Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pedophocracy Disinfo 101 - Stevieb shows how it's done!

The following is me piling into the comments on Xymphora's posting 'Why all the American traitors?' In it, he wonders at why the American old guard has so utterly sold out to Jewish interests. His conclusion? 'I think it is just power.' Which is to say powerful people want more power and thus they hitch their wagon to those even more powerful, the Jews (ie. it's a voluntary gig and they've only themselves to blame). I have a different view sure enough.

But that's not the point of the exercise. The point is, that in a discussion of the second most powerful structure in the world, the pedophocracy, a disinfo merchant showed up and gave us all a salutary lesson in how it's done. It's word perfect. You start with an expression of open-minded empathy and then go from there...

04/01/2009 10:46 PM
You think it's just power? No way known. Go google 'mcgowan pedophocracy'. Read chapter six about 'The Finders' and tell me that this isn't the secondary enforcement structure. And McGowan only scratches the surface. Keep digging. Go deep into Dutroux. Check out the Casa Pia scandal in Portugal. Look into the isle of Jersey and how it plugs into Bournemouth, North Wales, Belfast. The links (always reaching right to the top) spread everywhere - Italy, Russia, France, Holland. Nowhere is untouched. And each scandal connects to every other one.

The structure undoubtably exists and explains things brilliantly. 'Um, I think it's power' really isn't up to your usual high standards X. And yeah I get it that the subject is so mind-bogglingly ugly that the response is to dismiss it and turn away, but that's the idea.

But if you ain't prepared to go there, you'll merely spend the rest of your life scratching your head.

I doubt anyone could be fagged but here were my thoughts on the matter - here and here


04/02/2009 11:39 AM
For Nobody: I was doing some reading into the allegations of child porn rings and ritual abuse and murder - repulsive in the extreme, but fascinating nonetheless.

But as far as the McMartin pre-school story - was that thoroughly debunked? As I remember none of the children had any physical signs of abuse and the stories were planted in the children's head by some overzealous child-abuse experts.

Adding that to the other more credible stories tends to weaken the whole pedophocracy allegation - for me, at least


04/02/2009 09:22 PM
Hey StevieB,

Should've clicked the first link mate. It was precisely about McMartin. But never mind, here's a quick summary -

The stories of parents as deluded victims of an hysterical, out of control, mob of social workers were false, and demonstrably so. The so-called 'False Memory Syndrome Foundation' is funded by the CIA and staffed by 'ex'-CIA and 'ex'-paedophiles. Martin T Orne, Louis Jolyon West, Ralph Underwager, and Peter and Pamela Freyd. There is no scientific basis to 'False Memory Syndrome'. Not a lick. They've been thrown out of court over and over.

The woman who started it all, famously 'drunk' and 'schizophrenic', was neither until she began getting death threats and came under a relentless media attack. She didn't imagine the assault on her son, she just wanted to know why blood was running from his anus. This is NEVER mentioned. All we hear was that she was nuts. And besides, a dozen of the kids had chlamydia. Do the math on that. Which is to say, you don't catch chlamydia from toilet seats.

The McMartin case eventually pivoted on the existence of tunnels running from the pre-school to various properties. The line was that since the tunnels didn't exist the whole thing was a mad invention. Astoundingly (not really) the media was utterly uninterested in the fact that an uber-famous, well-qualified archeologist E. Gary Stickel found the tunnels precisely as described. The logic is bullet-proof. The kids described tunnels, the tunnels were found as described, the kids weren't lying.

Tunnels are not the work of one enthusiastic guy and his buddy. It takes teams to dig tunnels. Plug this into the utter disinterest of the police and the media; 'ex'-FBI plants 'assisting' the parents; the enormity of a well funded organisation like the 'False Memory Syndrome Foundation'; a complete lack of convictions in the face of overwhelming evidence; and the replication of this story in the Presidio/West Point scandal, the 'Finders' scandal in Florida and Washington, the Franklin scandal, etc etc ad nauseam, with the same names continually popping up, and you're in amongst something fucking huge. Really Fucking Huge.

No need to take my word for it. Just get googling. I've given you plenty of names here. Time to open your eyes. You get your head around this and the only question left is 'Whose pedophocracy is it?'


04/03/2009 12:15 PM
There's more to it than that, Nobody. I have a book - not by any of the authors in the lengthy expose (and I did find some of accusations - after source checking - credible)- that gives a detailed account of the trial, the children involved and the teachers involved.

And that was very credible.

I'll have to look for it - i have thousands of books - but I think it was called "Satan's children" or something like that.

But anyway - as I say the rest is very interesting and there is no doubt about the Marc Dutroux affair, so there is definitely alot of important people that need to be behind bars at the very least.

Flogged and quartered is more like it...


04/03/2009 12:19 PM
There's YouTube footage from Belgium showing the dungeons in the bastard's house that will make you feel sick...


04/03/2009 12:29 PM
OK , Nobody - I see what you mean. I read the first link - I'll get back to you later.

There were tunnels under the McMartin pre-school?

Well, that IS interesting....


04/03/2009 11:13 PM
Hey StevieB,

Well that's the thing you see. Yes there are books, articles, and documentaries, all explaining how it was the fault of the parents and social workers. Just like there were books, articles, and documentaries, all explaining how there were WMD's in Iraq. Same-same 911. Same-same the USS Liberty. Same-same you-name-it.

The scale of the disinfo for the Pedophocracy alone speaks volumes as the size of this thing. Honestly, that there's a bullshit 'foundation', a bullshit 'syndrome', a bullshit sing-from-the-same-songbook media campaign, with books, movies, and documentaries is proof enough of the enormity of what we're in amongst.

As a power-base, a means for corruption and control, the pedophocracy is unrivalled. None may stand against it. The trail of bodies the pedophocracy has in its wake makes the Kennedy assassination look second rate. Seriously.

But first things first. The primer for this is Dave McGowan's 'Pedophocracy'. He's a terrific writer with a marvellous breezy style. Here it is -

It's all good, but chapter six, will blow your mind. It details the 'Finders' bust and has in full the customs agent's report detailing what he found at their 'headquarters'. Paedophiles with 'headquarters' - who knew? And wait until you find out what happened to his report and who made it happen. I'd say it was unbelieveable, but read it and disbelief won't be an option.


04/04/2009 02:12 AM
Err - my research has shown there were no tunnels under McMartin pre-school. Thats horsecrap.

