Sunday, May 4, 2008

the greatness of white people

How great white people are. What would the savages of the world have done without us? As everyone knows coloured people are lazy and worthless. God knows what they did before we arrived in their lands and showed them the value of hard work. Can you imagine? I expect they all sat around in the dirt merely waiting for a superior race to turn up and give them a handout. Typical.

Right from the first encounter between the old world and the new, when Columbus met the Arawak people of Hispaniola (now Haiti and the Dominican Republic), it was evident that coloured people were shiftless bums. We showed them that their idea of only just doing enough work to provide food and shelter for themselves was bullshit. And to teach them a proper work ethic we made them all slaves. Quite right. But really we were wasting our time. Those good for nothing wretches chose to die rather than be enslaved. Piss weak and ungrateful with it! If such lazy, worthless savages don't want to acknowledge the superiority of white people, genocide is the least they deserve. Beasts have more value.

Honestly, what sort of people don't aspire? This is white people's greatest contribution to the world. We aspire like no others. We want to live like kings. All of us. We don't wonder at the impossibility of everyone living like this. We dismiss it as a silly question. Those who aspire the most, deserve to receive the wealth and servitude of those who don't. And those that don't should consider themselves lucky to be shown what might be theirs if only they were more like those they laboured for.

If there was one single lesson that the coloured people of the world could learn from white people it is this - you must embrace selfishness. The greater degree of selfishness, the better. Forget selflessness and communality. Forget lands being owned by all. Forget modifying your behaviour out of concern for others. Modesty is bullshit. Anyone who doesn't lust after a huge mansion, tons of shiny toys and servants to do the lawn, the pool, and every other goddamn thing, is a variation of loser. In the white world we know what a winner is. A winner is he who most closely approaches the most perfect gratification of the most perfect desire.

Really, coloured people need merely look to our religion. It is a religion for all. Its founder, Jesus, rejected the essential exclusivist tenet of his own Judaism and said everyone could embrace the Jewish God. The resultant Christ-inspired Jewish sect would be the greatest religion the world has ever seen. And does the white man's Jewish God extol selflessness? Ha! Of course not. How could a God who has a chosen people be a God of selflessness? The great gift of this Christ-ian Jewish sect was to instil in the white man an abiding visceral hatred of selflessness. Every single encounter between the white man and the savage was an encounter between those who owned things and those who didn't. And if mass slaughter was what it took to teach people the rightness of this mindset, then we would kill without mercy.

Feel free to think of some other single defining description for white people. White people speak different languages, eat different food, and have different cultures. Says I, the only thing that unites them is their own sense of superiority as provided by their thin-as-a-hair reinterpretation of the Jewish mindset. All of the above is a checklist of this. Anyone who's impressed with the superiority of the white race and wants to spiel off their own check-list of 'We are superior because...' - Stop. Wonder at the sense of superiority itself. Wonder at how we came to be so. Are the achievements of white people the cause of this sense of superiority or the result of it? And finally wonder at your own ego, at your own sense of specialness, your overarching righteousness and ask yourself, 'How closely do I resemble those that I hate most?'.


Anonymous said...

While Maxwell Maltz wrote on Psycho-Cybernetics to describe ideas that apply to all of humanity, the Self Chosen version might be called Psychotic Cybernetics.

A religious idea that causes the infected to believe the rest of humanity must yield all in the service of the Self Chosen is destined to cause the infected to attempt to make it so.

If the infected also believe there are only two types of "humanly" existence on this earth, Chosen and Goyim, then Spock's superior logic suggests that attempts will also be made to diminish the relevance of other races by their dissolution. Such policy is known as Multiculturalism and its racially non-descript results will be known to manifest as Goyim.

Some “racists” oppose this engineered destruction of racial difference. The destiny of the White Man, unfortunately, is to become members of the Self Chosen sect, the In-Sect.

That you have been targeted suggests your ideas to be threatening and effective.

