Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The mighty Dave McGowan

I have slowly been ploughing my way through everything written by Dave McGowan. He is really something. Firstly I admire his breezy writing style. He reminds me of no one so much as me, albeit without the smarty-pants syntax and the mad urge to end every other sentence with 'ha ha', ha ha.

But never mind the self-reference, he's possessed of a laser-like intellect, has an uncanny bullshit detector and he actually looks stuff up. Me, I preach to the converted. Dave McGowan does the converting. He certainly converted me.

His deconstruction of 911 is the best I've ever read. His look at what took place at the Pentagon is peerless, as is his analysis of flight 93 in Pennsylvania. Then there's his questioning of the concept of 'serial killers' - it's a headfuck. His current yet to be finished effort on Laurel Canyon and the birth of the hippy movement is just spooky. McGowan has an astounding ability to take what you'd thought was bedrock and show you the four-be-twos, plaster, and paint, leaving you in the sure knowledge you've been had.

But all of these come second to his absolutely trashing of the peak-oil myth. I'd always had a problem with Mike Ruppert. Something didn't smell quite right about him. For me, as a penniless fellow, it didn't help that he required me to pay. What sort of saviour demands your money? McGowan (who doesn't demand your money) has torn Ruppert to pieces.

It turns out that any discussion of fossil fuel is worthless on account of its beg-the-question false premise. 'Fossil fuel' is a misnomer - oil isn't made from fossils. Yep, I found that hard to believe too. Weren't we taught this in high-school? Well, it turns out that oil is made deep under the mantle of the earth where heat and pressure chemically convert limestone and other minerals into hydrocarbons. Scientists have reproduced this in the lab and it's a big don't-argue. So don't argue. Just go read. The link is to the right.

I've been singing from the peak-oil song-sheet for years now. And I was wrong. I feel bad that I spent all this time wrong-drumming people that oil is running out. If only I'd come across Dave McGowan earlier. Never mind. I was duped and that's all there is to it. As it is, I'm still recalibrating how everything fits in with this reality. I now look at many, many things in a new light - the campaign against the electric car, wars in the Middle East, the CFR and eugenics, every goddamn thing. Curse you Dave McGowan!

There's only a single thing missing from McGowan's look at the big picture. As far as I know he's never addressed the privately owned Fed, international banking, and control of the money supply. He's perfectly convinced that the empire being built is an American one. The villains behind global wickedness are the American ruling classes, corporations, and the CIA all acting in concert. Sorry Dave, I don't buy it.

This disparate corporate elite is still disparate. And yet it acts as one. How is this possible? How does a collection of powerful and yet self-interested people suppress their self-interest to work collectively? Self-interest is centrifugal. Think of all those heist flicks you've seen of gangs of criminals coming to pieces as everyone attempts to diddle each other out of the loot. This is the truth of self-interest. There is no such thing as a collective of wicked self-interested people united in fellow-feeling. It's a contradiction in terms.

The unity we see amongst the wealthy and powerful of the world can only come about by one of two means. The first is religion. Religion, by way of delusion, can unite an otherwise disparate people. In fact I would say that this is its primary purpose. But in this case, it's absurd on its face. In my wildest script-writing dreams I couldn't come up with a structure and creed that would bring the world's most powerful people to truly believe in the way that the worshippers of other religions believe. These are cynical sons of bitches - there's only one way they're going to act collectively. And that's through fear - the offer they can't refuse.

And somebody has to deliver this offer. It has to be a single entity. It has to be united by clan or religion or both. It has to have the power to enforce its will. All of McGowan's villains fail on this score. They are not united and they don't have the power except as a collective. His villains are merely capos. The capos are free to operate on their own provided they don't undermine the ruling banking families. And they have done. It's perfectly evident. But to imagine that the capos are the bosses is a mistake. These capos cannot stand in the way of those who wield the ultimate stick of monetary power. These bankers have the power to ruin any economy in the world, even the US's. In fact they're doing it right now. And the capos, the American ruling class, cannot resist.

In no way does it suit the ruling class to have the US economy destroyed. It can only suit the banking families. From 1914 onwards they took all of America's gold and replaced it with worthless paper. Now that the gold is gone they no longer need the US. In fact, better for them that it was destroyed. And it is being destroyed. The US military is being smashed to pieces in the Middle East as we speak. The American ruling class will be left with whatever tattered remnants remain of their once great country.

