Saturday, June 6, 2009

Yeah, Yeah, Tiananmen Square

It was twenty years ago today, that Deng Xiaoping told the band to play. Rat-a-tat-tat went the tuneless ditty.

Those bastards! Cue the fist shaking! Here we are twenty years later and the Western bloc-media is still outraged. A talking head, with his sad face on, reads the autocue to tell us of Chinese villainy. Cut to a candle-lit memorial in Hong Kong. Cut to a dissident who now lives in the West. Cut to library footage of a fellow in China who was in jail. Are you outraged yet? If you are, you should call the media. What with the complete and utter lack of interest of the part of the Chinese people themselves in embracing their victimhood, it seems it's up to everyone else to do it for them. Anyone who can think of a stunt that will make the Chinese government look bad will in all likelihood get airtime.

Weirdly, the idea of jobs being exported to China is here turned on its head. Why aren't the mainland Chinese doing this themselves? Why do we have to do it for them? Between sending film crews to Tiananmen Square for a non-musical remake of The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (ha ha ha, this critic raved!), and some Chinese punter's mobile phone footage of a riot, one of them fills the brief and costs peanuts.

So where is this footage? Why aren't the Chinese people demonstrating? 'Because they're oppressed and censored,' says the Western bloc-media. 'My arse,' says I. Just so you know, I never met a Chinese person who didn't have a mobile phone with camera. All of them are on the net and they madly email each other all day long. If there were protests they would be filmed. And if they were filmed they'd be emailed out. This is simple and obvious stuff and the Western media stringers in China know this perfectly well.

The simple fact is, there are no protests in China because no one gives a shit. Not if the twentieth anniversary is anything like the tenth, that is. It just so happens that I was in Beijing for the tenth anniversary in 1999. Back then, what with me being the clever Time Magazine reading Occidental, I was curious to see what form the Chinese people's anger would take. Talk about beg the question! The anger took no form at all because there wasn't any. I couldn't find a single person whose reaction was anything beyond wondering what they were going to have for lunch. Hmm... Hunan, Xian, or Sichuan?

Dont' think that they don't get it. They get it - they were there. They know that the original protest was the most rampant shitfight imaginable. Sure it was thrilling at first, but as the weeks passed and the trains kept rolling in from the outer provinces (where our lunch cuisines came from), disgorging endless thousands, the whole thing went to hell. Lunch was one thing, but clueless, Johnny-come-lately bumpkins who didn't know the party was over was something else.

Frankly the government was damned if it did, damned if it didn't. It could talk with the leaders, make concessions, thank everyone for coming, whatever - none of the new arrivals wanted to know about it. They hadn't spent days in arduous train travel just to turn around and go home again because some what-the-hell-would-they-know Beijingers had made a deal. And yep, finally the tanks rolled down Chang'an avenue.

Not forgetting of course that more people died in Gaza lately than died in Tiananmen. And does anyone think that the religiously sanctioned, racist slaughter in Gaza will be honoured with ten-year / twenty-year commemorations? We roll our eyes - fat chance of that. It will be dissolved down to the same word-recognition level that the Nakba now gets. "The Nak-what? What is he talking about?" Exactly.

Meanwhile it seems there's two Chinas. There's the China as imagined by the Jewish bloc-media. This is a very terrible place where an oppressed and beset people lead lives of fear. And then there's the China I went to. In that China, there is no fear. None. Nor is there any oppression. None. In fact I'd declare that the people in China are freer and less fearful than the people of the West.

Okay, okay, I will admit that the majority of my time was spent in the megapolises of Beijing and Shanghai with side trips to Xian, Wuhan, and Hainan. Everyone I knew was middle class. They had been poor but they were no longer. I did encounter farmers who were poor but I never discussed their oppression with them. Really, they were more interested in the fact that I rolled my own cigarettes. Regardless of this, if anyone wants to offer counter propositions about how China is so too a terrible place, I'll happily turn the tables and compare it to the US and we'll see who trumps whom.

