Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Pedophocracy

Hi Folks - Sorry I've been slack and idle. I took a week off in honour of the Greek goddess Aergia.

But I'm on the job now and shall be back shortly to post a piece under the above title. If you want to get a headstart, read this. This gives you the first six chapters of Dave McGowan's Programmed to Kill, one of the most singular books ever written. I never tout things, but this is worth spending money on. It's on

These six chapters collectively titled 'The Pedophocracy' might just be the Rosetta Stone in explaining the means by which today's wickedness is conducted. Or that's my angle anyway. Back soon.


Anonymous said...

You reminded me of one of my most favorite songs/poems ... (Tony)
(Carson Robison)

The sun comes up and the sun goes down
And the hands on the clock go round and roumd
I just wake up and it's time to lay down,
Life gets teejus, doon't it.

My shoe's untied, but, shucks, I don't care
Cuz I recon I ain't a-goin' nowhere,
I'd brush my teeth and comb my hair
Just too much wasted effort.

The water in the well get lower and lower,
Ain't had a bath in a month or more
I've heard it said and I'm sure it's true
That too much bathing will weaken you.

Danged ol' mule, he must be sick.
I jabbed him in the rump with a pin on a stick
He hunched his back, but he wouldn't kick
Something cock-eyed somewhere.

Hound dog's howling so forlorn
Laziest dawg that ever was born
He's howlin' 'cause he's settin' on a thorn
Just too tired to move over.

Well, the cow's gone dry and the hens won't lay
And my well dried up last Saturday
My troubles keep pilin' up day by day
And now I'm gettin' dandruff.

Roof's a-leakin' and the chimney leans,
An' there's a hole in the seat of my old blue jeans
Now I've et the last of the pork an' beans,
Just can't depend on nothin'

Mouse is gnawin' at the pantry door
He's been at it now for a month or more
When he gets through he'll sure be sore
Cause there ain't a dang thing in there.

Well, it's debts and taxes and pains and woes
Aches and miseries and that's how it goes
And now I'm getting a cold in my nose,
Life gets tasteless, don't it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nobody and everyone. In response to your East Indies question I don't know if this is of any help but these are the only names I could find.

24 September, 1599: London. About eighty English merchants meet to discuss the formation of an English East India Company. Including, Richard Staper (Levant Co), Thomas Smythe (Levant Co), Sir John Hart, Richard Cockayne, Lord Mayor Sir Stephen Soane, James Lancaster mariner, John Davis mariner, Francis Pretty a friend of Thomas Cavendish, some of a crew of Sir Francis Drake, William Baffin arctic explorer, and brothers John, Henry and David Middleton. Another meeting follows on 16 October, 1599. Also, on 23 September, 1600. The crucial document permitting the East India Company to operate for the next 15 years was signed by Elizabeth I on 31 December, 1600.
(Giles Milton, Nathaniel's Nutmeg. Penguin Books, 1999/2000.)


Although there were two English attempts at eastern markets, the British Muscany Co. of the 1550's and the Levant Co. of 1581, both proved to be futile because of their lack of organization and the hostility of other powers.The implications of this failure signified a system of exploitation at the expense of the English.An Elizabethan English economist/statesman, Richard Hakluyt, felt that the only reedemption for England was to establish direct contacts abroad. Although the reasoning of Hakluyt seems obvious by twentieth-century hindsight, in Elizabethan England the significance of the promotion of such a novel enterprise as an overseas joint-stock company encouraged critical debate over the question of the most efficient form of economic activity. The sixteenth century ended with the Company's first voyage to voyage the Indies.

There is more information at the above links. Cheers for now, john.

Anonymous said...

No apologies, man. Post it when you've got it straight the way you like; no sooner.

As for Pedophocracy, it is a real head-slapper for anyone not familiar with the Gladio/Dutroux axis here in my new neighborhood, in the general vicinity of the beating heart of aristocratic evil (D/B/L). I read those first six chapters at the link you provided awhile back, and a copy of the book (and a copy of "Understanding the F-word" too) has been loitering on my to-be-ordered list for several months now. Thanks for the nudge.

On the upside, however, here in the land of faintly disguised aristocratic privilege, gas prices just over the border in Luxembourg are better than anywhere else in western Europe. The differential is typically about thirty cents a litre, with the French, Dutch and Belgians a little pricier than the Germans. As ever, the UK remains a "price leader".

We toured across La Manche several times in the years after our arrival from the states, touring with band folk from the states a couple times, visiting friends and exploring my paternal heritage, the lovely middle kingdom of Wales.

