Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rivero and McGowan

Hands up - who likes whatreallyhappened? Thank you. Hands up - who likes Dave McGowan? Thank you. Actually truth be known I have no idea if anyone stuck their hands up or not. I just imagine it. Just like I imagine that far more people stuck their hands up for the former over the latter. No one would be surprised if that were so, would they?

And they're very different creatures these two. Mike Rivero is huge. He's mentioned everywhere. Everyone links to him. And he links to everyone. He's an aggregator, a bit like Reuters. No one would declare him a great writer, but that's okay. Thanks to him and his links I learnt about the USS Liberty and all manner of things.

Dave McGowan on the other hand is a guy almost no one has heard of. I first found him via an obscure google trail that led to an extract from his book Programmed to Kill, which analysed serial killers. It was a mindfucker. I'd never read anything like it. But I went nowhere from there. Perhaps a year later I came across his website and hoovered up everything. And finally, (thanks to Penny), I came across the absolutely extraordinary 'Pedophocracy'. The Pedophocracy is the mindfuck to end all mindfucks.

(I'm going to take it as read that you, yes, you reading here, are familiar with The Pedophocracy. And if you haven't read it yet, for chrissakes go read it, it's not that long)

Me, I reckon that the Pedophocracy is the Rosetta Stone of the wickedness in the world. It is the perfect self-perpetuating mechanism of corruption. It is the ultimate carrot and the ultimate stick. What it offers cannot be had anywhere else. No one who participates in it - no one - will ever spill the beans. Besides, so extreme is its perversity that no one would believe them if they did.

The key thing that strikes one when reading The Pedophocracy is the size of the thing. The last time I wrote about it I was particularly impressed with the CIA, the FBI and the DC metro police all cooperating to shut down the entire investigation into 'the Finders'. But then again, public outrage at government complicity in the Dutroux case in Belgium resulted in a National strike, shutting down the entire country. That's pretty big. Mind you, this was arse-about trumped by the utter lack of any decent response. Only a single guy, Dutroux, went to jail.

But with the Pedophocracy, even the small stuff is big. Let's just take the McMartin case which pivoted on a single pre-school. Under this school was a network of tunnels. Think about that. A network of tunnels is not the kind of thing that could be pulled off by a pervy hobbyist and his buddy. Think of every tunnel you ever heard of or saw in the movies - like The Great Escape. Tunnels are dug by teams of people. Teams, dig it.

McMartin was a single school. The army base child-care scandal spanned the country, from the Presidio to West Point, and every famous base in between. In spite of army officer parents resigning their commissions in disgust, not a single person stood trial for any of this. The army had nothin' to say 'bout nothin' to no one.

And beyond the scale of each of these was the horrific fact that all of them were, in some fashion or another, connected and part of a bigger picture. All of them involved satanistic ritual perpetually featuring fecal matter and animal sacrifice. All of them were grist for the ubiquitous well-funded experts on 'false-memory syndrome' comprised almost totally by 'ex'-paedophiles, or spooks, or both. None of these cases seemed to be of any interest to anyone in the media beyond a blame-the-victim angle. If the investigations weren't farces, the trials were. Most involved no trials at all, in spite of staggering evidence. And then there were the actual connections, as in hard-wired connections with telexes etc. When the DC police busted the Finders warehouse in Washington they found evidence of elaborate communications links and contacts spanning the globe. And a working audio-visual studio. And a sacrificial altar. Belgium looks like nothing special. It's almost impossible to escape the conclusion that the Pedophocracy is FUCKING HUGE.

Hold that thought.


I lost count of how many times here I've declared that if one wanted to know who ran the world one need merely look to the media and see who isn't mentioned. The media is the reality machine. If a thing is mentioned in the media then we can all agree that it exists. In this category go things like Al Qaeda, Iraqi WMDs (Iranian, whatever), Arab/Muslim wickedness etc. etc.

As for the flipside, the ne plus ultra thing-that-doesn't-exist is the private ownership of the Fed and every other nation's Reserve Bank. Since this fact is never mentioned we may safely conclude that the people who own the banks own the media. And besides, it stands to reason. Ownership of the money supply only works if no one knows. Were it common knowledge the Fed would be in flames.

Okay, so here we are on the net. We know better. We go to wrh. There, Mike Rivero tells us all about the private ownership of the Fed. Three cheers for him. Now - Can anyone ever remember ever having seen anything about the Pedophocracy, anything at all, on wrh? Or anywhere?

Call me old fashioned but I hit Dave McGowan daily just to see if there's anything new. Like I said, I'm a fan. But it occurs to me that in my daily wandering around on the web that there's the whole rest of the internet, and then there's Dave McGowan. Apart from a few small-timers like Pen and yours truly no one will touch this guy. How is that possible?

And did you hold that thought?

And are you wondering yet?


notamobster said...

Brilliant, friend. Brilliant! Misinformation...Disinformation...and selective information.

Abso-fucking-lutely brilliant!

(and a welcome spark for the mind after being stuck in my office, nose deep in Mitsubishi A & Q series programming manuals trying to fix a problem on a boat in el Gulfo de Mexico - still here...oh, the rat race:)

nobody said...

NaM, what ARE you doing up? What time is it there? Go get some sleep for chrissakes. Madness.

notamobster said...

