Thursday, March 19, 2009

Twin Pillars

In much the same way that when one drinks from a spittoon it's impossible to back out half way through, looking into the pedophocracy leads you far further than you ever wanted to go. (It's all Aangirfan's fault. Curse you Aangirfan!)

It began with me looking into the Madeleine McCann abduction. I thought little of it when it occurred way back when, but I'm now convinced that the whole affair was precisely the pedophocracy in action. Given Portugal's insanely huge Casa Pia childcare scandal that swept up members of the government, judiciary, police, and the media - and which is precisely equivalent in scope to Belgium's Dutroux scandal - it beggars belief that the media spent more time pointing fingers at the McCanns than wondering at organised paedophilia. And sure enough, hardly anyone has heard of Casa Pia. Nuts.

Anyway, as one follows pedophocracy links and trails, one heads further and further into red pill territory. It's almost enough to make you sympathise with that fellow in the Matrix who regretted taking the aforementioned. Eventually my trail led me to this, and this, and this. To a certain extent I wonder if I should be linking to such things. Only because it's the equivalent of being thrown in the deep end. Hmm... 'deep end' doesn't quite cut it - how about 'the abyss'? Which is to say, had someone shown me all of this ten years (in my Time magazine days), or even two years ago (in my nowt-but-wrh days), I'd have rejected it outright whilst wondering at their sanity. No longer. And presumably anyone reading here has already been through Dave McGowan with his pedophocracy and programmed killers (along with the various discussions here of related wickedness) and so I think it's a step we're capable of.

I have no idea if everything in amongst those assorted links is true. After all, I'm just some loudmouth bullshit-artist living in a low-rent Tourist Town. With my happily unmolested childhood I have no experience of anything even close to this kind of thing - all that schooling under the Catholics and no one so much as laid a finger on me. Thus, I bring nothing to the discussion but observations.

In this spirit, it strikes me that the blizzard of undeniable facts coming from the US, Belgium, the UK, France, Portugal, Italy, and Russia, must necessarily lead a thinking man to viewing those articles' big picture explanations (à la Operation Monarch and MPD/DID) as, if not likely, at least feasible. Very feasible.

And speaking of sniff-tests, there's my ever-handy Media Absentometer™ wherein an occult entity's power is in inverse proportion to its explication in the media. Individual incidents will slip out but they will never be pursued and no big picture will ever be constructed. The media's spotlight points everywhere but there. Certainly I'm talking about the private ownership of the world's money supply, but let's plug the pedophocracy into this concept. In terms of a thousand isolated events never being viewed as part of a big picture, it's right up there with banking. (In this vein, how about we plug the Catholic Church into the absentometer? Oops, bent the needle backwards it seems.)

Mind you, the pedophocracy isn't quite in banking's league. I'd say it scores a 9 to the money-masters' perfect 10. Firstly, things monetary have a distinct leg-up advantage insofar as they're unintelligible to begin with. Even if one does manage to explain the basics of banking to someone, it remains a nebulous concept for them - in much the same way that since GM food doesn't make you instantly sick, the government has never banned it, and it looks exactly like regular food, perhaps there's nothing wrong with it?

The pedophocracy on the other hand, requires no arcane explanation. Everyone instantly gets it - you put 'sex' and 'kids' in the same sentence and patient explanation becomes hysterically unnecessary. Paedophilia will never be airily dismissed like the unintelligible complexities of banking. Which is to say, both the banking elite and the pedophocracy max out the Absentometer, but the latter doesn't get quite such an easy ride.

And then there's Rothschild's balls-out statement 'Give me control of a nation's currency and I care not who makes its laws.' This is him unambiguously telling us that he's beyond the law. And how does the pedophocracy rate on this scale? Hooly Dooly! They pretty much max that fucker out, don't they? And sure, there have been trials and publicity. But the wash-up is something else. Who went to jail for McMartin? The Presidio/West Point affair? The Franklin scandal? Jersey? North Wales? L'Affaire Dutroux? Would I be right in thinking that all up it was two people maybe? Wow. And sure, the Rothschilds get a lovely, comfy obscurity, and paedophilia in Belgium was bigger than Ben Hur, but either way the ballpark is the ballpark.

