Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Inevitability, the end of the world, and the many-minds juju

I reckon I'm onto something here. Mind you, I always think that... but whatever! I'm writing, you're reading, let's just do it. Today's thought pivots on what I consider to be the only juju that actually possesses any power: the juju of many minds thinking the same thought. And the thought that counts here is a biggie - the 'inevitability' of the the coming apocalypse/armageddon/gotterdammerung/time-of-revelation/insert_word_of_your_choice_here.

Where to start? How about Arnie Schwarzenneger? I choose him not because he's significant - he ain't. He's just another clueless puppet seduced by the usual mansions, yachts, and mind-control pussy. Rather he stands in here as an easily understood signpost in a many-minds juju gig. To wit: the everyone-must-hate-Muslims campaign that began with his execrable/brilliant True Lies flick. Pay no attention to the in-joke mind-control title, it's the thrust of the campaign here that counts.

Now that we have a better understanding of how these things work, this particular campaign was actually fucking obvious. The death cult wanted the nations of the West at war with Muslims. Sure enough, under the many-minds juju rubric it was necessary that we believed that Muslims were mad, death-wish psychopaths who hated us for our freedom. Or somesuch. Don't worry that none of it made a lick of sense, nor that it was utterly at odds with what those who were familiar with actual non-Hollywood Muslims knew to be the truth, ie. that they are the most charming and hospitable people you could meet. Common sense, real world experience - none of that is a match for a manufactured many-minds juju.

From the deliriously racist Hot Shots Part Deux, through to the too clever for itself 24, onto the wolf in sheep's clothing Rendition, we can observe the roll-out of a long planned campaign at least twenty years in the making. With the bloc-media filling in all the gaps in between, enough of that shit bubbled through the ground water so that when the time came we were there already. Literally, now that I think about it: Have MOAB, Will Travel.

And back at home, we the otherwise right-thinking (who couldn't help but drink the water), muttered briefly, but not too much on account of that wee nagging voice telling us that Muslims aren't quite the thing are they? Honestly, they're their own worst enemy and they bring it upon themselves. But to hell with us as righteous white folk, even the very people who should have known better, which is to say Muslims, in the face of the many-minds juju ended up following that time-honoured teenage dictum If you've got the name, you may as well have the game. It's a bullshit logic, but like that ever stopped anyone before. If everybody thinks so, there must be something to it. Even Sirhan Sirhan thought he must somehow have been guilty.

Still now I can still hear that wee nagging voice in my head. For God's sake - they're only movies. Ayah, it doesn't shut up does it? It's the voice of the believer I used to be. Yeah well, they're only movies in precisely the same way that fluoride is only in the water to Make Our Teeth Strong! Never mind that fluoride is toxic waste from the aluminium and uranium smelting industries, has never (ever) naturally been consumed by humans, and in all other uses must carry a poisons warning that it should under no circumstances be ingested - here we are in a world where everyone thinks it's good. Oh dear, have I strayed again? Kinda, sorta, not really. Fluoride, Muslims, take your pick. If the bloc-media runs with it, without dissenting voices, it's a done deal. We'll drink toxic waste, commit genocide, whatever. Give them time and we'll be raping our own children. Oh look, it's Miley Cyrus' sister Noah teaching little girls how to pole dance. Isn't that adorable?

Whatever, a tuppence for the endless small time tactical shit. It's just scene setting. We're here for the big strategic juju crunch point - us being prepped for the end of the goddamn world. Sure enough, small bites will only get you so far in instituting a Rothschild uber alles one world government. Somewhere along the line Naomi (no-Rothschilds-here) Klein's Shock Doctrine will have to be deployed. Big Time. And when a thing cannot be permitted to fail, half measures will not do - it's overkill or fuck off. No one's missed the overkill have they? What have we got so far?
-The Great War On Terror Muslims - The GWOTM: serves to destroy the only alternative to usury's money-as-debt; provides an enemy and thus a basis for the implementation of fascism; puts the Western world in a once-you're-in-you-can't-get-out permanent war footing; and not forgetting its well proven ability to destroy an economy.

-Global economic collapse - Not over yet folks! Hell, we've barely started. The GWOTM will only destroy America's economy. Since this is a global gig, everyone must fall. Fine - get every nation in debt up to their eyeballs, pile on 500 trillion worth of derivatives, pull the pin, retreat to Switzerland. Simple.

-Global warming - I'm wondering if this isn't just opportunism? Perhaps the climate is changing. The sun is very big and we know fuck all about it. Or the whole thing is bullshit in its entirety. Who can tell? Either way bullshit is a certainty, and here the bullshit pivots on it being the fault of humans. The only thing we know for sure is that whether the climate is changing or not, the idea of a global regime and a tax based on breathing is simply beyond irresistible for the death cult. Honestly, if global warming didn't exist, they'd have to invent it.

-The coming we-told-you-so global pandemic - AKA How to kill five billion people without really trying. And all with global chaos and further reinforcement of the need for global government thrown in for free. Yee ha! A thing worth doing. If you're a death cult motherfucker, that is.

-Mike Ruppert's peak oil - Between Dave McGowan and the Gulf of Mexico disaster, I'm wondering if this one hasn't come a bit of a cropper? Still, that's the point of overkill - if one campaign fails it's not the end of the-end-of-the-world. Mind you, any number of other plans have been blown wide open and what happened? Nothing. They just carry on regardless. Perhaps it's early days for the peak oil gig? Who knows?

-The Sea Turning To Fire and other natural disasters - Gulf stream oil spills are one thing and HAARP is another. Is the former global? It's hard to know. The latter less so (technically tactical rather than strategic). But still, it's a hell of a thing HAARP - your own personal franchise of Acts-of-God 'R' Us. It's beautiful if you think about it: it's the don't-argue fear machine from hell and it's the roll-your-eyes deniable natural event. Perfect against China. Whether China gets the don't fuck with us deterrence hint, or they don't get it and are kept busy dealing with millions of casualties, it's all good. (Att: Russia and China - are HAARP pulses monitor-able? You might want to get onto that. If intelligence shows that HAARP is an earthquake maker, me, I'd declare nukes justifiable).
Did I miss anything? Oh, and did that add up to six? Yeah. Gee, I hate that number. Whatever, let's just ask the question: what do these things have in common? Apart from being made from whole cloth, and each with its own specific many-minds juju campaign? Me, I'd declare them 'piecemeal' (for want of a better word). If we were in an advertising rollout (and we are) each of these would represent a brand, or a stream, or an aspect, each within the corporate-mission-statement totality of the 'apocalypse' campaign. So where's that total branding? The umbrella meme to tie it all together? It has to be there.

Think Egypt in the bible. God didn't separately dish out one plague after another for ten separate sins. Each element of the overkill came under the single rubric of... well, let's just call it: Everyone must love Jews or die. Thus we have God imagined as an idealised expression of Jewish contempt and hatred for those not them. "What we want the public to understand here is how great we are by way of here's what happens to anyone who doubts it." No surprises then that for those imagined to have wronged the Jews, one plague is not enough. It's Crucifixion's too good for them writ large, really large, as large as God.
NB. For the record (and me back on my old hobby horse) - whatever the death cult call themselves, whether Jews, or Sabbateans, or Moloch worshipping Satanists, they're actually nothing more than anti-buddhas who've chosen the selfishness end of the continuum. Choosing that over selflessness is the most prosaic and obvious thing imaginable. It's them choosing to emulate beasts, otherwise pitiable creatures who lack the ability to do otherwise. The fact that the death cult infinitely outstrip the beasts in their beastliness doesn't make them great. Any nth degree thoughtless fuckwit cunt who's chosen the obvious and made it to the top of that particular pyramid is still a thoughtless fuckwit cunt. Yeah, death cult kiddy rapers, I'm talking to you.
Back to the business at hand! Each of these sundry campaigns have to be tied together thematically. In fact this thematic totality must come first. Everything then will follow on in simple order. The totality is obvious, really. All of the above are simply variations of Lookout! It's the End Of The World! Is anyone surprised? Of course it's the end of the world. It's always been a winner. It's the same precise logic by which salesmen tell you that an offer only lasts for a day. Don't think. There's no time. Just stampede!

Over and over, the same thing every time. Why change it? Only an idiot would reinvent the wheel. The end of the world is so reliable that even Buddhists fall for it. The list of Maitreyan rebellions is very long and very bloody. You'd think they'd know better, wouldn't you? Especially given that Maitreya will only return when the Buddha Dharma has disappeared from the face of the earth. Never mind. It's the classic meme and plugged into the power of the many-minds juju it works every time, and for everyone. Even us, the clever trousers.

Hands up everyone who thinks a not-made-by-the-hand-of-man apocalypse-something-or-other is just around the corner? I hate to say it, but the death cult gives three cheers. The more the merrier says they. And here we are thinking that the above list of disasters are all false, contrivances created to push us to a bullshit end, but... 2012! The Mayan calendar! Look at the weather! Well, of course! In amongst this jigsaw puzzle of many pieces, this is the photo stamped on the front to make sense of it all. And here we are dismissing the pieces but embracing the photo. As Su brilliantly said in the comments one time, in chess the white pieces have a purpose and the black pieces have a purpose, but the game itself has no purpose. So are we chess fans or aren't we?

Back to Hollywood. Here the death cult is telling you where they want your heads to be. On a block, ha! Yeah, yeah, cheap jokes aside, the many-minds juju machine loves the end of the world. It's not an accident that all those movies that used to involve the hero saving the world now skip that last bit. Now the world is destroyed with a Knowing Nick Cage realising that there's nothing for it but to hand his kids over to, well... whomever, and then go home and wait to die. Oh, and any resemblance between those scenes in Knowing and the people smugglers in Haiti, Sudan, etc. is purely coincidental. These were aliens for chrissakes, not Baptists, or 4WD enthusiasts, or members of the Finders. Whew! Thank God.

And thank God for Roland Emmerich and his Day After Tomorrow and 2012. Apparently those pix are all part of his noble campaign to increase awareness of 'the lack of a government preparation plan for a global doomsday scenario'. Sheesh, with good guys like him, who needs motherfuckers? And hasn't he heard of COG? That's Continuity Of Government, Roland. And don't worry mate, it's all under control: even as we speak truckloads of Krug and pâté de foie gras are being shipped into secret underground locations. Otherwise, the only 'global doomsday scenario' that's going to take place will be 100% man made. 'Lack of government preparation'? Ha ha ha ha - nice one Roland. Who said Germans weren't funny?

