Friday, May 9, 2008

A cyclone, a terror trial and Kevin Rudd

Those poor bastards in Burma. Between their government and their cyclone they're fucked. And then there's the US! The media showed a US warehouse packed to the gunnels with food just waiting for the opportunity to be sent. Cut to that demented bitch Condoleeza Rice, with her cross face on, wagging her finger at the Burmese. Cut to George Bush snarling some variation of an ultimatum that the Burmese should let the humanitarians in.

Only one word was missing from the whole coverage - Katrina.

Side note history lesson - in 1974 Cyclone Tracy obliterated Darwin, a city of 40,000, in Australia's North. Per head of population it was the equivalent in scale of New Orleans and Katrina. The then US military offered to step in and airlift the whole population to other cities. The Australian PM Gough Whitlam, who was a variety of left-wing and under endless assault by the CIA and their proxies, turned them down, swearing the Australians could do it themselves. And they did. In two days every person in Darwin was relocated. It's amazing what can happen when a place isn't run by murderous motherfuckers.

Australia currently has a big terror trial doncha know. Maybe this one won't collapse like all the previous ones. See what you think. This from the front page of Murdoch's Australian newspaper last Thursday -

"The accused head of a home-grown Muslim terror cell was secretly filmed by police testing a bomb built by an undercover agent from explosives and gelignite packed in a plastic ice-cream container.

In the surveillance video played yesterday to a Victorian courtroom in Australia's biggest terror trial, Abdul Nacer Benbrika is shown by the undercover police officer how to set off the bomb on a bush track."

And sure enough, it's ALWAYS this way. There is no Al Qaeda. Here, as in the US, the UK, and Canada, without the government providing explosives, plans and every other goddamn thing, all we'd have is a collection of coloured people sick of seeing coloured people getting shat on. And I can dig it. What they're most guilty of is not being smart enough to spot a government agent. Honestly, can anyone think of the last terror attack that wasn't bullshit? The last one in this country was the Hilton Hotel bombing of thirty years ago. And even that was a variation of bullshit.

Finally, what is Kevin Rudd up to? Frankly I don't trust the guy. Between his private New York powwow with - and unspoken endorsement by - Rupert Murdoch, his unabashed reassurance to those who own the Reserve Bank madly pretending to be a message appealing to prospective voters, and his unprecedented official Australian congratulations to Israel on sixty years of land theft and genocide, I reckon I've got his number.

So why has he dumped his plans for an Australian version of the Department of Homeland Security? I asked this out loud and my father said, 'Because it doesn't work.' To which I replied, 'It's not meant to work. It's merely there to place the CIA and other old guard security apparatuses under Jewish control.' Believe it or not, the old man, a thirty year military veteran, nodded. I've turned him into a radical, ha ha.

I reckon there are three possibilities -
- Rudd's allegiance to Jewish control is limited. He'll say the right thing but when it comes to the crunch he'll find a way to dissipate things.
- A variation of revolt took place at a cabinet or senior bureaucrat level and Rudd's power came up short.
- Rudd doesn't need it. Control of Australia's security organs are already currently in the hands of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Under this is an Office of National Security. Done right, this will serve the same purpose as a DHS. The Australian notes in the last two paras of a story covering this that there is to be 'a strengthening with the department, including creating a post of national security adviser.' Hmm....

Mind you, these three things aren't mutually exclusive. We'll just have to sit tight and see what happens next. Apparently a 'major statement on national security strategy' is being finalised in the PM&C. I can't wait to hear it. Keep in mind, we haven't had a terror attack here in thirty years.


nobody said...


Where are you? You are alright I hope?

nobody said...

New Flick at the cinema. It's a long 'un.

Funnily enough it fits in vaguely with the current discussion over at Les' blog. As will the next piece here. Sociopath/psychopath/anti-buddha.

Anonymous said...

The Burmese psychos in control must spot the irony or being lecture to by American fascists about how best to look after their citizenry, in the same way as that tyrant Mugabe must. This was always going to be the problem with America's sell out to the Zionists, swiftly turning from the world's premier democracy to it's premier outpost of Israeli fascists.

Terror trials in the UK are laughable affairs, full of mysterious security advisers and secret information that is too shocking for us plebs to know the details, but which, trust them, proves the guilt of whatever low intelligence fall guys they've arrested that week cos they look the part. Mind you, the true lunacy came under the Blair creature when they posted tanks at Heathrow.

