Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Saving the good Israelis from the bad Sabbateans

In floundering about attempting to figure out the puppets, the masters, those who are both, and who's at the end of the trail of strings, I vaguely arrived at the phrase 'once-were-jews'. It's looking like this was correct but not quite correct enough. It seems the missing word was 'Sabbatean'.

I don't need to explain Sabbatean do I? Everyone reading here will already be up to speed thanks to the great work from the marvellous AP at Twelfth Bough (and here and here) and the saucy schoolgirls at Aangirfan, yes? If you're shuffling your feet and looking guilty, shame on you. These two are turning into the best tag-team partners since Brute Bernard and Skull Murphy. (Hee Hee, and no, you may not ask which is which. Dreadful)

In amongst the aforementioned (non-wrestling) duo's various links to Henry Makow etc. are also links to assorted Jewish sites wherein Sabbateanism and its founder, Shabbatai Tzevi are discussed in a, how shall we put this? ...in a 'confidently shy' fashion - a bit like Madonna singing about being a virgin, ha ha. Extraordinary statements will be uttered in the most matter-of-fact way without any hint of surprise, wonderment, or what-does-it-all-mean. The fix is in and they know it.

Clearly Sabbateanism as right up there with the USS Liberty, the dancing Israelis, the contents of the Talmud (etc. etc. ad nauseam) in terms of 'things to be swept under a Jewish rug'. You're not meant to know. Actually do they have Jewish rugs? Perhaps they have Jewish rugs like they have Jewish falafel and Jewish kaffiyeh? Who knows? Either way, it may be discussed, just not amongst the goy.

But then you come across oddities like this at Rense. It's a longish article by Barry Chamish explaining the wickedness of the Sabbateans but from an Israeli point of view. Almost as good as the article is the introduction from another Israeli fellow, Shulamit Greenberg.
Dear Mr. Rense,

I read with interest the excellent article you posted today about the Zabbateans plan for a Jewish holocoust (sic!) in Israel. http://www.rense.com/general66/dweyb.htm

You Americans should be aware that the Zabbateans, in the opinion of many Jewish scholars today, are now in total control of your White House. They are always installed strategically in Washington as 'advisors', 'spokesmen', 'consultants', 'experts', 'institutes', etc.

I would like to inform you that their name is usually spelt as Sabbateans. I am enclosing an article below about them by Barry Chamish who is the best investigative journalist we have in Israel.


I am congratulating you for understanding the importance of this article, the Sabbateans plan to destroy Israel is the key to understanding evil today. By posting this article you proved again how much you care about us in Israel. These articles about the Sabbateans hold too, the key to understanding the evil behaviour of your current White House.

Since many of us in Israel are Listening daily to your radio programs audio-archives, may I humbly request, if it is possible for you to interview someone on this shocking subject, maybe Barry Chamish again.

I would like to thank you for being the best information website for Israelis, your wonderful Jewish staff seem to work relentlessly to bring us the REAL news.


Shulamit Greenberg Tel Aviv Israel
I didn't really need to post all of that but the relentless self-obsession was irresistible. Self-obsession aside, is it just me or did we all just step through the looking glass here? An Israeli is concerned about the White House being taken over by Sabbateans and how these Sabbateans wish Israel harm: sorry, should we be laughing or crying? I'm a bit confused. Is our Shuley here really trying to pretend that Israel isn't the tail that wags the US dog?

Or is there some other Israel that I don't know about? Perhaps there's a good Israel that isn't the most murderously psychotic shit dribble the world has ever seen? It's either that or Ariel Sharon was confused when he said, "We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it."

The thing that pisses me off about the chosen is how they perpetually insult my intelligence. They imagine that I'll fall for any shit lie that trips from their lips. Clearly Greenberg didn't think about what he's saying here - he just says it and since it's him that's saying it we'll all fall down and believe him. He really must think we're stupid. If the US is Sabbatean, then Israel must be Sabbatean. Israel was founded by Sabbateans for Christ's sake. Besides, the article he's introducing says so. And what? Is he expecting that we'll vaguely imagine that somewhere along the line Israel came good? How many times have we been told that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East? Okay so which bits of Israel's history are plebiscite-ratified expressions of non-Sabbatean Jewish will, and which bits are anti-Jewish Sabbatean trickery? For instance who owned the recent slaughterfest in Gaza? Was it the good Israelis or the bad Sabbateans? I just have to shake my head at someone who thinks they can get away with such shit.

