Wednesday, February 13, 2008

'What is Jewish?', says Chris.

I have a good buddy Miklos who's from Hungary. He's Jewish and has a star of David around his neck. And there we were, Miklos, another buddy Chris, and me down at the pub having a beer. And Miklos is telling us how Israel knocked back his application for citizenship and that's why he's in Oz. In Hungary after WWII his grandmother converted to Catholicism and he was raised Catholic. He had no idea he 'was Jewish' until he was in his mid-twenties. Chris and me - both astounded. Chris asks him if he goes to Synagogue and does all the religious stuff. He grins, raises his hands in a gesture of warding off and emphatically shakes his head. I sit watching Miklos and Chris is confused.
'So you're ethnic Jewish?', says Chris.
Miklos tilts his head, 'Well...'.
I pipe up, 'Your family isn't Middle Eastern surely? You'd be Ashkenazi, yeah?' Miklos nods. Chris asks and I explain - Khazar, eastern people in the Caucasus, 8th century, conversion to Judaism. Miklos nods. Perhaps he was surprised at what I knew. I have no idea. He didn't say anything.
Chris' brow is furrowed, 'I don't get it. You weren't raised Jewish, you're not religious and you're not descended from people who lived in Israel. So why are you Jewish?'
'I don't know', says Miklos with a vaguely startled expression and a variation of a shrug. I'm intrigued, but Chris is out-and-out flummoxed.
'What is Jewish?', says Chris.
'Um...', says Miklos.
'Ha! A state of mind', says I.
'Yeah, sure, maybe', says Miklos striking a European attitude that concedes the possible but doesn't pursue it. We tilt back in our seats and drink beer, the conversation having nowhere to go.

It had nowhere to go that was polite, that is. Like I'm going to say to my buddy Miklos, 'Mate, that 'state of mind' is little more than identifying oneself as being separate from those you live amongst. It's what's responsible for the hatred of the Ashkenazi Jews in almost every country they've lived in since the very beginning. It has led to, via banking, the uncaring impoverishment of the 'others', the suffering of whom is considered nothing by those who view themselves as superior. It's a circular hatefest with the us-and-them attitude creating hatred and the hatred reinforcing the us-and-them attitude. Really mate, the distinction should be shed and the hatred would, in three generations max, be as dead as a doornail. But really it's too good a gig to be let go of. There's a fortune in treasure and slaves to be had by its continuation. Not for you of course. You're poorer than I am, trapped under a mortgage. God spare us usury - it only suits the userer. But really mate, it'd be better for you and everyone else if you were to kiss this definition of yourself goodbye and just be another human.'

But like I'm going to say such a thing to person's face. A discussion of delusion such as this is beyond the pale. Friendships get broken over such things. And Miklos is a sweetheart guy. He just doesn't understand what it is he chooses to define himself as. I wonder if any Jewish people do, apart from the top dozen or so families. I'm given to thinking this tiny handful perfectly understands the nature of the delusion which enslaves the millions of expendable Jews. These being the people who live lives of fear as they run around shutting down conversations that might ultimately lay bare the twelve families. Not that the millions do it for this reason. They think it's about them, ha ha.

Jewish people, I address you - The delusion under which you define yourself is but a blink of an eye, a puff of smoke, a fictional contrivance to have you serve the interests of a mere dozen or so families who care not a whit for your wellbeing. Of course you are impressed with yourself and your culture. That's how it works. And yes, this construct is clever and in an inhuman way, genius. But the truth is, it's perfectly fucked. Forget what everyone tells you. Look at this thing clearly. It's a delusion - a mad nonsense that plugs into your understandable desire for flattery. And sure, its rejection is designed to be traumatic. If it was easy to give up it would have passed away long ago. The task ahead of you, the giving up of your us-and-them delusion, will be difficult. Me, I predict a nervous breakdown. But the rightness of it is undeniable. And if you can successfully achieve it, you will, in having saved your own life, help save the world. I wish you well.


annemarie said...

