And I'm not a Pom; I'm a South African from Jew-infested Johannesburg.

See? Jews are not alone in being able to mount an imposture.

Von Curtis said...

Haven't been to visit for a good while - just thought I'd drop in and say it seems since WW2 in Australia we have been run by this man -Jerzy Zubrzycki - He was from the London School of Economics where the Fabians hang out big time.
The polish intellectual moved to Australia in 1956 to take up a position with the ANU. He later became an advisor to the Whitlam, Fraser and then Howard governments and helped develop Australia's multicultural policies.

'The Society expanded under Beatrice and Sidney Webb, founders of the London School of Economics. George Bernard Shaw became one of the first members of the London Fabian Society. His biographers describe Fabian socialism like this: "..The difference from other organizations of the sort was that they were to do it not through revolution, as Marx advised, but by systematic, progressive legislation, enhanced by persuasion and mass education.. He favored gradualism over revolution and in a pamphlet he wrote in 1897 he predicted that: socialism will come by prosaic installments of public regulation and public administration, enacted by ordinary governments."

Apparently they have been after this dream of complete centralization for a very long time and they are going for it very fast now.

The politicians from both sides trained by the Fabian Society seem to do us slowly as we sit like frogs in a pan on the stove and most do not jump out.

Yidol said...


We're all Amelek according the Self Chosen if we refuse the to be raped by the Idol.

Idolatry is a punishable offence under Noachide law. The only permissible idolatry is to fawn and idolise the Self Chosen as the existential manifestation of "G_d", whose name they will not utter just as we may not publicly utter the word "J_w".

nobody said...

NB. Earlier I said 'holiday' instead of 'Hollywood'. Did anyone twig on what I meant to say? Is that Freudian? Anyway I blame my editor. He's completely worthless and I only keep him on out of cruelty.

Hey V, long time no C. Thanks for that mate. There's a name to put into google. It's an Antipodean Chicago school from the sounds of things. Yeah, the bloody Fabian Society. A pox on these century-spanning secretive organisations.

Ha! Remember back in the eighties when Japan was the newly arrived powerhouse? All manner of deep thinkers in at Time magazine etc. were bemoaning the fact that the Japanese had it all over the West because they planned years ahead whilst we merely looked to next year's returns. What nonsense. Swill for the Time-reading swine obviously.

And thanks Bleeding Pom. What fine sport. As for 'Hopper: It's a fact', I didn't write it mate. I left as much of the original dialogue in there as possible and that bit there came under the heading 'sic'.

As for the Ashkenazi - Khazar connection, I'm always happy to stand corrected. It's entirely possible that it's spurious. Who the hell knows? Getting the truth from Jewish sources is like looking to a broken clock to tell you the time. Hmm... good analogy -

It's possible to look at a broken clock and get the truth. But it's just a coincidence and the odds are as low as can be. Odds improve slightly to get something approximating the truth. But bugger the odds - fact is, only an idiot would pay the clock any attention at all.

Otherwise I'm not sure why you needed the rope. Yeah, yeah, hang-myself, I get it. But what was the point? To find out how much testosterone I have? Isn't that obvious? No one would ever describe me as shy and retiring. And besides it's right there in my smug, smartypants syntax. (and the alliteration...). It seems you want to tell me that the Ashkenazis are so too from the Levant. Well, I ain't ever going to buy that mate. I'll concede that they may have some Levant DNA. Just like I'll have some African DNA. And? And nothing, it's meaningless. The Poles, Russians, and Germans in Palestine have as much right to it as I do to Timbuk too. Whoo Hoo!

And South African Jews? Ha, I'm from Sydney mate. It's thick with them. In fact an old girlfriend of mine divorced one of them after he bankrupted her neighbour in a shonky building deal. And that was just the beginning of the ugliness!

Von Curtis said...

Yes long time no see - I do love the way you present your srticles with spectacular pictures.

Both sides of politics do seem to be in this Fabian Society and have been trained at the London School of Economics.

But you know Nobody , we in the West are all to blame to a certain extent -

The corporate city establishment all appear to have decided that globalization and centralization of corporate power is the way to go for the world and the best way to keep their lazy lifestyles and big incomes. Small farmers , small business and small communites have to be contolled or wiped out .
Right across the world it is the same war - the corporate mostly western elite in the capital big cities are squashing down on the smaller farmers and producers in the rural and regional areas as they want to maintain their lifestyles and squeeze as much as they can out of the food producers.
A lot of people in the city just push paper and don't produce anything useful - we are top heavy with experts and professionals with their computer projections making money out of thin air with their snouts in the trough.

nobody said...

Yeah Von, it's an undeclared war by the few against the majority. And their chief weapon is bullshit. In fact bullshit is all they got. We've only got the truth (and if we don't, it's not for the want of trying). Between power and lies, and holding to the truth, I'll take the latter.

Bleeding Pom said...

Yeah, you're right: there was no bloody point to my ploy. I was being a tosser. Good sport, mate.

Von Curtis said...

Yes Nobody there is an INCREDIBLE amount of bullshit going down.
The other day I got a booklet from the boarding school I went to in Brisbane 30plus years ago and on the first page in big letters it said Educating Global Citizens and then followed a bullshit rant from the headmistress. These people of her elite city university type are so far up themselves they have totally lost reality and they are educating young people. Our education is all geared to the 'global' vision - MAKES ME ILL !!

I got really wild the other day and gave SBS a blast on the phone ( although I had to simmer down as it was only the young front man) but I got sick to death of the add GO GREEN GO VEG which states cows are killing the planet especially Australian cows not the Indian ones. Apparently these adds are run by a wealthy Vietamese woman who believes if everyone goes veg peace and harmony will come to the earth .

I mostly blog on the rural site under the name farmers have to survive for the kids sake.

Thank heavens we can blog and talk to other people who realize all this bullshit.
I'm 52 and from an early age I knew there was a lot of unreality and nonsense being shoved down my neck with the Presbyterian religion indoctrination but I could never quite figure out why - now I have a much better idea of why.
Life is a fascinating thing though , as I said to my husband the other day - be grateful every day that you are here as it was very unlikely that you would have been born.

Franz said...

