Thursday, April 24, 2008

in which the leader of the Red Team wigs out and gives the game away

Never mind the Department of Homeland Security. The spooks are all over this blog like flies on stink. There's tons of 'em - various, and even my own And these are just the ones that don't hide their identity. They either don't care if I know that they're visiting or they want me to know. Either way, I'm bloody spooked. So much so that I've wigged out and shall now spill the beans in an effort to save my skin.

I confess - I am the famous Leader of the Red Team. My mission is to destroy the United States of America. I will now lay down my plan as a testament to my self-impressed genius.

My plan is simple. It consists of two strands. I shall take control of the US money supply and the US media. With the money supply I shall control the economy and impoverish the people. With the media I shall ensure that my otherwise nonsensical 'monetary policy' is seen as an act of God. And as ever, fear will be the key.

Control of the money supply
First I shall establish a privately owned Central Bank. Certainly I shall confuse people by declaring myself 'Federal'. But this will be a ruse. I will be as 'Federal' as Fedex.

I shall achieve this coup by way of threats, bribes and blackmail. Since this bank will be in no one's interest but my own I shall operate in secrecy and have the legislation passed during the Winter recess with no one present in the congress. With this done, every American note in circulation will not be the property of the people of the US but will instead be mine and the government will have to 'borrow' it from me.

The people of America will then pay me interest for the pieces of paper I printed for the cost of the paper and ink. To pay this interest I shall force the members of Congress to introduce income tax, every penny of which will go to me. I shall impoverish the entire population of America. Can you imagine such a thing? To add insult to injury, I shall also demand collateral for these loans. The gold in Fort Knox shall be mine. If you looked up 'chutzpah' in the dictionary there is a picture of me there.

As if this wasn't enough, I shall also dictate monetary policy. The government can have Fiscal Policy. Who needs it? Like I care how crummy American roads, bridges, and hospitals are. Ha ha ha - my brief is to destroy America remember? Monetary policy is all about debt. With control of the media I shall convince Americans that debt is good and that everyone can all live like kings with new Eezy Kredit. But it's a fool's errand. Once they're in debt I will own them. A man in debt is as good as a slave. I know this sounds unlikely but you'll have to take my word for it. I'll sum it up by saying, debt equals fear, and fear is the key.

Control of the media
Me, I shall fear nothing except exposure. To this end, I shall, using my unlimited funds, control the media. The media will talk about everything but my ownership of the money supply and my ownership of the media. Don't think I won't be able to do this. I shall make such utterances the single greatest crime there is.

Certainly this silence will be crucial. But the media is capable of much more than this. Most people know nothing beyond what the media tells them. With control of the media I can point all those who might oppose me in every direction except mine. They will chase all manner of idiotic chimeras. People who haven't a snowball's chance in hell of harming America will be painted as terrible devils deserving of tremendous outlays of American blood and treasure. Madly, patriots will chase everyone from penniless, illiterate peasants in the most god-forsaken hell-holes to penniless but perfectly literate nobodies in tourist beach towns (ahem). They will attack everyone but ME, the man responsible for their impoverishment and the destruction of their country.

But even that will not be enough for me - I'm here to destroy America, so why would I wish for its people to live in peace and harmony? Racial disharmony will be first. It's as easy as a dog-whistle. Only one racial group will be immune. Mine! And that's just for starters. I shall convince American youth they are smarter than their parents and thus tear families apart. I shall promote a dog-eat-dog attitude ensuring that American society is centrifugal. I will crush community and fellow-feeling and everything that was good. Americans will know only selfishness and fear.

So! There you are! I've given the whole game away. Now it's the Blue Team's turn. It's your job to save the United States of America from the Red Team. What's your plan?


Anonymous said...

How can there be teams when both are going for the same goal? Divide and Conquer anyone?

kikz said...

golfclap on the essay :)

maybe i'm a thought criminal for visiting your site...

but rest assured big bro...
i'm no shape to play vigilante or guerilla for that matter. i can't even get my kid's school to hire a decent dj for a freakin 7th grade dance...

i have no influence in your wUrld, i own no car, and can barely feed my family. i am no threat to you. but you know that already.

just leave me in what peace i have.

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt the spooks monitor this site as they monitor most trying to expose these monsters. Thanks to Zionists like Bill Gates and his Microsoft monopoly, and others based in Israel, these vermin know exactly who and where the opposition is.