For mine, these are the twin pillars of occult power. Oh wait, I was just about to wonder at the relationship between the two, when a thought occurred. What if we were to take the metaphor one step sideways and call them the Two Towers? Ring a bell? What if I was to say that banking was Sauron's base, and the pedophocracy was Saruman's? That kind of works - one is subordinate to the other; the destruction of one will not automatically lead to that of the other; and both have utility for their counterpart; and yet each can independently act in their own interests. Above all however, the one ring rules and the fundamental relationship of who's master of whom remaining unchallenged.

But not wishing to take anything for granted, let's reverse things. I can see no way that the pedophocracy could seize the banker's power. On the other hand the pedophocracy could belong to anyone. You lay your hands on their video collection and you have them by the balls. Frankly I see that as being the whole point of it. Hmm... I seem to recall that Interpol has a database of every kiddy porn image and movie ever made. A thing worth having, that, wouldn't you say?

And besides, there's no way the whole world could come under pedophocracy control. 'We are all paedophiles now', ha ha. As if. No, I have the pedophocracy pegged as servant to banking's master. It's a means of control via corruption. Someone need merely dip their toe in the pedophocracy pool and that's them done for. They're owned. And the idea of a corruption-based control mechanism existing to further the interests of a corruption-based control mechanism strikes me as an idea disappearing up its own arse. You wouldn't bribe a politician because you're nutty for bribery, if you can dig it. You bribe them to achieve something. That makes sense, doesn't it?


Oh dear, it seems I started on one thing and ended up with another. As usual I point my laser at a mirror ball. Brilliant. And now I've gone on too long. But rather than viewing this as waffling, why don't I do my usual trick and declare it to be the macro preface to the next piece's micro. Up shortly - Operation Monarch, Ursula LeGuin, and 'Know Thyself'.


nobody said...

Ha, further adventures in statcounter. In much the same way Les Visible hangs out at slate, I hang out at Craig Murray's blog. And there I was yesterday, explaining that there is no Al Qaeda. And look who clicked on my link back to here - (Houses Of Parliament) [Label IP Address]

United Kingdom, 0 returning visit

Date Time WebPage
18th March 2009 22:15:04
18th March 2009 22:37:25

Actually I should concede that it's entirely possible that there's nothing villainous about this at all. In fact I have a regular from the Australian version in Canberra whom I'm pretty sure is not a villain. Hey PM, don't worry, I think you're lovely, ha ha.

Still, Westminster eh? Going up in the world. I wonder if I'll get anyone from Buck House? That would be very lah-di-dah.

Penny said...

when you get something stuck in your head, it really sticks their.

The concept of twin pillars (evil & corruption) is interesting.

The thing with the little girl I wonder is it possible that one of the parents was involved?

That does seem to be the case with JonBenet Ramsay (from Dave McGowan)
Though, I can't recall if he thought it was Dad or brother and I don't want to go back and read that book again, sheesh, way to difficult.

Anyway back to your post control via corruption, very well said.

and that dutroux, he looks so slimey, creeps me out that pic.

the Silverfish said...

And You were never molested at the catholic school? Must have been yer long hair, the Priests must have thought you a girl and therefore had no interest.

Anonymous said...

I can't think of anything more evil than pedophilia.

And I'm not talking about the 18 year old boy charged for getting it on with a 15 year old, I'm talking the sexually deviant child abuse here. It's fundamentally evil, a total mindfuck. Like a total form of slavery that often propogates itself, I have always felt it's more about power, control, and submission.

And we all know that it's used as blackmail and control, but it must be more . . . I think it's a lot like the glue of religion - gives the sub-elites unity of purpose, and gives the few top guys an easier mechanism by which to shake the strings of the puppeteers themselves.

Well, I guess it is a religion, in its own way. Funny how it makes one wince to say that, as if it gains some legitimacy by calling it a religion.

Frightening stuff for new parents like myself . . . and of course, that must be part of the point too.

Thanks for the new links, they look interesting and I'll have to give them a read-over..

nobody said...

Hey folks,

Pen, as for your wondering at the parents, given that the initial and transparently corrupt Portuguese police investigation spent all its time trying to pin it on them, and also given that the media spent huge amounts of time and energy doing likewise (whilst never mentioning Casa Pia), this is enough for me to think they had nothing to do with it.