Hi again, nobody, INTERESTING information about Tom Laughlin. I only just this morning at work saw that he's also showed up at celebrity Fan Fairs... the sort of thing only washed-up soap stars and broke ex-pop idols do. Sad.

And by mentioning Amelek, Yidol brings back an odd memory. My wife's Polish, and years back a portly Jewish lady told her that all Poles are Ameleks.

Why Poles? Don't know, but I've placed bets: Lots of heavy-hitting Zionists come from a hundred mile radius of Krakow and we ALWAYS hate the ones who know where the bodies are buried, mmm?

The Khazar origin thing has been broken down a bit closer by a modern Israeli researcher (who is hated for it because we always hate the ones who know etc).

I can't find the article right now because I gotta go back to work, it's a holiday and I work them, but the gist of the argument is this:

MOST ancient Jews stayed right there in Metro Jerusalem after Titus and the 10th Legion did their bit. They converted first to Christianity then to Islam when the time was right for either.

This can be proven.

What the good professor ALSO proves is that a smaller, much more aggressive group of Jews went on a missionary binge and converted all and sundry to Judaism for about 2 centuries.

The main targets were Syrians, close by, Khazars, not so close by but no surprise, and Atlas Mountain Berbers, which was a monster kick in the ass for me when I read it.

It's been known for about a century that Atlas Mountain N. Africans and Scots have things in common. Similar bagged instruments, similar genetic ailments, even cultural artifacts that indicate some sort of ancient relationship.

So my question was, did the Jews also attempt to convert Scotland(ancient) and fail? Or were they part-successful... which explains Scottish Rite Freemasonry? Does this way lead madness?

I'll see if I can find that article. Whatever the truth of all this, the "simple" Khazar theory is waving hello to a theory lots more fun and potentially much more explosive.

nobody said...

Bleeding Pom! So much for pith and vinegar! Smiley winky thing! But otherwise yes, we do like the sporting life. Um, that's not a gay reference is it? Aangirfan has me spooked about Lindsay Anderson now.

And BP, meet Frank. Onya Frank, more good stuff. Can we declare the whole thing a rat's nest? - with the truth somewhere in there and good luck unravelling it. But if you want to give it a burl mate, don't let me stop you.

Otherwise VC, I'm not sure how much blame should be given to those deluded. I mean, who the hell knew? I studied economics in high school and was taught that monetary policy and interest were very sensible things. That things might be infinitely better arranged in some other fashion was never mentioned or considered or anything.

I don't know if you can blame people for having heads full of bullshit if bullshit was all they were ever taught. Me, I blame the progenitors, the people who know that it's bullshit and ensured that that's all we ever got. God rot the lot of 'em.

slozo said...

It's all so true . . . shoe on the other foot situations often result in people having to make huge rationalisations.

But they do manage. Oh, the rationalising of actions and rules that are not evenly applied . . . it's often a fascinating human study for me how adept people are, the clueless and the astute, at finding flimsy reasons and excuses for irrational deductive reasoning.

Anyways, I have more to say, but have to sleep.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Mr N

I know nothing of Jewish secular ethnicity so I will butt out and leave it to those who do. I do have a question for you though; did the train break down in e mail central? ;-)

Von Curtis said...

'I don't know if you can blame people for having heads full of bullshit if bullshit was all they were ever taught.'
Yes I believed all the bullshit too when I did a year of economics at Uni.
I started to get suspicious of the bullshit after that Port Arthur event and then I was sure of a lot of bullshit from the government and TV on the morning after 911 - and I have never been the same again.

This is how we are controlled I believe -
These neo-con Illuminati globalists think and plan very long-term.
A decade is nothing to them.
This is the technique of the Fabians,
that of (as former prime minister and Fabian Bob Hawke gloating referred to it)
“the inevitability of gradualism.”
And Jeff on said
'Gradualism, one word which explains a lot.
Keep up the pressure until something else diverts the attention of the public.

Good example - Penny Wong - one goal - get the ETS into law before Copenhagen, and she has the freedom to alter the % of reduction after the fact to suit whatever agenda ie. the Greens. That came out when the ETS was 'put on the backburner' early May.
So it becomes a gradual acceptance by default - gradualism. '

I have found it alarming how people are so easily controlled
Graualism seems to be the method by which we the people lose our power, rights and liberty.

I believe the following statement to be true about our controllers
- 'The British Crown is at the center of the EU NWO plans but there are others in full support and are currently the public pushers - the so-called Merovingians (French Elite) and the Germans (the British Elite ARE Germans).

Look up the term "Shetar". The so-called Jews were brought into England by the Normans. They were the bankers for the Norman elite. They are still the captains of finance for the British Crown - not to mention the Crowned Heads of EUrope. (and also the USA).

The Zionist Jews have written their aims down in the Babylonian Talmud so there's no controversy as far as I'm concerned.

The Catholic Church has a role to play as well as those nations who swore allegiance at least on paper promised their nation to the Vatican. Stupid? Yep. I think so. Renegable? Yep. I think so, too. I sure as Hell would. Though who knows what agreements have been made if one were to try to "get out". I applaud England "thumbing their nose" at the Vatican but I don't look dreamy-eyed at religion so the Anglican Church is probably similarly detestable to me, too. But I applaud the decision on principle alone.

The Jesuits are the "military arm" of the Catholic Church and one has to delve deeply into the leadership of the Catholic Church. If one does he will find it properly ugly. The Dan Brown books are quite interesting fiction wrapped around much evidence of fact concerning the semi-secret societies involved in the Church leadership.'
And it appears the British Crown wants Australia as a big mine for Asia , they think they own it and will re-arrange it how they like and we can go die.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advert. We shout at the newsreaders, in a polite convent-girl way.

- Aangirfan

Ardent said...

Nobody, I enjoyed your post.

Hollywood always has the Jewish race as the persecuted ones, never the persecutors or the criminals.

I remember watching Miami Vice many years ago. It bothered me that it was always the bloody Columbians they were fighting. There was never ever any mention of C.I.A. involvement ... (‘Cocaine Importing Agency’ OR ‘Crooks in Action’).:)

Also I have a habit of talking over the newsreader. :)

nobody said...

