Wednesday, July 16, 2008

all-out assault

I used to think it was about oil. I thought that everything that was going on was driven by the inescapable fact that fossil fuels were necessarily finite and that the end of this finite resource was near. Of course there will be ructions, I thought - ain't nothing to be done about it. But that swine Dave McGowan made me go back to the drawing board. I can't pretend I know precisely what the story is with oil, but I do know it isn't the card hand that's driving the betting. It's merely part of the bluff.

The liars who run the world are very very good. Their lies are multi-layered. Up front are the stated reasons as to why things are being done. These are invariably presented in a blizzard fashion. There are so many lies, coming so thick and fast, that by the time one lie has been dealt with, three more have popped up. The point of the exercise is confusion and it usually works pretty well. It sure worked in Iraq.

But for those who know that the whole blizzard is bullshit there are a variety of unstated reasons. These are merely hinted at. Clever-trousers, like yours truly, cry, 'Aha! You liars! I know the real reason'. But really, they saw me coming. The hints were just more lies. The beauty of this is that anyone grasping this 'truth', what with their own cleverness being wrapped up in their 'discovery', will be unwilling to consider that they too have been had. 'Surely I wasn't played for a fool here too!' Who wants to admit that they were had as easily as the dim-witted lumpenproletariat? Nobody, that's who. Thus - I admit I was played for a fool.

So what is it all about?

Towards the end of WWI an Australian fellow, John Monash, invented the all-out assault. Rather than have a useless artillery bombardment followed by a useless infantry charge, he used the new tanks and aircraft to combine with the aforementioned so that everything happened all at once. The concept of the unchangeable front was blown to the weeds. For this and other things Monash got a spot on our one hundred dollar bill. He was Jewish by the way. Not that that's really germane here. Nor is it germane that this style of warfare was studied and implemented by the Germans and called 'blitzkrieg'. And of course, everyone does it now. It was called 'shock and awe' on it's last outing.

Anyway... the assault on our collective mind is not dissimilar. We are bombarded on a dozen fronts by various means of assault. The thought that oil is running out is one of them. Climate change is another. Then there's the obvious bullshit War on Terror. And to round everything off, there's the banker's collapsing of the world economy by way of debt and currency manipulation. And all of these combine to make food shortages and starvation. It's the equivalent of infantry, armour, artillery, and aerial assault. None of these elements were what it was all about. They were merely a means to a murderous end.

But what's the end? To kill us all? To be honest, I have more questions than answers. But let's see what we do know. We know that this thing is global. No country may opt out. If Australia with its insignificant population of twenty million on the far side of the world is forced to march to this tune, then everyone is. There will be no havens in the English speaking world.

We also know that the size of this assault is unprecedented. Not a single world leader will raise their voice in opposition. They understand that this is, as the Bard once said, the biggie to end all biggies. Every conceivable stop has been pulled out. The bloc-media, which is the theatre of war for our minds, is now all-fear, all-the-time. This campaign (speaking of Shakespeare) is in blood, stepped in so far, that a return (tedious or otherwise) is impossible - to go o'er is the only option. There is no turning back for these Macbeths. Whatever this thing is, it's all or nothing, now or never, crash or crash through.

This thing that's coming cannot be anything less than the final step (or an uber-significant penultimate step) in the biggest plan there is. Those people who've been rabbiting on about the 'illuminati' were right - our world is to come under the single control of an international elite. Previously the infrastructure hadn't existed to make this possible. But it exists now. If you thought yourselves lucky to live in these times, I expect you'll soon find yourself reconsidering. The marvels or science, manufacturing, and communication were actually the tools that those who would rule the world needed to pull it off. The dizzying heights of human achievement we were all so impressed with are to be our downfall. If only we'd all been Luddites. Never mind.

Is there anything to be done for it? Hell if I know. What will I, as a charisma-less git with bad teeth and a worse attitude, do in the face of this? I have no idea. I cannot resist this wave. I can merely body-surf it or get dumped. The only thing I possess is my mind and my sense of the truth. I will never concede either to fear. I will not give them what they want. I don't need anything they have to offer. I don't need their toys and I have nothing to lose. Whatever games are played I will refuse to play them. The games will be theirs. The threats, theirs. The wickedness, fear and duplicity, all theirs. If those who would have me fearful want to teach me a lesson I will refuse to learn it. Whatever this bullshit charade is, I will not play a part in it.


Is that of any use to anyone? Probably not. If stepping away from the machine was easy then there'd be no need to do it because there wouldn't be a 'machine' as such. Everything you need they have. You have to go to them. I've stepped away and currently live a twilight existence. I wouldn't wish my situation on anyone. God knows where I'll end up.