Actually the media did far more than 'spend time and energy'. They gleefully printed whatever shit was handed to them by the initial investigation (glaring inconsistencies or no), or otherwise just made it up themselves. And all of the lies and red herrings pointed at the parents - never the other way around. Go figure. Same same McMartin sure enough. All of those parents were variously dupes, drunks, or schizophrenics. (Thanks Mike Rivero!)

And sure, sometimes it is the parents. But I'm convinced that this is so in only a tiny minority of cases. It happens just often enough for the pedophocracy to seize on it whenever they're caught dead to rights. 'Blame the victim' is invariably their weapon of first resort.

And Slozo, it is a religion. In all of the aforementioned stories, satanic ritual features endlessly. This makes sense to me. If it was just 'sex' there's no way the structure could hang together. But religion provides structure. It was always this way. And some people within will believe and some won't. Same same any religion, and believe/disbelieve the structure is still there and everyone is subject to it. And sure enough, apostates get death. How many witnesses or suspects mysteriously died in the Dutroux thing? Twenty something?

And thank you Silv. All I can say is that in 12 years of schooling they did alright by me. Turned me into the nihilist I am today!

Keeping in mind of course (and I'm repeating myself but never mind) - Why is it that the first word we think of when we hear 'paedophile' is 'priest'? I'll say it's because stories about Catholic priest paedophiles are favourite media fodder. We get a new story every couple of months it seems. Even though we know the media is Jewish - even though the pedophocracy is the number one nothing-to-see-hear-folks non-story - on hearing the word 'paedophile' we still go 'BINK! PRIEST!'. It's a hell of a machine, the media. Despite the fact that we know that it's bullshit we still do that dog whistle thing.

And I'm not denying that there are paedophile preists. There are, obviously. But between the paedophocracy which is HUGE and gets NO coverage, and the Catholic Church which could hardly receive more, I really have to wonder.

Oh wait. I get it. Insofar as individual amateur (ie. non-pedophocracy) paedophiles are the only ones who ever get busted, and cop tons of publicity in amongst it, same same for priests. Does that work? Does for me. I suspect that tiers of the Catholic heirarchy are in fact in the pedophocracy. But you'll never hear about it. Meanwhile the Jewish media will scream bloody murder about the small-time amateurs and then dare the church to say something about it. Sure enough, there's no such thing as Jewish paedophiles.

Meanwhile I spent 12 years immersed in Catholic education and didn't see a goddamn thing. Not a sausage!

PS And the only occasion I'm familiar with, in which a Catholic priest slept with someone, that someone was my mother, ha ha. Mind you, I didn't learn this until decades later. And by then he was a bishop no less. Not that I gave a shit of course. And as for my mother, she didn't restrict herself to Catholic priests. In this regard her taste in men was completely 'catholic'.

Ha! I crack myself up!

Anonymous said...

He's certainly got the "numbers"..and a "marked" Man.

Unite has given £13.4 million
£800,000 'grace-and-favour'

800000/13333333 is close enough to a nice round 0.06 six.
Divide this 6 into one and you get a near 16.6666666, a "hex".
Divide 13333333 by 2 and you find a 6666666.666666

Must be a sort of who's who thing.

CatWeazle gets his first bath in 900 years. Magic transports him from 1066 to 1966!

nobody said...

Catweezil, repeat after me - 'I'm too sixy for my shirt'.

Franz said...

Hi nobdy, I really DO hate the subject.

This actually relates:

I wanted to give this whole topic a miss, but I knew people (LONG ago, totally young and dumb) that turned out to be spooks-playing-at-counterculture. You know all about that. Hateful lice. (Hollywood-Pedo-CIA Axis).

The subject of Heath's death, though, made some of us old conspiracy forum posters shudder even so. WHATEVER Mary Kate Olsen was up to or in on, she pops up constantly in the Programmed From Childhood lists. I first ran into this on David Icke's forum a couple years back but it's elsewhere also.

Almost too goofy. MK-ULTRA. M-K Olsen. (Not a first and middle name; a hyphen name.)

The warning signs for MKULTRA victims is early-age drug/alcohol abuse, ALMOST ALL of Hollywood's kids are on that list so it might be coincidence that MKO is too but...

IF you check out the above link and click on the HEEB reference... too many shades of strange going on. Like John Hinkley and Catcher in the Rye, that menorah.