Ahhh, working like a slave. (quite literally - I'm salaried, so everything after 40 hours is free -how's that for you? I'm working for free...charity, I guess)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your effort and the ideas on your blogs (cinema and Church). I have enjoyed reading your texts and the variety of topics.

In response to your topic, The ultimate mindfuck was reading this obscure yet brilliantly complied treasure of a website.

Truly scars something inside while reading the dutroux affair article.

The sites owner mr. Van der Reijden writes about the site(since renamed ISGP)..

"Before it leaves the planet, its destiny is to affect change, to bring people together in peace and harmony, and to be number 1 at what it does... The world needs the avant-garde and [PEHI] is it. Its ideas may one day be standard, but it is always on the cutting edge... [It acts as] a natural detective and can detect what is not honest, or true, in a person or a government... [When evolved PEHI] can help lead the world out of hypocrisy and into a honest exploration of life."

"[PEHI] is associated with idealistic concepts and rather spiritual issues... Its thinking is long term, and it's able to grasp the far-reaching effects of actions and plans. It is disappointed by the shortsighted views of many of its contemporaries."

The purpose of the Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions (PEHI) is to put together the entire spectrum of highly influential but low-profile organizations which appear to shape the world from behind the scenes. It's a grass-roots effort carried out by a person with absolutely zero "inside" sources. Although information will continue to be gathered on such organizations as Le Cercle, the 1001 Club, and the Pilgrims Society, in the future focus will shift to more loose networks and other, related topics.


Franz said...

Right, notamobster is. It is brilliant, nobody.

Who Is Not Mentioned has awesome power. I met Michael Aquino once, an Officer and a Gentleman and Satan's best friend (because he's in America, he has to call himself a "Sethian" not a Satanist. Copyright infringement thing. The Land of the Bottom Line, etc.)

Who Is Not Mentioned believes in "Satan" (or Seth) about as much as I do but they know where they are and what sort of cover story works wherever they are.

Who Is Not Mentioned, I often think, adds up to the Invisible King a certain group wants to install to run the Invisible Tyranny that rules the world. The King might already be ruling.

Simon, the Necronomicon guy, told everyone long ago that Royal and Real are, as words, related at the root.

The Royal decides what's Real.

This sounds stupid till you've watched people lose their jobs, train their foreign replacements, fight wars for a third party that make no sense even in public, AND THEN hiss and shake their fists at anyone who tells them they're getting screwed.

The Royal (via TV, like Rupert's FOX news) lets us know everything's fine, the wars are necessary and our troops are the heroes, and the economy's fine just give the dislocations time to even out, for pete's sake.

So idiocy, deadly idiocy, along with child-rape and the poisoning of entire nations, becomes Real.

Eric Hoffer, who was a hobo, then a longshoreman, then a philosopher, pointed out the same thing. Propaganda alone is nothing. There must be force of some sort behind it or it won't work. Royal power is the force behind the Real, the faux truth.

This makes the future a disturbing proposition for those who think. If Simon and Hoffer are right, the truth is going to need loads of high explosives to be heard sooner or later.

But like McGowan is right as well as distrubing I think Simon and Hoffer are right too. The truth alone is nothing. Force of some sort has to give it a push. Sooner or later. Probably sooner.

Penny said...

aah McGowan, sigh.
Talk about Dave and I am there!

The first time I heard him, was on the Meria Heller show, and your right, no one else has really gone there or links to his work, etc
Except for Meria, who Dave has made regular appearances on for years now. Then you and me.

I don't just mean the Laurel Canyon stuff either. which is great.
but all his other stuff, his 9/11, peak oil, and on and on.
How about the stuff on Elian Gonzalez?

and all 3 of his books are fantastic, I mean really good.
I know, I have them all, I have read them all, I use them as reference books for goodness sakes.

The serial killer book, which the pedophocracy comes from, was difficult to read, I mean so difficult, I couldn't sleep etc.,
it is hard to imagine that level of sickness and evil , being perpetuated on small children and other innocent persons.

My interpretation of Dave is this.

Dave doesn't care, he writes as he sees fit, what he digs up on his own.
He does his own research , his own homework and he goes with it.

I think that is why no one touches him........

Everyone has there own angle on things, and they surround themselves with people who validate that point of view.

Dave doesn't care. He won't validate your view point if he doesn't think he should.

The 9/11 truth movement got quite cheezed with him and he took some heat for his analysis of , going on memory here, the phone calls emanating from the planes.

I think his dispute with Michael Ruppert got him into some rough patches.

But Dave hangs tough, he comes to his own conclusions.

And that nobody dear, is why I like him so much.

I have a feeling that is why you like him also?

In him we see ourselves, just doing our own thing, and mucking through alot of shit.

Funny you say this
"If a thing is mentioned in the media then we can all agree that it exists."

Did you happen to catch an article in which the king of manipulative media, Rupert Murdoch, acknowledges that very reality???


"It used to be that a handful of editors could decide what was news-and what was not. They acted as sort of demigods. If they ran a story, it became news. If they ignored an event, it never happened."

Of course Murdoch himself played no role in that kind of editorial dictatorship, right?? lol

the Silverfish said...

Ritual killings and blood sacrifice is more common than one might think.

Perhaps a total trackback is in order.

As to the Pedophocracy, were any of these children Jewish, not saying just asking?

gallier2 said...