For my part, I am their implacable enemy. I have dedicated the rest of my life to exposing these vermin. The spooks probably don't even know who they work for, they just make good money and get off on the power they have to kill people if necessary. But their ignorance is no defence, and if they are aware of who they work for, they are the lowest scum on the planet.

I am not a Muslim, but Muslims are my friends because they are the primary target of the Zionist filth creating so much harm in the world. Eventually, when they have destroyed the Muslim world, they will turn their attentions to the rest of us. That is why I am fighting them, in my own small way, and will continue to do so until they are exposed and held to account for their many crimes.

To all you spooks out there, add me to your list if you haven't already. I am your enemy, and I will do my utmost to stop the monsters you work for. After all, a world in which you viciously kill 3000 people in broad daylight on live TV is not a safe world for anyone. I'd rather take the risk of fighting you than the far greater risk of not.

annemarie said...

If only you'd a picked a different colour. Red is no longer my favourite so I can't even imagine joining your team. Geeze.

Plans? We don't need no stinkin' plans we are the mountain police. muhahaaha

What a bunch of wankers, eh. The lurker-spooks I mean. pfft!

Good essay mite.

btw, if'n you try to pull my pigtails, better watch out, I'll pull yours too ;) haahaa

nobody said...

Hey annemarie,

The Red Team is traditionally the enemy in military exercises. The .mil people I was addressing would get it instantly. Did you read about the guy appointed commander of the Red Team in the military exercises pivoting war against Iran? He didn't play by the rules and launched all his missiles in the first twenty minutes. As I recall nearly every US vessel ended up at the bottom of the Gulf and the whole game was over, ha ha ha. So they rewrote the rules so that it would be fairer for the Blue Team. Who needs to learn a lesson from reality when can live in a fantasy world of your own creation?

Anyway the purpose of the essay was to agree with their assessment of me as a threat, describe myself in terms that are obviously those of someone else and thereby make clear the ludicrousness of me-as-enemy. Those people in Fort Huachuca, Arizona, might want to wonder what value their patriotism is if they spend all day running in a hamster wheel of someone else's devising with a picture of me in front of them with devil horns painted on. Who made the hamster cage? Who painted the devil horns?

Whilst we're on the subject (of things military) I'd really like to recommend Stan Goff over at counterpunch today, er, yesterday. I think he nails it utterly. Long article but worth reading. Military types unimpressed with bullshit artists like me, try dismissing him, ha ha. Go read Full Spectrum Disorder. See if it doesn't screw with your head. In this latest piece he discusses food. If you think about it, what else is there? Otherwise Goff may be a second rate writer but he's a thinker of the first order.

nobody said...

Hey Suraci,

On one point in particular, that of Muslims, anyone out there actually know any actual Muslims? I know tons. If I even get a hint that someone might be a Muslim I will engage them in conversation. You'll never meet a nicer more hospitable people.

This thing called 'judeo-christianity' is a mad contrivance, a fictional nonsense and as fine an example of an oxymoron as exists. Christians have infinitely more in common with Muslims than they ever will with anyone 'Judeo'. Muslims revere Jesus, for Christ's sake. And Mary. As my Egyptian buddy Al said to me, 'Jesus is the superstar of the Koran'. And we're meant to view them as our enemy. It's bullshit.

Any Christians out there might want to check out Were that there were more sites like it.

PS annemarie, you may pull my ponytail any time, ha ha. Ow! Maybe not.

annemarie said...

red, pfft. purple's my fav colour. ha,ahaa

anyhow, thanks for that stan goff ref, i like some of his stuff, will check it out tomorrow or next day.

Do I know any Muslims? Plenty, and some of whom are like family to me. None are of an Orthodox variety tho. Most of 'em drink alcohol, some even smoke, but none (far as I know) will eat pork. And none of them are none too political either.

Anyhow, can't gab just now. Gotta go. Out for the evening. whoohoo

later mites :)

nobody said...

Yeah, Goff is patchy. I found his site somewhat obtuse. But I'm still a big fan and I consider Full Spectrum Disorder a (flawed) masterpiece.

Speaking of family. My brother married into one of the biggest Muslim clans in Sydney. Lebanese, natch. His wife is perfectly lapsed and exactly like the people you describe. And wouldn't you know it, I get on better with his in-laws than I do with him. Ha!

Anonymous said...

I have known a few Muslims Nobody, in a professional capacity which involved my meeting many different people. I mostly found them considerate, polite and not at all like the stereotype the Zionist media portrays endlessly in everything from crap like "24" to big budget movies like......well, most of them.