Anonymous said...
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kikz said...

as i understand current popular postulation...

diamond's 'guns, germs & steel' pbs series goes into some detail... of geography playing a central role in this 'supreme' luck.

occupying roughly the same longitudinal band, 33' (a mystical number indeed) allowed whites (europe) the same agro environs; as the fertile crescent in the middle east - readily storable grains and large mammals to do field work.. which all allowed spare time from bare necessities to develop our supremacy and take it to its present pinnacle of hubris.

diamond was doing an anthropological study in borneo or there abouts, and was approached by a local who flat out asked, shortly after a helicopter landed to resupply the group.... 'why you whites have it all?

intrigued.... he started looking around....
indeed borneo has no long storable food staples nor any large mammals... they have taro, banana & non native hogs...

what else he found is expounded on in the series.. ya can probably find it on youtube or google... :)

also watched a good show frm bbc4 today on google.
when the moors ruled europe.. great show...
didn't learn too terribly much new, but it was a beautiful production..

but the lack of synthesis of the message...'truth' and knowledge march onward, no matter their passage thru different cultures and those different cultures' wise use and addition to - or perversion/corruption or outright killing of it... was ignored.. it focused mainly on the 'early' moor's acquisition, translation, assimilation and addition to classical knowledge that had come thru egypt, greek, cultures, which was safeguarded by the arabs, while the world of xtiandom languished in the dirt and filth of the dark ages.... which a debt of gratitude is owed to the muslim world... as it allowed europe to rediscover the purge of scientific knowledge latin xtianity did its unholy best to remove from the face of the earth.

the Silverfish said...

I don't quite know where to start in making a comment on this post, being at somewhat of a disadvantage of having been born not only white but of German ancestry you know brighter than bright and whiter than white as if washed in new blue Cheer.

Now whilst I tend to agree with what you have said about the white race as no one with so much as two brain cells to rub together could do less. I also feel that many things have been left out of this cryptic history lesson.

Firstly please let me say that this comment is in no way a defense of what the white race has done though out our beleaguered and dark history as this is now and has always been and indefensible position, except to those with god on their shoulder whispering the sweet nothings of religious fervor in their ears.

Having said this I must add that the white race was hardly the one to invent virtually all of the injustices we see perpetrated on the peoples of the world today and through out history. I don't know just when it all started however I for one would think that it started way back in the shrouded mists of time when some lowbrow simply had a bigger, sharper pointier stick than his neighbors, he wanted that which they had and even in the dimness of this prehistoric mind he saw that he could get that which they his neighbors had by the use of this larger pointier stick, the rest as they say is history.

History is now and has always been fraught with empires whose motives were not always altogether altruistic. Take for example the ancient Egyptian Empire, the Chinese, the Mongols, the Ottoman, the Aztecs, and yes the Europeans. The list just goes on and on and on. The wants of the Few have ALWAYS outweighed the Needs of the Many.

The one thing that ALL of these empires and Cultures had and have in common is the need for control and power, the best way to control is through either Might or through Fear. The problem with the Might vs Weak method is that you can only kill so many of those that you wish to control before you have none left to control then you have to do the digging in the dirt yourself and as we all know that will never do. So enter religion and the Fear factor takes care of itself.

Religion has been used to control the masses right from day one, and Guess what it's the best game in town as it's pretty damn hard to hide from an all seeing all knowing god who sees you when your sleeping who knows when your awake, who knows when you've been good or bad , so knuckle down for goodness sake, ( that and to save your bloody ass ).
These are all things that the White race did not invent however they have used them to great advantage during their short and bloody tenure on this planet.

I believe that the world is now in a position that it needs a new scapegoat and sadly for the likes of me that goat is wearing a white skin. Perhaps it is my destiny to pay for the sins of my ancestors but Goddammit as far back as I can trace my family's history we were always farmers and more often than not slaves to whatever state we happened to find ourselves living in, not slave owners. Hell most of the time we couldn't even afford to hire farm labor, the operative word here being Hire. I am simply tired of paying for the sins that My personal forefathers did not commit.

So in closing I will simply say that in comparison to many cultures ie The Hindu Caste system , the Turkish treatment of the Armenians, the Jews treatment of oh well everybody.Yada Yada Yada a vast number of whites don't even know the meaning of the word racism. Also the only peoples that I am aware of that have no concept of that which is termed racism are the bushmen of the deep Kalahari, and the Inuit of Canada's north, many of which I am proud to call friends , but sadly they are learning at a breakneck pace the white mans ways.
Perhaps the Whites greatest crime has been one of omission , to have seen wrong and done NOTHING to stop it. Take for a prime example Gaza.