Sorry, but I think it is more complicated than that. Don't get me wrong, I love wrh and I'm a huge fan of McGowan. But it is very difficult to spread the message, when the message is that extreme, even if (or more so) it is real. You, me and the other fine people on this blog, have suspended 'reality' and we went through the rabbit hole, and nothing can be too extreme to be rejected out of hand. But other people are very sensitive to keywords, which will give a reflex of rejection, and any further discution will not be possible.
Dave McGowan has almost all standard trigger words that shut down almost automatically all input channels (if you allow me this metaphore): conspiracy, revisionism, no peak-oil, jews, 911, fake moon landing (I don't follow him on that btw), and so on.

By wrh there are less of these trigger words, but some can be problematic as well:911, jews, firearms.

When I try to inform people around me of things I think are huge and counter to the mainstream, I am extremely careful to select what sources I offer to my 'wisdom' or else I risk alienating these people.

There are some very good example of sites/people and themes that have extremly interesting articles, but with some strange ideas, that puts them in the crank category.
Example: Jean-Pierre Petit, he's a french physicist which worked on many projects concerning MHD, cosmology and so on, he has an interesting site with some articles which are brilliant (his take on the construction of the pyramids is the best thing I ever read on the subject), a lot of personal anecdotes, but he believes in UFOs. So I can hardly present his work to my best friend, he will reject everything on this base.

Anonymous said...

Sexual perversion only gets you so far in explaining the scope and reach of this horror. To go the whole distance, you have to look at this from the point of view of feeding. Those doing it are under the control of beings that eat pain; torturing and sexually abusing children produces the most refined food they can get.

I can't prove that, of course. But think about it.

Anonymous said...

That topic links into this

I am going to give that book a read. Can't buy it in book stores in here.


nobody said...

Excellent, boys and girls. Terrific comments. I'll pop back this arvo with a longer reply. And thanks to those with compliments, very nice.

And speaking of the cinema blog I should apologise for not having done anything there for such a long time. There are people who pop in every day in the forlorn hope that I've done something new. Whoever you are, I do feel bad. In some ways it's more difficult to construct those pieces than the church raves. But I've got a few things half done and sitting on the desktop and I should just get on and finish them. I want to do 'Longford', The Matrix (a nighmarish task), and the unspeakable 'Next'. Maybe I'll do the last one first since it's so easy. It's such a piece of shit, ha ha.

Back later.

nobody said...

And a quick BTW. You know what's spooky? The number of people hitting that Gordian knot thing I did by way of google searches for 'impossible riddles'. What are they looking for these people? I don't get it.

nobody said...

Thanks Hankk, I'll check it out. I do like the concept of listing these people. As for secret societies, my default position is that if they weren't formed in a spirit of wickedness they'll certainly end up that way. Bring it all out into the harsh light of day.

And Frank, you met Michael Aquino?! Fucking hell. Did you cross yourself? I'm about as 'ex' as a catholic gets but I'd find it hard to resist. It's either that or smash his teeth in. And I hate to be a fly in the ointment, but I have a minor problem with real = royal. You might be confusing the Brazilian currency 'real' (as in 100 centavos) which is definitely derived from 'regal' but my Oxford dictionary has real (as in factual) as being derived from the latin 'realis/res' meaning 'thing'. Which does make sense.

Hey Pen, you're on to something there. It is a fact that McGowan bagged out Rivero in regards to what did or didn't strike the Pentagon. Me, I'm with McGowan. But that's cool, I still read Rivero. No one gets everything right. Even McGowan has his blindspot. He never touches the Fed for instance (but McGowan is SO good I'll forgive him).

In the meantime, Rivero (who is, let's face it, a gatekeeper) only ever touches paedophilia if it's connected to the Catholic Church (with an occasional tip of the hat to pervy rabbis). And between the Catholic Church and the Pedophocracy, I'd say it's no contest. One's passive, and one's aggressive. Okay, so it's possible that Rivero has his knickers in a knot about being bagged out over flight 77. It's possible. But it's also not really good enough. The pedophocracy is too big a subject for such an ego-driven snit. And Rivero never touches it. Maybe he's squeamish? I'm trying to cut the guy some slack but it's not looking good is it?

And Silv, that's the thing matey, McGowan makes the case that it IS more common. As for your dreadful racist hint ; -) good question. Sure enough, McGowan never goes there. Thinking sideways, one wonders if there have been as many Jewish victims of the pedophocracy as there were Jewish victims on 911, if you can dig it. Which prompts the question, which McGowan never touches, whose pedophocracy is it? Says McGowan, 'The CIA, mumble mumble...' Me, I don't think so.

Gallier, how you doing? Nice to see your happy face, ha ha. I take your point. One can make progress with people until you hit a certain subject and then it's all over. Me and everyone here has struck this I expect. The thing with Rivero is that he covers pretty much everything anyway. Almost all of his stuff is in the one-subject-too-far category. And sure enough, you hang there long enough and eventually you arrive at the point where you no longer write anything off completely. Since wrh is already in that territory, why not one further step into something that is obviously one of the biggest things going? And by way of size, I'm given to thinking that the pedophocracy is entrenched in every state of the union, every nation, perhaps even every level of government. That's the thing with the pedophocracy - it grows, it's aggressive, it's hungry.

