Friday, July 9, 2010

A Prayer for Rupert Murdoch

"It's like Pauline Hanson never left," said Bob Brown, leader of the Australian Greens. And he's right of course, but not quite right enough. For those who don't know, Pauline Hanson was the dim-witted fish and chip shop owner (no, really!) who overnight became the voice of all those Australian voters possessed of the vague idea that everything was the fault of abos, wogs, and gooks. Finally racists could come in from the cold! In less time than it took for the soy mochaccino drinking crowd to snork the froth out their nose, she and her One Nation party had magically become the third force in Australian politics.

Truth is, she had no idea what she was doing. Her party was full of losers and crackpots, run by grasping spivs and chancers, and its tiny number of MP's became one, became none, and in no time at all the whole thing descended into a series of undignified, money-grubbing spats and court cases. Yeah, seeya arseholes, have a nice life.

In a big picture discussion of the 'Hanson Phenomenon' there's no point dwelling on 'Hanson' half of the equation - she was an idiot who confused media interest with personal worthiness - better to pay attention to the 'Phenomenon' half of things. This had nothing to do with Hanson per se. I expect if asked, she could tell you what 'phenomenon' meant (well, she'd get close anyway) but I doubt she could spell it. But Rupert Murdoch's hacks certainly could. They can spell, whistle up a racist riot, and chew gum all at the same time. They ain't paid all that money for nothing. And Hanson? She was merely the pea in Rupert Murdoch's racist dog whistle.

Of course, that shit Little Johnny Howard did his part too. Riffing off Hanson, who'd now given voice to 'the concerns of many Australians' (according to the media), he could take a giant leap to the right. Domestically, that is. Abroad we were already the idiot son's deputy sheriff in the Pacific keen to bomb whomever as long as they were Muslim. And amongst such a campaign, God forbid Afghan and Iraqi boat people fleeing the hells which we'd made for them should arrive in Australia and behave like quiet, well-mannered model citizens.

They were terrorists who deserved nothing less than to have their wedding parties blown into strawberry jam - how dare they come here and be Muslim and turn our country into a cratered shit-hole like theirs was? That's why it was only too right that Howard should lock them all up on a blazing Pacific island hell hole to rot under the pitiless gaze of the Wackenhut corporation of America. Muslims must be the enemy and racism must be fostered.

Does it really come as any surprise that new Labor PM Julia Gillard has perfectly replicated that shit Howard's 'Nauru Solution' by substituting East Timor for Nauru? "No No, this is different because it's in East Timor." Brilliant - we all roll our eyes. And so when Bob Brown says, 'It's like Pauline Hanson never left,' really he'd be closer to the mark if he said, "It's like Rupert Murdoch never quit blowing his racist dog whistle." He's a lovely chap, Bob Brown, but what with his captaining of the death cult registered HMAS Global Warming you can only expect so much sense out of him. But otherwise he's on the money. Libs, Labor, who can tell the difference? Not me.

There is only one fact that counts in the boat people debate, and that is - they comprise less than three percent of immigrants coming to this country. They are a drop in the bucket. Our immigration centres are only 'swamped' because no one is interested in emptying them. If we just got on and processed these refugees like we did with every over wave of them (Greeks, Italians, Vietnamese, Mainland Chinese), then where would the immigration debate shitfight be? Nowhere. To paraphrase Paul Keating, It's the shitfight we had to have. And sotto voce, ...because Rupert Murdoch said so.

As for the old coming-over-here-and-taking-our-jobs chestnut, I am the wrong fellow for that discussion. I was in the advertising biz in Sydney and drowning in a sea made up the other 97% of immigrants who aren't boat people, which is to say Poms. If there was a decent paying white collar job in Sydney, one's competitors were bound to be English.

Lovely people, the English, until they come here, ha ha. Then they would inevitably complain about the beer, invent absurd traditions about Christmas on Bondi Beach, and otherwise torture the Australian Queen's English with expressions like, You're trippin'! and I was nana-ed, and That's when it all went pear-shaped. God it was awful. Never mind taking-our-jobs, the flipside of that coin is make-no-effort-to-assimilate-into-Australian-society - I rest my case. Not forgetting Sydney's insane rental market. Go sit in a real estate agent in Sydney's Eastern suburbs (ie. near the ocean) and see if Poms don't comprise 50% of the people making enquiries. No wonder the rents are insane.

As for Afghans - good luck finding any. It seems they've all skived off to regional Australia to work in the abattoirs and consider themselves lucky to do so. Those bastards - taking the jobs that no one else wanted to do! And living in the bush! That's bloody un-Australian!