There are no satanists, I think. There are spooks playing satanist. Anton Sandor Levay (b. Anthony Levy) started the Church of Satan in 1966 but he was with the terrorist Israeli Irgun from the get-go.

Umm... then again, maybe that clears it all up about satanism?

Anonymous said...

What a pile of bullshit. You obviously don't know anything about what you are talking about.

nobody said...

And that may be true but I do know a kick-arse argument when I see one. And that's a cracker! Such marvellous universality. It's a shame you only posted it here though. Whilst I don't blame you for having better things to do, by all rights you should have cut and pasted it into everything I ever wrote. No reason not to since it could just as well apply to anything written by anyone at any time.


I'm thinking that this individual has popped in from here. It's a forum devoted to discussing all things Madeleine McCann.

Attention forum folks - I wasn't actually writing about Madeleine McCann was I? It got a brief mention in the second para and then I moved on. It seems my greatest sin in their eyes was me responding to Pen here in the comments wherein I absolved the McCanns. Actually I did nothing of the sort. My answer was full of qualifications and equivocations.

Where I'm coming from, and in fact what started this current topic, was Mike Rivero's gratuitous heaping of shit on the parents involved in the McMartin case along with his inability to view paedophilia within a larger context, this being the pedophocracy.

And in a discussion about the big picture nature of the pedophocracy, an army of small picture ant-shafters want to take me to task about the single bit of the jigsaw puzzle that they all obsess over. Wake up folks. If you ain't viewing this in a big picture you're wasting your time. (Not to mention resembling disinfo merchants whilst you're at it.)

Just to make things clear - it's possible the McCanns are complicit in their daughter's disappearance. What enters the realms of impossibility is the media's month-long trip of being 'all Madeleine, all the time' and somehow failing to mention Casa Pia. That defies reality, common sense, you name it. With that in mind, the McCann thing stinks of the pedophocracy.

To be honest I'm not sure where these forum folks' heads are at. If they want to tell me that it's certain that the McCanns are part of the pedophocracy and handed Madeleine over, I'm up for it. But if they want to push some line about the McCanns and no one but the McCanns, (with the pedophocracy nowhere to be seen, a la the media), they'll be pushing shit uphill with me.

But who can tell with comments like the above? Not me, that's for sure.

Otherwise it's a shame aangirfan is on holiday. I'd love to know what he thinks. (I'd also love 'him' to tell me if those apostrophes are necessary.) Smiley winky thing!

And thanks for that Frank. I'll check it out. As for there not being Satanists, I think we're actually of a like mind. Whilst I do think there are Satanists, I don't think there's such a thing as Satan. I have as much time for Satan as I do for Thargus or whatever the fuck it was L Ron Hubbard was on about it.

But undoubtably there are Satanists who believe in Satan. Me, I reckon that anyone praying to 'Satan' is wasting their time. And likewise I have no doubt that there are spooks who are just pretending. Just like L Ron Hubbard. "If you really want to make a million, the quickest way is to start your own religion." Yeah, thanks Ron, good onya.

For the record, I'm a Buddhist of the nihilist variety.

the Silverfish said...

Soul Wound: The legacy of Native American Schools

A 2001 report by the Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada documents the responsibility of the Roman Catholic Church, the United Church of Canada, the Anglican Church of Canada, and the federal government in the deaths of more than 50,000 Native children in the Canadian residential school system.

The report says church officials killed children by beating, poisoning, electric shock, starvation, prolonged exposure to sub-zero cold while naked, and medical experimentation, including the removal of organs and radiation exposure. In 1928 Alberta passed legislation allowing school officials to forcibly sterilize Native girls; British Columbia followed suit in 1933. There is no accurate toll of forced sterilizations because hospital staff destroyed records in 1995 after police launched an investigation. But according to the testimony of a nurse in Alberta, doctors sterilized entire groups of Native children when they reached puberty. The report also says that Canadian clergy, police, and business and government officials “rented out” children from residential schools to pedophile rings.

Check it out and then it's a small step to think of ALL Catholic priests as paedophiles.

It's not that Priests become paedophiles, it's because paedophiles become priests, it's just that simple.

This will only end when the last priest is strangeled with the guts of the last bishop.

Anonymous said...

FYI - new Dave McGowan, and it's a real acid trip.

gallier2 said...