And psych, I'm going to agree with you by disagreeing with you. The thing is, I didn't say 'sexual'. The pedophocracy isn't about sex per se. Sex is part of it. It's a hook into a fundamental Darwinian drive. But it's not a sex club. It's a corruption club. The infliction of pain and suffering is part of the corruption process.

Hey anyone remember that scene in Out Of Sight where Steve Zahn figures out that he's in waaay deeper than he ever intended? He ran away sure, but with the pedophocracy you can't run away. When your starting point is a blowjob from a 13 year old there is no running away. You're on for the whole trip, axe chopping, you name it. They know who you are and they've got the video. I expect that the horrified newbies are told not to fight it but to embrace it - "Nietzsche was right. Embrace the Festival of Cruelty. Animals have no compunction. From now on you will merely be an expression of nature, free of human weaknesses and frailties. You will not be sub-human, you will be uber-human. It's not cruel. It just is. And besides, you have no choice, we are already there, we have embraced this, we are that compassionless creature. You either join us and embrace your destiny or we destroy you."

Geez, that was a bit return-of-the-jedi-ish, wasn't it?

Hey Dave. I have that book on my hard drive but I haven't read it. I know Les is big on it but I have a few problems with it. Actually I had a spray on it already. You may or may not groove on it.

kikz said...

read up ystrdy. had seen/heard pieces to the top levels...had guessed at its size/scope. i'm in awe of mcgowan and his research, on this and even the laurel canyon stuff. the pedo articles of course, made me shutter.

...day care, in the us is a private affair, some oversight from the state..but i never trusted them. state run public schools begin w/kindergarten, i was lucky enough to see both of elementary the schools mine attend/ed built from the ground up, one w/in 2mi of our home,the other .5mi. the secondary school my older ones now attend, is 1.5mi.

when mine were of age for 'preschool' i would've no more allowed such outside influence or 'open flank' than to let them play out in traffic. i was very lucky that i was able to stay home and 'guard' them until they were 'whole' and able to express w/some ease what had happened while i wasn't around.
this even extended to babysitters. we only ever had 2. both older teens, and the main sitter, was the daughter of one of hubs' coworkers, a subordinate. i had 2 levels of control, as the mgr was well aware that his daughter's actions could directly effect his livelyhood.

it was only after months of watching both w/my kids, that the main one was allowed sole access for any span of time... before that, i considered her an apprentice, gauging her abilities for one so young (16) and teaching her how to anticipate; the parental mental mindset in which like a chess match one must anticipate the outcome/consequences of a move many moves in advance. let's face it.. a young child's job is to see how many ways it can maim or kill itself, in the second it takes to blink :))))))))

paranoid as it may be to consider any outside influence on young children a possible threat, the stakes are too high to ignore the possibility.

and that threat can and does come from anywhere, even other children.

trust, or earned trust, given by degrees... has been one of the hardest lessons to teach the kids. i've been overtly protective over mine until i could see that they understood the concept, even among friends.

if ya don't do due diligence, a high price can be paid.

anyway, at 11 & 13, i'm still 'squirrely' about who has access to them. i just hope i've done my job...

one daughter will spend 6 days in hosp, in jan..i'm not lookin forward to this at all, on so many levels.
if i have to leave her in her room alone, she'll have a cell phone in her hand. this being a children's hosp, i'm more than concerned as to the predatory element that i'm sure hunts there.

hank k..
thanks for the link, i'll surely chk it out.

agreed penn, dave does what he does. :)


i gotta ? for ya... how many of the chosen do ya ever see as victims in slasher flicks?


the keyword thing.. y, i've seen it in action too many times to dismiss. it came to my attention couched as 'republican talking points'.

in a semi public discussion, any subject that was in diametrical opposition to those points was immediately grabbed and dismembered w/anger. overtly passionate response to even minimal opposition. quite out of kilter, which was the giveaway. inappropriately hyper (frothing at the mouth) response to mere mention of an opposing viewpoint. dead telling.

the hole in the pentagon, and the phones.

hole..too small, no wreckage outside..no pieces of snappd off wings, a single engine...and a tire/strut assembly... but lo & behold, DNA frm the vaporized passengers. ta-da. rivero and i are at eternal odds over this.

the phones. hubs was a vp in telecom, and worked on airphone. he knew as anyone who work'd w/it.. at that time........w/that technology.....the only reason airphone worked was; a locally based transmitter w/in the plane which talked to the cell network on the ground, all configured to make the connection and do the the handoff maintaining the connection in real time. the cell sites were then 10mi in diameter and had to be to the deal.

no way in hell personal ground based cell phones/systems then - could find their cell-sites, make/maintain connection and handoff the connection in succession to other groundbased sites (networked cells) while the plane traveled at 500+mph.

i really hadn't noticed a non coverage of the pedo thing by rivero. i thought maybe i'd just skipp'd the 'area' of it on the website.

Anonymous said...

Yea, I have read all your articles. But some things just keep popping up in my reality.

Books for instance will come to my attention repeatedly until I read them. Music on the radio seems to be in tune with my thinking, as in the proper tune if there was a sound track to my reality.

More and more I get ideas and thoughts and then a few weeks later everyone knows the same thing or I see it in the mainstream. Kinda weird actually.


nobody said...