Today the entire state of Queensland lost the internet. Paranoid dickheads (oh alright, me) wondered if this was it. No one knew anything. Eventually I got in touch with a friend in Sydney who told me a cable had been cut and would be repaired shortly. But it makes you think. Whatever this thing is that we have here, a discussion or a community or whatever, will end. The internet cannot be allowed to live. And then we'll all be on our Pat Malone. It'll just be you and your neighbours. Godspeed.


kikz said...


Anonymous said...

As a body surfer nobody you know there are ways out!!
And yes we need to get ourselves in a place where we rely on as little as possible of what the establishment have to offer.
The Qld. Optus thing…
To top it all off my modem spat something out the other day and was/wasn't working then the cable crapt.
The first thing I thought, hello nobody's gone berserk and done something rash.
and what’s this…
‘… I wouldn't wish my situation on anyone…'
I'm sorry you feel this way nobody; it doesn't have to be. Maybe you haven't fully banished your old ways or fully embraced your/our new reality? Think about the one armed paper hanger mate.
I've been here/there since the late 70's. I thoroughly enjoy it! Never Pat Malone; only when I want.
I know it’s hard with dad but we all go through that; it’s part of our growing up.
And… there is you/this lot – crème (even apple – takes all sorts).
While we’re here – my take on appleonion; ‘he’ is a little old lady sitting at home with nothing to do, so, ‘I’ll get on the internet and annoy everyone with my jabbering, circular, con(versation), flim flam gibberish’.
There you go.

nobody said...

Onya Tony,

I don't have a bank account you know. At the moment I survive bacause I live with the old man who does have a bank account and a pension going into it. At some point, sooner rather than later, he'll die. And then this twilight will be over. Then my stepping away from the machine will be real, not this bullshit version of it. That's when the adventure begins.

And when will Summer get here? I shouldn't have mentioned body-surfing. Now all I can think about is hitting the beach, ha ha.

And sorry to exhaust you there kikz. Have a bit of a sit-down mate.

kikz said...

sorry hon.. it was just the time o night i read your piece.. already bent frm the day's wind.. just kinda knock'd me over.

i see by les' latest comments... apparently there's been more tilting at the windmill by 'it'. eyeroll.

nobody said...

Hey matey,

Yeah, that was a bit of correspondence I had with Les. Frankly I was somewhat taken aback by his response. But then, Nina really nailed it immediately afterwards and made sense of it for me. I'll drop Les a line later (Hey Les) and then pile in on the comments too. I've no idea if Nina pops in here but if she does, Hi Nina, good stuff. New post today I see. I'll read it when I get home.

And 'already bent from the day's wind'. Marvellous.

nobody said...

A quick update for anyone who's curious. Remember that piece of mischief I did on the Hitman game? I put it there for your and my amusement, sure, but a key part of the gag was to leave it there to be found by people searching for 'latest news on hitman X'.

Well, hits from these searches are arriving in ever more staggering numbers. I haven't looked into it but I'm guessing that I've managed to coincide with the coming release of the actual game, ha ha. I don't think anyone has linked to me on a gamer site yet but I suspect that it's a matter of time. In the mean time I'm just happy to be screwing with a few gamer's heads, ha ha.

Hmm... I wonder when it'll come to the attention of the corporation that makes the game? Then the fun will begin! See if I can't screw with their collective heads too.

Anonymous said...

Is this something they cut from 'Tommy"?
I think this bit ended up on the cutting room floor - I didn't see it in the film.
ps in your head sing Pinball Wizard as this bloke motors around - it fits.

Anonymous said...

Lowy is not in someones good books?

kikz said...

yea, ya did see some lag on that... glad the hitcount is up:)

and the beauty of it is... as long as the net, and that atrocity of a 'game' exists... peepz will find your piece :)

i've lost my taste for such stuff thru the years.. i grew up w/Atari Pong :) i know i know i'm an old fart >:)

my kids still play round w/RuneScape, which some aspects of are kinda kewl.. other than killing other avatars and stealing their points... but it just doesn't appeal to me anymore.. nothing game oriented or 'second-life-esque' does anymore.

only thing about secondlife that does appeal, i wish i were able to offer somekind of design svc for it.. i've read some chick, does clothing design.. and has made a bloody fortune on it! kewl no?

nobody said...

Hey kikz, um I don't know much about second life. I've never done it. Defender, Galaga and Joust were my games. This was when I was back in Uni. Now I got better things to do. Mind you, one place I worked had some chop-socky game and I would always be the cheongsam wearing chick. I don't actually want to wear women's clothing or anything but I was always a sucker for a cheongsam. Grrrr.

