Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hitler and the Big Lie - the magic trick explained

In Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler explained the Big Lie. Paraphrasing now - regular people tell lots of little lies and expect to hear little lies in turn: but the concept of a huge lie, a really monstrous lie, a lie bigger than Ben Hur (ha ha ha), is something so alien to regular punters that it's effectively beyond their ken, and thus they are unable to dismiss it as a falsehood. The logic is: it's unimaginable that anyone, or any group, would tell a lie that big, therefore it must be true.

It seems there's a curious logic going on here. Let's imagine Hitler as a magician - a magician who explains the trick before he does it. "Ladies and Gentlemen, for my next trick I shall perform the 'Floating Phantom'. In this trick I shall, with great flourish, drape a cloth over a black felt-covered steel frame that will be lowered in as my lovely assistant drops into the box you see here. The frame was always there but you couldn't see it what with the black curtains and dim lighting, and not forgetting me and my lovely assistant doing our best to distract you. I next proceed with a bit of hoop-la - with a hoop! - and then for the big finale, I shall whip the cloth off and, believe it or not, the frame will be right there in front of you! But since you expect the girl, and she's not there, and what is there is impossible to see, you will be 'delighted and amazed', ha ha! And now on with the show! Ladies and Gentlemen! For your delight and amazement I shall now perform the wondrous Floating Phantom!"

And there you have Hitler as the creator of the Big Lie - the mad, where's-the-sense-in-it magician who tells you how he's going to trick you. Absurdly, no one ever wonders at this. Yes, we get the concept of the Big Lie, and yes, Hitler told us about it. But why do we imagine that it's his gig he's talking about? How does that make sense? And what was his big lie exactly? In any discussion of Hitler and the Big Lie, madly, no one ever does the obvious thing and cites an example of one of Hitler's Big Lies.

Okay, why don't I do it for them? How about the burning of the Reichstag? This was a false-flag attack blamed on 'terrorists' for the purpose of implementing a fascist roll-out. Um... perhaps we ought not to mention that? Shades of 911, with the Reichstag fire looking like the runt of the litter. In fact, purely in terms of casualties, and desired outcome (the nuking of Cairo), even the attack on the USS Liberty has it beat hands down. Sure enough in any public discussion of the Big Lie, the Reichstag fire will not be cited. Perish the thought! God forbid we end up in a broad Big Lie discussion about a government faking a terror attack to trick the population into accepting a variation of totalitarian rule. Thus we may discuss the Reichstag fire as false, and we may discuss Hitler as the proponent of the Big Lie, but we may not connect the two. Hitler may only be discussed as the epitome of evil one step below satan and the thought of him as an also-ran may not be countenanced.

But let's stop beating around the bush - Hitler, sure enough, was not that impossible creature, the magician who ruined his own trick. Rather he was the mythbuster of his day exploding the technique of those other tricksters, the people who owned the banks, the media, and most of commerce; who declared war on Germany in 1933; who ran the weimar printing presses; who backed and otherwise comprised the Bolsheviks; for whom the opium wars were fought; who ran and then commodified the slave trade; who posited God as supplicant under their own talmud; and who were, way back when, the only people Jesus ever got angry with. In case anyone missed it, that would be the Jews and specifically the dozen families who control international banking.

That was then, this is now, and the more things change, the more they stay the same. The media, which is to say, the place where all public discussions take place, is still entirely in the hands of Jews. If anyone wants to argue this, take it up with the gleeful-to-the-point-of-intoxicated Joel Stein. (Poor old Joel! Imagine the size of the shut-the-fuck-up he'd have been on the receiving end of! Ha ha ha, suffer in your jocks, Joel!).

Along those bracketed lines, it should come as no surprise that any discussion about the Big Lie, by the people who were accused of it, should posit the accuser as its inventor and chief practitioner. It's blame-the-victim meets shoot-the-messenger. If you think about it, this irony-free circularity is pretty much inevitable. It's QED territory - as if anyone given to the Big Lie, and who lie like they breathe, is going to throw their hands up in the air and say, 'We confess, it's true!' Ha ha ha ha - an abject impossibility.

Hmmm... an interesting thought, that. Let me have a cig on the balcony whilst I think about it.


