Monday, April 28, 2008

no starvation here

Have a read of this masterful (but very long) piece on the politics of food by Stan Goff over at counterpunch, Without disagreeing with him or detracting from his brilliant article, I should like to add a note of specificity.

Goff speaks only vaguely of who is responsible for the coming mass global starvation. It's an elite corporate oligarchy or something or other. I wonder at such vague descriptions. Somehow, these loose terms unite people who, one would have thought, have little in common. Certainly I understand wealthy people acting in each other's interests as an abstract thought. And yet in a discussion of 'who', I'm meant to accept that the captains of diverse industries, in diverse countries, possessed of diverse faiths, languages and cultures, and united only in their wealth, will unanimously agree to the rightness of starving to death countless millions, their own countrymen included.

Apparently, in the face of all that defines people, wealth alone is sufficient to bring all manner of people together to perpetrate a crime unparalleled in history. Am I the only person who has a problem with the likelihood of this?

See if the following doesn't make infinitely more sense. Above the corporations is international banking. This is controlled by a dozen families. They own the US Fed, the Bank of England and the reserve banks of every industrialised country in the world. Between them they have more wealth and power than all the corporations combined. The corporations are the monetary policy maidservants of the banking families. None may stand against them. If a US president opposes them he will cease to be the president. If it profits them to crash the US economy, they will crash the US economy. If the world population is something other than what suits them they will starve billions of people to death. The corporations get with the program or they... well, they just get with the program. There isn't really any choice.

Unlike the disparate wealthy corporatists, the families are perfectly and utterly united. They don't view themselves as having anything in common with the people who will starve. They don't even view them as people as such. They have a lot in common with Israel though. Israel is their country - they made it as a testament to their greatness. Rothschild, in a rare slip, couldn't help himself and put his name on the piece of paper.

For those who don't care for such lines of thought, keep an eye on the media and see if the words 'food shortage' and 'Israel' are ever uttered in the same sentence. Don't roll your eyes and mutter about Israel being a first-world nation. The US is a first world nation, isn't it? And as you read this, US food shortages have already begun. Meanwhile back in Israel, between the imperatives of portraying Jewish people as victims and the need to encourage Jewish immigration and ensure the legacy of the bankers, the latter will win. There will be no food shortages in Israel.


Anonymous said...

NO food shortages and no economic recession either. I have to laugh when I hear fiscal "experts" talking about how strong Israel's economy is without once mentioning the massive subsidies it receives from America. What other country on the planet is reported in this way by the media?

As you rightly say mate, the culprits are a handful of supremacists at the top who own just about everything. And they happen to be mostly (pseudo) Khazarian Jews following the Talmud, which is about as vicious a diatribe as can be found anywhere through history.

kikz said...

no food shortages in israel.

no oil or munitions shortages either....... sigh.

Anonymous said...
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nobody said...

That was Apollonian gracing us with his presence again.

Mate, you view the world through a lens of distortion. Certainly it's distorted or obscured your image of me. I'm a variation of atheist-nihilist-buddhist. Quoting arcane religious texts at me is a complete waste of time.

Further I view race as a construct, a fabrication. You urging me to embrace racism is as big a waste of your time as it is mine. In spite of the fact that I'm the very antithesis of eligible bachelor I still harbour vague dreams of meeting the right sort of yummy brown-skin girl and having a bunch of coloured kids. Recoil in horror if you like mate, I don't care.

If you want to know where I'm coming from, you need merely look at the declaration at the top of the front page. The continuum of selflessness and selfishness defines EVERYTHING here. It's the foundation on which everything here is built. Do you get it? And on this continuum racism fails utterly.

It's just occurred to me you don't understand why I discuss things Jewish here. Let me fill you in. I do so because I consider people who choose to define themselves as Jewish as being racists. For mine it's those who define themselves as 'other' that are the problem. With this in mind, how should I view you? As part of the solution? Or part of the problem?

Anonymous said...
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nobody said...

Apollonian again. He's somewhat cross this time. Apparently I didn't read what he said carefully enough.

Mate, I never read your stuff carefully. It's so poorly written and mad that I really couldn't be fagged. Whatever the fuck it is you're on about, I'm the wrong guy. Do you get it? When I said a while back that you wouldn't grace these pages again I wasn't joking. Nor was I waiting for you to make nice, get cross or any other goddamn thing. I do not share the regard for you that you obviously possess.

Take it as a cold hard certainty that when you comment here I shall be the only person to read what you write. And even I don't read it! My eyes glaze over at your dense lack of style. So, hammer away mate! Tell me what you think of me. Knock yourself out.

annemarie said...

intense reading mite. but i've now decided what i'm a gonna' plant in my deck-garden this year. edibles.

must needs learn some new (essential) skills and soon

later peeps :)

the Silverfish said...

