Monday, May 19, 2008

The supernote stumper - Who could it be?

Who's been following the story of the North Korean supernotes? It's a cracker. These supernotes are the best forgeries the world has ever seen. In fact, so perfect are these forgeries that to all intents and purposes the notes are real. Until they turn up in the US and then they're spotted instantly, ha ha.

There have been some ripping exposés written. Like this one by Gregory Elich. Read it and see the impossibility of the official American story. As it stands none of it makes any sense at all. But then, neither do Elich's alternative propositions either. Best not wonder too hard at his counter theory that it's the CIA because it falls at the first hurdle. But then, that's limited hangout for you. It works best if you don't think about.

Consider the logic. Elich clearly proves it makes no sense for North Korea to print the supernotes because the machines cost more than the notes that have been printed. Doesn't this logic apply to the CIA too? Who on earth would spend $200M to buy the machines to make a lousy $50M? It's idiotic - why not just spend the $50M? The logic is inescapable. The only people who could or would sensibly make this money are those who already own the printing presses. Honestly, it would have to be the first thing you'd think of. Wouldn't it?

Wonder also at the uses this supernote money was put to. The article spends half its length detailing an insanely complex and utterly relentless campaign to choke off the North Korean money supply, the justification for which pivots utterly on the supernotes. In spite of not a single UN or Interpol representative believing the US's supernote story the US persists in forcing economic strangulation on North Korea. Does this mean the CIA, on its own, wishes to strangle North Korea? Why would they do that? And how do they get the State department and Secret Service to jump through their hoops? Note that Elich doesn't posit the CIA as subject to the government proper. He merely hints at them operating on their own.

Carefully read the last two paras of Elich's piece. After two thousand words odd, up pops the concept that it's law enforcement agencies tracking criminals and terrorists. A single sentence is enough! We have it. It's 'enforcement agencies', whoever that is. Or maybe not. Best not to be too specific. Best to trail off with meaningless blatherings like - 'As with all stories that the public is asked to accept on blind faith, the topic should be examined with critical thinking.' Ha ha ha ha. Top stuff! Elich's piece is a cracker. It's full of every kind of thing except critical thinking.

Forget the nonsense. Why don't I pose a far more obvious possibility? This article is, misdirection aside, a clear depiction of how international banking goes about smashing a nation that refuses to play ball. It's the ugly side of a monopolistic, privately-owned money supply. No business in a street gets out of paying protection and no nation that possesses wealth worth having will be allowed to control its own currency.

Keep in mind here that the US is not the prime mover. The US is merely the biggest business on the block. Their money supply is owned and they too dance to the banker's tune. And what tune is that precisely? How many times have you heard commentators on the television say (particularly lately) that nothing is as important to the Fed as the sanctity of the banking system? Well there you have it. This is the biggie, the sine qua non. In any discussion about what takes place at a global scale, on the question of motive, one should always look first to the 'sanctity' of the banking system. It is above all else. It may not be challenged and heaven and earth will be moved to ensure that no alternative is possible.

Provided this prime directive is served, the US may do anything it likes. As the made-to-order wars are carried out, those who nominally run the US are free to make money in any way they can - oil, weapons, drugs, speculation, it's all good. This serves two purposes. Sure enough, it keeps the old guard from overthrowing their money masters. They have the guns and the manpower and could do it if they really wanted to. So they have to be kept happy. The second purpose is that this lower tier criminality hides the true reason we are at at war with Krablapistan. Thus may all those punters, smarter than the average bear and not fooled by the media drivel, cleverly know that it's actually all about oil, weapons, drugs, etc. We shake our fist at the sock puppet and dream of throwing him down.

Meanwhile the media is free to say whatever they like, provided they do not interfere in, or otherwise name the architects of, a sanctity-of-banking campaign, which is to say economic strangulation and war. Clever (or not so clever perhaps) pieces of limited hangout aside, invariably the media will fulfil its role as maidservant of international banking and blame the victims. Subsequently everyone knows that the North Koreans are very wicked villains who starve their own people. Our sanctions on North Korea are perfectly understandable. We do it for their own good.

Same-same for everyone currently suffering under sanctions and warfare. But me, I wonder at the guilt of those whom the media says we're meant to hate. I wonder if the list of those we must hate isn't the same as those who refuse to succumb to a privately owned money supply. If this is the case, perhaps the shit-list is the hit-list - those we should cheer for. Ayah! Does this mean I have to cheer for Kim Jong Il?


Anonymous said...

Why cheer? The insanity will stop once each and every single idiot is dead, or each person says they will not go.

nobody said...

Um... you lost me. It's good that dim-witted people die? Or bad? And where won't we go?

Otherwise the cheer was possibly for those who refuse to have a privately owned Reserve Bank. That takes balls. No cheers for our PM. He was kowtowing to them before he was even elected.

annemarie said...

That was a great essay. I'd not heard of the supernote story. Honestly I just can't keep up anymore...the dirt's piled too high, wide and deep now. :(

Still, what you wrote rings true, logical...

To be sure it's a global "protection" racket...
and with genocidal extortionists (imo based primarily in London, Tel Aviv, Washington, and Rome) running the entire scam. They are the de facto holocaust industry, aren't they now.

btw, ever see this:

BBC doc on The Century of the Self. I've watched only part 1, so far. And it's a keeper mite ;)

It's about Sigmund Freuds's nephew, Eddie de Bernays who almost single-handedly invented modern propaganda-- oops I meant public relations. haha --and how pernicious and manipulative he was...and it is, etc. etc...amusing ourselves to death, and brave new world all rolled into one...modern fucking about weapons of mass deception/destruction... same diff btw

Actually it isn't funny in the fucking least. Not when you begin to realize the toll, measured in human (and non-human too) suffering. Take a gander if you're inclined and have a couple of hours.