Perhaps this was what Orwell was on about in his use of 2+2=5? Could it be that 2+2=5 is not just a discussion of what we can be made to believe, but also of the truly deep stupidity of Orwell's lies-is-all-they-got ruling elite buddies? It's the Fabian Socialists as Python's four Yorkshiremen.

Back to our Shuley now: it's not any sort of simple stupidity we're talking about - that could be forgiven - rather it's that variety of stupidity that imagines itself as really clever. With a bigger-than-all-outdoors sense of shamelessness to go with it. Were we to somehow bale him up, I expect that our Shuley here would be perfectly happy to pile lie upon lie, each more pathetic than the other, to really epic proportions, and all just so he wouldn't have to concede that he'd bullshitted us. Other people do this too but no one can hold a candle to Jewish people. They're really something. And sure enough, (and provided no goyim were watching) they'd read that and nod. And smile.

And from Shuley's one-off effort to Jews broadly discussing Sabbateans publicly - I expect that there will be very few discussions of this nature to be found. This particular piece dates from 2004 and I'd be prepared to bet that Shuley and Barry would have been on the receiving end of a pretty impressive shut-the-fuck-up. Sure such a conversation was never going to go mainstream and get published in the NYT (God forbid) but here at the edges of the net (ie. on Rense) it was never going to fly either. Not when the audience is already familiar with the talmud. Thus when Chamish declares in his article -
The initial financiers of Labor Zionism and Theodore Herzl were barons of the Rothschild clan. Their goal was the creation of a state in the image of their Sabbatean beliefs: that is, anti-Torah, anti-Talmudic, anti-religious and anti-Jewish.
- does he really imagine we'll meet this with anything other than guffaws? In what fashion are the Sabbateans anti-talmudic? They're uber talmudic surely? They are nth-degree-talmud-plus. Sure they are more Jewish than Jewish.

It seems Chamish and his buddy Greenberg are confused. Boys! Let me help you both out. The Jewish us-versus-them mindset could more accurately be described, certainly on an individual basis, as me-uber-alles. Do you get it? Inherent within such an us is me. And you both seem upset that amongst the Jews there are those for whom me has superseded us with alles now including, um... you. Ha ha ha ha - well, what did you expect? Did you not ever figure out that 'honour amongst thieves' is a con? It only exists until someone decides that it doesn't. You tell me - isn't Judaism the perfect breeding ground for such an individual? The talmud, wherein the simple truth that we're all in this together is discarded in favour of obvious nonsense about being chosen by God, with everyone else to be used and abused, was always going to produce monsters. Never mind your bleats of 'but I'm chosen too...' Monsters eat their own and they don't give a shit.

Besides which, you want us to battle the Sabbateans do you? And the Sabbateans differ from you how, precisely? Aren't you all just a gang of bank robbers with you now pissed off that there was a gang within the gang? And what? You've now found out that after all those bank robberies and all that murder, you've been gypped - there's no loot and you're to be handed over to the cops. Well gee whiz, we should join you in condemning that wicked gang-within-the-gang. The thought of them treating you so poorly! You poor things - why don't you put your collective feet up and have a cup of tea and an iced vovo?

Whether you're that stupid, or you think we are, either way just spare us. Whatever you imagine the audience to be, we ain't that. This isn't the MSM and nor are we any dizzy race-hate nazis waiting to be led by the nose. As much as you'd like us to be clueless, we ain't, and we're getting less so by the day. I'll admit that we don't know it all, not like you do, but we know that between you and the Sabbateans any difference only exists for you. For us, it's all much of a muchness.

"Oh, hewers of wood! Oh, carriers of water! Save us from these wicked false Jews who would enslave us!" Um, okay! We'll promise to help you swim to safety if you promise not to sting us to death. Do you promise?