Hey Ardent, I checked your blog. That 'no Asians' thing was just brilliant, the most unlikely ending imaginable, ha ha.

And yeah Von, gradualism. Good word. It's rolling around in my head getting applied to different things. Thanks for that.

And Aangirfan, think nothing of it mate. Of all the Scottish schoolgirl collectives, you are easily my favourite.

Ha! King of the backhander me!

Strident said...

To prove the truth of the Jews' intent, here is a quote from a book by Max Dimont, The Indestructible Jews. (A title consistent with the Pre-Traumatic condition that is being Jewish and "knowing" that everyone wants to "destroy" you, so destroy them first hence the religious licence to pre-emption)
Quote on " The destiny of Westen Civilization"

'The diasporisation of mankind into one world and a synthesis of the Western, Slavic, and Sinic civilisations into one universal culture having the ethics of the Torah for its moral foundation and Jerusalem as its spiritual center'

So Israel, Greater Israel after stoopid Whitey Goy kill millions of soulless Arab Amelek, is the center by which we are all to be ruled by the magnificent ones, as they undoubtedly feel themselves to be.

Some of us feel that Judaism is quintessentially pure, concentrated, prototypical codified racial prejudice in that "Jews" are defined matrilinealy, RACIALLY, as opposed to worth of behaviour. No matter how "good" the "Goyim" are we can never ascend to the lofty heights of the basest, "Jewish" by default member of the entitled tantrum chucking tribe of hissy fitters.

Far too many "Jews" are either ignorant of the ideas by which they identify yet are symbiotically captured by, or refuse to out "Judaism" for what it is. A religion of exclusive, repugnant narcissism that "includes" non Jews in the most vulgar manner as slaves and necessarily, lickspittles. The Pharisees, as the Gentile's conduit to "G_d", have religious licence to Kill all who refuse to worship them as "Noachides". The Amelek are apparently a "stiff necked" people who obviously will not defer their gaze for anything so petulant as the dirty Black clothed Pharisaic Prig. The Amelek search for the innocence and purity immutable truth. Not the counterfeit confections of the impostorous Kike who feels himself to be the existential manifestation of "G_d".

PUKE to Phellatin’ the Pharisee.

Brendon O'Connell ardently asks the "Jews" why they won’t speak out…… and they don't like it, but smugly gloat at his incarceration and "crucifixion".
Another one bites the dust at the hands of the "law" as an enforcer of darkness, lies and mischief.

“As long as you [Jews] continue to remain silent and gild the lily, saying I’m a nice Jew and refusing to denounce the homicidal mania within Judaism itself… the bell tolls for you.”

– Brendan O’Connell

nobody said...

Hullo Strident,

I'm a bit confused. Are you Brendan O'Connell? Or just quoting him? Otherwise would I be right in thinking you've popped in before but each time with a different name? What's that all about? The only people I know who do this were the zionists I used to battle over at indymedia way back when.

And the reason they did this, best I could figure, was so that they could skulk back after they'd earlier been made to look foolish, and also so that one fellow could appear to be many, all of whom would pat him on the back. It doesn't seem that any of these reasons apply to you. So I don't really get it. Did you not just want to pick a name and stick with it?

And whilst I'm all for hit-and-run soapboxing, you do leave a gal feeling somewhat used. You know what I mean?

Strident said...

I dunno Nobody. They're more titles to interpretive rants, and this one more a response to Ardent's castigation of Brendon O'Connell's methodology. Perhaps I should have responded on her blog, but became aware via here. I'm not him. The quotes are.

Although I do like Women, I find this apologia of consensus pleading that we all get along 'cause were all "human", part of the reason why the kosher serpent always manipulatively approaches the female in preference to the male directly.
Its the old Garden of Eden template for feminism through which, and by proxy, the male is attacked. Women seek approval and flattery. The Pharisees are more than happy to provide it as a mechanism to adjust the behaviour of a society to obsequious docility.

It doesn't matter who we are does it? "They", the voyeuristic peasantry, know who I am, as do many associates. I'm a nobody too.

The Chosen like to know who everybody is and what they think, because they are "G_d". God can do that. They claim that the notional Jesus Christ was Jewish and also celebrate that they had him killed. "G_d" gave us JC....."G_d" took him away.
Conclusion.....The Jews are "G_d"
and know exactly who we are and through spying, perving, eavesdropping, and watching hope to know precisely what we think.

The "Jews" are Nutz and not "Chosen" of any "G_d" I want anything to do with.
By mixing up the various races, purposely, they appear to be manufacturing "Goyim". To resist this is "racism" and such resistance, for them is "pouisecushun", because it might just deny them their "manifest destiny". A destiny which is but one of and entire colostomy bag of putrified ideologies and lusts to rule. The Chosen seem to measure their sense of worth by the number of supposedly lesser entities that answer to them. They backwards reference themselves in a relative/comparitive sense to the Goyim, whereas we reference ourselves to the infinite, which of course we can never achieve. The Chosen are smugly self satisfied with being just a bit better than the Goyim. We constantly hear how "intelligent" they are.
A vital imperative of the Chosen seems to be the destruction of Race.

I've been told I should get my own blog before but do have a fetish for hirsute Gals, so I might continue to frequent this establishment, if you don't mind that is.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

I did say I was not going to contribute to this one, which only goes to show you what a thoroughly disreputable, untrustworthy sort I am. In my defence the subject matter did change, as it always does, from the ethnic origins of Jewish sects to gradualism and then this latest offering from Strident. I found this difficult to get to the bottom of; as best I can make out it argues that the Jews are self effacing underdogs who are going to get their retaliation in first. There is nothing wrong with that as a point of view but why wrap it up so much. The question is was it meant to be inciteful? Like Nobody says, Strident is a name I have not come across before and onya (to use one of your words) Mr N for not rising to the bait. I do hope that the comment was meant to be taken at face value as a point of view. There are others in the blogosphere who as a class have become known as Trolls. Their object is to be disruptive instead of constructive. Here is what Brashcheck TV has to say about them:

