Saturday, March 14, 2009

Japanese spritzers, Scott Ritter, the G-spot, and other occult knowledge

There I was wandering around my own hard drive and I found some porn! It was the only thing I'd ever bothered saving. It was from a VCD I bought in Hong Kong years ago. I bought it because its cover caught my eye. The Chinese characters on the front said, '500 people!' and beneath that was a photo of hundreds of naked couples, each with their own futon, with the futons laid out in rows in some gigantic sound stage. Sure enough it was a Chinese knock-off of a Japanese thing. I expect it cost ten HK dollars which is about a buck fifty.

Buck fifty or no, it's one of the most extraordinary things ever. It's not an orgy or a free-for-all. All of the people are directed. They all do the same thing. They start with kissing. After ten minutes, with the cameras wandering through the ranks, the director gives the nod and everyone goes to the next foreplay position. And so on and so on. Ten minutes of each thing, with everyone in rows, all facing the same way, all simultaneously progressing through the various positions, man on top, woman on top, etc etc, until everyone 'goes' (nb. the Japanese do not so much 'come' as 'go'. Ha! this and a thousand other curiosities). And then it's all over bar the mopping up with the thoughtfully provided tissues. At no time is there any artifice, pretence, or bullshit. The whole thing is shockingly honest.

Okay, so this is porn but it's also something else. For mine, this is up there with Christo and Spencer Tunick. As art it's the equal of any of these, albeit without the famous backdrops. Viewed objectively, it's like some mad anthropological tableau, a real cultural trip. These people are so polite and considerate of each other! And within these ordered acts of nude uniformity is the wildest array of differences imaginable. I still don't know what to make of it. One could write it off as mere porn, sure. But this is so unlike anything you've ever seen before, and such a mindfuck, that it's beyond that. It's something else.

But! Forget about it! I don't really want to discuss this particular video. I merely insert the preceding as a preface to the following. (Or if you want to view it as me cravenly explaining why I have porn on my hard-drive, you may do so, ha ha.) And otherwise, I have no idea if this vid was a big deal in Japan. Perhaps it was run of the mill? Certainly its not-infrequent incidences of female orgasm and ejaculation are. In Japan, that is. In 'Western' porn (which is to say, Jewish porn) there's no such thing. What's perfectly unremarkable in Japan is completely and utterly absent in the West. And it's this line of thought that has fired my brain.

Okay so I've written about this before. Ever monotonous, me. But here I want to go one step further, make some new connections, and otherwise clarify things.


But let's leap to Scott Ritter first. Remember him? Way back when, in the weapons inspection phase after Bush the Elder's Gulf War, he was 'it'. He was the good-looking ex-marine who was stomping all over Iraq searching for WMD's. He was certainly all over the media. I saw him dozens of times and you probably did too. He was savvy, sharp, and pithy. He was so good that whenever the media needed an expert on WMD's in Iraq, Ritter was the first, and probably the only, name in their rolodex.

Cue to a couple of years later and we're in the run-up to the idiot son's Gulf War with a media discussion of same exact subject - WMD's in Iraq. On and on, an endless discussion of how Saddam was going to kill us all. Everyone who was anyone, and could string two words together, got on the TV to tell us about Iraqi WMD's. Everyone, except Scott Ritter. And nobody noticed. The only reason I noticed was on account of his name copping a single fleeting mention in a single fleeting newspaper article. It hinted that Ritter was somehow in disagreement with what the US government was telling us.

A minor explosion in the head of yours truly. Scott Ritter! Whatever happened to him? Why wasn't he on the telly? And he disagreed about the WMD's? Huh?! No one disagreed on this! What's going on? Fired with curiosity, I hit the net and discovered that Ritter was saying that there were no WMD's in Iraq at all. Not a sausage. And the media...?

The media, which apparently loves controversy, was utterly uninterested in a fellow who was, a) arguably the expert on the topic under discussion, b) media savvy and camera friendly, with an excellent track record, and c) had a controversial view on the biggest topic going.

