Friday, August 22, 2008

ten short years

Lately it's all been about Russia. I shan't go into the Ossetia/Georgia thing. There's been tons written about it. It seems the thoughts run the gamut from it having been a neocon/Israeli trap for the Russians (that they fell into), to it being a huge misstep by the neocons with Putin tearing their playhouse down. I'm inclined to the latter but stand to be corrected. I don't think the Georgians did anything that they weren't meant to do. The slaughtering of the people of Tskhinvili was always the plan. It served no purpose at all beyond its role as provocation. Did the neocons/Israelis expect some different response from Russia? Or did Russia behave precisely as they expected? Frankly, I don't know.

But to hell with that. What struck me was the constant description (in all of the coverage, mainstream and alternative) of Russia as resurgent and newly powerful thanks to its oil revenue. Sorry, I'm going to have to call bullshit on this one.

The logic is that since oil prices have been high for the last couple of years, Russia's coffers are full and it can throw its weight around. But oil has always been a coffer-filler, recent bullshit prices or no. Were other oil rich countries poor ten years ago? Is oil a new thing in Russia? Did they only just discover it? Or perhaps they only just got round to refining and pipelining it? I'm being rhetorical, sure, since these questions have obvious answers.

The huge, glaring, and frankly unmissable difference between the Russia of ten years ago and today is who is running the joint. Ten years ago under the drunken Yeltsin, Russia was ruled by the Oligarchs, otherwise idiotically known as the Russian Mafia. I say 'idiotically' because to describe this Mafia as 'Russian' makes as much sense as describing the Mafia in the US as 'American'. Who does that? The Mafia in America is Italian and everyone knows it. Same-same in Russia where everyone knows that their Mafia was, and is, Jewish.

Of the seven oligarchs in Russia under Yeltsin, six were Jewish and the seventh wasn't worth tuppence ha'penny. In fact he was only on the list so that people could pretend it wasn't an all Jewish affair. (Much like how North Korea was only in the 'axis of evil' to hide the obviousness of a bunch of Jews telling us all our enemies are Muslims. Truth is, no one actually gives a toss about North Korea.)

Anyway, the big difference between Russia of ten years ago and today is the fact that Putin threw out the Jewish Mafia. It's so fucking obvious. And as ever, the bloc-media misses the elephant in the living room. Well, shit, eh? No surprises there. But never mind the media, the truly extraordinary thing here is that within the space of a mere ten years a country can go from bullshit to bullish.

Gosh! A light-bulb goes off in my head. Has this happened before? Has there been another country that went from basket-case to world power after deposing Jewish control of their economy? Anyone? Can we think of a country, a few decades back, that was busted on its arse with everyone taking their weekly pay home in a wheel-barrow, and a mere ten years later was strong enough to stand up for themselves? Might they, like the Russians, have insisted on the rights of their countrymen trapped behind arbitrary borders? Might they also, like those Russians again, have been depicted by the Jewish media as villains? Ha ha ha ha ha. Sorry, but with the shit we've been fed by the media all our lives, if you didn't laugh, you'd have to cry.

So it seems we have two recent examples of countries throwing off the yoke of bankers and money-men, and in the space of a mere ten years going from zero to a hundred. As a writer, I do detest presenting examples in pairs. Pairs are good for dichotomies and symmetries and such. But ordinarily, to prove a case it pays to present examples in threes. If you pay attention, you'll find I very rarely break this rule. Subsequently I racked my brains looking for a third example. And I couldn't think of any. Not in the past anyway. The future is another matter. What country has the potential to shed its busted-arse status and return to economic powerhouse (and complete my rule of three)?

Here is the salutary lesson - If a country throws off the yoke of Jewish control of its economy/money supply, it can rebuild itself in ten years. Roll that thought around in your head because it's a mind-fucker. Only ten years...

What one man can do, another can also. Is the US really incapable of doing what the Russians did? I don't see why not. If the US was to throw off the bankers, it would join Russia and China as a free sovereign nation. Could those who wrote the Protocols survive in the face of the biggest three powers in the world not being under their control? There's hope yet, you know.


