Sunday, July 6, 2008

getting into bed with racists

I expect we've all noticed the shift in the tone of the alternative sites on the net. Even the soft sites have had to concede to the sheer weight of evidence - and the sheer number of people who've woken up to the evidence - and are now discussing all things Jewish. And sure enough, the sites that weren't soft to begin with are now becoming really quite vicious.

This is not for nothing. We can no longer ignore the fact that the US Federal Reserve, along with every reserve bank in the Western World, is in the hands of a tiny number of Jewish families. The banks rule all. The Media are their hand-maidens and are 'corporate' only insofar as the corporations are the capos of the banking godfathers. The US congress and senate are owned by the Jewish lobby. US foreign policy is not an expression of corporate will but of Jewish will. And most obviously the only Jewish state in the world, Israel, seems perfectly unrivalled in its calculated, media-savvy infliction of misery, suffering and ethnic cleansing.

Initially people were keen to make a distinction between Zionists and the majority of right-thinking Jewish people. But what were they to make of the fact that this majority, otherwise very busy across all the alternative sites, refused to address the question of ownership of the Fed and control of the US Government and the media? Even the most modest discussions along these lines were attacked by these 'right-thinking' Jewish people. To people who had not grown up racist and were merely asking what they considered fair questions it seemed that these non-zionist Jews (for want of a better description) were tasked with protecting the wicked by flinging accusations of anti-semitism at anyone who dared stick their head above the parapet. Sure enough this accusation is now so devalued it's merely water off a duck's back.

So here we are in uncharted territory. The people whom we understood to be victims are in fact the victimisers. The more one learns - of the holocaust, David Sassoon, the talmud, the USS Liberty, the dancing Israelis, ad infinitum - the more one has to wonder at these people. Henry Kissinger's quote, "Any people who have been persecuted for two thousand years must be doing something wrong" starts making a great deal of sense. It seems our understanding of these things is a fictional creation. So where are our certainties? Where do we stand? On what ground do we plant our feet? Without the answer to this question our posture-attitude-stance cannot be known. Any position we take is untenable.

Anyone who's been spending time here, or over at smokingmirrors, will know perfectly well the rising glee of white supremacists rapt that people are coming around to their way of thinking. Hitler was misrepresented they say. And they're right. He was. Just like every other thing. Says they, if you wonder at the wickedness of Jews, you've really no other choice but to take that final step and embrace racism and take up the cudgel of 'Jew expulsion'.

In the absence of any other foundation for dealing with the 'Jewish problem' (and here I merely quote the Zionists of the time who used the term in their declarations of admiration for Hitler's extolling of racial purity) it seems like racism might be our only option.

Yeah? Fuck that - it's bullshit. It's an idiotic argument that falls at the first hurdle. If you wish to battle Jewish racism with your own variant, you will be precisely as successful as Hitler was. Jewish people are the masters of the racism game. Their ability to remain distinct, to refuse to become part of those they live amongst, is peerless. You play that game with them and you lose.

In fact, racism suits Jewish people. A great number of them have said so. If neo-Nazis didn't exist the Jews would have to invent them anyway. In fact they did. Google 'bill weiss megaphone'. This created racist 'opposition' aside, the Jewish media is a racism machine. Every opportunity to promote racial disharmony is unfailingly taken. But I've done this subject to death and really couldn't be fagged pointing out examples. The simple fact is that racism is a weapon. And it's their weapon. It serves several purposes: it helps keep the expendable Jews paranoid and united; it provides a means of attacking those who would oppose them; it keeps those same people divided and distracted; and it provides a cover to carry on with their own specific brand of racism.

Racism is a construct based on the thin-as-a-hair fear of those a bit different to us. Anyone using either their sense of reason or their sense of decency will know that racism in response to racism fails on both counts.

