Monday, August 25, 2008

Annexing the Sudetenland

Perhaps we were all blind-sided? Perhaps the Middle East is a distraction? And a penny-ante one at that. Perhaps the main game is elsewhere, and we've all been taken for fools.

Only hardcore Monty Python fans would remember the sketch where a caller phones in to the programme and, apropos nothing, says, "Yes, I'd like to ask the panel what they would do if they were Hitler?" Graeme Chapman, as stentorian intellectual, says, "I should annexe the Sudetenland." Applause follows and Terry Jones leaps in, dressed as a woman and screams, "Liberal rubbish!" Cut to the next scene.


Here's a history no one cares for. Germany was just another participant in WWI. Like every other country they were trapped in the mindset of empire - Napoleonic, Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman, Hapsburg, that kind of thing. But against the hard reality of the machine-gun, the old ways were finished. And by 1915, all the states of Europe were exhausted and ready to call it quits. The war was going nowhere. But the bankers knew that they could push things further. Their propaganda machine went into hysterical mode with absurd stories: lampshades and soap made from humans; six million Jewish victims (yes, in WWI); and unambiguous depictions of Germans as befanged, slavering, baby-eating Hun. It was all nonsense of course. Finally by way of the Lusitania scam, the US was brought into the war and Germany was crushed. (Not forgetting of course that Woodrow Wilson had sold his own country out on the eve of the war by way of the shiny, new, family owned Federal Reserve.)

The war ended with Germany broken. Actually, every European state was broken. An entire generation lost (even in Australia, believe it or not). Finally it was time to divide up the spoils at the Versailles Conference. The invisible but outsize participant at Versailles was, of course, the bankers. They ensured Germany was cut up, with swathes of its population the subjects of other countries, these being the Sudeten Germans in Czechoslovakia and the Silesian Germans in Poland. The bankers now owned Germany and ran the printing presses night and day. In amongst hyper-inflation, they stole whatever wealth was left by way of 'reparations'. The Germans starved. And those of Silesia and the Sudetenland got it worst.

Finally, the Germans freed themselves of the yoke of the bankers. And sure enough, ten years later were strong enough to unite the German people. Well, that's them fucked. It didn't help that Hitler was such a caricature, nor that he was a Social Darwinist motherfucker. But then again, is it possible to throw off the bankers and be a nice guy at the same time? If anyone knows how to do this, I'd love to hear it. I suspect it's the equivalent of finding the question to which '42' is the answer (for those who know their Douglas Adams).


In retrospect, Germany was always going to be crushed. Anyone asserting their independence from the bankers will be shown what happens to smart guys. The Romanovs learnt that lesson in the woods of Yekaterinburg - likewise Presidents Jackson, Lincoln, and Kennedy. And then there's Putin. If the Bolshivik revolution was designed to install Jewish control of Russia and WWII was designed to restore control in Germany (and as a twofer, impose it on that powerhouse of Asia, Japan) what might be in store for Putin? Why not a war between the US/NATO and Russia, with everyone else piling in? Just like a World War. The bankers wouldn't even bat an eyelid. The more dead the better. One hundred million - no problems.

Sure enough Russia has been painted as an enemy by the Jewish media ever since Putin got in and threw out the Jewish oligarchs. Think of the farcical nature of the Litvinenko poisoning. He was killed (with the most absurd poison in history) so that we might hate Russia. And then the Jewish catspaw Georgia trashes the ethnic Russian city of Tskhinvili. This attack was never meant to achieve anything apart from provoking Russia. There was no purpose to it otherwise. Tskhinvili had no strategic or tactical value. The Georgians turned tail and ran instantly. Well, you would, wouldn't you, if the point of the exercise was to have the Russians attack you.

Let's imagine we're bankers and we want to kick off a world war with Russia as the villain. Don't forget we control the bloc-media and can ignore our own provocations and can depict the response in isolation. How might we frighten everyone with the bogeyman of a rampaging Russia? Why don't we attack ethnic Russians and then act surprised and horrified when Russia responds? Can you dig it?

And now NATO is coincidentally having naval exercises in the Black Sea. Yeah right! Ha ha ha ha ha. Good timing! Are they that obvious? And honestly, what the fuck is the 'North Atlantic Treaty Organisation' doing in the Black Sea? I redub them NABSTO. 'BS' stands for 'Black Sea'. Or something else if you'd rather.

