Monday, June 14, 2010

In which I make an obsequious apology

Well, no one ever said I wasn't rash. It seems that the last piece was written in a tone of certainty rather than one of probability. Thus it's time for yours truly to do the mea culpa macarena and admit the following: As far as Israelis faking attacks on themselves to appear victims and thus justify their own talmud approved brutality, I will happily declare that in this single instance of the Mavi Marmara attack I got it wrong. What with their tactic of using helicopters to shoot people on the deck of the boat and thus provoke those on board to retaliate, the variety of fakery suggested by those photos was in all likelihood unnecessary and most probably did not occur.

What was I thinking of? Did I really think that the Israelis would go to all that expense and shell out the shekels to hire the sister ship and effectively double the production costs of military personnel, boats, choppers, camera crews, and post-production, when on the actual day they could just stand off and shoot some Goyim and thus provoke them into doing the same job for free?! I'll admit that there's the cost of a box of ammunition, but gee whiz, that's money well spent for the opportunity to kill some Goyim. Honestly, put an Israeli in a gunship and pretty much the whole world qualifies as a free-fire zone amusement park. "Get some! Get some! You should do a story about me because I'm so fucking good!"

Forgetting Full Metal Jacket for a minute, where I came a cropper in this case was in thinking of all those other examples of Jews attacking themselves to appear victims without realising the other obvious commonalities. Um, we're all familiar with this aren't we? I actually have a collection of fake attack stories on my hard drive. Holy shit! I just checked and there's over twenty of them, and I only ever spent a blink of an eye looking for them.

My fave is that French woman who claimed six North Africans on the Metro mistook her for being Jewish and beat her up and threw her baby out of the humidicrib, sorry, pram. Ha ha ha ha, 'mistook her for being Jewish' - bloody marvellous, I love it. And special Jewish Brownie points to her Jewish boyfriend for getting an idiot shiksa to do all the work. "A Jew may do to a non-Jewess what he can do. He may treat her as he treats a piece of meat," and quite right too. Otherwise it was very poor of the French police to drag the Jewish boy into it. How was he meant to know they'd check the cctv cameras and be able to see that nothing happened at all? Besides which, every thing he did was sanctioned by the talmud. Hell, he could have shot every one of those ill-mannered cops right there in the interview room and it would have been blessed by God. Don't they know they're not even human?

But never mind that one single case, there's been many, many, many: gravestones smashed; synagogues burnt; swastikas daubed on everything from cars, buildings, Morton Downey Jr, and pretty much everything in between, and all done by Jews to paint themselves as victims. And God forbid anyone should ask the question: if anti-semitism is so rife, why are so many Jewish people running around faking it all the time? It would be ungracious of me to ask it, so I shan't. The important thing is, I missed the main point - in all of these cases of Jews as false victims, the money spent was nickel and dime.

So yes, my instinct to assume that uppermost in the Israeli mind would be how to make themselves appear to be victims whilst callously murdering people in cold blood was correct. But. Where I went wrong was in imagining that they'd go about it in a profligate fashion. Even in elaborately prepared cases like 911, where significant sums were outlaid, it was only because the payout was assured and everyone was going to make out like bandits. Just ask Larry Silverstein and Australia's very own Frank Lowy, now in South Africa copping blowjobs in his role as head of Australian soccer. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi Oi Oi Vey!

Oh dear, have I strayed again? Back to the mea culpa. Yes, I was wrong. I was foolish, I was stupid, I was naive. I prostrate myself in front of those self-righteous, drenched-in-blood, Israel-uber-alles defenders of the indefensible and say, please forgive me for imagining you'd spend a penny more than was necessary. More fool I.


Masher1 said...

You know what? The townsfolk are soon to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to the land that cries "Wolf!".

