Monday, November 22, 2010

The Coffee Rules > Falsity As Totality > The Big Nothing

Dad - "Sam and Marg are coming over so they'll probably want coffee."

Nobby - "Er... possibly... I guess."

Dad - "Well, is it alright if I have a coffee?"

Nobby (rolling eyes) - "Oh for fuck's sake. You don't have to ask permission to have a coffee. The coffee is in there, the pot is in there, you just go and make one. I've shown you how to do it any number of times. We don't need any silly games. I've told you, I don't care what you do - you may do anything you like, go make a coffee, whatever - but just include me out of the silly games."

Dad (with a look of cold hatred in his face) - "It's not a game."

Nobby - "It is a game. If it has rules and it has roles it's a game. What are the rules? Okay, here they are, I'll tell you - The Coffee Rules:

1. (nodding head with happy face): You really, really like having a coffee.
2. (shaking head with sad face): You can't make a coffee.
3. (nodding head): Nobby can make a coffee.
4. (shaking head): You can't ask Nobby for a coffee if it's only for you.
5. (nodding head): You can ask for a coffee if it's being made for other people.

"Thus (finger goes in the air as dominoes of realisation fall), if Nobby is making coffee for other people... it's alright for me to mention it... and since I am mentioning it, if I ask very, very politely and meekly so that no one could possibly object... and besides which, I'm not asking for me, I'm asking for other people... then I can have a coffee! Yay! Victory in the Pacific!

"God spare me. And that's the coffee game. It and a thousand other variations, always this way. And for yourself within the logic of the game, the question 'Is it alright if I have a coffee?' makes sense. But if you're me and you think the game is bullshit to begin with, the question is absurd. And it is absurd. It's precisely as absurd as 'Is it alright if I turn on the TV?', and 'Is it alright if I go to bed?', and 'Is it alright if I don't finish my meal?'. And we know it's absurd because: What if I was to answer no? No, you must stay up all night staring at a black television forcing yourself to eat the cold congealed remains of your dinner. Yeah right, what obvious bullshit.

"But never mind all that. I'm going to short circuit the game. Come with me, you're going to make yourself a coffee. You make yourself twenty cups of tea a day and making coffee is no different. You're perfectly capable. You can do one, you can do the other. Let's do it."

After a momentary pause wherein he wonders if he can sulk his way out of it without looking like a complete dickhead (and quickly deciding no), he gets up and under my instruction makes himself a coffee. It takes a couple of minutes and is slightly more complicated than turning on a light switch but not much.

Shortly thereafter Sam and Marg arrive, and with his coffee in front of him, and to prove he's not a bullshit artist and how necessary and right the game was, he makes a big fuss of asking them if they want a coffee. The prospect of further game playing and point scoring is cruelly crushed when they say no. Cue the eye-roll. And without looking, I know for a cold hard certainty that the old man's head is now running with pointless calculations for how he might have achieved the end result of having a coffee made for him in spite of no one else wanting one and all the while still conforming to the rules of the game. Games is all there is.

I also know with equal certainty that he will never make a coffee for himself ever again. Here, as in the real world, there is no greater crime than the calling of a game. The old man would rather do without coffee for the rest of his life, indeed never mention the accursed drink again, as long as we never go anywhere near a conversation that may involve his falsity being called out. The only thing that will put that look of hatred on his face is having a game named.

And in this regard he's nothing special. We see it all the time. Every idiotic charade will take place in order to preserve the sanctity of falsity uber alles. We will turn ourselves inside-out, say any idiotic thing, declare black to be white, whatever, and all to avoid acknowledging the mind buggering breadth and depth of the lie.


I realise now that when I wrote that Big Lie thing a while back I made a mistake. I declared that the great sin being protected in the bullshit discussion about Hitler and the Big Lie was usury. It isn't. Usury is merely a mechanism under the overarching ne plus ultra sin of falsity itself. The arse-about crap surrounding what we call Hitler's Big Lie exists in order to protect falsity as totality. This is the topic that may not be broached. Everything underneath it is effectively second fiddle. Even the sleek viciousness of usury must kneel at the altar of falsehood.

Whether you want to use the term or not, it's all about the continuum. That's the selfishness / selflessness continuum at the top of the page there. It's un-patented so anyone may feel free to steal it and do whatever they like with it. And ever predictable yours truly, there's nothing I like better than throwing the topic-du-jour up against the continuum to see which of them comes out of it alive.

Here we plunge into circular logic but never mind, let's just go with it. When juxtaposed against the unarguable rightness of selflessness, the concomitant 'wrongness' of selfishness becomes too obvious for itself. Further, as one travels in the wrong direction on the continuum the more obvious this becomes. Thus: the mind set that says that an accumulation of chateaux, yachts with helicopters, and under-age sex-slaves is more important than the right of entire towns not to be fire-bombed must come from a false view of the self. It must. And we're at a truly fundamental level here - the level of the self versus the not-self. This is the anti-buddha sure, and such an black beast must view himself, and everything not-him (which is to say 'all of creation') through a lens of falsity. Falsity comes first and foremost, the thing without which there is nothing, not even the definition.

It's not for no reason that one of Satan's titles is the Prince of Lies. Such a personification could never be called the Prince of Usury, or Theft, or any other lesser sin. Each of those is merely a mechanism under the totality of falsity, the falsity that comes with denying the continuum. And for anyone who wants to point to beasts and the reality of their behaviour, go and do that thing - tell yourself you're a beast and prove my point for me while you're at it. Back to Satan now: in naming the personification of evil, only one sin was ever going to cut the mustard and that was lying.


In the beginning was the word. Yeah, right. What are the odds that that word was a lie? With falsity at the heart of things I'd say it's somewhere in the vicinity of a certainty. And in today's discussion we take the word away (word = thought = conversation = philosophy = every goddamn thing) and what is there? What of a person is left? What of a people is left? With the lies so big, so numerous, so total, to call the lie leads where? A discussion like this of such a totality, whether for the macro or the micro, is a discussion of the self, an attack at the heart, a thing that cannot be permitted.


