Saturday, January 3, 2009

Islamic banking, Jewish banking, and a medley of mixed metaphors

In the current discussion of all things economic, there's been one aspect of it all that I've been keeping an eye out for, so far without much luck. But the odd piece pops up. Here's an article out of AP that's one of the few that I've found - Crisis widens appeal of Islamic finance.

Before we get into the big stuff let's just tear the article apart. It seems pretty innocuous doesn't it? It says nice things about Islamic banking. Sure enough, it's not what's in the article that is the problem. It's what's not in it. And what's not in it is the word 'usury'. Likewise, 'interest' gets a single blink-and-you-miss-it mention, and only in a sentence that's as fine an example of ambiguity as you'd find in an English textbook. The next sentence is perfectly idiotic. "[Islamic banking's limitations] rule out some of the products that got Western finance into so much trouble such as subprime mortgages, collateralized debt obligations or credit default swaps". Some of the products? God spare me! Is that the best this fellow do? Me to him - 'Wake up dickhead! It doesn't have interest! Can you grasp the significance of this?' Somebody slap that hack. Hard.

This piece (like every other MSM piece, sure) is not so much designed to enlighten readers but to befuddle them. Those not familiar with the topic would come away thinking that Islamic banking is some religious variation of 'not quite the thing'. It finishes, just as we'd expect, with a defence of 'conventional' banking. God forbid we should call 'conventional' banking what it is - Jewish banking.

Honestly, isn't that a fair description? In fact, what we now refer to as Islamic banking used to be Christian banking. Christians, like Muslims, used to consider usury, and the charging of interest, to be a sin. Apparently the Reformation somehow put paid to that. From a state of complete ignorance, I ask the question - How did that happen? Did any historian ever write a book looking at the Reformation from the point of view of Christianity's 180° turn on usury? Or if they did, did any publisher put it into print? Or if they did, did the media pick it up, run with it, and enter it into the vernacular? Ha ha ha, we're not a million miles away from a Dyson vacuum cleaner commercial with its three-tiered filter system ensuring no dirt gets through to ruin Jewish banking's otherwise spotless house.

But to hell with vacuum cleaners. I'm going to call 'conventional' banking what it is - Jewish banking. It's their gig, they invented it, and they've held the reins ever since. It started with the goldsmiths and it never changed. And now it rules the world. Three cheers. Sure enough, those chosen by God would have us view everything they do as an act of that self same God. Jewish banking is to be viewed as being as inevitable as the sunrise. In much the same way that no one will ever say, 'What's to be done about that sun coming up every morning?', same-same usury, credit, and interest. No discussion of the essential nature of money, banking, and how it all works (or doesn't work), is to be permitted. Certainly not in any way that will lead to enlightenment. Befuddlement is the key. If the whole world were scratching their collective head with only those who run the gag getting it, then all is as it should be. Or so say the bankers (sotto voce, of course).

Jewish banking, such as it is, is actually a pyramid scam, not so very far removed from what we've been told Bernard Madoff did. (Speaking of which, remember those pyramid scams that bankrupted Eastern Europe after the collapse of the Soviet Union? Did we ever hear who ran those, or where the money went? No? Gosh, I wonder who it was.) Anyway, under Jewish banking, with all money as debt, eventually a point must be arrived at where there's more debt than there is actual real world stuff to pay for it all. Really the insanity of this arrangement is obvious. Take Indonesia. They owe so much to the IMF that the debt can never be paid. Not without the Indonesians moving out and handing the whole country, lock stock and oil barrel, over to their creditors. Not that that would work of course. Best they all just stay on as debt peons. And so it is for the world. Eventually we must come to a point where everything in the world, us included, belongs to the bankers.

Are we at that point yet? Looks like it doesn't it? The pyramid scam has hit its endpoint. Now comes the chaotic crossover period where the priests of banking declare themselves god-kings of the new world order. But mucky stuff happens in periods of chaos. Our media supplied rose-tinted glasses slip. The three-tiered filter can't quite suck up all the dirt. People look about. Islamic banking eh? Sure enough, nobody needed it when the pyramid scam was raging. This thing would go on forever! Fuck shank's pony! Everyone get on the gravy train!

Ha ha ha. Now the train has derailed. We all look to the conductor. 'Don't worry, stay in your seats. Everything's being sorted out.' he says. But out the window we see an old iron horse, like some thing from the dimly remembered past. It chugs away - weedy-puff, weedy-puff - barely faster than walking speed. It can no more derail than Ayer's Rock could just fall over. It's the Islamic Banking steam engine. What if we got off this stupid Jewish banking streamliner and got on the old reliable? And that's the thing. We could all get on it. And with perfectly dry eyes we would watch as the nightmare wreckage of the Jewish dream machine slowly recedes into the unlamented past.

And that's what it's all about. The means of our peonage is the Jewish banking system's control of money and debt. The only way this works is if we have no choice, ie. it's a monopoly. Anyone with an alternative must be destroyed. The only substantial alternative to Jewish usury is Islamic non-usury. Remember - Jewish usury and banking is precisely the vehicle (I'll argue the only vehicle) by which the ultimate ambition, subjugation of the whole world, can be achieved. Everything else comes second. Everything else is servant to this ne plus ultra mechanism. Neither war, nor religion, nor culture could achieve this. Each of them is limited. None of them can achieve the strategic endpoint of world domination. They can only serve as tactical responses to threats to the usury strategy.