Think of the beauty of a world war for the bankers. Crushing what remains of the independent Muslim states becomes far easier. With Europe plunged into war who would even notice when Tehran got bombed? How easy would it be to declare martial law in the US? Those internment camps would make a lot of sense. Internment is what you do with enemies in time of war. Ask the Nisei Japanese of fifty years ago. Even China's destruction enters the realms of possibility. And then there's the CFR's stated desire to have a world population of less than a tenth of what it is now. (Let's scratch that 'hundred million' I mentioned earlier.)

Think also of the inexplicable kowtowing of every single figure of authority in the US and Europe. They all know something is coming. Whatever it is has to be big. How about world war big? Would that do it? Would that explain a few things? Remember - The Bankers Think Big. Their ambition is greater than God's. And it's not like they haven't done it before. It worked a treat last time. Why not a Take Two?

"Yes, I'd like to ask the panel what they would do if they were Putin?"
"I should annexe South Ossetia."


Magdelena said...

Good points nobody. I remember that python exchange too - and of course the 'answer' is 42.

That said, I think there is some merit in what you are proposing. Putin sealed his fate when he kicked the looting oligarchs out of his land, and you are right - one doesn't mess with the Banksters without getting into a sticky mess - certainly we can all look to Germany for a good example of this. Keeping in mind that she is still, to this day, occupied.

It's interesting that you mention the 'six' million wrt WW1. Not alot of folks know about that. What is it with that number?

Anyways, I kinda hope you're wrong on this, yet I have a sneaking suspision that you are pretty close two what could be truly a war to end all wars.

nb - wasn't the Fed established in 1913? Wilson sold America out - that was for sure.

As usual nobody - great post.


nobody said...

1913 was it? I forget. It was over the Christmas break I recall. I'll amend it.

nobody said...

Otherwise, yeah, who wants to be right on this one. As told-you-so's go, it'd be ashes on one's mouth.

Anonymous said...

It is no use to quote ‘’law’’ or ‘’reason’’ to entities with an alien belief system . . . the foundation of the thought system we are dealing with has a double standard and it’s first TOOL is DECEPTION. And it says this is its motto - - IN PLAIN SIGHT!!!! And with that in mind, can anyone see ITS intention/goal in the LONG RUN? (I feel ya here!) It gets people to demand the LAW after each of its moves on the RISK board while it points a finger (projection) that the other side is doing what IT IS DOING! Its rules are insane! It is God who makes the Law! Think about that entity! Time wasted on talking of what is RIGHT has nothing to do and never has . . . It mesmerizes with FORM (the beauty or the horror of form) so you get misled, confused or so afraid - - and the content can never be discussed. This should be contemplated . . . the kind of rumination going on at so many well-intentioned alternative news sites/blogs is more like a cow chewing it’s cud, spitting it out and then wondering why it is still hungry. Assuming that because you (thank you for the valid points - - I feel you) actually attempt (intend) to communicate is NOT the same goal emanating from the “ELEPHANT IN THE LIVING ROOM” though the verbage/vocalization is done in ‘’style.’ The world is the goal! And where will headquarters be????? We all need to call our Higher Self and SEE together an obstacle to their goal and a new game, not a repeat through time of this scenario – as you pointed out, NOBODY, again! We need to get off the web some - - and diligently put cohesive groups meditating and joining at our highest Level . . . .

Penny said...


though I have largely been a believer that Russia was on the radar, and has been for a while.

In fact, I recall saying some time ago, that a balkanized Russia, was what was hoped for. Balkanized and seriously weakened. This is why the chechnyans(spelling?) received NED funding, and isn't some chechnyan terrorist living all cozy in the US on the taxpayers dime.

I recall an interview with Bruce Gagnon, in which he said the RAND corporation had put out some kind of think tank paper on the balkanization of Russia, I want to say, about 6-8 mos ago he was on Meria Heller's show. He also made a similar comment on an interview.
( I like Bruce Gagnon)

I don't know about China being subjected to any attack, not so sure.

Now surrounded and controlled?, possibly.

NATO is such a scumbag group, grrr...

I think of this saying

Albert Einstein:

" I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but world War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the salmon of doubt swimming diligently upstream, bent on a bit of spawning before they go to rot and become carrion fodder for the Eagles and Falcons and Thunderbolts... oh my!

It's times like this that I'm glad we bolted the states for a rural redoubt near the Belgian and Luxembourg borders -- and started re-learning how to work with sticks & stones.

A nice piece of forward-think, Y. I'm still a long way from decided on Mr. Putin, for all his FSB/St. Petersburg street cred and PR photos posing with jaunty recon headgear and sporty Russian waffen. I do know that in a mano-a-mano scrap with any of the leading (b)lights of US politics, I'd have my filthiest lucre on the guy named Vlad.