Onwards to gradualism and in particular an organisation called Common Purpose. Has anyone heard of them, I must admit I hadn’t? On face value it sounds like it should be the sort of thing where everybody works together like bees in a hive for the benefit of the world’s health. Unfortunately it is no such thing. In this topsy-turvey world of giving names which belie the organisations true meaning, it turns out to be a fifth column organisation which recruits local cadres for the time when the PTB make their putsch. Rather than me trying to summarise it, it is better that you see the video by Brian Gerrish. Once you get used to his West country laid back style, what he has to say is fascinating and IMO well worth investing the hour and a half to watch it. Early in the presentation he draws on his naval background to ask “When is the sea at its most dangerous”. The answer is when we forget just how dangerous it is. By association, society is at its most dangerous when we forget just how dangerous it is. It is time for us all to put on our BS filters and be vigilant.

kikz said...

coff coff..

ahem.. noBODY mentioned the irish mafia...the dixie mafia... the canadian mafia...

it seems, lift any rock... there is a 'family'...

erm... as to eng/scot freemasonry. rumor has it that it was brought back frm the mideast by returning crusaders and reinforced w/fresh blood after the first 'fri 13th' split/purge in france by phillip the fair who rounded up a number of the templars and slow roasted jacques de molay, becuz the templars wouldn't lend phillip any $. failed jez they were, but had been naughty & gotten out of the unholy see's tight fisted grip... as usual, tiara & crown joined forces to quench the threat. the remainder of survivors buggerd off to scotland and were welcomed.

Von Curtis said...

'Far too many "Jews" are either ignorant of the ideas by which they identify yet are symbiotically captured by, or refuse to out "Judaism" for what it is.'

It is NOT the Jews, Christians or Moslems - they use and divide us all but I guess they do use the Jews more for a whipping boy as they love to keep them separate.
I like this great comment amongst many great comments to the article

I don't see the ruling elite as Americans either. They have no nationality, they are Globalists, and I see evidence that most countries leaders are with the Globalist program, even China and Russia. Any conflicts are likely to be of the Cold War variety, an Orwellian staging of war and conflict meant to induce fear into the herd, and give them more control.

Nope, as a ruling elite I would hardly be fearful. So many weapons to use, biological weapons to create pandemics which they have been vaccinated against, weather modification to induce drought, floods, or severe storms. geophysical weapons to unleash earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes. Financial terrorism by witholding credit. Even your ordinary terror events like 9/11 and Anthrax. Most folks still believe these were done by Saddam or the man hiding in a cage getting dialysis via some magical ability of his. And of course, war and the legal system which they control.

The masses have been conditioned for a harvest. Some think it is the ruling elite and evil who will be harvested, and look forward to it. Thats what they want you to believe. Less resistance for them.

My guess is the script to give us the predicted Tribulations will begin this summer, sometime between June and September. These are months they have historically favored to start the really nasty stuff. The shocks in various forms will continue through 2012, and the culling of the herd will be in full swing by December 2012.

I would like to believe the good guys will win. But such a belief would be simply a matter of faith and is not based on reason. The power has never been so strong. The herd has never been so ignorant or misinformed, and docile.

The power controls media and entertainment, and even most of the blogs. The movie the Matrix was one of their ways of letting us in on the secret. There are a number of such movies or books that do so, much to their great amusement, as truth is presented and accepted as fiction.

It is asked by some how the power or ruling elite could survive an Apocalypse since they would place themselves at great risk as the herd once awakened begins it's stampede which would sweep all off the cliff.

Since the beginning of the Cold War great underground cities have been built. A few of these are known, not all. They will likely wait out 3 years there when it begins. They are well stocked in food and those who will provide them with entertainment (grin), and are well protected. We may even see them on the news, but they will not be where we think them to be. Hollywoood is on their side after all. Why do you think the writers went on strike last year, they had some serious work to do for our ruling elite. Stages and props have since been built. Some of what we will see that terrorizes us will be staged, and others will have been manufactured and will be very real.

A book came out recently which described "A World Without Us". Great amounts of money and time have been spent studying how long it will take our urban cities to decay and crumble naturally.

None of this would have been possible 50 years ago or 5000 years ago. Today, what used to be impossible is very possible.

Von Curtis said...

If the herd were not so divided by race, religion, party, class, sex, etc there might be some hope. However, the herd looks for their enemy at the base of the pyramid, the level in which they live and perceptions at this level are the basis of their reality.

They do not know there is a level above them, the unseen power that resides in the apex of the pyramid, their real enemy, who is conspiring and pulling the strings at their level and creating the divisions which they exploit to divide and rule. The herd has been conditioned not to believe in conspiracy, let alone a great conspiracy at this magnitude. They are asked how could such a conspiracy succeed. With an average IQ of 100, the herd says, hell no, no way, we would sniff that out in a second and crush it. The ruling elite have an IQ 150-200, and grins, nodding their heads with the rest of the herd and shaking their collective heads at us conspiracy theorists.

I hope I am wrong, but the probability that I am not is finite, and not insignificant. The timeline has the lowest probability, but 2012 keeps popping up so much I am going with it, taking care not to bet the farm on it.

nobody said...

Well, I'm a bit dizzy but I'm going to say yep to all of the above. Best I can do with however many conversations it is that are going on now.

And strident/anon, I'm still somewhat confused mate. If you ask me not to publish, I won't. It's up to you. The apple onion ain't in it.

As for the races thing - are you not throwing out the baby with the bathwater? Prior to Jews, did people not have kids with their exotic neighbours? So why should we stop now?

Otherwise mate, my whole platform here is one of anti-racism. And I ain't half-arsed about it. To say one isn't racist except for the begetting of children, is half arsed. We're in, 'Some of my best friends are ____ , but...' territory. I'll happily discuss aspects, good or bad, of any given race or culture but that's a far cry from insisting mine is best. Or even, 'for better or worse, I stick with my own'.

Let's put it this way - the problem is an us-and-them mindset. Can you dig it? Mind you I can eat my cake and have it too - I am us-and-them, except that 'them' is us-and-them, and 'us' is everybody else. Believe it or not, that makes sense.

Oh! And hello Kikz. Thanks for that. And everyone else, ha ha.

Von Curtis said...

Sorry I made you dizzy , I'll try not to do that again. It was a bit of a long but interesting comment.
We will prevail ---- I hope !!!

