Monday, November 16, 2009

Jews, Satanists, and that wretched lesbian cabaret act

So! We have two completely separate groups of people, Jews and Illuminati Satanists each of whom seem to control the media but otherwise have nothing in common. So unalike are they that they can't even be put in the same sentence together.

Unless you want to listen to this woman. What is she on about? Human sacrifice? What? Completely mad obviously - quite right her story was disappeared. Doesn't she know that the Jewish people are international good guys promoting human rights and freedom from sexual repression etc. etc. and that we should all give thanks to them? Besides as everyone knows, Satanists are only ever Christians, or mad perversions thereof. Anyway, I only include her here in order to condemn her. Dreadful woman!

And this fellow! Good God! He's been thrashing about in a charnel pit and has absolutely covered himself in blood libels. A fig for the fact that he's Jewish. Or that he's a professor. Or that he wrote a scholarly book full of details, references, and footnotes, all explaining the role of human blood in Jewish ritual during medieval times. As if facts ever counted in an argument wherein one side was only ever going to scream !BLOOD LIBEL! over and over? Apparently those seeking to defend the good name of Jewish people got through to him and he made a retraction: yes, the Jewish people hated Christians and Christianity; yes, Jewish people used human blood for everything from quack remedies, to wine, to matzoh balls; and yes the blood had to be that of Christian boys under the age of seven and declared kosher by a rabbi; but no, no Christian boys were ever killed in order to obtain it - it all came from 'voluntary donations'. Whew!

Clearly, since no one ever volunteered to be the subject of a Satanist human sacrifice, and since, in the Jewish rituals, all those seven year olds boys volunteered to, um... 'not be sacrificed', then these two things bear absolutely no resemblance to each other. Bravo the Prof! Common sense rules the day. And whilst it was perfectly likely that in coming to this very sensible conclusion the Professor's life was threatened, clearly it was all in a good cause.

Never mind medieval times, let's jump a thousand odd years ahead of that. Blood sacrifice is right there in the Old Testament, which is to say the Torah. Does this mean anything? Says I: Absolutely Not. All of that ancient sacrifice was of every other variety of warm-blooded mammal except humans.* And since Satanists sacrifice everything plus humans, under the old rule of 'a miss being as good as a mile', we can declare these two things completely different. Hell! Let's call them polar opposites!

Besides which, that was then, this is now. Just because the Torah is full of blood sacrifice it doesn't mean anyone takes it literally (it's not as if it's the word of God or anything). Things change, words change, meanings change. 'Holocaust' used to be a Jewish sacrificial offering that was burnt on an altar. Now we put 'the' in front of it, capitalise it, and it means no such thing. Besides, if there was any occult connection between the Holocaust's original meaning and its latter day usage, they'd definitely tell us. After all the Holocaust is an event of such enormity that to even imagine altering it, embroidering it, or in anyway misrepresenting it goes against the very laws of nature. It's like sodomy - it's impossible and no one ever does it.

Where was I? Oh yes, that was then, this is now, and on the topic of human sacrifice God has probably changed his mind. What with the Talmud making it clear that Jehovah is a supplicant God who doesn't know what to think until the rabbis tell him, you'd have to wonder if there's any point in listening to him at all. Best we just ask his rabbi superiors. What's that they say? ..."a Jew should and must make a false oath when the goyim asks if our books contain anything against them." Ayah, so much for that idea! Here I am doing my absolute best to help these guys out and they just keep condemning themselves out of their own mouths! What's a fellow to do? Change tack, obviously!

Forget Jewish history. What about the other end of this discussion - Illuminati history? In amongst that curious topic is there any mention of the word 'Jewish' at all? For the sake of nuance-trashing oversimplification, let me boldly say 'No'. Here's a fellow who seems to be pretty au fait on the topic of the Illuminati. And here's a self-serving snippet (self-serving for me, that is) from one of his lengthy contributions to the Rigorous Intuition comments -

The basic story is that in 70 AD, when Titus was sacking Jerusalem various familial groups responsible for differing duties, generally connected with Temple obligations, gathered their items of diligence such as sacred oils, treasures, and hid them in caves in the Temple Mount and other areas of the country. These families comprised of members of the various priesthoods and royal lines then dispersed, many towards Europe, producing the “bluebloods.” According to Knight and Lomas, a familial secret society existed named Rex Deus that was revealed by a father to his chosen son, upon this son reaching the age of 21. This group emerged above-ground with the Crusades, supposedly in accordance with prophecies in Daniel and Isaiah.

