Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Calling All Puppets

Wow. This anti-China campaign is really something ain't it? Who knew the Tibetans were, as the American ABC news said, so 'highly organised'? They're amazing. London, Paris, San Francisco, the Tibetans have put together a stunning media campaign. They should set up an international consultancy. Imagine the wonders they could do for other oppressed people around the world. Think what they might do for the Palestinians! Ha ha ha ha ha - I crack myself up.

But seriously, aren't we all puppets? Perfectly well-meaning friends of mine are concerned about the wickedness of China. They send me emails I'm meant to sign and send to somebody or other. But that ain't nothing. All manner of people are all manner of revved up, hitting the streets, hell-bent on publicly embarrassing the Chinese government. How did this happen? Did they all wake up and individually decide that they must climb out of bed, make a sign, dress in the right gear, make their way across town, and lo-and-behold, there's a thousand other like-minded people there joining them? With the media all wide-eyed with wonderment, surprised and glad that they were lucky enough to catch the action?

Hardly. But let's ask them. I address (uselessly of course) those people who are hitting the streets -

Who organised you to do this? Do you really know what they're on about? Or more crucially what they're not on about? Do you personally give a shit about the people of Palestine? Are you aware of the shit they've copped? Shit that makes what the Tibetans have suffered look like the smallest of small potatoes? And the people that organised you - what actions, what stunning media campaigns, have they organised to help those most fucked-over of people? Anything that wasn't completely fucking useless? Perhaps you did and I blinked and missed it.

If I was to say that you were a puppet of people who will ensure that Israel gets a free ride, do you think that any arguments you might offer would last more than two minutes in the face of the obviousness of what's on the TV and what ain't? Is it possible you're a puppet? Well-meaning, but whatever... Try these simple questions - Who directs your attention? Who directs your actions? Have you any idea?

Ask yourself - Do the Chinese tear up Tibetan orchards? Do Chinese settlers have pogroms beating up Tibetan kids on their way to school? Do they smash Tibetan windows and spray 'Tibetans to the gas chambers' on their houses? Do they shoot Tibetan kids as they sit in school, sleep on their roof, play in a vacant lot? Do they drop thousand pound bombs on apartment buildings full of Tibetans? Do they steal Tibetan water and dump their sewage on the Tibetans living below? Do they bulldoze Tibetan houses with the residents inside? Do they hold 10,000 Tibetans in jail on no charge? Do they have separate roads marked 'Chinese Only'? Do they hold sick Tibetans at internal check-points and deny them medical care until they die? Do they starve Tibetans and crack jokes about 'putting them on diets'? I could go on all goddamn day.

The answer is - No, nor anything like. I'm not going to paint the Chinese a halo. They are guilty. They're guilty of flooding Tibet with Chinese immigrants who have a stranglehold on commerce and view Tibetans as lazy bums good only for a tourist industry that will put foreign currency in Chinese trader's pockets. But between that, and what's going on in Palestine, you hit the streets to protest Chinese mercantilism?

I expect you despise the media. I expect you think they're biased, and really they ought to do something about Palestine. Well, they don't need to. They know perfectly well that you'll be sent out to protest everything but Palestine. Perhaps you'll wonder - maybe the media isn't so bad after all? They did a great job on Tibet. Of course, that's the idea. And you did your bit. Meanwhile, those perfectly racist, murderous fuckers in Israel continue killing more people in a week than the Chinese kill in a year. One more time - Are you a puppet? And to whose tune are you dancing?


kikz said...

verily noby...

i hear the french got quite snarky w/the olympic flame over this...

'zall part/parcel of the ziomedia..
they're very good at what they do.
most peepz, in response to outrage expressed over palestine.. would blink and say... pala who?

Anonymous said...

I've only read a bit of this - I'll read the rest later.
It's because the Chinese react so well! And they even let Kevin pooh! pooh! them too; on their home turf! We love it when someone reacts to our protest. Yae! we're doing something someone is taking notice of. That nothing is done doesn't matter. We've protested and someone has been kind enough to answer us. Yae!

Anonymous said...

Well, you've said it haven't you?

nobody said...

Hi Folks,

This thing goes on and on. It's relentless. On Fox it's all the news all the time.

If anyone wants to see who their organisers are try turning up at the next Olympic torch protest with a big flag of Israel with 'STOP THE GENOCIDE' written on it in big black letters and see how far you get.