Ha! So what am I? An inverted version of Pauline Hanson? Racist against white people! Truth is I don't give a shit where immigrants come from. As far as I'm concerned the only difference between the current Muslim boat people and all those other immigrants whose kids play with ours (without anyone thinking much of it), is Murdoch's racist rabble-rousing. The immigration 'debate' we've been subject to for the last ten years is no such thing. It's merely a regional variation of the death cult's Sanctity of Banking Campaign™ otherwise known as the War on Muslims Terror.

A true immigration debate, ie. one that doesn't discriminate, is one that I'd be up for. The discussion would pivot on water. Droughts in Oz are really something else. Whilst this has always been the case it would also be true to say, what with the ever climbing population making ever greater demands, that it only ever gets worse. A few years ago the dams of all the major cities were scraping on empty. Any number of bone dry regional towns were trucking in water just to survive.

Add to that the fact that Australia's number one river system, the Murray/Darling, never reaches the ocean. The 'wetlands' at its mouth are arid wastelands. Sure enough, the water is taken by multi-national agricorps to grow the most absurd water-hungry crops imaginable - rice and cotton. Lunacy. The cherry on top of this insanity sundae was KRudd PM's declaration that Australia needed to double its population from 20M to 40M. Huh? Was he mad? Or did he know something we didn't know? That global warming is a con perhaps? And that under the coming global cooling Australia will become lush?

Who the hell knows? With that fucker Murdoch splitting the debate into two nonsensical shitfights: the first an anti-Muslim war for the banks; and the second, fodder for the coming You-Breathe-You-Pay global warming tax regime (with no third conversation possible) there's only one thing to look forward to - the death of Rupert Murdoch. Given that, and apropos the last couple of pieces here, why don't I offer up a prayer?

Dear God,

May I petition you on behalf of your humble servant Rupert Murdoch? What with his tireless work in having us all hate each other (so that we might more enthusiastically fight the death cult's wars of pointless conquest and slaughter), surely he must be very tired by now? He certainly looks haggard, don't you think? I expect his bones are creaky, the blood in his veins as black as tar, and his mind like some nasty, grinding abacus of death.

Just look at him: honestly, Methuselah ain't in it. Not forgetting that he's expended so much of his clapped out jism impregnating his Chinese brood mare (in order to introduce the Sabbatean agenda into China) that he's become a rattling withered husk. It's breaking all our hearts.

And so Lord, I beseech thee, will you not take pity on the man? Why let him continue to suffer in this fashion? Wouldn't it be best for all if you just eased him into the great beyond? We humbly ask that you wheel out the heavenly screens and have the angelic steward do the necessary thing and blow his brains out with a divine double barrelled shotgun. Both barrels - just to be sure.

'Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for Rupert Murdoch'. Was that a prayer before Hemingway pinched it? It sounds about right so I'm sure you won't mind if I use it. How about, 'Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!' That can either be you talking to him and then he carks it. Or him talking to you, in which case you should just kill him on principal. And divine mercy etc. etc. Otherwise may God be with you and blessed be His name, yours truly, amen and best regards, nobody.


chuckyman said...

Amen Brother

su said...

i'll second that amen.

slozo said...

Well written A+, and as a non-aussie I appreciate the quick run-through of Aussieland politics. It ain't much different than Canuckland, where we have very similar political paradigms.

Gotta run, will comment more later.

Franz said...

I'll second-second that TOO!

One thing tho--

NO WAY that second-last pic is real, or is it? I mean it's okay if you Photoshopped that prick to make him look like... well, MORE of a prick. After what he did to the printers in London. After getting Reagan in the White House. After...


100% great story, BTW.

But you FIXED THE PIC, eh?

Anonymous said...


I've sent it off to my sister, who was espousing the same sort of feelings when I spoke to her last week - you know when you were all 'freezing'.



Anonymous said...

Ignatius Norrant
from ABC via Tony

nobody said...

Hey Boys and Girls, just quickly since it's the morning and I don't have much time but yes, that pic is photoshopped. Funnily enough I thought it was badly done and a bit too obvious (overcooked the desaturation on his face).

So overnight I redid it and have now reloaded it. Now it's even spookier, ha ha. Um, if anyone is curious, that's not his mouth. I found another photo of a toothless old man at the same angle and then blended it in.

As God is my witness, you can do anything with photoshop. And moving footage is no different. I could take the Zapruder film, clean it up and then have Kennedy shot from any direction you like. Or not shot at all! Piece of piss.

Oh, and sorry for the grammar and syntax errors in this piece. The battery ran out before I'd finished. I really hate that!