Ah! Well there you are! The Illuminati is not Jewish because otherwise he'd have said so. Clearly if the people he were talking about were Jewish priests he'd hardly go to the effort of writing "various familial groups responsible for differing duties, generally connected with Temple obligations" would he? And besides, there'd be, I don't know... exclamation marks or something wouldn't there? Honestly, who could resist remarking upon it? Not me!

With all that in mind, anyone capable of wondering at things would have to ask: Between Joel Stein's all-powerful media Jews and Pseudo Occult Media's all powerful media Satanists, wouldn't it just be too-completely-nuts if they were somehow all the same crew, and differed only in terms of old-school versus parvenu? In the words of our rhetorically gifted Prime Minister K Rudd: 'Yes it would'.

Madness, Madness. Such thoughts may not be countenanced, and certainly not by me, ha ha. Instead we'll do the legal fiction tango. And since it takes two to tango, in a discussion of two separate blink-blink media entities, that tango wouldn't get very far if it was actually just one person dancing with themselves like some wretched lesbian cabaret act.

Thus we declare that the media is occupied by two entirely separate entities pursuing two entirely separate agendas. Dandy. But what are they after? Who are they talking to? What are they saying? What do they hope to achieve? Really - what's the goddamn point? Sure enough, I've maxed out this piece and will have to come back again.

*I forgot all about the 'Binding of Isaac' (binding, ha ha ha, God forbid we should call it 'human sacrifice'). Anyway, dead loss as a religion student, me. BTW it's worth having a look at that wikipedia entry if for no other reason than to watch the various rabbis turning themselves into human pretzels in order to avoid coming to the logical conclusion, ie. that Jews performed human sacrifice, and of their own children no less.


Franz said...

Oh god I just knew it... more in anger than sorrow I must now declare, ALAS! Nobes, yet another soulless, hating, vile and drooling AUNTI-Semite!

It came to this at last!

Not content with a bon mot here or a Bangkock there, we just FLING the jew-hate on whatever wall it might stick, DON'T WE?

The bit about "burnt sacrifice", presented as a gag... well! Eichmann tried THAT one, he did, fat lotta good it did HIM, eh?

We of the ADL have our ways... today Chicago, tomorrow the world! And like our dear collegue Simon W, we will find you AND YOU WILL PAY!

We of the Illuminati... I mean we Jews.... I mean... well. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!


Funny. Just about to make a post to Nobody and a bloody horse head drops on my old H&P printer. This strange dizziness, damn! Well, let me hit DELETE and get out of here. Damn I'm getting dizzzzyy....

A. Peasant said...

it's all about compartmentalization. in this way, in corporations, in the "intelligence" community, in ordinary life, in the military, are untold horrors wrought simply by preventing people from seeing how their little innocent piece, pure as the driven snow, fits into the big picture. and if they should, heaven forfend, get a clue, apply a tourniquet of money or else embroil them in some sex scandal or something, or failing that whack them. it's all good hmm?

nobody said...

Oh no! Not Auntie Semite! With that hairy top lip and smelling of pee - my least favourite aunt.

It IS all good AP, particularly when you pop in, ha ha.

Truth be known, I kind of wrote this on auto-pilot. Is that the right word? Anyway I'm kind of blank on the whole Jewish thing. I get it and I reject it as a model for viewing oneself but in terms of feelings, there's nothing - not anger, not fear, not nothing. Sure enough I don't wish to have anything to do with Jewish people on any level (and God forbid I should ever give them my money) but none of it is accompanied by any fist-shaking, metaphoric or otherwise.

nobody said...

Hey Frank, I don't know if you noticed but I linked to that already on the front page. And yeah, Voz De Aztlan is a curious site but they do seem to get some of the most amazing stories. I'll never forget this one.

Franz said...

Know of Voz nobes! Like 'em, but their a struck match in front of a hurracane like their white shadow, VDARE.