With the US leading the West into its jackbooted future of tazers and torture, if the wicked Oriental other didn't exist, the bloc-media would have had to have invented it anyway. And sure enough, they did invent it. And it's on TV right now. But the only thing they're telling you about is themselves. Always this way...


Anonymous said...

Just as there are no antiwar protests in Amerika because no one here gives a shit. There were even street outpourings in the REST of the world last January about Gaza, but here?... Paraphrasing Umberto Eco's Name of the Rose, "As long as my belly's full and I can shaft my wick, I am content (and won't make any noise)"
-Brother Remigio
Perhaps Pres. Rambo Emanuel's plans for compulsory "civil service" will get them steamed? I wouldn't count on it. Meanwhile, one reads they're cutting out breakfasts or lunches for the 3m in Amerika's prisons...
We'll have our Buchenwald right here in Texas, Obomber!

Miraculix (Doug) said...

Psychopathic personalities pandering and projecting their projection onto a powerless and prostrate populace?

(Looks like you're not the only one with an alliteration habit, Mr. N... =)

Having read supplemental imagery of your "tube time" with pops, I can almost imagine the look on your face as the central theme posted here was triggered -- like an attack of bad intestinal gas pains -- by your local news broadcast.

It really is tragic how few individuals realize that the media plays them like a cheap fiddle at every level, from commercials to informed [sic] "public" television.

Hell, even I have an agenda. It's just that mine involves us all thinking for ourselves, and isn't after your wallet or your soul.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is a real trick the way the western media and governments set up China and Iran and Korea as the bad guys who haven't got 'democracy' . Spreading 'freedom and democracy' which is the names they use for corporate golabal dictatorship is the west's game. There seems to be this symbiotic relationship between criminal elite. Its all show and acting.
I listen to SBS and ABC news every night to see what lies they are telling us . It is incredible how they twist things and create the news.
The west supports the Chinese communist party as it is a great low cost spot for corporate business. All this hoo haa lately about Chinalco buying up Rio Tinto was all garbage , they always wanted BHP to gobble it up.

" The NSS [National Security State] represents and serves the interests of a tiny elite. Its economic policies of "trickling-up", enforced by the machine gun, are rationalized on the ground that growth in the long run will trickle down to the lower orders. This is a self-serving ideology designed mainly to allow the western public to think well of themselves and their own country."-- Edward S. Herman, economist, author, and US media and foreign policy critic

An interesting article I read this morning about where all this globalism is coming from - England's Jewish Aristocracy

su said...

Well the pecans are all harvested off the ground and I stepped back to my box to read about Hill-airy demanding and explanation about the event.
I choked on my oats .
How about an explanation for 9/11 or if we want to go back further in time how an explanation for Jones/Lennon/Kennedy/King etc etc.
Once I have finished choking and writing this I am going to throw this box through the window - just can't listen to the shit anymore.

Someone in the pub was sagaciously talking about the fears that China had purchased Africa - my argument was at least they were paying for it - unlike the colonials who just marched in and took leadership.

Okay I am going to make pecan nut pie - I am going to calm down now.....

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Whatever your brand of normality, it seems there comes a time when it reigns. The French, for instance, don’t go in much for celebrating the anniversary of 1066 either as a yearly or ten yearly event and reciprocally we don’t rub their noses into the fact that we whupped their asses when outnumbered 1 to 4 at the battle of Crecy. That is not to say that they are not still up to their old tricks. Every time their commoners want to stick a finger up at their elected representatives, the first thing they do is block the channel ports and cripple England’s foreign trade. And soft Johnny British waits patiently in line for the difficulty to be resolved without having the whit to drive an hour from Callais to Ostende or Zeebruge in next door Belgium. I digress, Mr N. I do respect your first hand experience of China, which I don’t have and I accept much of your recollections but are you really saying that “China Blue” doesn’t exist whereby 14 year old factory girls routinely work 16 – 20 hour days and at the end of six months can’t even afford the train fair home. And if it does exist is this better or worse than almost being able to make the next mortgage payment on your McMansion?

