Monday, November 30, 2009

The Deluded Servants of Heartless Masters

Oh, I'm so bored with this topic. I don't know if it's my detoxified brain or my yoga-fied body, but I find it hard to summon up any enthusiasm for the whole thing. Somehow it's all turned into homework. So why don't I just kill the comedy hobby-horse I've been on up until now and get it over and done with?

There aren't two media masters - there's only one, and he's Jewish. And he's Satanist! He's both and he's neither. He's the wrong end of the continuum. He is that creature that has most perfectly embraced fear and desire. He is the anti-buddha. He is me uber alles. He is if not me, none.

In much the same way that there's not much to be gained in describing the Buddha in terms of whatever he was before - 'Well, he was from Kosala, you know' - I think the same follows for our anti-buddhas. Whatever they once were long ago, they are no longer. Any descriptions that might apply would be merely nominal and bring as much confusion as clarity. Since truth must be sacrificed at the altar of their own greatness, there can be no description of them that will make clear cut sense. They are whatever works.

So who are the Jews? And what are the Satanists? I'm going to call them servants, dupes, and coat-tail riders, with each imagining themselves as the favoured child. And a case could be made supporting the rightness of that thought. But it would be equally true to say that they're just fodder to be used up as suits their uber-alles masters. Viewed from this angle these two sects of the death cult have more in common with each other than they know. It's arguable that the greatest difference between them is the fact that one is publicly acknowledged and the other is regularly disappeared from the media and exists only as an apocryphal entity, ie. in the madder works of fiction.


As the acknowledged servants, the Jews get to wallow in a public orgy of self-impressed self-congratulation. Absurdly, if it weren't for them (says they) we'd have no culture, art, or music, no rights or freedoms, no insert_thing_worth_having_here. It's arrant nonsense of course but the Jews, like their once-were-Jewish masters, have made lying an art-form, not least of all to themselves. Flatter them and they'll believe you. And tell them that everyone wants to kill them out of envy, and they'll believe that too.

Who knows if there's a god who grooves on human sacrifice? Not me. But anyone who's hung out at the occult section of Rigorous Intuition would have to concede that spooky preternatural shit does go on. Sacrifices are made and all in a quest for 'magick'. But as far as I can tell, none of it ever seems to count for much. Certainly in terms of holocaust = sacrifice, you'd have to ask, where's the magick in amongst that event? There, blood-lusting god or no, and 6,000,000 dead or no - I don't know that it makes much difference. All that counts is that the world believes that that's what happened and a humongous evil juju is spawned regardless. Don't argue - 6M or 300K, a brand new nation appeared before our very eyes and another was disappeared. David Copperfield eat your heart out. Magick? Who needs it?

And now it looks like Israel's time is over. Clearly there's no real-world logic to it anymore, for mine its destruction is inevitable. It was a means to an end and soon it too will be sacrificed - the Holocaust as a sacrifice for Israel, and Israel as a sacrifice for world control. Dig it - like Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson, Israel is worth more dead than alive. And it's not like the Rothschilds and their very good friends will miss the place. Did they ever go there? Even for a visit? God knows they never lived there. And who could shed a tear for those wild-hair-up-their-arse Haredim anyway? The worst people on the planet!

A tuppence for sacrifice as an occult event (ie. hidden with no one knowing it took place). Imagine if a sacrifice of 6,000,000 was actually made, but all done on the hush-hush with no one knowing at all: would there be any power in that? How would it change the world if no one knew? Perhaps that's who the Jews are: a people to be publicly sacrificed over and over. And given that the power of the sacrifice lays in it's public perception, then of course the people being sacrificed must be perceived as the greatest who ever lived. More power to the publicity juju!


The Jews' death cult twin however, the unacknowledged Satanists, get no such blaze of glory. Or not in any useful fashion that is. As we've seen over at Pseudo Occult Media the Satanist / mind-control crowd get a lot of airtime. But madly they get airtime in inverse proportion to the number of people who get the gag. Everything they put to air is effectively an in-joke whooshing over the heads of just about everyone. Fantastic, but what's the point? Who are these in-jokes for? Is it really for us as mug-punters with the symbolism functioning as some kind of voodoo incantation for the subconscious? Somehow I don't think so. I've been seeing butterfly images and black and white checks for as long as I can remember and as far as I know, nothing happened. Besides which, wouldn't the residents of monarch butterfly migration town, Pacific Grove, have long since wigged out?