It is about time Too.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Nobody,..Welkommen mein Obersturmbannf├╝hrer! Heh heh heh,.. what laughs Copperfield, what laughs! How tha fuck are ya? Boy have we had fun, ya missed a great party, we all got miffed by the yids fuck'n over the al qaeda flotilla, then we kept remembering the jews own everything so back to "The Biggest Oil Spill on Earth"; that's a real three ring circus I can tell ya. BP what a bunch of cunts. Yeah those Poms, and then there's the 'Woyld Carp', fuck me, sensatory overload, I didn't know who to spew at first! Puppet Nigels in Sud Afrika wasting IMF loans on once only soccer stadia, 4 Bil on one footy-fest and let the poor fucking nigels eat shit and live in the street! Wooohoo! Oil spill what fuck'n oil spill? Lets dowse tha fucka with detergent and every cunt can 'ave sum! BP are sorry, sorry for not av'n enuff fuck'n insurance whoohooo! Oi vey Execs lookout; Bonuses cummin up... Yeeehaaa!



Anonymous said...


Hey PG you will never know how bad the oil Spill really is.

Well Obama said we were going to have transparency, does that me we can see right through him?

Anonymous said...

Some people like nothing more than to be falsely accused of committing a henious act, and I'm very wary of giving the Israelis the pleasure.

The only thing that can harm them over this latest effort of theirs is the internet, but the focus has to be kept on the right things. Like footage of the IDF executing Mari Marmara activists.

And the rules of the Israeli enquiry into their own behaviour are out:

With 2 foreign observers included!! But they aren't allowed a say in anything, and any damaging information is allowed to be kept from them!

Peter D

Anonymous said...

And you know, maybe it's the wine, but I totally LOLed when I read that one of the three Israelis on the 3 person Israeli commission was "Shabtai Rosen, a 93-year-old international-law professor." Heading the commission is a 76 year old, and the third is 86 years old.


Good times. (And credit where credit's due: Good on The Australian and The WSJ for including these facts in their articles - they could easily have avoided divulging such information.)

Peter D

Penny said...

Morton Downey Jr?
who knew? I didn't.

nobody said...

Thanks boys and girls. It was a bit frenzied yesterday (not to mention expensive, what with me being at an internet cafe on account of the library being closed) and so in amongst it I failed to pop into the last piece's comments section and say how impressed I was with all the comments. I do like level headed people.

And same again today! PeterD (and Suraci in last comments) are exactly right. Getting things wrong can function as an arrow in their quiver. It's 'poisoning the well' writ small. We all saw it in action after 911 when quicker than you could blink the first story out there came from Israelis pretending to be anti-semites making unsupportable claims about no Jews going to work that day. Sure enough, you need a do-as-they're-told media to leap on it but that's all part and parcel of the big lie. The genius about them saying that is that it was true.

Anyway, I'm going to leave the last piece there with an asterisk saying, I don't know, something or other.

ciao ciao

A. Peasant said...

pfft. i give you all noogies.

nobody said...

Yay! Noogies for everyone and it's AP's treat!

Hei Hu Quan said...

Israel is like a great gob of dog shit stepped in by an owned politician. He tracks it into the house and then when someone complains about the obvious smell, he shouts that he smells nothing and accuses the party of libel. Then he turns about and proclaims that the smell of shit is good and we should support it because shit is a victim and that has a right to exist by taking over peoples shoes. Then all in the house fall to the sway of convolution and become content to suffer in silence, as no one dares grab the sod with the shitty shoes and toss him on soundly out on his arse along with his excremental master. All that shit does is attract flies and breed maggots.

Apologies for the graphic analogy, but I am rather tired of their crap (no pun intended) and the well-worn game of let's pretend-they're-not-scum.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Nobody,..Yay! Noogies! Wooohooo! Yay!

What's a noogie?


Hei Hu Quan said...

For fecks sake, even Castro's had enough

BTW, pardon my rudeness, but a hale and hearty welcome back Nobody, glad to see you back in the saddle and riding high.


veritas6464 said...