All I can say is Thank You Les for allowing me to stumble upon this Blog.
Now I 'd like to thank you for your excelent essays but if I thanked Nobody it just wouldn't seem right somehow.
Ah what the hell I'll thank Yuh anyways as I'm sure yuh know who Yuh are. So Thanks, so in the words of that great American Statesman Arnold S I'll be Baaack.

annemarie said...

You know what, someone elsewhere on the net had this to say, and it's spot on:

"You know when rice becomes a delicacy [scarce] that someone is fuckin' with us."


I read that piece by Stann Goff and the other person, along with a couple of links in their piece; Including one about agriculture of wheat, rice, and corn, and what the almost mono-cultivating of those three crops have done to the environment, etc. And there was much in the articles which seemed sound/logical and truthful; especially the bits about the "green revolution" chemical fertilizers, nitrogen (leftovers from WWII), etc. etc.

But none of that is imminently relevant imo. Meaning, I could not have put it better and could not agree more with the person who said what I quoted above. btw, it was in the wrh letters section.

Food shortages, recessions, etc. etc. are not accidents or freaks of nature, they are PLANNED EVENTS.

Overpopulation my ass! There's plenty, more than enough to go around. Problem is that it ain't going around, it isn't being fairly distributed/shared. These shortages are PLANNED. And you are correctamundo that there are "certain" folks who will be immune from this, who will not experience any shortages.

Maybe we can eat them, if'n we all get hungry enough? haha

kikz said...

i did read somewhere today..
that indeed.. the rice shortage has 'officially' hit israel...

my immediate thought...



yup.. export bans.....india and thai(i thiMk) have had record harvests.. and i just read that the futures took a dive as somebody finally got on the damn ball and planted a huge amt.

this wheat UG99 thing is spooky... and it wouldn't surprise me in the least to find that it had been mfg'd.
or just even helped along..
kinda like west nile. ;)

nobody said...

Hey annemarie,

Speaking of rice as delicacy, you remind me of that first third of the Seven Samurai where the farmers staying in the town have their rice stolen. The rice is so important that the distraught old man goes picking individual grains out of the floorboards. And sure enough I saw scenes precisely like this on the telly two days ago. Get used to it folks. We'll see a lot of that. Hell, we may even end up doing it ourselves.

And silverfish, any time mate. But fyi, there's no capital N for nobody. That would be putting on airs, ha ha.

nobody said...

Jinx kikz!

Hmm... I know this reflects poorly on me but the word 'potemkin' immediately popped into my head.

nobody said...

New flick at the cinema. Time for an anti-war film.

kikz said...

cripez! blogger is fuk'd today...

inre appol..


i got him. w/his own twisted shit.
one question.. he took it hook, line & sinker.

i'm gonna do the addams family themesong...snap snap.

he's creepy, and totally kooky,
his typing --Mysterious and spooky,
he's all together ooky,
The Apollonian.

his mental house is a jew-seum.
i doubt, many come to see 'im
he really is a screa-um.
The Apollonian.

snap snap!

So.... get a dialectic brawl on.
some subjective logic you can scrawl on.
We're gonna hoist him up on
petard du Appollonian.





ya doezn't hasta print this one, but i hadta share my slight glee w/someone >:)
i just wanted you ta c it.

Anonymous said...
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nobody said...

Crack me up!

Actually kikz, in spite of laughing my arse off, I was going to follow your suggestion and not post it (since I reckon flaring up old arguments is a less than useful activity). But lo and behold! there he was again spitting invective and flinging epithets.

So I posted your top little ditty.

Oh! And the beauty of it was, he even used the word 'dialectic'. I forget what for. Something or other. Anyway he again extolled the virtues of racism and ended with this cracker -

CONCLUSION: If u don't improve ur dialectic, and cut the hypocrisy, I may just have to quit posting here.

To which I say - mate, do as you see fit. Seeya.

annemarie said...

the addams family number hahaah

cripes you (two), that was good

later, ta,

kikz said...

it's being naughty to 'nobody' on les' site now.. eyeroll......

damn it noby! :P

now 'it'll' be gunnin for me too.
v8foreheadsmack for noby! >:)

although... i see it has not responded to my gotcha.....on the pope article...

waistbow.. expecting incomin' rotten 'materz frm apoll.....@@.

i think we made it mad.....

i actually prefer it 'baffled'.. at least it keepz it'z precious posts short...


annemarie said...

Nobody, Kikz, et al...

Check out this blog, it's not exactly what we're going on about up in here, but there's an amazing essay called "do you see what eye see"

Here's the link:

She's a Kiwi btw, nobody. Practically a neighbour of yours, eh mite ;)

Anyhow, I was just blown away by this piece, and thought y'all might enjoy it too?

anyhow...latah mites

nobody said...

ta am

Anonymous said...

A pretty tune to soothe the flustered Apollonian.