Certainly there will be fascism. But who would destroy a nation in order to be the overlord of whatever shit-hole remains? If, on the other the hand, your nation was to be destroyed by those who could not be resisted, then you'd have no choice but to grab at whatever straws remained that would keep you in mansions, yachts with helicopters, and underage pussy. That the bankers have agreed to allow the American ruling class the use of the bloc-media to complete the imposition of fascism is merely a sop to stop them, and the people they might control, from getting unruly. Don't be confused about the media. It doesn't belong to the MIC or the CIA or the corporations. It's merely lent out to them occasionally.

But never mind that. In attempting to figure out what's going on in this bullshit world, no one has every piece of the puzzle. But Dave McGowan has way more than just about anybody. With his style, his incisiveness, and his ability to strike out on his own, he represents everything that's right with America. And me, I hang off every word he writes.


kikz said...

evenin noby...

i'm down wit the laurel canyon mess.. tres interesting on all the mil/intel connections.

i've seen other source mat'l on the earth's mfg of oil and the refilling of the upper 'pools'. last info i read, menitoned the effect in the tiger? field off s.e. asia.

guess i should peruse more of his site, thx for the headzup :)

nobody said...

Mornin' kikz...

I should mention Laurel Canyon is up top, easy to find, as is he redux of 911. But the peak oil stuff is scattered throughout his newsletter postings. But they're in a table and most of them are titled. I think I started peak oil with #52 Cop v CIA. It may actually have started earlier but I can't remember. I jumped around initially and then filled in the gaps later.

And even if you're ofay on it, it's worth reading just to see his stoush with Mike Ruppert. The little dog barked to see such fun!

And looking at his site just now 'DC sniper' leapt out at me. What a cracker! Read that too. It starts at #20 and then kicks back in at #45.

Penny said...

You are right nobody, you two do have a similar sort of laid back , writing style, he has great wit,and it shows in all his writings and two books.

I've been smitten (not ga ga head over heels in love) with him since I have first heard him, He is just so refreshing in his opinions, and funny! (What woman can resist a guy with a good sense of humour , really!) I have two of his books and when I first read them they were quite eye opening to me, as I was just getting into the whole concept of fascism and it was after 9/11 , some of the stuff in his books now seem quite prophetic.

I first heard him on the Meria Heller show, I wanna say in 2003?
But I can check that out via the archives of the show, he is one of the most listened to people on that program.

In fact when they were looking for titles for their show, they appealed to the listeners and oh yeah, I came up with a couple of titles, I wrote meria, with my suggestions, and lo and behold, there was my suggestion as the title.

Send in the clowns!
(no not Barbara Streisand, I think),

These two have such great laughs on the show, good chemistry between them, that it's like a spoon full of sugar, making that horrid medicine go down!

They make the macabre palatable, like clowns which make the garish, somehow loveable, it was ideal for Meria and Dave.

Anonymous said...

If you cant get 87Mbpd out the ground, then thats still peak oil (fossil or not).

Anonymous said...

Yes, Dave McGowan is really good. He is able to deconstruct every bit of propaganda and pushes one to consider that history is nothing more than agreed-upon lies (as Napoléon said).
I liked his view on Joe Stalin, because it goes counter every other opinion I has read before (I read his texts some years ago and recently encountered a story, which confirmed indirectly that he isn't that far off. His thesis is that Stalin wasn't worse than others, but only in the false camp thus not beneficing of the gigantic propaganda machine of the "west". He obviously explains it a lot better than me (as a poor germano-frenchy with limited writing skills)

Another gem in his newsletters are his analysis of the quaile hunting accident of Dick Cheney. He offers the weirdest but the most plausible story I heard about it.

Many greetings from Europe.

nobody said...

Hey Paul,

Have you read the guy or not? I used to believe that shit, just like you seem to now. McGowan tore it all to pieces when oil was $40 a barrel. Now it's $140. But there is no shortage. The whole thing is being manipulated. We're going to have this crash whether there's any fact to it or not.

Otherwise, since when did Russia have tons of oil? Is it since they refocused their understanding of oil exploration by way of the indisputable facts of abiotic oil? I don't have an answer, I'm just asking the question. With the media shutout of any discussion of abiotic oil ain't nobody else going to do it.

Hey Gallier. I have several European regulars but they almost never comment. Nice of you to drop in and prove you're not a fantôme. Otherwise, that's precisely where I'm up to in trawling my way through his newsletters - 'Cheney's got a gun'. I can't wait to read it.