Ah yes, what is Jewish? Ah yes, what is it to be a human? Same question.

Anyone who fancies him/herself as being something other than what we ALL truly are is delusional. Sick. Warped. Twisted. In denial. Trapped inside a delusion. In other words, liars.

What we are is a "hybrid". What we humans ALL are is quite simple really. We are human animals. We wear or inhabit or live in animal skins. --And these animal part are mortal. Get it? Good, now get over it. Just deal with. Umkay?--
Inside ALL of us is also a "spark of life" aka the spirit/soul. It's our life force, our connection to the all, to the source of all. It's energy. Which can neither be created nor destroyed. It simply is.

btw, it's (some of) the Aborigines, for example, who know this. It's those who desire to live naturally, in harmony with nature, and cooperatively with each other. The ones who are appreciative of every single, simple, little thing, including the fact of being alive. ;)

They are the ones who desire balance. The ones who don't desire, need or want ownership/possession of anyone or anything. It's every single person, around the planet -- whether Aboriginal or Aboriginal-looking or not -- who gets it. Who knows how it's supposed to be. How we are supposed to be. In fact, we are all Aboriginal. Meaning we are Native to this planet. I ain't buying that shit about e.t. varieties of aliens. No way, it's just another cop out, another lie.

Do you eat, breathe, defecate, urinate, procreate the same way as all other humans (and many animals too btw)? Then you are a human animal. You are. So why waste life complicating life so fucking much, eh?!

So please take your lies and try to leave the planet. Shoot for the moon, or mars. heh hehe Seriously, just try. And I'll "die" laughing at your attempts while you actually die trying. hahahaaa

Wot this planet's not big enough or good enough for you, for your desires? hahaah what a bunch of fucking losers, trouble-makers, fuckers!

All of this wondrous planet is here for everyone's enjoyment, and sharing. But that ain't good enough for some. Nothing aint' good enuff for some. They can't ever be satisfied. Because they got a damned crater of a hole inside of them. Created by their own pathetic denial of themselves. Of what they actually are. ahaahahaa Suckers!

See Desmond Morris' book, The Naked Ape for a full explanation ;)

The suckers, the liars, fools, immature (retarded) humans,'s they who are ASHAMED of their animal-ness. Tough beanos! It's reality. Deal with it. Avoidance of reality always leads to mental illness. Why does this need to be repeated over and over and...!?

Listen. This is what they sound like, you can hear them all over the place, and their complaints come down to this:

"Bwaaawwww I don't want to grow up. I don't want reality. Reality sucks. Bwaaa. I want to live in fairy tales, delusions... I want to stay a baby, and have someone (or everyone) "love me" unconditionally, forever. Bwaa! If they don't I'm gonna' make somebody pay! Bwaaa!"

Jesus H!

It's that simple. And anyone who doesn't acknowledge the truth of our i-dentity, the fact of our essence... well they're just plain lying, are in denial, are ashamed of being what they/we truly are.

Too damned bad about their choices, I have to say. If they/we don't come to the truth the easy way, the truth will come to us...the hard way. Ouch! Picture a two-by-four. Now picture it with a nail in it!

What's it gonna' be babies? Better think long and hard upon your choices. ;)

I see dead people. All over the planet. They don't know that they're dead (inside) yet. But they will! For now, they imagine that they're alive, but they're only fooling themselves. For now.

It's akin to those dead people being childish babies with power or weapons. Really, it is. Picture them having temper tantrums. Cause this is what's going on, all over the planet.

And one of these days, Mother Nature along with Father Time (and you can insert God, or Iesus or whomever/whatever) are going to swat upside the temples of our heads once again. Just like it's happened countless times before...And those who REFUSE to grow (up), who refuse to mature and see the clear, apparent, and factual truth of our essence, of our essential I-dentity, along with our commonality, our common relatedness, our common humanity....well those sorry "babies" , well let's just put it this way...I wouldn't want to be in their shoes, no matter how expensive or ordinary or cheap those shoes may be.