It seems to me that what is happening is a classic case of divide and rule. The world has been grouped largely into two teams and like any football manager worth his salt knows, it is not his job to tell his team that they are going to have an easy ride over the opposition. Each side is made afraid of the other whilst the shareholders job is to sit in the directors’ box and watch the combat. Here again, on the national representative level, there is a sub grouping amongst leaders. There are those who have seen through the scam and others who want in on the scam. Strangely, for some reason the former type seem to be grouped into the Latin Quarter. These turncoat leaders who align themselves with the lower classes must possess an extra degree of vigilance; most of us know what happened to President Sukarno.

For all those who have not made it to the bottom of the ladder or who are ignoring the ladder altogether, for their own well being they, at least should have their antenna’s tuned into the stations of Spin; Disinformation; The Weaponisation of Information and The Double Game. Subterfuge reigns and it is not always easy to identify who your enemy is or even recognise that it could even be your best buddy.

On this theme and quickly shifting gears into reverse to comment on the last post, I last night read McGowan’s article on MCR. When I started I thought “I have seen this before” but after a third in I didn’t know it anymore so I suspect that I started into it, was called away and then the link became lost. I intend to follow up on Mr Kenney’s report to see where McGowan got his information but so far it would seem that Mr Rupert is either culpable or well meaning but wrong. For what it is worth, I do think that MCR’s humphing and humbugging was crass and totally inappropriate for an individual claiming the respect of others and DM’s response was spot on. I guess that is where the matter ended? Has anybody got any DM links about “Those who ply the inside knowledge trade”?

Magdelena said...

Excellent post nobody!

Funnily enough I was thinking the same thing the other day, especially with respect to the coverage of Gaza and the Nakba in relation to the 24-7 Tiananmen and D-Day coverage we're getting right now.

Skye said...

Ah, fake life in the media, play to the crowds, make them believe that what they've got is good, all the while making it worse. Too bad the sheeple have the wool over their eyes!

giordano bruno said...

I loved the BBC reporter who saw people "mown down" in front of her. Later it was explained to her that on the sound of gunfire, sensible people dive for the ground.
The military APC on fire was oddly usually voiced over as an example of 'protesters' being attacked.
Gary Trudeau had some amusing strips about protesters demanding the right to open small business.

slozo said...

Nice write-up, Nobody. As a fellow westerner who has spent some time in China, it is always fun to see the points of view of people who have never been there spout off about it.

The picture you paint of China is a bit rosy, but fair enough, you're making a point, and it's a good one. Really it is just a demonstration of the power and influence of media, because how else are we to know about what goes on in places we will probably never visit?

I love it when they focus on some abortion ring that killed babies as they come out of the womb, or point to the horrible manufacturers who mean to poison our children with lead. The fact that crime rates in China are miniscule in China compared to the west, or that it is the western corporations using slave labour who are responsible for what their products are made of doesn't really come into question in any newscast - you just pick what you want, and highlight it in a certain way to make it clear that they are evil, and insinuate that people find that "common" over there, the bloody savages.

COming back from China, I remember having to correct all my friends so often about so many stupid things, and did a little pet project: For a week, I collected every news article in the two major newspapers (ok, I did it online for free) that was on China, and rated the article on it's "positivity". 1 was most negative, 10 was most positive.

Nothing rated above a 5, funny enough.

If you want to have some real fun, do that with every country, and note the bias!

kikz said...

oh, i just don't know what else to say inre tiananmen... i'll never forget your lead pic.. guy in front of the tank.

sick feeling.

nobody said...

Excellent, I do love it when people fill in the gaps that I leave.

Oh BTW! Sorry for the lag in posting comments. I've quit the internet cafe I've been using for the last couple of years and now my only option is to use the public library in the next town. This changes everything. But more on this later. It's kind of bad and it's kind of good.