Hey Pen, did you ever read his serial killer stuff? What a headfuck. I've only read the free online chapters. Maybe I should prevail upon someone with a credit card and just buy the damn thing.

kikz said...

as i understand due to a family member's work for the DOE/strategic reserve dept in new orleans a few yrs back... quantity is not a prob as mondo amts in reserve, easy to get to.. mondo amts in capp'd off wellheads virtually everywhere, it's cheaper to leave ingound. the bottleneck that the industry has 'created' is in the refining end. no investment in new facilities, and the yearly planned 'offline maintainance'of existing refineries scheduled at 'geewhiz wonderhowthathappens everyfukinyr and nobody questions it?' peak travel time in us.

which doesn't even take into account the new boom in TX w/natl gas.. barnett shale?

we're being 'as the sayin' in texASS goes'...

ridden hard and put up wet.

Anonymous said...

Ive been an "abioticer" for years now and was already aware of the vast body of ignored Russian research into the subject. I forget where I read it initially, it may have been Dave.
I am aware that currently supply and demand are about equal and the price of oil is artificially high due to speculation and decline of the dollar.
However, most oil wells still degrade over time afaik (hence the "reservoirs run out so it must be non renewable ie. fossils" argument), so unless new wells are drilled demand can still exceed supply even with a renewable resource, which was the original point I was trying to make but failed to make clearly, my bad.
Also, what is the rate of inner earth production? The earth had millions of years to fill those faults with oil. Maybe its a slow process and it will still run out, but much later than predicted.

Penny said...

good morning!

I have not read the serial killer book, though given the Laurel Canyon series, I have been thinking about getting it.

In one interview I heard with him, Dave and Meria Heller were discussing the Manchurian candidate/mind control theories, wrt Charles Manson in particular, and others in that scene.

The she brought up the book programmed to kill, as a really good way of understanding what was being discussed. So that piqued my interest again.

If you didn't live so far, I would lend you my books to read, but....... you do.

If you wanna splurge 15.00 get a membership to the show for 1 month go through the archives and listen to all the Dave interviews, the link for her show is on my blog.

(she is listener sponsored only, no ads, so you pay , for the show, but I have listened for 5 yrs now, and pay)

There are lots of shows with Dave there.(went and checked and there are 15 in total, on all the books, 9/11, flight 93, peak oil, laurel canyon?)

There is even some music by Les Visible on some of the old shows!

nobody said...

Thanks Paul,

Yeah I do understand that there are ambiguities in this whole oil affair. But the peak-oilers refuse to admit any of them. And the backers of peak oil are clearly motherfuckers. Something is going on.

Otherwise the inside of the Earth is really big. Really fucking huge. If the earth was a basketball, the bit we drill into is barely a hair's thickness. And the oil at that thickness is running out. Okay. What if beneath that was a match head's thickness of oil? What if somebody actually got off their arse and looked for it? Like the Russians. But no one's going to because we're going to have a shortage come hell or highwater.

Anyway, we'll all know more soon enough.

Thanks Pen, how nice you are. I'd love to hear that radio show but sadly I only have an internet cafe. They're very nice people and let me use it for half price. But I'm not allowed to download any binaries like music or movies. And what's more, I tend to keep it short here. I'm limited to my battery.

Mind you, I'd love to hear that show. Perhaps if I'm at someone's place and they've got a cable I'll check it out. Hmm... maybe when I'm in Sydney next...

Anonymous said...

Dave is fabulous. I've had the privilege of hosting him on my show the past eight years on all his fabulous books and writing.
We do a monthly show together now at and you can hear all of them via the library of shows on site for a small subscription fee. No corporate ads, no yelling, just plain talk, sometimes some laughs, pure education.Count me in as one of Dave's biggest fans - Meria

Penny said...

oops sorry nobody, I did not realize

nobody said...

Thanks for popping in Meria. I've heard so many good things about this show. Like I said, I can't hear it live. I was hoping to hear it archived when I get to someone's place with cable. But since it's subscription I'll have to miss out. This is no criticism you understand. I'm just such a radical fellow that I refuse to have any dealings with banks. So I have no means to pay. Never mind.

Don't worry Pen, nothing to apologise for.

Penny said...

Hey nobody! I am so glad Meria popped in here, that is great!

I went over to the listener blog,(for her show) to recount the going's on over here.
She is a huge fan of dave's and I knew she would be happy to know others appreciate his work as much as the listeners do.

You may get some other listeners peaking it, it's all good!

PS: when I pay for my subscription, I send a money order, it takes longer, but.... I know what your saying about the banks, they are like creepy bloodsuckers.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading about the whole New World Order deal for about 6 years now, and David McGowan appears to be about as real as they come.

First saw his Peak Oil stuff at the7thfire a couple years ago, and only recently found The Center for an Informed America - am currently reading through the newsletters in reverse. The Laurel Canyon stuff was jaw-dropping for me.

nobody said...