Perhaps the in-jokes are for the benefit of the ruling elite, like some kind of upper-class circle jerk / mutual wankfest? If so, it's a curious sort of benefit - a vast audience watching and not one of them understanding what they're seeing. Ha! It's the Illuminati as shy exhibitionists - they like getting on the fiddle in public with everybody watching but only if none of them can actually tell what's going on.

Aside from that, do the crowned heads of Europe watch all those idiot low-brow TV shows? Really? Somehow I have that pegged as unlikely. It's like that scene in Robert Altman's Gosford Park: as the Duchess says to the American producer, who refuses to say how his movie ends because he doesn't want to spoil it for them, "Oh, but none of us are going to see it."

So, if it's not there for us as mug-punters, and it's not there for the lah-di-dah pointy end of the pyramid, then there's no one left but the zombified slaves themselves. Certainly that would have utility: whatever channel the zombies flip to they'll be confronted by yet more evidence that there's nowhere to run. Given the time and money that goes into creating mind-control slaves, in no way should that be viewed as excessive or unlikely.

And hats off to that, but what sort of expression of power is it? To imagine that the Illuminati would revel in a constant reminder of what keeps their zombies in line, is to imagine that the Romans would have revelled in 6000 crucified slaves lining the Appian Way. Would they have had an al fresco party surrounded by corpses, three cheers for us, huzzah huzzah? Or would it somehow have been a bit too grisly and depressing? And between that and the rose-petal strewn parades through the Forum that the acknowledged Jews are permitted to give themselves, one of them could be more accurately defined as a variation of calculated insult. If all those symbols are an expression of power, they seem to be less for the Satanist / mind-control mob than they are at them, if you can dig it.

Not forgetting of course that if you were to sit down and design a power structure that was most likely to be hijacked and led around like a prize bull with a magic blackmail ring in its nose, you couldn't improve upon one that pivots on paedophilia and Satanist human sacrifice, could you? Sure enough, the paedophocracy was always going to belong to someone else, and it does.


But who gives a shit? Not me! Like it matters what stripe an anti-buddha is. To argue the point would be vaguely equivalent to disagreeing over whose Satan is worst, that of the Jews, Christians, or Muslims? Huh? Who cares?

And the witless wannabes who serve those anti-buddhas? Whether it's the dispensable and unacknowledged bastard son who's never seen the light of day and is unable to see past his nose to the fingers that lead him, or the golden headed child who (unaware that it's just a cheap wig) lifts his head ever higher to receive his own adulation and otherwise accommodate the patiently waiting blade - like anyone would shed a tear for the either of them.


su said...

"In chess the white and black pieces have a purpose, but the game itself has no purpose".(Leo Hartong)

All a case of the unmanifest experiencing itself as the infinite possibilities that arise.
We label good, bad, right, wrong, pleasure, pain and yet at the end of the day all of it is but a reflection in the mirror which is unaffected by it all.

Yoga, purity - big fat grin.

nobody said...

Ha ha ha ha, Su you rock! What a great comment.

Destiny said...

" He is that creature that has most perfectly embraced fear and desire. He is the anti-buddha. He is me uber alles. He is if not me, none. "

I think that statement sums it up perfectly and I agree I think Su's response was brilliant.

kikz said...

kudos su!

nice ta see ya've found the 'off switch' noby :)

various 'stuff' i've read in the last coupla yrs..


that the unmanifested universe doesn't understand 'no'. acknowledgment is reasonable, obsessive resistance is... putting it in your pie.

apparently whatever one applies one's 'thoughts/vibrations' to... has a swaying effect on manifestation, positive or negative. stop feeding it.

in that vein... geez nobz... look away b4 ya turn to a pillar of salt :) ya know... :)?

i'm not suggesting that you turn into the foofoo fairy, who poots tiny clouds of heartshaped pink confetti which smells of stawberryshortcake and sneezez rainbows and flutterbys...

but lighten the fuk up :)))))))
so much beauty and wonder here to appreciate on the other end of the spectrum :)

big hugz {{{*}}}

ha... word verif..
throbbra... throb bra.. w/the light/love all 'round us!