For me, everything comes down to the continuum of selfishness and selflessness. The people for whom the phrase the Big Lie was coined are upside-down paragons of selfishness - they're anti-Buddhas, the opposite of 'at one with the universe' who embrace utterly the collective mindset of 'us and them' with its individual expression of 'me uber alles'. Again, if you want to argue, include me out of any parlour games. Just go read the talmud.

Whilst the Big Lie is a thing worth discussing, obviously it's subordinate to this anti-Buddha mindset. Or to put it another way, given the mindset, and the degree of it, the Big Lie is inevitable. Keeping in mind that 'selfish behaviour' equals 'sin' (with 'selfless behaviour' equalling 'virtue'), a lie, whether small, medium, or big (or as they say in America - medium, large, and extra large, ha ha) is just another sin, one amongst many. For the anti-Buddhas at the furthest end of the continuum, all of their sins are 'Big', Lies included.

The problem with sins this great is that they cannot be walked away from. Sure enough, this is Shakespeare territory, specifically Macbeth:

By the worst means, the worst. For mine own good,
All causes shall give way: I am in blood
Stepp’d in so far that, should I wade no more,
Returning were as tedious as go o’er

Onya Bill! Like he said, as sins increase in magnitude, indeed to epic proportions, the sinner can no longer return to the embrace of those sinned against. Put mathematically, let's just call sin 'desire' (for the self) and plot it on an xy graph. As desire increases, 'fear' (of retribution) will inevitably climb in an identical fashion. Ha! Euclidean proof that Buddha was right in declaring fear and desire to be the same thing. Hats off to the Buddha and Euclid both.

Anyway, bare-headed now, let's just say that under this logic, the Big Lie can never be admitted, walked away from, or any other thing. Lies will follow lies, one on top of another, until an absurd unsustainable edifice is constructed that can only have one future - collapse. Hmm... it seems I'm in Les Visible territory here. Back to the specifics.


There's been more shit said about Hitler than any other man in history. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad might have copped a lot of shit but he's got a long way to go to match the sins that have been concocted for Hitler. The bloc-media has perpetually depicted him as a villain whose only rival is Satan. BTW, I don't want anyone confused about me being an apologist for Hitler - best I can make out he was a crypto-gay paedophile racist, and probably a satanist to boot. Even on a purely technical realpolitik basis, Hitler is the guy to look to if you want a lesson in how to fail. (*And he was a vegetarian! This is ipso facto proof that vegetarians are clearly very wicked people. Hi John!)

But that being said, Hitler did a single extraordinary thing - he named and described the Big Lie. Has anyone else done this? Best I can see, everyone plays within the rules of the Big Lie parlour game, with no one ever calling a halt to things by simply naming the game. The game by the way is 'usury'. Even JFK, who followed Hitler in trying to retake control of his nation's money, did so in silence. What? Was he hoping the owners of the Fed wouldn't notice? Either way, he explained nothing and unsurprisingly no one has heard of executive order 11110.

Meanwhile on the telly, God knows how many discussions I've sat through with politicians pleading with the Reserve Bank not to raise rates, and never once have any of them wondered at its 'independence'. Likewise, the opposition will attack the government for getting into deficit by way of borrowing money from the Reserve, but never mention that the Reserve just pulled the money out of thin air. Even Ron Paul, the US's chief opponent of the Fed, will discuss inflation, the gold standard, all manner of things, but will never bag out usury as crap from the get-go. Not forgetting the left, where everyone from John Pilger to Naomi Klein will heap shit on the IMF and the World bank as wicked institutions but never wonder who owns them or whether the whole thing is a con.

And yes, I do get it that there are sundry other Big Lies entirely unconnected to banking, but for mine, none of them seem to be possessed of banking's ancient voodoo power. The central core to the banking Big Lie is the absurdly simple, and yet ultimately daft, idea that money is possessed of some kind of planet-like gravity and that merely by existing should attract more money as interest. For mine this is the heart of the matter stripped down to its rawest, most impenetrable kernel. From this flows everything else - fractional banking, reserve banking, monetary policy - and upon which such perfectly vicious entities as the IMF and the World Bank are then constructed.