MY question: Why isn't everyone "Jewish" where their own interests are concerned? Why have most people no Holocaust of their own, no holy land and no god that says, we're the ones and that's that?

Right, the Jews themselves hold no inherent interest. But Stalin's regime was zionist and knocked off what was, at the time, a hefty percentage of Europeans, so all over the world now I'm supposed to worry about WHOSE feelings?

Some things add up to something being rotten in Denmark. I don't force Jews to hold the correct opinion about the fate of my Dust Bowl relatives, but...


Franz said...

PS -- All of this in pure good humor even if the jokes are bad, I'm sure we understand?

Penny said...

weird, that "binding of Isaac" stuff.

I have never heard that particular episode called that, or am I thinking of some other biblical sacrifice?

The bible does have a fair bit of sacrificing of everyone and everything in it... It seems the Talmud does also? Don't know, never read it.

A. Peasant is right about the compartmentalization of everything, so that is never conneced to anything else, when one blogs on the news as I do, you see it all the time.

It is as if "news" happens in a void. It just happens, not connected to anything, no background no follow up, no nothing.

It just hangs there.

Anonymous said...


“Sure enough I don't wish to have anything to do with Jewish people on any level (and God forbid I should ever give them my money) but none of it is accompanied by any fist-shaking, metaphoric or otherwise.”

Yeh, but would you let your (metaphorical) daughter marry one?

And “dizzzzyy.”, Is that the new spelling for Disney?
The horses head really did have me laughing out loud, Thoughts of blood dripping into the magenta cartridge.

Pezzy wrote, “...simply by preventing people from seeing how their little innocent piece, pure as the driven snow, fits into the big picture and if they should, heaven forfend, get a clue, apply a tourniquet of money or else embroil them in some sex scandal or something, or failing that whack them. it's all good hmm?”

Ah, where would the world be without Henry? I wonder if Henry’s largess was Jewish money? Probably, but I am sure it didn’t start out that way.

VW floga

Anonymous said...

class hierarchy

Insight as to who sits at the very top of the food chain and who is the henchman/"managerial" class.

kikz said...

in continuation of the last post...

and speakin' of unholy alliances...

via WRH tonite..
israel lobby in britain
lord levy - special envoy to phony tony the now RC.....

Edo said...

Hey Kikz, you beat me to it with that Channel 4 documentary.. Cracking stuff, and brave too...

Also, have any of you heard of Gilad Atzmon? Really, you should check his writings out.

A. Peasant said...

um, i should probably know this but who is henry?

nobody said...

I second AP. Henry the K popped into my head but it doesn't really make sense.

And I'd love watch that channel 4 doco but 50min?! Aargh! Too big a download for too slow a connection.

james said...

Henry Ford, maybe?
Compartmentalisation = assembly line
Largesse = Ford Foundation
Jewish money now but definitely didn't start out that way = Ford Foundation - Henry Ford intensely disliked Jewish (Internationalist) bankers.

DO I WIN??!!

Anonymous said...


Oh I do hate it when I have to explain my comments :-) Sorry James, it was Henry the K(issinger). As memory serves, and I do admit to becoming a little mentally doddery these days, when he was Nixon’s Lieutenant his job seemed to be going around the world throwing money at peoples’ heads to get them to stop fighting. It was probably Jewish influence and money that got these groups and nations riled up in the first place and American taxpayers’ money that got them to stop. A neat scam for taking money out of US families pockets if ever there was one. As for having the sexual goods on management level, it seemed to fit in with what Bryce Taylor had to say. If he ever did whack anybody and I don’t know about that, it was probably done through proxies.

Well it made sense to me when I wrote it. There again I am prepared to admit that I don’t think like normal people – PBUH.

I will be dropping out of he comments for a short while - things that must be done. I hope the world keeps turning without my input, smiley winky thing.

Miraculix said...

Mr. N dropped a FAT hint there: "Henry the K".

Interestingly, like the Rothschild family and their famous rebranding from the more pedestrian Bauer (literally: "farmer"), or that Marx guy from nearby Trier (Moses Mordechai Levy), the old death lizard's surname was adopted by his forefathers from the upper Bavarian spa town in which they resided some years ago, Bad Kissingen. Loads of glorious Masonic architecture to be found there.