Hey Kikz, the other aspect of this is that everyone has kids (except me) and the horror of what this all means is really too much. We don't wish to imagine the world in such a way. I'm not talking about you here, I'm being general, in regards to the absence of discussion of the pedophocracy. But then again, I think that that's one of the reasons for its strength and persistence. People just don't want to know. Even me. I don't want to write about it. I piked out last time round. And I'm going to drop it again now. To live there, so to speak, is to go mad.

Still McGowan has joined the dots for us. His message that 'this is a single coherent picture' is undeniable. If Rivero does mention any paedophilia, it's by way of 'here is a dot', and 'here is another dot', ad infinitum. Which given the significance of this toxic gig is... what? 'Poor of him'? That's me being generous. Of all people he should know better. I still go to wrh, I still think he's a force for good, but I have to wonder at this.

Hey Dave. You've read all my articles. Wow. I'm blushing now. I didn't think anyone did that. Except for Annemarie (who is unhappily absent now) and Tony (who is very busy heaping shit on Americans over at smokingmirrors, ha ha). C'arn Tone! Ease up mate! There's no point thrashing the folks at smokingmirrors. Between them and the people at, I don't know, littlegreenfootballs, you've picked the wrong target. And for a fellow who does have interesting things to say, you're heading into 'one-note' territory. I mean this with all good intentions you understand (winky smiley face).

And otherwise, onya Dave!

And other-otherwise, I've already written tomorrow's thing. Time for some Shakespeare. And Ellis, if you're reading mate, you were part inspiration for this effort. Even though I didn't comment, I grooved on your piece over at Les' the other day. Very nice.

Franz said...

Aquino was a smallish fish in the neopagan thing which was easy for me to handle since I was smaller. :)

His claim to fame was his US military connections which just made everyone suspicious. One of the first US wiccan gurus was a Green Beret. Like Aleister Crowley was M15. Like Anton Sandor Levay was Mossad. Don't any of these guys WORK for a living?

Oh, I forgot. They leave that sort of thing to us! That's why neopaganism went into the gutter, just my opinion. But I was an idealist once.

Simon's digression on word origins (if I recall) has to do with Reg devolving into who gets to parse the Real estate after the Revolution. It don't matter much to me. It's just a useful alliteration to play with.

My bet the regal to real relationship is just the same as Osiris to Arthur (which believe it or not has been argued in Alt History threads. Not by me.)

nobody said...

Well we all like a lot of alliteration.

Anonymous said...

I realise that Nobody and have ceased and desisted

m_astera said...

Thanks for the clarification on real/royal. I always assumed they had the same roots, as the King owned all the real estate, but my Random House unabridged concurs- real< L. realis, re-, res = thing. In Spanish the same word and spelling means both thing/true and royal.

Trigger words and subjects that may not be broached are how I figure out who I'm dealing with. People let me know the extent of their open-mindedness, education, and powers of discernment that way. With Rivero, for instance, it's "I don't believe in UFOs or God", which says the same thing to me as "Adam and Eve were the first people" and "The Space Brothers will land and take us to our new home", IOW, poor discernment and faulty or at least shallow mental process.

We all have to tailor our presentation to our audience to a degree or we lose our audience or even make them enemies, but it's likely wiser to say nothing at all than to list a creed that lets some know that one is "normal" like them but tells others one is ignorant.

The comment on those discarnate entities who feed on pain, which Psychegram has dropped into this thread, is far more outrageous than the pedopathocracy subject, while explaining quite nicely the deeper causes and motives behind that and most of the rest of the world's evils, yet it lies there untouched.

I'm reminded of the recent quote from Howard Zinn "I don't care if 9/11 was an inside job".

Penny said...

I think McGowan makes it clear that this pedophacracy is not random, but is indeed part of something bigger, insidious and corrupt.

The thing is exactly what, I don't think dave has that 100 percent figured out for himself, yet.

Maybe he will and maybe he won't ever get there, but he definitely knows something is up.

I recall one interview with Meria, she asked him to jump in on the global warming debate, he refrained.

and he was honest, he is just not sure. So until he does more work, on his own, he wasn't going to express an opinion either way.

I found that interesting in that clearly he has enough doubts, to not say yes, and still enough doubts to not say no, so like myself, he sits on the fence.

but, he was not going to wade into the mess until he figured out for himself, and that is pure Dave McGowan.

as for the ponerology, I have noted people referring to it, Les, and someone I know personally, I have not looked into it myself.
I got enough reading to do.

Dave: serendipity, it sounds like serendipity.

( I love that word)

Penny said...

in a way serendipity is how i found nobody , i was looking for something else,and there was nobody.

and though we got off to a rocky start ;)

it was all good.

then nobody hit my blog,and I recall one of the first things he said, was oh I see you link to Dave McGowan.

Yeah, hello!!

so in a way, maybe as I found nobody, he found a like minded fan of Dave McGowan, who then pointed out the pedophocracy, and from there a common bond, and then from that we help fill in the pieces of each others puzzle.

like Dave (here) says But "some things just keep popping up in my reality."


the Silverfish said...

Hey Bud:
I was just over at Les's place as I just had to see what tony was up to.

In my ignorance I thought it was mobsternot,I shoulda known better, I was wrong, won't be the first or last time I suppose. But it got me thinking, now I do read a lot of the blogs but seldom comment, like whats the point?