Hollywood loves the end of the world and we love it too. And sure Hollywood is bullshit, just another part of the bloc-media telling us to hate Muslims etc. But here, they... I don't know? What do we think? That they've accidentally tapped into the truth? Or that there's bits and pieces of Hollywood that aren't really part of a bloc-media, aren't part of the mind-control programme, and that somehow these insane budget epics escaped oversight? It's only a movie, says the wee voice.

Sorry, but I'm going to have beg off that particular chestnut. Given the nature of the death-cult campaign and how if this meme didn't exist they'd have to invent it anyway; Given that the end of the world gag has been done more times than anyone could count, and never with a lick of truth, nor to any useful purpose; Given that other campaigns that we know to be false have run the gamut from Mike Ruppert's bullshit indy cred through to the voice-of-the-Rothschilds bloc-media; Given that this is the campaign, the campaign to end all campaigns, that cannot be allowed to fail; Given all of that, why are we falling for it?

And why do we get excited about a fellow, or group of people (it's hard to know really) who say that they've somehow managed to dredge through every single thing written on the net and, by way of 'asymmetric language trend analysis', use this to distil the future? He (or they) then turn this into 40-odd pages of frankly unintelligible gibberish in which, fortune-teller style, one may happily read whatever one wants. As long as it's the end of the world, that is. Is that guy for real? I mean, really? He's not a psy-op? Even though he precisely resembles one? And even though he must either have the most staggering array of supercomputers to process it all, or he's just pulled it out of his arse?

Last week in Sydney, whilst staying with friends who have an ADSL line I succeeded in downloading all 7Gb of a text-only wikipedia. I now have an offline wikipedia on my hard drive (and it's fantastic, I love it - three cheers). But it took all night. To include all notes, discussions, and meta-data would have come to several terrabytes of data, an impossible download. And that's just wikipedia, a single (albeit large) website, one amongst millions. Okay, now imagine the impossibility of dealing with everything written on the net. This is google territory and they need acreages of computers and a town's worth of power for it. And this guy does it on what? His desktop? The computers at work during downtime? Fucking hell, I shake my head. Oh, and Les Visible gets a tip of the hat does he? Madness! In the ocean that is the internet, if all mentions of Les Visible add up to more than a single drop in that ocean, I'll eat my motorcycle. And yet, this fellow somehow finds Les in amongst the mega-magilla-gorilla-gazilla-bytes he downloads does he? Or is it just a fact that Les is on-message with the end of the world meme? Because that is a fact.

Where are our heads at? With Mike Ruppert telling us of the inevitability of mass death? Or with Dave McGowan calling him out as bullshit? (Oh look, Mike Ruppert has a book and a movie. Sure! Mike gets the bloc-media tick of approval).

Are we dizzy yet? Too dizzy to ask the question: What's he fucking on about? What's his point? My point is that if I'm prepared to call bullshit on (let's check them off): peak oil as an excuse for mass murder; swine flu as a natural event; global warming as man-made; the GWOTM as 'Muslims started it all'; natural disasters as nothing-to-be-done-for-it acts of God; and economic collapse as a couldn't-be-helped accident; why wouldn't I take that one-more-step and call out this apocalypse thingy too? It's no different. It's just more of the same, part-and-parcel. Of course they'd do it. They have to. This campaign cannot be allowed to fail. Everything that is humanly possible will be done.

And it is being done. But humanly possible is the key expression here. There is no hand of God in amongst it. There is no heavenly host cum cavalry galloping into the frame. Or to put it another way, there is no deus ex machina. And there never was unless humans put it there. The god in the machine was always a con. The 'machina' in deus ex machina is nothing more than the means of contrivance: it's the stage, the wings, and the proscenium arch; it's a thousand people operating cameras, rigs, and buildings full of computers; it's a pyramid of power with armies toiling to convince you of the reality of the 'deus'. But here, the 'deus' is as false as the 'machina'. Deus ex machina is merely a statement of what someone else wishes to achieve and how they go about convincing you, the viewer, of its god-like it-must-be-so nature.

But people may believe what they like. All I can say is, include me out. I'm too old for that shit now. Somewhere along the line I grew up. And sure, it came as a surprise but what are you going to do? Shit happens. Now I say the death cult can take their inevitability and stick it up their arse. I don't care how many people pile in declaring it to be so. Nor how well meaning they are. All I know is, if you pile in, it will be so. That's how the juju works.

The inevitability of the end of the world? Yawn. It's just a wish - the wet dream of the death cult. I ain't lending a hand to help a pack of wankers blow their wad. They can jerk off on their own time.


Anonymous said...

layering of the mind
ups and down all different ways
displaying the inevitable
shifting in its play
self pendulum in swinging
the time in always now
living streams of consiousness
clarify or a cloud
funny thing this life
unique in innumerable ways
measured in better or worse
in clever or in crazed
in wickedness or compassion
in rich or extremely poor
but all men show all these things
I suppose its held in inner store
myself I like to believe
that man is basicaly good
maybe thats what needs redefining
each person will then be stood
but I dont really know
If I did I would tell the crowd
so I will just write a poem
using colors different sounds.


Anonymous said...

A good read Nobes - thanks.
And yes all a bit of a yawn.

Edo said...


A. Peasant said...

outstanding post nobs.

they may pull out the project bluebeam to get over the hump. whip up some hollywood aliens in the sky with miracle technology that has been locked up in vaults here on earth for a few decades, and reduce us to awe-struck slaves.

Visible said...

Holy shit that is an extended unabridged War and Peace sort of a thing. Someone told me you weren't doing do well, if that's true I am sorry to hear it. I also apologize for not coming around, I'm probably too self absorbed or some kind of thing.

Let me know if there is anything I can do if what I heard was actually real.

I think you'll like what I had to say at SM about Alex Jones, you being you and all of that.

Anonymous said...

I dont know sounds like your on the way to sitting it out in no mans land,and that dont get anything done..peace neil

veritas6464 said...

Hey Nobody,…Mayyte, I said mayyyte.. right on the money son:

“And there never was unless humans put it there. The god in the machine was always a con. The 'machina' in deus ex machina is nothing more than the means of contrivance:…”

This is the/my point - people think – people think(not), because that’s their experience with scripture; that God is allegedly some super alien omnipotent vapour-being that by magic makes shit happen – NO! We The People; make shit happen, by thinking the same thoughts at the same time – My Christ is not a Syrian mendicant; My Christ is a universal GOOD WILL energy pulse - the power of the WILL! GOOD WILL! You think I think we all think of ice-cream AND…poof - ICECREAM!

And poof, Love. And Poof, Light. And Poof, Peace!

Love Light and Peace!

I’ll tell ya this for nothing…
My Order has been vilified by every crank, child-molester zionazi fucking scumbag for a thousand years. My great Grandfather (18 times removed): The Baron De Gris, was burned at the stake along with Sir Jacques de Molay – the last Grand Master of Templars…

We created a system of honour known as the ‘Promissory Note’, not Banking, not Usury, not lying stealing cheating or child-molesting - THAT WAS IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE: THE JEWS!

The truth is simple and does not require a ‘Product Disclosure Statement’ (they are totally small print writ large, small print scam none the less).

We are the power, we are the only resource and we DO decide, by universal WILL – yep, how do you think we keep defeating the yiddish tyrants that want to take over the world. Oh, they suddenly get over their shit and apologize – FUCK THAT!

The lumpen Prols eventually get so fucking sick of poverty and oppression that one day they ALL WAKE UP THAT MORNING AND THINK; FUCK THESE CUNTS! NO MORE!...

And it ends. Again…

Shit doesn’t just happen Nob’ - shit is made to happen – GOOD OR BAD!

They don’t just give up their ‘jones’ for goy kiddie’s arses and theft…(there may be some physical manifestation of this thought-energy release along the lines of Nicolae Chauchesku et al).

Until the next time the yids hoodwink (through those Mason fuckers) every dumb fuck into their cuckold dominance.

Sir Paulie Grice HST HKt.B KtTA 18th Baron De Gris (Hereditary Knight Templar).

Adjutant: The Knights Templar of Australia – Commanderie of…
The Ancient and Noble Order of The Knights Templar of Jerusalem.

Want the shit to end? PILE IN BROTHER NOBBY! PILE IN!

Rebel 4E said...

I'm sick of all the 'End of the World' shite perpetuated through t'internet, etc..
It's the ultimate in Fear Porn/Bad Juju
Bollocks! to it all I say.
I enjoy my life, all of it, the Ups and the Downs.

One Love (-___-)

tim said...

What an outstanding article! Thanks. When I get dark I always try to remember a simple yet profound statement by Adi Da: "We do not live, Life lives as us". The world will not end until the sun explodes, man will just be evolutionary rubble, and the Divine (who we are expressions of) will not even be touched. That being said, the elite tribe wants billions to die. It won't be the end of the world, but the suffering involved brings me to tears....

Drew said...

Nobody, as always your words are hard-hitting truth, and your complete 'I'm gonna say what I'm gonna say, and Fuck You if you don't like it!" attitude is what keeps drawing me back to your writing.

You speak the truth, and your voice is important in this age of the antibuddha.

One Love!

kikz said...

and just to supplement the 'it's just a movie' problem of people not overtly and actively going out of their way and... paying money to be subjected to the juju...

so, i caught this blurb somewhere online last wk.. about US no longer being able to determine the origins/signature of nuclear weapons.... which i immediately thought - bollocks w/a side of bullshit....
last night found duff's commentary on that, and other stuff... er... the more physical persuasion side of TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it)... the simple question that caught me eye...

'How did a nuclear weapon built by Armscor, an Israel company operating in South Africa, end up in North Korea?'

which appears in the (tory nukes section ) of the vetstoday article.. but not in the catbirdseat article.. which i just figured out just now.. cuz i was too lazy to go back to the vetstoday article and went to catbird to re cc it... cripes... how odd... gee, wonder if duff realizes this, or cares or...?how odd...or is it all part of the juju? blinkblink... i think i'll write him...

ah well... carry on...

Anonymous said...

Good Lord nobody, aren't you the one who accused me of writing book on occasion? That is a very interesting piece and I have to tell you it is the end of the fucking world! I kid I kid.

Being serious for a moment, I can do this, they are working very hard on my end in Florida. They are still pumping the biological warfare agent corexit into the gulf right beside me. The fish, people and plants are keeling over. Trees are showing damage far away from the gulf.