Hey Nobody,.. Before I forget, here is a blog I created after bouncing the idea off a few folks - it's a sort of everyman's blog, for people to put up an opinion or file a 'lead' or useful research material etc. Hey Hei Hu Quan, you are a perfect example of what I am on about(grin)- if you have an essay in you send it to the gmail account and I'll hack it together. I do believe you should write stuff.

nastrovya folks,


veritas6464 said...

Nobody,..Oops: The Link(grin)...

hehe he,


Anonymous said...

Nobody please check this out i still think they faked the videos.

A. Peasant said...

ah, a noogie? you know not what you miss!?!

we have a modified noogie format here that does not involve headlock, and can be administered with one nice hard pointy middle finger knuckle and a very fast abrasion on the top of the head just over the forehead... OUCH. and i have just the bony hands to do it hahaha. i also give a good pinch should that be necessary, which i think IT WILL.

Drew said...

Nobody, I agree with the comment by Anonymous. I think the Israeli's faked portions of the videos, so they very well could have done what you and others claim with the sister ship of the Mavi Marmara. Especially the portion of video starting at the 6:45 mark. The fake posts are a dead giveaway...

Check it out!


veritas6464 said...

Hey Nobody,..Campo...ah, I get it now...we call a noogie a "Donkey Scrub" and it is generally a saw like backwards and forwards motion with the knuckles of the fingers.

Oh, a noogie, why would we all deserve noogies? And a pinch, whew!

Serious Corporal punishment Campo. My first comment was a bit off-the-wall, however it was written as an expression of frustration, in jest.



A. Peasant said...

ah, PG, don't mind me. i'm feeling what Hei Hu Quan describes. i could be a scosh cranky with the dogshit all over the floor....

word verification: spent.

Hei Hu Quan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hei Hu Quan said...

Much thanks Veritas, went to your site added it as a favourite, it looks very promising. As soon as I compile something of substance I'd be more than happy to direct it your way. Problem is time's always got me running about like clockwork and if I had the time, I'd probably be off on a blog of my own. So for now I take sniper shots here and there as the chi strikes me to write.

Cheers up friend.

nobody said...

Oh man piss me off. I've been here for two hours and wrote a long reply but the library I use ate it. God I hate this place. They provide a service but they don't actually use it themselves and would neither know nor care if it drives everyone completely batshit.

It reminds me of China and the restaurants there that provide Western food. Since the Chinese to a man hate Western food and think it tastes like shit, when they cook it, it does taste like shit. And when you complain they think you're mad. Of course it tastes like shit! It's Western food! And so it is here with the library and their supply of the internet. People who want to use the internet for free are nuisances who distract them from the worthy task of providing people with books for free.

Anyway... the point I typed out previously is that what I said in this piece about the sister ship and a here's-one-I-prepared-earlier fakery was wrong. Once the Israelis captured the ship and locked everyone below decks the Mavi Marmara itself becomes the error-proof set for them to do with as they wish and fake whatever they want. Given that they held the ship for hours, the idea of looking for clues that they might have used another ship is, frankly, silly.

Subsequently the only way to figure out what's real and what's fake (and clearly some fakery has taken place) is to couple everyone on board with everyone appearing in the extant videos. "That's me in the hat, John at the bulkhead, and Mary standing next to him" kind of thing. Or alternatively, "We've been through everyone on board and know one knows who these people are". Everything else is supposition.

An inquiry is the answer but the participation of the Israelis is completely unnecessary. Hmm... ideally a one would build a 3D model of the ship and chart everyone's position with little tagged icons that can be animated. "There's me climbing up to the main deck after the first explosion," if you can dig it. Then we'd know who was where when and thus what footage was real and what not.

Now I'm going to hit publish and see what happens...

veritas6464 said...

Hey Nobb-Oddy,.. chill man,..chill...The Ship - REGARDLESS of the details of 'whom was where...?' WAS IN INTERNATIONAL WATERS! MAYYYTE! Come on MAYYYTE! The yids had no right to throw a 'message in a bottle' onto the decks of the Mari Marmara - let alone sieze the ship (PIRACY!) and detain(KIDNAP - life or death is the Sentance in the jU.SA). Come on bro' let's get a fuckin' grip buddy - no need to apologise for the tribe!