Let's not forget that these other Big Lies are arguably connected to banking as well. Why did the world jewry declare war on Germany in 1933? 1933 was pre-Kristalnacht, pre-yellow stars, pre-Wannsee conference, pre-everything except Hitler's discussion of the Big Lie and his wresting of Germany's monetary policy from the Rothschilds and their very good friends. If we're prepared to acknowledge Judea's declaration of war on Germany, who but a fool wouldn't include follow-the-money in explaining it?

Following that, it's only a short step to viewing the current War On Terror in the same terms. We all know that the stories about Saudis and 911, Iran and nukes, the Taleban and opium, Pakistan and the Mumbai bombings, etc. etc. ad nauseam, are lies. And they're pretty big sure, but might they have something in common? A single, really Big Lie that explains all of them? Okay, how about the fact that all of these countries declare usury sinful and otherwise do not submit to a privately owned reserve banking system? It works for me.

Whatever you might think of Hitler, you'd have to admit that at the very least he did one worthy thing - he gave name to the Big Lie and explained the means by which it functions. But on this topic we can also fault him for not having explained clearly enough quite how big the Big Lie can be. Perhaps we can put that down to chaos theory (and its ideas on the infinite nature of scale) not having been invented yet? Regardless, in much the same way that 'big' is a concept that has no end, the Big Lie, under the auspices of its chief magicians, will always be greater than we who are used to little lies can imagine. Even as we shift our sense of scale and come to terms with the enormity of any given Big Lie, above it will be another.

Sure enough, the high priests of banking would have this seen as the ultimate voodoo spell, invested with numerological occult power. But this is arse-about. The fact that a Big Lie of this magnitude can be rendered hidden-profane-occult isn't proof of it's magical power. Quite the opposite, it's proof of its pathetic frailty - if it weren't hidden it would collapse in a screaming heap.

Back to our magician now - the easiest way to ruin his trick would be to turn the house lights on. 'Occult' means hidden - unhide what's hidden and the magic evaporates. Suddenly everything changes: the magician frozen on stage with a horrified expression on his face; the crowd's 'delight and amazement' gone like a puff of smoke; the whole tableau as un-magical as can be.

'Boo! Get Off!' says the crowd, as the well-deserved tomatoes fly.


the Silverfish said...

"best I can make out he was a crypto-gay paedophile racist, and probably a satanist to boot".

Perhaps you should work on your making out skills as much the same things can and sometimes are said about men who wear saffron colored robes and smile when they see other peoples children. Sometimes these things are true and sometimes these things are not true, so perhaps the burden of proof is in order.

1 am no sleep the rain is cold and the lake is angry, time to take a break as I grow weary.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Although he didn’t disclose the nature of the Big Lie, Bush senior was once quoted as saying (paraphrased) “If the American public ever realised what we had done to them, they would chase us down the street and hang us from every lamp post”. This information has been all over the internet for several years now so either he just plain got it wrong or America suddenly became bereft of lamp posts.

But now the magician’s hypnotism, sometimes known as the non negotiable American way of life, is starting to fray at the edges with gaps appearing in some Wall Mart food and fresh produce shelves. This summer is when the house of cards is predicted to finally come tumbling down, so we shall wait and see.

Rothschild’s funded Hitler in WW ll, (as they did England also with the winner paying the losers tab) until De Heer H went rogue and believed he was Emperor of Europe if not the World. Most likely in a fit of pique the Rothschild’s tipped a finger in his general direction which is probably why Britain (US) won the war. The eventual winner was always the Rothschild’s call and no upstart was going to out hubris them. It always puzzled me how those Tommies who would give Roy Rogers serious competition in niceness won against the Ruthless Rich as depicted in Schindler’s list amongst others and this is as good an explanation as any.

Another big lie in Hitler’s war although not perped by him, was Pearl Harbour. This was not a false flag in the true sense of the phrase, in that the US did not instigate it but they knew in advance it was going to happen and did nothing to prevent it. America realised that if Hitler won the war as seemed likely at that time, then Wall Street would seriously loose ground in Europe which was unthinkable to the banking class and so they desperately needed a reason to get involved (not personally of course) to protect their financial interests. America opened with two Jacks, bet a bunch of shekels and the grunts came home in boxes.