Peter said...

Spot on.
Important homework.
mucho obligato.

Peter said...

Link below, to fascinating observations on US global hegemony at Harvard Law School.

Obama's Middle East Policies: the Persistence of the Bush Doctrine

james said...

Speak of the devil, a certain Australian church leader will be rubbing his hoary hands together at the election of Tony Abbott to leader of the Opposition.

james said...

I think the reason the shitheads put 'signs' all around the place be they pyramids on top of city office buildings or butterflies in and around pop stars is twofold.
One, it's for the 'initiates' as testament to the cults presence everywhere (these are meant to be reasonable covert) and two, for the conspiracy nutters to 'salt the mine', disinfo in other words. (these are reasonably overt, of course). The best place to hide a diamond is in a bowl of shattered glass.

It is the nature of these sorts of organisations to give different stories to different levels. Each level deceives the level below it. There are two truly amazing things that flow from this. At each step of the hierarchical ladder, the new initiate to the next level believes he has found the truth and never questions, it seems, that this too could be bullshit. The second thing is that this extends all the way to the top rung in this earthly part of the conspiracy.
It would be entirely in keeping with the 'spirit' of this whole thing for the 13 or 12 or however many families that are at the pinnacle, be they Red Sea pedestrians or devil worshipers (or the combo, Sabateans), to be entirely duped by some cosmic Joker who is no fool.

nobody said...

Nice one James. But I expect that they'd wise up soon enough. Soon enough, and too late (ha!) what with each level of revelation being accompanied by a no-backing-out blackmailable crime. By the time whoever it was figured out that they were being perpetually bullshitted to they'd be stepped in blood so far that they may as well quit caring and just try and enjoy it. "I love the smell of blood and fecal matter in the morning. It smells like... victory."

Thankz Kikz. It's all good mate. If I ever do turn into a pillar of salt I'll just go for a swim. Never mind 'one with the universe', I'll be one with the ocean, ha ha.

Thanks Peter. Thanks Destiny - I'll drop you a line over at your place.

Penny said...

I don't think there is any god that 'grooves' on sacrifice, myself.

I think there are twisted individuals that groove on the belief that some god is in to that.

but, what those twisted individuals groove on the very most?

Is the power they feel, from that belief, the power they feel from engaging in that ritual.

And yeah, Su's comment is quite good.

nobody said...

Thanks Pen, I've amended it by adding inverted commas to the word 'god'. That's the thing with the discussion over at rigint (years ago now) is that occult shit happens. My PS to that fact is 'but to no great effect'. For instance, it seems that Crowley could well have opened a portal to another dimension but he went on to die in penury and mad with it.

Jeff Wells details actual occult events, one after another, but they're all so penny-ante. What's the point? Where's the world changing knowledge? Where's the paradigm shifter? Which is to say, in amongst all the magick there's nothing that is the equivalent of steam power, or the telegraph, or even the internet for chrissakes.

And that was my point about the Holocaust. As a sacrifice it definitely succeeded but only by being a triumph of hype over substance.

Anonymous said...

"So much beauty and wonder here to appreciate."

I like that.

- Aangirfan

james said...

Belief in magic is an example of magical thinking.

". . .in amongst all the magick there's nothing that is the equivalent of steam power, or the telegraph, or even the internet for chrissakes.

And that was my point about the Holocaust. As a sacrifice it definitely succeeded but only by being a triumph of hype over substance"

Exactly. Beautifully put, Nobby.

Satanists are seriously deluded. They believe that by engaging in human sacrifice, satan will be pleased with them and grant them power. But if satan had power to give that allowed the satanist to exploit and harm others, we would all be very dead a very long time ago. satan would have simply used it directly to kill us all such is his legendary hatred for humans.