And you'll get a real kick out of his real last name: Loeb.


kikz said...

hey edo... yea, i follow'd tht link via WRH too.. read some of his stuff...

i only made it thru the brit docu for about 15mins... i got the gist..

i can only stomach sooo much of this... it's nausea inducing :P

*snickerz* on the 'auntie semite' moniker....

sidenote on ford: hubs' dad flew a lancaster for the RAF, ford plants in germany were never targeted...

another docu to watch - i think pbs ran it on 'frontline'.. Neda's Story... A death in Teheran.
really pitiful. don't know that it can be found online/youtube.

i had sort of respected.. er...didn't detest akmadinijad(sp) but he is now on my list.. as well as the regime's imams/mullahs..

kikz said...

here ya go.. i should've look'd first..

apparently the entire prog can be seen online...

Penny said...

when I get a chance, I am going to watch that so thanks to kikz for the link.

Henry, who? first thought that popped in my head was Kissinger but I think James may have it, on reading the comment over.

"Also, have any of you heard of Gilad Atzmon?"

I am pretty sure I am familiar with this fellow.... Does Haaretz pick him up and many of the Israeli's write nasty comments towards him?

A. Peasant said...

is that you James?!?
you always win thank god you are on the right team.

slozo said...

Not much to share, other than this:

When it comes to sharing views and opinions like this . . . FRIEND-ALTERING opinions that when aired will separate you from others (ie. you're a jew hating anti-semite commie) - how many of us will stand up and actually give out our true opinion? How many of us at a cocktail party, or at some random friend's house in casual conversation, at a park talking with other parents with their kids, etc etc etc - how many will tell the truth?

I contend that . . . not many, if any, will give their 100% true opinion. And I include myself in humanity here.

It's herd mentality for the crude, but for many of us, it's using your head in terms of not having to ostracise yourself unnecessarily. Or is it unnecessary? Can we actually give out our true opinions in this Orwellian world where rightthink rules the land, and having a differing opinion may mean you are excuded from meaningless social activities? How important are the people to you that may drop you like a hot potato if you actually offer a real opinion? Was the world always this ridiculous, that in most circles one cannot speak one's mind?

Myself, I try not to hold myself up as a paragon of morality, but I do attempt to never outwardly lie. I do often not voice my opinions unnecessarily . . . but if asked a question, I will not lie about my true opinion . . . if it mentions the evilness of religion, grand conspiracies and powers controlling the world, and all manner of things that the herd attempts to shout out of reasoned public discourse - then so be it.

I truly hope the rest of you can hold your head up high as well, if you catch my drift. It makes the world a better place one tiny step at a time, and hopefully, engenders even just a little bit of a chance for the the timid to offer up an agreement once in a while.

Anything to eliminate the brainwashing we have received to automatically ridicule and shout down opinions that have been shoved down our throats.

Preach love for your fellow man, and practise what you preach.

nobody said...

Ha! You spoke too soon AP. And thanks FB, Gotcha. Put that way, it makes perfect sense. And don't mind that we were confused - it is the nature of time delayed text-only communication that makes not getting someone's drift a near certainty. And you're getting doddery? Ha! You should see me.

Actually you should see Henry the K. Did anyone catch him on television copping unearned kudos for the Berlin Wall coming down? God he looked ancient. Anyway he'll be dead soon and quite right too - yet another location on the 'Piss On Their Graves' World Tour.

Oh BTW. a while back I wondered at the unlikelihood of Kissinger as lady's man, and then just lately there was Kay Griggs stating the obvious: he's crypto gay, and of the boy raping variety. Well duh... (the duh there is for me)

And thanks Mir for those little fact-ettes. I do love that sort of thing.

nobody said...

Well Slozo, there's ways of doing it and there's ways of doing it, if you know what I mean. It's certainly not my duty to be the guy who's 'always on about insert_tiresome_subject_here' but if someone (at the barbecue or whatever) is discussing something that I think is belied by... um... 'unpleasant truths', I'll pile in. I think it'd be poor of me not to.