John Pilger sure hasn’t got round to the owners of the Big Lie yet maybe because Bill Still beat him to the punch. I must agree with you that the phoney War on Terror is in fact a War on Non-Usury and always has been. But here is where I am going to take issue with one of your basic tenets. All magic, as practiced by magicians, is not essentially a Jewish trait. It is a psychopathic trait and those who are for the most psychopathic about money just happen to be Jews. In other words they are psychopaths first and Jews second.

Franz said...

Ah, nobody if this synchronicity crap keeps up I'll have to jumpstart my blog & start writing again! I snatched an ancient copy of Mein Kampf just the other day to see how bad it was in person. At yard sale rates I couldn't pass.

Hitler made a deal with the wrong devil, but let's not be naive. We'll have to make a deal with one too. Find a better devil.

The brilliant Kevin MacDonald has already hinted what the devil might be: Expulsion. I hope not too. But another brilliant mind, Greg Felton up in Canada, has nearly come to the same conclusion. (Felton is absolutely sure on what he thinks is a no-brainer: The US, to extricate itself from all the Mideast lunacy, must declare war on Israel. Mind you this is a mild-mannered Canadian academic!)

Big Lies followed too long do that: The solution might have been soft slaps on hands and loyalty oaths 40 years ago. But the ante goes up as the lie picks up speed.

The lie just raises the rates.

Enough to drove Adolf mad, you think? At first he wanted Germany for Germans, then he wanted to carpet-bomb the universe and replicate Wagner's Death of the Gods.

Speaking of self-determination...

Africa for Africans in the fifties-sixties has become what? The Rothschilds picked the worst post-colonial governments funny money could buy, then let them bury their countries in debt. Now they own lots of Africa more thoroughly than any European Empire ever did. And no hope of improvement.

To get better now, countries have to blow up. The Big Lie raises the ante that way.

Maybe drove Hitler nuts. Us?

Miraculix (Doug) said...

I concur.

(...definitely not taxing the 4,096 word limit this time, am I...)

nobody said...

Ah the old 'psychopathy' chestnut. In any argument about genes versus environment, I invariably plump for 'both', ha ha. I'll concede that people can be born as psychopaths. But it's also a cold hard certainty they can be made that way. And an ideal way to do that is to inculcate them with a mindset of us-and-them, and otherwise teach them that everyone not in their sub-set is a beast in human form permitted to live only so that they may act as their slave.

Without Judaism people allegedly have a 6% chance of being psychopathic. With Judaism the figure increases to what? Hell if I know. The only thing we know for sure is that the system of inculcation is designed to make that number as high as possible. Or to put it another way, if 6% of Jewish people WEREN'T talmud definition psychopaths, I could imagine certain individuals viewing that as 'just not good enough'. Honestly.

Also not forgetting that your regular one-in-sixteen psychopath's achille's heel is that his overweening self interest will necessarily limit, or otherwise confound, his alliances and thus his success. It's hard to make alliances when you want it all. Jewish psychopaths on the other hand are those most perfect of predators, capable of subordinating their self interest for the sake of the collective.

And you can see it in action in the Jewish media. Every single aspect of seeks to sow division: men from women; young from old; races from each other; neighbour from neighbour. Everywhere, all the time, the message is one of selfishness. Except for those messages directed at Jewish people. These messages are the opposite and seek perpetually to force coherence and drive them ever closer to the centre.

And sure enough the proof is in the pudding - regardless of how many nice Jews you know, the two single most powerful public institutions in the world, banking and the media, are entirely in Jewish hands. Just doing the maths on: percent of the world, Jewish and non-Jewish; percent of each of those who are psychopaths; percent of banking in the hands psychopathic Jews and non-Jews, non-psychopathic Jews and non-Jews; percent of media in the hands of each of those four; and so on, and so on, for each crucial industry or institution, and as sure as eggs is eggs, psychopathy will be eclipsed by Jewishness. With daylight second!

Thinking about it now, I'm wondering if the 'psychopathy' thing isn't a furphy, which is to say a red herring (yet another!) designed to stop us talking about Jewish control.