On the big playground though, he's definitely vulnerable to the Caesar strategy, if not the old-school bum's rush.

And now for something completely different...

Your piss-take on Germany feels right to this Deutsch ex-pat "citizen" of the USSA, having been among them for some years now -- and living a centuries-old pile of rocks built by my wife's ancestors and standing directly atop the Siegfried Line. Her paternal grandfather worked on that too.

The Eifel region was a favorite battleground of the rich and famous for about five centuries, beginning in 1542; also famously referred to as the "Prussian Siberia" after their taking possession in the 19th Century and cutting the area off from its traditional economic relations to the west.

The stories I've heard from the steadily disappearing old folks have been revealing. The Nazi's were not popular here. My father-in-law's father paid several fines as a result of the F.i.L.'s not showing for Hitler Youth musters. He was swept up later though, tossed up against Luxembourg on 16 December 1944 at the tender age of sixteen. He survived precisely because he spoke the local dialect and didn't follow orders well.

I hold out hope for myself here on similar grounds. I'm also wagering that even if things do "tighten up" here in Fortress Europe, the shooting war will conducted elsewhere after two passes here. Why? Quite simply, I suspect the beating heart of old money fascism, with deep roots in the neighborhood, doesn't need or want the hassle.

If they draw the line with Vlad and he cuts off the NG, we don't need any. We're well on our way to gardening self-sufficiency with forests to burn, as sad as that may sound on the surface...

"Somebody. In this room. Must the murderer be. The murderer of the body is somebody in this room, which nobody must leave... leave the body in the room not to be left by anybody. Nobody leaves anybody or the body with somebody. Everybody who is anybody shall leave the body in the roombody. Take the tablets Tiger. Anybody with a body but not the body is nobody. Nobody leaves the body in the..."

Anonymous said...

Did I mention that the mentor I keep mentioning was Nisei?

Hauled off to a camp with his entire family as a pre-school age boy. That'll shape your character.

Between knowing a guy like him in your hormonal years and growing up in the Pacific NW with friends bearing surnames like Running Bear, I was a lost cause from a similar age.

These days, I'm shacking up in the Old World and murdering the local Eifeler Plat dialect as best I can. And I still find the whole nationality thing a sad joke.

When I motor across the border into Luxembourg via the Schmuggelwegen to tank up, like everybody else in the near borderlands, the trees on either side of the borderline sure look a lot alike.

the Silverfish said...

Not to put to fine a point on this but I find it somewhat difficult to understand how the Germans in the Sudeten, Silesian got it the worst. As I have mentioned before my family hails from Germany, around the city of Hamburg to be more precise.
My Grandfathers as well as my father and most of my uncles on both sides of the family were soldiers in the German army for the entire war. My family on my father’s side were the lucky ones for as the war ended they were taken prisoner by the Canadian forces to help in the reconstruction projects. As well my Grandfather my father and all four of my uncles were machinists and as such were in great demand so our families were allowed to immigrate to Canada in 1952.
The members of my Mother’s side were lucky not so much as they lived in a different area and were taken captive by the American troops. Not one of these family members survived. However they were not alone in the Great Dieing that befell Germany AFTER the war, as MILLIONS not thousands of other Germans, men, women and children were systematically allowed to die of many conditions but mostly it was from exposure and Starvation..

It seems for once the Americans were somewhat frugal, it was deemed that the cheapest way of exterminating these masses of people was simply to round them up stick them into Huge fenced in compounds, some as large as 6 miles in circumference with No shelter and simply allow them to Starve to death or die of exposure and disease. Nice touch don’t Yuh think? One just has to love that fucking Jew Eisenhower who gave the orders.

Funny, how one NEVER hears about these niceties of post war Germany. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Germans are for the most part not Bitchers and Whiners but I might be wrong on that, and that it might simply be that news of these after party games was just never allowed to reach the rest of the world but still, there is not a German over the age of 60 living in Germany that does not know of these crimes. Why are they so quiet?

There are other things that I could tell you about post war Germany such as what I have seen with my own eyes in East Germany on my way to Hamburg but right now I’m just to pissed

nobody said...

Hey Miraculix,

How marvellous. Perhaps those trees are in mufti mate? They can be sneaky. I wouldn't trust 'em! Otherwise I just did a quick search to get the rest of that Agatha Christie sketch and found a fabulous site. Astoundingly it has a download of all the Python sketches as a zip file. Just the business if you're one of those people who likes setting fire to great public buildings. I know I am!

