Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Here's an experiment you can try at home. Ask just about anyone what they know about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. If they've heard of it at all, it's unlikely that they'd know anything beyond the fact that it's a forgery. This invariably represents the sum total of anyone's knowledge on the subject. This struck me as curious. Can anyone think of any work wherein all we know about that work is that it's a forgery? Are you scratching your head? It seems that in this regard, the Protocols is perfectly unique.

Trespasses against Jewish people are perpetually portrayed in our media as the wickedest thing imaginable. Not forgetting our schools. Here in Oz, we're currently being harangued that the nation's kids aren't being taught enough about the Holocaust. Perhaps Australian kids don't watch TV? There, all things Nazi and Holocaust are pored over in great detail so that we might not miss even the smallest aspect of it. And yet of the Protocols we know nothing beyond its falsehood. Why has no one delved into this forgery so that we might better understand the wickedness of the false slurs it casts upon the Jewish people? Surely this would be as worthy of our attention (and our understanding of Jews as victims) as the endless documentaries about Nazis and their women, pets, haberdashers etc? Curiously, unlike every other crime against the Jews this one get no attention at all. Nothing.

For the sake of ambiguity I will concede that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a forgery. It's a curious forgery though. It's not a forgery like the time I forged a David Bowie concert ticket. The original ticket existed and I merely copied it (Sorry Mr. Bowie but we were poor and there was a particular girl I wanted to impress. I'm sure you understand). The Protocols is not that sort of forgery. The author's lateral means of slurring the Jews is to imagine himself as a member of a cabal intent on world domination. The 'forgery' is an entirely original work that has leapt fully armed from the forger's head. It's fraud lays in its positing of a mindset that doesn't exist, at least not in the minds of Jewish people. Or so we understand.

In reading the Protocols might we not ponder the mind of the forger? What of his outlined plan? Would it work? I defy anyone to not be profoundly impressed by the author's understanding of human affairs, politics and war. Nor by his embrace of a most singular inhumanity. His ability to imagine himself as the most perfect anti-Buddha the world will ever see, is extraordinary. I declare him a black genius nonpareil. Machiavelli ain't in it. Nor Sun Tzu.

Which is curious don't you think? People study and debate both of these aforementioned. They are considered touchstones in the subject of the governance of humans. And yet I doubt that there's a curriculum anywhere that includes the Protocols - except to dismiss it as a forgery, sure. But oughtn't that to add to it's singularity? The other two works, The Prince and The Art of War, were written by men who had ruled nation-states and fought and won wars. Had our forger? Who was this guy? Could he have been some general or head of state? How precisely did he write such an astounding work? By all rights, it should be the literary puzzle of the century. As a forgery that is. But it ain't.

It seems no one studies our forger or his work. Or do they? The Protocols is far too significant a work to be ignored. It's a perfectly workable plan for world domination and the enslavement of mankind. This is a big call sure. But I'm prepared to make it since I see our forger's dictums at play every day in what passes for news in what passes for the media. It's all right there. If you want to dispute this, feel free to read the Protocols and tell me I'm wrong. Good luck.

I will concede that it's possible that those who rule us are carrying out the Protocols' agendas without knowing anything about it. It's also possible to master the violin without ever hearing someone play it. But it's unlikely. To this weary observer it's clear that those who rule us have studied the Protocols and implemented them entirely. If anyone can read the Protocols and not come to the same conclusion I will eat my motorcycle.

Says I, if you haven't read this work, don't miss it. There is nothing quite like it. And it's on the net for free! Oh look, here it is. For those with short attention spans don't worry. It comes in perfect bite-sized stand-alone paras that probably add up to ten pages. Brevity aside, it is gruelling. But don't worry, you don't actually need to read it all. In fact, if you give up half way through take it as proof that you still possess a soul, ha ha.

Certainly you will never read a work that's more hateful. Over and over you will find everything that could be considered great about humanity viewed merely as a weakness for humanity's destruction. Never has the product of a human mind so lacked humanity. Everything that we think of as good in this world: art, music, literature, culture, fellow-feeling, compassion, and love, is absent here. The world of the Protocols, the world being made right now, is a world without joy - a world of shit.