Fortunately for the ziofascists not many Muslims are making big budget films or controlling media empires in the west. If they were we might see more films about the terrorist beginnings of Israel, or some of the charming views to be found in the Talmud about non Jews and the way to treat them.

Generally though I must admit I tend to avoid religious types of whatever persuasion. They all strike me as a bit irrational at heart.

kikz said...

we know a few muslims...

i've mentioned earlier somewhere.. either here or over on les' site, a shia ismaili family we know.. even attended the grandmother's funeral... nice enuff peepz... but i just can't dig their definition of their deity. as one who takes vengeful wrath on humanity for sin w/geo calamity.. such as the xmas day tsunami a few yrs bak...

i've had more in common philosophically w/sunni that i've met ...
granted i hold no affection for any religious fanatic, no matter the flavor...
but the entirety of the sunni/shia split is at the root of so much bloodshed... sometimes i just wanna hold the entirety in derision and tend to feel that they need and deserve a giant 'three stooges group Mo headslap'... they'll just have to continue another 2K or so getting past this crap and stop killing ea/othr. sigh.....

spooks... thanks noby for the reminder on the wargames.. i'd forgotten bout that.
didn't redteam use ruski sunburners as the trump?

as i understand... anybody w/any sense strategically wouldn't put ...muchless keep.. the creme' of their navy in such bottlenecked turkeyshoot striking distance (the gulf).

i can therefore only conclude 2 things...

1. command knows they are at this point safe frm threat of sunburners
in other than ruski hands...
1a. puti' has a very liquid game going, i doubt he'd fuk that up to hav a pissin' contest w/dumbya, even if it were contained to mutually agreed upon acceptable losses. i think he's smarter than that, and will let dumbya twist and flail w/o his help, as long as dumbya stays out of his sandbox.

2. command is using the strike groups as bait so luscious that it's a foregone conclusion even just a portion of its sacrifice will be utilized as trigger to justify all out retaliation on whomever they conveniently ascribe, and have the rubes here at home, cheer them on.

Anonymous said...

IdEAL ORDER Psychic TV is here to help in your creative destruction. Hahaha...

Anonymous said...

Back in the old days all I had to do to keep America safe was fight the 'Red' Baron.
Now I must worry about the 'Red' Team, a Fiscal FedEx and a destructed America.
This is all too confusing… where'd I bury my bone.

nobody said...

Hey Suraci,

Mate, have I ever seen you over at Les Visible's blog? He's my inspiration, after a fashion. What with me repeatedly taking up swathes of his comments section I thought it only right that I take up swathes of my own comment section, ha ha. Anyway... he's (we're) in amongst this precise discussion. You should check it out. The link's on the front page.

And yeah, me, I view all religions as variations of delusion-based control structures. And as much as I'd like to wave a magic wand and wish it weren't so, religions exist and I take that as a given. And amongst religions I have no problem differentiating between those I consider more harmful and those less so.

Keeping in mind that the most extreme aspects of Islam are pro-actively encouraged by those seeking to cause strife, I reckon that were Muslims left to themselves (which is all they want) they would, I'm prepared to bet, tend towards a much kinder, gentler version. Think Iran under Mossadeqh and Afghanistan under Najibulla.

I could even make a case that an added bonus of throwing down Saddam was, for the Zionists, that Iraq would turn more extremist. And this of course is a plus for Israel, what with Israel precisely looking to reduce everyone who might concievably oppose the coming Eretz Israel to complete chaos.

Speaking of which, hey kikz! I reckon that since everything that's going on in Iraq, and soon Iran, is all for Israel's benefit, what do they care if the US military is smashed to pieces? Better for them that the US Navy IS at the bottom of the ocean.

After petrol runs out the US military ceases to have much value anyway. May as well use it up and throw it away. Like a used tissue. I figure that the non-zionist leadership of the military will eventually figure out what's going on and retake control. So why leave them with a weapon that could be used on Israel? May as well smash it to pieces and render it worthless. As far as I'm concerned, smashing potential enemies is the WHOLE point of the exercise.

Hey US Military - how do you like them apples?

notamobster said...

If only the Christians and Zio sympathizers of the world knew of Noahide law. The terrible fate that awaits in the Talmud. By the By - I happen to know many a muslim. Most are incredibly friendly, but I have known a few who had no good intention for anyone of a different faith. One of the myriad reasons I turned apostate, and abandoned all religion.

As for the essay... absolutely brilliant. The humorous and factual nature of the thing is amazing. Bravo.