Let justice be done though the heavens fall. I admit that there's not much space in that expression for the micro but what if we substitute 'let the truth be told' for 'let justice be done'? That works doesn't it? So let's carry on - Why do we hear that phrase but never see it take place? Kevin Costner said it in JFK and what happened? Nothing - Tommy Lee Jones walked. Was anyone surprised? Of course not. The heavens cannot fall. Everything must be done to ensure that that doesn't happen.

Not forgetting the irony of course: there is no heaven. As if let justice be done though the heavens fall could escape the totality of the lie. In the beginning was the lie remember? The lie, the totality, cannot be called. God forbid. Without it we are nothing. Without it God is nothing. No word, no God, no nothing.

Excellent. Let's do it - Nothing Here We Come. There's no point being bloody-minded if you're not going to go all the way. Let's strip it to the core until nothing is left. Fuck heaven.

Everything is gonna burn.
We'll all take turns.
I'll get mine too.

Whatever the fuck it is, this thing we've constructed, this bullshit self, we'll burn it all away. Send that metaphoric monkey back to his bullshit heaven. Fingers crossed there's nothing left except for whatever there was before the word, before the lie. God knows what that'll look like. A man sitting under a Bodhi tree perhaps. Or is that too romantic? How about a burned out eucalyptus with the smell of charcoal hanging heavy?

The tax file number, the family name, the christian name, all gone with nobody recognisable left behind.

This is all bullshit of course. None of it makes a lick of sense. But since when did that ever stop anyone?


Penny said...

"We will turn ourselves inside-out, say any idiotic thing, declare black to be white, whatever, and all to avoid acknowledging the mind buggering breadth and depth of the lie."

Because it is the "lie" whichever lie it is, that keeps some people sane.

I have a person in my life, who has built such a lie around himself, that I am of the opinion he is truly delusional.

In that he has built up a phony personification of himself, a facade to show the world, but the facade is breaking off at this point in time.

In discussion with my hubby about this individual, I was commenting that this person, needs to do some real soul searching, to take a look in the mirror, to face thy demons.

But it will not happen.

To take such a close look at oneself, is to come close to insanity. Too feel fear, panic, disconnect, irrationality..
Until you slog through every bit of muck and can finally clean it off of yourself and say, ok, I am ok, who I am is ok.

But to get to that point is tough, and most people cannot handle the journey.

So they lie to themselves, and to others, and they avoid the depth and breadth of that lie.

Or at least that is my take on it.

Edo said...

Penny, I wholeheartedly agree with you. It's not easy hitting rock bottom. I should know.

First I lost my dad to a heart attack. Then I lost my partner and son through a break up. Then I lost my job, followed a few months later by my home. Slowly but surely, I started losing my marbles, as well as friends along the way...

When I finally ended up with diddly squat, I faced those demons and slowly started to rebuild my life.

First step, my marbles.
Then, my friends.
and so on and so on.

I totally get the reasons why people prefer the lie, it's just that for me, lying to myself that it was all down to others got me nowhere.

A Hellene said...

Ah, come on, now, Nobody!
What that poor man is only seeking for is some communication; some company; some consolidation, maybe... And all he gets in return is a piece of Socratic dialectic, which forces the mind to burn and re-wire some gray matter stuff! Despite all the governmental efforts to ease their subjects up, using any conceivable means (from enforced miseducation to drinkable hydrofluoric acid esters --the same exactly substance Father Stalin used to treat all the lucky winners that inhabitated those resorts called gullags with)...

But, isn't it a fact that the most serious lying that takes place occurs when people lie to themselves? After all, this behaviour is well documented in the fields of social psychology, that powerful tool those walking tools wearing white robes (or blue or black ones --the color of the robe doesn't really matter) use to enforce the serfs another nasty tool, euphemistically called Social Engineering.

Speaking of which, one of the first Social Engineers is considered to be Plato, since, along with "The Allegory of the Cave" he also described "The Allegory of Τhe Noble Lie" («Το Γενναίον Ψεύδος», in Classical Greek) as well, in his work called "The Republic" that he wrote more than two and a half millennia ago.

The Allegory of Τhe Noble Lie was about the fictional community of Kallipolis, which was consisted of three classes:
1. The Rulers (οι φύλακες-παντελείς) that were made of gold: The spiritual aristocracy, which were the most honorable class of people that designed and regulated the well-being of the state,
2. The Auxiliaries (οι φύλακες-επίκουροι) that were made of silver: The military, judicial and commanding officers of the state; the keepers of the order, and
3. The Creators (οι δημιουργοί) that were made of iron and bronze: The farmers, the craftsmen and everyone else creating wealth for the community; the workers.
The basic concept was simple: Every class would mostly produce children like their selves, of their own "material." But it was not unusual for a silver child to be born to a golden parent, for example. Should an offspring of any class be born of iron or bronze, it would be driven out of its parent's class to join the Workers. In the same manner, a golden offspring of the Workers or the Auxiliaries would join the ruling class, and so on. This was the promise that kept everyone in their place, enduring the workload of their fate (see: their "material").

But, waitaminute! Why is it Plato to be accused as "the first Social Engineer" of the world? Was not Plato the messenger only? He did not actually create the so-called Noble Lie; he only documented a situation and gave it a name! It is obvious that the manipulation of the masses by their rulers did not start 2,600 years ago; on the contrary, this was the very first trick in the book!

End of part 1 of 2

A Hellene said...

Part 2 of 2

Neither the class-separated societies emerged during Plato's era. For example, the ancient Indian society was based on the same lie: India was a society consisted of seven(!) casts; and the whole population was doomed to belong by hereditary means to the classes they were born into: Those were the farmers, herdsmen, craftsmen, soldiers, philosophers, counsellors and rulers. It is obvious that a bright mind or a good craftsman born to a shepherd's cast would never have the opportunity of exercising their special skills.