But don't look away. Know the world you live in. Take a breath, steel yourself, and read it.


annemarie said...

Yeah mite. I read it a while back and it is quite the comprehensive catalogue of vileness. Was disturbing indeed.

But the question remains the same: If it is a forgery, then a forgery of what?

Ta, later ;)

Anonymous said...

No. Why do I need more crap in my head to (may)be self fulfilling. So, no! GIGO mate.
It’s enough for me that you have brought my attention to it and proffered your article; thank you.
I do know the world I live in.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how ignorant the whole world is about jews.

I tried to tell my brother about the holohoax and 9/11. He thought i was crazy.

If your family does not listen to you, you think strangers will?

Sometimes, I feel like the human species is worthless and deserves extinction.

The biggest advantage of being jew-aware is not joining the military to die for Israel.

nobody said...

Welcome to the club, bra. I put it this way - we're either mad in a sane world or sane in a mad one.

Hey Tony, God knows why but you reminded me of that scene in Meaning of Life. You're Monsieur Creosote and I'm the waiter urging you to have the mint. 'Oh sir, it's only wafer thin...'

And AM, did I say it was a forgery?

Anonymous said...

Here's a modern, "authorized" version of the Protocols, written by a pal of Kissinger's:

Global Leadership for the 21st Century: The New Ruler

The Protocols are only called a forgery because they're an "unauthorized" description of the plan. When Connected Chozen People issue papers outlining various sociopathic schemes, the schemes are hailed as "genius".

kikz said...

excellent article noby >:)

here's my fav 'second' by authors unknown. as i remb, it depicts the rockefeller generational training & transfer of power - father to son. quite chilling.

i immediately thought of this work reading your article, and was surprized that my quite old link still works. the site has been maintained and the look has changed, but
is still there.

just scroll down past the vid, it begins...

My Son


apologies for not knowing 'tinyurl' coding.

lots of other good reading there too, on preliminary peruse.

kikz said...

p.s. glad i've gotten used to cc'ing my comments.. cuz usually the first try to publish them, doesn't result in 'saved and will be visible aftr blog owner yadaX3' sigh ...

kikz said...

hey.. also found les posted on the site..

his 60 yrs of bloodshed is listed on the unhappy birthday page, bout halfway down :)

unhappy is found, top of left frm any page... :)

Anonymous said...

As I've mentioned before, you can learn from fairy tales eg Jesus was telling them, "A prophet (person) is without honour only in his hometown, among his relatives, and in his own home." – Mark
So from an early age I didn't try to convince my family of anything - just talked to them about what I was interested in and visa versa of course. They still thought I was crazy.
My 4yo grand daughter said to me on the phone the other day at the start of our fun conversation (or so I thought) ‘poppy I want you to be normal’.

annemarie said...

nobody asked: "And AM, did I say it was a forgery?"

Yeah. Twice. In your opening paragraph. So your question is confusing. Please explain. ta,

Here's an experiment you can try at home. Ask just about anyone what they know about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. If they've heard of it at all, it's unlikely that they'd know anything beyond the fact that it's a forgery. This invariably represents the sum total of anyone's knowledge on the subject. This struck me as curious. Can anyone think of any work wherein all we know about that work is that it's a forgery?

nobody said...

C'mon AM,

In that first para I don't state it as my opinion. I say that this is all people know and then I wonder at the singular and odd nature of a work being known in this fashion.

In the third para I concede 'for the sake of ambiguity' (!) that they are forgeries. A 'concession' in an argument isn't a lay-down misere (which is to say giving up the hand). It's merely a tactic to take a thing off the table, the better to make a point.

And, sure enough, I choose to make the point elliptically. Seemingly I admit that it is a forgery but that it doesn't matter since it functions precisely like it would if it wasn't a forgery. Can you dig it? In the face of a master plan to fuck the world being followed to the letter by those fucking the world (who tell me it's a forgery), I roll my eyes and say, 'Sure why not?'. And then I pursue what that means.