But like I said it got me thinking. What would happen if all of these bloggers and commenter's got together some nite to shoot the shit, drink a lot of beer and eat good pizza.
Hell I'd give my right big toe to be a fly on the wall at such a meeting of the minds. But oh to be a moderator at such an event, one would have to act the part of an old school Marm with wooden ruler in hand with which to rap knuckles,( now now children play nice, or you'll have to stay after class, we're all in this together).

Funny thing is that most are saying exactly the same thing , just using different words, why don't they get that?

This is the biggest reason that I don't get too political over at my place, I simply don't want to play the heavy and rap knuckles.

Speaking of my place that which I haven't seen you at, I have been putting in a series of posts that I thought you might like, knowing how you feel about birds an all, but I guess I was WRONG on that to.(hint)

Just remember the lights are on, even if there's nobody home most of the time.

Anonymous said...

On Mirrors you mentioned you had a piece over here about McGowan so i had to come over here and read it.

(BTW there is now too much to read! Mr. Vis has been firing on all 4 cylinders, with people writing awesome comments, and sott has their JFK series going on, and there's truthseeker and WRH . . .)

So i just read this post of yours, and there you go again being utterly lovable, with your astonishing finesse in pointing out details while simultaneously projecting a background context and doing everything with powerful intellect and clarity while being relaxed, playful and friendly with your readers . . . like an adorable AND funny uncle doing a magic trick for his neices and nephews, only it's not a trick but real magic showing up right before our very minds.

This part is so perfect . . .

"I lost count of how many times here I've declared that if one wanted to know who ran the world one need merely look to the media and see who isn't mentioned. The media is the reality machine. If a thing is mentioned in the media then we can all agree that it exists. In this category go things like Al Qaeda, Iraqi WMDs (Iranian, whatever), Arab/Muslim wickedness etc. etc.

"As for the flipside, the ne plus ultra thing-that-doesn't-exist is the private ownership of the Fed and every other nation's Reserve Bank. Since this fact is never mentioned we may safely conclude that the people who own the banks own the media. And besides, it stands to reason. Ownership of the money supply only works if no one knows. Were it common knowledge the Fed would be in flames."

Also, the site looks gorgeous, and the hands pictures are fabulous, and kikz's Halloween photos of the political scarecrow art pieces are awesome (i do hope at least some of the parents "got it" or maybe the older children would be more likely to??), and the Photoshopped "666" house number is to LOL at . . . see, there's way too much to comment on.

My intro to Dave McGowan was a short time back when a commenter on Mirrors left a link to his Laurel Canyon series, Episode #1, and i became a fan of his just a few paragraphs into that piece. i could tell that what i had started reading was going to act like a landslide underneath my whole former picture of American pop music and "the 60s," and so it has been.

And yes, it is a real question, what it could be that would have WRH NOT linking to anything by McGowan. After reading that first Laurel Canyon article i e-mailed the link to WRH, saying i thought the piece was lighting up a key area of our recent history and current culture, and then i didn't see the link on WRH.

i have read Pedophocracy but not the book that it comes from or any of McGowan's longer work, just Laurel Canyon so far. It does appear that as you point out this could be a very key element holding the whole mess together.

For example, i am thinking there was a subtle discrepancy about Tony Blair . . . how could a person who for years was telling such an unrelenting stream of really big obvious lies, at the same time be projecting a certain air that's hard to describe, a feeling that there was NO possibility whatsoever that he could be shaken or put off course, by anything. But the existence of videos of him doing stuff with 13-year-olds would clear up any puzzlement.

Hankk, you referred to McGowan's site as "this obscure yet brilliantly complied treasure of a website," and the latest Laurel Canyon (Part XI) has some funny remarks at the beginning about the retro look of the site (maybe you read that already).

Silverfish, "Were any of these chidren Jewish?" Very good question.

On the Ponerology book, i have just read excerpts at sott, which were very powerful. And the history of how the book came into existence (writeup also at sott) is itself mind-bending. From what i have read so far, the one part i feel out-of-alignment with is the idea that the corruption all comes from 6% of humans who are are genetically devoid of conscience. It looks to me like the corruption-structure really grows from the fact that at present relatively few human beings have developed the particular skill that can be developed by (for example) connecting with Eckhart Tolle's books, especially the suggestions (i would not like to curse what he is saying by calling them "exercises") in "Practicing the Power of Now." IMO, in actuality it is my (same as your) run-of-the-mill human ego operating unsupervised that is without conscience. When i'm not practicing the skill of being present and realizing that i am not my ego, my ego in all its trickiness and meanness automatically aligns like a tiny magnetized iron filing with the billions of other little gangster egos to spontaneously generate a tower of nastiness. As i see it my own development of that particular skill, to more and more proficiency, is actually the key, and the entire answer to the question "but what can anyone DO about it?"

And nobody, glad you liked my Shakespeare mini-rant or whatever that was. i'm looking forward to your piece tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Nobody, I just tried to read your latest. I couldn't- not thoroughly. It’s all too unsettling (a fact I wasn’t cognisant of until I started your article)!
Have you ever tried to do anything about a child molester/rapist; in real life?

I have.

