Wednesday, May 14, 2008

such obvious puppets

That Kevin Rudd is tireless ain't he? Yesterday he wrapped up his first budget and is now buried up to his eyebrows in media engagements. That would be enough for a normal man. But not our Kevin. In amongst endless discussions about the oh-so-important economy he still finds time to paint horns on the oh-so-important Ahmadinejad. Um, which one is he again? Does he hate us for our freedom? Or want to impose sharia law? Or is he a regular islamo-fascism kinda guy? Honestly, there are so many irrational haters-of-us that I lose the plot. Why can't we just have one like in 1984? We'll call him Ahmed Mohammed, or something.

Anyway, Rudd madly wants to take Ahmadinejad to the ICJ (or is it the ICC? no one seems too sure), for a litany of crimes that might broadly be defined as being insufficiently considerate of the feelings of the Jewish. Believe it or not, I think a trial is a brilliant idea and wish our Kevin the best of luck. God knows he'll need it.

For starters, his claims about Ahmadinejad saying that Israel should be wiped off the map will fall at the first hurdle. Mostly due to the fact that he never said it. Frankly I'm astounded they're letting Rudd use this so publicly. This will be a test for the Australian media to see if anyone corrects him. What he actually said was that communism would be consigned to the scrap-heap of history. Oh wait, that was Ronald Reagan. Anyway substitute Zionism for communism and you've got Ahmadinejad's comment. (Good God! Does this mean that Ahmadinejad is as villainous as Reagan? Just joking. Reagan killed far more people.) Meanwhile an actual country has actually been wiped off the map. Try and find Palestine in an atlas, on a globe, or any goddamn place. Good luck. And did somebody say, 'Hillary Clinton' and 'obliterate Iran' just now? No? Oh, okay, let's not mention it then.

Back to the list of crimes, that criminal Ahmadinejad questioned whether Zionists were human. Silly Ahmadinejad. Of course they're human. They're actually the only humans. It's the goyim who aren't human. We're beasts with two legs, cockroaches, insects to be exterminated. The whole lot of us aren't worth one Jewish fingernail. How dare some jumped-up fingernail-bug question the humanity of God's chosen. Obliteration is the least he deserves. In the meantime let's put him in the ICJ/ICC and have a discussion about the use of racist epithets and the wishing of ill upon others by world leaders. That would be a discussion worth having.

Ahmadinejad's third crime was the hosting of a conference that questioned the veracity of the Holocaust. I shall say nothing on this subject. Let's just put it into court and argue the case. I look forward to a healthy discussion as to why this subject alone amongst ALL others may not be discussed on penalty of jail. I'm curious as to why it is perfectly okay to print any murderous, sacrilegious calumny against Muslims, and yet a public discussion as to an historical event warrants the Australian Attorney General discussing the invasion of the country that hosted it.

No really. The Attorney General Robert McClelland was very keen to demonstrate his intellectual prowess. From Murdoch's Australian - 'Mr McClelland had argued that taking legal action was better than other alternatives. "The alternative to not using these international legal mechanisms is considering wholesale invasion of countries, which itself involves, obviously, expense but more relevantly, of course, the potential for a significant loss of life," Mr McClelland said.'

Holy Fucking Jesus! Is this the most dim-witted man in Australian history? Did he really say that? We must sue them in court or otherwise we'd have to invade them? Get Fucked! Hey McClelland, are you not bright red with the embarassment and shame of a such an idiotic statement? Expense and potential loss of life, you say? I can see you've spent a lot of time thinking about it. Git.

Sorry I retract all of that. They're not stupid. They're merely puppets. Rudd is a shill for powerful Jews. There's no room for any doubt now. He does what he's told. He's decided that the thing that is coming cannot be stopped. Rupert whispered in Kevin's ear - 'Get on board or cop what Latham copped. It's a juggernaut and you can't stop it. Don't get any smart ideas. Do what we say and you and your family will be fine.'

Oh by the way, there will be no charges laid against Ahmadinejad, no trial at the ICJ, or the ICC, or any other place. It's a charade, a puppet show. What Rudd and Canada's Harper are actually telling us with their pre-emptive attacks on anti-Semitism, is that their Jewish masters are expecting a backlash, and soon. A backlash for what I wonder? How about this - whatever is coming is going to be so big, so ugly, and so obvious, it'll make Israel's slaughter-fest in Lebanon look like small potatoes. The crowds, which didn't hit the streets for Israel's villainy there, won't be able to ignore this one. It's going to be really big. And it's going to be soon. And of course, BYO Israeli flag and box of matches.


Anonymous said...

I was stunned seeing that on SBS news tonight, we did suspect him - it certainly will be a test for the media - interesting times we are living in - I hope we survive them ! - we have crazy people in powerful positions with a lot of money at their fingertips. The extreme christians are more interested in Israel's affairs than what is going on in their own countries.
So Johnnie and Kev are good friends one would presume - they have the same aggenda - singing from the same hymn book.
I feel like going Moslem but it would be too hot and too many burrs in the bush out here to wear the black or blue "hajab"(?)

the Silverfish said...

Thanks for bringing Canada into this, it's funny how people on the outside seem to see things more clearly than those sitting right next to the problem itself.