Also I've noticed that Fox, Sky, ABC, CBS are all doing background reports on the history of Olympic protests and the boycott of the USSR on account of the invasion of Afghanistan always gets a mention. And not once has anyone made the beyond-obvious comparison.

When the revolution comes, equal first on the target list must be the media. If they can't be taken they must be destroyed - blow up the towers, cut the cables.

annemarie said...

yeah mite,
great post. you nailed it. btw, never did care for that Dalai lama dude. Too hollywood celeb for my tastes. And it is beyond Odd how China is being bashed as the evil empire right now just before the Olympics. Makes you wanna' ask what exactly are they up to (elsewhere) that they don't want us to notice.

And yeah that french holocaust lover Sarkozy, fuck him and the horse he rode in on too.

Sorry bout the language, I'm feeling extra pissy lately. Have been for a while now. This shit's been piling up and methinks it's only gonna' get worser and worser.

later all

nobody said...


Who isn't feeling blah. It's sounds like Les is too. I sent him a note of consolation (kind of thing) and blogger crashed when I hit 'send'. Blah!

Otherwise boys and girls, for the first time ever I blitzed a posting. It was that filthy joke thing. There was a point to it but not much of a one. I'm not quite sure why I posted it. The whole time I had this nagging feeling it wasn't quite right. And now it's gone. Sorry Tony! I'm the wrong fellow mate!

Anonymous said...

That's OK nobody, humour is a funny thing. Bit like artistic taste. And timing is everything - my timing may have been off.

Anonymous said...

Here in the uk the olympic demonstrations have been the top news story for days but when we have an anti war demo it gets a 10second mention. Tony Blair was recently giving a lecture in Westminster Cathedral on Faith and Globalisation (you couldn't make this shit up) and there was a demonstration outside which although mentioned by some of the press received only very slight coverage.I was interested to see that unlike the 1600 audience Blair entered and exited by an unseen back door, the revolting creature that he is.I like the sound of a stop the genocide flag and of course its amazing how far you can travel with one can of spray paint and a stencil.Cheers for now me dears.

nobody said...

Uurgh. At least our war criminal had the decency to crawl away and shut the fuck up. I really wonder at Blair. The best I can come up with is that he's some variation of deranged. There's that mad startled expression you see in his eyes occasionally. Howard is so obviously a nasty piece of work, a misanthropist with a petulant streak.

nobody said...

Three shorts now screening over at the cinema.

Anonymous said...

Dear nobody
With reference to your: Howard is so obviously a nasty piece of work, a misanthropist with a petulant streak.
(Yes, your blog is relevant and so I read it - don't be surprised.)
You hurt me greatly when you (and others) call me names and I get a lump in my throat.
And even though the stupid press say I was adjusting my tie I WASN'T (I stamped my foot here) it was the thought of you being nasty to me that was upsetting me.
Please try to refrain from such an outburst in the future.
Signed: Your New Prime Minister of Australia
Kevin Michael Rudd
ps. I explained why I was so upset to Premier Wen and he agreed with me.

nobody said...

Dear PM,

Thank you for gracing us with your presence. You'll have to forgive me, but you've grasped me by the wrong end of my stick, so to speak. In truth I'm merely angling for the position of court fool, ala Lear. Which as you recall went very well for him.

As a quick for-instance imagine this - You're in amongst a media campaign blaming you for rising interest rates (And how's that? You go out of your way to reassure the Reserve Bank you won't fuck with their caper and they screw you! Where's the gratitude?!) anyway, there you are standing in front of the assembled media and I step forward and pull your trousers down! Brilliant! The headlines switch from 'Interest Rate Pain' to 'PM's Public Pantsing'. Forget that Epstein cove, I'm your man!

I should also add that I'm particularly adept at changing lightbulbs and standing on things that otherwise might blow away, like tarpaulins and such. Laugh if you want but it's very useful in windy weather.

you obedient servant,

Sorry, that should read-

your obedient servant,


Anonymous said...

Yes, I think at the next meeting with our local member we should emphasise the fact that THEY are OUR servants not visi versi, I know I will.
ps. I said that to a cop once who had his theoretical foot on the nape of my theoretical neck – he and his mates laughed. I was quite pleased with myself; I’d given them a laugh at a stressful time (my stress).

nobody said...

Ha ha ha ha! Crack me up!