If you're like me and have never previously been racist there is no need to start now. The means to attack Jewish control is perfectly obvious. It's a simple platform of clear-eyed anti-racism. Any form of racism must be attacked. And sure enough, the kings of racism, the most perfect exponents of it, the ever separate Jews, should come in for the most criticism. Their racism should be waved in front of them. They should not be allowed to change the subject, to point at others, or to redefine the argument with whatever self-serving bullshit definition of racism that they come up with.

Every man is my brother and every woman my sister. Except for racists. Racists deserve no respect. They get nothing but scorn. There is no pity for a racist. There was no pity for Nazis or their supporters, and there should be no pity for Zionists and theirs. Any people who think they are 'other', or 'separate', or 'better' deserves long, loud, unstinting public approbation. If you think that's not enough for this particular problem, you're wrong. The media is not controlled for nothing. It's controlled because such a public discussion is death to these people. Fuck secrecy. Fuck muttering. Loud voices raised in righteous unison is an irresistable spotlight that defeats wickedness.

Planting your feet on the rock hard certainty of anti-racism is the only way to win this battle. Side with the racists and you've nothing but quicksand beneath you. You are not attacking a race. You are attacking racists.


the Silverfish said...

Nice post. Now I have traveled to many places on this small planet and have met many people of all stripes and colors some I have liked and some I have Not liked. Does that make me a racist? I don't think so. Fact of the matter is that I just don't like assholes no matter what or where they stem from.

Take for instance Curt M's blog the man is brighter than bright and whiter than white and makes me ashamed to be of the same ethnicity, that being white as he is. The man is simply Rude Crude and Vulgar, in short he's an Asshole, but your Buddie App seems to like him so maybe I'm wrong, birds of a feather and all that.

However on the topic of Jews here is my ground and on that ground I will stand. I have never yet met a Jew that was worth more than the powder to blow the Son of a Bitch to Hell.
Since the very beginning they have been nothing short of a cancer upon anything and everything that they have touched, no exceptions, not one. Just look at their history, where trouble did not exist they created it, and for what? For the benefit of the Jew to the detriment of everyone else. Just study the history and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

Also I'm just sick and tired of the bleeding hearts muttering that there must be some good Jews, show me one , just one.

The fact is that no matter what color one paints a pig it still shits in the same corner.

annemarie said...

nobody wrote: Any people who think they are 'other', or 'separate', or 'better' deserves long, loud, unstinting public approbation.


As for me, I'm an equal-opportunity hater. I loathe all supremacists equally! hahaaha

Yeah and the enemy of my enemy ain't automatically or necessarily my friend either!

Ta mite ;)

curt maynard said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

White Supremacists are CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. They are used to collect names for the future police state concentration camps.

As for racism? You and I both know, once the gentiles wake up...the Jews are screwed.

The future will likely be:
1. Gentiles wipe out jews for good
2. Jews enslave the Gentiles
3. Mankind becomes extinct

I don't know about you but option 1 seems better than the other two.

Anonymous said...

Read the above to see how much White Supremacist know about jews. Its basically 17 conspiracies about jews.

For example question #2 is "Jews commited the 9/11 attacks."

Most of the White Nationalist answer "Arabs were behind 9/11"

I told you they were CONTROLLED OPPOSITION and they avoid important Zionist crime like 9/11!

nobody said...

Is anyone here surprised? The racists declare me a tool of the Jews and I declare them one.

Jews love racists. The more the better. If you want to be an enemy that they can deal with, be a racist. If you want to stick in their craw, and be a thing they have no answer for, attack their racism.

I've seen tons of racists and white supremacists on the TV. But I've never seen anyone stand up and accuse the Jews of racism ever (except Brando perhaps and he folded in three seconds flat). Think about that. The former is pushed into the vernacular and the latter doesn't exist. That's because true anti-racism (not their bullshit Jews-only-as-victims version of it) is a weapon they fear. They have no fear of racists. Racism is a weapon of THEIR making in THEIR arsenal.

Any discussion of Jewish racism must be shouted down. Oh look! Here's the tag-team shouting me down. Onya boys. What a fine job you're doing.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. If you didn't exist they'd have to invent you.

curt maynard said...
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nobody said...