Soapbox time now - Everything that's going on between us, the subjects of Jewish banking, and the people of the Islamic banking alternative is about the sanctity of usury. Everything. Don't think small. Think big. Thinking big now, how about this - the founding of Israel was not an end in itself. It too is merely a tactical ploy in the long term strategic effort of having the entire world being owned by the banking families. Israel is merely a cancer expressly planted in the geographic heart of the lands that do not pay fealty to Jewish banking. In the Middle East. Where the Muslims are. And do the Rothschilds and their pals actually live there? No? Um, okay. Is that not significant?

Way back when, like a century ago, various other countries were being mooted as potential homes for Zion. These were just lobbed up as smokescreen. Israel was never intended to be a safe home for Jews. It was always intended to be a mad little hornet's nest that would ensure war with its neighbours. The religiously deluded, expendable Jews in Israel are there to be used up and thrown away by the banking families in their campaign of dominance by usury. Forget platitudes and homilies. Whatever Israel claims to be on about, it will never achieve it. It will never be a safe haven. It will never be a regularly functioning country. It has no future that makes any sense.

The impossibility of Israel only makes sense if we view it as, I don't know, how about a parachute regiment dropped behind enemy lines? Their mission is (truth be known) to blow up some Islamic banks. Everything else is bullshit designed to convince the regiment to go on a mission from which they cannot be saved. And what? We're going to tell them that? Hardly. 'Men of the paratroop regiment! Take that terrain and make an eternal home for paratroopers the world over! The future is yours!' The strategists back in their villas on the shores of Lago di Como (who'd no more live in Israel than eat their own shit) know how to inspire their men.

And they know how to inspire us. We've been sold that fucking mission statement too. (Am I alone in hating that expression? When I hear the words 'mission statement' I reach for my gun, ha ha.) And we bought it. Israel something or other, terrorism, bullshit, bullshit, the economy, governments, fucking hell, let's riot and set fire to cars! We shake our fists at whomever.

Meanwhile, down at the Islamic bank, Mr Anouar "I don't think conventional banks are dirty, bad, or money obsessed" Hassoune is diligently, and honestly, totting up the figures with no idea that it's all about him. He's it.


Strawman said...

Very nicely done. I too have wondered WTF was this Israel thing set up for if not for the effing Jews to go somewhere and leave the rest of us alone. One would think that if throughout recorded history, every single society on earth has kicked you out or worse, any rational race or group of people would begin asking, "Is it us?". But no, meddling, and wailing seem to be genetic traits that the Ziozhids refuse to examine in themselves and the rest of us suffer. But if history is any judge, some societies only suffer for so long and like a rubber band the snap back can be nasty indeed.

nobody said...

Hey Strawman,
And in this vein, what was Henry Kissinger thinking of when he said "Any people who have been persecuted for two thousand years must be doing something wrong." Talk about giving the game away.

the Silverfish said...

Bravo, standing on feet. Your best to date, I have been waiting my friend. again I say "BRAVO"

and the word verification for today was chestnut(just saying)

Anonymous said...

It is like a B movie. The bad guys always tell their plan before they try to accomplish the mission. I guess Hollywood being Jewish...

Maybe that is why it is so easy for you to tear apart. Real life seems to be just like a Hollywood movie.


Franz said...

Happy New Year Nobody! Although personally I'm waiting for the full moon in a few weeks & celebrating the Chinese New Year (in with the Ox, out with the Rat!).

Amazing perception you show here -- the bit about paratroopers is bizzarely accurate as the US is deploying troops throughout the (former) nation to quell "economic disturbances". WHAT disturbances? Ahh... too many people are finding out who did 'em and why.

And HOW they got done! Tent cities are no longer only in Detriot and Las Vegas... a current article puts a few in Tokyo, the richest and most successful city on earth within short memory. How well the gremlin of fractional interest banking did the number on all who bought in.

So NATO/banker troops are about to smother whatever was left of the USA. They've been practicing, drilling and running real-time exercizes for this eventuality since Truman was president.... I have NO DOUBT that any resistance to the will of the Chosen Caste will be brief, ineffectual and either mislabled for outside consumption or memory holed completely.

Worst thing about all this, see, is that it won't be the guilty ever gets blamed, no. Even the local sub-contractors, guilty also (but stupid) will think it's just the rising global underclass giving the elites a chance to trim the herd (they've been promising THAT since Truman too.)

Nope. Three dozen of us worldwide know why it's about to come down. Not enough for a hot debate much less a resistance. They plan well, the top doggies!

Penny said...

If I may think aloud.... I am thinking of a recent Michael Hudson interview, and also an interview I heard with Ellen Brown.

Where they both made the statement that indeed, banking as we know it now, is a ponzi scheme.

Michael Hudson went so far as to be thankful that the media was explaining a ponzi scheme, so that people would grasp the connection.
(between modern day banking and ponzi schemes)

I don't know that they will?

The reason being, I don't think people understand how the banking system works, how money is 'created' or how fractional banking even works.

I know I didn't until maybe a few years ago.

Without that understanding people will not grasp why new debtors must be constantly created, to feed the system, to keep it alive.

Like some all consuming monstrosity.
which takes us to where we are now, there are no new debtors, or not enough anyway to feed the monstrosity.

and so the monstrosity is imploding.

Then I remember actually explaining it to someone, they didn't get it.