So what's left? Only deceit . . . . and inducing humans to harm each other.
"Power corrupts", literally. Exploiting others affects the psychological processes. The ensuing mental pathology is remarkably similar to that of drug and alcohol addicts. "Those that the 'gods' would destroy, they first make crazy".

nobody said...

Marvellous. Does anyone remember the closing lines of American Beauty? (Scroll down till you see 'last lines, Lester Burnham') "'s hard to stay mad, when there's so much beauty in the world". And here we are, the same realisation, and all without anyone getting shot!

I don't know if my stuff's been any good lately but the comments have been cracking. Like James' last one! See if I can make something of it. I might be out of my depth but I'll give it a burl.

james said...

Go for it, Nobby!!

james said...

Go for it, Nobby!!

While satanists can do great harm, the accompanying narrative, in my experience, is all bullshit. Which is what you would expect when stop and think about it (which is what you are doing extremely well, imnho).

Penny said...

James "power corrupts"

and, "absolute power corrupts absolutely"

and therein lies the problem?

the absolute, unaccountable power.

kikz said...

and ta butcher a well worn turn of phrase frm bro dave...

it's all in how ya look at it and study it. :)

p.s. thanks Aan :)

james said...

Hi Penny,
"and therein lies the problem?
the absolute, unaccountable power."

I believe so. Well, it is certainly a major part of it. There are two factors in my view. One, the inbuilt tendency in all people to become from grandiose through to megalomaniacal from the effects of exploiting others. They become delusional regarding the extent of their own personal power; often believing the collective power of the organisation is actually their own power. From there it is a small step to thinking you are godlike. Statements such as "The Jewish people will become their own Messiah" is an example of this. New Age stuff gets close to this, too.

And two, a society based on hierarchical organisations that put people in positions of power over others and accountable not to those under their power but to those above them who are similarly effected by exploiting their position of power.

We have expressions in our society such as, "He is drunk with power", and "The power has gone to his head". We understand the universal wisdom in these sayings yet we scratch our heads as a society when faced with police corruption and priests raping children and wars and goodness knows what else.

It is easy to see now how satanists (and catholic priests, for that matter) believe in their magic and even why they believe in it . . . because it makes them god.

How did it go? . . "eat this and you shall know good and evil and be as gods"

I was reading recently again of theStanford Prison Experiment (it might have been through one of Nobbys links) and this book "The Lucifer Effect" might prove interesting, too, though I haven't read it

slozo said...

Yes yes . . . well said Nobody, and well said, James.

There is no logic (or cognitive dissonance among the followers) associated with Satanism . . . or magic . . . or any religion for that matter, IMHO. If you are dealing with entities that "know all, see all", you'd have to think they already know the outcomes of every game they play with humans . . . sort of like a kid who plays make-believe with dolls or action figurines. Except that the kid is all-knowing, wise beyond compare, and is the oldest entity in the universe.

Why would an entity like that create dolls to play with and then set them in action in such retarded fashion? Because every time I discuss religion with someone, you come up against this one inescapable fact . . . no matter if you use the "but God gave man free will" argument or not. God is all-knowing, and already knows what man will do and how every outcome will turn out, based on the fact that god created man supposedly! It's as if this god would have to be a bored and immature punk with a great sense of cruelty - simply based on history of man's time on earth and the present situation. It would be utterly ridiculous to assume such actions.

I really think religion is a crutch used by people; and once they realise it's a crutch, they can throw it away and walk on their own just fine.

Now when it comes to Satanism, oh man, there are some real problems. I mean, first of all, you have to get past the whole "Satan is a second fiddle to God" thing, the fact that God created Satan (was one of his angel deputies or something I heard, then he defected and started a coup against his former leader - which is real silly, considering God is omnipotent) . . . ad, the fact that they constantly have to fight human nature.