Nobody asked for my opinion but I am going to give it anyway. There is the manmade scenario, iron eagle in the gulf (you missed those movies) and the nuclear scenario they wish to bring on themselves to fulfill Constantianity.

There is also the other option of the universe and a living planet deciding it has had enough also. The earth also picks up on the juju vibration as you say.
I am of the opinion there have been those who can see the future, Cayce, Nostradamus, Sidhartha, Krishna and a myriad of others. Many do predict a pole shift which is not the end of the world but the end of man. Mayan calendar says the same. There is mention of a great earthquake and reorganization of the tectonic plates.

I am of the opinion the ptb know this, hence the underground bases in Norway, Pine Gap, Yamatau Mountain in Russia and all around the world. It could be they want to get in a few more human sacrifices before it happens.

As for the webbot, this is just my opinion, you don't have to feed all the data that exists into the program you only need to know which data is important enough. There is no getting around the computer predicted blue flu and trouble in the oceans long before it happened. Certain people who know things could provide certain information to really jump start such a program but it was correct no getting around it.

By the way good read from Peasant on my end.


Anonymous said...

Perusing the latest asymmetric language trend analysis results in order to discover any obscure chess moves that might be useful when Anand and I meet for our next tournament, I just so happened to bump into your most entertaining blog and I simply must correct you on one thing:


Chess certainly has a purpose and that is to entertain.

Yours sincerely,
Chester Bishop

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Sorry I was trying to post something on Peasant's blog.

Anonymous said...

I think this one is typical for the dog daze. August is when Lucretius dazed in the searing heat and thought about, fusion. You'll be okay. Was it longs et interminables et ennuyants verbiages or
was it necessary to say all that. Awesome in its way, but in my own case, mixing and matching all these drugs and alcohol in this scorcher of a day, whether bad or good jewjew, I'd probably come out agreeing with you, considering it is 39C right now. Global warming? Coronal Mass Ejections? Ain't that due? On the whole, you're up to par.
wv: miscr (eant!)

Anonymous said...

Chester Bishop,
August 4, 2010 4:09 AM

Chess is a power tool used by sociopaths to crush

Harry Knight

Ricky Bob Bubbaneck said...

Ruppert was sort of entertaining in "The Last White Hope-The American Drug War" but I don't see where and ex L.A.P.D. cop would be an expert on peak oil. Hubbert was the peak oil guy. Anyone with a 40 watt bulb brain knows The War Against Terrorism (T.W.A.T.) is fake as shit. It is a war against usury and a chess move to try and contain Russia and China and keep the junk smack heroin flowing.

Ricky Bobby said...

Ooops I mean an ex-cop for Ruppert and a war against anti-usury (muslims) but I'm sure you got it anyway.

nobody said...

Gosh! Everyone's here. I'm always amazed at what people like and don't like. And yes, it was too long. I read it just now and even my eyes glazed over. Self-indulgent as ever.

And hullo Les, lovely to have you pop in. And no need to apologise, certainly not to a man as guilty of the aforementioned as I am, ha ha. Otherwise I've been okay apart from the usual going mad and all that. Nothing special. I shall check out your thing shortly.

As for 'sitting it out in no-man's land', what with having watched so much Asian cinema I prefer to think of it as 'retiring to the temple and carving Buddhas'. If it was good enough for Miyamoto Musashi it's good enough for me. Mind you, I'm a sculptor who imagines he's a martial artist rather than vice versa. Otherwise, I tried organising people for in the real world and realised that one needs charisma for that. Or a religion. Or both. (The latter of those two, for those who don't know, is the reason for the rather weak in-joke name of the blog).

Sorry for not replying to everyone individually but I've had a headache all morning for some reason.

Also - I got a poem! I do like a poem.

Off now to thank all those nice people who commented on the last a-bit-too-clever-for-itself holiday posting. Yoroshiku.

Anonymous said...

mr nobody it was a pleasure to write the poem for you sir,just keep up the good work,thanking you kindly...neil

slozo said...

Well written, and certainly not too long at all . . . nothing is too long when it is well written. And it is funny for me to note that people think a blog entry of what would amount to maybe three or four pages in a novel as "long". We have all been so well conditioned to have such short attention spans.

Don't know if I have passed on the recommendation to you to listen to Gary Bell's "A View from Space" on am640, a weekly broadcast on Sat nights in Toronto, but here it is. He's not perfect, and probably because of the medium has to totally avoid any mention of Israel and jewish shenanigans . . . but he is as learned as anyone on old symbolism, numerology (or ancient religions), ancient religions, and, the death cult - or, the Sun Worshippers as Gary calls them.

Anyways, long story short, he is of the mind that they are trying to make things happen to as perfectly as possible simulate what is predicted in the bible, thereby substantiating their "faith" (it's not Christianity, btw, it's satanism of a sort). And I have observed this to be largely true myself.

So, that being said, I do believe that the PTB, sun worshippers/Death Cult will create an "end times" scenario, much like in the bible.

Time to brush up and give revelations a re-read to see what's coming, IMHO. It sounds funny, as of course most here like myself consider it an old time trashy novel - but I think we need to look at it as more of a script for the play of reality.

And it will be a play, oh boy, with the most amazing puppets and props.

Anonymous said...

Nobody since Noor and I are both psychic we knew you would write this article at some point so we prepared the answer for you before hand. grin

The Great Abyss by Noor Al Haqiqa

What Time Is It?

Anonymous said...

See what we mean.

‘Hydrate’ leakage at wellhead — Chunk blown off BOP



Anonymous said...

The world will end in 1901.

- Aangirfan

A. Poseur said...

Wow everyone is here! Isn't that *speshul* and heart warming. Let's have a group hug and sing kumbaya.

Anonymous said...

slozo, August 5, 2010 12:52 AM

I definitely think that's what they are working toward - the ptb and their followers.
Brainwashed, conditioned, educated, consciously or sub consciously.
Our mind’s processes are far from understood.


su said...

i worship the sun.
especially in winter.
i follow it around all day.

freethinker said...

Nobody: glad to see you refreshed after your holiday; that was a cracking article.

Dublin: that video of the gulf floor moving is just the effect of the ROV being tilted. Without a horizon it looks like the rov is stationary and the floor is moving but its the other way round in reality. The vid is a lot less scary without the soundtrack!

Peasant: sorry to see you've disabled anonymous comments. I have an aversion to unnecessary registration - oh well.

Anonymous said...

I really hope you are right on the gulf. This whole thing has been almost like being on a merrygoround.

Anonymous said...


No not too long Mr N. Actually too short, you left out the ugly sisters of Monsanto and the Codex Alimentarius and by the way was Thomas Malthus included here or did he get a free pass?

Moving on, you said:
“…they're actually nothing more than anti-buddhas who've chosen the selfishness end of the continuum. Choosing that over selflessness is the most prosaic and obvious thing imaginable. It's them choosing to emulate beasts, otherwise pitiable creatures who lack the ability to do otherwise. The fact that the death cult infinitely outstrip the beasts in their beastliness doesn't make them great.”

Extracts from Protocol 1

1.3. It must be noted that men with bad instincts are more in number than the good, and therefore the best results in governing them are attained by violence and terrorisation, and not by academic discussions. Every man aims at power, everyone would like to become a dictator if only he could, and rare indeed are the men who would not be willing to sacrifice the welfare of all for the sake of securing their own welfare.

1.4. What has restrained the beasts of prey who are called men? What has served for their guidance hitherto?

1.5. In the beginnings of the structure of society, they were subjected to brutal and blind force; afterwards - to Law, which is the same force, only disguised. I draw the conclusion that by the law of nature, right lies in force.

1.6. Political freedom is an idea but not a fact…..

So there you have it, direct from the horses (beasts) mouth.

Klikz, I have been meaning to pick something up from a conversation we had months ago about the supposed letter from Pike to Mazzini. I got my original info from the 3WW site:


but it was wittingly or unwittingly wrong. It was stated that it Mazzini letter was copied from the original which was on display at the British Museum. The curator of the BM is adamant that they never had such a letter in their possession so it could not have been on display. What they did have from 1906 to present is a translation of the Protocols, first by Nilus and then by Marsden. It seems that some mischievous person has made a precise of the Protocols and attributed it to Pike. There are two very unusual words which give the game away which appear both in the Protocols and in the Mazzini letter ‘Agentur’, which means The whole body of agents and agencies made use of by the Elders, whether members of the tribe or their Gentile tools and the words ‘The Political’ which means not exactly the "body politic" but the entire machinery of politics. As I remember at the time I did stand corrected but I wanted you to know I had unraveled the mystery.

NumberSix said...

God I love it when you cut loose !

I wonder if you can even appreciate how well
you write - we will all keep telling you in case
you don't.

Fear - what a weapon.........

All the best to you and your dad !


kikz said...

how hard is it to spell..
k i k z?

ah well, anon.. glad you've uncovered the low down on that tripe.

speakin of monstermonsanto..
don't know if it's on youtube..or possibly on pbs somewhere.. saw a show entitled 'food inc.'... pretty sickening stuff.... you may never eat meat again... :P

Anonymous said...


Sixty six – klickity klick. I stand corrected once more; I shall be forever in your debt.

Anonymous said...


We can't eat fish from the gulf of Mexico any more. What do you eat these days? Are rice and beans frankenstein yet?

Nick Theil said...

I constantly read blogs, stories and exposes on the Internet and elsewhere, but I only comment occasionally. Couldn't resist this one.

Thank-you for your continued writing, Nobody; I really needed this one.

Problem is, I get sucked into this shit pretty easily. For instance, another blogger, and I don't wish to start a pissing contest here, seems to me to be adding to the already huge pile of bullshit with a vague premonition that falls right in line with the "plan" you allude to, or some such nonsense. Like the dupe that I can be, I find myself holding my fucking breath, until the tenth of this month! Fucking Hell! (sorry, I'm a little better now)

As for the many people out there who are glad to see America (and us in it) go down the tubes, I think you may want to entertain this: There are quite a few of us who would do whatever we could to stop this juggernaut, if it were possible. The DCMF (I love Nobody's term) have most of the big guns, sadly, and a huge number of people on the payroll. Despite Jim Morrison's statement, we DON'T have the numbers. Too many fucking sheeple, man. Hard to fucking breathe, sometimes.

Anyway, the long and short of it (sorry about the mostly long)is that once these assholes get done killing off all but only the most obedient workers, here in the USA, it will be the rest of the world's turn. Has anyone missed the fact that second to the manufactured hate of Muslims is the hate fomented against America, outside our borders? All part of the plan, my friends. And many will cheer them on.