And so is the rest. I shoulda known betta.


04/04/2009 02:36 AM
Did E Gary Stickel come up in your research?

Did you look into 'False Memory Syndrome'? Did you check out Dave McGowan? Did you read about the 'Finders' bust? How about the Presidio/West Point child-minding scandals? I'm thinking 'not'.

What was your research Stevie? Between E Gary Stickel, his Phd, and an experienced dig team, and your 'research' which obviously came up against some disinfo, I'll stick with Stickel mate.


04/04/2009 03:36 AM
Actually now that I think about it, that was really beautiful. A perfect example of how it's done.

"I looked into it. It's crap. And so is the rest. I should've known betta." - Case closed, nothing to see here.

Any curious waverers out there? Don't worry, Stevie, who was like you and initially curious, has done some research and since he's determined that it's crap, you may too. No need to look into it for yourselves or otherwise do all that arduous googling. It was crap after all.

Whew! Everyone go back to whatever it was you were talking about before. There is no pedophocracy, the False Memory Syndrome foundation isn't staffed by spooks and paedophiles, the parents at McMartin imagined it all, and you probably can catch chlamydia from a toilet seat. Honestly, what was I thinking of?


04/04/2009 11:10 AM
Look Nobody - why not look a little closer yourself instead of throwing around straw men. As I said before - alot of what is posted about the pedophocracy was quite credible (and had very little to do with Satanism it seems. I should have been more specific when I said 'the rest is crap'.)

But including the McMartin pre school in there is just going to get you laughed at, unfortunately. The tunnels are a hoax perpetrated by some more overzealous idiots.

BTW are you saying that it isn't possible to plant ideas into the heads of small children?


04/04/2009 11:16 AM
Google "McMartin tunnel hoax". You'd have to believe the entire Los Angeles justice system was compromised to believe that those tunnels are anything but fiction.

Why would you waste your time with this when there are bigger fish to fry and some credible evidence in other areas I don't understand...


04/04/2009 08:30 PM
The entire Los Angeles legal system? What, like that's a lay-down misere? Read chapter six of McGowan's pedophocracy and see the size of the system that refused to touch the 'finders'. How big is the system that refuses to acknowledge that anyone except for 19 Muslims brought down three high rise buildings in their own footprints?

And why stop at 'McMartin Tunnel Hoax'. Go type in 'JFK hoax'. Apparently it was a lone gunman after all. Of course the tunnels are dismissed as a hoax. Everything is. Those who would conspire wouldn't be much chop if they didn't expend energy declaring that the people who've sussed them out are nothing more than hoaxers, bullshit artists, and froot-loops. It's called disinfo mate. You can be that dupe if you want, no skin off my nose. That's just me being charitable you understand. Others would be less charitable to those pushing disinfo.

But let's just pretend you're a dupe and I'm not wasting my breath talking to you - Between E Gary Stickel, an archeological heavy with no stake in the whole affair and giving his honest professional opinion; and him as deluded, or keen to delude ('overzealous idiot' was it?), all the while in the teeth of a huge smear campaign with only his professional reputation at stake, you're going to run with the latter are you? Like that makes a lick of sense.

But fuck it. Who cares? No one here, that's for sure. Xymph ponders at the US establishment kowtowing to tiny ethnic minority and comes to a soft-as-shite conclusion - the most powerful people in the most powerful country in the world just aren't quite powerful enough. Meanwhile, I proffer a working model of corruption and control that exists as a cold hard certainty with bullet-proof trails leading into the FBI, CIA, the military, and the government, and everyone blinks and goes back to their previous conversation, or otherwise airily waves their hand in dismissal. Anyway, no need to fear, there'll be new post soon enough and you can all go back to thinking of reasons why the entire US establishment is in thrall to the Jews that don't involve organised blackmail by way of paedophilia.

Hell, I'll help you out: they were caught sleeping with someone who was not their wife; they're closet gays; they accepted gifts and didn't declare them; they lied to congress; they did it for the money. The fact that none of these would make me, nor any of you, sell out your country is neither here nor there. You should all think nothing of it. Or just scratch your heads saying, 'Gee I don't know, it's all too difficult'. I'm good either way. Besides, as if the kind of people who'd stage false-flag mass terror events in order to start a war would stoop to paedophilia to get what they want! The very idea is preposterous.

I'll leave you all to it. Enjoy.


manfromatlan (as well-meaning bystander)
04/04/2009 11:08 PM
It isn't that Xymphora or others around here don't follow the link between pedophilic rings, blackmail, and ritual sex abuse or treat it lightly, nobody. Looking at the many references provided on the internet it looks like abuse did take place at the McMartin Day Care. We have so many hushed up pedophile ring cases in Canada and the UK, of course people care. But people aren't going to get bogged down in the minute details. Me, what got me was the children's videotaped testimony about the abuse and the hospital nurse's report (which got shot down by the lawyers)


04/05/2009 02:37 AM
Bugger the details. Arguments about details are a technique to shoot down a discussion of the bigger picture (and I fell for it, sure). But my initial on-topic point was precisely about the big picture. These disparate events in Canada etc etc aren't disparate. It is a single structure. Like I keep saying, read McGowan's pedophocracy, particularly chapter six. Anyone who wants to tell me that the report written by Special Agent Ramon J. Martinez, United States Customs Service, was bullshit is on a hiding to nothing as pedophocracy disinfo spook.

And if anyone thinks I'm being paranoid, think of the effort that went into the CIA's Mockingbird op. Well a tuppence for that. The pedophocracy is above the CIA. Don't laugh, just go read the report. It's at the link above. I absolutely guarantee you won't be laughing then. More effort goes into shutting down, obscuring, or otherwise disappearing discussions about the pedophocracy than any other thing - JFK, 911, the London bombings, you name it, none of these things compares. The threat of exposure as a paedophile is the ultimate don't-argue. When someone has a photo of you en flagrante dilecto with a kid, you do ANYTHING they say. Exposure is the end of the world. Can we dig it?

And some guy turned up and said he looked into it and it's bullshit... well shit, eh?

On topic again - If you're looking for a mechanism whereby the American elite (hell, any elite, I don't care how 'powerful' it is) can be forced to sell out their own interests, here it is. Pedophocracy uber alles.