Anyway, first anon - good point. I knew as I was writing this that I was basically describing the people of the West. They don't care how wicked their government is either. But between what the bankers and their lackeys want for us, and what the Chinese government wants for the Chinese people, the former is actually more murderous. And at least the Chinese are trying to fill bellies. They don't want a repeat of Tiananmen. The American government on the other hand does want a repeat of Tiananmen. There are too many people and they're going to kill us. Frankly I'll take the Chinese government's one child policy over the CFR and the Bilderbergers policy options.

Hee hee, we do like a lot of alliteration...

Thanks second anon, have you been wondering who Barnaby Joyce is working for? Patriotism my arse. Neither Rio Tinto nor BHP Billiton could sensibly be called an Australian company.

Onya Su. I can't imagine a single person reading your comment and not thinking, 'Yep, I know that feeling'.

Thanks FB and Slozo, more gaps filled. It's true, China ain't no bed of roses. I kept it simple here to make a point about the media. Otherwise, where I was in Beijing, eight year old kids ran around the bar district until midnight each night selling roses for ten RMB each. By way of a Chinese buddy I asked one if she went to school. Turns out she was from the provinces and her folks had contracted her to an auntie (ayi) and the aunty sent money to her folks each month. It was all on the up and up. She liked the auntie, liked her friends, ate well, and was happy that her family was receiving money. But no, she didn't go to school. And being in a strange city without a family was a tough gig for an eight year old. Like I used to say, China is a land of a billion tales of heartbreak.

And hey Canadian chicks - D-Day, yep. As I always say baaaaaaaa humbug.

And Kikz, I didn't want to use that picture but I couldn't find the one I wanted. For mine, everyone looks at that picture arse-backwards. We only want to know about the guy with the shopping bags. But what about the guy in the tank? Isn't it significant he didn't roll over that guy? Does that not say something about the murderousness, or lack thereof, of the PLA? When America flips into its bright fascist future and that scene is repeated in an American street, what do we think that that tank will do? I figure it'll depend on what race the driver is and what race the person in front of the tank is. And of course what drugs the driver is on. Not forgetting of course that US military are currently being asked if they'd be prepared to shoot US citizens and posted accordingly.

Thanks Bruno, nice one. (And nice pic!). I'm going to go check that out. It reminds of the bullshit stories coming out of Kosovo with the starving men in the prison camp that wasn't. I don't think that that was the BBC though. I think it was a Murdoch gig.

Whew! Exhausted! Off I go now to buy some sound-proofing to block out the alcoholic who's in the room below mine. All night, every night - screaming. He uses the internet you know. He finds strangers and screams death threats at them. It's marvellous what you can do nowadays, isn't it? Anyway, sleep deprivation - no wonder they use it as torture.

nobody said...

New Laurel Canyon! The link is on the front page.

Um, for those who don't know what I'm talking about, click 'Dave McGowan' (listed under 'somebodies') on the front page and read his Laurel Canyon series. It will do your head in.

Von Curtis said...

'Thanks second anon, have you been wondering who Barnaby Joyce is working for? Patriotism my arse.'

Yes I have been wondering lately who is he working for!! Very suspicious.

Very interesting times in Britain. Interesting article
about media creating the news they want for us on

There is only ever one winner in modern elections and that is the Corporate Media.

The word parliament today is synonymous with corruption.

Parliaments are merely the pigstys of the Corporatocracy.

They are not where places the interests of the People are protected, it is the place where the people are betrayed.

BNP Victories Shock Main Political Parties

Speaking after his victory, he said: "I regard this as the first step to the UK getting freedom from the EU dictatorship.

"Despite the headlines, despite the money, despite the misrepresentation we have managed to win through."

Penny said...

recall an older post, talking about Laurel Canyone and I left Buffalo Springfield "for what it's worth" on my blog??

It was a cryptic clue, or my sorry attempt at one. I heard Dave on Meria's show, so I knew what was coming in a vague sort of way.