Hey Tony, does that mean he has a supple wrist? Urgh!

And I noticed Lowy (for those who don't know - Frank Lowy, an Australian, was partners with Larry Silverstein on the WTC real estate deal of the century) was in a bit of trouble and wondered what it all meant. But I hadn't realised it was connected to that cove in Lichtenstein who blew the whistle. Are you up on this guy? It's amazing. He's blown the lid off secret banking in Lichtenstein. And didn't get assassinated in the process! Unbelievable.

As for Lowy, it couldn't happen to a nicer feller. Mind you, are you keeping up on Dick Pratt (another Australian Jewish billionaire who got done for operating a cartel)? He's copped a fine for the cartel but now's looking at jail time for lying to the ACCC. Sure enough the Jewish lobby is out in force saying it's victimisation. The beauty of this is that the head of the ACCC, Graeme Samuels, is another Jewish billionaire, ha ha. I wonder if they can spin things so that they're both victims? I expect so.

Either way I wouldn't be surprised if Pratt didn't receive an official apology, a compensation payout and hell, let's rename a major capital city in honour of his sterling contributions to charity, all of which were Jewish, natch. And Lowy likewise, sure. And Samuels too, provided he apologises to Dick Pratt. How dare he threaten a Jewish billionaire with jail!

Anonymous said...

I think the plan is for the jewish slave masters to only own 500 million slaves. The other 6 billion slaves will be killed.

NOBODY, i recommend reading John Kaminski. He is a better writer and knows more than you.(he died btw)

Anonymous said...

NOBODY, i am not trying to be rude but John Kaminski took me from "Its the Illuminati stupid" to its the "Jew stupid."

John taught me not to be PC and cower by using the enemies word i.e. Zionism, Bolshevism, Neo-Conservatism, Illuminati and etc.

nobody said...

Hey African Warrior,

What! Another writer better than me? You're breaking my heart. Well, I'm glad he's dead. I won't stand having people say such things.

Just joking of course. I will gleefully admit that I'm a clueless fellow much given to hyperbole. If you said I liked the sound of my own voice, you'd get no argument from me. It's true. I like to read my own stuff.

But never mind that. Believe it or not I discovered John Kaminsky just the other week and his website is on my desktop. I've been having a minor problem with it since (what with being at an internet cafe) I don't read anything while I'm online. I save to the desktop and read it when I get back home. For some reason, his website loses all the text when I do this. Which is curious. What I'll have to do is cut and paste into text documents and do it that way.

But thanks for the tip, mate. And yeah, 500M. I read that too. Very thoughtful of the CFR to publish it, I thought.

nobody said...

Ha! Simultaneous typing. Yeah, up until now I've completely avoided using the word 'illuminati'. Frankly I don't think it's particularly useful or, ahem, illuminating. And I don't know that I'll bother using it again. And no offense taken, mate. Yoroshiku.

kikz said...

kaminski's dead?

shit.. i just got an email frm him.. on the 11th???!!

can't b.....

kikz said...

yea, seem to be online in sync :)

i do miss realtime yap on a messenger client.. :)

Anonymous said...

NOBODY, i think the parasites next victims are East Asians and particularly the Chinese.

Another thing, the White Supremacists who I dearly hate are right about one thing.

Multiculturalism is a weapon meant to weaken the victim of the parasite. It makes it easier to divide and conquer. I hate it to admit but the White Supremacists are right.

nobody said...

Sorry kikz, my battery died precisely one minute after the previous entry. Never mind. And don't ask me if he's alive or not. No idea. Long may he live, I say. He's a better writer than me. Not that I take that personally. sniff.

Hey AW, I don't know that multiculturism is necessarily so dreadful. It can act as a cover for 'otherness', sure. But it's the 'otherness' that's the problem. As a metaphor, if we had a sniper in a treeline, we wouldn't get all hot and bothered about the treeline.

As for multiculturism, I'm always bummed (in a vicarious fashion) when I meet someone who's second/third generation something-or-other and they can't speak their parent's or grandparent's tongue. The more languages a person can speak the better. I could say the same for ability to cook etc.

As for who the targets are, you just have to watch the news. Those we're meant to hate are the targets. The Chinese? You bet. Mind you, only a fool would underestimate them. They're as sharp as a knife, they know their history and if they want to do a thing, it gets done.

Did you know that a book detailing the private ownership of the US Fed and the wickedness of the Rothschilds was a bestseller there last year? Had the govt wanted to, they could've shut that down in the blink of an eye. Significantly they did no such thing.


nobody said...