As to your man Rudd back peddling on Homeland Security, I don't know much about this, but if he's doing that there will be a good reason for it, one that profits the usual vermin behind the scenes. Perhaps he's run into too much opposition, or made it too obvious who he works for. He'll probably publicly pull back but carry on with the programme under a different name, that's what they do here in the uk, with the Euro and terror laws, give it another name and bingo, job done.

nobody said...

For mine, the greatest lunacy is confiscating liquids. I love telling security people at airports that there's never been a liquid bomb and there never will be. I tell them to google 'liquid bomb myth' and have a read. I've no idea if they do of course. Never mind, it's grand entertainment watching them squirm.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that Govenor Quentin Bryce when Peter Beatty was in power turned Queensland into the Brigalow Corporation. We now live in a Corporation and do not have and private property rights or other rights.
best wishes, Von

nobody said...

Hey Von,

Blow me down! I'm instantly off to google. Mind you, it reminds that the last time they tried to introduce the Aussie Card (or whatever fucked up name they were giving it then). I was over on another forum and said, 'see who sticks their head up saying we all need an identity card'. Lo and behold, it was Peter Beatty!

And now we're in amongst it again. They never quit do they? Sure enough, they'll probably pull it off this time. It's aimed at aborigines. Perfect! Who wouldn't agree to the rightness of aborigines being legislated to within an inch of their lives? And then with the foot in the door it gets rolled out for everyone. 'Gosh, how did that happen?', says the clueless masses.

BTW mate, I was prowling around 911oz and it occurred to me you might be interested in a thing I wrote way back when. Mike Rivero didn't groove on it but I expect it's because of the cryptic title and my usual meandering writing style. But me, I thought it was good. And it's right up your alley. FYI, Alan Smithee is the standard industry pseudonym (don't ask me why) used when a director doesn't want to put his name on a film.

See if you groove on it.

Anonymous said...

That just about says it all , Exodus did brainwash our generation. My sister used to play it magnificently on the piano all the time - stirring stuff.
By the way you won't hear much yet about the Brigalow Corporation. There is a letter in the latest Q'ld Country Life about it and a talk backcaller on Friday asked questions on Toowoomba ABC about it demanding answers from politicians because they won't answer his questions. Expect to hear a lot more about it- people are waking up and they are angry and getting angrier.
best wishes Von

nobody said...

Cheers Von,

I found a few websites. They're red-hot on it.

But mostly I wondered at the name. Seems it's a variety of native plant. Names are chosen very carefully. A great deal of thought goes into them. This one seems to be almost randomly arrived at, as if it was some off-the-shelf company of the variety that people end up with for tax purposes only. Ha!

For an enterprise as big as this, the choice of name makes no sense apart from its being deliberately chosen for its meaninglessness.

"So what shall we call this?"
"Hmm... something meaningless. Not an animal. Too much symbolism. How about a plant? One no one ever heard of. And none of those bullshit Latin names."
"Okay, A, A, A, Acacia. Too famous. Latin, Latin, Latin. Bugger this, let's go to B. There's a thing here called a Brigalow."
"Brigalow? Is that Australian? Never heard of it."
"Yep, it's Australian. I never heard of it either. Has anyone here ever heard of it? Do you attach any meaning to it?"
"Not me."
"Done, Brigalow it is."

Anonymous said...

Yes I wondered why they chose that name for Corporate Queensland. We are farmers and we do have a lot of brigalow trees here. I thought just we and the bank owned this property but now I suspect the corporation owns it too. I wonder what they are up to. A lot of people won't tolerate this. If they put a carbon farting methane tax on our cows to stop global warming I will be off to Canberra to chain myself to the railings. It will be getting way way too ridiculous. Frankly I don't trust Rudd either. I hated the spectacularly mad Howard. Maybe Rudd and Co are trying to distance themselves from the crazy Christian and Jewish lunatics who have been running this country and other Western nations - we shall keep a close eye on everything he says and does.

Anonymous said...

Congratulate your dad for me will you nobody.
The sooner we all become radical, the better.

Anonymous said...

Brigalow Home Brew Kits (Nice drop!)

nobody said...

Hey Tony,

Well there you are.

And yeah, the old man might be turning radical but it's a begrudging thing. He'd really prefer it if the rigidities he's known his whole life remained. But the pretence can no longer be maintained. The other day, shaking his head, he said, 'It's like they don't care if we know or not.' Yep.