As for your post

"There are none so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free."

Sums up the populace in the west and china in one easy sentence, and is one of my favourite sayings!

Now I have got to read the new McGowan, and relisten to the show, gives me a better overall pic.

the Silverfish said...

Strange is it not how we here in in the west hear about this so called uprising called Tiananmen but what we never hear is who was really behind it all. Nor do we hear who was really behind the protests at Columbia State, Kent State, Michigan State Bla Bla Bla.

I do however think that it would be a fair bet to say that there is only one organization that has consistently proven itself capable of fomenting unrest in virtually every country on this planet and the MO is and has always been the same. Start with university students who think that they are smart, stir the shit and then sit back and see what happens. It’s the cheapest method known, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t work but it’s all part of the game.

So who was really behind this non event event? Perhaps you can tell me but I will goddamn well guarantee you that it was not the Chinese farmer or the egg roll stuffer that had any interest whatsoever in protesting they just got caught up in the snowball effect.

No it wasn’t the little guy and there are a lot of them in China (no inflection on stature) no it wasn’t the little guy on the street , so who was it really? Who screams DEMOCRACY the loudest and then replaces whatever the people have had with tyranny?

The guessing booth is now open people take a wild guess and win a trinket.
And oh here is a hint, they’re not Chinese, oh they might well have looked Chinese but somehow I don’t think that the Chinese trained them, not unless Langley Virginia has a China town.

slozo said...

To Anon from Belgium:

Re: "...but are you really saying that “China Blue” doesn’t exist whereby 14 year old factory girls routinely work 16 – 20 hour days and at the end of six months can’t even afford the train fair home. And if it does exist is this better or worse than almost being able to make the next mortgage payment on your McMansion?"

There are very low existences in China, to be sure - just like any other developing country. And, even like the US . . . where if one were to compare the 14 year old factory girl to, say, pregnant 12 year olds on crack living in the deep south who yearn to have as many babies as possible to get the money to support their habit, then the comparison between China and the US is not so crass.

Your McMansion example might have a comparable in China, but let's be fair - make it one of the burgeoning middle class, both parents work almost 7 days a week and save like Scrooges so that their one spoiled kid can go to university . . . and that kid studies night and day and is one of the 7% who actually make it. They live a hard-working, honest life, full of toil, with some amenities and a bit of pleasure thrown in, in a very tight-knit large family environment where the grandparents make all the decisions.

Pretty foreign, eh? But a more fair comparison, at least . . . oh, and did I mention they never get in debt and hardly anyone has a mortgage?

Visit China and be surprised . . .

nobody said...

Thanks folks. And Pen, that latest Laurel Canyon was a cracker. The story of Buffalo Springfield, such as it is, makes almost no sense at all. Free instruments! Weren't they lucky?

nobody said...

And thanks VC. That first link was very interesting. I noticed one guy in the comments very keen to shit all over Makow. Surprise surprise. I was struggling to remember who Makow was, and I did a quick search on my hard drive and found I had heaps of his stuff, ha ha. Has everyone heard of Christian Rakovsky? This page is a nice summary. The 'red symphony' is linked at the bottom of it. It's a long read but worth it.

And Silv, ayah, what a stumper! Is it the Country Women's Association? Anyway mate, you'll groove on the above two links.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

I have exceeded Blogspot’s maximum allowed characters and so must split this comment into 2 sections.


Hi Slozo

I am typical of many here and on other blogs who like to make a few points which they feel are relevant to the subject. My points sometimes tend to run on and making post length comments is not meaning either. I also, like others; C & P comments from Word or such to save the frustration of typing directly into the comment box and having the thing disappear into cyberspace when you press Go. The point of telling you this is that when I get a page break coming up, I know it is time to cut to the chase and shut up. Maybe compacting thoughts was the problem here.

There are two things you are objecting to in my previous comment. The first is if the conditions depicted in the “China Blue” film are typical of working conditions within China today. The second is my crass comparison of these conditions to people in the USA making their monthly pay check go around. Let’s deal with them in that order.