A globalisation programme is being tested in Australia - we are like frogs sitting in a pan of water while they turn up the heat.

Penny said...

wow, good conversation and lots of interesting comments.

Anonymous said...

Fabian gradualism?

Is that like how Anna Bligh is off and running, determined to sell off most of the last of Queensland's publicly-owned assets on account of the Global Financial Crisis?

It hardly seems like gradual *socialism* to me, though, don't you think Von?

Peter (aka "Infohoe" - hi Von!)

Strident said...

Can you give us your interpretation of what constitutes racism ? Otherwise your readers might default to the necessarily Kosher definition espoused by the United Noachides and every other group structured to speak in a Kosher dialect.
An interpretation of the Kosher PC version which defrocks it of the whispers designed to conceal the intent of the Self Chosen could be summarised as follows. Any activism by identifiably different groups facilitating effective outcomes that might circumvent the imposition of Noachide Law.
Such activism promotes a collective future independant of the interferences of "Jews" and thus renders "Jews" irrelevant in the context of their own religion. It promotes and protects all "Gentile" cultures from the Judaic influence, and its thus considered "Anti-Semitic" because there is no role for Judaism and "Jews" as the moral arbiters of what is right and what is wrong with the "Gentiles".
The narcissistic manifest destiny is thus shown to be a fraud, and Jews the impostors that they are.
For the Rabbis, all of the above is "racism" because it promotes Gentile life idependant of the Rabbinical histrionics.

We are all "G_d's Chosen". To the "Jew" I would say that we don't need you, you know this, and that reality causes you much discomfort......So you must..."Kill the Best Gentiles"..It is the only way you can achieve your repellant "manifest destiny"..isn't it ?

nobody said...

No VC, dizzify away. And yeah, I grooved on that fellow's comment - very nutshell-ish. And Infohoe, there are public assets in Queensland? I thought everything belonged to the Brigalow corporation?

And Strident - Ayah! I've written so much about racism here that really I've said it all before. Long and short - I actually subscribe to the standard views on racism, ie. of the majority against the minority, but I also condemn the flipside which is that of the minority against the majority. Perhaps this will make things clear.

Rather than take up the standard racism to fight those who practise the non-standard variety, why not condemn them both? The standard variety also means that the world is split into a ragtag collection of minorities all of whom hate each other. Honestly mate, there's no future in it. And besides I like my women exotic, ha ha.

Anyway, off now for a new post...

Strident said...

I view the races as Brothers and Sisters to some extent. We're all at different stages of our development.
I've a Brother. He's a bit of a Girl though, but he can't help that. He is in the employ of members of the Chosen In-sect as a regional Asia Pacific manager. He is genetically similar because we share the same Mother and Father, but different. He's got a big Snoz and Forehead. He's a bit Dopey too, but very personable.
Do I war with him and hate him because he is visibly different and has different ideas ? Of course not. He is my Brother.

So it is with the Gentile races, who are each intrinsically valuable in their own right because they exist. The lowest common denominator solution to the apparent problems of the racial siblings seems to be a hopeless admission of failure, quitting and defaulting to "The races must go".

The scribblings of the Chosen make much of warring siblings. Perhaps it is an imperative of theirs, or perhaps another template for activism designed to destroy others.

Do you like Girls ?
All races have beautiful Female examples amongst them. Some things in nature take thousands of years and generations to establish themselves, and can be destroyed in an instant. Some things are so beautiful they should not be touched. If miscegenation is institutionalised as what seems to be a "Jewish" imperative, the races could be lost forever. All this just to elevate the importance and relevance in a dual sense of a particularist and prejudiced people that feels themselves to be most entitled to self ascribed magnificence.

How might one best excel in the relative sense.....The answer is written....Kill the Best Gentiles.
What better way to knobble the competition so as to manifest (they love that word, Oh and "destiny" and "existential" too) as one feels one should.

Henry Makow has some ideas on it. They coincide with Dimont's real prognostications.
If Henry has abandoned Judaism for reason and innocence then he is truly a "Righteous Gentile".

"It is necessary to help our young Jews into leading positions. The Russians are not capable of profound thought, analysis... they are like pigs...Everything, which belongs to them today, is actually ours--they are using all this only temporarily . God has instructed us to take everything from them....

The gentiles are stupid and primitive..they can't even lie...Slander their most eminent people who are capable of making speeches...our motto is respectable audacity...Label anti-Semites all who try to work against us. Constantly spread spread statements about the eternal suffering of the Jewish people, who have been persecuted in the past and are now discriminated against. The tactic of the 'poor Jew' has vindicated its practitioners for thousands of years.

God wanted us Jews to rule the world and this is what we do. Keep the mass media and information tools in our hands. People without history are like children without parents. They must begin all over again and then it will be easy to give them our world view and way of thinking. In this way, we can liquidate entire races. They must lose their history and their traditions, following which we shall be able to shape them in our own way...

Through marriages with Jewesses, there is a possibility to bring Russians under our influence and into our sphere of interest. Buy up, destroy and prevent the publishing of books, which reveal our tactics and strategy. The goys must never know the real reason behind the Jew-- pogroms.

They must be forced to choose [between] chaos and us. When they try to do without us, we must cause complete chaos. Make sure that the disorder remains until the suffering and tortured gentiles desperately want our regime back. The gentiles must work under our lkeadership and be useful to us. Those who are not useful to us must be expelled. He who is not with us is against us. "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." That is what Moses taught us. "Money is our God!" (Lina, "Under the Sign of the Scorpion" p.405)

nobody said...

"If miscegenation is institutionalised... the races could be lost forever." Honestly mate, like that's ever going to happen. And who gives a shit? Not me, that's for sure.

I'm wondering Strident if you're not on the wrong blog mate. You mentioned the apple onion before so I'm thinking you're familiar with how that all went. In much the same way that I was never sure what the onion wanted from me, I don't know what you want from me either. Whatever it is, here, at this blog, I don't think you'll find anything but disappointment.

Miraculix (Doug) said...

(This has been posted in pieces due to the site software informing me that there is a 4,096 character limit per post, and it appears I've run long... -D.)