Ha ha ha ha ha, oh man... let's break out the beers.


Sabretache said...

Another nail smacked squarely on the head but, as is so often the case reading Mr N's posts, I'm torn between laughing and crying.

Very VERY funny; but deadly serious. So serious in fact that the entire subject matter is effectively verboden in much of Europe for fear of accusations of 'Holocaust Denial' and imprisonment for transgressors - it's come to that.

Laughter IS a tonic though - and the story of Mr Greenberg and that Chamish character's article gave me as good - if rueful - a laugh as I've had in a while.

kikz said...

while we're all laughing..

i hav a joke so old....i can't think of a qualifier..

what's jewish for trust me?

fuck u.

what's jewish for fuck u?

trust me.

*rimshotseltzerspraygrouchomustachetwist-que havanagila*

james said...

Hahahaha. Beautifully put, Nobby. It's like the RRLS (Right Royal Liars Society) getting upset at someone breaking their oath of allegiance that was required to become a member. They build a reality out of lies and still expect it to stand up.

Oh, the shock, the horror of being caught in their own web spun out of the lie of superiority. "How dare anyone take a superior position to us and I don't care where they sit in the synagogue".

Pride cannot stand seeing itself mirrored in someone else's face.

nobody said...

Okay, so far Kikz and AP have been having monkey business with their comments. The bottom part of Kikz's got cut and I never received AP's at all.

As a preliminary to me flinging my email out there, I'm just going to turn comment moderation off for a couple of days to, a) see if that helps and, b) to make it easy for anyone whose comment got eaten to tell me about it.

Franz said...


Wait, wait til you get to the Lubavitchers, nobody.

Are the Lubavitchers Sabbateans also? Not sure, but a US Jewish journalist (not QUITE a redundancy YET) wrote a whole book, "Postville", about what the Lubavitchers did to Iowa. He was on a roll, that one.

What's so bad about the Lubavitchers? The usual: They are human, we non-Jews AND MOST OTHER JEWS, aren't human.

But I like the name anyway. I dated a Polish girl in school named Luba, she was a sweet kid. Didn't know Jews from a doorknob, her. Good old Lu.

Franz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
A. Peasant said...

frank -- yes the lubavitcheres, that's chabad. no doubt they are sabbateans, though i haven't run the details down yet.

Penny said...

I read this stuff at AP's and now here, and ..... like that article I had up at my place, where I said, this is interesting, but. But, I am not quite sure what to do with it, what to make of it.

I am standing in the same bit of mud here.

I read this and I think, we are talking about another sect of the ptb's, or some other secret society, or that and more rolled into one.

I think about my quote from sherlock, unraveling the thread in the skein, every inch, to expose it.

digressing briefly; I put that up for us all, since we are all the unravelers

anyway, ramble, ramble, ramble...

Like I said to AP, I have enough work just dissecting the bloody bullshit in the news!

This seems more of the same.

Penny said...

oh, sorry, if I was unclear I meant more bullshit to dissect.

Apologies, re-reading I thought that sounded a bit harsh.

Franz said...

A Peasant --

I thought so.

Funny about the Lubavitchers was their famous for playing both sides of a fight so only they win.

In Iowa they cleverly recruited Mexicans from specific places, hired them down there, then ran them up to Iowa. The Mexicans arrived with a sense of community; the Iowans had no clue. Parts of Iowa exploded, including murder, and at least one report noted the Lubavitchers CELEBRATING.

Before Iowa they practiced on Germany. But I'm guessing we've all heard enough about that Hitler fellow by now.

It's just that a Hitler of some sort every few generations seems to be part of their PLAN.

Strange bunch of strangers!

nobody said...

Thanks folks,

No problems posting? No one?

Hmm... In that case I'm forced to conclude that there was no problem and it was clearly just a case of AP and Kikz going mad! Sorry you two, but you're now required to head over to the haiku blog, take the inkblot test, and tell us what you see. (psst... if you see breasts or penises then you are definitely nuts and should check in to a mental hospital).