I'll keep saying this because it's a big deal - Ritter's complete and utter absence in the media was IMPOSSIBLE.

Well, it was impossible if the media is what they say they are. Allegedly they love controversy. Allegedly they like to get the scoop that no one else gets. Allegedly they love to dig up the truth and win that Pulitzer. Scott Ritter was someone's ticket to all of these things and yet not one single media entity would touch him. Nuts.

The only possible explanation for Ritter's absence is one that pivots on the media as a bloc-media wherein no one may stray from a centrally dictated line. That's the only conclusion possible.

Okay, yawn, everyone gets it. It's all old hat. Well it certainly is on this blog, ha ha. But whatever. I just want to hammer home the principle that if one can figure out what's absent in any given media discussion, far more will be learnt than by attempting to analyse what's present. Or perhaps that should be 'presented'. What's presented is bullshit designed to mislead and confuse. Whatever isn't there has been disappeared because it will lead us to the truth. Or peace. Or health. Or freedom. Or insert-thing-worth-having-here.


And everything is like this. Certainly everything in the media. For some reason we differentiate the media from Hollywood, from publishing, from games, from the porn industry. This is foolish. They're all the same thing. They all deal with perceptions. And they're all run by same people. Jewish people, natch. To be honest, if the Jewish people had one single talent, it's their ability to posit an imagined reality. No one here will be surprised when I say that, between reality and the Jewish media's posited reality, the latter trumps the former. Just ask the Iraqis! Otherwise you can call this ability lying if you like - no skin off my nose.

And this genius for creating a self-serving reality isn't confined to us understanding that Jewish people are victim/heroes and Arabs are villains. Nor to Christians being slowly turned into precisely the kind of people that Christ emphatically rejected. Nor to the world being convinced that usury and money-as-debt are as natural and inevitable as the sunrise.

Nothing is left out. Everything is viewed through this Jewish lens. Even sex. Sex is a funny thing. How do we learn about sex? Okay so there's the antiseptic mechanics of it that we're all taught at school. And then... And then... It seems that's there's two ways to learn about sex. One is by doing it. I'm going to call this 'education by Chinese whispers'. It's whispered from person to person. The other means of learning about sex is via the Jewish perception machine. Which is to say, porn. And no mistake, porn definitely serves this purpose. How many kids have watched full-tilt porn before they even have their first sexual experience? Most of them?

Fact is, they don't even really need to watch porn at all. Regular sitcom television is now so pornographic it's mind-boggling. To be honest I rarely watch this sort of stuff. But all one has to do is flick around the channels and this is sufficient to get the idea. Has anyone seen Two And A Half Men? Good god. Is it just me, or is this show entirely devoted to the sex life of two men who have a boy living with them? And last night in surfing through the channels I happen upon David Lucas's glabrous bonce (from the comedy show Little Britain USA) filling half the screen as he mugs wantonly over David Walliams' realistically sculpted prosthetic penis (which fills the other half). Do we seriously think kids don't surf through the channels like this? Of course they do.

Okay, sure, it's the parent's fault. Guilty of insufficient vigilance! But vigilance is easier said than done. Not so long ago, finding depictions of sex anywhere was not easy. Now it's everywhere. It's so omnipresent that we barely think anything of it. It's normalised now. So much so, that was you to sit in someone's loungeroom and point out the perversity of what they're watching, they'd take you for some variety of nutbar wowser.

Anyway the trend is unmistakable. Four decades ago TV depictions of married couples required that they not be in the same bed together. And now, not only are they in bed, but it will be made perfectly clear that they are involved in some graphically unmistakable sex act. In fact, it's perfectly possible that it will comprise the entire pivot around which the episode revolves. Seinfeld anyone? Not forgetting of course that the biggest video of whatever-year-that-was was Paris Hilton sucking cock. How many boys and girls saw that? Most of 'em I expect.