I plan to not buy into the religious/psychic/Nostradomusy bullshit end-of-the-world story, but I suspect there are enough sheeple to help it along. I also plan to go down swinging, for all the good that will do.

Thanks again, Nobody, for reminding me how to view this shit, and for letting me come here and post.

Nick Theil

A Hellene said...

This was an extraordinary piece, my higly esteemed online acquaintance, Mr. Nobody!
Please, do never quit expressing yourself in public; your writing is way more valuable than you could ever think it could be...

On the Ashkenazim Hollywood Blunt Lies Industry {tm), let me please additionally present a few thoughts I have exhibited about the human perception manipulation game, at an Electrical Engineering discussions board I participate in, back in May. This unfortunate situation is not something new, since it has already been documented by Plato in his excellent work called "The Allegory of the Cave," two and a half millenia ago...

Though I hate repeating myself, please let me quote a part of my original message, I have posted at the aforementioned discussion boards:

If you have already read my latest 1,500 words rant on the debt machine and the usury tactics, let me please recommend you to watch an eight and a half minutes long animated cartoon, called "The Allegory of the Cave." It is a comprehensive animation of a conversation that took place in 421 BCE in the residence of Cephalus in Piraeus, between Socrates and Glaucon, as told by Plato in Book Seven of his masterpiece called The Republic («Η Πολιτεία» or «Περί δικαίου»), written circa 380 BCE. As a bonus, for anyone interested, the clip is subtitled with the original platonic text in Classical Greek language!

In a few words, it is a tale in which four prisoners in a cave mistake artificial shadows --or illusions-- for reality. When one of them is released into the upper, real world, he comes to understand the nature of truth and the responsibility that accompanies his latest realizations. It is about "our human nature, whether it is enlightened or unenlightened."

Plato's description of a fire behind the audience, casting a shadow created by an image being held up in front of the fire, and being so realistic that the cave dwellers mistake it for reality, no longer seems so far fetched when you look at the contemporary image projection technology, the TV and the big screen as well as the nonsense foolish contests of sports/lifestyle/etc. the contemporary captives are called to participate in; even though Plato's book was written a good 2,400 years ago (and it was about an idea conceived even before). It is obvious that this parable is a solid proof that the manipulators of human perception have not changed their principal tactics since then and the unthinking majority is still falling for the same machination...

In my opinion, only another counter-fictional, counter-superstition, counter-God-like figure could help us, as we still remain a global unthinking (through our "education") society...

Anonymous said...

Breaking News Mass Awakening of Americans.


The Whitehouse held an emergency meeting on Friday to decide what action to take with the sudden awakening of the population that threatens to destabilize the Government.

Millions of citizens celebrated their new awareness as they suddenly realized they have been lied to all their lives on just about everything by the leaders of major corporations, government and security agencies.

Residents in all major cities across the United States awoke complaining that they were experiencing mental clarity that was causing them to realize the way they were about to spend their day was utterly pointless and would only finance the powerful wealthy elite.

Congress was thrown into chaos when the majority of staff decided to simply stop showing up for work until their bosses resigned.
Energy companies turned off the power to government buildings and military bases, while water companies shut down their water supply and television network staff refused to report the lies they are normally ordered to tell by their editors.

Reports are flooding in of people deciding to buy or trade for goods with hand crafters in their own region instead of shopping at Wal-Mart. Rather than buying GMO foods at the supermarket chain stores, they've formed co-ops with their neighbors, bought fresh food in bulk and are getting together to can foods, smoke meats and pickle vegetables - followed by a barbecue.

kikz said...

was it sparkle that recommended john lash's 'not in his image'..????

i read what is offered of it, in partiality, thru google books.. some 60 odd pgs... good stuff... his theory of why we are the way we are... patriarchy and its attendant psychopathy - and what it's ultimately led to as a global meme.
and of course it rounds on.. the usual suspects...these cat's - i'd never really heard of...well, not the collective name anyway..

the Zaddikim -a splinter cult of ultra-radical Jews whose beliefs and practices are recorded in the Dead Sea Scrolls. but only show up in one place in gen OT, as the 'anointers' of Saul, first king o jews, by their hi priest - melchizedik.

the preview is well worth the read..

hope i can afford the book soon...some of lash's articles on the metahistory site go quite some way to understanding the framework of the book..


oh and of course..
nice job noby, and welcome bak :)

Anonymous said...

Bholanath posted that link about a year ago. I have read it but never read the book. There is some good stuff there you don't see everywhere.

More on genocide in the gulf.


kikz said...

i got the current recommend frm sparkle.. wish i'd of seen it a yr ago frm Bholanath... thx to both:)

slozo said...

A Hellene - excellent reccomendation, have read The Cave myself.

Of note, it is imperative that the readers of such enlightening information be aware of the station of the writer, in fact, the very reason works like that are passed on.

Plato was as much part of the "illuminati" as George Orwell or Aldous Huxley . . . some of it is the usual "out in the open for the blind to glance over" that the PTB love to display, but mostly, IMHO, it's predictive programming. Letting us know what's coming, letting us know how easily we can be controlled, cowed into submission, etc.

As much as Plato is exalted in our western society, The Cave remains a bit of a hidden work, outside of psychology and logic courses in uni. I don't want to take away from it's value, you understand, but it is important to know where it comes from, and why guys like Plato, Shakespeare, etc are pumped down our throats in the formal education system.

Anonymous said...

Most of Bholanath's links are very well worth following up. He is a big spirit with a sharp mind.

A Hellene said...

Exactly, Slozo! Exactly!

Though Plato's masterpiece The Republic has been the cornerstone even for creatures like the rabbinical sect of Freemasonry, I would never include to The Illuminati --nor even dare compare with them-- Plato (Πλάτων, 427-347 BCE), his mentor Socrates (Σωκράτης, 469-399 BCE) and his student Aristotle (Αριστοτέλης, 384-322 BCE), those three bright men that advocated pure rationalism in the days of absolute dogmatism. I would also not compare those bright men them to Freemasons because everything they did was in the open; they shared their teachings with all their fellow citizens, mostly in public places like The Agora and not in any secret meetings, they were never parts of any kind of secret society, they never asked for something in return for their services and they never conspired against anyone or anything. Not to mention that they never worshipped any symbols like The Phallus of Osiris or any fictional entities like Jahbulon and Baphomet...
Nothing the mystical with those grate men. Diaphaneity (Grk. «διαφάνεια», from «διαφαίνω» = «διά»: "through, between" + «φαίνω»: "to display; to show") is one of the fundamental qualities of truth (Grk. «αλήθεια», from «α»: a privative prefix meaning "not" + «λήθη»: "lethe; oblivion") and it represents everything Freemasonry has never really embraced.

Speaking of Freemasonry, The Illuminati are the masonry within masonry, since not everyone could join this rabbinical creation: The full name is The Order of Free and Accepted Masons; "free" means not born in slavery or not been a freedman and "accepted" mostly means "not a jewish person." So, the latter ones infiltrated the scheme joining in as regular masonic members and formed the secret inner circle of The Illuminati, having an hierarchy of no less than 92 degrees! After all, "mason" mostly means "conspirator" in colloquial language.
On the other hand, in the defence of the well-meaning but gullible majority of the members of Freemasonry, I would like to say that they cannot even imagine where they have signed their selves up into; but again, no individual rain drop thinks it's responsible for the flood...

As for why this literature of pure rationalism has been passed on to us and not became yet another piece of concealed knowledge, I think that we owe this to the Arabs, who had been translating the Hellenic literature in their own language, since they were very interested in those new ideas and teachings. Arabs helped Greek literature survive the plague of the Abrahamic Myths (Judaism, Christianity and Islam).

But, sadly, it is my personal belief that not everyone in our society is ready for such mental insurrections and transgressions...

By the way, since the conclusion in my previous message is not as clear as it was meant to be, what I was talking about speaking of "another counter-fictional, counter-superstition, counter-God-like figure [that] could help us " I meant nothing more and nothing less than our enlightened selves. I am sorry for my poor command of the English language...

nobody said...

Hullo boys and girls, I've come back after however many days and found that everyone carried on. Very good. But there's too much for me to read here at one sitting so I'll take it home. Thanks to everyone for those various links. I'll look into those.

Otherwise sorry for my absence, it was all connected to that rather odd and rather long headache I had. But I think it's better now though. Fingers crossed since it was a bit debilitating. Even now I'm a bit bleached...

kikz said...

wb noby, sorry ta hear yer under the weather.

feel bettr soon!

john said...

Cheers nobody and I hope you are feeling better and that you had a good time away.

As others have said an excellent piece, so many thanks for that. I'm right with you on the multiple manmade manufactured disasters, whether they be war,weather related, flu or financial, all of which are of a benefit to certain people.

There is much food for thought here and in your article but I would like to keep it as brief as possible and just add this; Me Sir! Me Sir! Is it pole shift? Is that what the Mayans might have been on about?

Anonymous said...

We are certainly in the middle of some nasty man made events such as the gulf however don't lose track of mother nature.

Giant ice shelf breaks off Greenland


This is supposedly from record cold for that area. It appears real as the Andes are also experiencing record cold.


Record cold grips South America


We do know the Arctic polar axis has shifted a bit toward New Foundland. The center of the earth is not where it used to be. It is not will we have a polar shift, it is ongoing. There are plenty of links on this one.

Here is what Cayce said about it.


Kieran Alexis said...

I think you've not properly understood the ALTA data or indeed CLif High or his motives and setup.......but fair comment and I enjoyed reading it.

As astrologers say; humans have many many choices where fate meets freewill at the intersection on the boulevard of eternity, but it pays to look at the prevailing weather forcast now and again.

Also, as far as I know, ALTA preceeded Les, the self-styled 'dog poet', not the other way around.

Unfortunately, many people do not read the reports themselves, they just read the reports of the reports. This feeds into the general misreading of them and how best to use them.

Still, at the ends of times...or not...tending one's own garden is still best medicine going....


Penny said...

you have covered alot of terrain in this post

and I noticed you touched on 2012.

I have been wondering about this whole end of the world, or mayan calender scenario.

Attached to the gloom and doom of the myth of man made global warming and whatever pandemic hoax the ptb's can concoct.

Is it one big massive psy-op of fear?

Years in the making?

Not necessarily the mayan angle of the whole thing, I mean so their calender ends, so what?