Banking is a pet subject, and it's easy to talk about banking without mentioning any particular group of people. I declare that the reserve banks are privately owned and let whomever it is ask, 'by whom?' Sure enough, they'll usually end up answering the question themselves.

And if someone wants to get hardcore and actually have a go at me for anti-Semitism I usually gun for this angle. Without a single mention of Jews the point can be made.

The thing is we were all bought the media trip that says 'topics of this nature must be discussed in this fashion'. Thus there is only one racism, that of the majority who objects to the minority. And likewise anyone who wants to object to a minority (thinking that means that they're racist) feels compelled to adopt the racist tag and give vent to a whole series of racist memes. You see it all the time. And as soon as someone behaves in this expected fashion, they already lost the argument.

A fig for the whole bullshit caper! I reject the definitions in their entirety. Invariably the racist majority is no such thing (not always, but often enough). And any distinct ethnic minority that actively resists being subsumed is clearly racist and deserves whatever shit is heaped on them. Provided it's done from a position of anti-racism, that is.

Anyway, I reckon the rule is: attack from sideways; hit 'em where they ain't; and keep your balance (that being anti-racism). Oh and keep a wary eye out for traps. The traps are designed to lead you to say something racist so that you can be leapt upon with a series of pre-formulated arguments. I have a friend who does this all the time - dull dull dull. Ex-friend actually...

Anyway I've already done this topic here. Kind of. It's a bit different but really it's the same thing. Ciao Ciao.

james said...

Yes, AP, 'tis I, james of cold times.
Thanks for your vote of confidence. Next time I'll have to make sure the fix is in, though, before I appeal for a win. Still learning from those 'colour revolutions'!

FB, thanks for the explanation.

kikz said...

'Anyway he'll be dead soon and quite right too - yet another location on the 'Piss On Their Graves' World Tour.'

LOL! good one, noby >:)

henry the k... aaahlVayzz uuumaaazed me thaaat he neva laaast hiiiz aukzent.

i get the same *shudder* vibe off him, as i do prince of darkness - perl.

lizard brain agenda.. kind of 'alien vs predator' type mentality.
i'd take predator anyday..over ripley's alien.

i wonder what one who sees auras sees, when they gaze upon either..?

you're welcome penn:) i won't say enjoy the show.. is in some weird way - positive to see the persian's stand up to the regime. neda will never be forgotten.

slozo... btdt. my greatest suprise, realization was that 99.9 of everybody around us, is medicated - prozac patrol. ya can't talk thru that.. just no way.

the only eyes i've met in the last few years that 'know that i know - what is what'... a young 20something soldier just bak frm iraq - that came 'as patriotic representative of the moron machine' to one of my kids' 'winter parties' one or two years ago.

other than our neighbors (french) up the street...
my family inhabit a 'firebase' of of darkness of the evil empire (west)during bushII's reign. the north dallas 40.

but all those years ago, it was like being the only one able to see some invisible monster flying overhead... no one else even suspected.. but now the herd senses danger close by.. they still can't/won't/refuse to see its true source.
some daZe it is kind of amusing to watch them wonder, and 99.9 being 'good GOPer's' swear that the world has just gone to hell since the DEMons took over.'d think a vet, who flew 'warthog' sorties/droppd DU ordinance (and god knows what else) on the 'highway of death' in GW-I...would acknowledge it.newp.

the cognitive dissonance of his here/now won't allow it.

but i still love to set off 'brain bombs' on things they can't deny w/any rational explanation. they quickly chg the subj... 'how bout them cowboyz?'

aferrismoon said...

" The Binding of Isaac' in your last paragraph is followed by Ha Ha. Funny as Yitzak/Isaac means 'laugher'


nobody said...

Thanks Afe, I wouldn't make too much of that. Around here 'ha ha' is rivalled in the frequency stakes only by the words 'the', 'what', 'and', and 'buttock', ha ha.

See! Told ya!

And Kikz - dig it! As for drugged, you should see the old man. Mind you, better that than him not on drugs - a few days without his citalopram and he becomes so hateful that even Francis of Assissi would want to kill him. Drugs aside, he really doesn't want to know. Still now all of his reading and viewing consists of Murdoch. "Oh thank God the world DOES make sense". Sure enough if I say otherwise he gets all sulky and quiet and waits until I've stopped talking. And yep, really the only thing we talk about is sport.

