Saturday, February 2, 2008

the truth and the way

There was a fellow who said that if the lie is big enough, people will refuse to deny it. In this he was absolutely right. As the size of the lie approaches a near infinite totality we are no longer forced to merely deny that 2+2=5. Any dimwit can do that. We are forced to deny 2+2=5, and 2⁹⁹+2⁹⁹=5⁹⁹, and everything in between. And beyond. Who the fuck can do that? The size, complexity and number of lies is overwhelming. So overwhelming, that an understanding of the totality - ie. that EVERYTHING we're told is bullshit - almost inevitably produces a variation of nervous breakdown.

What an unappealing prospect. Who would choose such a thing? Nobody. How many out there reading this, have had the experience of their friends conceding that 'this' doesn't add up and 'that' doesn't add up - ad infinitum - but refusing to arrive at the logical and inevitable conclusion? To do so would equal not only a rejection of everything one ever knew but a rejection of oneself. It must be shied away from. The final step must not be taken. This is the beauty of the big lie. It's a lie so big that the gainsaying of it is inconceivable, beyond the ability of rational people. It is beyond our ken.

And of course, only the recipient of the lies is thus befuddled. The liars know what's true. They don't struggle with 2⁹⁹+2⁹⁹=5⁹⁹. They know that the equation is pointless and the answer is irrelevant. Telling a lie does not do your head in. Only trying to figure it out does. The confusion that lies create is a one-way street. The masters of lies are thus the only people who know the truth. To all intents and purposes, they are the truth and the way. Oops, does that sound familiar? Of course. When I said in a previous post that the self-impressed are honoured and revered by none I was wrong. They are honoured and revered by all.

Those lied to, honour those who know. Did you know that the word 'noble' comes from the same Latin root as 'know'? Those who know are noble. The ignorant, which is us, honour and revere them. We do it every time we attend church - a church that we madly believe is not a Jewish sect. Never mind that the founder of it was Jewish and that its key book is the Jewish bible and it acknowledges the chosen-by-god primacy of the Jews. This book is merely the 2⁹⁹+2⁹⁹=5⁹⁹ problem writ infinitely large. It's easy enough to utter but attempting to solve it produces only befuddlement.

Read this quote from Ron Suskind in the NYT - "The aide said that guys like me were "in what we call the reality-based community," which he defined as people who "believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality." ... "That's not the way the world really works anymore," he continued. "We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality - judiciously, as you will - we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do."

Forget the word 'empire'. It's misdirection. Listen to the voice. It is the voice which the fellow in the first para warned us of. It is the voice of the liar. Read it again. Marvel at what kind of person would say such a thing. He is above everyone in the world who is constrained by 'reality'. A reality that he has made. Clearly he is unconstrained by his own reality. He made it. And he's not an 'actor'. This is another lie. Actors say what they're told. This fellow is actually a director. Any religious people out there? What would you call the 'director of reality'. Would you call him 'God'? Does this fellow not view himself as God-like? Can you hear the condescension in his voice? Can you hear him gloating at his own power? He says we will 'study' what he does. But he knows that there is no point studying lies. It's an in-joke that only he and his very good friends get. He's laughing at us, the befuddled. We are worshippers attempting to find meaning in the 'Words of God'. What does 2⁹⁹+2⁹⁹=5⁹⁹ mean? Study hard so that you may know the truth and the way, says the self-declared God.

People who view themselves thus are unconstrained by anything. Since they view their fellow humans as lesser creatures - as beasts - they treat us the same way we treat cattle. Our lot is theirs to decide. Our happiness, health or life are nothing to them. Kill us, starve us, tear our families apart, what does it matter? They care precisely for us like we care for cattle. If a feedlot cow is fat and healthy, it's because it suits the owner. Are you fat and healthy? If the owner could teach the cattle to kill each other, do you think he wouldn't do so? Then he'd just sit back and watch. And laugh, probably. Ha! Look at those stupid cows! What if he could teach them to build him castles, and spa-baths, and boats with helicopters on the back? What if they all trooped themselves off to church and worshipped he who was the truth and the way? Who wouldn't be bemused by such idiot beasts?