Anonymous said...

I've read this nobody. Good. Don't agree with your conclusion (may be wishful thinking - on both our parts).
I do hope you're wrong. Personally, that's me myself, I'd rather see USA go down and the Chinese have a go at things - toughen 'em up a bit; maybe make better (world) citizens of them.

Magdelena said...

Well nobody - perhaps Venezuela can be considered your 'third' example?

While I question all of Chavez' motives, he certainly has thrown off the yoke of the Banksters and done well in pissing off the chosen at the same time.

Just a thought...

Outside of that - yeah I think you are bang on.

Great post.


Penny said...

hey nobody: good job.

let's see, since I have been following this one, including it's move into the next phase, which is IMO what is going on.

The slaughtering of the ossetians, served as a provocation to test the response of russia, I would be inclined to agree.

I think though russia was waiting for it, as there was news that they had actually started to evacuate prior to the attack, so they definitley knew something was amiss. Though they may not have known exactly what was up.

The attack, if Russia had not responded, would have solved the nasty problem of seperatist ossetia, for the georgians,BUT would have created new problems for the russians, so they really HAD to respond. The west was counting on that, and likely used this to gauge the response, how strong would it be? etc., etc.,

AS for the difference being in the leadership, that is obvious. The money in the coffers helps also.

I don't know that Russia booted the oligarchs, as I think they are still operating, but, in a seriously reigned in fashion. I would say they got the message loud and clear with the jailing of the Yukos oil fellow.

Anonymous said...

Spain, maybe? My history is rusty :)

the Silverfish said...

My friend it's pissin with rain here so NO saling, just thought I'd drop by.
My family went through that period that you eluded to, you know the rags to riches one,(or was that bags of money to riches)I remember well my Grandfather telling me how it had been prior to the second world war working his ass to the bone for nothing and the reasons and the people responsible for the conditions of this country. The oppression of the people in this country was very similar to the conditions being had by the people of Gaza today minus the walls. The overseers are the same.
Perhaps that is why I am so astonished that the the people of this particular country have not risen up against the SAME o pressers that control their country yet AGAIN. Will these flat headed fools never learn?

As far as The Russians are concerned they simply did that which they had to do, no question about it.In regards to Russia rebuilding it's empire I think it's a little to late on the worlds stage for any large country to get back that which it once had, however I do think that whatever they achieve will seem like Nirvana when compared to what the Americans will get, like forget what the media tells Yuh the shit end of the stick is never pretty.
Also remember the Americans play checkers while the Russians play chess.The difference is subtle but it's there.
One final thought, when you mention the Russian (Mafia) don't you find it strange that the majority of the Kiddie porn on the net seems to Cum from the Eastern bloc country's? But thats really not to surprising as the ones who run the porn industry have always been jews and the jews have always hit the bottom of the decency barrel.

nobody said...

Hey Folks,

Interesting comments. Did I say 'empire'? It's interesting, that word. I wonder to what extent the need for empire is driven by the need of those who rule to repay debt. This debt inevitably clocked up by wars. And the wars inevitably started by...

As best I can tell (stretching back as far as I can) the opium wars, I and II, were both largely for the benefit of David Sassoon

You really hate America, huh, Tony? Sure enough with the olympics on, I've been cheering for everyone except the Americans. And the Australians! Poor of me, I know. But otherwise there is something great about Americans. It's a spark, or something, I don't know. Whatever it is, Australia doesn't have it. But maybe that's a good thing. The cruelty I see daily from Americans tends to be missing here. I think there's a lot to be said for a people descended from convicts. There's very few people here keen to play the role of oppressor. Still, we're being trained and I expect we'll get there eventually.

As for the oligarchs, I think Putin's defining aspect is his smashing of them. He did drive them out of Russia. Berezovsky is in London, Abramovic (the owner of Chelsea FC and the world's most insane yacht/aircraft carrier) likewise, and there's a third (fourth? more?) who ran to Israel. I'm pretty sure all of them have arrest warrants pending in Russia. The three I mentioned, certainly. Berezovsky is an arch Putin foe. He killed his 'buddy' Litvinenko just to pin the blame on Putin. These machinations went to the top level and weren't for nothing.