Side note 1 - I spent some time in Milan in Italy and met a lot of wealthy young American kids studying fashion etc. It was fun for a while but eventually I got tired of hearing the word 'awesome', and moreover, of the really intense pornographic nature of most of their conversations. I'm not talking smutty double entendres here. I'm always up for that. This was different. "No man, she actually preferred sucking cock to having sex. She said that! And she bet me (right there in the middle of the party!) that she could make me come without touching me except with her mouth. So I said, 'Man, we're getting this on video...''. All with endless interjections of 'awesome' from the mixed company audience. I was at a loss in these conversations. I'd never come across people who talked like this. And nor was there any shortage of them. Shake my head.

And me, I haven't the slightest doubt that these kids are this way because of their immersion in the Jewish media. Not only are our conversations ever more given to sex, but this sex is ever more extreme in its perversity. But this is just more background to my main point, that being about absences.


The absence in amongst this sea of porn is female orgasm. And had I not lived in Japan, watched Japanese porn, and witnessed the ubiquity of female orgasm, I'd have assumed that it was some variety of chimera - 'a thing that is hoped or wished for, but in fact is illusory or impossible to achieve'. As far as Jewish porn is concerned that's female orgasm for you.

Or let's put it this way - women do have orgasms in Jewish porn. Which is to say they scream more loudly when the man comes. But having seen When Harry Met Sally, we all know that it's bullshit. And it is bullshit! Besides, female orgasm results from certain, ahem, physical actions. Me, I have never seen these actions depicted in Jewish porn. Certainly not for long enough for an orgasm to result. So whilst we might vaguely understand that female orgasm is possible, we will never be shown how to bring it about in any useful fashion. (I suspect that if any couple in a Jewish porn movie did manage it, the whole sequence would be left on the cutting room floor.)

Keep in mind that no cultural reference is too obtuse for the porn industry to hang its hat on. 'Splendour in the Grass' was turned into 'Splendour in the Ass'. 'Edward Scissorhands' became 'Edward Penis-hands'. On and on, ad nauseam. Any idiotic thing will do. Except female orgasm.

Straight up and unambiguously now - This absence is IMPOSSIBLE. Which is to say, it's a deliberate act. There is no way known that the porn industry forgot, or is otherwise unaware of, actual female orgasm. It's as simple as that.

Side note 2 - Who remembers the G-spot? I recall a fifteen-minutes-of-fame book written about it in the eighties. And then what? And then nothing. It sank without trace. Not a single ripple interrupted our ever growing exposure to our ever more perverse discussions of fellatio, necrophilia, bestiality etc. In fact I expect that there are people reading this who are scratching their heads, not quite sure what I'm talking about. Well just to make things clearer (ha!), here's the definition of G-spot from my Macintosh's Oxford American Dictionary - 'a sensitive area of the anterior wall of the vagina believed by some to be highly erogenous and capable of ejaculation.' What? "believed by some"? Ha ha ha ha - who wrote this shit? Go to Japan you fuckwit! Check the porn! No need for 'belief' mate, it's all right there spritzing the goddamn camera.


Okay. So what does it all mean? Why is Jewish porn (hell, the whole media) completely devoid of non-fake female orgasm? Why is that? Remember - like Scott Ritter's absence in the run up to Iraq, this cannot be an accident. Impossibilities like this can only be deliberate.

It's hard to avoid coming to the conclusion that the existence of female orgasm, along with the means of achieving it, are some mad variety of occult knowledge. The masses (the non-Japanese masses, that is) are to be kept ignorant of it. To what end? Why is this so?

I wonder if there isn't some porn-specific variation of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion out there that explains why the goyim may not know about female orgasm. "Deprived of this knowledge, the goyim will all run melancholy mad and turn to us for solace" or somesuch.