It could mean many things, it could mean nothing, and everyone could be reading way more into it then it is worthy of.

I actually read a whole book on this at the beginning of the year, and it was very good and really enjoyable, but, even this book concluded that the hype surrounding the end, was not necessarily so.

Then you throw in the fanatical religious types, particularly your end times christian, who love Israel to the extreme....

You start to really, really get the realization that those who run the world are a complete bunch of nut-jobs, I means psycho...

and isn't that where we get into ponerology?.......

Anonymous said...

Nobody you hit the nail on the head. You were right as rain. From the dog's site.

More from the dog's site. Hard to wade through such ridiculous bs


Well, guess I'm not quite done.

Mick, do you care that you are lying and promulgating lies, or do you only care about not changing your faith in Marxism?

Here are the facts; please disprove them:

Chavez has been elected twice with slightly over 60% of the vote. NOT 80%. Present time polls show his support in the 30% range at best.

All voting in Venezuela is done on electronic voting machines; the company, Smartmatic, is controlled by the government. The last major voting in Venezuela was on around 70 constitutional changes proposed by Chavez, the main purpose of which was to allow him to run for president forever. The secondary purpose was the strip power from local and state governments and put it all in Chavez' hands. Though the initiatives were defeated at the polls in the fall of 2008, the voting results were suppressed by the government and never released.

Chavez is as thoroughly hated in Venezuela as GW Bush was in the USA, and by largely the same type of people, those who care about freedom and an honest government that doesn't try to promote wars. No one, and I repeat NO ONE has threatened Hugo; it has entirely been him threatening others.

Smartmatic, FYI, has been charged with fraud in the Phillipines and other places. Voting in Colombia is done on paper ballots. In their last election, the paper ballots were counted within 12 hours of poll closing.

Mick, I know that you will not read anything that doesn't support your blind faith, so the following is not for you, it is for people who wish to know at least a little truth.


and also this: http://daniel-venezuela.blogspot.com/p/about-this-blog.html

I will not reply to any further parroting of bullshit from propaganda sources owned by either the Jews or the chavistas, so don't bother. A real discussion would be welcome, but Dublin Mick is not capable of such, based on the evidence presented so far.

Anyone who doesn't "get" that the controllers WANT an opposition they can own is not worth wasting time on. One at that level of understanding is no better than those cheering for sports teams.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
A Hellene said...

The end of Mayan calendar? 2012? The end of the World? Oh my...
What is going to happen to my money after the end of days? :P

Okay; seriously, now.

-QUESTION: What happens to our calendar after December 31?
-ANSWER: It simply rolls over to the January 1 and restarts counting yet another bunch of days, while it also increments the year count, by one unit.

-QUESTION: What happens to a century after the year 99?
-ANSWER: It simply rolls over to year 0 (or 00 if not utilising Leading Zero Blanking) and restarts counting, while it also increments the century count, by one unit.

The same happens with the millennia, or with any other time denomination, no matter how small or large it could be!

For example, the ancient Hellenic calendar was lunisolar, thus it was much closer to the actual menstrual cycle, which is the cycle of human life itself, than any other ecclesiastically invented calendar that intentionally ignores human's fertility and mental cycles... No imaginary gods in the equation --only existing physical cycles.

But, wait a minute! We have actually experienced the end of our calendar's first millennium and the smooth roll over to the second one, like nothing happened! No gods manifested their existence, no deads returned back, no nothing --not even the planet cared to acknowledge that rare event we experienced, ten years ago!
Though our (ecclesiastical) calendar simply kept on counting the next millisecond right after December 31, 1999, 23:59:59.999, the people interpreted the millennium change according to their personal beliefs: The millennium change was nothing really for all the individuals governed by rational thinking, but just an excuse for some of them to have some time off; for the other ones with the dogmatic or the superstitional sentimental thinking was not so smooth at all and they experienced it differently, according to the dogmas and the fears that govern their lives.

Really, how exactly did the Earth itself encounter the millennium change of the calendar of some of its inhabitants?
How will the Earth cope with the end of Mayan calendar, when it comes?
In my opinion, the planet (along with the ecosystem) absolutely ignores the various time measuring systems of the little creatures it gives life and shelter to.

With an imaginative exception, of course, of the Mayan calendar being a product of highly sophisticated supercomputers of their times that calculated a physical catastrophe based on documented periodical events, like the orbital collision of two planets in a few thousand years time --which is impossible because it is not easy, even using today's knowledge and hardware, to make accurate calculations of such time depth, since travel in open space is full of surprises and makes such a case practically incalculable!

So, once again, everything comes down to a choice between Rationality and Dogmatism --and there is no middle ground in between...

Anonymous said...


dragonstryke's 80 sided dice said...

Could we have pictures of babes in bikinis the better to scare the death cult off with our mighty keyboards!

Dave Q. said...

Hey, what a great post nobody. Some really good comments, too. I especially like the positive musing by Mick about the populace just going to bartering. Best of all, comment-wise, is A Hellene's very rational and clear take on how the Earth will 'react' to upcoming events. Good on you guys!


A Hellene said...

On a side note, let me comment on the term "ponerology" I picked up in Penny's response. Though I was not aware of that term, "ponerology" reminded me the Greek noun «πονηρολογία»; so I looked it up and it seems that it is a term of Psychology and, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, it is derived from Theology and means "the theory or doctrine of evil or of the evil one." It seems it is an English transliteration of the noun «πονηρολογία», that comes from «πονηρός» meaning "evil; wicked; devious" which comes from the verb «πονώ» meaning "to hurt; to cause or to feel pain."

I am far from a linguistics expert; Etymology has become my most beloved, enjoyable and enlightening occupation, trying to trace the roots of every term I come across. As a result, learning the actual meaning of the words I use or hear and read, I would dare say that has changed the way I perceive life itself, in a more simple and realistic way. After all, etymology is the only tool we have to explain and debunk the widely used by the rulers Euphemisms.

Euphemism, from «ευφημισμός» = «ευ» (well) + «φημί» (to speak), is a milder or socially acceptable word or phrase that substitutes another one that is more unpleasant or more harsh. For example, the "Department of Defence" is a euphemism for the "Ministry of War": The same exactly mass murderous entity but in a milder, more friendly and less intimidating term. In another example, they do not speak of "civilian murders/deaths" but of "collateral damage," and that makes those murders alright...

Euphemisms are used to deceive people, since they replace other terms that are less obfuscating and more enlightening. But it is not a secret that they want the majority to remain ignorant and fearful...

Since we are already there, I would like to thank you, dear sir Ούτις (in Classical Greek language, according to Homer's Odyssey, chapter 9, where Odysseus defeats Polyphemus the cyclop by utilizing a clever trick using that very name [meaning "Nobody"] for his own survival), derived from the privative «ου» meaning "no; not; un-" and the pronoun «τις» meaning "somebody" in vague, or «Κανένας» and «Κανείς» in Modern Greek language, alternatively!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog - great article! I like how you've tied the smaller strands into the big picture agenda.

Also, I'm glad someone has finally outed the "asymmetrical... blah, blah, blah" nonsense. They are so phony and obviously a disinfo channel.

About this "end of the world" meme they are pushing on us all - you suggest it is for the purpose of instigating a world incident or set of catastrophes that will enable them to set up a one-world government. Somehow I don't think this is the entirety of their goal(s) but, at this point, I'm not sure what we are missing...

nobody said...

Oh it seems I did pop in here to declare 'You've all done very well' and airily wave my hand. But I should have given a special mention to the Hellene for his thoughtful efforts. Onya mate.

A Hellene said...

Thank you, Mr. Nobody. But, since I wrote a few not so nice things about Freemasonry in a previous message, that no one dared to touch, makes me feel that I may have made some people lose their smile with what they read. Thus, I feel the obligation to present the bigger picture of freemasonry I have in mind, using indisputable facts, places, names and dates, that the majority of textbooks, the Media of Mass Deception and the popular but highly polarizer non-encyclopedia Wikipedia would never, ever do.

Well, fasten your seat belts, since this is going to be a 2,300+ words essay!

Part 1 of 4:

The first masonic guilds were the ancient Greek, Dionysiac stonemason craftsmen, called «τέκτονες»: "masons" from the verb «τίκτω»: "to create; to give birth," that were building theaters, temples, sacred monuments and altars for the worship of the mysteries of Dionysos. They were initially instructed by the priests how to build everything; but it did not take them long to discover the harmony of geometry («γεωμετρία», from the verb «γεωμετρώ»: "to measure the earth" from «γεω- / γη-»: "earth" + «μέτρον»: measure). In 714 BCE, Numa Pompelius founded a branch of the Dionysiac stonemasons in Rome, where the Romans celebrated the Greek mysteries of Bacchus and Persephone with festivals called "Liberalia."

Since geometry was fundamental for their craft, their symbol became the pentagram that honors the Golden Ratio (φ = a/b = (a+b)/a =~ 1.618) in every aspect; it was much later, during the Middle Ages actually, that the jewish cabbalist infiltrators associated the scientific pentagram with the occult figure of Baphomet. The mystic adept and mathematician Pythagoras (570-495 BCE) used to say that «Ο θεός αεί γεωμετρεί» ("God always creates artistry"). Plato, the founded of The Athens Academy, put a big sign in the entrance with the inscription: «Ουδείς αγεωμέτρητος εισίτω» ("No admittance for anyone lacking knowledge of geometry"). Those ancient temple builders used to occasionally accept non-craftsem in their guilds, like the king of Pergamon Attalus II Philadelphus (220–138 BCE) in Cyprus, resulting their brotherhoods to develop a philosophical and a mystical character also.

Modern political freemasonry though, has grown out of the medieval guilds of craftsmen, who were allowed to move from place to place, often internationally, to build churches, palaces and castles. In 5th century Spain there was an association of masons called "Comacini." The guild of masons had three degrees: Apprentice, Journeyman and Master of the Chair (thus the title of "Chairman" we use even today).

At the beginning of the 17th century, when the importance and number and of the international masons grew notably, most of the lodges were already accepting "honorary" members who were not stonemason craftsmen, in order to collect their exorbitant membership fees; which means that only very wealthy individuals could afford to be accepted into masonic lodges. These newcomers were crafty political speculators, bankers and camouflaged Knights Templar who had waited for the chance to infiltrate the perfectly functioning international system of freemasonry to hide their true nature and identity. Those passive masons were called "accepted" or "speculative" masons and, for this reason, all modern freemasons are "accepted" masons.