It's not natural to kill without defending yourself, or at least, fooling yourself that you are . . . and this only builds up all kinds of negative feedbacks, like a horrible cancer. Plus, it's hard - you have all kinds of scheming to do, hiding, lying, remembering the lies, pay-offs, red herrings to make to throw people off the trail, and all kinds of boot-licking (because that's how the pyramid scheme works). It really sucks, I'd have to think . . . and combined with all the (for those still stuck with any vestige of a conscience) latent guilt, knowledge of wrongdoing, and doomed feelings, it can't be a fun way to live, especially in the end as you are all alone, having created nothing but horror in your wake as legacy.

It's a losers game, that Satanism.

james said...

Your apt description of the 'life', Slozo, illustrates the imperative for these people to bury their conscience and why they never want to dig it up again.
(Speaking of which, that was an extraordinary story of the Japanese POW in China who was thankful for his 'brainwashing, Nobby)

"It's a losers game, that Satanism

No rest for the wicked, as they say. I think doing business with satan (or by proxy through satanists) is like borrowing money from the loan shark from hell.

Penny said...

God allegedly expelled satan from heaven, only he wasn't know as satan then..Was he Michael?

The story goes that the angel didn't like the human creations of god, didn't want to be servile to them (us)
So god cast him out of heaven.

bad angel

james said...

The story goes pretty much as you say, Penny, except that satan's name was originally 'Lucifer' which means light bearer. He was the chief angel.
He led a rebellion of one third of the angels against the rest claiming himself equal with God. The rest of the angels led by Michael threw him out of heaven but left him free to inhabit earth (which raises a lot of questions).

Mankind was 'made in the image of God' which somehow put them above the angels including Lucifer. Lucifer's pride would no allow him to accept this situation. The pride led to grandiosity and thinking himself equal with God which is clearly a delusion. This was the first 'sin', the first lunacy, the first destructive madness, if you like.

How true or allegorical this is I don't know but you see this mental process (pathology) playing out every day in lots of little ways.

slozo said...

Well, to continue on that train of thought, James . . . to get people into a loser's game, you have to make them think there's no winning. Or, at the very least, that they are losing so badly there's no hope other than to cling on to the raft of evil that comes by and picks them up in a turbulent world of class 5 falls.

That's a canoeing reference, I'm Canadian, so deal with it.

Burying your conscience is exactly what we are talking about, James . . . you are dead spot on it. Psychologically, there are a few things that'll do it.
1. fear of death
2. fear of death for someone close to youhusband/wife, child, family member)
3. total loss of hope for a good life
I will disregard the oddity of the "psycho" . . . movies would have you believe it is all around us, but it is so goddamn rare you will never see it. We have then:

People who are under constant threat of death.
People who are blackmailed up the wazoo.
People who have been so stepped upon by the evil in this world that they have no energy or will to live to be able to fight the coersion they come up against.

I suppose there are also those souls who are so twisted, lost and evil as to not warrant any saving . . . and so be that. Let them suffer at least a microbe of pain in their short lives as their victims.

So how do we H E L P?

Yes . . . we should help, I think. Can't we all do something? Can we give hope to the hopeless? Most definitely. Can we take away the threats to those that think they will be killed lest they take part in these dastardly activities? Not directly maybe . . . but giving love and hope to these individuals gives reason to share their plight, confess their crimes, and remember their conscience.

So we are starting to see the opposite then of what we are being taught by mass media (ie: don't trust anyone, your neighbour could rape you, live in fear).

What we have is a simple solution: let the community awareness grow exponentially, as all neighbours get to know one another.

Love your fellow man and woman.

Help others when you can.

Give a helping hand to those that seem to have lost hope, or are stuck in places where hope is a tiny sliver of light shining through a doorway at the end of a long hallway.

Point out those who seek to blackmail, and gang up on them. they need to feel the shame, humiliation and isolation they attempt to put on others.

In essence, be good and do right.

And for godamn sakes, please ignore all those outer stimuli that are screaming at you to cheat on your wife or husband; telling you to ignore your child's destructive behaviour; selling you the world of commerce as the only system that works; chiding you to deride all those that seek to question and demand that their gov't serve them.