Otherwise mate, since you're johnny-on-the-spot - Does that 'my dog has no nose' killing joke actually translate into German? Just curious.

Hey Pen, we are all to be Balkanised. Oded Yinon's 'Plan For the Middle East' is merely an expression of the Protocols, by way of a single geographic region. Frankly the strategy is to be the lot of everyone. It'll be a tough gig for the Chinese, but they'll get their version of it eventually. Actually that's what the Tibet thing is.

Otherwise Silverfish, I'm happy to stand corrected mate. As I understood the ethnic Germans, particularly in Poland, copped a ton of shit from the locals - a sort of European variant of what the Palestinians get. But my reading on this has been skimpy and I'm pretty sure I didn't save it to my hard drive so I can't quote you anything. But in a discussion of which Germans got it worst I'd be prepared to concede that particular point since the main point still stands.

And as an old workshop guy I gotta ask, did you ever end up with any of those old mills or lathes? They don't make 'em like that anymore you know...

nobody said...

Otherwise, terrific comments folks. Very interesting. And anon, grab a moniker mate. Anything will do. And may I be so bold as to suggest some paragraph breaks? Not only will it make it easier to read (that being the point of the exercise) but you'll find it makes it easier to write too. I say this because you've got a point.

the Silverfish said...

Ha Ha tweaked Yuh there huh? Funny that you should ask if I still had some of that old stuff laying around.
I for the most part grew up in a tool room, then I gots smarts and gots me som school book edumacation and became a Micro Biologist. Clever Huh?

That aside my father died some years ago and my uncles continued with the shop, but they were of an age and finally I took over ownership of the shop and then shut it down as I had NO intention of continuing the trade. Now I’m stuck with the goddamn place and I can’t unload it except for scrap iron prices and that I will not do.

Your were partially correct in your comment about the Germans in the Sudeten Silesian getting a bucket of shit from the not so locals. I say not so locals simply because the people living there had always been German and not Czech . The Germans were denied all rights and jobs, most lived or should I say existed on very meager means indeed, as in about half of fuck all during the great depression. True the Czechs killed many but that was still small potatoes compared to what the Americans and British did post war. And lets not forget Dresden.

I bring this up simply because all of the machines in the shop are either of German or Czech origin like Tos or Skoda. My father always said one may not like the people all that much but you can’t beat the quality of the machines. Christ man there is an old Skoda in the shop with a 36” swing and 120” between centers, Lord what a monster, but the engineering is simply a work of art. The way this thing is built along with the rest of the shop equipment they must not have had any bean counters or marketing people on the payroll. Where ten tons of cast would have been more than enough the Czechs used twenty and what precision. I remember as a kid taking 750 thou in one pass on a huge great locomotive axel shaft with that lathe. Fuck the shit that was coming off of that shaft were the size of sugar cubes and turning blue AFTER they hit the floor. That was fun.

It’s sad that they are all manual machines hence the scrap iron price. What’s even sadder is with the emergence of CNC tools the machinist’s craft has all but disappeared. Fuck after a CNC lathe or mill is programmed you can teach a God damned monkey to run it and it runs 24/7with no complaints. But such is life.
Cheers now it’s back to the bottle of Glenlivet that has my name written all over it. have a Gooden.

nobody said...

Well I ran a workshop for years. One of the happiest times of my life. I really miss it. Sniff...

And have you ever tried Lagavulin? That was my fave. But like the guy in that movie said, 'I just can't drink whiskey like I usetacould.'

Hey, weren't we meant to be talking about Putin? How unfocused we are. Who's in charge of this chickenshit outfit?

Anonymous said...

I think what is coming is the dawn of a new age and "they" are getting desperate.


Penny said...

wow silverfish, sounds like the Americans just did what the (nazis) Germans had done.

I recall reading about Reinhard Gehlen, (gehlen org.)
imprisoning Russian pow's in much the same manner, during ww2.

many many died.

gallier2 said...

Hey, miraculix and silverfish, you stole my family history or what? ;-)

I also live in the neighbourhood of Luxembourg (France though) and my parents were also from Germany and suffered under the nazi rule. My father was also from northern Germany near Hamburg (had some creepy stories as fireman helper after the 1943 bombings) and survived also only thank to his young age and sheer luck. Some of his family emigrated after the war to Canada, the USA and to Australia.
My mother was from the Saar region and also had a lot of luck (she left Dresden on an unscheduled train the noon before the infamous fire bombing of 1945).
I regret that I didn't record all the stories my parents had to tell of that time, there were truly awful things.

nobody said...