As for the Lubavitchers, I did keep track of that Iowa story at the time. Intense! For mine, the obvious difference between Lubavitchers and Sabbateans is that Lubavitchers are a dead giveaway. Sabbateans on the other hand pretend to be what they're not. That third link to Twelfth Bough on the front page is to AP's potted history of the Jesuits and Ignatius of Loyola. Somehow I doubt a Lubavitcher could found their own branch of the Catholic church.

Oh wait! I've just popped into Twelfth Bough (to check the spelling of Ignatius Loyola) and found out that she takes on the question of Sabbatean v Lubavitch directly. Yay AP!

That's me outta here - off to have a read. Ciao ciao.

Anonymous said...

MK ULTRA involved Allen Dulles, Richard Helms, various former German Nazis, Dr Sidney Gottlieb, George Estabrooks, Dr Ewen Cameron, Dr Jose Delgado, Dr Harris Isabel, Allen Frey, J. F. Scapitz, Dr Michael Aquino etc. Gottlieb was among those who had Jewish origins. However, the majority of the MK ULTRA people appear to have origins that are Christian and fascist, rather than Jewish. It would appear that the Christian fascists are in alliance with the Jewish, Moslem and Hindu fascists.

- Aangirfan

kikz said...

sometimes, ideology takes precedence over ethnicity...

kikz said...

lubavitch.. no expert.. but frm memory.. these guys are quite outta the closet.. they give out awards to water carriers & useful lackeys in DC.. by no means under the radar....

the rebbe's army

In The Rebbe’s Army, award-winning journalist Sue Fishkoff gives us the first behind-the-scenes look at this small Brooklyn-based group of Hasidim and the extraordinary lengths to which they take their mission of outreach.

They seem to be everywhere—in big cities, small towns, and suburbs throughout the United States, and in sixty-one countries around the world. They light giant Chanukah menorahs in public squares, run “Chabad houses” on college campuses from Berkeley to Cambridge, give weekly bible classes in the Capitol basement
in Washington, D.C., run a nonsectarian drug treatment center in Los Angeles, sponsor the world’s biggest Passover Seder in Nepal, establish synagogues, Hebrew schools, and day-care centers in places that are often indifferent and occasionally hostile to their outreach efforts. They have built a billion-dollar international empire, with their own news service, publishing house, and hundreds of Websites.

Who are these people? How successful are they in making Jews more observant? What influence does their late Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson (who some thought was the Messiah), continue to have on his followers? Fishkoff spent a year interviewing Lubavitch emissaries from Anchorage to Miami and has written an engaging and fair-minded account of a Hasidic group whose motives and methodology continue to be the subject of speculation and controversy.

now, i have no idea how zionist these cats are..... i've heard of some hasid groups in NY say that zionism/homeland is a big NONO.. they are meant to wander.. don't know if these espouse that view....

kikz said...

did find an interesting article by an american vet this am...

thought you'd like to read it..
my sentiments inre the article..

it's well past fukin time, this was said...


A. Peasant said...

ha, wouldn't be the first time booger has disappeared my words...

i've written a lot about chabad, they're very dirty. i tried to link them directly to sabbateans but it became the fun house hall of mirrors very quickly. this is intentional i'm sure. you know that three jews four opinions stuff, they just make everything so fucking confusing. so why bother? it's the behavior that counts, no matter what name they call it.

Anonymous said...

I wrote a comment for 12 Bough but I don't have a Google account. I read their TOS and didn't like the part about “can disclose personal info if required by a court order”. I think these court orders would be as weighty as a wire tap warrant, remember those? Not that I believe that anyone so interested couldn't find out who I am, it's just the principle. Any alternative?

james said...

there's also the potential to instantly summon up all your comments from across the net. Instant profile.

Anonymous said...


James, the problem was the other way round, I couldn't leave a comment. The only options available were Google Account or Open ID neither of which applied to me, nothing for Anons like me. I suppose I could register as a blogger but that seems a tad extreme just to leave a comment.

A. Peasant said...

FB, if you're comfortable with wordpress, i also have a wordpress site. i'm actually updating it now (it's usually way behind my booger site but it has more bells and whistles). i'll put moderation on in case you want to, and if so you can tell me whether to publish or not.