Aargh! Long reply! As for expulsion - Oh dear, I'm thinking you weren't here for the dreaded Apple Onion saga Frank? Look, you might be right. But given the absurd-to-the-point-of-impossible difficulty in pulling that off, why not just expend the same time and energy attempting redemption by way of truth? Anyone seen Bertolucci's Last Emperor? I'm convinced the process the Emperor Pu Yi went through there could be replicated for anyone.

Funnily enough, these precise thoughts have been running through my head lately. I'm just not sure if what I want to write constitutes a church piece, or a cinema piece, or both.

And Grumpy McSilv, you might be right. What with it being completely impossible to overdo the painting of horns on Hitler (Anyone heard of Jackie French's 'Hitler's Daughter'? It's a book in which the author imagines what it would it be like if Hitler had a daughter who was physically handicapped. Honestly, what a load of shit!) Where was I? Oh yeah, it's perfectly possible all of that stuff about paedophilia etc. are just more lies. Who can tell? Perhaps I should just restrict myself to saying that his answer to one variety of anti-Buddhism was to substitute another. Or to put it another way, his answer for Jewish racism was German racism. No surprises he failed.

nobody said...

I maxed out the 4,000 characters! Wow.

Anyway, here's the rest of it -

As for working on my making-out skills, I thought you needed two people for that? Otherwise I recall doing it in high school and uni, but after I went to Sydney I could never find enough people to do it with. Oh wait, that was basketball. What was the topic again?

And Mir, is there not a smiley winky face thing that looks like a dog? We could call it... wait for it... ICON CUR.

Ha ha ha ha, bloody marvellous.

nobody said...

Hee Hee -

fhwp01-p2.worldbank.org (The World Bank Group) [Label IP Address]

District Of Columbia, Washington, United States, 0 returning visit

Date Time WebPage
1st July 2009 00:43:25



Anonymous said...

@ FB

"All magic, as practiced by magicians, is not essentially a Jewish trait. It is a psychopathic trait and those who are for the most psychopathic about money just happen to be Jews. In other words they are psychopaths first and Jews second."

Though I would agree that the practice of magic is far from an exclusively Judaic domain, I take issue with the idea of such actions being relegated to the realm of psychopathic behavior.

To wit: if you speak and write in a character-based (iconic/symbolic) language, you too are a magician. The basis of each and every system of magic is the manipulation and usage of a particular set of icons and symbols, from alphabets to the scar on Harry Potter's forehead.

Which makes (nearly) every human bestride the planet a magician.

This little reality -- and the individual power it proffers -- is one item the psychopathic class would rather keep to themselves.

As I see it, the grand edifice of "modern" scientific rationalism is yet another Hegelian device, designed to cleave asunder the once intimate physical and metaphysical worlds and replace the discussion of spirituality in a rigorous sense with a new class of empirical lords in white lab jackets.

In separating the siamese siblings of chemistry and alchemy, they force upon the well-indoctrinated western mind a separation from the arcane within us all. Church or state they insist, with no wiggle room in between. You're mortal and must beg their gods of choice for mercy, or be excommunicated (read: marginalized).

Meanwhile, magic in the modern lexicon has been reduced to the realm of conjurers and tricksters, individuals whom can never be fully trusted, by virtue their choosing sleight-of-hand and misdirection as the tools of their trade.

And for this very reason we should never trust the word and picture magic performed by the modern media, for that is exactly what they are practicing as they fill human minds with false divergence, manufactured conflict and shoddy simulacra designed specifically to neuter the organic magician within each and every one of us.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Freeacre of the Trout Clan Campfire put a post up more or less at the same time as Mr N on the subject of lying – synchronicity or what? Her post was not about the big lie but moreover about all the thousands of small lies which wash over us from birth and we become so used to them they don’t even register on our radar any more. It’s worth a look into.


Franz said...


JACKPOT, nobody! Now the Masters of the Universe have your number. Since they have too many numbers it might take awhile for them to get to ya. But they also got lotsa time.

Apple-Orange? ARRGH! It's the trouble, sometimes even commenting on other people's frustrations can be risky.

Still hear too many interesting things lately. A guy in the coffee shop:

"Let's just blow the union, the constitution, ALL OF IT, and go back to growing our own and moats and drawbridge to keep it!"