And whether I have a precise answer for this or no (okay, so it's 'no'), it's not like everything above is rendered worthless. The fact that I don't know the 'why' doesn't change the cold hard certainty of 'who', 'what', and 'when'. These alone are enough to tell us what we're in amongst. The dichotomy of reality and its depiction by the world-is-thus Jewish media is cast in stark relief regardless.

Consider the enormity of this. There is no aspect of our existence that the Jewish definers of reality aren't prepared to distort. Nothing. What's in your head belongs to them. From whom we kill, to how we fuck - all of it - it's all theirs.

And sure enough, the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn't exist. Yeah well fuck that. I'm calling it.


the Silverfish said...

Oh geeeze that third pic made me want to wash my eyes with Bleach.

And whats the dork on his knees holding? Tweezers?

Skye's gonna be really pissed cause like that pic put me off showers Big time. And I thought Psycho was bad for keeping people out of the shower.

Skye said...

That third pic you've got there, well I know why the guy standing has a big burly man plucking his pubes, any woman seeing a dick that small would start to laugh!

Anywhoo's-it, could it be that Jewish porn doesn't show a female orgasm because they don't want men to know how to please a woman? Could it be that they hope they can teach the women what sex is really about, thereby making all women their sex slaves? Kinda ambitious, I know, but not beyond the realm of possiblity me thinks!

Anonymous said...

Nobody, Your final comment about the devil convincing the world that he does not exist made this joke pop into the neural pathways.
Apologies for making light of a seriousness but hell we need as much light as we can get.
The devil pounces into a rural church one Sunday morning in full devil regalia.
Immediately the congregation flees, including the priest and altar boys.
Everyone except an elderly man sitting toward the back.
The devil strides towards him breathing out smoke, swishing that tail and rattling the horns and don't forget the trident.
He storms over to the elderly gent and asks:
"do you know who I am?"
"Yep" said the old dude.
"And are you aware that I can make your life absolute suffering and turmoil in the blink of an eye"?.
"Yep" says the old man.
The devil is starting to get a bit perturbed by the lack of fear in this being - he has never come upon it before.
"I can make you wince and groan for all eternity" he continues.
"Yep" said the man.
In some desperation said "why the hell are you not afraid of me - how do you think you can survive me?"
"Ah very simple said the old man, I have lived with your sister for 33 years".

kikz said...

er.. um... nice one noby:)

san's the fugly fat men

nice call though...

hope things hav settled down w/your daddy and he's out of hosp....


Anonymous said...

Oy vey, I am going start watching "uncensored" Japanese porn and compare it to American porn.

Hopefully, it will help with the shiksas!

nobody said...

Hi boys and girls,

First, the dreaded 'third pic' - he's actually shaving the other fellow's pubes with a disposable razor. But this pic ain't nothing. The precise one I was after (and couldn't find) was the close up. David Lucas' mouth actually formed a trembling 'O' just so we couldn't miss the fellatio hint. Otherwise I think the gag has something to do with body builders and steroids and how it shrinks their willy. Like I said, I flicked onto it mid-sketch.

And it occurs to me that there might be people out there who would like to know precisely what I'm talking about. I recall that the last time I wrote about this, a fellow wanted to know what female ejaculation looked like. Now I remember! His name was 'porn student' ha ha. What with him being a student of porn, one assumes that he'd seen a great deal of it. And yet he'd never seen a female orgasm. Ha! QED!

Anyway, in a spirit of helpfulness I shall point those who wish to see this fabled chimera in the right direction. I just now popped open Limewire (any P2P software should do it) and entered the following search "無修正及川奈央". I downloaded the first minute or two of one which looked likely (I'm at an internet cafe - big downloads make the owners unhappy) and it seemed to be the ticket.

FYI - the first three characters are Japanese for 'uncensored' and the last four comprise the name of a Japanese pornstar, Nao Oikawa. She seems like a nice girl, very friendly.

Be warned - it's x-rated. Sure enough, ha ha.

nobody said...