Just before the bit you quoted back to me, I wrote “I do respect your first hand experience of China, which I don’t have and I accept much of your recollections….” That statement is true for Mr. Nobody and it is true for you also. I obviously don’t know how well travelled you are, so let me ask you, without any offence intended to the question, was your experiences there more as a tourist or a traveller or as a business person? Did you make an effort to see the factory towns or did you just see what you were pointed at? The difficulty I have is that Micha X Peled the film maker says that such working conditions are typical and he was there and made the film. Now if we discount the MSM and rely on alternative sources for our information and these alternative sources turn out not to be true, then who are we to believe? To make the point again in a different way, you seem to be a person who has travelled a lot. Have you been to Myanmar (Burma) under the Generals or Chile under Pinochet or Chad (Tsjaad) under Hissene Hibre for instance and seen first hand what goes on there? I am sure you have opinions of conditions that existed in these and other similar places. If so, how were they formed and how well do you trust the sources of your information, because if we don’t believe in something then all we have left to rely on is the subterfuge or the last person we spoke to?

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

To Slozo


Onwards to my crass Mc Mansions comment. I typed this in full flow, stopped, looked at it, asked myself if I should take it out and replace it with something more appropriate and then wondered if I left it in if anyone would pick up on it. I guess I didn’t have to wait long to find out :-)

For many years now, Americans have enjoyed a different standard of life to those in the East, which in many ways are not even close to comparison. In a ranking order of three, America was No 1 and China was No2. As technology advanced through the last century, and through the charms of Edward Bernaise, those in the US had every luxury imaginable thrown at their heads and people began to believe in the American Way of Life. In more recent years Marilyn Manson pointed out that the nation as a whole was being fear of lossed into consumerism. As we know, with easy credit, all things suddenly became possible. The people fell victim to believing what they were told and in a way, to quote the Eagles became “Prisoners of their own device”. In 1929 international bankers withdrew credit from one day to the next to profit from financiers who had overextended themselves. Ordinary folks suffered in the knock on effects of the depression of the 30’s. This time around the financiers are a protected species and it is the American citizens who are directly the target of withdrawn credit. More and more tent cities are appearing across the nation and more and more people are living in their cars and looking at the houses they once owned.

It never had to be this way. If more people had supported Senator Huey Long at an early stage and believed in his policy of “Sharing the wealth” then the entire world could have enjoyed American standards accompanied with financial security. But as with many who hold such courageous ideas he fell victim to a most unfortunate accident. There was even some loose talk about him being suicided.

So Slozo, it comes to this. If you tell me the lot of the Chinese people is drastically improving and I believe you in this and also if the lot of the American people is being deliberately worsened then it logically follows that American families who are hanging on to the cliff edge by their fingertips are greater victims than the Chinese

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Von Curtis

I read your comment on the “War Without End” blogsite entitled “Islamism and Zionism - Both of those ideologies must be removed” with great interest.

Are you aware of Albert Pike’s (He of the 33 parallel), letter to Mazzini? There is some doubt over this letters authenticity but what is certain is whether genuine or not its existence was documented in 1925. Originally the letter was dated August 15, 1871. This letter discusses the Illuminate’s need for three World Wars and the reasons for them. The third World War is predicted to be fought between the forces of Islam and Zionism.

Here is the letter:

Here is a bio on Pike:

And here is the site it comes from:

I would be very interested on your take on this.

Anonymous said...

'Who screams DEMOCRACY the loudest and then replaces whatever the people have had with tyranny?'

Yes it is a great trick this DEMOCRACY word - it would have to be the most overused word since 911

US , UK and Australian politicians put it in just about every second sentence they utter.

In Australia after 911 foreign ministers Alexander Downer , Phillip Ruddock and the rest of the low life in the Howard government used it to justify the war in Iraq. Now foreign minister Steven Smith and more low life in the Rudd government use it to justify war in Afganistan and Pakistan.
It is very sick.