Hey echochambers, I think you nailed it mate. Dave McGowan is 'as real as they come'. If you're anything like me you've probably abandoned one treasured writer after another. And as one's senses sharpen it becomes clearer and clearer who's bullshit. And who isn't. Like Dave McGowan!

Scott Fox said...


You're right, I've waded through my share of alternative media 'superstars'. I used to follow Media Matters and FAIR pretty closely, thinking I was on the cutting edge. Ha!

So far my only criticism of McGowan (although it is a big one) is that he avoids the Federal Reserve and central banks in general; studiously so, it seems.

I do recall some mention of the IMF and World Bank, which are big players indeed, but the Fed manages the world's reserve currency, the Dollar, which serves some 70% of the world's economy. The Fed is numero uno on my list of direct NWO manipulators.

That said, McGowan doesn't often broach subjects until he very well informed on them (and rightly so), so perhaps he is merely honing his central bank 'bullshit detector'.

nobody said...

Onya Scott.

Scott Fox said...

Woops my name changed... Scott=echochambers

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the works of McGowan very much and as an ex-southern fundamental christian, the more truth I find the better.

The sad truth about that for me is what difference can it make? I have no doubt that ALL religions are lies for the purpose of deceiving the masses and the few getting richer, but if there is no right or wrong, god or devil, why should any of this matter?

If I try to live and do good to my fellowman and someone else lives a life only to hate and destroy and we both get the same at death..nothing...what does it matter what we do?

Why should we try to make things better for the following generations if there is nothing beyond this life? We should steal, kill, lie or anything we can do to get all we can get while we are here!!!!

Hundreds of sweet precious children are abused mentally, emotionaly and sexually almost every 30 seconds and few people care. What difference does that matter is there is nothing better beyond this life? If a man strives to do good and be kind to children and another man only lives to rape a child and yet they both get the same at the end of life why should we strive for the 'good'?

What kind of world is this and what does anything matter at all? Maybe this is the jumping off place of the universe but in the religious pious stupidity we are led to believe we are better! I want no part of any religion for as long as I draw breath.

nobody said...

Hey Anon,

This really grabbed me and I'm in the middle of typing up a reply right now. But I won't post it here. I want to whack it on the front page. See you there.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it. No one ever wants to think about the ugly world of child abuse. We are told we are nothing but highly evolved apes, and perhaps we are. If that is so, we are apes with severe mental problems and should have never evolved. I was not raised in an environment of abuse but I worked in a school system for several years and saw what sexual abuse did to children and I have had a broken heart ever since. I saw the answer to that problem, as far as our sick society was concerned, was to drug them out of their minds and pretend all was right with the world. It tore my heart out. After I left the school I entered the world of family medicine practice and managed a rather large medical office. I saw as much abuse there, if not more, than in the schools. If this is a world without any justice for those children and there is no power that cares, I don't know why any of us even want to be here at all. Maybe this planet is a joke and we are for the entertainment of beings that most certainly are not good. I have children of my own and just the thought of them being abused in the ways I have seen other little children abused makes me so sick and scared I can't even put it in words. We seem to worry about everything but the most helpless and innocent among us and they should be the ones we scream the longest and loudest about. I don't understand and I hate this world. How can an entire world know this goes on and stand back and do nothing? Why should one child be abused, go hungry, be unloved or be sick? We have the power to prevent such things but still it happens all over the world. I do all I can, but most people shun the knowledge of these things. They think if they give a few dollars to some charity or into the plate at church they have done enough. The truth is, they don't want to see or hear how bad things are so they pass the buck. This is a sick world and no god would allow these things to happen to a child.

Anonymous said...

I am 'Anonymous' and my name is Kate. I live in Georgia, am married with two sons. I thought it only right to let you know something about me for you have been so kind. I would start a blog but I don't have links or articles to contribute at this time. I am still learning and also unlearning, so it is best for me to observe on the sideline. Thank you......

nobody said...

No problems mate,

I'm glad you popped in. Your comment was as good as they come. It inspired me, sure enough. Mind you, I was somewhat shy of the mark but then, people is complicated things...