You are an ESSENTIAL part of the voice against tyranny, you have done no wrong and you need to stay staunch my brother!

Nameste all,

PeeeGeeeYeeeHaaa! (GRINNING)

nobody said...

Further thoughts - we could camera track all the footage and project it onto the virtual ship, if that makes sense to anyone (it would make perfect sense to any SFX animator). Never mind that no one knows what that means, you'll just have to take my word for it that it would provide an absolutely bullet-proof timeline.

Wow. Why has no one done this before? This would be an intensely powerful tool. And it's unlimited. The more footage the better. If you had enough footage from enough cameras you'd have a virtual ship completely peopled with representations of the actual protagonists and all of it perfectly timed. It'd be like being able to step back in time (to any point in the drama) and seeing it as it happened. And to play it over and over if you wished. There'd be a lot of work setting it all up of course, but gee whiz... the results would be astounding.

I wonder if they'd be interested?

nobody said...

Yeah I get that PG but still... it is a crime scene and ten people were killed. Imagine being able to recreate the whole crime scene? And for a mass murder, no less... the more I think about this the more I'm blown away by the whole concept.

The library is closing shortly but tomorrow I might come back and hunt down their email and see if anyone is interested. Unless anyone wants to do it for me, that is...

Otherwise mate, I know I called this an 'apology' but really... with apologies like this who needs insults. You know what I mean?

veritas6464 said...

Hey Nobody,...Your 'crime scene' comment wasn't up when I posted my 'chill man', yeah, I think the concept of super-duper-technical-analysis is coool duude! However, get a grip, whilst grinning buddy.

Nameste, my Ozzie bro'


nobody said...

Just so everyone gets it, were this to be done there is almost nothing we wouldn't know. The question of that chap 'walking through steel' would be instantly resolved. For everything that appears in frame I could tell you its precise size and location. I could even tell you the height of the man holding the camera. Honestly, Sherlock Holmes ain't in it. Fake footage wouldn't stand a chance. It'd be the big don't-argue from hell. Honestly, it's a mindfuck.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Nobody,.. If you've changed your dealer dude, I have some stuff here that'll ground you for a couple of days while yoyo adjustsss ya sheet braaa! Haaahahahahaa,..hehehe heheheh!

Man you are onto sum'thin eyaa boss!



Anonymous said...


I was just about to lob over to AP’s place when I realised that a noogie was something very different than I had imagined. Now I think I will take a raincheck (Ha ha as Nobs is wont to say)

A. Peasant said...

well lissen, as long as nobody and no one is apologizing or bending the rules for the fecking israelis, i will keep the noogies to myself. i promise.

Anonymous said...

Aussie nuclear scientist dissappeared

wv: prove

reem said...

Hi , you know , it is just agame for jews , and you have to choose ,

to be side by side with them , or to be the enemy .

slozo said...

No need for me to repeat what others have said, other than "write on, brother!".

Keep the faith, Nobody.

nobody said...

Hello Evat, lovely to have you pop in. Evat is a charming Syrian lady who's an artist and a fan of John Frampton (and who isn't?), and appears to have come sideways from there. Evat, your English-as-a-second-language means that you may find the reading difficult here but we're happy to have you and the people are charming.

And there was free nougat until AP got all stingy. AP I want my nougat!

Are you in Damascus, Evat? If I had money I think that would be my dream trip - Damascus, Beirut, Istanbul, and Athens, the great cities of antiquity. And think of the food! It'd be like you died and went to heaven.

As for Jews, um... we get it.

And hullo Tony. Thanks for that mate. Says that fellow's brother "The likely thing is that he went for a walk." Um yeah... but somehow I suspect that if he spent a few years hanging around at the right sort of websites his idea of what's 'likely' could be very very different. Perhaps he 'went for a walk' like Robin Cook or David Kelly. Does wikipedia have a category people who 'went for a walk'? Just checked and the answer is no but they do have Deaths from cardiovascular disease and Drug-related suicides in England. Sure of course.