The Culture of " No Limit "

That kind of sums up America. A naive, almost "angelically" gullible people who at the same time are beasts roaming the search of more preys...

A puritanical, politically correct people, who by the majority of the censuses are believers in "God," yet at the same time, a mass of arrogant, loud, dumb, shallow, numbed out psychopaths...

A people either numbing themselves out with drugs, promiscuous sex, alcohol, food, money, consumer goods, or going on a rampage of criminal acts - from petty delinquency, to dealers, to stealing, to embezzling, to fraud, to rape, to serial killing, to invasions and occupations -- to murder. Or a people sitting rubbing their chakras and speaking in tongues receiving immediate inspiration from God.

From the outside, you look like a schizophrenic people to me...who need to be quarantined in one huge Guantanamo for the "mentally challenged" until you receive some sort of medical clearance, until further notice

nobody said...

Hi folks, I've just been to the ophthamologost and had drops put in my eyes and now I can barely see what I'm going. The only reason this message is here is becasue I can touch type.

Anyway, I didn't read these comments. They were all a blur.I just posted them and hpped that no one called for anyone's death. See you tomorrow when my eyes are back in order. Ciao ciao.

Von Curtis said...

Yes dear fellow traveller in Belgium , I looked at the three wars site , it was interesting but I don't think it will happen, people are waking up , especially in the East , the West is a bit slow.
Many interesting comments on

For 300 Years Britain has Outsourced Mayhem. Finally it's Coming Home

'All the global disputes, civil wars, international tensions and flashpoints from Mumbai to Bali, Thailand to Sri Lanka (Ceylon) Baghdad to Gaza were engineered, created by the colonial Anglo-French invaders and extortionist and currently supported and sustained by the Anglo –American- French -Israeli Global Control Strategy.
The Chinese and Japanese public will go against their governments for bankrolling the Amerikkan war machines and the Perfidious Albion and their principal Lucifer, Israel in their never-ending Imperial Hauteur and destruction of other nations.
We are repeatedly hearing sunshine stories in the Mass Hysteria oh sorry Corporate Media such as the BBC World Service, CNN, Murdoch’s FOX (hole) News that China and India are facing global economic slowdown and these nations with each over a billion population will face catastrophe and economic collapse!!
What a comfort for western hedonistic leaders who say that the whole world is facing the crunch and collapse when the truth is otherwise.'

'It is not over yet for Britain they have stolen the Iraqi oil and are seeking the New World Order(Globalization) to continue there abuses of the common man.This new venture to try and force the global enslavement on the working class will only make our lives miserable and the elite fat with wealth'

Penny said...

yeah, the buffalo springfield is really out there!
The instruments , how about the fortuitous meeting on sunset boulevard, or in fact the drive down there???

I went and read the piece and then relistened to the interview.

someone bruno? dunno?
who was postulating lennon was a political assasination?

Myself, I think it was, definitely.

In that documentary conspiritus ubiquitous, revision of history,(links on my blog) Part 4, which I have to rewatch, it talks about the assassination of RFK, the girl in the polka dot dress and sirhan sirhan.

Which got me thinking of John Lennon, why?
I don't know.
Mark David Chapman as a Manchurian Candidate, it just makes sense.

Nobody, you would probably like that part.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Sir, you malign me, I would not call for anyone’s death. I am much to poor to be anything other than a gentleman.

However, any more of this loose talk and my seconds will call on you – maybe even my thirds ;-)

Anonymous said...

From Belgium,

Annon 8.52

Hmm, would you trust anyone authorised to issue medical clearance? In all likelihood they have only recently been promoted from the asylum.