Only dimwits tell small lies. People can figure that out and will rightly hate them for it. It's proof of a smallness of ambition. Don't think small. Think big. Concede no limit to your ambition. Aspire to be God. All it takes is for the size and number of your lies to more nearly approach the infinite. As the befuddlement of the masses approaches the infinite, so does your embodiment of being the truth and the way. All bow down before you. Except me. I reject all your shit. I embrace a single truth - The only certainty is change.


Anonymous said...

I'm of an older generation and I must admit my parents raised me well.
So I still hold to their teachings where they have been proven (most politically incorrect btw).
One of the things I still hold to: female soldiers should not be placed in combat.
Along with opening car doors etc. etc. (yes I know annemarie).
Anyhow this caught my eye at WRH.
One result of lies

annemarie said...

One of the things I still hold to: female soldiers should not be placed in combat.
Along with opening car doors etc. etc. (yes I know annemarie).

Hey Tony!

Why did you say "yes I know annemarie"?

I don't think there's anything wrong with holding or opening doors for others, females included. In fact we could all benefit from a whole lot less selfishness and pushiness, and from a whole lot more consideration for others, including spontaneous acts of kindnessand helpfulness. It indicates respect for each other imo. It's never made me feel inferior, helpless or less of a person whenever anyone's helped me or opened a door for me. Always appreciate(d) the gesture :)


Anonymous said...

I always knew something was not right. Iraq War is what really woke me up to this Horror movie called EARTH. Its more of a comedy if your the Jewish. I however do not find it funny.

nobody said...

Politeness is merely a formalised expression of regard for others. It's a good thing and I'm for it. It's more complicated than that and perhaps I shall pontificate on it on the front page.

Otherwise, anon, it's an in-joke. A) You're not meant to get and B) It's not funny if you do. It's only funny to those who are 'in'.

Anonymous said...

This link worked.
Thank you.
Lying is at the root of all our issues, cancers and depression.
Everything would change pretty quickly if lies were suddenly eliminated from our abilities - as if dishonesty is a trait that could, somehow, devolve out of human nature like an unnecessary appendix. It may have come with the human package, initially as a defense against predation, but like everything built on egocentric dishonesty, that defense mechanism became twisted under the delusion of "progress as improvement" into creating mass divisions between human beings. This puts us into little catagories such as nobles and servers to the nobility.
We should probably dump patronizing gestures of respect because they are one of multitudes of social contracts that introduce and carry us along us into the world of delusion. I imagine the door is always opened for a hat-in-hand borrower entering and leaving the mortgage department. Then we recall the photo of Rumseld cordially shaking hands with Saddam. And don't forget the adoring parent who escalates his/her participation in child abuse by going from a smack to the brush, to the belt to a switch, only pressuring the abused child to lie more convincingly. The few examples I mentioned are stark evidence not of respect or honor or love, but of learning how to dance more gracefully with the devil.

nobody said...

Hey Nina,

Well, things like respect and politeness do serve a useful societal function. They can be subverted, sure, but done selflessly they cannot fail. I'm somewhat one-note I know, but all human behaviour need merely be considered the continuum of selfishness/selflessness. Even 'lying'. I try not to use the word 'lie'. It's too loaded. I prefer 'misrepresent the truth'. And sure enough, it's possible to misrepresent the truth selflessly.

Earlier I was going to give an example of good/bad respect and politeness etc but I realised I'd be repeating a thing I wrote earlier. If you're interested click on February in the archive on the front page and scroll down to 'Saying sorry is bullshit'. I don't know if you'll groove on it or not. It's about aborigines in Australia.

Gee, I am running you around aren't I?