Hi, nobody, it's me, the ever smiling gallier2 (even if I do not smile a lot lately, my best brother is lying dying and nothing to do about as accepting our insignificance (is that even a word in english? in french it is, and as english is 55% french you will have to cope with it)).
I don't really have a comment on this specific piece, I haven't dwelled specifically on this Maddie story, but it is true that every story with a pedo connection stinks. And every time there is a real effort (as you can see it how they are trying) to blame it on some lonely nut. The Fourniret affaire and the Outreau affaire are prime example of that;
Funny, while writing this little comment, I checked on wikipedia (french) for spelling and found the list of TV shows concerning prominent court cases in France and above. What I found quite ironic, was that the titles for the paedophiles, often had a satanic reference. Look yourself:
List of shows for "Faites entrer l'accusé" (let the accused in) at
Saison 3:
Marc Dutroux - Le démon belge (28-08-2003, 23-04-2006)
(The belgian daemon)

Saison 9:
Michel Fourniret et Monique Olivier - L'alliance diabolique (24-03-2009)
The diabolic alliance

Maybe I'm only seeing things here.
Oh, btw, Dave McGowan has put up another part of his Laurel Canyon story (man where is he going with that ?).
Sorry if I'm a bit confusing here, my son just arrived and is quite diturbing, and I just had 3 magnificent Weizenbiers, so sorry, for not being as interesting as you deserve.

gallier2 said...

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hkgh hkjy yjyiy luoukjkukikjyo(oyujt oititjutj(uj(htuty gyjyiiyioyoepilj
iy hjjk yrtnyig gkrtg tgfj
jgjhjtgutjjht yoiy uiiy,y1

This was the comment my son (he's 4) had to make. Feel free not to publish it, it's more of a friendly wink...

nobody said...

Thanks for the McGowan pointers folks. At the moment Laurel Canyon isn't quite hitting it's earlier heights. Gram Parsons was interesting but between him and Jim Morrison and Frank Zappa, Parsons is barely a footnote. But regardless he gets two pages, and Altamont and Augustus Owsley Stanley III (the acid manufacturer) sadly only get a couple of paras.

But that's just me being picky. It's still a total eye-popper.

And thanks for your son's contribution there Galliard. Don't ask me why but I found it fascinating. I spent more time reading his thing than I did with yours, ha ha.

And okay Silv. I get it. And not forgetting her Catholic Majesty's representatives in Hispanolia and the rest of Central and South America. And it wasn't pretty here in Oz either. Mind you I don't think they quite plumbed the depths they did in the Americas.

Otherwise, if we're killing all the priests may I ask that three be spared? I recall them as being funny, charming, and certainly not paedophiles. Amongst other things they taught me not to be a drone. Please, please, may we spare them?

Anonymous said...

SixEight, SixEight Who's ya Daddy.

Six times Eight's Forty Eight.

Israel's birthdate.

1488 14 words, etc derives 1948....The entire "NeoNazi" movement's a load of putrefied Cocky Shit.

Penny said...

regarding Parsons and Laurel Canyon,

in an interview Dave did, he explains why Parsons is getting so much attention.

He epitomizes everything that is Laurel Canyon.

His entire life, is the life of Laurel Canyon

His family is well connected ie rich and bloodlines, his family is filled with suicides, his family has intelligence background, Parsons himself was an anti- Castro camper.

So Dave thinks he is Laurel Canyon, in one person.
If that helps?

As for madeline I did more reading on her, but not enough to know much more about that saga then I ever did.

As for silverfish's reference to the native abuse in Canada, what a shame, horrid that all is.

I am trying to think of this guys name, it will come to me, he has had it stuck to him, in Canada for the work he does for this cause.
I'll leave it when I can remember it
He has done a documentary, but mostly the Canadian gov and the Church try to shut him down.

nobody said...

Thanks for that Pen. That's brilliant and makes a ton of sense. The fact that Parsons didn't hit the heights of Jim Morrison, or even David Crosby, doesn't alter the fact that he precisely conforms to Laurel Canyon's insane template. Cool.

Anonymous said...

'I am trying to think of this guys name, it will come to me, he has had it stuck to him, in Canada for the work he does for this cause.
I'll leave it when I can remember it
He has done a documentary, but mostly the Canadian gov and the Church try to shut him down.'

The man's name is Kevin Annett - his website is