End of part 1/4

A Hellene said...

Part 2 of 4:

Since the Knights Templar were the key-players in the infiltration of the craftsmen's masonry guilds, we will have to go back in time, once more.

Year 1114 CE (or 1118, accodring to some other sources): A French-Jewish nobleman, Hugues de Payens, together with eight other crusaders including Andre de Montbard, Geoffroi Bisol and Geoffroi de Saint-Omer, all of them of Jewish (Hebrew) origin, officially founded the Order of the Knights Templar; there is, however, certain information that the order was actually founded four years earlier (according to "The Temple and the Lodge", London, 1998, p. 72, by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh). It is a fact that in 1114 the bishop of Chartres mentioned "La Milice du Christ" in a letter, the name by which the spesific order was originally known. The bishop could hardly have got the date wrong, since he died the following year. Several of the nine (actually eleven) original Knights Templar belonged to a family that could be traced to the jewish Merovingian King Dagobert II, who was murdered on 23 December 679. At the end of the fifth century, the Merovingians conquered large parts of what is today France, united it into one nation and became the first royal dynasty of France; and despite all claims to the contrary, the dynasty continued.

In June 1099, a secret Jewish order that has always been behind these men, the Order of Zion (l'Ordre de Sion), was founded in the monastery of Notre-Dame du Mont de Sion, on mount Zion, south of Jerusalem, by the 39 year old Godfroi de Bouillon, duke of Lorraine - a descendant of Guillem de Gellone, who was of the seed and tribe of David. The first grand master of the order was Hugues de Payens, who later founded the Knights Templar. The Order of Zion was the invisible head organization and the Knights Templar its military and administrative branch and, up to 1188, these two orders had the same grand master. When the Knights Templar lost Jerusalem to the Saracens in 1188, the Order of Zion and the Knights Templar went their separate ways.

In 1188, the Order of Zion changed their name to the Priory of Sion (Prieure de Sion) and Jean de Gisors became their Grand Master.
In 1616, the Order of Zion and the Knights Templar were founded anew in the town of Gisors in northern France. In is then that the red cross of the Knights Templar also became the symbol of the Priory of Sion. This very cross is known as the Maltese cross.
In 1619, the Priory of Sion became virtually invisible. In 1627, another secret organization, the Compagnie du Saint-Sacrement, began to act on behalf of the Priory of Sion. The name Priory of Sion appeared in the public on 25 June 1956, when the order was then registered with the French police, it counted 9841 members and their head office was located in Annemasse, Haute Savoie, France. The order once more became secret in 1984.

Notable grand masters of the Priory of Sion were: Nicolas Flamel (1398-1418), Leonardo da Vinci (1510-1519), Robert Fludd (1595-1637), Johann Valentin Andreae (1637-1654), Isaac Newton (1691-1727), Charles Radclyffe (1727-1746) and Charles de Lorraine (1746-1780), according to "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" (New York, 1983, p. 131, by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh & Henry Lincoln). Other grand masters of the Priory of Sion were Victor Hugo (1844-1885), Claude Debussy (1885-1918) and Jean Cocteau (1918-1963).

Today the Priory of Sion co-operates with the Swiss Grand Lodge Alpina in Lausanne (founded in 1844, with 3700 members in 75 smaller lodges), and the Grand Orient of France. The Priory of Sion, the right hand of the Illuminati, stands behind the modern and infiltrated Rosicrucians and all of the more powerful masonic lodges.

End of part 2/4

A Hellene said...

Part 3 of 4:

Hebrew was used as a working language within the Knights Templar and Many leading Knights Templar were actually concealed Jews. The last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Jacques de Molay, was born into a family of converted Jewish nobles in 1244. After his execution on 18 March 1314, many Knights Templar fled to Scotland where they preserved the secrets of their order and infiltrated the existing guilds. As early as 1420 the banned Knights Templar founded a lodge in Scotland, where they established their international headquarters.

In 1717, the Knights Templar infiltrators finally founded the Grand Lodge of Europe.

Modern conspiratorial freemasonry began in Westminster in central London on 24 June 1717, when the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) was created by the merger of four smaller lodges. The day of the Hunter, 24 June, became a holy day for the freemasons, marking the victory of the Knights Templar infiltrators to take over that global organization and start their secret war against traditional civilization. The geomantic principles of the stonemasons were lost; only their history and symbolism remained and everything was replaced by pseudoscience and pseudo-philosophies that represent a threat to nature and to humanity.

A notable representant of freemasonry's pseudoscientists is Isaac Newton (1691-1727), who was greatly interested in alchemy and astrology, and became a freemason in 1672 despite the fact that he was not a builder but was instead regarded as a scientist. In 1703 Newton was elected president of the Royal Society because he was the grand master of the Priory of Sion during 1691-1727. Newton's "Philosophiaea naturalis principia mathematica" (1687) was a disgraceful attempt to undermine traditional science and his "Principia" was completely rewritten by Robert Coats, who was assigned to correct the hundreds of errors and mistakes that filled the first edition. "It is obvious that Newton was completely lost when dealing with science" according to Carol White, editor of the American scientific magazine Fusion, but he is still praised today as a great scientist though he was nothing more than a cabbalistic alchemist, a jewish occultist; he was a rabbinical fraud. Newton's handlers simply plagiarised Kepler's and Huygens's discoveries and derived Newton's Inverse square force Law from them. In 1930s, John Maynard Keynes, an economist and Newton's worshipper, was able to purchase a trunk of papers, Newton produced while a student at Trinity College; in 1940s, after investigating the chest's contents, he delivered a lecture where he stated that what he found in Newton's chest was one hundred thousands pages of work on pure alchemy, black (Babylonian) magic and Biblical revelations & prophecies! He could not find even one page of science within Newton's papers...

1725 was another important year for modern conspiratorial freemasonry because it was then that masonic lodges in England officially allowed jewish cabbalists to join in. When the cabbalist extremist Jews gained admittance to the lodges, they soon took over many of the highest positions within freemasonry. The first reference to a Jewish freemason, Daniel Delvalle, a master of the Cheapside lodge in London, dates from 1732.

In 1754, the jewish descendants of the Merovingians controlled freemasonry in France and laid the foundation for the Scottish system of degrees, the initially had 25 degrees and soon gained eight more to form a 33 degrees hierarchy, divided into seven classes.

In 1780, two completely Jewish lodges were founded in Frankfurt am Main (Friedrich Wichtl, "Weltfreimaurerei, Weltrevolution, Weltrepublik," Wobbenbiill, 1981, p. 82). The French masonic periodical Akacia then began to call for "Not one lodge without Jews!"

End of part 3/4

A Hellene said...

Part 4 of 4:

Of course, modern freemasonic history does not end in 1780; actually it gets even worse during the following years, but I an going to put a semicolon at this point since the conspiratorial character of modern Freemasonry has already been depicted using their true colors.

The masonic movement seems like an innocuous Christian association from the outside but in reality it remains a subversive conspiracy movement under Jewish leadership, which kept its goals, ceremonies and the old guilds' secret signs, rituals, blind obedience to authority and those outlandish and terrifying blood oaths.

Using their own words:
- The rabbi Isaac Wise (1819-1900), chairman of B'nai B'rith in Cincinnati, explained that "freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end" (Israelite of America, 3 August 1866).
He also stated: "Freemasonry is the executive political organ of the Jewish financial elite." He meant that freemasonry is the political action group of the extremist Jews.
- The Jewish Tribune of New York wrote on 28 October 1927: "Masonry is based on Judaism. Eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the Masonic Ritual and what is left?"
- The Jewish Guardian admitted openly on 12 April 1922: "Freemasonry is born out of Israel."
- The French masonic magazine Le Symbolisme (July 1928) wrote: "The most important duty of freemasonry must be to glorify the Jews, which has preserved the unchanged divine standard of wisdom."
- The high-ranking freemason Dr Rudolph Klein stated: "Our rite is Jewish from beginning to end, the public should conclude from this that we have actual connections with Jewry." (Latomia, No. 7-8, 1928).
- The Zionist leader Theodor Herzl wrote in his "Tagebucher" (p. 92): "In the present nations, freemasonry is only of benefit to the Jews, but it shall be abolished later."
- The rabbi Dr Leo Baeck, honorary president of the B'nai B'rith Lodge, at the inauguration of the district Grand Lodge Kontinental Europa XIX in Basel on 14 September 1955, said: "The mission of the lodges in Europe is to be the conscience of the Jews and to make sure that the conscience of the Jews does not wither away in the various countries." (Judische Allgemeine Zeitung, January 27, 1956).

This explains why we did not have even one jewish contributor in science, architecture, arts, literature, music, etc., before the rise of the Star of Sion through the global network of freemasonry; but after that, only Jews seem to be the ones who are praised, honoured and decorated for their contributions in humanity with their own little awards (like the Nobels, the Pulitzers, the Oscars, etc., that are actually being used to whitewash the crimes of hideous Freemasons and their reputation --see Woodrow Wilson, Mussolini, Roosevelt, Churchill, Eisenhower, Stalin, Pol Pot, Kissinger, etc.)...

But jewishness is not a racial definition. Jews are not a people ("The Invention of the Jewish People" by Shlomo Sand, 2009). In fact, jewishness is a dogmatic state of mind, just like Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, etc. It would be irrational to consider every jewish person wrong and evil, because for their vast majority jewisness is mostly cultural.

So, it is not the Jews; instead it is the Freemasons: It is the organised individuals who have been brought up to enter these hideous secret societies that are driven by rabbinical cabbalistic inhumane dogmas and superstitions.

End of part 4/4

veritas6464 said...

Hey Nobby,…Haven’t had the time to do the rounds properly lately, even though I only look at about a dozen sites nowadays. I used to love Media Watch, now it’s mostly shit. Did you see it last week? I have a comment for the current post, now though, I really want to respond to Hellene: With respect Nobby; I really dig this site, however, if Hellene is going to be controversial then in the interest of the clarity, I ask that I be permitted to respond:

Hellene, most people who profess some ‘cool’ insider knowledge of Templarism, merely surf the net for a few tidbits, watch a Hollywood movie and then throw these ad-hoc ingredients into a pseudo-intellectual stew, garnish it with a few Dates and Names and walaaah, another dog’s dinner is served. So…

As for: “In 1717, the Knights Templar infiltrators finally founded the Grand Lodge of Europe.” This is arrant nonsense:

“As far as I can work out the Rosicrucian’s had a hand in the formation of the Freemasons in England with the help of people like Count von Zinzendorf, John Amos Comenius and Oliver Cromwell.
By the way I know the Grand Lodge of England was founded on 24 June 1717 after Cromwell’s and Comenius’s death but organisations don’t just appear over night.”