I'm a big Chavez fan. Me, I can't think of anything of his I'd call foul on. If you know what I mean. And I don't know if it fits the definition though. Venezuela is still very fragile. Mind you, Chavez has been in for ten years and he has turned the economy around. Almost. The oligarchs are still there and still fucking with him. They're fiddling with the food supply now to make shortages. Last I heard, anyway. And Spain? Ayah. I'm not very au fait on things Iberian. But I suspect, what with not having heard anything from Spain apart from their enthusiastic piling in to bring Chavez down, that they are still under the thumb of the bankers. Do the Spanish control their own money supply? I suspect not.

And hey Silverfish, I read lately that millions died in the Great Depression of starvation. Apparently the numbers were comparable to the Ukraine thing. My touchstone is The Grapes of Wrath. But Steinbeck followed the Okeys who left. What happened to the ones who stayed? Starvation? Why not, sounds perfectly possible.

Otherwise I've had further thoughts on this. I'll pop it up shortly. Perhaps I'll be able to keep it short (eye roll). And then I'll try to get on and finish that fucking pedophocracy thing. It's such a perfectly hateful subject...

the Silverfish said...

I wasn't referring to America but rather Germany prior ww2 as that is where my family comes from.
hence the reference to the Flat Heads.
Having said that I really know little of the Great depression in the US and Canada except for the fact that it was 100% manufactured, as in Tens of Millions of hogs and cattle killed and burned,millions of tons of grain burned, tens of thousands of tons of oranges crushed with tractors till the ditches ran full of orange juice all just to raise the price of produce, all this to help a starving nation. Times have not changed all that much I'm afraid.

However the things that I could tell you about the Great Die off in Europe would make you want to tear your teeth out by the root without the benefit of Novocaine. That is in fact what I was refering to in my comment about a certain country that had gone from bags to riches.

My Grandfather was a Machinist a German Machinist no less and with inflation set at some Four BILLION Marks to the British Pound and half of all German wealth going to Briton with the other half going to France for retribution payments incurred during WW1, lets just say that life was not a bed of Roses.

However afters Hitlers meteoric rise things changed and they changed for the better although they could hardly have changed for the worse but at any rate things changed. People had money,people could afford things that just a year ago had seemed unreachable, these things were now within easy reach. Life was good in Germany, people worked for One Mark earned for one Mark payed, no more no less.
Is it then any wonder that the people of Germany stood behind the man that had taken them out of poverty and brought them into the sphere of some small measure of affluence?

What is needed is a person or persons of Great chapter, people that really care, but really where the hell are you going to find them?
Sometimes it seems that they just spring up out of the ground as in Fidel Castro, Gandhi, Ho Chi Min and before Adolf Hitler. There have been many but with the exception of Gandhi all have been vilified and by whom were they vilified? By the same lying sob's that rule the roost today. what the hell does that tell you?
Does it tell you that people are incapable of learning? A Dog can learn for Chrissake, what he or she has learned He or She will remember for the rest of their fucking lives , we however seem not to do so. What the hell is wrong with us?

It's the same ole same ole and yet we step into the same bucket of SHIT every time. Again I say what the hell is wrong with us?

nobody said...

Sorry silverfish, I misunderstood you. Yeah I don't doubt Germany was bad. And just lately I've been reading about Eisenhower's forced mass starvations in the post war period. Holy shit.

Germany wasn't repaying England and France, as such. It was repaying the bankers. I just searched my hard drive for that famous quote but couldn't find it. The thrust of it was that Versailles was run by the bankers. People talk about the burdens put on Germany following Versailles but they never go into it precisely. How much money did they pay? What was it for? Who did it go to? I suspect that the reason it's not discussed is the same reason that the private ownership of the Fed is not discussed - because it leads to the twelve families.

kikz said...

i've had some odd feelings toward the bear over the last few years.

wondering how and why...

platinum/palladium are considered strategic metals, and the us has very little in the way of mines that produce these metals... why/how was the sale of this mine allowed to be sold to russia when they are the prime source for such metals? so... we allowed russia to become the sole source vendor for these strategic metals? WTF?

just google:
stillwater mine, sale to russia

oh and incidentially, palladium is used in catalytic converters(engines) and air scrubbers...

would seem, biz trumps any concerns over natl security/strategic concerns.