It is most often hardest to see that which is right in front of you.

kikz said...

ah banking. well i do know that xtian catholic crusaders, the templars...b4 the split had their hands in banking too.. remb philip the fair of france, he and the pope were up in arms b4 that fateful fri 13th about the templars - they had more money than god...and were entirely out of the holy see's hand.

i don't know how dirty they were w/their lending practices...but i'm sure the remnant who got out alive retained some of their money, out of the pope/philip's reach in prot GB.

don't know that they bought into the bank of england.. maybe rothschild got it all anyway... guess i need to go read up soon.... i'd hope that since the crusades some of the better parts of islamic culture were incorporated into freemasonry, hopefully banking was a measure.

nice article noby :)

notamobster said...

noby - very good essay sir. (nice set-up on the shank's pony line, btw). Brilliant. Usury is a disgusting beast... but who would want to loan or borrow money without interest? (<--hard to read the irony in print, but I assure you it's there).

There is much to be appreciated in Islam. Did you see the US Treasury paid lip-service to Islamic Finance, by holding a conference some weeks ago?

Strawman, how've you been, sir?

nobody said...

Thanks folks, one does like an appreciative audience, ha ha.

Dave, you've actually tapped into (sort of) a theme that's been running in my head for a while. It'll lob up here eventually.

And Frank, it's more than three dozen mate. This weeny blog alone gets 100-200 hits a day. And if I get on wrh, it's 2000 - 5000. Mind you, now that I think about it, in the big picture that's pathetic really. Still, better than nothing and we do what we can.

Thanks Pen. Yeah I've explained to people how banking works. I don't think I've had any success. Mostly people's brains can't seem to get past the line "But you HAVE to have interest..." In a conversation they'll only say it once but in their head it's running as a loop track.

And Kikz, I wondered if that might not get your brain buzzing. And wouldn't we love to have a coherent history of the Templars and all that? Mind you, like that's ever going to happen...

Hey NaM, thanks matey, and I'll get back to your email shortly.

nina said...

Good piece Nobody. We keep finding everyday for at least the past decade how debt/interest/usury are tied up in the imperial program. Now when we hear of missing billions and mercenary armies, weapons sales and ethnic cleansings taking place, its kinda revealing. Add oil pipelines, add religions and it gives analysts and those who "condemn" and "foment" reason to say "Why its just too complicated to resolve." This is reminiscent of yanking US troops out of the Iraq occupation - what is complicated about just leaving? Exotic financial intruments are only complicated to the extent they are designed to mystify. Anything mysterious that produces crisis needs to be recognized as criminal activity and brought to justice. Simple. Is greed complicated? Hardly.
The Dyson is outdated. People with exotic mortgages also purchased newly built homes equipped with mystifying Central Vacs, a retractable hose built into the walls on the same principle as a clothes dryer's lint filter. If it isn't dumped regularly, lint, dirt and dust overlow clogs the machinery. We ought to be in the habit of dumping that which hurts us. It is masochistic to willingly pursue failure and its sibling, pain.

nobody said...

To be honest, I detest vacuum cleaners. I don't have my own place but when I do, I want wooden floors that I shall sweep with a broom. And perhaps some rugs that I can drag outside and beat.

This is all a bit apropos the vibe in your latest piece at artlifewestartlifewest. Stuck in old man's idiotic two bedroom apartment I envy you having such chores. And I completely LOVE chopping wood. There's something really right about swinging an axe.

Folks, it's worth clicking that link if for no other reason than to check out Nina's latest marvellous painting. And Susana's poem about it too!

nina said...

Onya. I do like Shen Ling's work very much. Thank you for turning me on to her art. She's now linked under The Light Bearers, my treasure chest of valuables, should anyone desire to see.
Also, put Su's poem under the work Outside Woman Outside Man. Its just seems so right.
Again, thanks. Please come over and chop wood all you want. Bring gloves and big puffy snowproof parka. I'll be inside toasting s'mores for ya.

notamobster said...

off point, I know, but you're my spokesman for all of Oz...

Sad to see you have the same radicals, and zealots who turn something natural and beautiful into something dirty and grotesque. I sincerely thought that Oz had advanced beyond all that foolishness.

Kevenj said...

Ahhh, money. My favorite subject outside of beer and,... well, let's just say I like it.
You've hit it good Nobody, so what does this excessive fiat controlled economy got to do with our beloved leaders of the free world?
It's not like they might be...influenced or anything is it?

CONGRESS: 2000-2008
(an analogy)

*A sloth.
*A lazy sloth.
*A lazy sloth retired with that disease Stephen Hawking has.
*In the advanced stage.
*A retired lazy diseased sloth. wearing astronaut diapers.
*Hung over.
*On Sunday morning.
*The whole sloth thingy living. remotely in North Dakota.
*On a sweltering stifling summer day.
*A lazy hung over retired diseased sloth wearing diapers trying to get to a public phone through stifling heat.
*In an unusually strong hot headwind.
*On a dusty gravel road.
*Stuck behind a donkey plow.

nobody said...

Hey KJ, that was poetical. I liked it.

NaM, relax. There's is no way known that topless bathing will be banned in Oz. An abject impossibility. In matters such as this, Australia is VERY different to America. We're kind of more like the French.

Mind you, that Australian generation who grew up watching Baywatch have bought into the American weirdness over speedos. And much like Americans, they think nothing of divers etc at the olympics wearing speedos, but should anyone wear the same thing at the beach they wig out. Idiotic.

Thanks Nina. "s'mores"? What on earth is that? Sophomores? Sounds like some perverse Skull and Bones initiation, ha ha.

"No, hold his feet closer to the fire!"
"Is that burning flesh I smell?"
"I love the smell of burning flesh in the morning. It smells like victory."
"Bullshit! It smells like pork."
"Ha ha ha, chug!"

nina said...

S'mores are marshmallows toasted over an open fire. After toasting golden, put them between two graham crackers with squares of chocolate. Then eat.