Sadly, the long arms of the system described in McGowan's scary book reach even there -- and around the world. Slavery has long been abolished officially, of course, but like most every other highly profitable venture of questionable moral and ethical value, it simply went underground.

This book is like a Lonely Planet edition for the dark side.

Anonymous said...

NOBODY, you should write about Russian-Georgian war. Is the Australian media biased like the American-British media?

CNN/BBC keeps making Russia look bad.

The good news is Russia Bear/Chinese Dragon have been awakened by the WEST.

Anonymous said...

As a sidebar, the latest installment (Part IX) of McGowan's wacky Laurel Canyon series went up just yesterday:

Who knew Jim Morrison was the son of the admiral in charge off the coast of SE Asia during the Gulf of Tonkin "incident"? That "Papa" John Phillips was a graduate of a US military academy? That Frank Zappa was the son of a chemical warfare expert? That so many members of the "hippie" movement that arose in LA were in fact children of the MIC?

Mind-boggling and more than a little disenchanting for this long-time music fan, but consciousness-expanding all at once. It brings certain details in the milieu and long-curious inconsistencies into a strange kind of focus.

As I see it now, through the lens provided by our illustrious friend in things conspiratorial, the LA-created "hippie" scene was a counter-revolutionary cultural manoeuver against the "peace & love" movement. Leary's legendary "summer of love" in and around SF was a manufactured scenario and a proverbial "target-rich environment" for MK-Ultra head hunters, in the parlance.

Dear God, I sound like a hip Gen-X version of Fritz Springmeyer!

Trust us. Just have a gander at Part One, and you'll be happily plunging down the rabbit hole in no time, I promise... =)

Penny said...

nobody: I have a documentary and interview up.

CIA Secret Experiment, it is an old Natioanal Geographic program

The interview is with the Sirhan Sirhans lawyer.

It is really good and I do hope you can see and listen,

what I find most interesting about it , is the description of Sirhan Sirhan at the time of his arrest, as if in a trance,

but he recalls a woman in a polka dot dress, ( the trigger) anyway I am watching this and I am thinking about the killing of Tim Mclean in Canada, the killer being described as completely without emotion, trance like, and then the woman, that he had the cigarette with the mysterious "stacey" who was maybe on the bus and maybe not??

There I was stunned by these two similarities again.

Penny said...

miraculix, when you speak of gladio, are you referring to operation gladio, the left behind armies???

I have two books on the subject, one I have read completely, one I stopped reading at a point in time, when I had become quite ill, since recovery I haven't got back to it.

The one I got through was
Puppetmasters: The Political Use of Terrorism in Italy. excellent

The other, I have book-marked at about the half-way point:

NATO's Secret Armies Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe. very good and I must get back to it.

btw: you won't be disappointed in either of Dave McGowans books, Understanding the Fword, I have read and it is good,

I also have his other books Derailing Democracy and am reading the Programmed to KIll at this time, and am mostly through that one

God, I sound like a book worm and library all rolled into one LOL!

It's all good

nobody said...

Hi Folks,

I've been working like a navvy, albeit one who could type. This thing is a monster. Just today a new thought occurred to me and now I have to go back and tear the whole thing down again. By the time I drop my thousand words here, I'll have comfortably written five times that much.

Thanks Tony. I take it that fellow you were quoting wasn't a Buddhist, ha ha.

Cheers John, very good. Actually notamobster popped into the haiku blog and gave me some other links. And he so very nearly did it in the right syllable count too! Thanks to the both of you. I still wonder at the East India Company and shall persue it further. I may or may not lead me somewhere interesting.

Onya miraculix, AW, and Pen. Dave McGowan! My favourite read. Can't wait. Otherwise AW, on the subject of Russia and Georgia, if nothing else we're in amongst a salutary lesson in how the media works. Nato piling in to help Kosovo - Good. Russia piling in to help Ossetia - Bad. Mind you, like we needed anymore salutary lessons from the media. Salutary lessons is all they got.

Otherwise, I don't know that I can blame Russia for saying, Enough! They've certainly shown the hollowness of whatever promises the West gave to the Georgians. The West has nothing to offer but pixie dust. The Russians meanwhile are in the reality business. The Georgians just got a reality check.

Also it occurs to me that this wasn't in the banker's game-plan. Notice everyone floundering about, seemingly making up condemnations on the run? No gears seemed to kick into place, nor were there any UN resolutions waiting in the wings, nor were any Western ultimatums issued. Frankly I think the Russians seized the initiative and has the West on the back foot. God knows what's next. We all wait rapt.