As dark, scary and repellent as the "less visible" side of Judaic history and doctrine turns out to be, when I read what amounts to an unspoken rallying cry from Strident to ready the next "final solution" -- though I am in agreement with much of the detail provided -- I find myself equally repelled.

Earlier, I mentioned a connection between the nature of the Kaballah and Buddhism, and as a result of Strident's strong (im)position, I believe I may have another chance on my hands to clarify the idea, which can admittedly seem off-putting on the surface -- especially to someone well-steeped in Buddhism. Bear with me.

Nested within the Hebraic & Buddhistic systems of representation are overarching symbolic structures that can be referred to by the blanket term "gnostic". Each is but one of a myriad of competing (or not?) philosophical and practical systems utilizing this common symbolic toolshed to practice a fringe-y thing best referred to as "magic", but also known as religion, philosophy, science, etc. And yes, this includes freemasonry and every other initiatory secret society guarding their own flavor of gnosis.

If the physical world really is run by the equivalent of Sith Lords -- ala the Pedophocracy, or insert your favorite metaphor here -- it seems a wise strategy for anyone who wished to remain as independent as possible to understand the very tools being used against them. That's me. A minority of one, intrinsically bound to the many by a shared desire for togetherness and independence all at once, pretty much like everyone else. To love and be loved in return. Not much to ask, is it?

For what it's worth, I consider myself fortunate to have avoided being hoovered up by the minions of the Sith Lords at different points in my youth, being in so many ways a prime candidate for an upper minion management position, including top 2% test results in all the right categories and a seemingly intrinsic instinct for symbolic language. Not tooting my own horn here, just laying additional foundation.

Also, in the interest of full disclosure, I will state here and now with the world as my witness that I possess no binding loyalties to any organization or society, secret or otherwise (with the exception of some local sporting clubs and a rock band or two). May I be struck by lightning should it ever come to pass.

Thus far, based on about thirty years of trying very hard to construct a "big" picture view that fairly incorporates the dark and fearful forests of dissident and dark-side literature, my current outlook is a merger of possibilities. First, that the above gnostic systems do reveal a functioning set of capabilities that do accomplish something in the physical realm. Second, that more rigorous bleeding-edge scientific theory seeking a Unified Theory (ala Divine Cosmos) beyond the official boundaries of theocratic science comes closer to explaining our seemingly ineffable circumstances here on earth.

(end Section One)

Miraculix (Doug) said...

To stir this abstract soup into better context, as one begins to view practicing magic as a science and the practical aspects of science as akin to performing magic, in the eventual overlap a few vague ideas seem to emerge. Perhaps there is some truth to the concept of gnosis in a truly overarching sense. Perhaps the closely guarded symbolic toolsheds of each set of practitioners, each essentially a different path to the same destination of "enlightenment", do offer transformative abilities.

For mine, there's a lot more to be learned from reading Crowley than getting lost in his depravity and eventual downfall at the hands of his very own personally-invoked demons. What if the "ruling Jews" (for lack of a better term that everyone here can willingly wrap their head around) are just some of the best among many different practitioners plying the symbolic arts? When one considers where tales of lizards and Sirius lead us, it actually seems quite a reasonable proposition.

Might there also be the possibility to don a "white hat" then, to stand in opposition at whatever level possible? Whatever's appropriate to the survival of you & yours, so long as you don't give in to the temptation to wield the qualities of the "dark side" on your behalf?

Obviously, we're operating at the mythological level here, and sure enough, just as Gandalf the Grey was purified by fire and became Gandalf the White, so Saruman the White was perverted to black when tempted by power. More and equally valid metaphors are abundant throughout the annals of both history and lore.

Ultimately, my implication is that the Judaic Kaballah in and of itself isn't evil and twisted. Rather, it is simply one of the best preserved sets of gnostic knowledge available to the seeker. Just one carefully maintained representation of the Great Symbolic Toolshed wielded against the uninitiated (and I use that word VERY intentionally) by the media, the management and their paymasters. The wizards of Oz aren't doddering old fools from the early days of Hollyweird cheese. Quite the contrary. The larger lesson is that we are ALL wizards, all Gods, once properly awakened to the necessary levels of "reality".

That someone like myself (self-initiated goyim serving no team) can refer to the Kaballah today qualifies as seriously ironic, considering how the very persistence of Jewish culture through their practice of superiority has kept it intact for many centuries. And in a form which renders effable -- to anyone willing to invest the study time -- a symbolic body of useful knowledge held close to the cultural vest for many centuries under penalty of death.

Here and now, a century after Crowley's heyday, those he would likely have called colleagues are a hundred years wiser and -- if we are to believe the more fantastic reports -- their technogical trick bag pierced the veil some years ago now. Though we actually stand on the threshold of change in each and every moment, waking or otherwise, the door our "mass" society is about to pass through marks the difference between active and passive controls.

(end Section Two)

Miraculix (Doug) said...

Consider the vast arsenal of means at the disposal of the "dark elite" to reach their chosen ends, from remote reading and Monarch programming to directed energy devices and well... you name it.

While these are largely active in nature, they are also limited to a degree by the mundane realities of life in meatspace, especially relative to the sheer volume of man-hours required for systems maintenance and upkeep.

Meanwhile, "passive" symbolic/semantic/memetic steering via the media is one thing, while "onboard monitoring" and direct physical triggering (i.e.: chipping, tracking, mind-reading, V2K, et al) via pervasive electronic means are quite another -- and the meat of the matter right now if you ask me. The stuff of Philip K. Dick novels.

I remain convinced that ol' Phil experienced flashes from and glimpses of the future -- pure prescience -- much as I and many others seem to when conditions are right. Call it illumination, call it visions, just don't call us late for dinner.

To my mind, wherever you find an institution, you will find "them". Wherever power aggregates in any form, from fossil energy and venture capital to board rooms and capitol halls, these are the environments in which they congregate. Don't let the color of their robes and the trappings of their office distract. Evil is as evil does.

The compartmentalization of evil within institutional hierarchies provides ideal cover to conduct ongoing operations. Rogue elements exist, as sure as the sun rises, but they are at best independent contractors among a world of corporate titans. Hired guns. Mercenaries. Highly expendable, and better still, they don't qualify for company benefits.