That was a very well done piece. Nice work. Thank you.

Magdelena said...

Certainly one of your very best! I sent it off to my sis.

I have brought this up with others as well - often one gets a blank look perhaps if one is lucky, turning quizzical, but more often than not the convo ends.

I talk to the Jehovah's often. The ones that come to my door know what to expect, and to be frank we have some really good conversations. They lovingly call me 'The Heretic', but I am kind and we all have good exchanges. I mentioned the usury to them on one of these occassions and I must say, was surprised at their knowledge and abhorence of the whole idea. Granted these are just individuals that I have spoken with, on and off, for almost 17 years. But at least they 'got it'.

Try explaining this to the average joe and he goes blank, if he hears the word Jew or Judiasm he shuts down completely - so ingrained is the programming.

Though, I do think some are starting to ask questions, esp since it is effecting them. Too bad they didn't think about all this sooner.

Oh, and your comment on vacuums - I agree. I have all wood floors here and use a broom and a damp mop. I do own a shopvac, but that's just for cleaning up construction junk and water after my fish tank exploded. :|

Beating carpets is very therapeutical... ;)

~ Buffy

nobody said...

Thanks you two. I now know what s'mores are. But the question remains, why s'mores? What's the derivation? Don't worry, I'll look it up and come back. And onya, Buff. How is your sister? Feeling fluoridated?

notamobster said...

S'more appears to be a contraction of the phrase, "some more".[3] The informal nature of this term reflects the environment in which s'mores are traditionally served and its meaning hints at the desires of campers who are not satisfied by the first bite of the treat. Some have jokingly surmised that the name originated from people who were so busy eating the tasty treat that they did not have time to speak in complete sentences, or alternately, that their enunciation was compromised by the fact that their mouth was still full of the previously mentioned s'more.

Another theory is that the dessert is so sticky, particularly due to the combination of melted chocolate and marshmallow, that it is especially difficult to talk or swallow, and this remains the case for some time even after the entire dessert is eaten. Therefore, if someone who has finished swallowing their last piece of the dessert is asked if they'd like another, "s'more please" would be all they could manage to relay.

While the origin of this popular campfire dessert came from Karin Bunch, the first recorded version of the recipe can be found in the Girl Scout Handbook of 1927.[4]

nobody said...

Hey KJ, I hope you don't mind that I skipped that one. If we were in a smoky bar I'd laugh my head off but here in public, mixed company blah blah blah, I thought hmm... maybe not.

Thanks NaM. How perfectly logical. I'll bet money that you've nailed it. For the record I've toasted marshmallows. But we never had a fireplace and subsequently it was a Summer gig and done at the end of a barbecue. We just called 'em marshmallows, ha ha.

su said...

Greetings all,

While God might have lost his ability and ultimate controller, she certainly has shown a very full deck of surprise cards.

The other day I saw this flower atop the basil moving. Upon investigating it turned out to be a praying mantis, that looked exactly like the flower, I have never seen this before.
Where am I going, well I think she is rethinking this creation, and I think we might come up for some pleasant surprises. The banking system being one.

Well Nina, I might very well be hopping along to help you chop wood, and clean ashes.

Got a call from my bank this morning informing me that unless I produced proof of residence finally they would be freezing my business account.

The reason being with the new fiscal laws here meant to protect people from getting into debt, the one requirement that banks have to have is proof of physical residence.

Not one thing links me to my home. Not the bond, not the electricity bill, don't have any accounts that come to me. Nada.
And right now I am so shit full of the whole thing that I am willing to take what i can out (should get a dozen eggs) and slope away from the system.
God its tempting.

If you don't hear from me in two weeks it is because this action will have cut me off from the world.
Ha Ha Ha.

Nina, I will pick some grapes for some heated wine.
Nobody - as a fellow southern hemispherer are you also experiencing unusual cold?

Franz said...

Nobody, I had no idea that many hits. Good, better, better. You might be the one true Church after all.

And kikz always remembers what I forget... King Philip coordinated his raid on the Knights when? October 13th 1307. They timed the second "New World Order" to take place 7 centuries after a French King screwed up attempt number one? I dunno but I was thinking that on the 700th anniversary of the raid... I was at work where I think odd things sometimes. Seven is biblical, scientific, and astronomically potent all at once. Leaving out Freemasons even.

BUT they must be very unhappy if 11/07 was their NWO wrap-up target date AND THEY MISSED IT. Explains the nastiness in Gaza, the money-meltdown, everything. They're furious. The cock-ups have thrown all their plans off, and when mother has a headache the kids all get spanked.

If the hundreds of hits a day includes security screws from wherever, can I tell them something? Okay, no I wouldn't, but it's tempting.

Kevenj said...

No worries Nobody.

At least none can accuse me of not 'pushing the envelope' as it were.
But then it gets me in all kinds of trouble over here.
I tend to have a name at Church get togethers.

Hee hee.

Anonymous said...

Good article, Nobody. Saw a map on the DU dust spread across the Middle East the other day and it more than covered Israel which backs up what you are saying that the Israelis themselves are cannon fodder.

I've been aware of the very nasty mechanics of the banking system for some years now but have little knowledge of the Islamic system. Do you have any links to good explainations of it on the net? And also any info on its Christian history?

nobody said...

Okay Susana, that was actually spooky. You are about to become me. I have no proof of anything except for my passport. In fact, just lately, on account of my father no longer being able to drive, I was sort of forced into getting a driver's license again.