Otherwise, feel free to pop back in. There's a lot of really marvellous people hang out here and I'm glad to have met them. You might groove on their company. As for me, I can't promise to hit a nail on the head every time I put something up here, but every now and then I come up with the odd good thing. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Dave M is the real deal. Laurel Canyon is creepy as hell. I'm about to read his Serial Killer book. As for Mike Ruppert and peak oil - I saw MR speak a couple of times and he helped me along with 911. I even paid his sub price until one post and then another and then another about peak oil. It just did not sit right for some reason and I didn't renew when it ran out and now I know why. My BS meter was working overtime and that part of me somehow knew it. I just finished reading a bunch of his MR posts and I am still smiling. I'm glad you made mince meat out of that charlatan.

nobody said...

Hey dbtool,

Good timing. I happened to be right here.

Click on the front page mate (the link is at the top of this page - 'nobody') and have a read. Actually I don't say much in this piece. Not yet anyway. But you should click on the link. The first six chapters of Programmed to Kill are there. Perhaps you've read it already. If not, read it now. You'll never be the same again.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see some other appreciators of Dave McGowan. His work has definitely helped alter my perception of reality, or at least better inform it. I've been wondering what's become of him as his last Laurel Canyon installment was about a month ago and, although he had answered other e-mails from me as I shared some research with him, he hasn't answered my most recent.

Nobody, I've noticed from your links that we have some of the same favorites, so I thought you might like this one, at least for its smart-ass style:


nobody said...

Thanks Salmah,

I wouldn't be dismayed that he hasn't answered. He announced waaay back when that he was getting too many emails to answer them all. And I have a feeling that McGowan's growth since then has been exponential. If the number of arrivals I get from google is any indication, he's huge. And quite right too, he's brilliant.

D.M. McGowan said...

You haven't read everything by Dave McGowan.
Take a look at


nobody said...

Ha ha ha, onya Dave!

In much the same way that hardcore fans of, I don't know, Eric Clapton say, might check out the songs of another musician who happens to share Clapton's name (for the sake of completeness, kind of thing), I imagine that hardcore fans of Dave McGowan might like to click the above links to check out another Dave McGowan who lives in Canada, drives trucks and writes Westerns.

If nothing else, he certainly scores points for sauciness, ha ha.

Xnihilator said...

Dave McGowan has a superior bullshit detector. I emailed him using the very same expression above. I put off reading "Programmed to Kill" because of the graphic cover but I was surprised and impressed by how readable and how much doubt he casts on the whole concept of serial killers! It did set me back some!

The Laurel Canyon series is purely addictive. It's all rather spooky (as in CIA mind-control programming). It still begs for an explanation how all these individuals connected by family to the military and mostly from back East end up in Laurel Canyon at the start of the Hippie Movement?

McGowan throws in the spooky Rustic Canyon ranch with the abandoned structures and concrete steps that descend into it. I suspect Dave believes are from the forties and the result of efforts by Nazi/occult/Satanic-worshippers.

Nick Theil said...

Good day, nobody.

I found your blog when I googled 'where is dave mcgowan', since he has disappeared from Facebook and his site is down again. Hopefully, it's a temporary outage, as in times past, but I always worry about Dave since those who are feared (by the scum who Kate mentions) to be a detriment to the Pedophocracy often end up dead.

I like your take on The Fed and share your views and concern. My father was a Knights Templar and always told me about the "Insiders" and their control over the world. "Who finances both sides of any war?", he would ask.

It bothers me that Dave doesn't address that glaring issue with the fervor he exhibits everywhere else. The anomaly is disturbing. Still, you are right that he possesses more pieces to the puzzle than anyone I've read yet.

I share Kate's helplessness, and wonder if there is any answer, anywhere or ever. I too am a recovering evangelical, by the way.

Finally, I used to feel that a huge, bloody revolution backed by an insubordinate military would be the way to clean up this world mess, but after watching Fidel Castro's debacle, I'm sure that what would be left would still be horrible. I'd love to hear anything hopeful, though.

Thanks for being there.

nobody said...

Hullo Nick, yes who knows what the answer is? Not me that's for sure.

As for Dave, I wouldn't be too concerned. His site's bandwidth has always been a problem. He's just too damn popular and what with being poor he's unable to afford the necessary bandwidth. I expect he'll be back up soon enough. Um... fingers crossed!

Otherwise, Meria Heller (whose comment is just above) is your best bet for finding out what's up with Dave. She has him on her radio show every month. You can click on her name or just go to All the best.

nobody said...

Hey Anon,

I left you out, no problems. Otherwise I wasn't quite sure what you were telling me. Have you read McGowan's Laurel Canyon? And his pedophocracy and serial killer stuff? There's links at the top of the page.

Anyway, I'd love to see what you can tell me about mind control and paedohilia / satanism. Sounds like you were, if not in amongst it, at least brushing up against its outskirts, so to speak.

Do drop us a line.