[None of the founders were recorded as being nor ever claimed to be, Temple Knights]

Quote: The Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of All England.

The Grand Lodge of All England has no connection with any other body, Masonic or non-Masonic unless supported by a written Treaty or Agreement ratified by a Convocation of The Grand Lodge of All England. Grandsecretary speaks on behalf of The Grand Lodge of All England. He does not represent the policies or views of ANY other Masonic organisation.

Oh, I see you removed the ‘A’ from your acronym: UGLAE for UGLE, looks funkier if it sort of says ‘ugly’, huh? Of course, GLAE doesn’t raise a laugh at all.

“Since the Knights Templar were the key-players in the infiltration of the craftsmen's masonry guilds, we will have to go back in time, once more.” Shyte:

The Knights Templar built the most beautiful buildings in Christendom, oh yeah, why? The Templars brought back with them from the Holylands, craftsmen; including architects, stonemasons and carpenters. They appreciated the quality of Islamic architectural excellence and wished to create buildings in Europe that could be beautiful, functional and sturdy. The reason the Mohammadens could build such attractive buildings was that they resolved the issues of height and weight in construction with sophisticated load-bearing techniques. This meant they could focus more energy and resources on aesthetics rather than stocky structural integrity.

The Templars were lovers of architecture and invested a great deal of time and money pursuing this love. Which is another convenient tit-bit, for the ephemeral researcher to add to their polemical stew. The stretch from fans of modern architecture to stonemasons is easy for those casual with veracity.

Solomon’s Temple: There is an Order of pretenders that are the only Order of ‘Templars’ registered with the U.N. (that should be enough info’). Their name, which is written in Latin, (Why, they were only formed in the 1950s? Go figure), includes the word ‘Hierosolymitani’ this word is always and I MEAN always misinterpreted as Solomon’s name; this word in fact is the Latin for ‘Jerusalem’. The Templars were housed in the Temple of The City of Jerusalem (The Al Aqsa mosque), not the imaginary ‘Solomon’s Temple’.

end part 1/..

veritas6464 said...

part 2.

The Lodgemen of the GLAE established in England c. 1717 were not and never suggested they were Knights of The Temple of Jerusalem which is what one is describing when one says Knights Templar. Never has so much information been available about allegedly so secret and mysterious an Order of monks; yes, monks, the postulant and novice that studies for a Knighthood with a genuine Templar Order, becomes a monk, YEAH! A MONK, A CISTERCIAN MONK HELLENE! Hence the white habit and Mantle of the Cistercian Order. Haa, if you do not become a monk when you are ‘invested as a Knight’ with a particular Order, you are most definitely not, a Knight of the Temple of Jerusalem. For example as a Temple Knight, one is authorized to give the last rites, also the title, Sir or Dame is recognized legally throughout the world; if you are a member of an Order listed in the Registrar of Jerusalem. Hereditary Knights of the Temple are few and far between, however there are many who have claim and do not know it.

“all of them of Jewish (Hebrew) origin..” WTF? Where do you get you material from? The term Hebrew is the anglicized word Ebre; a tribe of Palestine at the time of Jesus that were NOT JEWS!

“Many leading Knights Templar were actually concealed Jews.” More nonsense; site some links to your research notes.

The Templars were Gnostic Christians as were many Europeans. You are obviously not familiar with Yiddish history in Europe and the strict laws they adhered to regarding interbreeding; remember, they are the ones that arrogantly insist they are ‘chosen’ and they do not allow intimate relations with cattle – that’s us, goyim.
You also suggest that somehow the ‘jews’ were broadly integrated into ancient European nobility well; do the math after reading this: Sarina Roffé: She has researched numerous genealogies including the Kassin and Labaton rabbinic dynasties and is considered an expert in Aleppan Jewry. Jewish Genealogical Society, Inc. of New York. “20,000 Jewish slaves were brought back after the Romans destroyed Jerusalem.” and “At the start of War World II, 40,000 Jews lived in Italy, most of them for centuries.”

Italian jews did not begin migrating north emasse until about 700 A.D. Only modern yids claim that they were part of European nobility prior to the 19th century.

Due to the crash of the London Stock-exchange on the 19th of June 1815: The day after the British WON the Battle of Waterloo; mmmm wonder who caused that little anomaly? The Landed Gentry that were broken financially by this incredible, almost unbelievable event, were forced by circumstance to accept nubile yiddish women to marry their sons, because of the huge dowrys these daughters of the grubby yiddish Merchant class brought with them.

“..many Knights Templar fled to Scotland”. Wrong again:

After the Templar Order's suppression by Pope Clement in 1312, King Denis of Portugal set about creating a new Order for the displaced knights, to reside in his realm. He instituted the "Christi Militia" (The Knights of Christ) under the patronage of Saint Benedict in 1317 (some sources say August 14, 1318), however the only documented proof is: Pope John XXII approved this order by a Papal bull on March 14, 1319 "AD EA EX QVIBVIS". Portugese reference: http://www.ordens.presidencia.pt/ordem_militar_cristo.htm "Antigas Ordens Militares. Ordem de Cristo."

The disappearance of the Templar Fleet, which is also a doozy for conspiracy cranks, was merely relocated to Portugal. These ships were so far ahead of their time, they were still in use when Columbus was alleged to have discovered the Americas. (Google Columbus and tell me what image you see on the sails of ‘his’ ships).

end 2.

part 3/..

veritas6464 said...

part 3.

Which brings me to: “This very cross is known as the Maltese cross.” Wrong, yet again, yaawwn:

The cross of the Templars is known as the Crux Patteė, it is not white or black ever. The Maltese cross is traditionally black and sometimes depending on the Order, white, as with the Order of St john (Hospitallers). The Knights of Malta never were nor are they now Temple Knights. They are currently associated with Xe security, the expediently re-branded Blackwater security. The ancient Knights of Malta like the current members were mercenaries and typically religious hypocrites. They are connected to the Jesuits and the Opus Dei: Not, The Temple of Jerusalem.

The Crux Patteė: Now then, I am going to give you some REAL insider Templar knowledge, so get out that grubby pencil stub that you scribble with and note this: The shape of the Crux Patteė is, like all crosses based upon astronomical phenomena created by the alignment of celestial bodies.

The Crux Patteė is the floor plan of the Dome of the Rock when illuminated by the Crux Australis which could then be seen clearly above Jerusalem at certain times of the year; yep, the Dome of the Rock is an Observatory. If you draw lines between the columns inside the floorplan of the Dome you get a cross with little wings at the ends, these little wings are what makes the Templar cross ‘patteė’. The Crux Australis is the star pattern that the Magi used to find Bethlehem to attend the birth of Jesus the Kundun (oops, more shhh, secrets). Ever wondered why Jesus’s teachings sound like Buddhist dogma? Ever wondered where Jesus was for 17 years? Templar documents suggest he was in India and Tibet learning the ancient texts of the Hindus and the philosophies of the Buddhas. Oooh, aren’t you a lucky little polemicist Hellene.
There never was anything sinister or secretive about the Order.

Sneaking around in a suit of armour in a big white cape with a red cross on it is akin to an “Under-cover Elephant” in the room.

The Order is what it was, and is, an Order of Knights and Dames devoted to the protection of all who believe in the one true God, the only clause being an acceptance of the energetic ‘Christ’ – any old hack can worship ‘God’, or Gods, satan can be your God if that’s your choice, however there is only one entity that espouses Love, Light and Peace and that is the Christ/God/energetic spirit of the ancient texts. We can all achieve enlightenment and become Buddhas, as we can all achieve enlightenment and become Christs. There really is no difference between the Love, Light & Peace of one and the other if you are genuine.

The only tribe on this planet that is contrary to Love, Light & peace are the Babylonian Talmudists: The Synagogue of Satan.

As for the Temple Mount, there is absolutely no evidence that a Temple built by Solomon existed. There is no evidence that a charismatic person named ‘Solomon’ existed either; Jerusalem is not and never was of any historical significance to the Talmudists, (as the krypto-jews of today were refered to then.) The Talmud was written in Babylon, hence ‘The Babylonian Talmud’, der.

The Khazarian tribe that adopted the Talmud as their scripture, adopted the study of Talmudism as it was then known – there was no such thing as Judaism then or now actually, it’s just more yid hasbara!

The yids of eastern Europe that are currently rampaging through The Palestine with their dicks hangin’out are not ‘Judaic’, there never was a Judaic religion in Judah. It’s all a Yiddish con-job, always has been.

The trail to the "Priory of Sion" fraud begins in mid-nineteenth-century France...

end 3.


veritas6464 said...

part 5.

And here’s your big finish, after convincing everyone here that there is a goyim conspiracy and empathizing with our misery due to all manner of insidious cranks, not associated with jews, you apologies for the poor long suffering jews and thus…

“But jewishness is not a racial definition. Jews are not a people ("The Invention of the Jewish People" by Shlomo Sand, 2009). In fact, jewishness is a dogmatic state of mind, just like Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, etc. [ya don’t say?] It would be irrational [really?] to consider every jewish person wrong and evil, because for their vast majority jewishness is mostly cultural." [A culture of theft lies and brutality]

"So, it is not the Jews; instead it is the Freemasons: [well, thanks Hellene, now I know] It is the organised individuals who have been brought up to enter these hideous secret societies that are driven by rabbinical cabbalistic inhumane dogmas and superstitions."

Hellene your post is a classic example of hisbara straight out of the internet training manual.

Cheers all.



veritas6464 said...