Thank You for your post, I am looking forward to many more, and please forgive the rant.

nobody said...

Thanks folks,

These are good comments all. And silverfish, you're right of course. As I wrote this I knew I was leaving out a ton of stuff. But I'm not writing a tome here. I want to keep it down to a read of a few minutes. Really I just wanted to posit a counter-view. I can't conduct full surgery, I can only stick in a metaphoric stiletto and hit a nerve and hope that whomever is jangled into wondering if there might not be another way of viewing things.

Also I'm oh-so tired of people coming here and ranting about the wickedness of Jews from a three-cheers-for-racism platform of defence of the white race (whatevere that is). For mine, they're only a heartbeat away from the people they hate. The nazis and the zionists were both great admirers of each other's ideas of racial purity. And we all know who won that little battle. If people object to Jewish racism, battling it from a racist platform is a sure way to failure.

Google 'bill white nazi megaphone'. If there were no white racists the zionists would have to invent them. Oh wait, they did.

nobody said...

And speaking of which, the above blitz was the ever tiresome Apollonian.

Mate, do you remember writing this?

CONCLUSION: If u don't improve ur dialectic, and cut the hypocrisy, I may just have to quit posting here.

Ap, feel free to demonstrate to us that you're not the kind of fellow to utter empty threats. I swear we will all be impressed by your quiet steely resolve.

Otherwise I have to say mate, that your self-regard; your rhinocerous-like hide; your desire to hog the discussion; your insistence that everything be debated under your terms; your use of ad-hominem as a weapon of first resort; your seeming lack of having anything better to do; and your hair-trigger sensitivity, really really reminds me of the countless zionist trolls I grew so utterly sick of over in various other forums. You'll scream that that ain't you, sure. It's just that it's hard for a mug-punter like myself to tell the difference, you know what I mean? Yoroshiku.

annemarie said...

I'm not better than anyone and noone's better than me.

We're all naked apes or human animals. We're all related. All the same. Now get over yourselves! haha

that pretty much sum up my feelings on this topic.

btw,Psych 101 tells you that superiority complexes are merely the flip side to inferiority ones ;)

nobody said...

ta am,

Your superiority/inferiority comment has started my brain chugging away. I don't know that it'll lead anywhere but it's a thing I shall ponder.

And sorry kikz, I meant to say that I gave Diamond's book the fifteen minute bookshop test and found it a less than scintillating read. Otherwise would I be right in thinking that, again, nowhere in his book does money or debt play a role? As I understand it Columbus' backers hadn't donated the funds for his voyage so much as encumbered him with debt. Is that right? Because if that's the case it would explain a lot. But far be it from me to suggest that Diamond's book would be self-serving in any way. Perish the thought.

PS am, actually mate I did groove on that essay you pointed me at. But she lost me somewhat with her thoughts on Hyde Park in Sydney. She needed me there to explain it to her. The sculptor Raynor Hoff is really something. I'm a big fan. Funnily enough, the most important sculpture in the ANZAC memorial is the one that isn't there. Check this out and see why it was 'disappeared', ha ha.

annemarie said...

hey nobody,
I hate that 'sacrifice' sculpture, it's hideous. Very ritualistic -sacrifice to the bloodthirsty gods- sort of image! And yeah, the 'wise woman' did link to that same article about those forbidden sculptures which you referred to.

I have to agree with her though, that whole place looks horrible. I don't see it as honouring the poor bastards of ANZAC.

later mite,

kikz said...

Otherwise would I be right in thinking that, again, nowhere in his book does money or debt play a role? As I understand it Columbus' backers hadn't donated the funds for his voyage so much as encumbered him with debt. Is that right?

i dunno :)? i've never read diamond's book.
i really don't remb it (debt) being covered in the programs.

i've had a headscratch on columbus for ages now...
ferdi/isabella backed the voyage.... but... whatizthat
templar cross doing represented on the 3 ships' sails? never understood that..

and apparently his nationality is in question... which may also complicate the matter.......

debt... hmmm... from columbus' perspective i'd think he ultimately was worried more about losing his head if his excursion didn't produce gold for ferdi/izzi.

i'm sadly lacking on too much detail as far as columbus goes.. i should try to do some more reading :)

as diamond is white.. and i do believe was a priest at one time, it's not out of the realm of possibility that his book was self-serving on many levels :)

Anonymous said...
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nobody said...