"But no," the other sez, "Even if you could, the cure would be worse than the disease."

"Silly ass," the first replies, "The cure MUST be worse than the disease OR THE DISEASE WINS."

I wanted to comment, but the disease has such a head start already it cannot lose, so why?

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Frank, I can’t see that Israel thing flying, not with Brzezinski as the go between and the one who is working Obama’s strings. It just isn’t in his plan and certainly not with MrN’s honesty amongst gangsters theme, but there again….?

slozo said...

First, everyone should read Mein Kampf. Seriously, it is one of those books, like the Communist Manifesto, that everyone mentions, and no one has read. Lots of pseudo-intellectuals mention it and even have the gall to quote from it by repeating what their professor or textbook told them . . . but rare indeed is the person who has studied it enough to actually give proper and good context to those quotes (many of which are also misworded, of course).

After reading your post, Nobody, I re-read chapter ten of MK, to get the full context of the mention about the big lie, which itself is detailed about a quarter of the way through that chapter.

It is simply astounding, flabbergasting, and confounding, how everything written in that chapter about Germany's potential demise (without the historical references, of course) can be transposed directly to today and make total sense. In fact, many will be nodding their heads in agreement with the text as they read it . . . anyway, I don't want to mention too much, as I wish more people to actually read this important historical document; suffice it to say, that the first mention of the Big Lie refers to the Bolshevists (Jews) blaming the loss of WW1 on Ludendorff.

The history around the Bolshevists, Ludendorff, and jewish financiers and media moguls of that time is fascinating stuff.

And no, I haven't gotten round to reading that mind control book . . . I'll get to it eventually, though!

nobody said...

Ha ha ha, spot the guy who didn't read the article! Just remembered! The last guy who did this was a CFR member. No really, he was. It reflects poorly on the CFR I think, that they lob into blogs with no idea what's being discussed in order to flog their book. It's pathetic really. And sure enough the first guy to lob in here flogging something was that tiresome 'America Deceived' git.

As for the World Bank, I'm thinking 'buzzmonitor' is a variation of bot. There'll be a long queue for that one, with me at the back of it no doubt.

Otherwise, may I declare myself a pseud? Yes, I have not read Mein Kampf. I've just read of it. It'll be on the net as a pdf surely? I'll go look.

Speaking of pdf's, I'm currently reading Thanks For The Memories by Brice Taylor, otherwise known as Susan Ford. She was a mind control MPD/DID survivor. Her tale has me on the verge of incredulity but at the moment I'm going with it. Mind you, it's worth reading, if for no other reason than the series of forewords. The first is by Walter Bowart.

Otherwise Brice Taylor paints a picture of the mind-control paedophocracy that is huge. And yeah, I've used that word before but it seems I'm perpetually forced to redefine my concept of big.

And sure enough, it has me wondering whether I might be wrong in assuming non-Jewish predators are likely to be at each other's throats. Ha! A flip-flop in a single page!

My biggest question is - what is the relationship between the multinational satanist paedophocracy and the international 'Jewish' twelve families? Is one in thrall to the other? Or are they equal partners? Or enemies?

Otherwise Frank, I think the correct response would have been to crack out a loud horse fart, and then when they turn around and look, you shrug and say, 'Well that's what I reckon anyway...'

Franz said...

Nobody, I bow to greater wisdom. Keep forgetting, me, that eloquence is not always found in words.

baz recon said...

Fuck Mein Kampf--ah, tried to 'strike' that, but Blogger wouldn't accept my tag. Damn tourettes. OK, snozzled really. So I've been drinking some excellent Moonshine the missus came up with. Damn, it's gooood!!!! I wish (really) I could pour it down the wires, but alas--it's the 'information age', and I must content myself with 'online' friends. Really do miss the 'good old days', when you could 'actually' arm wrestle and shit. But (alas), those days are gone (for me), and I must content myself with this. Had to pause there (and think about, what?). I dunno, the moment passed. (OK, re-reading now). Arghh--re-fuel.