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of reports of children being sacrificed, by non-Jews, in Asia, Africa and South America. I was assured by a young lady in a Moslem part of South East Asia that child sacrifice still takes place.

- Aangirfan

nobody said...

Thanks Aa,

Not forgetting of course that this discussion is one of those 'who-runs-the-world' ones (and that from a media direction). So, hats off to those aforementioned but they're all junior partners in the PTB caper (and besides which, have no say in our media).

Still! It's worth knowing!

Waitaminute! If your Muslim nation is Indonesia, then suddenly the whole discussion about military rule and US influence becomes VERY interesting. Don't you reckon? Links worth pursuing...

Mind you, if your Muslim nation is Malaysia, well... gee, I don't know, the logic becomes very screwy. Mahathir and UMNO as Satanists? I don't think so.

Penny said...

slozo and all speaking of walking the talk,

I told someone I was not getting the swine flu vaccine, and our kid did not want to get it either.

I got the look, you know the one that goes, do you have three eyes?

I said I think it is unnecessary and untested.

And, this person said to me, well I have faith in the medical system.

I said, it isn't the medical system I am concerned with, it is the profitable pharmaceutical system and the use of untested vaccines.
She said oh well.(blank faced look)
That was it.

However, another conversation, just yesterday, a grandmother talking about her grandchild, being just perfect until her latest round of vaccinations, she is now diagnosed autistic.

She said it with her voice quieted, we nodded in agreement, telling her we had heard and read plenty of that.

She looked relieved.

You win some, you lose some.

be true to yourself, is all I can say.

caracal said...

Speaking of wretched lesbian acts, you must all be familiar with what the chosen ones latest musical industry star recruits are feeding our kids....I refer to Rihanna's Rated R video "Russian Roulette" aka "glorification of MK ultra style mind-programming and celebrating total submission, suicide, soullessness and enslavement" and Beyonce/Gaga's "videophone" consisting of intoning baa.. baa... baa..baa..while combining crass sexual antics with mindless violence, bound and hooded Abu Ghraib style faceless men and humanoid dancing cameras looking up Beyonces ass?? Find these latest offerings to uplift the minds of the next generation on Youtube.
Thousands of years of human Art and culture have culminated in this?

nobody said...

Interesting Caracal, interesting. It's precisely germane to the piece I'm attempting to finish right now. Or attempting to summon up enthusiasm for, that is...

And Caracal! I put it into google - cool critter, huh? Go on everyone, expand your vocab! It's good for you!

james said...

I thought I'd better back up some musing a couple of weeks ago I had regarding the FBI and existence or not of SRA.

The FBI agent I referred to as saying that it doesn't exist is Kenneth V. Lanning Supervisory Special Agent Behavorial Science Instruction and Research Unit - FBI Academy, Quantico, Virginia. (Curious title, no?)

Below are some quotes from researchers and authors on the subject of SRA. The article can be found here

"The report was written by supervisory special agent Kenneth Lanning. It has gone out to law enforcement agencies around the country; and has been cited consistently throughout the media the last several years.

The report states, in regards to "organized" Satanic ritual abuse homicide (that is, two or more Satanic cult members conspiring to commit murder): "The law enforcement perspective can’t ignore the lack of physical evidence (no bodies, or even hairs, fibers, or fluids left by violent murders."

No bodies? The following is an excerpt from a March 13, 1981, UPI article: "Fitchburg, Mass. -- The alleged leader of a devil worship cult was found guilty of first degree murder Friday in the ritual killing of a young Fall River, Mass. prostitute last year. Carl Drew, 26, stood pale and expressionless as the verdict was announced. He was immediately sentenced to life imprisonment by superior court judge Francis W. Keating...Miss Marsden was allegedly killed, mutilated and beheaded by Drew and two others in a blood-soaked night time ritual in a wooded area because she wanted to leave the cult."