And sorry Kikz, a few people have asked how it's going with the old man and I've failed to answer them. Ever dizzy, me. All I can say is that it's not as bad as when I called the ambulance. He's back to 'normal' now but in amongst these ups and downs, each new 'normal' is a level below the last one.

Up until now his hospital visits had been based on things unconnected with the cancer, like pneumonia. Now I reckon it's the cancer - pain all the time, zero energy, no appetite, wits astray. He's almost child-like now. What with him perpetually declining, I don't know how much further he can go, if you know what I mean. Ciao ciao.

Anonymous said...


That's a tough way for your pops to wind down a good long life, I hope it doesn't get any harder for your dad or you.

tip o the glass

Interesting thoughts on the big O . . . not sure if I totally agree that it's absent in western stuff, though. I certainly remember seeing it before, anyways. Definitely not prevalent, though, and as such, porn is totally styled towards men in the first place anyways - it's visual, full-on nudity in short 5 minute scenes.
I wonder if the Japanese porn is more geared to the repressed women in Japan, who have so much less cultural freedom?

btw - I've only seen Japanese porn mags, and word to the wise for all of you that haven't partaken - bring the weedwacker! ;)

Anonymous said...

I guess this is precisely why I, as a woman, hate porn so much. And it seems so much lately in the media is geared at taking young girls and training them to be future porn stars. Now, I'm not a prude -- but my parents raised me not with the whole "you need to be a virgin/good girl" thing but with the idea that my sexuality was 1) my own and 2) something that not everyone was worthy of having. That is what I hope to teach to my kids when they get older. These days, girls basically giving blowjobs in fifth grade b/c they think that is how to get boys to like them. Yeah, boys like that :), but not necessarily them ...

Whether we want to admit it or not, men and women do (generally speaking, of course) view sex differently. But these days we are all supposed to accept the porn view of sex as the ideal and we feel disappointed and deprived if the reality turns out to be less 'thrilling'.

Maybe I'd like porn a lot more if it bore any resemblance to my reality and didn't make me feel extremely unsexy because I am nothing like those women in any way, shape or form. Or at least if it were valued for the entertainment factor and wasn't held up as the gold standard to which we should all aspire.

I know my husband would be happy if we could find porn we could both watch ;)

nobody said...

Oof! There's a big argument - Japanese women are culturally repressed. Are they? Frankly it's my opinion that Japanese men are far more repressed than the women. Me, I know far too many Japanese women who jumped on a plane and headed off to the wild unknown. And sure, the word 'fearless' is rarely connected with Japanese women, but if I had to pick one word to describe them that would be it. And I'd be hard pressed reconciling them as 'fearless' with them as 'repressed'.

Further to this, it's my considered opinion, ahem, that Japanese women have a very natural, earthy, and sensible view of sex. They're not repressed and they like it just fine. And yep, they've seen every bit as much porn as American women (probably more) and yet in no way does this transate into sluttishness (if you'll forgive the expression. I ordinarily steer clear of it what with men being as perfectly capable of it as women and equally as 'guilty' of whatever it is that's condemnable about it). The sense of shame the West is so big on seems largely absent in Japan. As is a lot of the role-playing and other weirdnesses that accompanies sex with Westerners.

And that aside, freedom is a tricky word. Apparently one of the reasons we invaded Iraq was for 'freedom'. Never mind that it was one of the most secular states in the Middle East.

For us, it's axiomatic that freedom is 'good'. Okay so why am I living with my old man? Why don't I persue my right to individual happiness, embrace my freedom, and stick him in a home? That's freedom isn't it?

In some ways, freedom is a dog-whistle term, if you know what I mean. Who would argue against it? Apart from yours truly, ha ha.

In Japan, 'wa', which is to say harmony, is prized. And sure enough, Japan is one of the most peaceful, safest places I've ever been to. There is no sense of perpetual fear or angst there. Not like I reckon exists in America. Does harmony exist in the West? I scratch my head. Perhaps we don't need it since we have so much freedom, ha ha. Between the West and the East, I'm given to thinking that the former is centrifugal and the latter is the opposite. Believe it or not, between the US and Japan, I'd rather live in Japan.