Anonymous said...

You make a terrific and scary point that has troubled me lately. How long have the Morlocks had the control of media? How long did they have CGI before it was revealed. And what have they got that is still on ice to shock and awe us with? good work and keep it up. Chip

nobody said...

Hey Chip, no I doubt that they had CG before, well before I was using it. I got in there pretty early in the caper when the computers cost $100,000 each and took a day to render one second of footage. I also met some of the guys who wrote some of the packages and bits and pieces that became famous and I just can't imagine how anyone not in the business, not working at the coalface, could do that.

Where CG is now is the result of thousands of people spread all over the world interacting and swapping bits and pieces and all of it in the open. I really can't imagine two streams of development, one small and secretive, one massive and open, but with both of them arriving at the same place.

Besides which, if 'they' had CG before we did how come their faked videos look so bad? Have a look at the famous Chris Berg decapitation clip. It's shockingly bad. (And no I don't have it). Had they put it on even the lowest of low-end packages, in five minutes they could have cleaned out the serviceman in the foreground who seems to be directing things, ha ha.

And no, I'm pretty sure they didn't want it to be discovered - mostly due to the fact that that wouldn't make any sense at all.

Actually what with having a pretty good eye, it's my considered opinion that they don't even have any decent operators of standard off-the-shelf packages, never mind cutting edge whatever. Just think of Osama Bin Laden. Between using fifteen year old footage of an obviously young Bin Laden and having everyone crack jokes about him dying his beard, and having an operator like me spend a day putting the grey back in his hair, why would anyone choose the former? I see that stuff and all I can do is shake my head.

But! Never mind me, that stuff is precisely as good as it needs to be. The wars continue, there's no effective protests, the troops aren't in rebellion, no officers are being fragged. Standards? Who needs 'em? We go through the shot list, give every shot a tick, and Bob's your uncle who thinks that it's the Muslims own fault that their wedding parties are being bombed. They attacked us first remember!

gallier2 said...

You're right to point out of the lack of quality of the spook made proofs. Working myself in a big hierarchical political organisation (and secret services are not much more than that) I am still flabbergasted at the level of incompetence these organisations are able to generate. As for the kind of documents like Nick Bergs decapitation, you have to see that who ever had the idea to make it, he couldn't use a competent service provider to do it, he had to give the orders to his grunts to make it, people who have the proper security clearance, the ability to handle the video software was less important. When the product was delivered it was good enough for the dumb people outside. The few naysayers on internet are irrelevant, and one should not forget that propaganda is not there to convince the doubter but to give figleaf justifications for the (decision making) believers. And confirmation bias is enough for them to oversee such little details as the younger Bin Laden or the errors in Berg's movie (as for example that the avi container in which it was had registration info of the PC with which it was made that showed that it was located in Qatar where the big American base is located).

Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea Nobby.

And don't forget.

"When two or more are gathered in my name"

This could be a very coool church.

Pauline is from NZ like me. You may have noticed we have other attribeautyies in common i.e. our excellent spellling, gramma etc.

I concur with your pro anti immigration sentiments. High rents and another way to create class division by making the poor spend all their wages in rentals requiring housing subsidies for fat cat landlords who will eventually sell their large stocks of houses to the NWO.

Peace and light

kikz said...

that mug...

jawbone of an ass, springs to mind...

whatta hateful hardassed lookin ...woman?

A. Peasant said...

i thought it was goga ashkenazi for a second...

good one nobs.

nobody said...

Onya Folks,

Thanks Gallier. I didn't know that. Qatar was it? Ha ha ha, honestly the things you can get away with when you own a bloc-media that never asks any questions.

Hullo Sal, lovely to have someone from across the dutch pop in. And Pauline Hanson was a Kiwi was she? You New Zealand swine! Taking a leaf out of Fidel Castro's book and Scarface-style exporting all your riff-raff over here damn you! Is it not enough that you perpetually thrash us at the rugby? Noooo. Would it be too much to ask for you to send us Ma'a Nonu? Fat chance, you greedy bastards - you just want it all don't you?!

Otherwise, 'this could be a very cool church'. Exactly! If only I knew what I was doing...

And hey you two. Gee whiz, you're down on Wendy Deng (pronounced 'dung')* aren't you? Given that there's two of you, I'm going to agree! Thus - She's absolutely dreadful and I haven't the least desire to see her naked or any other thing. Ahem.

*No really, it is pronounced 'dung'.

nobody said...

Which reminds me - What's brown and sounds like a bell? DUNG!

Ha ha ha ha ha, my favourite riddle.