But they wouldn't give me one! I couldn't prove who I was. Or not to their satisfaction anyway. The woman hassled me to get a bank account. I told her I have a fundamental objection to usury and refuse to be a customer of the banks. I told her that the government does not require me to be a purchaser of any good or service - except banks. How come if I want to deal with the government I MUST be a customer of a bank? Why is that? What's so fucking special about banks? She had no answer of course. Not beyond, 'Is there anything else I can help you with?' I think she'd have been closer to the mark to have said, 'Is there anything else I can be UNhelpful about?'

Anyway, I gave up. I didn't really want to get a driver's license anyway. I didn't actually need one except to drive the old man to see his doctor once a week. My position is, he can just grab a cab. It's way cheaper than owning a car. He considers this declasse, or something. Not that I care. As for the shopping I just use my granny trolley. Does everyone have a granny trolley? They're fantastic. People look at you funny but for a guy who is habitually in a sarong, it's nothing special , ha ha.

Anyway, it's spooky you should mention this. The piece I wrote here was originally twice as long with the second part being the micro to the macro, ie. what can individuals do? I have no answers of course. I just ask questions. It'd be up already except for the old man having inexplicably taken to waking up early.

*Just so you all know, me living with my father consists of Fox Sports being on the TV every waking hour. And loud. Somehow it usedn't to bother me so much and I could sit with the TV blaring and still write. But somewhere along the line I wigged out and can no longer think straight while that fucking TV is on. To deal with it, I took to going to bed at 8.30 and waking up at 5am. Since he didn't wake up until lunchtime-ish, I'd get several hours of sanity.

But lately his habits are all ahoo and he's up and down like a yoyo. Last night he got up at 2am turned the TV to blaring and left it that way. Well that was my night fucked. In the morning he didn't even remember it. Anyway my point is I'm going nuts and if the cancer took him tomorrow I'd breathe a sigh of relief. When you live with a senile old man, this and all sorts of ugly thoughts go through your head.

kikz said...

yup, nota... philip the fair sent out the arrest order on the 11th.. and the fleet left la rochelle that night at midnight.. so the story goes..
know why philip came after em? he owed them money... and they wouldn't loan him anymore.... nice huh?
fucker. so it was off to the bonnie isle of may. and possibly, some of them went pirate against the countries that tried to kill them >:) skull/crossbones ring a bell?

awwww poor noby... poor daddy...
you're obviously having caregiver burnout... big hugs...
wish there was something i could do..
can you get him out for a stroll? or a pushin his chair? it would be hard, but try to enlarge his world... does he like the birds too?..

shit.. maybe even just a set of headphones.. would at least help you.. you could probably pick up some that are used for target practice on a range.. that would cut some of the inescapable noise..

nobody said...

Sorry upbeat again now, what about a stat dec signed by a JP? 'I have known Susana X number of years etc etc'. Otherwise mate, what I do by way of a connection is use an internet cafe. Would that work for you? Not for running a business sure... but I was just thinking if worse came to worse and you became a non-person like me, ha ha.

And thanks Frank. Actually you should feel free to poke your tongue at those deluded fools in the security biz. I do. And here. I have no idea if any of them read it but they sure read this one!

nobody said...

Ayah! Too much simultaneous typing.

Jonco, sorry mate, I can't really point you at anything specific. You'll just have to start searching and following trails. All those footnotes and ibid stuff... what do you think I am? A real journalist? Ha ha ha. I'm not having a go at you mate. Just joking.

I've sort of come to trust my understanding of the big picture now. I used to concede a point if whomever I was talking to pinned me down on precise details and I didn't have them. But every time it was more a comment on my memory than my case, if you can dig it. So now I hold firm.

Mind you, if I'm wrong on any big picture stuff I'll happily concede it. I was wrong on peak oil and also on global warming. Happily I discovered Dave McGowan and he set me straight. Mr McGowan, wherever you are - I thank you.

And thanks Kikz. No strolls mate. His hip is buggered and he can't walk well. Combine this with his cancer and even a small trip via taxi leaves him exhausted. Funnily enough, last time we were in a cab, he pointed at some other oldster in those ubiquitous powered cart things and said, 'Can you imagine me in one of those?' I said, 'Sure'. He said, 'Well, I can't'. Yeah, whatever...

Otherwise I've long since given up trying to vary the TV sports diet. He sits there with this pathetic 'Oh look how I'm forced to suffer' look on his face. Spare me. I let him do whatever he wants. It's 24/7 self-indulgence-land where we live. In some ways it's good for me. One learns to dispense with desire. Anyway, that's enough days of our lives. Let's talk about something else. Hopefully a new piece tomorrow. TV and sanity permitting...

Anonymous said...

Noby- you’re a granny trolley driver- would you be my grand daughters mentor. She's going to be a bag lady when she grows up (she's now 5).
and re your driver's license thing and you call me a curmudgeon.
I wrote this for Les but it will fit here...
I've just spent 48hrs away, camping, with my favourite family (not mine). I told them early in the trip they are my favourite Simpson’s family – no response.
The father is a mate (of 40yrs) and we all like each other so; here we are travelling (3hr trip) to our camp site at Maroochy. No one talking- they're all playing with their iPods (mum, three >23yo kids).
Get to the site, put the tent up (bewdy) relax; play with their iPods- very little conversation. Drop the iPods go out to Hogs Breath (spew), come back to tent; play with iPods. Go to sleep.
Next day visit to a theme park; the curmudgeon (me) whinges because he must be tagged to enter the park or 'security will escort you out!'
Travelling home- sleep and/or iPods.
This is my family (who by the way are very kind people) that lives in the soaps and if you asked the kids anything on USA/world affairs they'd tell you everything's fine, Mickey told them- personally.
I find it very hard to believe that there is any room in the world for non-believers. Never mind I'll be moving on in <30yrs.

nobody said...