That was Curt who asked that everyone go over to his place. Poor form, mate. 'This party is bullshit. I know a better one.' Well, anyone here who grooves on people who are 'unwilling to sacrifice the truth to placate niggers' off you go. We won't miss you much. Oh! Is there no address anymore? Never mind, you can figure it out. Google 'worm-like nobody' and that should get you there.

Really, given the shit that's been heaped on me at your place, on the front page no less, you guys expect me to roll over and have you stomp around here as well. In fact now that I think about it, I'm going to blitz the first two comments while I'm at it. The first was from Curt explaining why racism is good. Niggers apparently aren't the real problem. Jews are. I'm guessing that it's Jews first and then deal with the niggers later. The second piece was from his buddy app and was mostly about me. I am a very dreadful fellow and the key question in app's mind is what's to be done with me. You've gone off the 'death' thing, app? Too good for me I expect. You strike me as the kind of guy who'd groove on torture. Don't worry app, I expect you'll get the chance some day.

Anonymous said...

They're the tools nobody.
Their arguments are so loaded as to be stupid.
Flim flam seems to be a much used USA'n tool.
My nan used to tell me 'ignorance is a wonderful thing...'
ps. I think secretly these people are closet 'nigger lovers' nobody mainly because they protest too much.
pps Aussies have a (landmark) pavilion stand named the Nigger Brown Stand. We love nic names; most are used as a term of endearment. (eg. Bloody Poms, Fu**en Wog, etc.)! Anyone we use their proper handle to we don’t like. (eg. Nazis, Israelis, Americans, [the endearing term ‘Yank’ has long gone] etc.)

nobody said...

Good onya african warrior. That stormfront thing was an eye-opener. It's like all the answers had been written by the ADL, ha ha.

PS For anyone wanting to know what Curt and app wrote, don't worry, it will either get posted over at Curt's blog or app will put it in his cyber mausoleum. I forget what it's called. Something or other.

Anonymous said...

Feeding the chooks - ABC

Anonymous said...

Hi Nobody,

What a fantastic post this was. You hit the nail on the head, so to say.

One thing I find terribly worrisome is the extent to which these flames of religous polarisation are being fanned by the usual suspects - in all cases. What ever happened to the idea that we are all people first - regardless of our colours, religious beliefs or economic standing?

I guess I was really conditioned by the 'flower-child' generation. I truly still believe we are all brothers and sisters on this world, I still hold compassion in my heart for those who suffer needlessly - again regardless of any affiliations they may hold.

I think you are correct to point out the racist and supremicist attitude of much of the Jewish identity - yet it isn't much different than any other 'religion' - afterall, are they not all designed to divide us up?

Let's you and him fight - must be the mantra for all clergy!

Personally, I think the smear of being labelled 'anti-semite' or 'self-hater' is starting to lose it's effect - thank goodness for that. It seems the louder they scream it - the more people are asking what it is they are hiding that they wish so fervently to derail any REAL discussion of the xenophobic attitude of much of established Jewry. IOW Methinks they dost protest TOO much!!

Again, good onya nobody - great blog entry!


annemarie said...

"cyber mausoleum" hahaa
True that. I took a gander over there and what a site for dead people and shit eaters. My, my. tsk, tsk.

btw, I'm glad that you banned what's his name. And trust that those other shit eaters and hate mongers won't be welcome here either. I don't associate with scum offline, I certainly don't care to do so online.

Anyhow...later mite. Keep on rockin' in the free world ;)

kikz said...

hi y'all :)

i actually did find a funny comment there.

'part-time exorcist?'

in light of all 'its' lengthy commentary..

that was just funny >:)

i get the distinct feel, that in another life, it was quite useful to the inquisition in a formal capacity.

nobody said...

Onya folks,

Well, I just wanted to call 'em on it. I'm sick of that one-trick-pony shit. 'Jew expulsion'? To where? Hitler tried that already and no one wanted them. In fact it's been tried lots of times. Different countries, different centuries, same worthless racist shtick. There's no future in it. It's not just evil, it's idiotic.