04/05/2009 09:44 AM
Nobody - relax. FIrst off this 'heavy' of an archealogist used two parents of supposed victims to perform the dig - and the evidence consists of couple of children's toys that could have easily been planted. Whic, regardless is not evidence of tunnels.

If there were tunnels under McMartin pre-school there would be lots of evidence. There isn't.

Now explain to me why this is disinfo?

And again - I'm questioning the McMartin satanic cult accusations only. So your consistently referring to this as denying the pedophocracy is wrong.

And I've seen absolutely nothing to suggest Sickel is a 'heavy'. And how do you know he has absolutely nothing at stake in the affair? What do you know aboutGary Sickel?(not STickel)

Inevitably I'm thinking I will be called a plant - but you should know that I am not and that your going to have to do better than suggestin g I've something at a stake in calling into question your thesis.

But I'll read chapter six and see if that brings some stronger facts to the table....


04/05/2009 09:46 AM
It is Stickel -lol.



04/05/2009 09:56 AM
In one of your links, the blogger in question repeatedly said that tunnels had been found under McMartin pre-school.

No tunnels were ever found.


04/05/2009 09:58 AM
And a discussion of details is not intended to shoot down the entire thesis. It is to confirm or deny it based on evidence.

Do you have any formal schooling, Nobody?

I know this may sound condescending - and for that I apologize - but it may explain your aversion to relying on facts and credible sources...


Yesterday 10:13 AM
yes and no, penny.

Yes it can be, sure. But it also gives you the tools to think for yourself if you allow it to.

Perhaps 'formal' schooling was the wrong word.

I'm thinking some level of post high school education where you wouldn't be throwing around claims without properly researching them or sourcing them(not that I haven't been known to do that very thing myself in the past, even with some post hs education).
It isn't of course absolutely necessary, but it helps.

nobody Today 10:25 PM
Okay Sevieb, sorry, Stevieb (lol), given that the absolute best I can say for you is that you're a clueless self-impressed git who somehow just happens to come up with a word-perfect 'how-to' template for pedophocracy disinfo spooks, I'm just going to call it anyway. You are a pedophocracy disinfo spook. Which is to say, you're a paedophile. No need to get cross mate! If you got the game, you may as well have the name. Ha, you turn that saying on its head and it makes more sense than it does the right way round!

And here's the game, (as a Disinfo 101 single-page powerpoint presentation).

- pay no attention to the big picture, nor to myriad examples pointing to it
- stick to a single scandal of your own choosing, and perpetually return to it
- focus on a single aspect of the single scandal and declare that false
- use the alleged falsity of this sliver of a sliver of the big picture to dismiss the whole

E voila! And extra brownie points for blaming the guy arguing the case for the big picture, for the paucity of the case for the small picture. It's the cherry on the sundae that is your genius.

Otherwise folks, I recommend you follow Stevieb's sole suggestion as to google inputs, and actually do a search for 'mcmartin tunnel hoax'. You will be precisely delivered to either: bullshit 'may-as-well-be-mockingbird' journo Debbie Nathan, famous defender of all things paedophilic; or better yet, the 'Institute of Psychological Therapies' run by no less than Ralph Underwager, who, if anyone can remember back that far, I precisely named as a famous paedophile spook. The 'False Memory Syndrome Foundation' and the IPT are the same people, all funded by the CIA and existing for no other reason than to promote paedophilia and defend paedophiles. Thank you Stevieb.

And Stevie, as for you wondering at me having formal schooling - stick to the kiddy raping mate, because you really suck at ad hominem. I'd laugh if it weren't so sickening. If you're going to get ad hominem on someone there's no point fucking around. Thus -

Go fuck yourself you sick piece of shit.

PS. For anyone who's interested, this conversation didn't cease at this point and carried on for some time and can be viewed at the link provided in the first para. Gratifyingly (from an argumentative point of view), Stevieb stayed absolutely true to form the entire time, never swerving from a pedophocracy disinfo line. Indeed his pathetic attempts to dismiss the entire issue as a hoax grew ever more desperate with him repeatedly, and absurdly, linking to the already discredited FMSF and IPT. All up, it was a truly abysmal display and for mine proof positive of the one-trick-pony weakness of the pedophocracy disinfo playbook.


su said...

Gordon Brown's involvement in the Madeleine case - well in obstructing the investigation bears some investigation.
I mean if anyone has dirt on him by the uber blackmailers it is this wag tail, nappy loving cretin.
Also Tony Blair got there because of his "likes" and then because he had to deliver his country into war to prevent the info from coming out.
When you look at the pedophile cases in the UK being thrown out of court, you begin to realise that we are being groomed to welcome, desire and need the sexual abuse of children.
It is truly fucking sickening and I wish that asteroid would come and hit this little planet.

nobody said...

Hey Su,

You know what? You mention Tony Blair and suddenly light bulbs go off. I've said before (can't remember if it was here or elsewhere) that Tony Blair had me stumped. Bush, sure, an obviously nasty piece of work. Same-same that shit Howard. But Blair just seemed unlikely. And always with that weird semi-startled expression never far from his idiot bonce.

Once you get your head around the enormity of the pedophocracy, not only does it make sense to view things via this lens, it would be madness not to.

Honestly, how many times have we heard people say, 'Geez, none of this makes any sense'? And if we scrabble around looking for reasons to explain behaviour by way of everything EXCEPT the pedophocracy, then yes, that's right - it doesn't make any sense. But embrace the truth of the pedophocracy (and all that's required is a strong stomach), and then view people and events with it in mind, and suddenly inexplicable behaviour becomes perfectly explicable.

Anonymous said...

What is it then with the IDF soldiers shooting kids- is that part of the pedophile thing? The ultimate buzz?

nobody said...

Tony, ya silly! The IDF are equal opportunity killers. And if they do kill more children than adults I'd expect that it's simply because they're easier to kill. Adults can run faster.

nobody said...

Statcounter note - someone just arrived here by way of a google search for 'chook circumcision'. 'Chook' is an Australian word for 'chicken'. Go figure that one out.

Franz said...

Actually I liked the WHOLE slamming match, nobody! So much like rigged wrestling except one side didn't know it! I used to post loads at zymph, but he's been losing me lately, since about '06.

Where you were dead-right (and stevie-poo on his butt) was that stevieb never figured out what YOU were saying about POWER, and zymph is clueless about what the word even means.

zymph's point was naive but straight-up: Wimpy American Goyim (WAGs) want power so bad they're using rich Jews as their jungle vines.

He misses the main point right here -- just when did playing Tarzan with Passover seder money begin? Um... about Reagan. Before his time it only cropped up in a few places; after, everywhere.

By zymph's own logic this shoots down most of what he's written in the last two years. It's precisely then that what he laughingly calls the Old American Establishment went down the shitter.

So zymph and stevie, I guess, will never see the obvious: The WAGs get no "power" from Hebes, they get high-profile scut-work; crap jobs kings once threw to the Hoffjuden and now the Jews throw to the WAGs. They are slaves who are fed well.

And mostly: They are the WAGs we KNOW did something bad, way bad... FAR worse than snorting a few lines with Bill and Hillary back in the good old days.

su said...

It is the only lens to look through.
I mean next case - The Pope - he excommunicates a 9 year old who has been raped by her stepfather, and her mother and the doctors that performed the very dangerous operation. She was pregnant with twins.
Did he excommunicate the bastard that raped her - no - why?
And add into that equation that Tony Blair has converted and being spending one on one time with his wholiness and that George Bush was invited into the most sacred parts of the Vatican and I think it becomes so fucking abundantly clear that it is this that rules, controls, and exploits the world.

In the UK they are teaching sex education to five year old children. Forget the fact that at this age they should still be at the center of the hearth and home in the embrace of family - oh yeah of course , that is how it has come to be big - the breakdown of the family.

I almost wish there could be an astral battle, because I would be there with Arjuna, killing them all, as they are already dead.

Penny said...

i couldn't get over the comment by stevieb asking you if you had any "formal education" I haven't checked back in there, but that was just to much.

because what always follows after that is " I have xyx in education, therefore I am smarter"

Which as I pointed out to stevieb, much of what passes for education is indoctrination, which can mean having 'formal education' doesn't mean much of anything.

so I didn't get the point of the question other then stevie b was hoping to put you down and elevate himself, and that type of tactic always leaves me wondering??????

As for Blair, wasn't he linked to some pedophile scandal?? Early in his first term? Going on recall , but I think so.

what did you think of the book?

Penny said...

one more thing nobody, I went back to xymph's

In the sidebar is a link to a google group, cia-drugs
Fran’s Day Care - Fran’s Day Care Randy Noblitt, PhD _ (
8 hours ago

which then links to this


Anonymous said...

The trauma induced mind fuck is so powerful as to render the victim into a state of mental paralysis. The mind is no longer one's own.The fear is so profound that it causes the victim to eliminate all memory of violation and degradation. The breach of trust is too great. Only whatever may be safety can influence recovery. The process is horrifying. The reality reveals itself little at a time until the victim is safe and stable enough to achieve understanding without terror. One who has no personal knowledge of the atrocities of the minions of the pedophocracy can easily
and even ruthlessly dismiss such revelations. The minions are your neighbors, your police, your judges, your priests and pastors and rabbi and teachers and more and more and more. They are a secret society unto themselves, but the veil is being lifted.Keep on, nobody. You are walking in truth.You are a champion.

Anonymous said...

Never mind pulling out any evidence contrary to the facts I'm offering - just head straight to calling me a pedophile!

That's great, Nobody.

Great name too - perfect for a fucking loser.

I'm guessing your about 17.

Get a life. Preferably soon.


BTW where r u in the UK?

Maybe we can get together and discuss you posting that I'm a pedophile. I'd like that.

You got had being an half-witted dunce and that's the only story worth reading on your blog.

Penny said...

hey nobody:
stevieb is calling you out at xymphoras.
post after post.

nobody said...

Hey Folks, I'm not quite prepared to lay this at the feet of the vatican. The problem with the pedophocracy is that it's impossible to know who's pulling the strings. That excommunication for instance, is that the act of the driver, or the driven? Frankly it could be either. Meanwhile there's no way know I'm about to give the Jewish power structure a pass. Besides, I laid this out in that twin pillars thing.

And we are graced with the presence of Stevieb himself!

Stevieb - every note you strike is false. But I'm thinking false notes is all you got. As for evidence and facts etc, I ain't here to jump through your hoops mate. Your hoop in this case was McMartin and nowt else. Your strategy was to declare McMartin as the battlefield, and the subject of tunnels as the agreed upon weapons. Mate, you can take your choice of battlefield and weapons and stick them up your arse.

Besides, even within your own self-declared set of rules, I blew you to the weeds. And you blandly declared otherwise and dropped into a string of ad hominem. So what's the point? You're trashed mate. Skulk off in ignominy, or hang around screaming bloody murder - I don't give a shit either way.

Anonymous said...

The IDF kills the children because then they won't grow up to be adults and be able to fight back-it's biblical--not that that matters-
When you are born rich--jets, estates, yachts, you get bored with them--it's on to the next thrill--the family doctor keeps you all healthy enough to do more heroin, coke, alcohol, whatever--you've fucked every beautiful woman or man so you go for the 18 year olds--fresher--then the 12 year olds--then.....then, that's not enough to get it up so you have to strangle an eight year old while you're pumped full of viagra and having your heart monitored by some Dr. Stranglove to feel the life go out of them, and supposedly into you--why do you think Cheney's heart is so fucked up--if he ever had one--look at those fucking inbred brit royalty wanks---god, you'd have to have tons of money to get laid--
That's not it completely, but it's close--when living life becomes too boring for these fucks, they start taking life and want to watch it up close and personal--you can bet "W" was wacking off to the videos he was getting from gitmo--snortin coke and taking viagra by the pound--
Guess it's lonely at the top--


nobody said...

Jj, that's spooky mate. My brain has been following thoughts just like these lately - meaning of satiation and what that means for those who achieve it, ie. the aristocracy. I was reading a thing on it over at rigorous intuition. He was spot on. And he made me rethink my 'Aristocrats' review over on the cinema blog.

Otherwise, if anyone is interested, over at Xymphora's Stevieb continues to play the part perfectly. The link on the front page will take you there. For those who couldn't be fagged, here was my reply -

Stevieb, the one trick pony. McMartin is your conversation mate. The straw man is yours. You chose it because you think you can win it. That's what a straw man is. You set it up, you knock it down. Here, it's your means of shooting down a discussion pivoting on the size and reach of the pedophocracy. The points I laid out detailing your pedophocracy disinfo technique here, should more accurately have been called Straw Man Technique Made Easy. One more time now-

- pay no attention to the big picture, nor to myriad examples pointing to it
- stick to a single scandal of your own choosing, and perpetually return to it
- focus on a single aspect of the single scandal and declare that false
- use the alleged falsity of this sliver of a sliver of the big picture to dismiss the whole

Otherwise, this is also a lesson in limited hangout. A limited hangout merchant is free to discuss all things under the sun, minus 'n'. This establishes his credentials. Then, when the key subject, 'n', rears its ugly head, the limited hangout spook goes into overdrive. Time to get busy.

And when you get caught out? Scream louder! "What about this FUCKING STRAW MAN! I demand you talk about this!'

Well Stevieb, you can take your straw man and you can stick it up your arse.

nobody said...

Thanks Conrad/Ruth,

As I say to people, stick around for as long as you can stand it. And that may not be long what with me as a fellow who eschews all beauty products, ha ha. Funnily enough, I'd been thinking of doing a piece about my ongoing experiments on how few of them one actually needs.

slozo said...

I was actually folowing your conversation with Stevie B earlier on xymphora's blog, and was thinking to myself that you were being too nice by acknowledging him and engaging him in what you attempted to be illuminating conversation.

I'll admit, Stevie B even had me wondering myself earlier on, hmm, I haven't done any legwork myself, I will have to look up the tunnels thing.

I typed in"mcmartin case tunnels cover-up", just as (I thought) a starting point to start my look for first hand accounts from credible people disseminating the whole thing. Well, I was shocked to see good links right off the bat, frankly . . . . ritual abuse site was first, then an article by the reputable Alex Constantine, and from that article one could look up Debbie Nathan and you were well on your way.

Very, very easy. Not even close to the amount of digging I have had to do in the past for other subjects . . . which is why I am a little ashamed I doubted you for a millisecond.

And which is why it was easy for me to see that StevieD is a total idiot, who doesn't search for anything other than things that confirm close-minded opinions. Or more probably, he is a disinfo agent.

Would love to see him have to go one by one and dismiss the credibility of first hand accounts of the people involved who saw the examination of the tunnels before they bulldozed it over, all those people with nothing at all to gain (and everything to lose) by getting involved defending an "impossible conspiracy".

Thanks though Nobody, it's been educational for me . . .

slozo said...

Sorry - made a mistake there - not Debbie Nathan, the disinfo merchant -Jackie MacGauley was what I meant to write there, the woman who supervised the ACTUAL ground breaking, using earth-penetrating radar and finding loose earth filling tunnels just as the kids had described. The placed jugs they found there, plus the 90's item they found (backpack, if I remember correctly), all seemed like a lock to confirm the tunnels.

News coverage stopped there of course, and very telling was the fact that the tunnel leading next door? The neighbours wouldn't let them dig on . . . would love to know who they are, the fuckers.

So yeah, sorry - I am bad with names sometimes.

su said...

It's one lens Nobody and that lens includes every religon and political affiliation.
There is no difference between Israel and the Vatican.
If there is please show it to me.

annemarie said...

I was recently watching an episode of Law & Order (a cops and lawyers show which has been hugely popular for over a decade on N.American teevee and which spawned 2 spin-offs which are also as popular as the original, I think) anyhow,

in one scene the suspect, a convicted paedophile (out of prison after having served his light sentence for having sex with children, of course!) was being interviewed by the detectives and the perv said this (paraphrased from memory) "You know it was only a few years ago that homosexuality was regarded as deviant and criminal. And now look at how normal and accepted it's become. In a few years people with sexual preferences like mine won't be regarded as deviants or criminals either. You'll see."

See what motherfuckin' hollywood sodomites want us to think! What they want us to get used to.

And why is it that here in Canada sex offenders, no make that sexual predators, why is it that they typically receive lighter sentences for sexually assaulting or raping children, including very young ones, why do they get lighter sentences than say some pot smokers (totally victimless "crime") or even petty criminals, petty thieves for instance? Huh? This is what I want to know. Because CLEARLY the entire "justice" system is complicit in this fuckedupedness, right. Lawyers and judges and politicians who make the laws and try and sentence the child rapists. See. Just that alone tells you how fuckin' widespread and organized this babylonian shitstem really is. ANd that's not even mentioning the enforcers, I mean the cops involvement in all of this. And they do serve and protect all right, but not the ordinary or average citizen anywhere. They serve and protect only the elite and the elite's property everywhere.

Hang em all from the fuckin rafters, including those IDF fuckers. e fine with me!

btw Nobody, you handled that mofucker well. He is a complete twat. pfft now he's turned up here. Major asswipe!

pardon my french y'all ;)

Now having got that outta my system....

The Vatican is up to their eyeballs in this as much as the other powermongers on this planet. Of this I'm convinced. Remember the triad? The Vatican, the Zionazis and the "royal" families. btw, the Pope wears a yamulka now and then doesn't he. As do bishops. What's up with that? Are they all secret Jews? hahaha Honestly, nothing would surprise me anymore.

nobody said...

Names? You and me both. And Jackie McGauley? Sure, and you think I'm too soft? Frankly Jackie McGauley doesn't get what she's in amongst. I read a chat thing she hosted on a forum site and a stream of Stevieb clones turned up and she didn't understand that there were disinfo merchants there.

But don't let me put anyone off Jackie McCauley. She was a McMartin parent and has amazing stories to tell. She was the chick who got taken to the cleaners by 'ex'-FBI agent Ted Gunderson. Gunderson was obviously assigned to her as a live in version of Stevieb.

But who am I to talk? There was me over at Xymphora's, completely clueless, I'll admit I didn't see him coming. Mind you, the technique of pretending to be interested and impartial works obviously. Well, it worked on me, ha ha. And in amongst it I lost the plot on who raised McMartin. I assumed he was responding to my link but clearly he wasn't and he said as much a couple of posts later. That was a significant clue and I missed it.

Anyway, plugging Stevieb into Mike Rivero's apropos-nothing anti-McMartin tub-thumping, I'm thinking that McMartin is now the officially designated straw man by which all discussions of the pedophocracy are to be shut down. I'm going to keep my eyes open.

After this little effort (which was definitely educational - hell you can see my learning curve right there in real time), I'm inclined to think that the only thing we can compare this to in scale is Megaphone. Mind you, Megaphone's shortcoming is that it can only bring in whomevers. This only works for places where strangers can't be told from long-timers. It won't work in places like blogs where it pays to establish a rep.

Folks, it pays to remember that the pedophocracy is huge. It's easily big enough to cop a Megaphone-scale response. Honestly. Anyone who's wavering, or thinking it can't be so, go google False Memory Syndrome Foundation or the Institute for Pschological Therapies, and check out the time, money and effort that's been put into setting all that up. All those 'foundations' do is defend paedophiles. If anyone thinks that these motherfuckers are going to let us sit here discussing the pedophocracy, ahem, unmolested, is dreaming.

Mind you, I average under 200 hits a day and I'm probably not worth it. Xymphora is way bigger than that. And he's worth it obviously.

nobody said...

Ayah! Jinx in simultaneous typing!

Su, all I'm saying, is that one will be the servant and one will be the master. In wickedness at this scale, with egos of God-like proportions there can be no even-stevens, share and share alike, duumvirates. And I have whomever holds the money reins as being top dog. (Dig it, it's a dog-cart, Ha!)

And AM, I'm still of the opinion that there are two paedophilias. One is of the amateur unconnected pervies like Gary Glitter who are offered up for public consumption. The other belongs to the professional, uber-connected pedophocracy paedophiles. If any of them ever cop any publicity, it's a complete fluke. And sure enough a machine swings into action to shut everything down.

Anonymous said...

nobody said,

"...I'm still of the opinion that there are two paedophilias. One is of the amateur unconnected pervies like Gary Glitter who are offered up for public consumption. The other belongs to the professional, uber-connected pedophocracy paedophiles. If any of them ever cop any publicity, it's a complete fluke. And sure enough a machine swings into action to shut everything down."

This is so true and helps to explain to the victim of the amateur why many victims of the professionals and their minions do not remember their violations until much later. The lone sociopathic amateur has little knowledge of the methods of the professional. The elite pedophocracy was shocked by the ultimate long term failure of trauma based altaring. This is why the false memory syndrome propaganda was begun. Too many victims of the professionals and their bought and paid for minions were remembering...en mass...that is how widespread the program was. The artificial altars were starting to crumble in a big way. So, they devised FMS. It worked for a while... driving victims of the professionals and their minions to doubt their own minds...which was, of course, the purpose of the false memory propaganda. However, since the pedophocracy now know that the survival mechanism of lost memory may not hold permanently, don't for one minute think they are not working on that little bug. Soon, there may be NO survivors to remember. Whether amateur or professional, the underlying motivation is greed. What a sick lot they are.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is right about pedophilia being THE GREAT underlying common denominator for the corruption of those in positions of power world wide. Adultery, even murder does not hold a candle to the vileness of pedophilia in the minds of most. Because child molestation is so revolting to a person of conscience, it is the greatest of blackmail tricks on the greedy, would be powerful minions promised money, employment, prestige and power from participation and complicity. Convicted pedophiles are usually segregated from other prison inmates, because even convicted murderers have no sympathy for child molesters. With the altars crumbling and the veil of secrecy being swept away, the truth of the gravity of the criminality of the pedophocracy is being revealed; and thus, the push is on to legitimize these abominable activities to the masses in ways such as annemarie noted. There are too many in positions of power that have been participants. The powers that be must make these activities tolerable to the public to save their own sorry asses. It is all just so very sickening.

the Silverfish said...

And on the night of a full moon to, whoda thunkit?
Here I was thinking that it was only my dogs and the little woman that went nutz at this time of the month.

nobody said...

Two anons, both spot on. I really grooved on that take on the nature of FMS. My kind of holistic thinking. In amongst many ways of viewing the enormity of FMS, that's as right as any.

And the Silv as cryptic as ever. You should be a crossword compiler mate! You could reduce twenty year veterans to tears of frustration, ha ha.

Otherwise a full moon. I don't know about other people but I love it. Mind you, we were fully clouded over last night. Speaking of frustration...

Franz said...

Yes, there are ABSOLUTELY two paedophilias maybe even three if we consider covers. Like:

Janet Redo, Bill Clinton's mass murderess in chief, only ordered the tanks and flamethrowers into Waco, Texas on SUSPICION of "child abuse" in the compound.

Right! She suspected ONE child was being abused so she incinerated ALL OF THEM.

The real story at Waco was that David Koresh knew about the dope dealing the aristocracy was up to, especially Clinton, Bush and Oliver North. So all of Koresh's people at Waco had to die anyway.

But they used possible child abuse as a cover, so they do know how to play it for the masses.

At least when they want to kill.

nobody said...

Paedophilia is a double edged sword. Here in Oz it's being used to shut down the internet. Oz is the test case sure enough. Depending on how things go here it will be rolled out elsewhere, with Australia as the proof of the rightness of it all.

And sure enough where do all these paedophile jpgs and quicktimes come from? The pedophocracy! Where else? Dig it, the work of the professionals pinned on the amateurs, with the amateurs unwittingly playing the role of stalking horse to shut down the only means of unmasking the professionals. Actually you have to admire the arse-backwards beauty of this...

Franz said...

nobes --

"Actually you have to admire the arse-backwards beauty of this..."

I honestly DO admire the cryptocracy's sliminess because the stupids NEVER catch on.

The test case in your country would almost be redundant here in Israel's Biggest Subsidiary, but at least your gang is being honest. Ours never is.

They made an "X-files" movie some years back that's actually hard to get ahold of because a subplot got too close to the bone. Martin Landau played a "conspiracy researcher" the government tried to shut up by putting jpgs of kid porn on his hard drive. Almost gave it away that time.

PS, since I mentioned a movie, thanks for the review of CLOVERFIELD. I lasted maybe 20 minutes with it. I thought it was me, but all that shaking kept bothering the wife's cat too.

nobody said...

Cheers Frank, and hats off to your obviously discerning cat.

Miraculix (Doug) said...

Mr. N said: "As I say to people, stick around for as long as you can stand it. And that may not be long what with me as a fellow who eschews all beauty products, ha ha. Funnily enough, I'd been thinking of doing a piece about my ongoing experiments on how few of them one actually needs."