Case in point when you all had the elections a while back and many of my friends in OZ were all ass over tea kettle about Rudd I warned them that perhaps Rudd was not the coming messiah.
Oh I know full well that "Johnny be Good" was no saint and should have been dragged from his hole and shot, and perhaps still should be, but exchanging a whimper version for the same ole same ole is hardly the answer. However this seems to be just what has happened in OZ.
Now in Canada we have exactly the same situation with our dearly beloved, only slightly less than stupid Jew ass kissing Harper. My god man have you read the things that this asshole has uttered in the last few days about how Canadians support their jew masters. Well I have some news for this snot of a PM, and that is simply that the Canadian people for the most part don't support Israel, nor should we.

Hell I'm 55 years old and I remember a time when the city where I grew up, namely Winnipeg had signs stating that Pigs and jews were not allowed, and for the most part Canadians have not changed in that opinion. Now Winnipeg has a Jew named Katz for a goddamned mayor, it is truly to weep. The son of a bitch seems more interested in his fucking baseball team than he has in doing other mayor like things such as preventing crime and fixing roads. Under this bastards rule Winnipeg has become the Murder and car theft capitol of Canada. But that’s typical isn’t it.

Canada under proxy jew rule is fast becoming a police state and I fear that the same thing is happening in OZ, please tell me that I am wrong.

Some Canadians are wondering about a new deal struck with the US that states that in time of emergency Canadians troops will be deployed into the US and American troops will be deployed in Canada. The answer is simple really when you think about it. Does it not make sense that Americans will kill Canadians much more readily than kill fellow Americans, and visa versa. Besides social up rising I really can’t see any reason for American troops to be in Canada in the first place, but this is what the new law states.

At least be thankful that in OZ your not right next door to these bastard Americans.
Dammit my house is only 1068 meters from the US border and it scares the shit out of me when I see the US gunships flying along the border every morning. I suppose looking for terrorists as we have so Goddamn many here in the Great White North.

Sorry if this comment made no sense but it’s late here and I’m tired and mad as hell.

Another Great post on your part, and Thanks again.

vlad said...

Not obvious enough for the bewildered herd sadly.


Kneel down and kiss the Rabbi's whip Kevin and in a few years, if you're a good boy, we might name a desert in your honour just like we did to Bob Hawkestein and little Schmoikel Howard.
This country is a busted arse!

nobody said...

Sorry your pic didn't work vlad but the address is perfectly cut-and-pastable. And it's worth doing.

I'm really curious as to how these things come about. How is a man like Rudd corrupted? Do they have him by the balls with him as ever reluctant? Or does he think he's doing good? And is there a possibility he could be shown the truth and would then subsequently go on the telly saying, 'You know what folks, I've been a fool...'

Ha ha ha, not bloody likely. Anyway, I shall think about it further.

As for Kev and little Johnny being friends, they're so similar they could be brothers. Honestly, the resemblance is scary.

vlad said...

Try this

nobody said...

Sorry vlad, I meant to say your link didn't work. The picture was fine. Here's how to make a link-

If I want to highlight NOBODY and link it to my blog I replace the cap letters with the following -

(a href="http:// ")NOBODY(/a)

Except you replace ( with < and ) with >. And remove the spaces that I had to insert immediately before and after Then it looks like this -

If I want to highlight NOBODY and link it to my blog...

Did I make that clear? Or no?

Anonymous said...

Canada is a beautiful country, hope to go there one day, my husband and I visted the Canadian pavillion lots when Expo was in Q'ld. I heard young Canadian back-packers make sure they have a maple leaf on their back- packs so they arn't mistaken for Americans. Isn't that ridiculous they police the border like that - probably looking for the soldiers back from Iraq who are hiding there to avoid going back. You know Harper, Howard Rudd do look like German Nazis. It seems the Nazis did survive WW2. They won't survive much longer I am confident about that. By the way on the other comment of mine I meant "burka"(?) And be proud of your beautiful country Canada - hopefully good decent Americans will push a revolution in the US and there will be prosecutions.

nobody said...

Only one person will understand this comment, but I notice that the Parliamentary Library has changed its name to the Department of Parliamentary Services.

The person who knows what I'm talking about is either a fan or a variety of villain. Do you read for yourself? Or for someone else? Are you a curious person pursuing the truth? Or a drone in a larger enterprise you don't quite understand? I do hope you read this. The British MoD checked it out briefly last week. Very briefly, ha ha.

vlad said...

von dare you smear the Nazi's by comparing them with that pathetic trio of sycophantic sock puppets!
They may have been many things but door mats for Jews they were not.
Hmmm........I think im joking. ;)

Yes and no to your question Nobody, i'm sure i'll sort it eventually.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mister nobody
Why are you always nasty to me?
Me being sweet!
Would you rather have a really scary person as PM?
Poohey Nelson
I’m a sweetheart, compared.
Signed: Your New Prime Minister of Australia
Kevin Michael Rudd

nobody said...

Ah! Wakarimashita!

I should like to thank the PM for dropping in again.

I'm not mean to you. You were definitely my favourite 'I guarantee the independence of the Reserve Bank' candidate. And between John Howard, a no-argument war criminal, and you as merely a potential one, you were clearly preferable. Mind you I have a sneaky feeling some time soon you'll be called upon to demonstrate your loyalty to your masters. Just tell yourself, 'They're only bloody soldiers. They knew what they were signing up for, etc. etc.'

That's the problem with 'just taking a sip' from a spittoon. You end up having to chug the whole thing. Mind you some people like it. Howard sure did. Ummm... yummy! Spittoon! With blood!

So here's cheers PM!
Drink up! Bumpers no heeltaps!