What kept the lower and more suppressed casts from uprising, in that obvious social injustice? Well, it was a simple (or naive) myth, or what was later called "A Noble Lie", according to which, any person of a higher cast would occasionally be born to lower cast parents; and with the aid of a complex mystical spiritual mechanism that magically located charismatic children born to parents of lower casts, the lucky offsprings would be relocated to their proper, higher environment! This vague hope, of seeing their children living a better life, gave the lower casts the excuses they needed to endure their "fate." Even if most of the "lucky" children were eventually manipulated to turn against their own paternal casts...

But, were those things happening only in the ancient India? Did the rulers of any place or any time ever ceased to use any kind of Social Engineering? What about the 6th century BCE Chinese version of the Divide and Conquer tactics, described analytically in the Art of War by Sun Tzu, the student of the pacifist philosopher (but cunning politician, also) Confucius? What was the Roman-Byzantine "Bread and Circuses" practice about? What about the Byzantine and Turkish practices of stealing the enemy’s children and indoctrinating them to turn against their own people? What about them also, using officers of foreign local decent at the countries they had enslaved? What was Christianity about, since it required absolutely no knowledge or thinking abilities from anyone whishing to join the sect? What about the status upgrade from slave to equal --especially after death? What was Freemasonry about? Not to ask whether anyone can perceive the creation of the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. as social engineering experiments, since both their dogmas were different only in name?

What about social engineering in our days? Is there something that promises a social upgrade to the people today? A better life, perhaps? Would it be unfair to call the lottery a Noble Lie? What does the lottery promise (and never delivers, even though it makes some other special people really wealthy in a weekly basis!) to the contemporary serfs? What are all those TV-series and movie fairy-tales, with the "poor" girl/boy marrying the "rich" boy/girl and becoming a respectable social member, about? Don't all the blatant lies the politicians use in every occasion, belong to the realm of The Noble Lie?

I think it is time for me to put a full stop at this point. I guess I must have gone too far, by trying to present the concept of The Noble Lie in its actual proportions. But, remember that nothing is too far-fetched when we are dealing with Politics, which is another euphemism for the manipulation of the masses.
Really, has anyone ever thought about the concept of Human Farming?

End of part 2 of 2

nobody said...

Hey Boys and Girls,

I was going to pop in and apologise for this, um... rant, but then I read the comments and they're really good. Pen, Edo, and Hellene all with interesting and useful things to say.

Which is way more than I expected since I don't think I'm making much sense at the moment. I mentioned the activity of 'disappearing up one's own arse' in here as a thing to be avoided but funnily enough I'm pretty sure that that's precisely what I did.

To be honest, if I had any sense of restraint I'd have kept the last two pieces to myself. A bloke bitching about his father - how undignified. It's just that at the moment my mind is locked in a worthless paroxysm of self-serving shit. All my daily activities pivot around unreality and subsequently nothing feels real and I obsess on the, I don't know... injustice of it all? Poor me. Sure enough, If I open my mouth to speak this is all that comes out. Better I should hold my tongue really.

But you know, whatever... I'll probably do it again in the future. And apologise again. The truth is that the great sage and equal of heaven was just a monkey. And for those who remember: the nature of monkey was irrepressible. (Hmm... a lot of talk of monkeys lately...)

As is, things are accelerating here. I expect it'll accelerate right up until the moment it ceases utterly and then the counter resets and a whole new story starts.

Anonymous said...


Nobs, for an intelligent guy you are not very smart or to put it another way, for a smart guy you are particularly fucking stupid. Yeh, everything I was going to say has already been done but anyway, you do know that your dad’s request had nothing to do with wanting coffee, that’s not what he was asking for. At least you know it now.

As I see it, it was a perspective problem, you can see the top of the mountain from a long way off but not when you are half way up the thing. You are too close to the problem to see it for what it is and your built up stress took a bit of quantitative easing. Unless there is a history that you don’t want to deal with then why not take a few days off from us, we will get by muddling through on our own and treat the guy like you would want to be treated in that situation. Remember that those who are particularly sick take things out on those who are closest to them. And that is their quantitative easing; after all, you are all he has got. It can’t be easy for him knowing the curtain is about to fall on the final act. If he likes sport then why not take him to see a live sporting event even if it is only football in the park and then sink a few beers afterwards. This is just a suggestion mate; you call it as you see it.

slozo said...

Nobody - you are a very concientious fellow, and it shows with these last two posts . . . so please, don't think them self-indulgent. I consider them character making - we have a better and broader perspective of you as a real person with real issues. We know you're not perfect, alas; even though some of your posts have been so dead on in describing the true situation in the world as to be described as perfect.

We are all human, all of us have faults. I used to have a terrible temper, and still work at not letting it explode at times. I have been mean in words to my very kind but sometimes thoughtless mother. I have stood up and shouted back at my dad for his ignorance, in the same useless way you lectured your father for trying to initiate "useless" conversation (not useless for him, I'd reckon).

Love works to smooth over all these things, incredibly. For all his massive faults and wrongs in the past, I due my utmost to help out my father, be kind to my mother. I keep the disappointment or scorn private now between myself and my wife when talking of my parents at times.

The result has been magical, even with a few minor disagreements in between. You'd be surprised.

Keep your chin up, mate. make sure you do those hobbies off the computer that you have been putting off.

You're alright, Nobody. Just keep spreadin' the love, my friend.

PS - Hellene:
Interesting to note of your social engineers, is that Plato (like Confucious, or 'Kong Fu Zi' in mandarin) did not actually write anything - it was claimed to have been written by his disciples. Interesting, in that such information dispensation methods lend themselves to constant re-tooling, and unauthorised publishing. Sort of like the Bible.