Everyone; very sympathetic, nice words, very understanding. Some, far too interested in the details- children’s services- before they told me no can’t help, not without one of the victims stepping up. The primary school headmaster couldn’t see anything in the child (girl) that indicated such. Detectives took a name and said if any attention was drawn at least he would be on file.

Went to police, detectives, social services, schools, workplace of offender; told his workmates, implored the victims to help- no, please leave and don't bother me with this again. None of the victims want any more involvement in anything more to do with their violation.

After I recon I had done all I could (short of killing the bastard myself); I let go.

The offences have been over a period of 50 years to at least 6 females over two generations and the family (grandparents, parents and siblings) know/knew. I’m an outsider (husband).


And unfortunately part of the human condition.

nobody said...

Thanks m_astera. Um okay, I have to be honest I'm probably not the fellow for a discussion of discarnate entities. I've never encountered one. I don't dismiss them utterly as such, but I have no knowledge of them, merely others' say-so. Whilst I do hang out at Les' blogs, I'm actually coming from a nihilist/buddhist angle. To that end I hung out there as a ghost for the longest time before I had anything to offer. And since then, I tend to comment sparingly.

For mine the pedophocracy makes sense without the supernatural. I see it as a bribery/blackmail corruption trip taken to the nth degree. If it resembles a religion, well, that would stand to reason. Religions are as fine a control mechanism as exist. As L Ron Hubbard said, 'If you can invent a religion you've got it made' (or words to that effect), just before he went on to invent a religion. I expect that within the pedophocracy there are those who believe and those who don't. Just like scientology and every other religion/control mechanism that's ever existed.

Does this answer mean I'll lose my audience? The beauty of this theatre is that anyone can leave mid-performance and the performer won't bat an eyelid, ha ha. I'm not having a go at you. That was just me being droll.

And yes, wasn't I grumpy then Pen? Nicotine withdrawal will do that to you.

Otherwise Silv, you bent my brain with that last gag. It works, but I'm not sure why, ha ha. As for the beer and pizza sesh, fly on the wall? Wouldn't you be piling in mate? God knows I would. And I don't know that it would be that fractious. I'm convinced that a great deal of fractiousness we see here in the electronic ether results from a lack of things such as facial clues etc. This means of discussion we have here is ill-suited to humans, truth be known. For a million years humans conversed face to face. This gig of impersonal messages read, and replied to in kind, would count as a second on the clock of human evolution, if you know what I mean. I'm given to thinking that humans in the old-fashioned face to face method of communicating (with all things being equal) have a tendency to seek harmony.

By the way, anyone who wants to know how much fun a close-up encounter with an owl can be head over to Silv's swallowsnest. You didn't say if you required stitches Silv...

Speaking of harmony - hey Tony! And onya mate. How's this whacky New Zealand test? It might be all over in three days. Ha! Sorry if any of you find that a bit cryptic it's because you have a hole in your life. And the name of that hole is 'cricket', ha ha.

Oh! Nearly forgot, I ditched the Shakespeare thing. Which is a bummer since it was complete except for the conclusion. But no sensible conclusion could be arrived at and the whole thing was wishy-washy and pointless. So I ditched it. That'll teach me to announce what's coming next. Mind you I always say that don't I?

nobody said...

Oh, and hello Ellis. How you do brighten up a room mate! And I even tapped your name out specifically to hype the Shakespeare thing and now you've popped in and I feel bad. Sorry about that.

Just to be clear on the Shakespeare thing, it all began with me wondering where the 'This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England' quote came from. Turns out it's from John of Gaunt's deathbed speech in Richard II. And it's a stunning example of how selective quoting will turn one thing into another. What's put out as the most patriotic thing ever is in fact a vicious indictment. Google 'With inky blots and rotten parchment bonds' to get the full thing. It's worth it merely for the immaculate rhythm of the writing. It doesn't get any better than Shakespeare. Except for when Americans do him. Apologies to Americans but I just can't come at Shakespeare in an American accent. Sorry!

BTW - If you do read the aforementioned and wonder at the following -

"As is the sepulchre, in stubborn Jewry
Of the world’s ransom, blessed Mary’s son"

relax. 'Jewry' here refers, by way of the people, to a place, that being Jerusalem. This is actually common in Shakespeare. 'Sepulchre', 'world's ransom' and 'Mary's son' are all a reference to Jesus and how his renown matches that of the crusaders. I think.

Mind you, I still have nagging questions as to why 'Jewry' would denote Jerusalem when the crusaders were fighting Muslims rather than Jews, who even then were a minority. If anyone knows fill me in.

And thanks anon. A waking nightmare, mate. Would it be presumptuous of me to say that this is confirmation of my point that one of the strengths of the pedophocracy is that no one wants to know because it's just too awful? The other thing that occurs to me (call me paranoid if you like) is that perhaps some of the people you were seeking help from are part of the pedophocracy themselves? With the intensive efforts to infiltrate child-minding and child-placement centres (as we saw in the Customs agent's report of the Keeper's bust in Washington) wouldn't a position in social welfare dealing with abused kids make a lot of sense? Otherwise, without wishing to be rude, did you talk to the fellow himself?