Anonymous said...

OK Nobby That was nice of you not telling on me.

I was wrong about Pauline being a kiwi. So here's a little correction although I can't vouch for the source. I think I will now check everything I ever thought I new on Google. This seems to be a common thread in my life data.

Pauline Hanson
Born: May 27, 1954, 3:10 PM
in: Brisbane (Australie)
Sun: 5°23' Gemini
Moon: 26°48' Pisces
Ascendant: 3°54' Scorpio
Midheaven: 23°02' Cancer
Chinese Astrology: Wood Horse
Numerology: Birthpath 6

All the footy stuff just doesn't register with me sorry. Its a blokey thing. No lasses on the team so not interested. I imagine thats how guys feel about netball etc.

Peace light

nobody said...

Bloody hell, Sal - leading us up the garden path! As for rugby - careful what you say. In this brave new world where they'll lock you up for a nothing, in New Zealand what you said would qualify as apostasy of the highest order. Let's hope no one noticed.

Wally World said...

Hey NumbNuts....Its One Nation, not Australia First Party..

Part of the Zionist Agenda is the engineered destruction of all near homogenous communities and then administration of the atomised, heterogenous result under the auspices of Noachide Law by the Sannhedrin in Israel. That in itself is a reason to emulate the Japanese who have a culture which is as intrinsically valuable as anyone elses...

"Racism" is whined loudest by the Zionist Jews as the authors of religious fascism anybody who refuses to be "diasporised" into animalian oblivion...

nobody said...

Geez, what sort of half-arsed insult was that? What are you a poof or something? Piss weak.

As for cultures being destroyed, yeah I get it. It's funny you should mention Japan since I used to live there. At least they have a culture. Do we? What is it? Wake in Fright? Welcome to Woop Woop? Muriel's Wedding? As far as I'm concerned, we were always mongrels, so what's there to get antsy about?

Otherwise here in Oz, between a truly pathetic dribble of boat people and a relentless deluge of American television one of them is monstering whatever we had that passed for a culture and the other will no effect at all. Do you watch CSI Miama? How about That Seventies Show? How about South Park? Do you call people 'dude'? Do you think Speedoes are embarassing? Do you wear a baseball cap? I'm just asking since I suspect you're the kind of fellow who shakes his fist in the wrong direction.

Your use of 'diasporised' by the way is prima facie bullshit. Ordinarily it would mean that we are sent to the four winds, our culture lost amongst the seething foreign multitudes. Except that that isn't happening is it? Instead you've bent it backwards to mean that we in Australia will be lost amongst the seething foreign masses that are coming here. What bullshit. There aren't any seething foreign masses and we will not be lost. That's just what Rupert Murdoch wants you to believe. Dickhead. It's hype over substance. Rupes blows the dog whistle and you snap to attention.

One more time for the slow - scary Muslims are coming here in truly pathetic numbers. A year's worth of Muslims would equal two days of 747's coming from the UK. 'Diasporised' - God spare me.

Don't believe the hype mate. You're meant to be racist. That way you will always be defeated. If you want to talk about Jews there's only one way to do it and that's from a position of anti-racism. Go read that, it might do you some good.

Long and short - if you want to discuss immigration from a basis of some races being better than others, you'll lose the debate. Simple. Murdoch doesn't perpetually blow on that dog whistle for nothin' you know. He blows it because he knows that simpletons like you believe him when he says we'll be swamped. We won't be.

For the record - My brother married the daughter of a Lebanese Muslim. His kids are so Australian it's idiotic and no more Muslim than I am. There's the truth of 'swamped' mate - it ain't us getting swamped, it's them.

Anonymous said...

NumbNuts?? ...How rude!
Pauline was very entertaining though Nobs, in a Monty Python kind of way.
I can see Michael Palin doing many of her lines, can't you?

nobody said...

Hey Tony, well she was certainly God's gift to drag queens, ha ha.

Whip that Wally said...

Why so Testy today Mr Nobody ?

There's a hint of the Appoplexian in the virulent reactivity of your riposte.

Australia...Once were White ?

Who implied "diasporised" as only to Australia ?

The word has been used in Jewish literature as a desired outcome for the "West"....More interesting that where we're at, is where they want us to be....

The Jews don't have a race, like the Japanese or the Africans or anyone else....They're identified by entitlement and we by the fact that we're only entitled to tongue their arses should it so please them.

su said...

hi nobody,
i can't access easyidler to add a new post.
it says error.
oh well it could be fun creating something afresh.
the woman in the image has a mouth like an anus trying to hold in an explosive bowel movement in a public place.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff. Nobody I want to ask if you know what ever happened to the guy we saw on TV here when the Iraq war started. He tried to drag Johnny Howard out of his car when they were pelting it with eggs. Is he doing time still?