Hey folks,
Actually Pen, I wonder if the Americans weren't worse than the Nazis. Don't forget, what you know of the Nazis has been told to you by the bloc-media.

And I don't know that the Nazis had anyone with as much blood on their hands as Curtis 'Mad-Dog' LeMay or Arthur 'Bomber' Harris. I'm pretty sure the aerial bombing of civilians was NOT started by the Germans. It was in response to the English doing it first. Does anyone know what town that was? I can't remember.

And what's going on here? Are you three the same person? Well, you've slipped up now and I've tumbled your game. Ha!

Otherwise Paul, sorry to be dumping on your historical icons mate. But then everyone gets their turn. And yep, they are getting desperate. We're in crash-or-crash-through territory now. Big stuff is coming.

Anonymous said...

Miraculix is not the same person as his regional neighbor Gallier, despite his strange choice of nom de plume. Not only does he not wear glasses, he is originally from Seattle and has only visited Canada -- as an outdoorsman, guide, tourist and honeymooner.

Silverfish said: "...there is not a German over the age of 60 living in Germany that does not know of these crimes. Why are they so quiet?"

In a word: intimidation.

Between the constant cranial hammering of television and the print media here in (still) occupied Germany, the population retains much of its stereotypical "German-ness"; but just as it is against the law to disaply the Schutzstaffel (SS) emblem or the Hakenkreutz (swastika), I have also been told that there are also laws regarding "anti-semitic" speech. Funny that, how one I can rant and rave about Arabs (semites) all day long, but if you mention the word Jew folks look at you sideways.

Still haven't independently confirmed the speech aspect, but I have no reason not to believe the local source of said information.

For myself, I withhold much when I speak to people here, especially when answering the standard question, usually levelled with a mix of disbelief and incredulity: "why would you want to leave America to live here!?"

If they betray any level of para-political knowledge whatsoever, I look them straight in the eye and whisper: "the Nazi's didn't lose the war, only Germany."

That always raises an eyebrow.

Here's what I was able turn up in relation to the Killing Joke (after a proper nod of respect toward Baz Coleman):

My dog has no nose.
How does he smell?

A pun, exploiting the two meanings of "smell" -- the verb form, which means to actively take in odors, and the adjective form, which means to give odors off. "How does he smell" could mean either of these things; the joke is in it leading you to assume the first meaning, but finishing up with the second. A play on words.

>> Didn't Monty Python do a skit using the "dog nose" joke? The skit was set in Germany and Hitler used this joke.

> It was the other way round. A British person came up with the joke and died laughing when he read it, followed by his wife. The war department translated it into German -- one word at a time. Translators who attempted a couple words together had to be sent to the hospital with serious injuries. When the Wehrmacht ran along the front lines reading it aloud in German, the enemy firing stopped, there was a pause, then they all laughed and dropped stone dead.

>> When I watched the sketch on TV, they used a completely different German translation for the joke than the literal one my father gave. Which was the right one/which one is more accurate to the original English?

> There were actually two jokes. The British joke was funny and killed people. The Germans tried to make a joke in response but only came up with the "dog's nose" joke, which wasn't funny. The sketch is viewable here:

> The "dog's nose" joke was just one which Hitler used in the sketch. The joke the Germans came up with to make the British die of laughter was: "Der ver zwei peanuts, valking down der strasse, and von vas... assaulted! Peanut. Ho-ho-ho-ho."

> It didn't work. Also, the British joke is never told in English (because that would make anyone who watched the sketch die laughing!) but in (nonsense) German it is: "Wenn ist das Nunstruck git und Slotermeyer? Ja! Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!"

# # #

nobody said...

Nonsense German! You mean Python cheated? Dreadful.

And I just put the nonsense German into the translator thingy and the only sensible English I got was 'Yes!'.

Penny said...

nobody, the town is Dresden.
Or at least, that is the one I think you are referring to?

nobody said...

Sorry Pen, not Dresden. That came very late in the war. In fact most of the bombing of Germany came right near the end. And sure enough, most of it served no military purpose. Here's a cracking read.

No, as I understood it, the Blitz was a German response to the allies' bombing of civilians, ie. the allies did if first. But I could be wrong. I'm searching as I type but not getting very far. It seems that between the English and the Germans, by way of aerial bombing, the English struck first in the Ruhr. Anyway, I'm still looking into it.

Anonymous said...

"Nonsense German! You mean Python cheated?"