Well Tone, curmudgeons of the world unite! It's a pity you couldn't accidentally-done-a-purpose smash those ipods. Honestly mate, teenagers today - 'Would you not like to switch those off and talk to some humans perhaps?' 'Aaaaawwwww...' say the teenagers as if they've been put on bed-pan duty at the old people's home.

Hmm... I wonder if a teenager has ever said, 'Why do I have to act as if other people exist? Can't I just be a self-obsessed git like usual?' At least it'd be refreshing.

Talk about curmudgeons, ha ha.

nina said...

NOTA, I guffawed, very amusing, all this time I thought s'mores were an invention from the Nabisco test kitchens designed expressly to get you to consume more. The ads with the word shown in bright chocolate brown with dripping marshmallows oozing down the page landing on graham crackers.
I vote for the Girl Scouts origination. BTW, does anybody know whatever happened to Campfire Girls and Bluebirds? The Bluebirds sold salted peanuts and made a fortune outside of bars frequented by sailors on leave.
The activities of these campers may have been co-opted ... and maybe just by a camper that grew up and works in Nabisco's marketing division or perhaps Planters Nuts. Bet they don't work there N'mores.

nina said...

Su said: ...The reason being with the new fiscal laws here meant to protect people from getting into debt, the one requirement that banks have to have is proof of physical residence...
This doesn't sound good. Maybe a new bank might be more flexible. Maybe people are being, shall we say kept in place, or maybe they want to reduce the population to a certain controllable level or maybe there is a financial contribution they would like you to make...
The last time I went into a bank to open an account, the Bank Manager needed a physical address even though my rural address requred a PO Box. So I asked him why, why then did he need my house number. He looked me straight in the eye like I should already know why and said "Its beause of terforism." I smirked, he smirked too.

su said...

Stranger and stranger.
My mother is unable to walk but refuses to go into a wheelchair.
So she has two sticks which she sort of propels herself forward on.
She is brave and tenacious and yet after three weeks I will be taking her to the airport today with a little smile on my face.
My passport which is British and expired sits in a drawer with a nest of just hatched thatching spiders.
Maybe I should sell it - get more eggs.

nobody said...

Thanks folks,

Outta time. Have to go back home and cook dinner. And maybe he'll eat it and maybe he won't. How tiresome.

My old man's story is that he was a colonel. And that's who he is. I've sort of come to the view that having been an officer hamstrings you, or calcifies the brain, or something. I could write a list as long as my arm of all the various things my father will not do because (regardless of how sensible they are) they're undignified or something. None of this is articulated. It just is. Anyway he sits up there in the apartment all on his own without a single friend in the world. It's pathetic really.

Anyone into Gabriel Garcia Marquez? He has a book called No One Writes To The Colonel. I haven't read it yet but geez, the title nails it.

Outta here. Ciao.

su said...

Would you mind kissing your father on the cheek for me.
nina - its a requirement for all the banks.
I could go to the police and get an affidavit- but I kind of like it this way.
Of course my mother is freaking as she says it is totally irresponsible and what am I teaching the children etc.
A slow smile spreads across the face - what indeed am i teaching the children?

kikz said...

my first cousin's wife...her daddy was a full bird in II. she grew up, typical brat... in hawaii... he'd been in the pacific theatre. i knew him when he was still quite animated. he was funny. my time w/him was very limited. but, he told great stories mostly bout the perks.. great chefs, great food...his grandkids seem'd to love him, and he them. the eldest of the grandkids.. was maybe 14 then (mid 80's)and were up in NC to attend Duke Univ, in the summer, the 2 eldest boys went on to MIT for computer degrees.. and the colonel had taught mathematics at Duke long ago.. aftr the war.

his wife was a blast.. an old army nurse..
when i was 14 or so, round 76? we were at my cousins' house in birmingham, ala for thanksgiving..
her mama was there.. all the 'wimmen' sat up that night and watched 'the happy hooker' cackling, laughing and drinking.. we had a blast..
the old broad was quite bawdy >:)

not being 'a brat' i can't imagine moving round like they must've.... odd life.. i guess she thought the same of civi's.

i also lived w/someone when in my 20's.. his daddy was a full bird.
but i only knew of his ghost.. he'd already passed on by the time i knew the guy. his mother (bitch) had moved them round the globe single handedly.. that's takes big brass balls for sure....the guy had been born in okinawa i think... was a hella pingpong master of sorts :)

nobody said...

Hey Susana,

What are you teaching them? To be sane in a mad world? You cruel woman. God forbid they end up like me and all the reprobates who hang around here! Ignorance is bliss! Just teach 'em to be ignorant!

And thinking about it, I should probably withdraw those remarks on officers. I know lots of officers (sure enough) and some of them are brilliant, funny and all that stuff. Otherwise a kiss on the cheek... oh alright. The things I have to do...

Anonymous said...

Hi Again Nobody,
I am late as always to the comments, but someone has to work for a living. Excellent article, and I agree with almost all points you have made therein. I dig your style.

You say that it's all about the banking system of the Ashkenazi/Eastern European "jews" (posing as Judeans) - usury. For me though, I would have to pick up on your bone of contention and take it one step further. Frankly, I regard the system of financial imprisonment, which 'they' would do anything in their power to protect and or augment, as a tool. Much as any tool is, it is a means to an end, and the end in this case is utter control of a population, or SLAVERY. Whether one chooses to call it the subjucation of humanity, or suppression of freedoms, or some other technical sounding term, it is quite simply slavery.