A Hellene said...

Nobody, in my opinion it is perfectly alright to write down about a situation that has been bugging you for some time. I think I can understand what you are dealing with; but I also believe that you actually care about your father because if you didn't you would probably ignore him and his ways --but as I can see you do not, since you choose to address the little games he tries to play with you.

I do not know if it is possible but, how about you start inviting him to play more games? This piece of reverse psychology experiment could make him feel better, less annoyed and annoying, and would -probably- make the symbiosis more pleasant --not to mention the quality of the memories it will create for everyone.

Slozo, I do not know whether Confucius wrote anything or not, even during his long exile. I do not even know if The Art of War was actually written by his student, Sun Tzu, or by any posterior persons, but that military treatise must had been based on the teachings of his mentor, Confucius, even if it was possibly distorted afterwards. On the other hand, it is certain that Plato's mentor, Socrates, did not write anything, himself; this is what his students Plato and Aristotle did. After all, Plato was the founder of the Athens Academy, where he also used to teach. Since his very early twenties, Plato followed Socrates until the last moments of that grate teacher of critical thinking, and his only original work was The Apology (of Socrates); all the other 35 works of his, were Socratic Dialogues: The conversations his teacher had with third persons, whose the names became the actual titles of Plato's works. There are also more than ten epistles of Plato surviving, which are proofs of his writing.

But I will fully agree with you in that we cannot not know whether the scripts we have in our hands today are the original works of those men or some intentionally doctored copies, since the palimpsests indicate that the same kind of people who had access to the original scripts and made those copies surviving today, were also the ones who were erasing ancient knowledge to overwrite it with their prayers and Abrahamic delusions...

Anonymous said...

Splendid comments.

The glass is half full.

Just keep spreadin' the love.

That helps deal with our own demons.

- Aangirfan

P2P said...

slozo, I think your mixing plato with socrates. plato did write his own dialogues, using socrates as a character. plato was socrate's student, like aristotle was plato's.

I think plato's idea was good in giving the highest position in such a society to 'philosophers,' which as we all know, doesn't reach the administrative levels in most of western societies of even today. never before in history have whe had this much knowledge on 'how to,' we just lack the initiative outside of market interests (just sit quietly for awhile, think about 'engineers' and how easy would it actually be to make africa prosperous).

speaking with the voice of socrates, plato writes in republic:

"I said: Until philosophers are kings, or the kings and princes of this world have the spirit and power of philosophy, and political greatness and wisdom meet in one, and those commoner natures who pursue either to the exclusion of the other are compelled to stand aside, cities will never have rest from their evils, - nor the human race, as I believe, - and then only will this our State have a possibility of life and behold the light of day. Such was the thought, my dear Glaucon, which I would fain have uttered if it had not seemed too extravagant; for to be convinced that in no other State can there be happiness private or public is indeed a hard thing."

the idea about a 'good myth' does exist in plato's republic, but that is something that exists in almost all of writing which reach the level of an utopia. in the history, if one has wanted to see societies turn to better in their lifetimes, they've needed good myths to fuel up the generations to come. I myself wish for a day when people take intellectual responsibility of themselves and those societal entities they support.

I think the term 'good myth' is the same as 'noble lie,' like hellene said before. without saying more, I just have to note that I think all of us have some ideas that could be categorized as social engineering. when thinking about it ethically, we might know it to be wrong or unnatural at least, but when wanting to see good things come about, we might do what humans do and agree to rush it.

Anonymous said...

Another thought provoking piece, and like many of them, one that also feels personal.

The game, and its variations exist in my family and as the only awake truth oriented member of that family, the game is wearing me down too.
So yes everybody, his dad just wants some love, duh. Does love involve bringing honesty to the table with your relatives, or living a comfortable familiar lie? The answer clearly varies for all of us. I prefer truth, my family chooses lies. I have no choice but to pretend to live the lie when in their presence, their rules. Is it love or comfort in the familiar driving that?

The ideas of groupthink and doublethink in 1984 were a lens through which I tried to view peoples reaction to 911 truth for several years. Seeing the bigger picture and the end game of the globalists makes one wonder how we should respond as individuals and it always lead me back to the same place.
If only enough of us were awake, we would have the numbers to take back how do we wake everybody up?

I have spent years expending effort with online activism, street activism, joining peace groups, 911 truth groups,and environmental groups, all peace and truth oriented. I have never felt like such a failure, not for my efforts of which I am proud, but for my dismal 'results' in helping people to wake up.

Lately I have spent more time trying to understand the stubborn, almost violent reactions by people confronted with the truth. The Allegory of the cave mentioned by Hellene is the best summary of the problem I have seen.
Do you stay in the cave with those you love, or leave them behind? How many years can you spend trying to wake them up?

As the world gets worse and the more the globalists show their evil hand, one might think more people would wake up. But they just hunker down and work harder to maintain the lie, and get even more hostile to those who dare to speak of things that challenge it.

I am going to spend more time trying to understand why people prefer the lie. The coffee game was helpful and thought provoking.
Thanks Nobody.
PS I also love the Hagan take on Buddhism. Namaste.

nobody said...

It's spooky when everybody is right. Except for FB. No honestly mate, all he wanted was the coffee. As for your other ideas, well you see, we're way past all that. What with his dicky hip he can barely walk. Besides which he doesn't want to go. All he wants to do is sit in front of the TV.

The thing is that that trip to Brisbane for the scan thingy has shown that his, well let's call it 'phoney cancer' has finally become full tilterama lung cancer. No point operating. No point doing chemo.

In spite of having had five or six years to get his head around the idea that he had terminal cancer, for some reason he's acting as if this has come as something of a shock to him. He's phoned everyone he knows and told them he has weeks to live. Which is odd since his oncologist told me he could have anything from a couple of months to a couple of years. And that, as far as I'm concerned, was how it always was, ie. nothing has changed. And nothing has changed, the routine at home is identical.