Never mind annemarie, to each their own. All I can say is I love Hyde Park and have spent many happy hours in it. That war memorial produced no great reaction in me and her comments about it struck no chord. I've been in there several times. Between that and the really huge war memorial in Canberra which is perfectly designed to fill boys' heads with dreams of war-movie adventures I'll take the Hyde Park version. And, perhaps I'm old fashioned but I even like that fountain too. Never mind.

As for Columbus, kikz, I'm merely asking the question. From a point of complete ignorance, natch. And Diamond was a priest? Wikipedia has him down as Jewish.

It's poor of me I know, but in an endless discourse run by Jewish people, in which Jewish people play no role except as geniuses and victims, I view yet another Jewish author interpreting others' history in a slightly jaundiced fashion. Like I said, it's poor of me.

nobody said...

If you can guess who was blitzed above, you'd be right.


Mate, you might want to consider what it is you're trying to achieve and what it is you're actually achieving. When you're in traffic and another fellow cuts you off and you get all kinds of angry, do you give him the finger? I used to. (Actually here in Australia, as in the UK, we give two fingers. Me, I find the American version just a bit too coarse).

So, there I am giving some bullshit driver two fingers. To what end? If I was to stop and think about it, I'd say it was to show him I'm angry and tell him I think he's a poor driver. But as sure as eggs is eggs, the only thought that will go through his head is that I'm an arsehole. Obviously there's a disconnect between what I want to achieve and what I actually achieve.

What to do? Me, I ceased getting angry. Of course there are bullshit drivers. Of course they're going to cut me off. It's as inevitable as catching a red light. Do I get angry and yell at a red light? How pointless would that be? It's as pointless as yelling at the guy who cut me off.

Can you dig it? What do you hope to achieve? Why do you think it's useful? And what are you actually achieving? Only one of us is getting hot and bothered mate. And it ain't me. Yoroshiku.

kikz said...

ack!.. i have no idea how i misremembered that one :P

sorry :) i'm no oracle of delphi :) glad you chkd up on that....

another headscratch.. who'd been a priest in a 'previous life'? hmmm... oh, musta been thomas moore.. author of soul mates and other stuff... hav no idea how i got the two confuZed...

anyway.. sorry for the misdirect on diamond..
all else aside...
the geography bit does sound plausible though..

speaking of memorials...
i missed seeing the vietnam mem. in DC... once when i was there... still hate it..
but have seen the traveling scale model.. which is quite imposing enuff on its own. took the kids to see it, as i doubt i'll get to DC anytime in the near future, i wanted them to have some vague idea as to the cost at least on this side, non inclusive of pstd, homelessness, insanity, and death aftr returning stateside.

we had a long talk bout it after we got home.

nobody said...

I recall that the Washington Vietnam memorial was arrived at by a competetion. My entry would have had a big sign saying They Died For Nothing. Imagine the outrage! The nation would have gone into meltdown. Does anyone remember that Python gag, "He was a cruel man, but fair."?

Seriously, we'd all rather eat our own heads than write such a thing on a memorial - true or no. The best we can hope for is that they don't inspire kiddies to race off and pile in. Frankly they should all be about death.

And whilst we're on the subject, I'm just too bloody tired of the annual hoo-ha about the Japanese PM going to the Yasukuni shrine. If it's alright for Western leaders to go to a memorial for our illegal wars why shouldn't they go to one for theirs? Honestly.

Anonymous said...
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nobody said...

That was Apollonian again, doing his best to demonstrate that it actually only takes one to tango.

gallier2 said...

Good piece noby, didn't remember it, but is a good reason why you're on my favorite blog lists. Just a nitpick (the nerd in me you know), the big island comprised of Haiti and the Dominican Republic is called Hispaniola, when the whites debarked on it, it was a far from being the hell holes they are now (especially Haiti). Sorry for being a nitpicking fool, but it's my nature.

nobody said...

Aargh! Gallier you swine! What with not having laid eyes on this for ages I read it again and that Haiti/Dominican Republic thing really stuck out like dog's balls. The reason I didn't write Hispaniola (and it's such a pretty word) is because I thought punters would wonder where it was and try to look it up in an Atlas (to no avail of course). So I left it as it was.