One important clarification should also be made before I quit this disquieting ramble; when I say "dark elite" I am referring not to any specific group, be they Jews, Satanists, Illuminati or what-have-you.

Yes, they are all fools operating at great cost to their soul under false pretenses they will only truly understand when they shuffle the mortal coil, but they are not alone. Many who claim to be "good guys" under the guise of opposing darkness (i.e. Catholicism) are just as evil and complicit. The understandably limited scholarship we have on the subject tends to bear out such covert connections.

Interestingly, the gnosis I refer to -- that which enables and unleashes every single one of these monsters consciously or unconsciously -- also offers equal opportunity enlightenment. So long as ones intent and practice remains untainted, what it offers is a means not only to recognize the convoluted "matrix" that is our modern media-driven society, but also a means and a methodology to mount a capable defense and fight back as necessary.

When viewed in parallel with the aforementioned concept of Divine Cosmos (which isn't nearly as deist as it sounds) one begins to see how the toolshed in question might be more simply viewed as a set of keys and pedals on the universal pipe organ, which when properly calibrated are capable of the most miraculous act of all: creation.

(end Section Three)

Miraculix (Doug) said...

The common thread running through the Kaballah, Buddha's teachings, the words of Jesus of Nazareth and history's other "straight path" prophets is this idea of gnosis, of individual "spiritual" progress as the only way to know capital-G god, which as it turns out shines deep within each one of us.

We ARE God. All of us. Each of us. Every single bloody one of us. Even the retarded and indolent. Micro and macro are simply different scales of existence on the Great Yardstick of Life. Yet we are indoctrinated from the very beginning to seek our answers externally and to suppress and ignore our inner voice, until it eventually withers and dies.

In truth, every single external institution purporting to possess the keys to the kingdom are in fact offering perversions -- in fact, inversions -- of simple truths. First and foremost, that everything in this "whatever-verse" of ours is connected, from the great wizard shaking the earthbound heavens with his macrocosmic antenna arrays to the lowly earthworm keeping his little piece of the microcosm grinding steadily along.

Not via some benificent bearded entity enthroned in the sky or a flaming demon wielding swords and severed heads, but via the inner flame kindled within each of us when we joined the great march of the meat parade. It is important to keep in mind that while it is not always in love that our biological vessel is conceived, the resulting child is nonetheless capable of both giving and receiving love.

As ever, quality varies based on circumstance, but the general picture remains relatively clear: there are clear paths to enlightnment, and they are well trod, but very few ever complete the journey and shake hands with Buddha, Jesus and the rest of the band.

# # #

Von Curtis said...

'All races have beautiful Female examples amongst them.'

From what I've seen there is one race that has all beautiful girls and that is the Iranians - every time I see them on TV they all seem to be beautiful. And very well educated in a very polite and down to earth way. Amazing Maybe other people in that area are jealous of them that is why they may wish to wipe them out.

Good to hear from you again Infohoe - you always had interesting things to say.
Talking about everything belonging to the Brigalow Corporation - we have the gas mafia mob Origon visting us this afternoon to talk about putting down gas holes in one of our paddocks - I'll have things to say but it will not do any good no doubt - they will do what they want. They want to sell gas to China so we farmers can go die.

Strident said...

Why assume that anything is "wanted". Certainly not friends or approval. I comment to get my ideas out there by foistingly being a "JEW" so yes, I have "used" the opportunity to do so. Its rude and ungentilemanly I know and do appolonigise. You know its not "me" and you don't like it either.

Every Girl I've used has children to me.

Like many out there, I search for what is real..

Who gives a Shit ? Certainly the "Jews" seem to. Why don't you give a Shit. Perhaps future generation might like to enjoy the cultures of others and not just a manufactured, racially non-descript consumerist Goyim for which the Jew can use as his racial "mirror" of sorts.It is difficult to work out exactly what they are or represent, but they're certainly not what they say they are.

They seem to be the existential manifestation of a religious lie.
They take great pride in their ability to discover "Anti-Semites" and to "Kill".

There'll not be any disappointment, because there were no expectations. It just "is".

I get bored of the subject matter too at times. But they don't. They've written an entire religious manifesto to do with their own magnificence. I'm sick to the back teeth of hearing about Koshers Shite like poor pouisecuted Jews and "Israel" and "Holocaust" the evil Iranians, Terrrorists and having the collective Kike self abuse all over others who are too inguiltified with lies to tell the abuser to Fuck Off. Hence the burst colostomy back analogy.

Like Rudd, we're collectively, seemingly happy to shamefully wear the Load, 'cause we do not wish to offend a Self Chosen Princess and STD infested Whore of Babylon.

While Rudd's a Judas, the rest of us a just a bit shy and polite.
The Rabbis apparently interpret the Torah/Talmud numerologically and also with the view that the meaning is not just in the text of the letters but in the spaces between the letters.

In this context, the word Judaism is an anagram of ImJudas and in the German.....Judas....DasJu...Judas
"the Jew". Most people of all religions understand that the notional "Judas" represents betrayal, lies , mishief and the basest attributes of all human endeavour.

Such is Judaism.

I know its tiresome, so'll give it a rest for a while.

kikz said...

'So long as ones intent and practice remains untainted, what it offers is a means not only to recognize the convoluted "matrix" that is our modern media-driven society, but also a means and a methodology to mount a capable defense and fight back as necessary.'

'The common thread running through the Kaballah, Buddha's teachings, the words of Jesus of Nazareth and history's other "straight path" prophets is this idea of gnosis, of individual "spiritual" progress as the only way to know capital-G god, which as it turns out shines deep within each one of us.