Your comment is more or less blob on but there are also some decent people amongst it. The ones to whom you refer are mainly agents of the administration.

kikz said...

speakin of coincidence...
had hubz & crew in to the eye dr today, all of em dilated too :)
2 of the 3 crew need readers... just barely... 3rd i guess has mama's eagle eyes.. for now.
hubz had a recheck frm last month.. all is well w/that...:)

um.. to the belg...


mazzini letter hoax.. admitted to the vatican by leo taxil... um here's the link..

especially chap X.. references mazzini...

i've studied pike's M&D for over 8 yrs... i know his writing style. the mazzini letter attributed to pike is laughable in prose alone.

firstly, there is the issue of palladism... which is total shite, and is addressed in M&D, in one of the later degrees, (which btw i'm too lazy to look up right now) which confirms that as entity - satan/lucifer is a farce... no such buggaboo.. got it?

so any reference to lucifer....(your link)

"will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time." 4"

...included in any purported letter by pike is at best a snicker, and calls for world wars and the destruction of xtianity only make it more laughable. :)

ok, so that's my opine.. aftr 8 yrs of study..

you wanna make up your own mind..

here's a decent link to Pike's Morals & Dogma.

read for yourself. (although i don't have a livelink for the appendix) i hope metaphor, grandiose prose, mathematical meandering and innumerable archaic historical sub-references, and overt xtian sentiment won't/don't deter you.

all the best 2u belg :)

nobody said...

It'd deter me Kikz!

On the topic of eyesight, it seems I need glasses. I'm the last person in my family to get them. Weirdly enough, it's only in one eye.

Otherwise, there was no maligning or anything going on FB. All I was saying was that I published all the comments without reading anything. Subsequently I was fingers crossed that some apple onion-style nutbar hadn't stopped in. Happily it was just the usual worthies. Oh, and my eyes are fine now.

bouit said...

This is a resend.

What happened to the "live" picture telecast that failed to show even a single death especially as Tiananmen was crawling with reporters/tv crew?..Remember Gorbachev was also visiting Beijing.

slozo said...

To anon from Belgium:
Answers to Qs . . .
1. I was in China teaching English for a year. Unlike the majority of young kids there, I was already well travelled, experienced in dealing with foreign cultures, and most importantly, wished to get to know the native populace. Otherwise, what's the point of travelling? I had given up the whole travelling from one hostel to the next and only hanging out with Brits, Aussies, Yanks, Canucks, Krauts and Japanese way back on my first trip alone to Nobody's fine country, where I ended up hitching my way home to Sydney from Alice.

I have travelled in the most bohemian and homeless of ways around Europe - mostly eastern, nordic and southwest - and from the top of my continent to the bottom (well, what they count as the bottom - Panama - wouldn't want to admit that north and south america are one continent).

When I was in China, I travelled to Lhasa, Tibet, and to places like Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu, Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi, and some little towns in the mountains for honeymoon (chinese tourist spot, with no westerners). I have seen businesses up close and personal, had asshole capitalist westerner friends, smart traveller westerner friends, and a few good Chinese friends and many aquaintances. My wife being Chinese, and with my slow climb up the language ladder, my knowledge of the culture and people is quite broad and deep for a westerner.

Not to brag, of course. I've been to your country, but don't really know shit about you guys, to be frank. It's all how you travel and who you meet, etc.

So, have I been to Myanmar, Chile? No, neither. Been to El Salvador, Guatemala, extensively in Mexico, Panama, lived and worked in Nicaragua for a bit. And, been to Tibet, the supposed terribly oppressed nation under China's bootheel. I've even had a private audience with a Huofo, a buddhist priest just under the Dalai Lama, I made tibetan friends as well (one was a cop, btw, but we heard he was restationed in a different province before the riots there).

So, I've been to all the places, and the commonality is - they are all different than advertised, and the political situation on the ground is ALWAYS more complicated than what you figured it was.

Taking a quick look at a snapshot - because that's all a documentary is, although there are many good ones that give some insight - does not tell one the whole story. To start off with the factories and children working in China, you'd have to begin to have an understanding of the work culture, family culture set-up, social financial system, etc. Without that, you just don't begin to fully grok the complexities of situations and how they might be interpreted.

Is that a long enough answer? ')