Take the good . . . to places you haven't before, I implore you, if you put any weight into my words, I tell you now with all sincerity:

Help your fellow man. Try to understand his/her plight.
Point out publicly those that are evil, and don't be bloody shy about it. Evil mean "doing harm to humans", btw.
Try to educate all you know about everything you know, and try to start a dialogue of ideas and information. It's difficult to start with, because all of us have been given brainwashing to do otherwise; but promote it as much as you can.

I thus humbly succumb to public opinion in silence henceforth. For a while. ;) . . .

A. Peasant said...

i would just add that fear is the primary motivator for most of this behavior. fear of death, scarcity etc.

in peck's book the people of the lie, he recounts an exorcism and encounter with the 'spirit of evil.' which was a very boring entity "who" constantly uttered lies and threats and *had no power* except through a willing human to believe the lies. but the thing was bored to death, heavy with ancient fatigue from telling these lies, bored to absurdity repeating the same lies over and over. but *people keep believing it* and so it can't stop. it has no power to stop. it is powerless to stop. the power rests with people and their decision whether or not to believe the lies.

it's very much like listening to the "news" out of israel for instance. it's the same lies recycled over and over again until one can't help but say just stfu already. we heard you the first six million times. i don't believe you anymore. but they are *afraid* to say that... there might be unpleasant consequences. oh ha! return to top. it's a loop.

Hei Hu Quan said...

Apologies and greetings Nobody, truly sorry but I couldn't find an email address to send this to you directly.

I found this great article delineating some information that you may or may not have come across before. It goes into depth about CIA mind control ops from the 1950's and names some names and gives some very interesting backgrounds about the principal players. It also ties into the revelations of eyewitness victim X1 of the Dutroux crimes and alludes to its connection to the CIA.

Here's the link:


- Hei Hu Quan

nobody said...

Well that's all a bit spooky. Perhaps I don't need to write anything? I just let you guys carry on without me and magically nail it all.

Hey Hei, "So! You think your martial_arts_name style is a match for my no-name no-style, do you?" Yeah well, you're probably right! Ha! Cool logo. And thanks for that. I actually spent a bunch of time over at that website but I don't think I've read that page. I've whacked it on the desktop and I'll read it when I get home.

Otherwise everyone carry on as before. Pretend I wasn't here at all.

james said...

Slozo, you make some great points and a moving and convincing appeal to us all to reach out to every body including those that do evil. Few people do this.

Points 1, 2 & 3 are well reasoned and I see AP's comments are in sync with you.

I think you underestimate the incidence of psychopathy, though. Researchers in this field have put the incidence at 4% and at 6% which is about 1 in 20 people which is a significant problem. They are not all axe murderers, of course, but all have no conscience effectively or shame so there's a lot less to appeal to for change.

Following Nobby's links back to his earlier writing I came across his description of the Japanese POW I mentioned further up in the comments but didn't link to. Here's the link belatedly It details a no nonsense approach to dealing with these types, the hard core, yet it is still compassionate, I believe, which is necessary for us to avoid becoming what we are fighting.

I recently read a book called "Escaping The Matrix" by Robert Moore. (careful - there are two books by this title!) I think you would find it both affirming and inspiring.

james said...

Hi AP, good points; fear and lies. No wonder the 'truth' is such a powerful weapon!
Scott Peck's "People Of The Lie" was the first book I read, many years ago, that acknowledged the reality of evil. I must go read it again.

Anonymous said...


After taking my wife for a short sojourn to restore her well being and to give me a break from death cult overload knee wilt, it seems I picked a time when the most interesting shit for months is going down :-)

Picking up on random comments in the order they came, a minor author (me) wrote a piece recently for the Campfire on The Nature of Evil which in its original form included a description of the Stanford Prison Experiment which can be found here.

The Murphs told me there was no way they were going to put up a 7000 word post and to get it down to 3000. Unfortunately Stanford got lost along the way. If anybody is really that interested in seeing the original hit, the easiest is to get it from Murph or Freeacre at: If nothing else it does demonstrate synchronicity and parallel thought lines.