And did he say 'part-time exorcist'? Really? Cool. I give his sprays a one-second, three blink scan to see if anything leaps out and grabs me, but that little phrase escaped me.

It happens very rarely, but occasionally I encounter prose so leaden, so impenetrable that reading it is a chore. Really app, find something you're good at mate. Not writing.

Anonymous said...

Apple - the closet Jew

kikz said...

swearta... mates.

just google: its name, exorcist.


Penny said...

"To people who had not grown up racist and were merely asking what they considered fair questions it seemed that these non-zionist Jews (for want of a better description) were tasked with protecting the wicked by flinging accusations of anti-semitism at anyone who dared stick their head above the parapet. Sure enough this accusation is now so devalued it's merely water off a duck's back."

do you think these people do it because they are so conditioned, or indoctrinated, like so many. Or we can call it subverted?

Because from what I notice, this abuse of the term anti-semite, is not limited to Jewish people only.

One can also find the christian zionists wielding this club, as hard as any Jewish person.

Sadly the overuse of the term anti-semite, will come back to bite the Jewish people, not the ones that hold any power. The 99% of the population. The mindless, the thoughtless, which is so many people, really.

As for racist and racism in general, it is a rather pointless pursuit, since it is a fictional divide and nothing else.

There is no such thing as race.

As a person who has born the brunt of some racist attacks and stereotyping. (being the offspring of a much derided immigrant group) It is a pathetic attempt by the attacker, to have some feeling of self-righteous superiority.

If that's what it takes for someone to feel good about themselves, it is a sad indictment of that individual.

Anonymous said...

The fact that should be also considered is that the jew is under the pressure of its . . own legislative threat: see; for example:

The Beth-din is the Talmudic court of justice, which exists in every Jewish community without exception, under the high protection of the Kahal, and under whose jurisdiction are placed all transgressions and litigations arising between private Jews, or between such and the Kahal. It answers to all the needs of Jewish mercantile life, and takes the place of the ancient Sanhedrin. It is a sacred institution, and its attributes are, even now, very extensive. It pretends to be simply a court of amicable arbitration, and is tolerated, but not officially recognized, by the Government.

The Kherem, or great excommunication, is the last resort and most terrible weapon which the Kahal and Beth-din always keep in reserve to quell incipient rebellion or punish actual disobedience. Brafmann gives the entire form, which, besides being very monotonous, is too long for reproduction here. There is something appalling in the virulence and malignancy of the curses launched upon the offender's head, and it is not astonishing that even liberal-minded Jews should often have faltered and been daunted before its tremendous vehemence. A general malediction is first pronounced in the name of God and all the celestial powers; then a special one for every month of the year, in this form: "If he is born in the month of Nisan, which is ruled by the Archangel Uriel, may he be accursed of that archangel and his angels," and so forth through the remaining eleven months; also the days of the week and the four seasons; then comes the final imprecation, to which great poetic force cannot be denied:

"May the Lord's calamity hasten to overtake him; God, the Creator! Break him! Bend him! May fiends encounter him! Be he accursed wherever he stands! May his spirit depart suddenly, may an unclean death seize him, and may he not end the month! May the Lord visit him with consumption, brain-fever, inflammation, insanity, ulcers, and jaundice! May he pierce his breast with his own sword, and may his arrows be broken! May he be as chaff which the wind drives before it, and may the Angel of God pursue him! *** May his path be beset with dangers, covered with darkness! *** May he encounter direst despair, and may he fall into the net spread for his feet by God! May he be driven out of the realm of light into the realm of darkness, and cast out of the world! Misfortunes and sorrows shall fright him. He shall behold with his eyes the blows that shall fall on him. He shall be sated with the wrath of the Almighty. He shall be clothed with curses as with a garment. And God shall give no forgiveness to this man, but pour curses shall enter into him that are written in the Law. *** "