We all thank Australia for sending Rupert over to us! I know his newspaper there used to have a red pic of Australia on it. That is what they say anyway.

Here at U.S. Fox News the rising star in the media who reps Rupert's party line is none other than man Coulter. She/He is on Fox 24/7 filling us in on how things really are.

nobody said...

Well, you see... speaking of the apoplectic, it's been such a long time since I had a decent stoush here (yours truly all itchy), that when I found an epithet and a message that's doing a fair impression of the standard racist rant, I thought, 'near as dammit - this'll do,' and off I went!

To be honest, I'm still not sure where you're coming from but either way you don't need you to teach us to suck eggs about Jews. We groove on nuance here (delivered with a blunt instrument, no problems) but 'entitlement' is really too tenuous a proposition. Racism by way of their us-and-them is the key defining aspect of Jewishness and their only achilles' heel. You call them out on that point and they're lost for words. Watch them freak out before your very eyes.

As for 'Once were White' - seriously, you think that 'white' has something going for it? Like what? Being prone to skin cancer? 'White' is as precisely as useless a term as 'Jewish'. Now it's up to you whether you're going to be that pointless racist white the Jews want you to be, or the anti-racist who's grasped the fact that it's a meaningless distinction (and rendered himself bullet-proof in the process).

Otherwise, here's what I think of white people.

nobody said...

Hey Su, before you go off and make a new thing it might actually be worth your while to email blogger and ask them if they can't fix it. You never know, it might be a simple matter. Somehow I doubt you'd be on whatever constitutes their shit-list. Otherwise, keep in touch and tell us what happens. I'd be surprised if abandoning is your only option so I'll keep hitting it every couple of days.

Thanks Mick, the guy trying to pull him out of the car? No idea. Really, I have no recollection of it. As for Anne Coulter, sure, I've seen lots of her. She is perfectly hateful. Never mind Kikz and AP's comments here, I vote Anne Coulter Least Sexy Woman in the World! Honestly, if I was locked in Guantanamo and they threatened to handcuff me to a bed and let Anne Coulter jump me, I'd tell them whatever they wanted to know. Dig it! She's Room 101, ha!

su said...

It is up and running again.

And how could i be on any shit list.
I am just a cow watcher and sunflwer opening appreciator more than anything else.
Although having said that in my twenties I spent some time in college in the states. Went out on a few dates with a guy and then decided that i wanted to return to the struggle here. After I left my brother received a visit from the asking where i was as they would like to talk. He informed them that i had left and asked them why. Apparently the guy i had had a few dates with was a member of the black panther movement.
That was like 20 or so years ago and they were watching small stuff like that.

nobody said...

Su! Get away from this blog! Bloody spook magnet!

Hello FBI, I don't know this woman. I've never met her before in my life. Oh alright I do know her and she's a terrorist. She hates people for their freedom and talks about blowing shit up all the time. She's guilty of everything. Torture her! Not me!

...sorry Su, it's just that they've locked me in a room with Anne Coulter. Honestly, you can't blame a fellow can you? Anything but that...

Anonymous said...

O.K. Nobody here is the way it is from the eyes of the Mickster.

nobody said...

Gee whiz, and I thought I wrote long sprawling pieces. Thanks mate, I'll read it over the weekend.

Speaking of which, the next piece here is pretty much done but that's about the best you can say for it. It's absurdly long and quite possibly pointless. In its favour its got lots of side detours that go nowhere. Oh wait, feel free to substitute 'to its detriment' for 'in its favour'. Anyway, it's a big mess and I'll post it on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Murdoch's paywall has failed! Nobody is subscribing to his pay for view website. Why would anybody pay to have their I.Q. lowered?

kikz said...

um... i read somewhere.. wordpress got pinched.. took down 73,000 blogs?

could that be su's trouble?


Sam said...

Thank you brother,.... I live in Canada and the shitheads here are trying to pull same type of scam to put people in camp and so on,... It's called bill C-49. It is quietly making it through and will make this land even harsher of none white refugee claimants who really need help!

nobody said...

Hey Sam,

Yep, white people rock don't they? And the trick is that as we turn the screws on coloured people, we discover that the screws turn for all and ultimately no one gives a shit who's under them. Honestly, as if a system pivoting on cruelty and fear was going to be, I don't know... discerning? There'll be plenty of fear to go round and everyone will get theirs.