Sorry Slozo, I'm not having a go at you or anything, but my take on Japan (amongst other things sure) is very different to whatever the media has to say on the matter.

And Scarlett, funny you should mention it, but just last night there was a story on the telly about the latest scourge 'sexting'. It seems there's some 13 year old boy who's about to be charged with child pornography. Nuts. And nowhere in the news report did anyone ask why we're treating children as adults. It's like some mad charade.

On the subject of sex the US is really at odds with itself. It swings between two perversities. One is perversely prudish and judgemental and the other is just flat out nth-degree perverse. And clearly I'm no prude. But America's slow, and seemingly unstoppable, march towards the normalisation of topics such as bestiality and coprophagia etc. can't lead us anywhere good. Historically it's arguable that any civilisation that heads into this territory is headed for a fall.

Anyway, off to the cinema! Finally a new flick. Not a very good one though. I watched it last night and was enraged. It might just be the worst piece of shit I've ever seen. I'm talking about Cloverfield, and the word 'scathing' doesn't really measure up to what I have to say on the matter. Ciao ciao.

Penny said...

ach, this is just not my topic at all.

interesting but not to me really.

though thinking of silverfish washing his eyes with bleach was positively terrifying.

don't do it silv, don't do it!!!

I wondered about your Dad.
glad for the update, not so glad for the news though.
It has to be challenging?

Also wondered about the oil spill?
Near you or not?
Any local stories on it.
It sounds quite bad from what I have read, heard.

nobody said...

Hey Pen, um, no spill here. To be honest I suspect that this is a very little spill. It is to Exxon Valdez what a TV antennae is to the CN tower.

Otherwise, look who's popped in, and where they popped into - (The World Bank Group) [Label IP Address]

District Of Columbia, Washington, United States, 0 returning visit

Date Time WebPage
17th March 2009 05:14:12

nobody said...

Hey Everyone! New cryptic crossword!

Yeah yeah. Don't all rush over at once. You might crash the server or something.


Penny said...

the "world" bank eh?
just that name, that concept creeps me out.

Anonymous said...

No offense taken nobody, I realise your take on Japan is not the standard western picture. Just like my take on China is not the standard picture shown in the west . . . experience and observation trumps punditry from a distance every time.

However, my observation personally has been that Japanese women are constricted in their choices. That is why when one breaks free and sets off, she must already be so very forward thinking that we are bound to assume she is somehow representative of the norm. But she isn't, of course . . . because about 60 million ladies are staying at home, serving and servicing.

Our opinions on everyone's culture are greatly influenced by the people we attract or have interaction with.

Now, all that being said, it's not Japanese that are depicted as slaves, ignorant and repressed - it's the Chinese. Look in the papers for negative news on Japan and China, and you'll see what I mean.

Now freedom . . . that's a whole can of words that I never intended to open. I mostly agree with you, total freedom doesn't always bring harmony or peace . . . but beneath Japanese men's peaceful exterior, there lies a quiet rage bubbling waiting to burst . . . I can't remember who it was, but a famous Japanese guy described Japanese men as always one small step away from rage.

That bottled up feeling comes from repression . . . as does the crazy sex demanded by the men in Japan. You should know what I'm talking about there.

nobody said...

Actually Slozo, between me having written that and you replying, it did occur to me that I was drawing a long bow there. All the Japanese women I met had the balls to either, a) quit Japan, or b) stay in Japan but hang out with gaijin. Not a very broad-based sample I'm thinking. Further, me declaring that I'd like to live in Japan is all very well, but I'm not Japanese. I'm a gaijin and I can get with a aisatsu murder. The Japanese can't. Who knows what percentage of them find all that stuff tiresome beyond imagining? More than a few I imagine.