Remember Homer Simpson thinking he had 24 hours to live? And how when he didn't die he just went back to staring at the television? Okay there you go. Every waking moment is still spent sitting in front of Fox Sports eating chocolates and cakes and biscuits and custards.

And the various relatives racing up here on account of thinking he only had hours to live? He'd kick them all out after a couple of hours on account of 'tired eyes' (no really) and as soon as they were gone... he'd turn on the telly and sit there watching it until 3 in the morning. It was all a charade. Nothing was real.

But whatever, more domestic dross. Who cares?


I'm still grooving on the comments and particularly Hellene's arc (nicely taken up by those following). There's a big topic here. It'd be nice to tie it up into some kind of unified field theory: the self and the non-self; lies as totality; the nature of belief; religion and control; the need for it or not; the freeing of the mind, etc. etc. but somehow my brain's not up to it. As the absurdity has been ebbing and flowing for the last couple of weeks I've been variously smoking cigs and quitting. A day here a day there, it's idiotic and puts one in a state of permanent withdrawal symptoms. I don't recommend it to anyone. Anyway as a result my brain isn't up to much.

Oh, and P2P, sorry I didn't get back to you. I shall, but probably after the weekend. Too dizzy, too easily distracted.

Anonymous said...


Point taken Nobs, that will teach me not to make judgments from incomplete information so I will go and sit down at the back of the bus and look out of the window. But just before I go, I will leave you with this.

kikz said...

after attending to physical hygiene needs, once they get so far mentally gone..
there is no rational response other than whatever makes 'YOUR life' easier noby.

if that response is - to make the coffee... then make coffee.

whatever requires the least amount of burning your own braincells.....

wv: undedd

happy turkey day to those in the contig us.

slozo said...

Victoria - very good comment, and you have me re-thinking my response to some degree.

Don't get me wrong . . . I still give the advice to give love to those who you respect/admire/love/feel duty towards. And I am sure it is almost solely the last point that drives Nobody to care for his father, as the love is slowly ground out of his soul by seemingly endless amounts of drudgery, repetition and idiocies. I get it, and I have only been in that particular situation for very short amounts of time comparitively.

But that being said, your point about telling the truth - living in others' dream worlds of reality and repeating those lies, or choosing to reject those lies to reveal the festering truth . . . it's a very valid point indeed. And it's a poignant decision to make when mixed with the sense of duty and afterglow of love for one's father.

Victoria, I experienced the 911 thing in my own family, and I will tell you all about the most daring thing I ever did: I wrote a long letter about three, maybe four years ago to many of my closest friends and family about my thoughts on 9/11. I really did! I prided myself on being a totally honest person, and made that step . . . and I lost some friends that day, and there were many arguments. But it was worth it, even if some of those people (specifically my sister and brother in law) look at me as a loony conspiracy theorist, having bought into and accepted that term that was taught to them by the PTB.

So yes, you have my ear when explaining that it is, perhaps, better to explain the truth to the old man, even if he is utterly ignorant of ever understanding it in your estimation.

One is sometimes surprised at the little miracles of understanding that sometimes happen along the way, such as the very few that have happened for me with my dad and a friend or two.

But you have to weigh all that, in this case, against the undeniable fact that you can also provide so much mental pain and anguish and frustration to the person in their old and dying years . . . by trying to 'enlighten' them on certain situations. That pain is just as real as any pain you get from the many annoyances thrown your way as well.

So in wrapping up this meandering comment, I say you stick with loving truth. You say your piece on the coffee thing, while making him a cup and giving it to him with a smile and kissing him on the forehead.

Give the old man his coffee, and let him know by actions that the price to pay is an explanation on the truth of the situation.

P2P - Did mix up Plato with Socrates, good catch. You should look up though what proofs exist for each to prove that they truly wrote what they did though . . . interesting stuff.

Edo said...

Wow, the comments are better than the post!

I'm a fucker for wanting to be right about things. Ask the few friends I've got... Been there and got the T-Shirt on the whole losing family and friends thing where 'truth' is concerned, but I have a question for you all:

Would you rather be right and unpopular/vulnerable/etc or wrong and popular/secure/etc...?

I know this is a baited question, because seeing as we're all here, I suppose we're all for being right (and take what comes with it) but I often wonder what my life would be like today, had I not opened my mind to all the dreadful shit going on in the world. Blue pill / red pill... if you could go back, would you?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to consider, and reply slozo.

Our own experiences and unique perspectives shape how we see everything. I have spent too much time thinking about logic, math gravity, proof and the like as I try to talk to people about 911.
I have done my homework on chemtrails and spent a lot of time and energy figuring out how best to make people aware of them.
Ditto for the British 7/7 bombings.

Attempting to understand the psychology and emotional state of people living in denial and examining their cognitive blocks to the truth is something I will now pursue with more vigor. This is no longer about gravity and free fall speeds (perhaps it never was?) but a matter of the human condition, fear, courage and self deception.

My personal view is that if I am not helping people wake up, I am not really fighting the NWO or helping the human race. Preaching to choir and hanging with the choir has kept me sane, but my real concern has been helping people wake up. I will keep trying, but will beat my self up less for failing to get results. I suspect many of us wish we could reach more people. Looking at their condition more closely may help us all.


PS lots of nice informed people here, I like this place.

nobody said...

Good God, everyone is just, I don't know... brilliant today. Bravo. Kikz et al is right. If there's no point then there's no point.

Back to the Simpsons again - does anyone remember that episode where Lisa's science experiment is to see if Bart is dumber than a hamster? She does this by giving him an electric shock every time he reaches for the cup cake. Bart dutifully shocks himself over and over and over and never learns anything.