Anyway the solution is simple (the use of brackets) and I've sorted it all out now. And never mind me cursing you, I'm actually glad you mentioned it. It always bugged me and I'm glad to have the excuse to change it. Thanks mate.

gallier2 said...

Oh, you can call swine as long as you want. Just btw, when Columbus landed on that island, it wasn't called Hispaniola yet, what about that? Just kidding.
Have you read Dave McGowan's new Apollo installment? It's dreadful, he's really clutching at straws with that one. Only two points I will make about it. First, he cites experts that tell the technical difficulties we would have to go to the moon again, like inappropriate space suits and shielding. Dave uses this argument to tell that we couldn't have gone there in th 60s because even today these problem are unsolved, but the premise is false, the actual missions would be long term, so problems that could be neglected in a 6 day mission, like radiation, gets entirely different on a 200 day mission. The purpose also of the cited experts is also not to give an accurate assessment of the technical difficulties but to request fundings for new research (I call that grant whoring). In that case Dave's argument can be used to shut them up, like "What you need new reasearch money for space suits? Shut up we did it in the 60s so look in the archives and bugger off".
Second, Dave should really take a course in physics. His layman explanation of the need of constant acceleration to get to the moon orbit is so dumb, it beggars belief. If he had attended a physics course, he would know that the speed of a satelite is determinant of its orbit, so if you increase the speed of a satelite it will change height automagically. If you happen to accelerate at the right moment your vessel will go as high as necessary to get captured by the moons gravitation field. He should read up on Escape velocity in wikipedia.

nobody said...

Onya Gallier, ya rotten party-pooper. I think the expression we're looking for is 'lack of rigour'. That would describe Dave well. But by the same token, you can't not read him can you?

gallier2 said...

Yeah, lack of rigour is a good description. I do not really understand what you meant with your last sentence, but if it was a critic to the lack of rogour in my comment above, you're absolutely right. If I had the required rigour I would have written a lengthy point by point refutation on my blog since his first article, instead of polluting other peoples comments section (here and at Penny's). But maybe I will have more time in the future as apparently my wife just left me.

nobody said...

Sorry Gallier, that last comment meant: regardless of McGowan's lack of rigour, he's still irresistible. 'Can't not read him' is a roundabout way of saying 'you have to read him'

And your wife is leaving you. Oh dear. May I give you lots of advice? Me, the perpetually single guy? Ha! Fat lot of good it'd do you. I hope it all goes well, mate.

gallier2 said...

Definitely you're right, even with his lack of rigour, Dave should be on every "must read" list. But people should be trained in every retoric kung-fu known to man.
As for the story with my wife, I only talked about it because I have noone here to bother with my unsignificant stories. I prefer to bother my antipodian "friends", they can not give me a kick in the ass.;-)
I hope I will be able to respond on your next witty response, as I am actually on holiday in Italy and have only 1 battery load on the laptop and haven't found the right adapter for the plug yet.

nobody said...

A witty response? How about 'Italy? You bastard!'? What a great place. I haven't been for years. Gee whiz, those were the days.

Otherwise, I was actually going to suggest you take your missus on a romantic holiday to Italy. But you're way ahead of me I see.

(Um... I wasn't really. That's just me as cynical opportunist).

gallier2 said...

Ha ha, bringing my miss to Italy, what a strange idea. I see that you don't know her, she wasn't grown up in a western country and the "romantic holiday" thing, white women are so fond of, is as foreign to her as decency is to a TalmAudist. She would appreciate the cloth markets as it is relatively cheap, but she would hate the food, the beaches, the historical towns. But hey, the children like it here and may be when we get back next week will she be a little more calm again, seeing that, whatever she does, it would be worse if we divorced especially for the kids. And as you may have noticed, I found the right plug adapter and can charge my laptop again, what a relief.

gallier2 said...

Yes, I went alone with the children, but that was planned that way all along. She took her holidays in may and has to work now.

nobody said...

Well, I did say my advice is worthless mate. I just take stabs in the dark and usually get it wrong. Anyway it's nice that the kids are enjoying it. That's the main thing.

gallier2 said...

Your advice might be wrong but it certainly far from being worthless, I appreciate it particularly as it allows me to formulate a little bit the things that go through my head.