And as though this were not yet explicit enough, the denunciation is further completed in the circular addressed to "the wise men and elders of the nation," to notify them that a son of Israel has been cast into the outer darkness. After the introductory greeting and the enumeration of the offenses of the accused person, the kahal continues:

"Therefore, we have laid the kherem on him. Do you so likewise, daily. Proclaim publicly that his bread is the bread of a Gentile; that his wine is the wine of idolatry; that his vegetables are impure, and his books even as the books of magicians. *** Ye shall not eat with him, nor drink with him; ye shall not perform the rite of circumcision on his son, and ye shall not teach his children the law, nor bury his dead, nor receive him into any corporations; the cup that he has drunk from ye shall wash, and in every respect ye shall treat him as a Gentile."
Also, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion refers to such as ""our LESSER brethren . . . who cannot be trusted or until they can be trusted . . . the fact is that we ALL have to mature into being either true to the ego-minded part of our own consciousness/mind OR the spiritual-regenerated mind/voice . . . and so the process is going on for all of us in this school of life. Not to say that all that has been said here needs to come to light, but I think they need support to be able to discuss it because of what I mention above. And of course, their own grasp of letting go the familiarity with their deep indoctrination. But the time is Now. Obviously.

nobody said...

Interesting stuff. I've often wondered at those anti-sect deprogramming efforts. You know the ones where they kidnap their kid and lock them in a motel room and hammer them until they realise the wrongness of their 'programming'. Mind you, these people are usually run of the mill christians keen to replace one programming with another, albeit a more socially acceptable one.

This kind of 'deprogramming' is merely one means of having a discussion. Jewish people, much like others possessed of an us-and-them mindset, likewise could benefit from a similar discussion. In fact a simple honest look, or deconstruction perhaps, of this kherem might be sufficient to tear a hole in Judaism.

If it's fair enough to endlessly attack and ridicule tenets of Islam and Christianity why not an obviously more pernicious religion like Judaism?

Believe it or not, in one rather intense dinner I deprogrammed my mother and my two brothers out of the catholic church. They never went back after that. Given enough time I reckon I could do the same with just about anyone.

Deprogramming is the equivalent of a firehose when it comes to washing away the clag that prevents thought. But it doesn't have to be a firehose. Something infinitely less harsh can achieve the same result.

nobody said...

Hey Pen,

Certainly they are conditioned. That's the point of religion - to prevent independent thought and enforce unity. You've seen Zeitgeist The Movie, yeah? It's instructive for many reasons.

Christian zionists are precisely a proxy force of the zionists. They have no independent function.

The beauty of pyramidal structures is that truly evil motherfuckers only need take over the top pointy bit. Immediately below that greed and fear will suffice. And underneath that are the witless dupes who have no idea what they are part of. Zionist Christianity, Judaism, same same.

But I'm just blithering now. I'll stop.

Anonymous said...

Look at this nobody
What a load of shit!!
I'm sure there are more important aspects of Aussie culture that could be taught in schools for example more about our countries aboriginal past, how to problem solve/think logically and the truth about Israeli terrorist activities upon the rest of the world – being the survivors of the so called ‘holocaust’, for some examples.
Again, what a load of absolute rot – this is Australia sir (Michael Coutts-Trotter).

Penny said...

I've seen zeitgeist. There is also another good movie along that line, called The God who wasn't There.

zeitgeist borrows heavily from it for the religious portion.

I have a copy of that one,and it is well worth seeing.

nobody said...

Hey Tony, I knew what this would be before I clicked. And yeah, it's sickening. To say that no one knows about the holocaust is absurd on its face. Who could have missed it? Have many movies have we had about it now? But really, are you surprised? I ain't. It's the same in Europe, the States, Canada. The program continues apace.

Thanks Pen, I'll check out that second one you mention.

Kosta said...

Oh yes; I know about Mr Michael Coutts-Trotter.

Ain't it great, that a former smack trafficker can redeem himself having served 3 years out of nine in jail to come back and control the education system in NSW