Okay, welcome to my father. When I speak to him of all things 'game' - roles, rules, and permission seeking - I may as well be speaking Japanese. His brain has been structured to think this way his entire life and he's not capable of viewing it objectively. A complete impossibility. Thus the correct answer to 'Is it alright if I scratch my arse?' is 'yes, you may scratch your arse'. And sure accepting the role of He who has the power of yay or nay over arses, and the scratching thereof is an insult to my intelligence, but what are you going to do? We're talking about a guy who is metaphorically dumber than a hamster.

If that person is never going to learn the lesson what does it say about me as the guy who teaches it and fails, teaches it and fails, and repeats the same thing over and over perpetually expecting a different result? Where does the insanity lay now?

So FB, when I was getting picky before it was only with the specifics. For the big picture you were right. I am fucking stupid, ha ha. It's true.

And funnily enough this is what I've been talking about with P2P from dyslexia is ok here. And in replying to her I decided that, what with it comprising precisely what we're talking about here, I should whack it on the front page. So I'll do that. Tomorrow? Monday? It'll be one of them.

ciao ciao


nobody said...

And speaking of The Matrix, I decided that the guy who opts for the fake steak over the real porridge glop might just be the most interesting figure in the movie. My brother just came back from overseas and in amongst all the photos he showed us, the shots he took of what he ate did my head in. All that to-die-for food and here's me having quit wheat, sugar, and dairy, and imagining myself as a fellow who's walked away from desire. Yeah, right, anyone for seconds of Dukkha?


Oh and Victoria, you should definitely hang out here. This is where all the cool kids are at. And even though you can't tell, we're all good-looking, glamorous sophisticates who make Paris Hilton look like a cheap porn star. Don't we boys and girls?

Anonymous said...


Now the situation is clarified a bit I fully realise it is roll reversal with you and me and the stupid comment - apologies.

Anonymous said...

Edo, I will take the red pill for truth every time.

Nobody. I will take the fake steak over the real porridge any time..........hey wait a minute!!!


PS, pleased to learn that everyone here is as good lookin' as me.

nobody said...

What are you on about FB? Knock off the self-deprecation. Only I'm allowed to do that. Ha!

And Victoria, it was a bit sneaky of me but that was a test. Happily you declaring yourself as good-looking was the exact right answer. Welcome to the club.

The are two rules for the club -

The first rule is - there is no club.

The second rule is - there are no rules.

Now, everyone should go back to what they were doing before.

Anonymous said...


Ha, I remember once on holiday, we had an apartment or bungalow or such. When there was a crowd in the living room I went to the bathroom, left the door half open, stood in front of the mirror and started saying, “Gosh, you are so pretty, I really don’t blame all the girls for falling in love with you. They should walk in front of you and throw rose petals at your feet in honour of your beauty etc, etc, and other such crap.” The trick was to come out of the bathroom and see the bemused look on everybody’s faces. Then they got the pointy finger and the big smile. Some would say I look as though I still have my tongue in my cheek but that’s not true although I have lost a front tooth which I never bothered to have put back in but that has more to do with being a total coward so far as dentists are concerned.

How is that for dealing with the self depreciating bit, although I know for certain I am not as good looking as Victoria ;-)

kikz said...

(eyez glazin over rembn my glory daze)

i ...was... goodlookin.. once upon a time.

now i'm just invisible :) it's a lot less work...

wv: imoohyl

which i read either as.. i'm oo y'all
i moooooh y'all..
back to xmas decorating....

kikz said...

All that to-die-for food and here's me having quit wheat, sugar, and dairy, and imagining myself as a fellow who's walked away from desire. Yeah, right,

hmmm. food.. i do that over the thought of a juicy cap of rib eye; spinalis dorsi

mine are more.. madonna material girl stuff..

i still miss my diamonds and gold...and my nice el do.. and my house... sigh.....

kinda like that crow who was gaga over sparkliez in
secret of nimh

nobody said...

No cavilling. We are gorgeous. I have spoken.

Dave Q. said...

Hello Nobody,

You should know that the physically lovely, intelligent, truth-loving folks who are drawn here do not do so by mere chance. Do birds tend to flock around a dried up water hole? I think not.

Also, please don't ever apologize for writing the more personal stuff. It's all good. In fact, many of us (it appears) identify quite a bit with your personal reflections of late. It's nice to feel that one isn't so alone. I personally have yet to be so courageous and open.

And what a great gang here, and the comments! Oh, the comments! (channeling Tiny Tim, here)

A great holiday to you, Tiny Nobby, and to all of us....every one.

Dave Q.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Tom Termotto of Florida State University (my alma mater) brings us some more disturbing news from the Gulf. It is dying and the repercussions affect all life on the planet and the seven seas.

He mentions the gulf can result in a great earthquake as Edgar Cayce predicted as well as the Mayans.

The gulf stream in northern Europe is reported to be 10% cooler than normal with unseasonable snows as the gulf stream emanating from the Gulf of Mexico continues to halt.

nobody said...

Thanks Dave,

I know what you mean mate. I feel it quite acutely. But there seems to be some kind of short circuit going on. My head is the same as ever with all manner of mad thoughts flying about but the urge to hammer them into the keyboard just seems absent.

I feel like Robert De Niro in Awakenings. If someone throws me the ball I can reach up to grab it but if left to myself I just look at the ball and wonder why anyone would bother.

Or perhaps I'm just distracted? I don't know what it is. Perhaps it's nothing. Perhaps I'll just start writing tomorrow and the pages will 'roll' like an imaginary Todd Beamer, ha ha.

Anyway I'll write something soon and hopefully it won't be gibberish.

Dave Q. said...

Hey Nobby,

I love the Beamer reference. Funny stuff.

At the risk of beating my old drum too much, let me just say that gibberish is fine. Hell, sometimes a little gibberish is a nice 'palate cleanser' after a heavy mouthful of "they're fucking with the water supply of the whole fucking USA", if you know what I mean.