This maybe a mad sparrow-fart dream I have, but I almost wish to engage the wicked in an exploration of their behaviour. If for no other reason than to roadtest my continuum of selfishness/selflessness. I wrote about this before when I discussed 1984. If I was Winston Smith I would actually WANT to pit myself against O'Brien. It would be an intellectual exercise sure, but it would also be an opportunity/acid-test in terms of letting go of fear. It's also possible I'd get five minutes in and curse my own stupidity. And if you wanted to jump the gun and say I was a fool, I'd have no clever comeback. You might be right.

Anonymous said...

Nobody re: 'did you talk to the fellow himself?'

No. The family did at the time and he promised to seek professional help but didn't/hasn't to this day.
He tells the story of how his grandfather molested him... (?)
The family is Mormon. The Mormons I believe has a tradition of sexual aberration.


kikz said...

thanks ellis:) i enjoy your comments.. i know ya frm over les's way... :)

i got lots of strange looks.. which were priceless... the realization/look of.. ohshit! when my signage/headstones were read and understood on some level.

only 3 i think made actual comment. one was a half/lit bush regime supporter, who asked me why didn't i have hillary or obama caught in my giant spiderweb(wall street)

i told her, as she sipped her longneck beer... i don't do candidates, as i don't favor a visit frm the suits/spooks.

the other 2, foreign natls....vietnamese and a canadian..got it, loved it.

got kudos frm the kids, 'kewl house' but no commentary on the politics.

we had a bum yr for turnout. usually in the hundreds.. this yr less than a hundred. guess the mcpalin supporters had put word thru the churches to 'give the finger' to the pagans this yr...
could also hav been the sucking economy, a friday nite h.s. football home game, and lots of other mall/school based alternatives.

it was fun.. other than if i ever hear pink floyd's "money" again i'll scream :)

back to the pedo thing..
wasn't it hitler or one of his minions... that said something to the effect... the largest lies, are hidden, right out in the open? wish i could remb.....

Anonymous said...

I guess serendipity is it. The more I let go of silly fears and such the more things just work out.

Intent is a big thing too. What goes around really does come around. Sometimes it takes a few minutes and sometimes it comes much later.

Maybe the people in power are just so selfish or ego controlled to the extreme that they believe they are the only one. They don't or can't believe that each and every person has the same type of 3D reality. It would be a very small percentage of the population, but the minority has alway controlled the majority.

There is a very fine line between genius and crazy.

Anonymous said...

I see the schoolies are swarming nobody; you stay safe now, you hear?

Randall said...

Just to be fair, Rivero has about 20
links to The Franklin cover up from the old archives, so he doesn't shy away from it.
I didn't search for anything about Dutroux or the Belgium scene though,
or fourniret.

nobody said...

Thanks anon. Okay, it becomes clearer with the mormon connection. There is definitely a clannish aspect to them. As for 'sexual aberration' everyone has their own idea of what that is exactly, but otherwise yeah, I know what you mean.

That was Hitler Kikz, and believe it or not, he wasn't extolling it as a technique for Nazis but rather deriding it as a Jewish trait. But in this world-free-of-irony that we live in he cops the blame for it. Which for mine would be not unlike blaming McGowan for the pedophocracy, since he called it.

And anon#2, precisely. I couldn't put it better myself. I view discussion of 'evil' and the 'devil' (or whomever) as red herrings, which is to say a means of avoiding a discussion of self and selfishness.

And speaking of 'evil' - Schoolies! Aargh!

Actually, they're fine. They run around yelling 'Wooo' a lot, jump in the ocean, and go home. Round here they do anyway. Mind you, God pity the residents of Surfer's Paradise...

For those who don't know, our Australian school year ended yesterday and beach towns (and where I live there are many, many) are deluged by kids who've just finished high-school and think that they're now free. Ha ha ha ha. Anyway, depending on where you live it can be somewhat tiresome.

Anonymous said...

"Apologies to Americans but I just can't come at Shakespeare in an American accent."

Same for me. Obviously when i read, whether in my head or out loud, there's definitely an American accent going on there! But it's usually uncomfortable to hear American actors doing Shakespeare.

In Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet movie, there was a minor role played by Jack Lemon . . . aaaaargh


nobody said...

Thanks Randall. Fair enough, mate. I'm not writing Rivero off, I'm just wondering, if you can dig it. Certainly he does do paedophilia occasionally but it's my opinion as a long-time reader that the majority of it is connected with the Roman church. And between the church and the pedophocracy there's a world of difference. Think about McMartin - ALL of the teachers were in on it and nearly ALL of the kids were victims. Nor has the church dug networks of tunnels to spirit kids to other properties. I could go on and on.

Also when Rivero points out the wickedness of various paedophile priests he's merely reinforcing the media, which covers these stories ad nauseam. I doubt there's any tv-watching drones out there who upon hearing 'paedophilia' don't immediately think of the Catholic church. Pavlov ain't in it. Otherwise the very thought of an organised paedophocracy is utterly absent in the media.

We go to Rivero to find the stories that the media won't touch. He trumpets it at the top of his page. But on this subject, what we invariably get is more of the same media fodder. Can you dig it?

kikz said...

rivero....But on this subject, what we invariably get is more of the same media fodder....

well, maybe he can't let go of his oars.. on the river de-nial.

it is a sharp horror to admit that this organizational beast/behemoth even exists...much less that it can reach into your life and snatch pieces of you or yours.

or it could be..to utilize a psych term...
repression, at the hand of some personal experience.

just guessing...shrugz?