Slozo wrote “Because every time I discuss religion with someone, you come up against this one inescapable fact . . . no matter if you use the "but God gave man free will" argument…” Well God gave man free will – up to a point – because God told everyone how it was meant to be and then left it up to them. If they chose to disregard God’s word and act in bad ways than that was them exercising their free will to sin and take the consequences. If on the other hand if they chose to act in morally virtuous ways then that was not them exercising their free will to do good, that was God working through them. Talk about wanting your cake and eat it; it sure seems like the universal God of love and mercy plays with a stacked deck.

On the religious crutch comment, it seems to me that Millennia ago, primitive people looked to the other animals around them; to the plants which provided a bounty and particularly to the stars in the heavens and required an explanation for it all. Since they regarded themselves as the most intelligent species around and it was already there then some entity more intelligent then them must have put it all there and so God was invented. Priests were appointed as go betweens, became powerful in the community and so the crutch was firmly planted under the tribes collective arms. Now they have become so used to it being there it is hard to break old habits.

“It's not natural to kill without defending yourself” It is reported that some soldiers in the trenches during WWl never fired their weapons even when charged at by the enemy. It is claimed that the hardest part of training conscriptees is getting them to a state where they are willing to kill another of their own species.

In the whole vastness of the universe why negotiate tiny planet Earth for Lucifer to roam free? I was going to ask if this made any kind of sense but it occurred to me that Hitler started out this way.

Slozo, where would Dick Cheney fit into your list of conscience buriers and how would you set about helping him?

I think that Su is one of those rare people who can strip the crap off a situation and speak simple truths from the heart. The only problem for me is that some of her best work gets disappeared. I have searched everywhere I can think of for her comment so now I am going to don my sponge divers costume to go out and try and find it in the only place left (SWT).

james said...

I should have added that the book I recommended, "Escaping the Matrix" by Richard Moore, does not mention the issue of psychopathy in either the development of our problems or in their solution. Despite this Moore gives a very good synopsis of the problem and his solution is still valid and workable,imnho.

BTW, in my view the solution to the trouble caused by psychopaths is to isolate them in whatever way is possible in any given set of circumstances; plus sunlight, of course!

nobody said...

Trout Clan Campfire eh? They pop up in my statcounter periodically. I have a feeling that it's a blog I should hang out at. My only problem is that a lot of what preoccupies them there (ie. growing their own food) is something to which I could only ever reply, 'Sounds nice, I wish I could do it...' Never mind.

nobody said...

Ha ha ha, I've been kicking up a stink over at Xymphora's and got banned! Well not me so much as everyone using a computer via the state's public library system. Ha! That'll teach 'em! Bloody freeloaders!

Anyway I wish him luck. Best I can make out he need only ban all but about three of his fans (with busted paedophile Stevieb as lead yesman) and then Xymph will be free to urge us all to take the flu vaccine and pay the carbon tax without anyone disagreeing with him.

Actually these are just two of Xymphora's curious positions. Says he: controlled demolition in 911 is bullshit; Israel exists as an 'anti-assimilation land' (yeah, it doesn't make any sense to me either); banking plays no part in anything; and satanism and mind control? No such thing.

But those aside, lately he's blown a valve over the fact that the majority of commenters has called him out over flu vaccine and global warming. What? Did he think they'd all lay down and meekly agree with whatever he said? Sure looks like it.

To be honest I don't know the precise variety of limited hangout that Xymphora is, but who gives a fuck? Either way, he is BULLSHIT.

Penny said...


saw you stirring the pot at xymphora's.
wonderin what the heck is going on over there? seriously.
Xymphora used to have alot of readers and commenters, now......
Maybe it isn't even the original xymphora?
Who knows?

Penny said...

Slozo; an excellent rant.
you are spiritual without religion.
you realize the community is vital.
And to commune you need to participate and not lock yourself in the house in front of the telly, never speaking to anyone.

Ya know, I have neighbours like that.
They utterly believe they are better then every other person in our neighbourhood.
The gal has so much as told me
that. The kids never play outside. They don't talk to the neighbours.
They look at me as if I am terrifying.
But what has happened is the ignorant parents have bad talked their neighbours so often that the kids are likely unsure of anyone.
NOw how bizarre is that?
If anything happened, an emergency, there would not be one neighbour those kids could turn to.
Not that no one would help, but the kids would be to frightened to ask. What a sense of alienation in the place you live? And to do that to your own kids?

