Wednesday, April 9, 2008

cryptic of nobody

In amongst all this vitriol, a diversion! To be honest I doubt anyone here is into cryptic crosswords. But to hell with you, it's all about me. And me, I love the Times crossword. It's sad that in order to satisfy my obsession I must give money to that shit Murdoch. Sure enough I don't. Certainly I have quietly ripped the crossword out of newspapers in cafes (no one ever wants that page) but it's easy enough to arrange to get old papers from somewhere. Crosswords don't date. A Times crossword from twenty years ago will differ from today's barely at all.

Whatever. I find them as much fun to make as to solve. And then they're mine to give away for free. And that's exactly what I'm doing over at cryptic of nobody. The link is to the right. If anyone has been curious about cryptics but unable to figure them out, I'm your man. I shall happily explain them to anyone who's interested. Equally if you have no time for them, I shall think nothing of it at all. After all, who the hell likes cryptic crosswords? Nobody!


Anonymous said...

It's an illness nobody.

Anonymous said...

Link doesn't work mate.
Here I was thinking I spend the rest of the day in so much joy!!

nobody said...

Sorry mate,

Link fixed now. Pile in!

Hmm... I was just wondering about printing. I don't have a printer, so get back to me and tell me how it goes. I'm thinking you'd be best off printing off the individual pages under the archive listing rather than off the main page. I'm wondering if the grey background is a bad idea. Pity, I like that grey.

Illness? Complaint about Bill losing head? Attach another (7) You're right. It is an illness.