Or that was the theory anyway.

And thanks anon and kikz. I'll check those out. And Tony, I've so precisely had that conversation! And so many times!

Anonymous said...

Here's another one nobody.
Buggered's the word.
I know the Pope shits in the forest but are these World Youth Day people for real?

Penny said...

hey all: I'll be totally honest, I have never read them. I have heard about them and that they are supposed to be forgeries.
I feel conflicted about reading them.
I read so much stuff already, will I benefit or feel enriched from reading them.

I think of something that Les wrote, about knowing if something is accurate, within yourself, I had left a reponse that it has resonate with you. Or something like that?

Anyway......and this makes no sense, but, I just can't at this point in time bring myself to do so.
Maybe I feel in agreement with Tony on this one, I don't feel I want to fill my head with "more crap"

That all said, re: the David Bowie tickets, I paid for mine when I went!
Well, the lengths some will go to, to impress a paramour! ;)

Penny said...

oh ya, i forgot, I will soon be the proud owner of Dave McGowans book- Programmed to Kill

I am excited and had to let ya know!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nobody,

Great article - and yes I've read enough of them to think that it's like one of those films one sees - you know - based on a true story - "only the names have been changed".

Perhaps, the 'Jews' are simply the scapegoat - sacrificed themselves by their own corrupt elites - and heck they are GOOD at it - they've had over 2000 years to practice!

IMO all organised religion is a crock - and Zionism offers not only radicalised religion but political dogma too. (Although don't most?)

Again - great post!

~ Buffy

nobody said...

Hey Folks,

Further -

I do like to write elliptically. But I suspect that all I do is lead people astray. The proposition I put here, that the Protocols are a forgery and yet function precisely as a plan for what's going on in the world, was, I thought, absurd. Rather than me say flat-out that they aren't a forgery, I hoped to encourage people to go and check them out and wonder for themselves at this frankly nonsensical description. In fact, the description only works if you never read them. If you read them, you'll know it's bullshit.

Otherwise, If the Protocols were nothing more than a crude slur you would be familiar with every single aspect of them. That's how the media works. The fact that the Protocols are a completely verboten topic with only a single dismissive thing known about them, for mine, speaks volumes. They ain't banned for no reason.

Otherwise- Tony, that ain't the half of it. I'll put up a piece on it shortly. Thankfully I can no longer be arrested for being 'annoying'. Wait till you hear this one folks. It's nuts.

Was that you Gene? Where you been? I did read your thing already. Or half of it anyway. It was as tough going as the Protocols, ha ha.

kikz, that was really something that piece. I've had an idea like that floating around in my head for ages. But as a bear of very little brain, I'm the wrong fellow for it.

Pen, you swine. I am green with envy. And btw, I did buy my Bowie ticket. I forged one for this johnny-come-lately chick I idiotically fancied. It was pretty good effort too. This was for the Serious Moonlight tour. Looong time ago.

Ta Buffy. You got a haiku for us mate?

vlad said...

How any sane person even doubts there authenticity is beyond me.
If the great industrialist Henry Ford back in the day took the time to include "The International Jew, the worlds foremost problem" as a booklet with every new car he sold, we all need to take heed of the warning this great man provided.
And if you doubt his message, ask yourself if that booklet could be printed today.

nobody said...

You sort of answer your own question Vlad. Punters believe they're a forgery because they know nothing beyond what they're told. If people actually read the Protocols and still believed they were forgeries then yeah, you'd have to wonder at them.

Unknown said...

Why do members of the human species decide to focus all of their woes and ominous fate on a sub genus (refrain from subspecies, as it may get applause) of its populous? simple its mass projection, are you feeling generally insecure? 'Prjection' is that not an idea from a jew so it cant be valid. I wonder if the aboriginals had posession of an 'elder scroll' prior to colonization

when the jews are all dead who get its next? make sure you pick someone defenceless, no wonder the israelis have gone all nazi themselves