We ARE God. All of us. Each of us. Every single bloody one of us. Even the retarded and indolent. Micro and macro are simply different scales of existence on the Great Yardstick of Life. Yet we are indoctrinated from the very beginning to seek our answers externally and to suppress and ignore our inner voice, until it eventually withers and dies.'

thanks for the installments mira, and also the effort expended.
i tend to agree mira :)
there's the 'mustard seed' :) so to speak. the negation and 'active denial' of the internal divinity - promulgated by virtually all organized religion.

though a 'lone' neophyte, i've come to my limited understandings thru the hermetic/greek schools, via backtracking along & thru familial connections to (southern us) scot rite freemasonry and convergent trails of history.

that common 'thread' you refer to... i understand and reference 'it' as perennialism. thru ALL recorded time.. countless messengers (i've left out multitudes)... from hermes to pythagoras, buddha to jesus, pelagianism/coelestius to julian & hypatia, shakespeare to...pike, eckhart tolle and jk rowling.. the melody changes, but the song remains the same.
here's a labyrinth of a website.. i've found interesting... livergood is coolbeans and humorous.
be sure to peruse the humor/guru section :)

kaballah gives me nosecrinklez and gastrointestinal bloat... being inherently repellent to me as is anything remotely yahwey related. there's just no cultural/racial/moral harmonic for me and... too much hocus pocus to focus...

as to keys...i prefer the stripped down aspects of hermetics. especially the kybalion. here's a link.. i've probably left it b4.

also, scot rite freemasonry has strengthened the view for me (even in light of pike's flowery/meandering 1870's prose and inexhaustibly arcane exo-eso subreferences)....

truth - is most usually...
elegantly simple.

as to my familial bias to scot rite freemasonry... please understand... of late... they fixed my kid.
scoliosis. free and clear.. they fixed my kid... i don't know if you can understand that. they fixed my kid.
they have asked nothing in return.

my reference for the gnostic's is rosicrucian or RC and they are 'out there' dancing nekkid in the quanta. but the perennialist thread is present.

crowley represents to me in his summation of his order's LAW in entirety...'do as thou will' -
freewill run amok, the left hand path... the dark side, the negative polarity... a lower order of thought and desire............... in a word.. sukz.

w/any of this .........the distillation/ use your term 'intent' of 'the desire of will' - alchemically speaking... when the dross is burned off... what remains.. is unmistakable in its simplicity.... :)

nobody said...

Back again. I've been a bit dizzy sorry. And Mir, I did groove on that. And so did Kikz obviously! But for mine we're heading into impossible riddle territory.

Me, I do like an elegant truth. I liked the one I came up with so much I whacked it on the front page. Not that anyone else cares for it of course...

But Kikz, it seems that the path to an elegant truth requires endless delving into impossible riddles, ha ha. And the problem with these riddles is that it's murderous trying to sort out the worthy ones from the cons.

kikz said...

'But Kikz, it seems that the path to an elegant truth requires endless delving into impossible riddles, ha ha. And the problem with these riddles is that it's murderous trying to sort out the worthy ones from the cons.'

ha ha nobz :)
you've nailed it >:)
that's why they are so murderously trying...
it's a reciprocal sorting :)
the worthy from the cons.....

kind of reminiscent of JK's 'sorting hat' in the Potter series :)

Miraculix (Doug) said...

Oh yes, there's much to be said for elegant truth, when it can be had. Count me in.

As for the enigmatic puzzles, they too have a certain appeal. Hence a lifelong curiousity that has slowly morphed from peripheral interest to limited practical application.

No convoluted rituals, dark pagan symbology or black robes required, by the way. I'm more the focused intent sort, doing the heavy lifting in ethereal terms.

Where it has served me best is improving my ability to identify the host of symbolism, wielded in the modern media in particular, from non-verbal iconography to more sophisticated semantic forms nested in speech and text.

Meanwhile, my general take on the world surrounding us is perhaps almost too "animist", and given the opportunity I would probably have got on well with your average native American shaman in pre-invasion times.

And thanks for the "thanks" Kikz. I do grok what you said about your child, and yes, I did kill a couple hours (minimum) spilling that all onto the page in semi-readable form.

As for impossible riddles, that's just the thing: the entire prinicple behind "illumination" is gaining awareness that reveals something akin to "truth" with respect to what seems from our standard "waking" perspective to be an enigma.

Yes, there are multitude of rabbit holes one could chase down from here, and I'm long on verbage and short on specifics, but in a nutshell all I'm getting at is that many cultures -- seemingly all of them -- have produced their own version of a messiah, a divine prophet or similar messenger.

The similarity of their essential wisdom tends to ring out like tones from the same set of moral and ethical bells. It's exactly what Joseph Campbell was on about throughout his entire career, from page one of his first book, Hero With A Thousand Faces.

And as I emphasized earlier, it seems wise to gain an understanding of that which is being used against you, even if the only practical application you require is demonstrating your virtual aikido skills as required.

I hope I'm making a little sense here.

nobody said...

Yeah I can dig it. We're treading around the very big subject of universal truth / human condition - Shakespeare's territory. It seems that these topics are now less and less the realm of literature and cultural expression and more and more the fodder of those who would control us. But like I said, it's a big subject. And lately my brain has been particularly fuzzy - mind control by way of Fox Sport, no doubt.

kikz said...

'And as I emphasized earlier, it seems wise to gain an understanding of that which is being used against you, even if the only practical application you require is demonstrating your virtual aikido skills as required.

I hope I'm making a little sense here.'

more than a little >:)

to nail it down to a concrete example..

tzun tzu: art of war

i hope noby doesn't mind the shifting subject matter, but religion is a major component of 'the aresenal'...
and speakin of oddities..

inebreology(sp?) associated w/religion...
i found an interesting hr+ vid, i'd left as a link over on visible origami ystrdy.

if you've got the time... part centers on john allegro (dead sea scroll decryption fame 40s-50s).

oh and i do love campbell, we have his entire myth series :)

this vid ties into the oraclur/shamanic/ecstatic aspects of religion... and allegro's work centers 'round ...of all things... the red cap mushroom, w/a passing nod to the 'blue'.
which might be those enigmatic 'blue apples' mentioned somewhere in the ancient mists of time...that peepz ponder on their meaning....

OMG, i can't believe how prevalent the examples he gives in religious iconography are. it's just staggering.
although some of the examples are a stretch as 'shape' of background components in artworks 'suggest' mushrooms... but the outright examples of actual mushrooms w/in religious iconography are too numerous to ignore as insignificant, even if their presence is only symbolic.

i've been familiar w/the idea for years, must've read his work (sans concrete/imaged examples in religious artworks and cultural effluvia) long ago and just didn't remb the author...

but if you have the time to's quite interesting, and definitely stirs up questions... :)

who'da thunk it? shroomz......?