Sorry, (slurp) Mein K--We ALL have our struggles .. 'daze are gone', yeah--all fuckin' dead. I'm the last one, in my unit. OK, there's some others, but they're not really 'alive'. Not even 'nice' to be around--barely know who the fuck I am! My point? I'm on 'point'! I'm a 'civilian' now. I'm a civilian now. Maybe, if I keep repeating myself, I might fucking feel like one. Nuh. Still feel the world is divided into 'Us and them'. SHIT! Am I dangerous? Only to myself, hah! Are civilians dangerous? Read the goddamn newspaper--you decide! Hey FB, (he's a friend--wrote a damn good expose on primitives hunting boar, which initially attracted [no, I'm not fuckin' queer] me to a website which I feel has accepted me--belonging, and all that shit),(although I feel I'm being 'censored' now [restrained--can you believe it!], which is the reason I'm writing here!) hah, ah,..

Most of Mad-off's, Bernie; Federal inmate #61727-054 at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, clients, ah, victims were jews also! Plus, (sorry 2B nit-pickin'), Adolph herr Hitler, was jewish also! ... OK,.. Got that? William L. Shirer--The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich - A History of Nazi Germany, a voluminous tome. Failed Artist Couldn't sell his paintings on the banks of the Rhine so started forging masters where he had better success, helped finance his political party where as they say--'the rest is history'.

Look, Nobody--I know this might not even have anything to do with anything anymore, but, catharsis / 'confession', aside .. thanks for listening and all. And FB, well, I haven't even looked at that other site .. yet, mmmmm

Von Curtis said...

'My biggest question is - what is the relationship between the multinational satanist paedophocracy and the international 'Jewish' twelve families? Is one in thrall to the other? Or are they equal partners? Or enemies?'

It seems to be very hard to find more about that very interesting link - that does seem to be the missing info - these very educated people are in politics, the law , medicine, universities , religion, media etc

Incredible - who would have thought it - for all my life I have thought we live in a lot of lies.
I am pleased to have lived long enough to realize and understand it more.
It turns out my generation - the baby - boomers wish to keep the lies going. Terrible - they love their money and their life style too much - they like living in lies BUT they will have to come back down to earth one day soon.
Great article - wish more people would wake up to the Big Lie.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Anon 6.31, the magic I referred to in my last paragraph above was the same magic Mr Nobody wrote about in his post. First with the floating body and then by association the deception which is being foisted on the general citizenry. I was in essence playing Mr. N’s words back to him. All the magic I have seen started with David Nixon and went through to David Copperfield. For the rest I have no need for magic black or white. Yes I talk here about the Cabbala and the Talmud but that is in the same class as Christians learning what Muslims and Hindus believe. As for White Magic, I would prefer to go to a herbalist and cut out all the ritual and astrological crap. Most Homo Sapiens Sapiens can read and write, some can even do it in the right order but does that mean our magic as you describe it makes us elitist over the animal world. That is the same logic as saying that because certain families made more money than their fair share way back when and that money bought them social status, they therefore have the right to control events in our lives.

Hengel put many words together in the right order but even Bertie Russell had trouble unravelling meaning from them and I don’t even put myself in Russell’s class. As for metaphysics, I am yet to find anyone who can give me a satisfactory explanation of what it is.

Your last paragraph has a truth about it but what is the effect of this magic of which you speak. The men in white lab coats have increased our knowledge by leaps and bounds but I am convinced that the more we learn the less we know. By that I mean that over time we have traded wisdom for knowledge. These two seem to me to be in an inverse relationship. With most Americans believing that Austria is the capital of Texas how much wisdom do you think they are capable of applying? The peoples that both the Yankee and Confederate armies brushed aside on behalf of the settlers and the settlers financiers had wisdom but might had right however wrong it was and the choice was made.

If I believe in anything it is in nature without getting into all the shades of difference between John Zerzhan and the other subdivisions; maybe paganism without the sacrifice part. I have no place for any personal God although I am quite given to the concept of the Great Spirit or the Shinto idea that every part of natures beauty, every waterfall or wooded valley has its own protector looking after it, but I guess that was before the days of the new Emperor and Weyerhaeuser.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium


I have downlaoded Mein Kampf here:


and will read it when I have more time. For now I will jump to the relevant bit.
Is this chapter 10 Vol 1 A Retrospect or chapter 10 Vol 2 The National Socialist Movement?


slozo said...