Anonymous said...

No, nobody I don't 'hate' anyone or group. What I am saying is, (in general) the people of the USA and their government are not good world citizens. All of their so called achievements are 'borrowed' from some other country /people /persons. A supreme example being their space achievements wouldn't have happened except for von Braun. All they are are good salespeople, users - that is all! No spark just full of shit (and proven bullies, of course).
And I see you’ve fallen into the world wide trap of ‘I think there's a lot to be said for a people descended from convicts.’ That’s bullshit as well. Underprivileged – yes, ex-cons – I ask you.
With great respect (I do like your thoughts)

nobody said...

Thanks kikz, off to check that out. As is, I don't know much about it. Otherwise I'd suggest that what with (just guessing here) none of us having lived in Russia, everything we know of it comes from the media. Sure enough the media would have us fear and hate Russia. This says more about the media than it does about Russia.

And Tony, sorry to be attributing positions to you mate. Poor of me. I didn't state it as such but my view was based on all those years I spent immersed in American lit. I read nearly everything by Hemingway, Steinbeck, Cain, Chandler, Carver, McCullers, Fitzgerald, etc etc. Somehow I got over it and now I prefer English writers. But regardless there's a spirit in those writers we don't have. And individually I find Americans to be wonderfully hospitable, charming, intelligent and funny blah blah blah.

As for the convict thing, it's merely what I reach for in attempting to explain (in my own head) why Americans are so different to us in regards to cruelty. Somehow I don't think Australians will ever be torturers. In the US the number of people who feel no compunction about inflicting suffering is legion. It's not impossible here but it's pretty unlikely. This fellow feeling and the subsequent refusal by those in power to disassociate themselves from those subject to power, indeed to identify with them, I (for want of anything better) attribute to the fact that way back when, every other person was a prisoner. It must have had some cultural effect surely?

nobody said...

Further to this, does anyone know if those famous experiments where the fellow told his subjects that it was okay to give people electric shocks (and they did), were done in other countries? I'd be very interested if various cultures delivered different results. Even within the States were the figures broken down by, I don't know, religion, age, sex, etc?

Hell, why don't I look it up myself? Off I go.

Anonymous said...

A third example would be England. They kicked out the Jews for 300 years until Oliver Cromwell allowed them back. Cromwell and his revolution was financed by Jews. That is how England became a Power House.

nobody said...

Brownie points to AW. Would I be right in thinking that this period coincided with the 'tally stick' system of currency? I just looked it up on wikipedia and unsurprisingly they give it short shrift. Heaven forfend we should consider the implications of an alternative to a privately owned fiat money supply.

Anonymous said...

When I said Spain I was talking distant not recent history :p. Im pretty sure the Spanish threw the Jews out at some point and they were a formidable naval empire. Whether the two are linked I dont know.

nobody said...


Now I get it. And yeah, I'm a bit vague on it all too. But I'm pretty sure that the Spanish inquisition was as much about rooting out crypto-Jews as anything else. These being the Murano Jews who merely pretended to be Catholics. But I don't know how much success they had. You've piqued my curiosity now. I'll go and see what I can learn.

Anonymous said...

Hollywood telegraphed this change of direction in perception management when they suddenly dropped Muslim bogeymen from their cinematic offerings and inserted those heathen Rooskies in their 2008 summer blockbuster fare:

Quantum of Solace
X Files

Can anyone say Brzezinski?

Anonymous said...

"People talk about the burdens put on Germany following Versailles but they never go into it precisely. How much money did they pay? What was it for? Who did it go to?"

Douglas Reed, Controversy of Zion. Its all in there: