Thursday, April 16, 2009

North Korea, Fiji, Thailand - The Absentometer™ Goes Berserk

North Korea - Villains! As proof of their murderousness, they have provocatively fired a long range 'missile'. The bloc-media sings a single song of righteous indignation. Three nights running now the TV has hosted a parade of Western leaders, commentators, academics, and think-tank types who have described in detail why we must strengthen and protract North Korea's misery, suffering, and starvation. The North Koreans bring it upon themselves, you see.

And what do the North Koreans have to say about this 'missile'? Not that we're interested of course, but it's some nonsense about 'launching a satellite'. Pah! What a crummy lie! The West laughs at such nonsense. A lie so easy to disprove! What idiots! Cut to President Obama saying that their talk of a satellite is a lie and demonstrably so. Cut to a NASA representative saying how the US tracks thousands of orbiting objects and doesn't miss a thing. Cut to satellite tracking expert sitting at his computer with the screen clearly demonstrating the non-existence of this satellite. Cut back to smarmy newsreader shaking his talking head at the pathetic nature of North Korean lying.

Wait a minute! What's the annoying beeping noise? Oh look, it's my patented Absentometer™ going berserk. Impossibly, it seems that none of the above happened. In a very busy discussion of the whole North Korean 'missile' caper, not a single person did the beyond-obvious thing and declare that there was no satellite. Go figure. For three nights running now, I've been yelling at the television, 'Is there a satellite or not?' and no one wants to answer the question. That it could be answered is beyond certainty. In terms of argument it's a no-brainer. If there was no satellite, they'd say so, loudly and repeatedly.

That the powers in the West have failed to address the single most obvious, lay-down misere argument-winner can mean only one thing - the Koreans did launch a satellite. We may not acknowledge this since being able to launch a satellite is no crime at all. We launch them all the time and no one bats an eyelid. In fact, when Australia launched its first we all celebrated and Australia Post printed a special commemorative stamp.

Bugger satellites and bugger every other reason given why we must hate North Korea. The true reason must not be uttered - North Korea does not have a privately owned money supply. Subsequently, annihilation is to be their lot. And we in the West, the un-ironic, 'freedom-defending' debt-peons of the banking families are to be the agents of their annihilation. Yeah well, three cheers for us.


Fiji - Villains! What have they done now? It seems that the Fijian military refused to obey the Fijian Court of Appeal's order that they hand over power. The military are fascists and racists. The military of course is entirely indigenous Melanesian. The Supreme Court is almost entirely Indian and expat whites. The military, as an expression of the Melanesian discontent, seem to have some mad objection to: the government, the judiciary, banking, business, and the media all being in the hands of ethnic Indians and non-Melanesians. Obvious racists! And as we all know, there's only one type of racism - that of the majority who object to a distinct minority who perpetually seems uninterested in inter-marrying, or otherwise having anything to do with the majority apart from taking their money.

And now Commodore Frank Bainimarama, the leader of Fiji's military, has gone one step too far. He's thrown out whomever it was that ran Fiji's Reserve Bank. Good God! He's really done it now hasn't he? The media, sure enough, interviews everyone with a tale to tell. Pay no attention to the fact that they're all non-Melanesian. Look, there's Sean Dorney, long-time (and curiously spotty) foreign correspondent, explaining how the complete absence of anyone protesting, or hitting the streets, or any other thing, is proof of the totality of the military's grip, and also of the climate of fear that they've instilled in the entire population. Of course, had people hit the streets and protested that would have been proof of the unpopularity of the military. Don't flip that coin! Sean Dorney has spoken.

But never mind the expats, what does Bainimarama have to say on the matter? Oh-oh, is that my Absentometer™ going nuts again? God, that's annoying. In amongst all of this, we didn't hear a single word from Bainimarama. Perhaps he has some crazy wooly-bully superstition that a camera will capture his soul? Or maybe he's shy? Or maybe we are? Not us! As if the media would be shy of hosting a discussion of the nature of Reserve Banking. The fact that they've never had one before, not ever, is, I don't know... a fluke or something. Ha ha ha ha, but seriously, I'll bet money that the reason Bainimarama isn't on the telly explaining his actions against the Reserve Bank is because he'd make far too much sense and might even have us wondering about our own Reserve. What do you think? Hmm... best we not go there.

Metaphorically, that is. Physically, we WILL go there. Now that Bainimarama has kicked out the bankers, I'll lay odds that Australian troops will be in Fiji sooner rather than later. I've no idea how this will be brought about, but some means of Bainimarama's forced ejection is a cold, hard certainty. I wonder if we could pull off a Fijian version of Alfredo Reinado? That worked a treat in East Timor. The script rolled out like clockwork with helpful, freedom-loving Australian troops hitting the ground to deliver to the Timorese people peace, love, and a clear understanding that the gas fields just offshore actually belonged to Australia. Australia! International good guys!


Thailand - Villains! Or heroes! Ayah, this is so confusing. Who's who, here? Two colour-coded revolutions. The first was clearly a George Soros style effort. It had yellow t-shirts, yellow flags, and free yellow pop concerts. Absurdly, the police and military were happy to let them occupy Bangkok airport. Don't they know there's a War!On!Terror! with airports as the front line? It seems that those nice yellow people broke their hearts (unlike those Burmese refugees whom they towed out to sea to starve to death). Sure enough the yellow people were media darlings.

Like all the other well-organised colour-coded revolutions, this was an expression of the people's will. They were sick and tired of Thaksin Shinawatra's party who wickedly kept winning elections and were otherwise popular with the poor majority of Thailand's population. God knows what was up with this so-called 'majority'. What's that? Universal healthcare? Perhaps they're commies?

And now there's another colour-coded revolution. Red this time! Did somebody say commies, just now? But where's the picnic atmosphere? Where are the pop concerts and free food? And why are they so angry? How keen they are to smash stuff up! Who's leading these people? They're doing a poor job. You'd almost wonder (yes, thank you Aangirfan) if the point of the exercise wasn't now to discredit the opposition and make the current unelected fellow look like a peace-making good guy. But who knows? If only we had some means of finding out what the majority of the people wanted.

Oh, oh, what's that pinging noise? It's that rotten Absentometer™ wondering where the democracy-loving West's calls for a fresh election are. This current leader is unelected. Why are we not insisting he set a timetable for elections? We do this all the time. In Madagascar just lately, when that new fellow (and boy does the West hate him!) declared that elections would be held within whatever timeframe it was we were outraged. Not good enough! It must be sooner! That's us, The West - Champions of Democracy! Except in Thailand. There, we withhold our demands for elections. And quite right too. Since the Thais kept getting it wrong best we just skip it. The only thing you need to remember is that we are the good guys. Huzzah! Huzzah! We are always right!


Never mind the Absentometer™ - it's a tricky beast to tune. And arguably you don't need it since it only functions as a means of confirmation anyway. Really, everything you need to know about any given foreign leader's status as villain or hero can be seen by how we in the debt-peon West variously congratulate or condemn them. If our bought-and-sold leaders clap their hands like a line of performing seals, you know that they're applauding a fellow who's every bit as owned as they are. The lackeys all congratulate each other. And whomever our leader/lackeys condemn and warrant as worthy of economic strangulation, old-style starvation, or out-and-out death-from-above destruction, must clearly be someone with more cojones and independence than they'll ever have.

I reckon it's as simple as that.


nobody said...

PS I just read a piece in Rupert Murdoch's Oz (!) by Graham Davis that goes against the media line and defends Bainimarama. Significantly, from my point of view, the article shows that my thumbnail sketch of Fiji to be overly simplistic. The Fijians have a raft of constitutional rights that seem to put those of the Maori and the Hawaiians in the shade. On top of this a great deal of earlier Fijian skulduggery was thanks to native Fijians rabblerousing against the Indians who suffer from a discriminatory electoral college. Mind you, a lot of the impetus for that earlier monkey business came from 'mysterious outsiders', I recall.

Regardless, I'm prepared to bet that there's more than a few truths in my thumbnail. And my central point about the bank still stands. Sure enough, Davis didn't touch it. Not that Murdoch would have printed it if he had...

Anonymous said...

People Power is usually linked to the security services. - Aangirfan

nobody said...

Aangirfan! So! You think your Shaolin 'Less is More' style is a match for my Wudangshan 'More or Less' style, do you?

Hmm... now that I think about it, you might be right, ha ha. Thanks for stopping in. And don't mind the humour. There's very little I can't reduce to complete idiocy.

the Silverfish said...

I know nothing about North korea with the exception rhat I probably wouldn't want to live there.

As for Thailand all I know about it is the times that I spent there during my denure in South East Asia and for that all I can say is that it was an interesting place, Whores to no end and more weapons than the US military, life was cheap in Bangkok. The life depending on whom would cost anywhere from 40 to 100 Baht and when one conciders that the exchange rate was 44 Baht to one Canadian dollar life was very cheap indeed.

And as for Fiji all I can say is that the most peaceful time of my life was spent there. Ok it was just for a couple of weeks at a time scuba diving but still it was simply heaven on earth. Why do people have to fuck everything up? I don't get it,I really don't get it. No matter how good it gets they just have to mess it up.
I'm afraid that they might well mess up my nest as well, given the chance. No matter I shall not go gently into that cold dark night.

nobody said...

As for not wanting to live in North Korea, you wouldn't want to live in any country that's under a monetarist assault. If international banking wants to render your currency worthless, it's worthless.

As for 'life was cheap' I'm thinking that there might be something to be said for it. Imagining throwing out a fistful of 100 baht notes and saying 'Who will rid me of these troublesome bankers?'

the Silverfish said...

Perhaps that should be Shekels not Baht. How many takers would there be? I wonder. But then again a Jew would gut his own mother with a penknife if the coin was there.

As for Korea some places are bad no matter who tells you it is so. There was a time that I was told that Vietnam was bad as well. At the time I believed that to be so and all I did was to help it be worse, Korea is however an experiment that I feel has gone wrong, terribly wrong by whatever gage one chooses to use. I here by end comments on this issue.

Penny said...

I sort of figured that North Korea had launched the satellite.

Can't say why, it was just the conclusion I had drawn.

Doug Plumb said...

Where did you learn that North Korea doesn't have a privately owned money supply ? I believe that to be true, I'm just curious where you got it. (

I know thats why Yogoslavia was attacked. I know thats why most of the wars are started, - its either that or just to generate waste, kill people and collect more income tax such as in ww2.

nobody said...

Hello Doug,

What a curious question. The short answer is I didn't learn it anywhere. There is no website I can point you at that says that it is so. And if there was, would that mean anything? And then there's the flipside of this whereby I could point you at any number of websites that will explain in detail how the US Fed is fact everything it pretends to be.

What I do not do here, in fact it's the point of the exercise, is use a long lens to zero in on a thing. My lens is as wide as possible. I look for what is utterly absent in the media to decide whom the media serves. I'm always attempting to stitch a big picture together. Whether I achieve what I'm after remains to be seen.

In your second para, you show that your head is in a similar place. Mind you, with your two posited options, I don't see why it can't be both. I have the bankers pegged as godfather and the corporations as the capos. The godfather decides what course of action serves him, the capos go do it and are free to make money on the side. They have to be kept happy after all. They could depose the godfather if they wanted to.

Otherwise on the subject of North Korea I had a spray on the fascinating subject of the so-called 'super-notes'. I just now re-read it. It's not bad. Admittedly I make the same point there that I make here but by way of a different angle.

Anyway, let's put it this way. we're given reasons why things are done. Invariably they're just assertions. And invariably if you attack the proposition they make no sense. Me, I attack the proposition and assert a different reason that I reckon makes far more sense. If you wanted to say it was unscientific, I'd have to agree with you.

But what's a fellow to do?

slozo said...

Nobody - Speaking of the Absentometer, let's have a look at a war-torn region that is as off the map of public knowledge as you can get: Sri Lanka.

I work with quite a few SriLankan fellows, and before becoming my coworkers, I had found out quite a bit about privately through a friend of mine who had gone to work there as a hospital administrator for an aid organisation. Eventually, of course, they were kicked out (the last westerners to be kicked out, actually), and they went back off the map for me . . . but recently, I have been making all kinds of connections with people from there, and a friend a few days ago handed me a sheet of paper he sheepishly thought I might be interested in.

It was a letter from a dead man, one of those "in the event of my death" posthumous deals, and, well - it's self-explanatory. Here it is:

Guess which countries have made sure that even the aid agencies aren't allowed in Sri Lanka? Guess which countries have been providing all the nasties in SriLanka with arms directly and via proxy?

It's just another sad story of the wonderful gift of western imperialism, and the twisted, blackened corpses it leaves behind in the wake.

nobody said...

Sure, and don't forget the Israelis. Try googling some combination of - mossad israel sri lanka tamil tigers training ostrovsky.

slozo said...

Well, I just figured it was a given that the Israelis had their hands in that pie, as they have a hand in every other current mess around asia.

Whether it's the US or Israel, dog or tail wagging whom (or perhaps the fleas on the dog with fealty to the tail?), matters not. The result is a wide swath of destruction, and the smoking coals of it are afterward stoked and prodded to burn the maximum amount of time.