So your friend thinks he's Jewish eh? Pity that. Just as those who think they are Christian or Muslim or Atheist or American or Australian or whatever the stupid lable they affix to themselves... Pity. Truly pitiful. And if someone's truly pitiful, then that means that they're pathetic. Pathos. Pathology. Pathological.

Either way you look at it, it's a dead/death paradigm. Pity [sigh].

I see dead people...

Dear nobody,

You really are a somebody :) which in turn makes you a nobody, just like me, and all the rest of us. :)

It's so nice that you get it :) Isn't life grand :)

ta mite...

nobody said...

Ta yourself, ha ha. You've fired a thought in my head that I'll attempt to distil down into something pithy. And if I fail the same adjective will apply but without the lisp, ha ha.

annemarie said...

Pithy? Plants are pithy.
Distil? Water gets distilled.

Be your self. No pressure, just be nobody. Nobody's great just the way he is ;)

p.s. tried to write a hiaku (hauqeu) for you, but i don't do haikus.

a joke, related to the word scramble that I must type before submitting this postscript. And now it will change to some other such shite before I "submit" again :)
guaran-fucking-teed hahaaha

annemarie said...

something pithy. And if I fail the same adjective will apply but without the lisp, ha ha.

February 13, 2008 6:55 PM

omygawd, i'm so dense. i only got that when i re-read it.

pithy,without the lisp. doh!

nobody said...

And guess what? The thought has not distilled. You'll have to forgive me. My father has taken a turn and is in hospital with pneumonia. So I'm somewhat in amongst it at the moment. Perhaps the weirdest thing is not having anyone to cook for. I got used to the routine. He drove me nuts with the sport on the TV every waking moment but now it's too quiet. Anyway, today he's compos mentis and eating. But yesterday, bloody hell...

kikz said...

so sorry your daddy is not well....

i've got 3 "snottiez" home today too... sigheyeroll........
flu rampant in the schools here, i hope it's not the flu :P

annemarie said...

There is no problem here. Take care of your father and of your self.

Be well. Will read you more when you're back.

love n light, annemarie :)

nobody said...

Ta Folks,

Well, seems I had no idea what pneumonia is. It's an infection of the lungs caused by erm... infection, or a virus, or some other thing. I'd previously been unde the impression it was something you 'caught'. But it's not. It's treated by anti-biotics but coming on top of his cancer and depressed immune system can be fatal. I got the 'be prepared' speech from the doctor yesterday. Mind you the old man seems to be improving and the 'be prepared' was tempered with 'maybe it won't come to that'.

New film today.

nobody said...

Also Pilger is incandescent today. The link is on the front page.

kikz said...

what little i know of pneu....
kinda matters where it settled..
upper/lower... one/both lungs.
might wanna read up on pleuracy & walking pneu. if he does pull thru, (godz willing) you'll need ta watch him closely for a relapse.... for some reason, once they've had it... prone to it again.

while he's in hosp... you might wanna ask the doc, about massive intravenous Vit C,,, it may help the cancer.... and certainly couldn't hurt the pneu... far as i can tell..

good luck hon.. you've got quite the sysiphean rock.......

we'll cya when we cya*

nobody said...

Ta kikz,

Yep, I'm learning fast. He's in a great hospital and the people there are brilliant.

Otherwise I'll be popping in and out. It's just that I'm a bit lost for front page inspiration. Real life has intruded...

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with real life mate; it's where we live.
Hope your dad is OK.

nobody said...