Anonymous said...


Hi AP :-)

Thanks for that. I went in to the dot com site and thought “My, you are a busy lass” I sort of promised a piece for the Trout Clan Campfire an age ago and I am still thinking about it and then I see what you do and am amazed and respectful of what you get out in the time.

To be really honest, I am not that sensitive about it and I know why Google are doing it. Some time ago the nosey parker department of the USG threatened to close Google down if they didn't agree to submit user personal detail, when asked and of course they found the usual probably compromised judge to see it their way. So now Google put a clause in their TOU to tell you that this is a possibility. A lot of people are so used to blogging that it is now a way of life and they think no more of it. But this jumped off the page as people willingly giving up a freedom just because it is convenient and just because they are asked. This is such a small thing but isn't this how the game is played like rain washing away the mountains with all the little freedoms running downhill before they disappear into the earth.

Cyclones Real Deal was the first blog I seriously commented on, on a regular basis. I said right from the start that commenting anonymously didn't sit good with me and I was given two options; either register as a blogger and never do one or comment anonymously and prefix the comment with a handle, like FB, so that is the one I went for although I don't really have a problem with registering.

I am just curious why you don't accept anonymous comments on 12th Bough Blogspot. Have you a fundamental objection to it? Do you have a real feeling that if you allow them, you will be inundated by the lunatic brigade or do you feel it is more appropriate for people to announce themselves as they stand up to speak. Btw please don't think I am having a pop at you because I am not. Thinking about it maybe it would be simpler all round if I did register. If your stat counter can tell you what part of the city I live in then I have no doubt that the ISP address can be traced to my house so what am I really complaining about? Ach, Life's little trials and tribulations.

A. Peasant said...

hi FB,
thank you. re: anonymous commenting, well i have my reasons, but i don't want to get into it here on nob's thread. let's say that these blogging topics are not for the faint of heart. i'll turn it off and see how it goes. it's probably not a problem. we'll see...

Anonymous said...

"The Talmud derives its authority from the position held by the ancient Pharisee academies. The teachers of these academies, both Babylonia and of Palestine, were considered the rightful successors of the older Sanhedrin...At present time; the Jewish people have no living authority comparable in status to the ancient Sanhedrins or the later academies. Therfore, any decision regarding the Jewish religion must be based on the Talmud as the final resume of the teaching of the authorities when they existed." - The Jews - Their History, Culture, and Religion (1950)

The Jews, world Jewry are directly associated with the practices, rituals, teachings, and superstitions written in the Talmud.

Now it is Jews who wrote the Talmud, and Jews who follow it because it represents them and what they believe. The Talmud is essentially an encyclopedia recording Jewish law and custom and tradition, a documental exposition on the behaviour and attitude and very soul and nature of a Jew, is discussed in detail within the pages of the Talmud., it is the most important religious book of the Jews, evey religious idea that the Jew essentially believes devoutly and follows and acts upon can be found in the Talmud, all written down.

Franz said...


That probably DOES separate the Sabs from the Lubes.

Lubavitchers, yes, are famous for going out of their way to annoy EVERYBODY. The most famous story connected with them was one awarded a prestigious prize of some sort and saying I'D REALLY LIKE TO THANK THE JUDGE FOR THIS AWARD BUT I AM NOT PERMITTED TO SAY ANYTHING GOOD ABOUT GOY CATTLE SO I CAN'T.

I don't remember the guy's name but then who but another Lubavitcher would bother after that?

slozo said...

Late to the party - nicely written, and I really like the reference to the scorpion and the frog story . . .

Just want to thank you once again Nobody for all the good news dissection and investigative reasoning, and the links to many others who are on the same team. I, like most of the commenters here, are real people who are truly appreciative of your efforts, and the sense of community you seem to bring by getting us all together in a loose forum of random comments.


nobody said...

Hey Slozo,

I'm not quite sure that either of those descriptions is quite accurate, but then again I can't think of anything better. To be honest I'm not quite sure what it is I'm doing here. How about 'passing the time of day', ha ha ha.

Anyway if people groove on it then I'm pleased. Thanks matey.