Otherwise, why do people continue to encourage me in these endeavours? Right now I'm in the middle of a longish confessional piece which is sort of preparing the way for me to pack the whole thing in. Not that I really understood the conversation but it seems that Les Visible is walking away. Okay, so why can't I? I don't have any gods on my side sure enough but fair's fair.

Don't you people know that none of you are real? Dont' you know that I'm not? That's where Andrea came a cropper in the last comments. She took that Apocalypse Now quote too literally and forgot to channel Kilgore. Boo Radley aside, it was easily Robert Duvall's spookiest moment: when he looks to the distance and enigmatically says, 'One day this war will end...'

That. That tiny moment of ...dispassionately observed ambiguity? ...a future without protagonists? ...a vision, the meaning of which eludes you? Whatever you want to call it, I can dig it.

One day this blog is going to end...

Anonymous said...

Part of the human condition is just that Nobs - 'All good things come to an end'
Thank you in trepidation

Anonymous said...

It's all very mysterious. I wonder if and when Lebanon is going to be attacked and if and when there is going to be a coup in Turkey and if and when an American company is going to take over BP.

Best regards,

- Aangirfan

reem said...

hi ,nobody ,Damascus is a great city , you can read history anywhere ,you will like it if you come there ,you are all right ,my english is not very good ,but not so bad ,i can read your words .

nobody said...

More statcounter oddities. This is a machine obviously (look at the times), but why?

Deutsche Telekom Ag ( [Label IP Address]

Schweich, Rheinland-pfalz, Germany, 133 returning visits

Date Time Type WebPage
17th June 2010 00:41:58 Page View No referring link
17th June 2010 02:42:05 Page View No referring link
17th June 2010 04:42:10 Page View No referring link
17th June 2010 16:10:45 Page View No referring link
17th June 2010 18:11:04 Page View No referring link
17th June 2010 20:11:26 Page View No referring link
17th June 2010 22:11:30 Page View No referring link

Anonymous said...


It's obvious, you are one of the selected ones but not one of the chosen ones.

Sabretache said...

Well Wikipedia might not have a 'people who went for a walk' category, but you're most welcome to create one on my shiny new WikiSpooks site. Could do with a few more editors/authors there too. End of plug - sorry.

Also, welome back after that extended absence; and the Craig Murray comment? - love it. Poor Craig; he's such an old luvvy - ernest - even angry - good intentions, but frankly bloody clueless when, in the words of his famed fellow Scot, it comes to 'seeing oorsels as ithers see us' - ('scuse the Scots accent - never could get my tongue around it properly). And actually it's more a question of total credulous blindness to the nature of the fairy tale that constitutes the Wests 'official narrative' of history.

But no matter, he's got maybe a hundred K people hanging on his every word now, so clearly he'll make a living with his selective tut-tutting. He'll also be damned careful NOT to say anything that could threaten it - Again!


And don't you dare shut this blog down.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but...
Justice may yet be served?

Anonymous said...


Hey Nobs Here is a subject which is close to your heart and one you covered a while back.
Pedophelia : The Talmuds Dirty Secret.

And like Sabs said “And don't you dare shut this blog down.”

Anyway, just in case I have backed the whole thing up in Scrapbook to give myself some ironic relief after the big takeover comes.

nobody said...

Sorry, I'm a bit late but thanks for those comments. All too kind etc etc.

And Sabretache no problems plugging wikispooks but your link comes to, er... here. Or it did when I clicked it. As for Craig, if I arrive there early enough I'll do a hit and run. Really I'm just stealing his audience. Which is also the only reason the shills are there. As for that last one, it needed an edit! I was a bit pissed off with it. But never mind.

Thanks FB. Thanks Tony.

nobody said...

Hey anon,

You nearly made it into print mate. If only I didn't have moderation switched on. Never mind. Still it was exciting while you typed it wasn't it?

best regards,