When my kiddo was younger,she knew all the neighbours,she chatted with them, when she fell off her bike, one of the neighbours helped her get home. If I was a bit late from somewhere, she knew she could go to wait, no problem, at at least 4 different neighbours houses. they would give her a snack and a drink etc. Cause we do have quite decent neighbours.
It made life all that much more pleasant.

slozo said...

I confess, you all had me scratching my head a bit as you referred to my soliloquy as a sort of helping hand held out to the bad guys. I think you all might have gotten it from here:

"Can we take away the threats to those that think they will be killed lest they take part in these dastardly activities? Not directly maybe . . . but giving love and hope to these individuals gives reason to share their plight, confess their crimes, and remember their conscience."

I am talking about the people FORCED to aid the bad guys, who are blackmailed into allegiance and pious fealty only out of a need to survive, keep their secrets hidden, and protect their families. These people may be weak, even mean spirited people in some ways . . . but almost all have a thriving conscience, and are certainly not people I regard as 'evil fuckers'.

Dick Cheney I would regard as an evil fucker and a true psychopath (as are many if not most of the ruling elite). If possible, I would help arrange a situation where he could be taught that comeuppance does, indeed, sometimes happen in this lifetime.

So yes, I do wish to give THE OPTION OF HELP AND LOVE to those blackmailed, caught in a web of deceit and helping this shit happen through no design of their own. This is an important choice to be given to all people . . . after all, why do people of conscience turn to things like killing people for a few bucks? I'll tell you why - no hope, and in their mind, no other options.

I have a varied background (eclectic is perhaps a better word), but have a decent amount of experience in the security world, having dealt with homeless, crime, and done undercover work. (I am not, nor shall I ever be, a cop btw). I bring this up to let you know I have seen a side of life that few of you have had intimate contact with, and in a more real way than any social worker comes upon. I have also worked as a bartender for a good while, which is it's own kind of "social worker", although people are much more willing to pour out their true feelings with booze around. I have known a lot of people, dealt with a lot people, who are desperate, mean, low-down, and willing to do rotten deeds.

Out of those thousands of people, I can only count one or two that I truly count as psychopaths, although many were truly dangerous and unpredictable. All of them acted in these ways because psychologically, they were placed in situations (sometimes by themselves mistakenly) where their actions, TO THEMSELVES, seemed moral and ok. At least, acceptable . . . and obviously, the rationalisation that took place in some cases was immense. But the flawed reasoning and flimsy excuses are needed, because at the heart of it, they DID FEEL GUILT, they did know at some point the actions were wrong.

(to be cont'd)

slozo said...


So in closing, and without using any more capitalisation, I most strongly disagree with any 4% or 6% psychopath figure. I think that's just plain bullshit, and an easy out to dehumanise and despise the lower echelons of society who have been firmly placed in positions to fail. In fact, I think her (your Harvard grad link) list of sociopaths - not psychos, big difference - says it all:

Personalities of interest
Some personalities in the public eye deserve our attention as being probable sociopaths:

Jeffrey Archer
Nicholas van Hoogstraten
Katie Hopkins (The Apprentice)
Heather Mills
Lord Lucan
Sion Jenkins
Slobodan Milosevic
Radovan Karadzic
Saddam Hussain
Mohamed Adminijad

Where's Cheney on this list? And . . . Heather Mills?!? She can't even spell people's names correctly! It's laughable, as you can see. This lady in my estimation has very little skill in discerning humans, and simply echoes psycho-babble talking points, as well as adding in her bent political perspective.

In my estimation, true psychopaths - people of no conscience - would be in the less than 0.2% range . . . it's just a coincidence that many have collected up in the nether regions at the top of the power pyramid.

I do appreciate your kind comments James, and will have to look at your other links later - wife, kid, etc beckon, and they are after all a big reason why I spend time researching and philosophising about this shit. :)