Of course, the most perfect form of slavery for the master is one where the slave is not aware of his enslavement, and that is largely the situation today.

This internet thing is a huge problem for the masters, though, in terms of educating the public on things. Even with all the disinformation and crapflooding to obfuscate and confuse and bury the real issues, it is a problem - and one that is sure to be curtailed in the future.

I hope to continue reading your pieces of writing for as long as possible until that time comes.

nobody said...

No worries Slovo, it's all good. And your point is well taken. Mind you, I was there already ha ha. Whilst I can't remember the precise pieces, I've already stated that the banking gag isn't about money. Which is to say, when one owns the printing presses one no longer needs to enrich oneself. The purpose of the exercise, such as it is, is to ensure that everyone else remains poor, sick, and frightened. Otherwise if you put 'enslave' into the blogger search field at the top of the page, you'll find any number of articles.

Did you see Michael Moore's Sicko? It's worth watching. And the smartest guy in the movie is Tony Benn. As I recall, 'poor, sick and frightened' were pretty much his precise words. Hell of a guy, Tony Benn.

Anonymous said...

There is a long letter on by macropneuma about Australia vis a vis mining, sustainability etc. in case you want to know. Fukuoka was a scientist who had a profound awakening leading him to become a farmer and do some amazing things in the field ha ha. It's related to banking cuz banking usury is just another psychotic extraction scheme like is being done on natural resources.

nobody said...

Thanks Brian, I'll check it out. To be honest I think everyone else here might groove on it more than me. Farming requires land and I don't got any.

gallier2 said...

Hello nobody, today there was a very good reader email at whatreallyhappened. I think he hit the nail on the head. I take to liberty to copy that mail verbatim here, because it will be lost there tomorrow and it should be saved in public view (for the interested):
Here it is:

READER: Were the Jews doing this kind of stuff to the German government in 1930? If so I can understand why the Germans were so angry at them.

One of the last Chancellors of the Weimar Republic, Dr Heinrich Bruning, said in a 1937 letter to Winston Churchill that;

"I did not and do not even today, for understandable reasons, wish to reveal that from October 1928 the two largest regular contributors to the Nazi Party were the general managers of two of the largest Berlin banks, both of Jewish faith, and one of them the leader of Zionism in Germany."

Upon Mr Hitler's accession to power 30 January 1933 something happened between then and 24 March 1933 when the `glorious` headline - Judea Declares War on Germany - appeared in London's Daily Express newspaper.

I suspect that the Zionist bankers promptly turned up on his doorstep and asked him to deliver on their having so lavishly funded his Party the previous 4 years and 3 months.

What would bankers be wanting if not the restoration to them the right to issue the currency at interest ? We know that Mr Hitler had loans issued interest free for the normal things that people want, and that debts would also be interest free.

Interest free policy resulted in the inflation being less than 2% between 1934 to 1941, but spiked to 4% in 1941, and came back down to remain at little more than 2% until war's end.

All of that means that he would have told them something like,"I thank you for your support for all this time, but financial policy will be decided by me".

Which is why six years on, that economic boycott which was the subject of that Declaration was transmuted into the gold that was WW2, for after war's end Germany was restored to the private banks, since for the next five years inflation in Germany gyrated wildly.

The private Zionist bankers had won the war, but at the cost of 60,000,000 lives. But that was other peoples' lives, us, the human cattle.

nobody said...

Gallier! Excellent find! Pity it's buried back here though...

Leave it to me mate, I'll copy/paste it into somewhere where people will see it.

gallier2 said...

Hello, it's me again. You're apparently not the only one to see an advantage in islamic banking. The University of Strasbourg in France has opened a new degree in islamic economy. Here a link to that announcment (it's in french but you get the idea)

nobody said...

Thanks Gallier,

Um, I expect I'm the only person who'll read your comment, but I'm appreciative regardless. And it's all in French mate! Those saucy French devils - they always sound like they're one step away from leaping into bed. "Ah mon petit chou, a leetle vin rouge, a leetle finance Islamique, e voila! Ciel sur un b√Ęton!"*

*Or as we say here, "Heaven on a stick"

nobody said...

Actually, I'm easily distracted but it would be worth keeping an eye on this. See if the usual suspects don't try to sling mud at it, subvert it, or otherwise shut it down. Since alternatives may not be permitted, it will have to fight to keep its place. Let's see what happens...

nobody said...

Sorry Gallier, not wishing to pry, but would I be right in thinking that you're employed by a supra-national official entity? Just curious...

gallier2 said...

Yes, you're right. I'm only an external consultant but I will be soon an "official" (and take that, I voted NO at the referendum, LMAO).

For the mud-slinging concerning the study, it has not yet started, but the announcement was made in mainstream media (RTL radio of France to be accurate). The only remarquable during the announcment was the insistance on minor things like prohibition of investments in porc, alcohol and weapons, sharia law etc, but the main point, lack of usury was given ever so slightly, en passant, as we say here.

nobody said...

The belly of the beast, mate! See how you go...

And en passant, sure. Loud spin, quiet spin, a little, a lot, mais toujours le spin.

My Franglais, she is very good, non?

Anonymous said...


My name is Richard Chien from Hsin-Hua Publishing CO., LTD in Taichung, Taiwan.

We would like to adopt the picture about derailment on your website, and put that picture on our English textbook.