Hey Folks,

You might want to pop on over to Penny's blog. She's cottoned onto something really interesting with some pretend Muslims. And one of them has decided to grace her comment pages and is flinging invective in every direction. He gives himself away every time he opens his mouth, ha ha. And yours truly piles in. I haven't had this much fun since the bad old indymedia days.

The link's on the front page. There's two posts so you may want to scroll down.

Anonymous said...

Word for word it says 'That's all right'
I think this time 'round Vlad knows he has the majority on his side.

Anonymous said...

The Aztec calender ends in 2012 for a reason :p

Anonymous said...

Hi nobody,

sort of off topic, but yeah, Penny's been inundated with filth from these posers...

One of them called me a very nasty name, which I will now proudly add to my 'name'...

Three letters - I'm sure you can figure it out!

Later mate!

Buffy NFC :)

nobody said...

Hey Tony, I went with babelfish which gave me 'nothing' which I figured operated on the principle of 'de nada'. Anyway I thought it was nice of him to pop in.

Paul, 2012 eh? I'll make sure I'm on a beach. Wait. There won't be a tsuname will there? Whatever the fuck it is, I half wish we'd just get it over and done with. This phony war is just too bloody tedious.

NFC - Nobody's Fight Club? Not For Consumption? Nippon Film Corporation? Otherwise, that guy was SO obvious! Imagine a German pretending to be French by endlessly clicking his heels together and yelling 'schweinhunt!', ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nobody and all, off topic as usual and being an increasingly paranoid dickhead myself I wondered if you or anyone would care to comment on the recent work of Benjamin Fulford, I ask you because of your chinese connections, a lot of his stuff is on youtube so I don't know if you will be able to get that but some is about HAARP and manufactured earthquakes, not really a subject I know a lot about, any thoughts? Many thanks for your film analysis at cinema, I think your writing there is always superb and many of those films i've never heard of. I used to watch a lot of films but haven't for a while now, choked on too much hollywood garbage probably. I used to like a bit of Kurosawa and Tarkovsky (the arse flattener). A film that blew me away as a kid was Lyndsay Andersons "If" which though possibly not everyones cuppa still gives me a good laugh now and then, but hey that's england and my sense of humour. It's Summer here at the moment and if it's of any consolation to you it has been rubbish so far, the only way that we can tell that it's Summer here is that we can still see the rain at ten o clock at night. I'll shut up now and go back to my lurking, i'll miss the internet when either it goes, or I run out of money to access.

nobody said...

Hey John,

To be honest matey, I suspect I know less than you do about HAARP and earthquakes. I'm not dismissing them of course. I used to dismiss WTC molten steel, remote control jetliners, abiotic oil and any number of things. More fool me. I'll check out Benjamin Fulford. Straight off the bat though, I've never heard of him.

And speaking of the movies! New flick at the cinema. Shooter featuring Mark Wahlberg. I have no idea if anyone will groove on it. It's such a worthless film and I spent far too long writing it.

Anyway if people don't like it they can blame Penny, since she was the inspiration. But if it's any good, I take all the credit. Sorry Pen, that's just how it goes, ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nobody, Do you think the all out assault is to get us all micro-chipped?

red alert for people

The Plan Is To Get Everyone 'Micro-Chipped'
" Lets entertain the possibility that a massive vaccination program may soon be announced at a clinic near you where everyone will be required to receive a mandatory immunization shot in the name of 'public safety.' Although this scheme was cloaked in secrecy behind closed doors, Homeland Security (and FEMA) already have executive orders in place to quickly implement this microchip program into reality upon a minute's notification. Conspiracy theory? Think again...
One thing is certain -- this will move forward in the name of national security and public safety. I used to believe it would happen slowly, step by step. But now, I think it’s going to be escalated soon. Perhaps, as quickly as mid 2009. Remember this well -- if this is allowed to happen, we will be led into a place where no one, if they thought about it, would ever willingly go. Once we have crossed that line -- there will be no means to escape this madness."

nobody said...

Thanks Von,

Good stuff. Chipped? Sure, why not. The technology exists, how could they not use it?

But they couldn't do it now. There'll have to be a further breakdown first. People will have to be stampeded into it. Me, I think we'll have a terrorist attack to give the US military and the old guard no choice but to attack Iran. That'll be followed by economic collapse. And then the simple matter of a pandemic will complete the picture.

The only thing that could stop it is the media. So... there's nothing to stop it. With a bloc-media as servant to the motherfuckers none of it is actually too difficult. In fact, the more I think about it, the more plausible it sounds. I'll check that link.