Indeed. Idiomatic and colloquial speech are always the hardest parts to learn when adapting to a new kulturkreis, and as such one rapidly discovers that most humor reliant on "wordplay" simply does not effectively cross language boundaries -- in either direction.

In other words, the literal translation just ain't funny here.

However, for what it's worth, today IS my forty-second birthday. No joke. And to celebrate I have the honor of finishing the "renovations" to an elderly neighbor's back forty that I've been working away at this week.

The days of cake and candy are long gone.

nobody said...

Happy Birthday brother!

I'm a few years older than you and yeah, sure enough, birthdays just get crummier and crummier, ha ha. Um, no cake pun intended...

On my last birthday there were no presents, no well wishes, no nothing. But that's okay, it was a sunny day and I had a swim. I recall I lashed out and bought myself Pad Thai with prawns.

blink in mid-morning -
hallowed day of my childhood!
Ha, so much for that...

Penny said...

nobody: recently there was a controversy in Canada wrt allied bombing in germany.

The museum in Ottawa versus the "honourable" vets.

Sorry, quotations because they are not my honourable vets

War museum to reword controversial WWII display

The Canadian War Museum has done an about-face and agreed to rephrase the wording of a Second World War display that has outraged some veterans.

Air-force vets have complained that the small panel -- part of a larger Second World War exhibit about Bomber Command that consists of a headline and just three sentences -- paints them as war criminals. (which they really are)

here is what all the controversy was about

The panel currently reads:

"The value and morality of the strategic bomber offensive against Germany remains bitterly contested. Bomber Command's aim was to crush civilian morale and force Germany to surrender by destroying its cities and industrial installations. Although Bomber Command and American attacks left 600,000 Germans dead and more than five million homeless, the raids resulted in only small reductions in German war production until late in the war."

Accompanying photographs show dead German corpses in rubble-strewn streets.

such bullshit all of it.

nobody said...

You have no idea how well I understand this. My old man was in Vietnam and a couple of other South East Asian countries ensuring that the locals not be masters of their own affairs. He had a big hand in Australia's biggest battle in Vietnam. God forbid we should eulogise the Vietnamese who sought to repel the Westerners who would oppress them. Best we declare the veterans of the battle 'heroes' and mint them a new medal.

The main thing is that no one should consider, not even for one second, that they were pawns of wealthy murderous motherfuckers. And certainly not my father...

gallier2 said...

Hello, it's me again.
Concerning the bombing of civilians in WWII one can look when the startegic bomber programs started. Neither the Germans nor the Japanese (or the Russians and French) developped something in that direction. There were a little developement called "the Uralbomber" in the 30, which is an indication that the USSR was seen as a threat, but these programs (Dornier 19, Junker 89) were immediatly canceled when Luftwaffe General Walther Wever died in a crash. The Brits and the American put a lot of energy in the beginning of the thirties to build heavy bombers (Avro Manchester, Avro Lancaster, Short Stirling and Handley-Page Halifax for Britain and XB-15, YB-18, B-17, B-24). We shall not forget that Churchill commanded the bombing of civilians with firebombs and chemical agents in the twenties in Irak
So the bombing of civilians in WWII was planed all along.

nobody said...

Thanks Gallier,

And what would we expect from a fellow who said in the twenties - "I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilised tribes." Not forgetting that during the war Churchill thought it better to starve four million Bengalis rather than have any resistance to Empire.

Good war, my arse.

Otherwise it seems I may be wrong in thinking that the English bombed civilians first in WWII. I read somewhere that that was the case, didn't save it, and now I can't find anything saying the same. As is, I keep an open mind.

Anonymous said...

Germany is just another casualty of the Jews. Funny thing is Americans are in the same position as Germans were once.

Proving, no matter how nice you are to the jews, they will stab you in the back. The arabs learned that the hard way. So shall the Americans.

Anonymous said...

Dont know how accurate it is but ...

"The first of the 4,000 lb bombs dropped on German soil was on the city of Emden on March 31, 1940, when two Wellington bombers raided the city. Each bomb carried a parachute to retard its descent. In 1940, 14,369 tons of bombs were dropped on Germany by the RAF. In 1941, 34,954 tons and in 1944, 579,384 tons were dropped"

"The first bombs fell on London on August 24, 1940"

nobody said...


Consider yourself elevated into nobody's hall of fame! Well done mate, sterling effort. I spent a while on that and got nowhere. Mind you, I'm somewhat limited what with only being online at a cafe.

Off to hit that link mate...