Thanks matey,

Sure, it's just jolting to go from cooking and light cleaning to wondering if you should tear up the carpet on account of bodily waste. Who invented carpet, and why?

kikz said...

mornin noby,

a jolt i'm sure.. caregiver..........
i hav yet to traverse that path. mama's healthy as a horse for now.....
daddy's been gone, it'll be 8yrs this april. he was needle diabetic w/congestive heartfailure/asbestosis.

after decades of powerlessness, he finally started to succumb to the more serious neuropathies' hackings.. bowel resection.. and a pinkie toe.. he apparently decided to regain some ultimate control of it..and his dignity.

our first visit to the house after... revealed there was no insulin there... or empties in the garbage or outside bin.

from a scattering of needles, arm's throw from his recliner.. i envisioned him taking the handful and slinging them, while cursing his extended fate... and he promptly told it to fuk off. he read his paper there, as his cats kept him final company.

you both are lucky, you are close by :)

kikz said...

found this today on wrh.. they are definitely worth watching..especially for your daddy.................
part 1 of 7
hemp oil

nobody said...

Thanks kikz,

Yeah, my uncle (my father's brother) was found two weeks after he died. And that would have happened to my old man too if I'd been elsewhere. The night before he went down, he was tired with no appetite and the next morning he was non compos mentis, exhausted and a day from death. Unbelieveable.

Anyway he seems to be recovering and the people at the hospital are talking about him getting out of bed for a bit of a leg stretch.

kikz said...


glad ta hear it !

Anonymous said...

This is all very worrying nobody, I know.
As long as dad is compos, fine, and in no great pain, great.
My mum was 88 when overwhelmation arrived.
A quack had given her the wrong antibiotics (and then promptly went on a skiing holiday to NZ) and they played up with her.
Got ambulance; straight into hospital (3 weeks). Then automatically into a (close handy) home (kick and scream – a bit).
She settled down and realised for the best, stayed for 2 (not unhappy) years - kark.
Parents are parents and it's difficult.
But as I tell my beautiful daughter when she makes decisions, they don’t only affect her.
So, all the best in the coming years with dad but don't forget as you progress, you also have a life and there are really good facilities around that don't cost an arm and a leg (just 85% of dads pension).
I hope I’m not out of line here; just reminding you it’s all been done before and we do understand and (we) are here if you wish to let off steam (as you are wont to do).

annemarie said...

nice to hear the good news and here's a short video to lift everyones spirits

Injoy :)

nobody said...

Thanks Tony,

It's all good mate. I'm happy enough with things the way they are. Truth is, it's what allows me to 'not exist' if you know what I mean. It can get a bit intense but I have marvellous friends in the country and I wander off and have a bit of a mental break with them.

And believe it or not I'm about to make the plunge back into the world momentarily to make some money. Other relos have stepped up to the plate to look after the old man for a couple of weeks. He improves daily and it seems they'll be moving him out of intensive care tomorrow maybe. Anyway I'll be OS for a few weeks. Oh Shit! I just remembered, the country I'll be in blocks certain sites and blogspot is one of them. Believe it or not I can get counterpunch (Russell's latest is brilliant) and wrh and other things, but not Les and not me. I'll try a proxy but otherwise I might be out of the picture for a bit.

And annemarie, ya bloody hippy dolphin-hugger! Ha ha ha. I don't know if I've mentioned it, but I'm a bird-watcher. Just this morning I had a butcher-bird (don't be put off by the name. they're actually wonderful songbirds and unrivalled at catching tossed food on the wing) who was carrying on right on my window sill. He made my day, and listened attentively when I spoke to him. Nearly all birds do you know. I spend half my outdoor time with my head tilted up looking in the trees. My only possessions are this laptop and a pair of binoculars, ha ha.

Thanks folks, I'll pop in again before I head off.

Anonymous said...

It is odd how most Israelis don't look very much like their Palestinian cousins, who are also (true) Semites.

The Jews have been scammed, as have we all, by a cutthroat bunch of vicious thugs who used to be safely contained in the Caucasus. Sadly they got out somehow and now the fuckers are everywhere, including infesting true Judaism itself.

Moses, who if he really existed would have looked more Palestinian than Israeli, will be turning in his grave.