Penny said...

hello nobody!
came across here while googling about.
I have been recently blogging on the melbourne 12,which is how I found this blog.

Though admittedly I am more on about the Toronto 18, since I'm Canadian.

There seems to be a pattern in these "terrorist" groups. You seem to have doubts about the terror potential of this terror group.

wondering what is your take on this all?

nobody said...

Hello Penny,

What do I think? Ayah! Big question.

Me, I think it's all exactly as real as the Lavon Affair or the attack on the USS Liberty. Google both of those, have a good long read (watch the BBC's Dead in the Water on googlevideo) and then you can tell me about fake terror.

Then turn to 911. Since I just gave you two concrete examples of Israelis pretending to be Arabs and conducting terror attacks against the US, how come this was never considered as a possibility on 911? Or at any other time?

In the 7th July London bombings a fellow called Peter Power went on the TV and described how he just happened to be running an exercise that precisely matched what actually happened. The interviewer was so shocked he failed to ask the obvious question - 'In this exercise you were running, were any men engaged to play the part of the terrorists? Were any men from Luton paid to wander around London with what they were told were fake back-packs?' Fair question.

I'll cut to the chase - Muslims and Christians are meant to be fighting each other. Perhaps if you just read this. Hell! Don't limit yourself. Feel free to browse around.

I'm not sure if I'm being helpful. I don't quite know where your head is at and it's easy to blow somebody away. I suspect that you've started down the rabbit hole and now you must figure how deep it goes. Pretty bloody deep!

Penny said...

I am familiar with the Lavon affair, and the attack on the USS Liberty.

I am somewhat familiary with the concept of "usary". Christianity was at one time opposed to this, but, now they are co-opted.

Islam is still opposed.

So, if the point you are making is that christianity has to be at war, partly to crush the religion of Islam, so that usuary, will not be seen as a sin to it's followers. It seems so. Then the west can engage in rampant globalised capitalistic mayhem, and of course christianity will be the global religion.

roughly on the same track?

The point you make in the post you linked to is something I have thought along the lines of, except, I note how similar globilisation is in practice to the communism of russia.

These are tough issues to discuss, aren't they?

but I thank you for the answer, it's food for thought!

nobody said...

Hello Linda,

I really wonder at you. What an interesting creature you are. Yoroshiku.

Penny said...


I don't know if you were responding to me,as you said hello linda?

but if I may?

Yoroshiku. what does it mean, to you.

Of course I looked it up, it has numerous interpretations, depending on the manner in which it is used.

How do you use it?


Penny said...

If I may leave a link here to an article, lengthy, but it addresses, amongst other things, many other things, the issue of usary,25197,23040467-060,00,00.html
Extraordinary Times, Intentional Collapse, and Takedown of the U.S.A.

nobody said...


Will you forgive me? I've been four days quit of cigarettes and am somewhat climbing the walls. For a minute there I thought you were bullshit. You're not of course, but your reply was very odd. Now I'm thinking you merely missed the point. I'm used to hard-bitten types and you're too sweet by half. But you'll get there, ha ha.

Anyway mate, I checked out your blog and left a couple of notes. You'll see them I'm sure. And 'yoroshiku' here merely means 'regards'. Or 'think well of me' perhaps.

nobody said...

Wow Penny,

You just went from barely walking to hyperspeed. I just read that piece a couple of days ago. If you can get your head around that you're there. I still recommend that Money Masters thing over at googlevideo.

Oh! As a nutty birdwatcher, I grooved on that oriol over on your blog. Very cool.

Penny said...

hey nobody:
saw your comments on my blog.

i did leave a reply over there for you, but..............
the article I sent the link, is a good article, and a friend of mine had previously sent it to me.

Consider yourself forgiven, as quitting smoking is difficult, to say the least. It makes people crabby.

"For a minute there I thought you were bullshit. You're not of course, but your reply was very odd. Now I'm thinking you merely missed the point. I'm used to hard-bitten types and you're too sweet by half."

I may have missed the point you were making, I don't know, but I do understand the background anyway.
The shortcomings of communications and styles of writing and interpretations, all subjective.

I am not the hard bitten type, some many say naive, I say ever hopeful.

from one nutty birdwatcher to another, thanks and have a good day!