I'm bringing up this video (series) as it ties in with WHO controls the global money supply/protection racket. Why, could it possibly be the same tribe of fuckers who implemented this pr propaganda? Possibly/maybe? ;) ;)

latah mite. Ta for the read.

nobody said...

Thank you Thank you,

I've read a bit about Bernays. He was a very wicked fellow. And I used to be in that industry, God forgive me. I shall definitely check out the vid.

Did you see over at Les' someone recommended a thing about Laurel Canyon? Here's the link -

It's doing my head in! At the beginning I was thinking, 'Not Neil Young. Not Neil Young'. Aaargh! Neil Young!

Now I'm saying to myself, 'Not Van Morrison. Not Van Morrison'. I'm pretty sure he'll be safe. This will make sense if you've read. If you haven't, go read it! Absolutely my headfuck of the week!

annemarie said...

hallo mite,

ta for the link, i've just read it. None of it is surprising to me. And I don't really find much of it that mind blowing. Not when you consider the combo of: money, sex, drugs and rock n roll...

But the overall theory about Laurel Canyon musical "offspring" and all of their millitary connexions, well ya that is very Manchurian, mind-control something or other shite. But not at all surprising.

Colour me jaded?

Yeah Bernays what a prick. I also worked in marketing too, and pr, and for an agency too for a time. But all sort of accidentally. Never aspired to it. And gladly left it behind. Hope I never need the work/money that badly again.

Yeah, what a whore's profession.

later mite:)

Penny said...

The article on Laurel Canyon music scene is by Dave McGowan, and if you like that you should read his books!
I have read'em, well two of them.
I heard him interviewed on that article, on the Meria Heller show, and it was a shocker,to say the least.(links to both, on my blog)
I had to listen twice, to that one.
Neil Young!
when he hooked up with csn.

back to the money in Korea, I was listening to an interview on Global Research News hour, you can get that at RBN.
The guy being interviewed was speaking on that, but, what blew me away, was talk of the civilian casualties of the Korean war, estimates as high as 30 percent!
I was stunned.

kikz said...

laurel canyon stuff interesting... not surprising. manufactured dissent indeed.

i'd love to see his doc on all this.. and am lookin fwd to the upcoming postings.

as we've noted b4... lots of interconnectedness w/mil/psych-meds and shooters.. the dc guys coupla yrs back, and columbine...among others.

nobody said...

Hey Folks,

Penny, yeah Korea, I saw this on your blog. I was actually up to speed on this. But I got a head start from the old man who'd told me stories of the Koreans in Vietnam. They were eye-poppingly ferocious. Heads on spikes, villages festooned with entrails, that sort of thing. According to him they didn't want to be there and did this grand-guignol effort to say to the VC that they were not to be fucked with. I don't know of the factuality of all this but I do know that Koreans are hardcore. And not forgetting, of course, that the Americans looked on and smiled. For them, it was all good.

And kikz, as soon as I read about mkultra way back when, I knew that the point of it, mind control, was the holy grail. There is NO way they could abandon it. Whatever got revealed at the Church committee (or whatever it was called) was probably a fraction of what went on.

Otherwise, for the record ha ha, I am the son of an army officer who was in various SE Asian countries doing his bit to throw down those the bankers didn't care for. He even had a smattering of intelligence training. Mind you, he thought it was stupid and said so.

In my defence I should say that I never had any military training or spooky experience. But I was promised a spot in Australia's version of West Point. The only problem was I'd seen the various places my father had worked and it was all so crummy that I pissed it off. This was hardly an ethical reason for rejecting it, but then, I was very young and stupid, ha ha.

Also my musical ability extends no further than a mediocre ability to drum on the table.

Anonymous said...

nobody, this' why Australian soldiers are always at the front or at least on the top of the list for allies.
I'm not sure (I really don't dwell on this topic) but it was one of the last two wars in Iraq, Aussie soldiers (about 2000 of them) were sent in first to 'make it safe' for the following troops.
And when we first went into Timor, well, you ask anyone who was there; they give you a horrific look and clam up.
I'm in agreement with your dad; stupid.
Mind you I do have an opinion on Vietnam. Other than we not having any right to have been there in the first place, our troops were treated very badly upon return by the moronic Australian public who instead of blowing up the government got up our soldiers. Soldiers are like police; a necessary evil.

nobody said...

Yeah, well, that's the problem with delusion. For mine, the soldiers didn't know quite why they had gone and the protesters didn't quite know why the soldiers shouldn't have gone and in the meeting of the two no useful discussion can take place. Even now it's a thing I discuss with my father only eliptically. We've had discussions about the falsity of the Gulf of Tonkin, of the various bullshit satraps the Americans installed, about the bullshit way the war was fought etc. but we will never discuss personal accountability. We required it of the Germans and the Japanese but not of ourselves. The guy's got cancer for chrissakes, let him watch the rugby.

Speaking of which, they're sending some poor Adelaide guy to Europe for war crimes in Hungary. What bullshit. What are these arseholes going to do after all the WWII veterans are dead? Chase their kids? It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.

Anonymous said...

My dear old granddad said it was all about money, and he got carted off to be captured at Dunkirk and spend the next five years slowly starving to death.

My grandmother didn't trust Jews. I think between them they probably had the answer.