Otherwise mate, thanks for your assorted links to me. For a little blog like this, it's all good. And what's happening on the bird front? Round here the figbirds are going nuts and the brown honeyeaters have turned up. Terrific songbirds. ciao ciao.

Penny said...

Hi all: this is more a response to John, he asked about HAARP, one of the most interesting people I have ever heard who has researched and spoke on the HAARP project is Jerry E Smith, he has been on Meria Hellers show a number of times, the first time I heard him talk about HAARP , i was like what????

he has a number of books.

my opinion on benjamin fulford- questionable?

and John kaminski
another one, I am not so sure about.

nobody: inspiration for this?
my position on oil is the issue?
when I get rid of muslims against sharia, I will respond.
they are spamming, I am deleting, nothing of any consequence, just name calling, every filthy name in the book.

nobody said...

No Pen,

Inspiration for the flick over at cinemaofnobody. Have you ever been there? I don't know. Anyway, it's the definition of 'subversion' that got me going.

nobody said...

In case anyone gets confused, let me clarify Penny's previous missive by inserting 'so-called' in front of the appellation 'muslims against sharia'. They're no more Muslims than I am. Truth is they're all a bunch of foul-mouthed Jewish boys. And obvious ones at that.

vlad said...

The only time i will walk into a Westfield shopping centre is with a balaclava and an AK-47.
They have that murderous Jew pig on a stamp for great Australians for fucks sake...

vlad said...

The only time i will walk into a Westfield shopping centre is with a balaclava and an AK-47.
They have that murderous Jew pig on a stamp for great Australians for fucks sake...

Anonymous said...

Cheers Penny, I will look at that, many thanks, john.

nobody said...

Hey Vlad,

I suspect you're being hyperbolic. If not, there's a bit of a disconnect between what you might wish to achieve and what you might actually achieve.

Speaking of AK-47's and balaclavas, google 'dave mcgowan columbine' and have a bit of a read. It's possible that there are mad mall-shooters out there who serve no purpose but their own, but read about Columbine and wonder if we aren't all being had.

Inflicting mad fear on the populace serves no purpose but those of the powers that be. Yoroshiku.

Anonymous said...

Nice to know we've done this . . . _____I asked "Did any of these soldiers admit to you how they figured out that someone had ordered them on an illegal mission, an illegal order, to go process a death warrant on civilians who would not sign a contract?"
Response: "Yes, because I had the same question. There was a targeted site, an alleged "terrorist camp". and the team leader sent snipers as advance recon to get into position and closely watch a house. A smart soldier will always size up what he is about to lead his men into. While they were watching a vehicle pulls up, three men get out and there is a huge argument regarding a stack of papers the men were trying to get them to either take or sign. It was a US oil company truck and they were ordered off the property at gun point. They then went to another house about half-mile away that could be also be seen by the snipers, where a second group ordered them off the property at gun point, would not accept or sign the papers. That night they were ordered to 'take out' everyone at both houses. They had already been briefed on the 'intel regarding the alleged terrorist camp' and knew that both houses could not fit what the mission description was. That was when they realized that the orders were to remove "resisters" not 'terrorists'. Most were women and children. The reason more than one of that team were at Landstuhl was the locals were more than prepared and repelled the attack that night. As one soldier of that team said, 'those folks know how to deal with burglars. I am lucky to be alive'.
I am not naïve enough to think that all such attacks were repelled."
What was being described to me pre-dated 9-11 in the Clinton and Bush Administrations and continued on as they launched their bogus, fraudulent Global War on Terror. As this US Army Major talked, I was remembering Operation Gladio where US, UK and NATO were conducting terrorist operations against innocent people in Europe to get their way.
As I was driving back home, I thought about the Special Forces soldier who was involved prior to Desert Shield / Desert Storm and about what I was just told that predated 9-11 in the Caspian Basin nations. I had to resist the urge several times to pull over on the side of the road and throw up...over their description of what America had become.
I know exactly what these arrogant murderous bastards are after, and have been since they planned 9-11 so they could launch this hideous, murderous scheme...this 'lunatic strategic plan.' I did not know until that night that even before 9-11 they were attacking and taking out families in the Caspian Basin area who did not want to sign over their property or their oil and gas rights to the US thugs.
That was when I truly understood the level of evil that has taken control of our nation and our government. These are not legitimate "missions" in defense of America; they are death warrants to kill people who do not wish to roll over to US demands.
Anyone who would prefer to do business with others, were labeled "terrorists" and murdered or extorted into complying with US demands, or 'disappeared'. If they would not sign the contracts with Big Oil, the 'T" designation was hung on them, and elimination was next. Sign the contract or die.