Mate, the parallels just keep piling up. It's almost too much. Got your wing on this one as well. Good personal hygiene does not require slathering one's corpus in nasty industrial chemical goop masquerading as "health care" products (when they are quite the contrary). As any monastic type will surely know, nudge nudge. From the "new car smell" of 99 Cent Store shampoo to the over-priced "green" stuff hoovered up by the "environmentally aware" that is only marginally improved, and at profit margins that will spin your head.

It's all a really sick joke -- and the joke's on you, getting sick.

Maybe we should start a 21st Century Brahmin's Club, eh Bruce? =)

As for our man "Stevie", I personally prefer the broadly descriptive and more comprehensive term "Company Man" to "disinfo agent". Anyway, small-time "Company Men" like Stevie the Wonder Seal, and all the other lackeys stuck running first-line cover for the institutional systems behind which the real monsters of the Capital-P Pedophocracy hide, have been with us on the public 'Net since it's emergence in the early 1990's, trust me. I like to think of them as the telemarketers of the intelligence community. Suggestions to the contrary, that they are a paranoid fiction, are at best naive and at worst a couple long steps past disingenous. The "Internet" began life as a DARPA project. The NSA has been involved from the outset, which is to say since before it was even officially acknowledged to even exist. What more need be said there?

As for identifying them, Mr. N has generously given us this excellent case study to ponder, should we be inclined to learn the rules of engagement. Offer the individual a clear research path. If they return to the discussion clearly informed and ready to sanely discuss the finer points, synthesis is served and the conversation moves forward. Agreement need not be complete, but basic acknowledgement of the evidence at hand and its integration into their view are required. It's no guarantee they're not still playing, but we're mostly concerned with basics here and now.

We achieved case study proportions when our Company Man followed an abortive alternative trajectory very early in the game. And as N also pointed out, this does not certify company status, but it is strongly suggestive of ulterior motives beyond the conversation at hand -- if they are anything more than a simple dupe.

As for the particular ad hominem strategy employed, your loyal irony farmer here can only chuckle in his morning mug of tea. The bulk of what constitutes "higher education" is a massive pile of reading and regurgitation -- also known as "research" -- is it not? Even in our wired world, one still "reads" for a degree at Oxford. Exactly the opportunity offered to company candidate Stevie. If I was the prof here, I'd be handing back an ''F''. This is not conclusive "hair sample & carpet fiber" evidence, but as circumstantial proof it's like spotting copies of Jane's Aviation Weekly and Government Business Systems on Stevie's dashboard while doing a little surveillance.

What Stevie was planning to do, following the script in his highlighter-stained copy of Disinfo for Dummies, was to invoke authority when Mr. N played along like a well-trained "civilized person". It is genuinely scary when one realizes how many individuals will completely divorce themselves from all personal responsibility when the appropriate level (or type) of authority (or figure) is invoked in the correct ways. The "lemming effect" is strong in our social wiring, for certain, and a big limbic button easily pushed. A standard first-line strategy, broadly effective and sure to fragment the discussion group along useful lines for further differentiation.

Why exactly do you think the Company has long funded the beejeezus out of the "social sciences" from both sides of the budget? To explore what? Human behavior, social systems and the rich field of possibility between these two poles of attraction. Plenty of incriminating hard evidence in the government's own files there. But only for those compelled enough to look. A perfect demonstration of the red pill/blue pill analogy, no matter how much I loathe the metaphor these days.

But Stevie has only completed the first two modules of Forum Management. When a revealingly polite invocation of authority (think: iconic power) hit the pavement with a sickening splat before it was even halfway there -- run down by an unexpectedly "uncivilized" reaction -- the fall back was the most basic discrediting technique in the textbook, which is why it's taught in the very first module: drawing the individual into a vitriolic personal exchange, more commonly referred to as a "flame war".

Follow-on finger-pointing usually puts the finishing touches on the hack job. In other words, disengaging ("letting go") at this point is the only effective way to reveal the less practiced Company Man, leaving them in a tactically limited position and practicing virtual Aikido from there.

It is also clear to this long-time observer that Stevie hasn't been at the work very long, or simply doesn't have the "knack" for it, IF it's anything more than blind ignorance. For what it's worth, a more adept disinfo practitioner/Company Man would:

not have resorted to ad hominem until very late in the game, if ever;

not have been knocked over by Mr. N's asymmetric repsonse;

not have been so sickeningly polite in the first place, creating a palpable "character discontinuity" when things went quickly sour.

If Stevie is just an idiot, he'll probably just keep on ranting. If he's not, he may attempt to rescue his position by retreating back into ├╝ber-polite reasonable behavior. Watch and see. Practice discernment, observe character and consistency, much like watching a film. Harvesting another row of irony right there. The tools that make the game also break the game. Practical knowledge, that.

All this and more unfolds every day across the myriad fora scattered throughout the vast and bizarrely decorated and staffed edifice (like a virtual Library of Alexandria, crossed with the customer service department at Tower Records) that is the 'Net. Get used to it. Learn their ways. Give them wide berth or play Don Quixote to your heart's content. I stopped caring about such things about 1997. All that remains is to title the above "Troll-Spotting 101" and end this ramble.

And speaking of Rigorous Intuition, my wife just finished Mr. Wells' apparently excellent new book of the same title (published by Trine Day in December 2008). Now it's my turn. I'll report back with an overview and findings when the time is right.

# # #

nobody said...

Folks, you can tell Mir used to do this for a living can't you? Thanks Mir. I don't know if anyone has been dropping back into Xymphora's (and I haven't today yet) but Stevieb continues to sputter on. And he seems unable to change tack. All he wants to talk about is McMartin. Which, now that I've called him, equates to digging deeper.

I reckon the smart money would let it drop. Fact is, it's in the comments section (where the majority of people don't go anyway) of an article now buried by half a dozen new ones. Frankly just ignoring a person and treating him as a madman shouting to himself is always a useful, and pretty standard, technique. But like you said Mir, he seems not to have gotten very far in the playbook.

And Geoff Wells is very good isn't he? I should read more of this stuff. And now that I've pretty much stopped bothering with wrh (Who'd a thunk it? Not me, that's for sure) I think he'll make a fine substitute.

nobody said...

Ha ha ha, just back from xymphora's. I don't know if Stevieb took my advice, or came to his own conclusion, but he's now begged off. The best he could do by way of a final zinger was to accuse me of being a teenager. Yours truly - Zinged!