Of course, and I've intimated this before, I like everything you write. Perhaps because I harbor more Gratitude than Expectation, these days.

Dave Q.

nobody said...

Hey Dave, well I've two pieces: one is that reply to P2P and the other is about Julian Assange. Both of them are close and the only reason they're not done is due to me being so easily distracted. Imagine how much I could have done if I hadn't spent all day yesterday re-reading Laurel Canyon.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mister Nobody, Milky Bar Kid here.
Did you notice that WikiLeaks 'leaked' the information I gave you about Hil asking
my advice on China? I think that might be Israel wanting us to be embarrassed – didn't work.
As is, most of the other 'leaks' were nowhere near the vicinity of the fan – poor old Bibi
can't win a trick lately what with his bush fire and all. I don't know if you realise this
Mister Nobody but as far as the source of information in any of these 'leaks' you can swap WikiLeaks
with Israel any time – we (Australia) gave 'the cause' Mister Murdock and now Mister Assange –
what a giving nation we are.
Happy Chanukah.

Your favourite ex Prime Minister of Australia
K M Rudd (Previously the Eumundi Kid)

nobody said...

Ex PM!

Yes I did see you on the telly. You did very well I thought. What was that word? Robust? Very good, I'm sure the punters ate it up.

As for the leak I doubt there's any of it that came as news to the Chinese. The heavies at the top end would be under no illusions about you as any kind of sinophile. They know you'd sell them down the drain in a heartbeat. Perhaps it was that pained artificial smile you perpetually affect? Who knows? Either way the Chinese would have long since given up on you as any kind of friend of China.

And you urged Hilary to "use force" eh? Dear oh dear. Ex... no offence mate, but who the fuck do you think you are? Yap, Yap, Yap, went the little dog. "Wah! All hail the great conquering hero of East Timor," say the Chinese, laughing their heads off.

As for Rupes and the Ass-Song, Ex-PM shame on you! You forgot Frank Lowy! A rolled-gold certified member of the zionist/banking hall of fame; a top tier hero of 911; a weekly-telephone-call personal buddy of Benjamin Netanyahu. I mean honestly.

How could he not be at the tip of your tongue (literally now that I think about it) after last weeks' huge Frank-Lowy-World-Cup-Suckfest-Extravaganza? Speaking of tongues, Elle McPherson had hers so far down the back of his throat he had a momentary dry heave / gag response thingy. Did you notice? Happily no one else did and they all just carried on. And Elle McPherson! What a tongue! And fearless? She'll stick it anywhere.

Mind you, I'm given to thinking that it was actually the Frank Lowy crawly bumlick that lost it for us. What I haven't decided yet is if we overdid it or underdid it - too much bumlick or not enough? - it'll be one of those two things.

Anyway, lovely to have you pop in and long may your ride on the jet-set gravy train continue.



Anonymous said...

Hello Mr n, MBK here again or KR as those not so close to me as you are obliged to call me. Isn’t it nice to have a special friend? I used to have an imaginary one, well lots of them really, mind you they all thought they were real and I was imaginary, what a jape. But never mind all that, now I have you – you and that word Robust. What a strong word that is, almost, well, robust. Got it off Dubya don’t you know, as in “The economy is robust”. Well what a wheeze that one was too. I suspect he got the word off Karl but I was never too sure about that. I guess it is these special words that make special people like us immortal, what do you think?
After the Elle incident, you know, it got me round to thinking what useful things tongues are and where I might usefully put mine and that’s where the robust word came from. Wrote it down on a scrap of paper at the time and thought you never know when a word like that might come in handy. People know when you use their own special words. They take it as a compliment and then they like you. Thought that when the time comes, God forbid that if ever people stop noticing me, instead of wandering out into the back of beyond I might pop over and give ol W a howdy doody on his ranch in Paraguay. Then I could spend my retirement going around visiting Herman and Klaus and all the others that are supposed to be dead and I will use all of their special words when I go calling. I will stay well clear of that Wen Jiabao though after all the hurtful things he said about us (me). I could even send you a free ticket to Asuncion, first class of course and I could introduce you to all these other important nobodies as my special friend. Now is that an offer or is that an offer? Do I see you punching the air like that Loose Windscreen does? Now let’s hear it from you Mr n.

With affection

Your special friend


nobody said...

Thanks Kev!

You don't mind if I call you Kev do you? I figure Kev is pushing it without going too far, like 'Kevvy' say.

As for your invite to Paraguay, now you're talking! I was wondering when the death cult was going to knock on my door. Not that any of the dimwits here get it but the only reason I do this blog is as a shortcut / act of desperation to score a gig with our blood spattered rulers. All this talk of Buddhism is crap. What I really want is to spend the rest of my life worshipping my belly and my cock all the while hoovering up insane amounts of drugs. Never mind Scarface and that bowl of coke that he plants his face into, I want a jacuzzi's worth of it.

Really, what I want is to be the Judge out of Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian. Have you read that? The Judge is fantastic, like some hairless, seven foot tall albino Dick Cheney.

Speaking of Cheney, what about people hunting? Will we be able to go people hunting in Paraguay? That would be grand. How about mini-guns? Do they have those down there? Ever since I saw terminator I always wanted to blow the shit out of something with a mini-gun.

Whoops! Time to go to yoga. Otherwise include me in Kev. Take it as read that I am cock-a-hoop. A life of caviar, krug, coke, and 12 year old sex slaves is all I ever dreamt of. And the odd mini-gun hunt thrown in! It doesn't get any better than that.

So yes, send me that first class ticket. Address it:

Tourist Town

and it should get to me no problems.

Thanks mate, and we'll catch up soon. Ha! Let's have a competition to see who can make the hostie cry first. "What do you mean you have no Crepes Suzettes with Grand Marnier? If you can't whistle up some crepes suzettes pronto - WITH GRAND MARNIER! - I will personally throw you off the fucking plane!" Fun and games!