Hey Nobody,...Seh seh, Touchwood, Nuthin' werks, nuthin' werks...(remember catweazle?). I thoght I had it soted with the 'big comment'no so luck...here's the missing bit, fr what it's worth:

Part 4…
A resurgent interest in the occult led to the creation of many esoteric groups. Members of these groups often belonged to several organizations. Their leaders often broke away to form competing factions. At the same time, constant turmoil in the French government drew France into two increasingly hostile camps jousting for political supremacy. The royalists, composed of the Catholic Church, the far right, and the supporters of the old system of royalty, vied for power with the republicans, composed of Freemasons and other supporters of democratically elected governments. Their struggle affected the lives and views of every Frenchman. From 1877 to the eve of the Second World War, Freemasons dominated French government. Their domination earned them bitter enemies.
Your suggestion that Templars were involved in some ancient order of sion: More claptrap…
In the 1880's, at the height of this political conflict, Joseph Alexandre St. Yves d'Alveydre, "the supreme Hermeticist of his epoch," proposed a new idea for injecting moral values into governing society. He called it "synarchy" and claimed it was the method used by the Knights Templar to change medieval society. An elect band of initiates would influence groups representing different aspects of society. Those groups would influence their spheres and ultimately the entire social order.
By the turn of the century, the royalist faction came to fear synarchy, whose influence had spread beyond esoteric groups. By the 1920s, Masonic groups with distinctly synarchist policies were a reality in France. In the 1930s, even a leftist group, called the X-Cruise Club, advocated a technocracy with synarchist ideas.
So, no such thing as an ancient Order of Sion, no involvement in Synarchy by Templars and therefore a modern scam is passed off as an ancient Templar seeecret, Shhhh, wanna know a secret? Buy us a beer and I’ll tell ya’a secret: “BOOGIE BOOGIE BOOGIE Templars boogie boogie boogie”.

veritas6464 said...

Ney Nobody,..Did part four come through?


A Hellene said...

Part 1 of 3

Dear Veritas, I am sorry to see you disturbed, since upsetting people is not in my intentions. I can see that, though you begun addressing the facts of my previous article, you ended up attacking its author. But it's alright, since you seem to believe so firmly that there is nothing sinister in those most obscure parts of human history.

Please, try to understand the big difference between:
1. personally witnessing the facts directly, with your own eyes, while being physically there when something is happening, and
2. assuming the validity of the "facts" someone else claims they have witnessed.
In the first case you can trust your own perception; in the second one you are forced to trust someone else's perception AND their intentions to describe the facts accurately and not conceal and distort them, according perhaps to a grater agenda of a possible secret society whose viability is based on the horrific blood-oaths of secrecy it imposes on its members.
What happens to the validity of the presented "facts" if the other party has a specific agenda to falsify them? Well, in this case we have a dogma (from the Classical Grk. noun «δόγμα»: "opinion; belief; tenet" from the verb «δοκείν»: "to seem, seem good, think, suppose, imagine" [according to Oxford English Dictionary]).

You see, squeezing the last drop of juice of the modern microcontrollers did not really make me feel smart; but, since I adapted etymology as one of my most beloved and enlightening hobbies, as I have written previously, I would dare say that it has widen my perception, simply by realising the actual meaning of the terms I run across. It takes some time eventually, but the outcome is priceless.

Speaking of sources, some of them I can think of right away are grate for an introduction to this part of History:
- «Μυστικαί Εταιρίαι: Από τους αρχαίους Καβείρους έως τα σύγχρονα Ιπποτικά Τάγματα» by Δρ. Εμμανουήλ Κορκιδάκης.
- «Εβραιομασονία και Παγκοσμιοποίηση» by Ι. Χαραλαμπόπουλος.
- «Αντιγνώση» (1974), by Λιλή Ζωγράφου, a bright author who has been excommunicated for her views.
- "The Controversy of Zion" (1951), by Douglas Reed, a very influential writer who was later consigned to public oblivion for writing about Zionist power.
- "The Thirteenth Tribe" (1976), by Arthur Koestler, a proud Ashkenazi who wrote about his people and got himself dead (see: "suicided") for that.
- "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" (1983), by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh & Henry Lincoln, a book that has been extensively plagiarized.
- "Architects of Deception" (2004), by Juri Lina who has also described Communism very accurately in another of his works called "Under the Sign of the Scorpion" (2002).
- "The Invention of the Jewish People" (2009), by Shlomo Sand, an Israeli scholar.
... and other works that elude my mind right now.
You can search for the titles above, since they appear online from time to time.

Some of these authors may have been discredited by the same sources that advocate the manned Moon-landings of NASA, The Holocaust (tm), or the suicidal Afghan poppy-farmers who, (a): shut down the NORAD, (b): demolished the WTC (making a few certain Jews wealthier) and (c): attacked successfully the best protected building in the whole world, the Pentagon, in September 11, 2001!

End of Part 1/3

A Hellene said...

Part 2 of 3

History is written by the Victors, so it is obvious that many parts of the official version of history are far from the truth. And the history that the revisionists try to maintain will always be ridiculed as a "conspiracy theory" because there are no conspiracies in our peaceful world; despite the fact that the biggest part of human history is pure conspiracy. So, it is up to the reader to survey, evaluate and connect the dots.

For example, how many people are aware of the proofs (the ancient clay tablets) that today's usury tactics date back to ancient Babylon, or even further back in time? Will the next generations even hear about it, especially after the mercenaries destroyed the ancient sites and the museum of Iraq in 2003?

If, in the research of the history of Freemasonry, I was taking into account only Freemasonry's official records I would certainly fall into a circular reasoning fallacy, since it would be irrational to assume absolute truth in the records of the most cryptic and conspiratorial organization our world has ever encountered.

It would be like searching for the truth about the faked manned Moon-landings of NASA while based exclusively on sources from NASA itself, the very organization being seriously suspected of lying! It would be like searching for the truth about the 9/11 official story within their officially released footage.

By the way, nowadays I tend to mostly trust Simon Shack's video analysis, according to whom everything that has been released by the media corporations was computer generated graphics:
Quoting Simon Shack's words:
"Please realize that the 'plane-crash shots' were not isolated, fake videoclips: The (approx) 102-min-long TV-programme broadcast on the morning of Tuesday September 11, 2001 was but a fully pre-fabricated movie designed to replace the real-life events in Manhattan. Why was it done? 9/11 was a massive money-making scheme - the scale of which is beyond most people's imagination. Please read on."

I also like Robert Grassi's very interesting view, who claims that:
"There is no 'victims of the 9/11.' The City of New York official site does NOT provide a list of the victims; only CNN does, which means that it is NOT a political mater but a mediatic matter only."

Though you have (rightly, if you asked me) accused The Jews, I would certainly accuse not all the Jews but their Jewishness, i.e. the most inhumane dogma invented by human mind. In the same manner, I would never demonize all the British/Americans/Israelis for the current events their Governments (which are corporations actually with a president!) are responsible for.
It is a major mistake to confuse a people with their government or their leaders. Remove the dogmatism (the insidious indoctrination) from a(ny) group of people and you will see them becoming an enlightened group of people.

By the way, though the term "Jew" is a religious definition, the term "Hebrew" is a racial one. For example, there is a difference between the cultural jews (meaning the convert Jews, like the Sephardi Jews who actually are Tunisian converts of North African decent, the Ashkenazi Jews who are Khazarian converts of Turkic-speaking Mongolian decent, etc.) and the actual Hebrew descendants (like the "Romaniotes" who left Judea and fled to Hellas during the second century BCE).
N.B. I am none of them, neither I support or condemn any group of people; I am just stating the obvious.

End of Part 2/3

A Hellene said...

Part 3 of 3

You have also mentioned "Satan" as a possible choice of a god, someone can worship. But "Satan" is not exactly the Devil, as Christianity has established. Satan, actually, is a Hebrew noun meaning "adversary; one who plots against another; enemy" and as a term, before the Christian Church associated it with their fictional entity called The Devil, it was firstly used by the ancient Jewish priesthood, the Pharisees, to accuse those who gave shelter to the Jewish subjects that started fleeing from Judea in the second century BCE because they could not pay their monstrous taxes to their priesthood (= their bankers, who lost a major portion of income taxation). Search for the silver half-shekel of the sanctuary, a special coin and the only form of money Judeans could use to pay their taxes (because it did not contain any pagan inscriptions) and how their priesthood (the bankers, as we would call them today) controlled that coin's value through its manipulated scarcity. Rings any bells?

So, "Satans" were initially called the Ethnic Hellenes (not the Christianized ones but the Heathen ones who were advocating free and rational thinking) that gave shelter to the migrating Judean Hebrews, since what we call "Greeks" were the Christian converts of Hellenic descend, especially after the genocide of 19 million Hellenes (out of a total population of 20 millions) that took place after the fourth century by the "loving" and "humane" (Judeo)Christianity, which was a Jewish sect that was initially created by Rabbi Joshua (aka Jesus) for his fellow people as a more humane reformation of the Pharisaic Judaism.
Of course, Christianity continued to use the term "Satans" for the Ethnic Hellenes, who were not able to be convinced to throw rationality out of the window, or to worship something so ugly and irrational, compared to their own spiritual heritage, or to mutilate their penises because they rightfully considered the Jewish legacy of circumcision, this indelible marking of religious ownership, as a form of bodily mutilation and, hence, "barbaric."

If the term Judeochristianity offends anyone, just consider who the common god (along with the common divine history) of the Abrahamic myths (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) is.
If it was differently, why are the Christians (or the Knights Templar, the Freemasons, the Muslims, etc.) still worshiping and praising Jewish persons and Jewish places using the Jewish nomenclature of that Jewish cabbalistic dogmatic abomination in their so-called Holy Scriptures?

As for me, being able to decide to worship either a good god or an evil god, let me state that there are many more choices than these two ones you have offered me: I can choose to be an atheist, just like the "Atheist Jews" do (as the Ashkenazi call themselves, since they believe that they are superior to their god YHWH or The Tetragrammaton, and they can occasionally trick him). This is because atheism is NOT a god-free system of belief! Of course, I can also choose NOT to worship any fictional and dogmatic gods at all.

Actually, I am neither a theist nor an atheist; I am unreligious, meaning that I do not recognize any form of religion or god as authorities in my life.
No one needs such mental bandaids in order to become a loving, caring and enlightened human being. All someone really needs to become a decent human being is rational and clear thinking, to reject the dogmas and the superstitions.

After all, according to Aristotle, "Dignity does not consist in possessing honours, but in deserving them."

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slozo said...

I am lucky to have come back here and checked for the possibility of new comments . . . if I hadn't, I would have missed a cracking good back and forth between Hellene and Veritas.

Very interesting, interesting indeed. With no time to do the further research needed - extensive research - all I can say is that Hellene has put forth a version of history I myself am mostly familiar with. On the other hand, Veritas puts forth many points I was not at all familiar with . . . and that makes it all the more intriguing. I am at a loss to say who is mostly correct, but would love the conversation to continue.

Nobody - a post on freemasonry and jews is needed . . . you haven't done that before, have ya? ;)