Otherwise, I'm happy to declare that at no time, not ever, did he say anything that would cause me to change my mind on him. Like I said over there, I feel like Jim Garrison after he met with Clay Shaw. "Well, we got one of them right there."

Anyway, that's enough conflict. Back the peace, love, and understanding.

Penny said...

good god, I didn't realize you had gone back to xymphoras and that had continued on!
entertainment at it's finest.

I don't see stevie b around in the newer posts and it is usually the same names there, so......

(of course I could have missed him)

you mentioned you saw the mcmartin mother somewhere, where was it.

Anonymous said...

Late, I know - add into the mix that GPR as mentioned in the McMartin tunnel study is a tad touchy these days. This radar system, or more precisely this application of radar technology, has been used for ages in 'prospecting' and more recently in climate study data collection.
But,it has also been used to debunk mass graves claims in certain err, sensitive areas.

It follows naturally enough it's imperative that is is opposed/debunked wherever it is used in any way similar to the mass graves scenario.

So if like me, you were wondering why StevieB turned up to play....

Evan Long said...

Same-same the Columbine High School shooting.

Anonymous said...

Oh Nobody - you really are a twat.

You aren't a challenge - nor is doug. But please - let's you, him an myself really have this out properly.

I don't think you can afford to do that. Much in the same way you couldn't afford to post our entire conversation as it would lead to you getting considerably less hits than you already get now - hahaha....

But anyway - there isn't anybody on your site that can touch me. I challenge anybody, anytime and anywhere to debate the McMartin Hoax.

I am right. And you were shown pathetically wrong - and only your resident psycho's - whose every second word is fuck and use words like "motherfucker". Brilliant - but not likely to win a debate, LOL. You have not answered any on my questions because you cannot. You have the mental capacity of a cockroach.

As I say - anytime anywhere. Tell doug I said he's a bore...


PS show your mom ask her what she thinks of you potty mouth and lack of research skills(although you are quite a bit better than doug - I really enjoyed his account of searching google for McMartin Hoax info - well done egghead...LOL)

Keep coming by Xymph - I'm sure the cast will take you very seriously after your lovely display of intellectual brilliance...

nobody said...

Ha Ha! Stevieb is back and spitting chips! One here and four over at the Rivero 10% thing.

What's up? Did somebody kick your arse and tell you to get back in there? Threaten you with excommunication or something?

Otherwise folks, Stevieb wanted to say, "McMartin! McMartin! McMartin!" No surprises there. He also provides a link to a piece written by Ralph Underwager of the bullshit False Memory Syndrome Foundation that is entitled 'I am not a paedophile so there!'. Or something like that.

Stevieb, you don't get it. You seem incapable of doing anything that doesn't precisely resemble the actions of a pedophocracy disinfo spook. Nothing. Just so you know mate, I have famously reversed my position on any number of things, and declared that I was wrong. And I'd even do it for you. But I ain't gonna because on the topic of the pedophocracy you have NEVER failed to follow a disinfo line. As best I can tell, you're completely incapable of it.

Of all the things I talked about over at Xymph's you ignored all of them and stuck to your single point. (And despite your bullshit assertions to the contrary, it was YOUR point) And YOUR point is - There were no paedophiles at McMartin and thus any talk of organised paedophilia is bullshit.

On top of this, the only links you've ever provided were to notorious defenders of paedophilia. Honestly mate, we all roll our eyes.

I'll say it again. You got the game, you may as well have the name. I dub thee Stevie 'paedophile' B! Arise!

Anyway, lovely to have you pop in! Sadly your efforts here will sink into obscurity as a new piece goes up. Oh look, is that one coming now? Sure looks like it.

nobody said...

PS As for censorship, yep I censor. I've declared on several occasions that I am not here to provide a platform for racists of any description. So far this has consisted of Zionists and White Supremacists, whom I view as two peas in a pod. My protocol for this is that the entry will appear and I will explain who it was from, what it said, and why I deleted it.

Sure enough, I'm happy to include in this otherwise very short list, people who push a pro-paedophile line. And that's you Stevie. You and your one-note song. Keep it up and I won't even bat an eyelid.

nobody said...

Pen, I can't remember where I saw her but if you google Jackie McGauley, you should be able to follow the trails.

the Silverfish said...

Ah the moon is waning so to perhaps shall this, we can only hope.

nobody said...

Consider it waned!

Miraculix (Doug) said...

If you want my formerly professional opinion Mr. N, no company man is this knuckle-dragging dense or tactically blind.
The Company does tend to hire the "smarter" ones, after all.

For the present, it appears you've attracted a run of the mill maroon with the usual compulsion to "have it out" out loud -- and all the usual retarded rigamarole that accompanies such silliness.

Hell, I was even credited me with bad research habits on Google (I refuse to use Google as verb) relative to McMartin, when I did no such thing. My contribution was an analysis of the exchange and what it might mean relative to his/her possible job description.

Apparently, reading comprehension is also not a strong suit. But what do I know, as according to the Ad Hominator I'm just a bore with poor research skills... =)

Over & out.

nobody said...

Ha ha ha, it seems the only argument against his being a spook is his ineptness. You may have a point, Mir, he is pretty inept. To be called on a single-minded straw man campaign, with all his links to pro-paedophile websites, and then respond to this by digging the hole deeper with the same straw man and the same websites is, gee, I don't know, can we bypass 'inept' and go straight to 'retarded'?

Mind you, you're assuming he's a professional and not some enthusiastic amateur. Perhaps he's some professional wannabe?

Actually the only thing we know for sure is that he's a bullshit artist. His continual attempts to posit McMartin as my case is false and easily proven to be so. There's no way he can be confused about that.

Stevieb, if you're reading - I'd love you to pop in and declare that I did so too bring up McMartin first. (Don't listen Stevieb, it's a trap!). Who was that fellow in the brackets there? Never mind him Stevieb, it is not a trap nor anything like one. It's just a friendly invitation. By way of a dare, ha ha.

I dare you Stevieb! I dare you to say that McMartin was my case and I brought it up!

Best regards! n.

paul said...

I used to read rigorous intuition til I found Jeffs blindspot (9/11). Then I decided I had better things to do than read either an idiot or a liar.

nobody said...

Thanks Paul,

In spite of my declarations to spend more time on rigint, I haven't. And now thanks to you, I probably shan't, or if I do I'll be saved trying to figure out what's missing in this picture. Onya.