"Also, in the 1993 Avon Books release: Raising Hell, author/investigative reporter Michael Newton writes, "While some cult apologists may be forgiven their ignorance of current events, (FBI) Agent Lanning -- with access to nationwide police files -- should know better. As this volume amply demonstrates, cult related killers stand convicted of murder in 23 states and at least nine foreign countries. Numerous other occultists are now serving time for practicing their "faith" through acts of arson, rape, assault, cruelty to animals, and similar crimes."

The thing is that no one can deny that the individual crimes (incest, murder, infanticide, torture, cannibalism etc) that are reported by survivors actually do happen. Put them together though as in SRA and suddenly many 'authoritative voices' including the FBI say it is 'unbelievable' even when they have evidence to the contrary.

Why is that?

nobody said...

Thanks James - You know what would be really interesting? Tap Keith V Lanning's phone, stick a camera in his apartment and car, and otherwise put him under 24 hour surveillance for a month, and just see what he gets up to. A hundred bucks says we'd catch him in flagrante dilecto (ie. mid-buggery).

james said...

It's a simple enough thing to do, eh, Nobby.
Yet a police squad in Melbourne charged with investigating this sort of crime when given names and addresses of satanic cult members refused to put them under surveillance!
When asked why not, the answer was, "we can't do that because what if we were to witness the murder of a child?"!!!
I kid you not. And that's just the beginning of the bullshit.

Perhaps the following had something to do with it. From this link Scoot down to page 262-

"In Australia, cases of organised and ritual abuse have been emerging since the late
1980s, however, investigations of these claims have been characterised by allegations
of police incompetence and conflicts of interest. In 1992, a senior member of
Victorian sexual crimes unit, Roy Carroll, stated that there was a lack of material
corroboration for accounts of organised and ritual abuse, and therefore such accounts
were unlikely to be true (Carroll 1992). Paradoxically, in the three years prior to his
1992 presentation, Carroll’s unit had been involved in the investigation of an alleged
case of organised and ritual abuse at a preschool in the Mornington Peninsula.
Although no criminal charges were laid, the allegations of abuse at the preschool
were substantiated by a government inquiry, and the preschool was closed in 1992."

Though, not mentioned in this paper, police in that case also managed to lose a video tape showing men dressed in Victoria Police uniforms abusing those same children. One of the children identified the home where it took place and this house was later found to belong to a member of the same police force.

Read on from there for more goings on in other State Police Forces in Oz

Anonymous said...

Thank you Nobody, whoever you are. I desperately needed references from Ariel Toaff's book for a book I am writing. Original Title "Blood Sacrifice and other Secrets of the Temple". I was astonished to find a complete copy of the book linked to your piece. For me this is like finding a jewel laying on the ground. Needless to say, such information is extremely rare and largely fractional. This find is close to unbelievable. From the comments I have read, your readers have no idea of the value of the information you have made available. This is like the Rosetta stone of Jewish sacrifice.
Thanks again, your effort is greatly appreciated. You have made a great contribution to my path and did so with perfect timing.

By the way I found this through Les Visible's web page.

Penny said...

hey nobody, saw the comment you left at xymphora's

thought I would come here and see if you caught any blowback for it.

james said...

Nobby, the Babylonian Talmud (and much else) for your perusal

nobody said...

Hey James, thanks for those links. Very cool. I meant to say that before but got distracted or something.

Hey Pen, no blowback. It seems that I was in the majority view anyway.

Xymphora is worth a read and I pop in almost daily, but on a couple of topics he's CHRONICALLY BAD. Hell, he's worse than that! Like his expression 'anti-assimilationland'... what does that mean? Gibberish! And then there's his dismissal of banking as having anything to do with anything. Ayah, shake my head...

Those guys who declare him disinfo? I'm thinking they're probably right.

Either that or he's got mental problems...

And Anon! I'm glad you found it useful. It is a good book isn't it? To be honest I've only read the first ten pages or so. Hmm... I can't remember how I happened to come upon it but I knew it was quite a find. Ciao Ciao.

james said...

Xymphora is also anti SRA. A few years ago I used to follow him and he was more than good. Then his blog disappeared for a couple of weeks and then reappeared. But it had a different "voice". Not a lot different but enough to be noticeable. I wasn't the only one who noticed and commented on it.
I think he's disinfo (now)

This link (from the same site) will give you a lead-in to the various chapters of the Talmud (scroll down)