Anonymous said...

Don’t mention it nobs, you don’t mind the familiarity do you, just consider it done. In fact the tickets are winging their way towards you as I write this.

We have intelligence here and we sussed out your true motives a long time ago mate and consider your shortcut already cut. Your belly and your cock can hang out with the best of them. And drugs??? You will be in Paraguay for Christ’s sake.

Cormic McCarthy’s judge; nope can’t put a face to the name but he sounds like one of mine, there again if you want him along consider it done and I will get him to supply you with as many lawyers to shoot as you like. Certainly more than any of us can reasonable eat. Everything is there mate, every indulgence catered for, every boredom amused, from mini guns to mini golf. We have got mini guns going half cocked and mini cocks going off half gunned; there are enthusiastic 12 year old sex slaves with RFID chips so there is no place to hide. Christ, I am the ex PM mate, I can get you all of McCloud’s daughters if that’s what you want. I will even put in a good word for you with Julia Gillard. There I go getting carried away with myself again. But so as not to spoil your fun I will make personally sure there is absolutely but absolutely no Grand Marnier on the plane.

Between ourselves, of course, you can call me Kevvy Baby but for public consumption I think it should be Mr Rudd. People don’t always understand the relationship hard working politicians have with their very special friends when the weight of State is lifted from their shoulders.

As always

Your Kevvy Baby.

skinnylegsandall said...

Count me in on the Paraguay adventure.I'll pay my own way.
I was glad to see the statue but let us not jump to conclusions about the Khazars. They most likely were better people than the Jews were. At least they had their own kingdom. The vampires landed and infiltrated them,150 years later kingdon gone jews more on.It can happen to us just as well.
Note that all of our federal agents have a six pronged Star of David and no one says a word. Our law enforcement in the cities are one by one changing to six prongs.
Our ambulances rather than having a red cross (see old photos) they are one by one having a blue star of david, non chalantly crossing out the cross.
Most hospitals are going for blue and white uniforms.
I am sure there are other take overs that I havn't noticed.

nobody said...

Okay that sounds like fun. Skinny, pile in mate! I'm glad you're here because, what with nothing coming for free, someone was going to have to be sacrificed and between an ex-PM and yours truly I'm pretty sure I was 'it'. But now that you're here I just sell you out and baby I'm a rich man yeah!

nobody said...

Um... actually I'm thinking I shouldn't have told you that. Luring someone to their death works so much better when you don't tell them that that's what you're doing.

Look Skinny, forget all that. I was just joking. No one is luring anyone to their death. Just come along - no need to worry - and we'll all have a brilliant time. It'll be one long sex-drugs-and-rock'n'roll snavelfest. And never mind the third law of thermodynamics, this will all be free forever and ever amen.

But just to be on the safe side, I recommend you bring some people with you that you don't like very much and wouldn't mind - kind of thing - if they died. Suddenly. In an accident perhaps.

And hopefully you'll be better at not giving the game away than I was. Um... you won't sell me out will you? That would be pretty poor of you I think. Anyway, here's to a life of fear!

nobody said...

And Kev, that's a brilliant idea about the Grand Marnier. But I've got a better one. We'll find out precisely what they don't have on the plane and make sure that that's all we ask for. Dig it, it's like an arse-about cheese shop sketch albeit with the hosties as clueless victims and us trying to outdo each other berserk tantrum merchants. God I can hardly wait.

And no sniggering or you'll give the game away.

Anonymous said...

Nobby Baby

I have arranged for the catering suppliers to have a small inconvenience on the way to the airport so anything you ask for won’t be there, he, he. And consider it already fixed with Julia; she mightn’t be everyone’s first choice but I am sure no full blooded Auzie will pass up the chance to gallop the trot. As you say though, do remember the third law of thermodynamics, all that sewing and reaping stuff. Didn’t mean to imply anything about the Grand Reaper there, you will be on the side of the good guys, the ones with the black hats.

Yours as always


Anonymous said...

42 comments. Wow!

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...


Your ex PM is making himself a tad of a tiresome shit of late. Anything likely to fall off the desktop onto the main page in the near future?

nobody said...

Don't be impressed Aang. That's what happens when you are slack and idle and leave an article on the front page for... Jesus Christ, three weeks is it? Wow.

And yes, FB I have a new piece that has somehow managed to make itself absurdly long - me at my self-indulgent worst. It started out as me thinking I had something clever to say about Assange, writing a couple thousand words of rubbish and then getting to the end and realising that my clever idea was actually bloody obvious. But whatever! I'll sling it up anyway. It should have some nice pix at least.

I should also add that the old man has been jumping me through a particularly tiresome series of hoops lately. He's had a genius idea for making his life easier by making me responsible for every single aspect of it. If we are at the doctors every question he's asked is instantly referred to me as if he can't possibly know, but I surely will. I attempt to discourage him by loudly saying, 'How the fuck would I know?' but the game is all he's got and he could no more stop playing it than he could stop breathing. But I shouldn't bitch, we'll be there soon enough.

Anyway, whatever. Hopefully I'll post tomorrow or the next day. Mind you, I've said that before haven't I? Oh well...

Anonymous said...


After a stay in hospital because of a medication problem (doctors blue) we placed my mum in a nursing home – she was 88 and weighed 28k (she was always slight but very healthy). She didn't like it a first but they could look after her better than my sister and I (not that we were slack – she had her own self contained two bedroom 'granny flat' on top of my sisters house).
Within weeks she loved the place.
We visited (separately) a few times a week and she was happy with that.
The nursing home looked after her extremely well and she lived 'till 90.
We were lucky in that the home was only about 2k from where we lived.


nobody said...

Thanks Tony, it may come to that. Mind you, a granny flat would be good. Imagine being able to get away from the TV. Wow.