Anon from Belgium (and others):

It's Chapter 10, vol 1, A Retrospect

A long read, but worth it. I found it quite exciting, reading that book, as I had all kinds of crazy expectations about it but really had no idea what to expect . . . and it ended up impressing me in quite a few areas. But really, don't listen to a word I say, just read it yourself and make your own observations.

Von Curtis said...

' we have traded wisdom for knowledge' - there has been a lot of that going on.

'If I believe in anything it is in nature ' - ABSOLUTELY - from birds, plants, animals , it is magnificent - so old and so reliable I believe.

Talking about magic I was surprised to see Uri Geller talking about Michael Jackson on the 'news' ( I should say 'spin') last night.
2005 ADL demands Jackson apologize for 'anti-Semitisim' http://www.itszone.co.uk/zone0/viewtopic.php?p=565285#565285

We have been tricked into thinking that we are so totally modern and global like no other humans before.
Isn't it strange how just because treason and sedition are portrayed as old fashioned words and crimes they don't apply any more in our countries - that is how they are getting away with it.

Penny said...

wowee, good discussion all around.

Anonymous said...


Quite a long but good recap of several facts known about Hitler. However, did anyone ever ask this question regarding this webpage? If Hitler is the most talked about (not popular of course) person (man isn't the write word) in history, and he's supposedly the worst demon that ever live on the face of the earth, why on Earth don't people emphasize the fact there had been several attempts on his life before his ultimate demise? No matter how good a speaker/leader he was, you mean to tell me he single handedly dismantled the existing German order (government) and replaced it with a totalitarian regime all by himself? How did he convince people to become diehard bodyguards that were so loyal to him?

Hmmm... the answer may lie in the fact that some of the things he said were actually true. I dare to say it but someone has to... and in no way am I condoning wholescale slaughter of innocent people. The Jews, in no way, had anything to do with hate themselves? It was just blind hate from Hitler and his followers right?

I truly believe that anytime there is hate as deeply rooted into world history as Hitler's hate (if you want to call it that) for the Jews that there must be some elements of truth in the line of reasoning brought forth by the haters. That is, you mean to tell me that every single European Jew was totally innocent and that none of them deserved to die?

There are certain industries that Jews like to get into, namely the Diamond, the law, the medical, and the banking industries. They follow the dollar bill, which mind you everybody does nowadays. So, Jews are not unique in that regard.

But, the Germans probably felt threatend by the growing Jewish influence and as time went on, began to almost naturally build on that hate of domination irrationally (but based on real facts of industry domination mentioned above). Not a single person on the face of the earth, wants to be ruled or dominated by anyone else, especially not by those who are different than they are.

No single nation or people/race should be subject to the will of any other nation/people. This notion of dominance will always backfire. Exactly as it has been proven that family companies will ultimately fail, the Jewish dominance of these industries, which they still dominate today, will be doomed to fail.

Hitler himself did this type of mistake by thinking that he could actually rule the world. This world dominance idea is never going to work, power-hungry people will fail and always fail, whether they are Muslims, Jews, or Christians.

james said...

Hullo Nobby, I have just been re-reading this clear-eyed post of yours and found the following quote an excellent summary of the situation. It is, indeed, a truism.

The fact that a Big Lie of this magnitude can be rendered hidden-profane-occult isn't proof of it's magical power. Quite the opposite, it's proof of its pathetic frailty - if it weren't hidden it would collapse in a screaming heap.

Back to our magician now - the easiest way to ruin his trick would be to turn the house lights on. 'Occult' means hidden - unhide what's hidden and the magic evaporates.

Well said. If it can't stand the light of day, it can't have any strength of substance to it.

nobody said...

James, nice of you to pop in. It's always a treat to have people going through the old stuff. And you don't mind if I agree with you do you? Ha ha ha, don't mind if I do.

And now that you mention it, a sensible question would be 'why is the occult hidden?' Why is that? And once you ask the question the answer is almost obvious.

Whatever they hide, that's where their weak point is.

And not forgetting of course, that if no one knows what they're up to it's possible for them to pretend that it's heroic, or good, or some other nonsense. In this fashion they can lie to themselves. And God knows they do that.