Our books are all for educational purpose, could you inform us how to be authorised to use that picture? Please contact with me by sending mail to

Thank you

nobody said...

Hullo Richard,

There is nothing I can tell you about this picture since it isn't mine. I found it on the net and then impertinently availed myself of it. The way I figure it, since I'm not making any money here no one has any claim on me. Should there be propietorial individuals out there for whom that is unsatisfactory, I'm happy to remove their picture.

As for you in your situation, I'm thinking you might want to confine your internet image searches to wikicommons, or the big agencies like Corbis etc.



greg39 said...

How often do I see someone call someone else a dickhead and the dickhead end up looking better for it. Usury didn't originate with the Jews, while at first glance without spending 5 minutes looking at it it seems a racist policy; lend interest free to your brothers but you must charge the gentiles.

But you'll find it began unsurprisingly where money did, Sumeria/Babylon. There are no shortage of tablets recording interest rates up to 20% which caused a problem for the Jews who had banned usury in both borrowing and lending.

If the community was short they would have to borrow outside from Gentiles so it was only fair that they would charge them too but could still control their own brothers activities.

But even the term is misunderstood, interest which is called a bite in Hebrew is allowed as a charge for risk and a service, usury aka profiteering is not, unless of course you're dealing with those that do it to you.

As for the Nazis they were a magazine cover front end, the control was there before them and after, Europe was their idea, if they couldn't have a Nazi Europe a German controlled one would have to do instead.

The allies could've stopped the real powers, the bankers and industrialists within months had they choose to. They could only produce less than 20% of their own oil for the war machine, it was the west that filled that gap.

It was the factories of the likes of IG Farben that produced the oil, the explosives and the chemicals they needed. (also the origin of LSD and Heroine) Bomb the factories no more war, period. Instead they focused on civilian bombing killing more people than the A bombs.

The Farben HQ didn't even suffer a broken window and despite being several huge blocks several stories high above a completely flattened Frankfurt and even used by allied pilots as a landmark.

Read all honorable men by JS Martin...

Antony Suttone reffered to it in his book Wall Street and the Rise and Fall of Hitler.

Why do you think Hitler when he was first chasing the allies back to Britain that he ordered his troops to halt for three days allowing them to escape or why when Britain was on it's knees, out of pilots and planes with the battle of Britain instead of dealing the victory blow easily he instead turned round and invaded Russia. Or for that matter why Mussolini was a annualy paid British agent prior to taking his place as dictator?

nobody said...

Nice try, Sr. israel +banks +usury +allowed.

Babylon, eh? Whence came the Babylonian Talmud?

Read it and weep.

PS. My advice to you as a speaker of English as a second language: avoid swear words. Swear words, along with the telling of jokes, require a language skill you don't possess.

Also, whilst you being clever sounds good to your ear, take my word for it, the impression you give is that of a teenager out of his depth. Or are you a teenager? Who can tell?


greg39 said...

"Nice try, Sr. israel +banks +usury +allowed."

I didn't say it was allowed though I can see how using the words seem and racism threw you off the following explanation, it's a complicated world for some I apologise. Both them and the arabs charge a fee or are paid as an investment. In other words money back plus money; interest. Usury on the other hand is an extortionate interest.

"Babylon, eh? Whence came the Babylonian Talmud?"

Sumeria/babylon denotes a region not a time and quite often you'll see 'roughly present day Iraq' to reinforce the meaning, again sorry for the confusion but I'm not sure whether I can post drawings here to make it easier for you to follow.

"Read it and weep."

Posting your own site as evidence of anything probably would start an allergy, I'll pass.

"PS. My advice to you as a speaker of English as a second language: avoid swear words. Swear words,"

I borrowed them from you, believe me if I ever spend time in the gutter it's only because I have to speak to people that lack the ability to escape.

"along with the telling of jokes, require a language skill you don't possess."

Why not, you started it.

"Also, whilst you being clever sounds good to your ear,"

Turn off the text to speech that should cure it, unless of course these voices are in your head.

"take my word for it, the impression you give is that of a teenager out of his depth. Or are you a teenager?"

A telling statement, trust me you'll be on this earth a lot longer than I will. Look up transference.

"Who can tell?"

Me for one, never try put downs when you have to look up to do it, you'll get a hernia.


Impressive bilingual too. No mi des la lata, pontificate that idiota.

nobody said...

No need to read the Talmud, eh? And why might that be? Because you already know what's in it?

Here's how you could defeat that inference - resist the irresistable Jewish temptation to have the last word. I bet you can't do it.

"Watch me," you say. But then the thought occurs to you, "But then I'd be giving him what he wants."

It's like some horrible Jewish nightmare isn't it?

nobody said...

Bingo! I called it, and you did it. Like some mindless automaton.

Anyway, you crack me up. So predictable. So self-obsessed. So Jewish. And you couldn't say it could you? You couldn't say you weren't Jewish. I nailed you, and you carried on like nothing had happened.

You're such a fucking giveaway.

And what's that you want to tell me? That Jews are great and that satan was misunderstood? Ha ha ha. Unbelievable. You just can't help yourself can you? Like a fucking wind-up toy.

Is there any point to this conversation beyond you robotically piling up lie upon lie in a desperate game of last-word? I can't see one. Like I'm here to provide a forum for a silly Jewish boy to crow like a rooster.

Get over yourself mate, you're nothing but a self-impressed racist who thinks the sun shines out of his arse. Dime a dozen.

Me, I ain't wasting any more time on you. Keep commenting if you like but you'll be yelling at empty air. There ain't nothing here for you apart from oblivion. Bye silly boy.