Thursday, July 3, 2008

DIY subversion

Over at smokingmirrors, Les Visible is in amongst a discussion about making stickers and plastering the neighbourhood in order to get the topic of 911 out into the wider public. It's a good idea. But I went sideways. Here's what I wrote in the comments there -


I had a thought. These stickers are a fine idea. Everything to push the concept and spread it about is good. But where do people go from there? Wouldn't it be nice if there was a website address they could go to? The problem with this is that a sticker needs to remain visually uncluttered to have impact. Furthermore who's going to remember an address? I have trouble at the best of times.

So I thought, wouldn't it be cool if whatever it was had little tear-off strips like those photocopied A4 sheets you see taped to traffic poles at intersections. I don't know about other places but here they usually advertise share accommodation, or a lost pet, or some kind of work-at-home thing. They're invariably hand written, not too much text, a single photo in the middle, and tear off phone numbers at the bottom.

Why don't we steal that and subvert the medium? Instead of a phone number we put a website on the tear-offs. Me, I'd put The other beauty of the concept is that you don't even need a printer or any sticker paper for it. Hell, you don't even need a computer. You just hand-scrawl it up, tape in a quick piccy, and run 'em off on your nearest photocopier. Ten cents a pop. And there's the sticky tape of course and a pair of scissors to cut the tear-offs. And you could make a new one each week. Or each day if you're up for it.

As for the copy, it should only be two or three lines. We ain't trying to explain everything. It's just a teaser to get them to go to the website. Ideally it'll be some head-scratching fact.


And here's what I quickly came up with. If you don't care for them, that's fine by me. Make your own. Don't forget how it works. An interesting or unlikely photo will turn their head. The sparsity of text will make them want to read it. The rule for the text is - keep it short, make it intriguing. No explanations, just a teaser. They should be intrigued enough to tear off the address and then check it out when they get home. Happy subverting.


kikz said...

kewliez :)

Anonymous said...

About six years ago I made the first 9-11 stickers on address labels and put them up in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I also made the first 9-11 CD. I distributed stickers here, and through my group "911TruthAction" I mailed stacks of them to other parts of the country.
Have we gotten nowhere in six years?
I think that everyone in America has been exposed to 9-11 truth by now. Whomever knows it is helping to spread it, many are too afraid to accept it, and others know the truth and are trying to bury it.
Stickers were effective a long time ago, when people needed to be introduced to the idea, but now the word is spreading by word of mouth, and by DVD.
If someone still believes the official story, nothing you can fit on a sticker is going to change their mind, because a lot of information has to be conveyed to win someone to our side.
My advice would be to forget the stickers and start burning DVD's, and people should get off the internet and start working harder on people who live near them. When the internet is shut down, or our freedom to speak freely is curtailed, your internet friends on the other side of the country will not be there to help you. People need to develop working relationships with people in their own neighborhood, because these are the people who will be near you, and able to work (or fight) with you when things get tough.
Also, there's a lot to learn past 9-11 truth. Outside of whatever knowledge or skills are required to do one's job, most of what Americans know is lies, especially what they think they know about history, politics and current events. So instead of dwelling on 9-11, people should introduce themselves to wider knowledge of the zionist cabal responsible for 9-11, and all the other crimes they've committed too. 9-11 is only the beginning. The beginning of their end-game. They've been gearing up for this for 100 years, and you're not going to win unless you know your enemy.

nobody said...

Well I don't know about New York. I'm in Australia. And I've never seen a 911 sticker of any description anywhere. My best guess was that I was alone in defacing the governments 'Report Suspicious Coloured People' campaign. Otherwise I offered this idea for people who, like me, don't have a printer. Perhaps there are people out there who don't have a printer but do have a DVD burner. I have no idea.

As for zionist, you might want to check out every other thing I've written here. Depending on who you listen to, I'm either anti-semitic or not anti-semitic enough. Go figure. Meanwhile I do what I can.

Anonymous said...

REVOLUTION is the Solution!!!

Anonymous said...

I received a dollar bill for change at the store the other day and it had stamped on the outside edge.
Rubber stamps and a ink pad don't cost much and using a Federal Reserve note to spread the truth is just too good not to do it. lol

Anonymous said...

Another way to disseminate your message is to simply write it on a dollar bill with a Sharpie. Everyone who subsequently handles the bill will see it. I prefer the bright red ones myself.

Penny said...

there is a 9/11 truth group in TO, Canada , that has burning and handing out DVD's for sometime now, I beleive also in Ottawa and I want to say Vancouver. I know people in the TO group.

The truth groups have been pretty pro-active in Canada thus far.

Even in my smaller city, I have seen graffiti reflecting 9/11 as an inside job, though graffiti is not the way to go, to spread the message, it always annoys.

As for nobodys suggestion, go for it, every little bit helps. It may be the spark that lights the fire.

hANOVER fIST said...

Excellent work - viral marketing is the way to go.

Visible said...

Damn! Nobody, that is fantastic. Tony is going to help me build a website. I think these should go up on the sticker page when we get done; if you would like- with attribution of course. Let me know. Well done!!! You're a hoot.

Anonymous said...

I've got a website going that uses a similar idea -- a sort of DIY campaign. Could use some help with the content, but the functionality is great -- Johnny INFOSEED

Getting simple, undisputed facts in front of the masses. That's the thing I haven't seen done yet in the infowar.

Anonymous said...

I've been writing "911 is an inside job" on money for a while. It is a private form of graffiti and whoever gets the bill may start doing it themselves. It is something that could go viral quickly and it assures people they aren't alone with their conspiracy thoughts.

And there is something satisfying about subverting a note from the privately owned federal reserve.

911 signs appear here on poles, etc. and are taken down in less than 24 hours. It baffles my mind how quickly they are able to paint over 911 graffiti.

Anonymous said...

I so liked your flattened oil drums
I made it my desktop background (with some mods)

nobody said...

Thanks folks and thanks Les, all too kind

And I'd be perfectly happy to stick them on whatever site. They're currently pretty low rez. I could easily save them out at a higher print-ready rez.

Also I could probably knock this shit out on a regualar basis. Those were the three first things I did after dinner and before I fell asleep.

Thanks Johnny, I'll check out your thing shortly. If you want to whack this stuff up, go for it.

Since this is a blog and not really suited to it, I ordinarily would move on to something else. But if people have dedicated sites, I'd be only too happy to keep churning these things out for them to post.

Keep in touch.

PS Yeah, I love the money thing. Good idea. Here in Oz, our money is made of plastic. No really. Whatever you write on it can be wiped off with methylated spirits. Never mind. But American reserve notes deserve nothing less. Yoroshiku.

curt maynard said...

You might be interested in an article I wrote about Azzam, the Jewish American" Terrorist