Really Tony, I didn't know you were of such a criminal bent. Attempting to injure a cop's foot with your neck! I shake my head - dreadful, dreadful.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mister Nobody
I'm just blogging (internet au fait is my middle name) to let you know I'm going to make a speech tonight, the first since I handed the reigns over to my doppelganger (Kevin 'Bloody' Rudd).
That's what we used to call him in the halls of power you know. When we passed each other in the quadrangle he would always bow his head and look away (very humble fellow) and mumble 'Bloody' something or other. We took bets on whether it was ‘bell’ or ‘nell’ or ‘well’ or something of that nature.
I know I'm still the PM of Ozzie, Cobber.
The 'Before' Prime Minister of Ozztralia
John Winston Howard

nobody said...

Speaking of our Kevin, what a schedule he's making for himself! Barely touched the tarmac and he's off to the Youth 2020 summit and then without a break he's off to today's Jewish 2020. Good God! Surely what with how many religions there are in Australia, particularly such obscure ones representing such tiny, tiny percentages of the population he'll have to attend dozens of these damn things!

What with not wanting to be seen favouring one tiny group he'll be forced to go to a Muslim 2020, an Anglican 2020, a Catholic 2020, a Buddhist 2020, a Bahai 2020... bloody hell, there'll be no end to it.

Kevin - think of your health mate! You can't see all these groups! And there's no way you want to be seen to be pandering to just one. So might I suggest you politefully decline their invitation. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Mister Howard
That picture of you looks like Darth Vader with his helmet off. And Ozzie; it's Aussie mate we're not Americans yet?
I just had a thought, I wonder if Kev's, George W's bag man.

nobody said...

Hello Tony,

Was that not you earlier? Link to the ABC and all...

This is the problem with anonymouses. I'm definitely with Les on this one. Putting in a name takes seconds, does not identify you to google or whomever and lends coherency to the discussion (such as it is). If you wish to post anonymously I won't stop you but you'll never be the full-tote odds and won't quite be treated in the same fashion as people who've taken the three seconds to whack a name on their comment.

Otherwise Tony, a bagman for a glove puppet? Er... maybe... Certainly he's a good boy, our Kevin, and does what he's told. Where's he off to tonight again? I hope he's practised his kowtowing. For this I recommend the opening scene of The Last Emperor. "I kowtow, Er kowtow, San kowtow". He'll understand that. Speaks Mandarin, doncha know.

Anonymous said...

Yes of course. It was such a terrible yet very real image of John I had to find some way of getting it to you.
He, like George, believes he was born to rule. Ha! Ha! idiot!
And Kev too. I have a picture of Kev and Rupert coming away from their little talk of a few months ago; it tells everything - caught in the act. Rupie is not a happy chappie.

Anonymous said...

stop peddling bull..a jew equals a zionist equals a rat bastard turd that hates anything nonjew. I lived with a grip of em..hundreds..their consensus..nonkosh's are shit to be used, abused and killed. got it!

nobody said...

Um... yes, no, good evening?

nobody said...

Oh hello anon,

Sorry, things are about to go batshit here because Mike Rivero very kindly linked me on wrh and I got distracted by that last fellow, who I suspect meant to comment on the next thing.

Wow! Great phote! That was THE meeting. I have that little tete-a-tete pegged as Rupert telling our Kev how the world works and Kev signing up for the deal. And with Kev signed up Rupert cracked the whip and the media changed it's tune. Little Johnny started looking old and hapless from then on in and couldn't get a break.

Otherwise, they BOTH look unhappy. 'Oh shit! We're being photographed together!', kind of thing.

The preamble to that caper was Mark Latham's media assassination. Whilst having no certain idea, I'm prepared to bet that a) Rupert never had a chat with Latham knowing full well he'd never sign up or b) Rupert gave him a call and Latham said I Don't Think So. Either way, that was the end of him.

The clincher here is to ask anyone you know - Why did Latham resign exactly? Give them a hint and say it was over somebody dying and Latham didn't come out and offer his condolences. Then ask them who died? Me, I was OS and missed it but I've yet to meet a single person who could remember.

But whatever, the media was hysterical and Rudd was a crazy nutbar and had to go. And there you have it - a media assassination. Me, I have Latham down as our last, best hope.

Anonymous said...

It's always very suspicious when these highly organized protests spring up, with professionally produced placards in abundance.

If protests against the Chinese and the Olympics generally was not in the interests of Israel, they wouldn't happen at all, or if they did they certainly wouldn't receive the media attention they did.

As you rightly say, puppet people led around by the nose. The world is in deep trouble.

nobody said...

Hey Suraci,

I read all your comments but thought I'd reply here on account of the previously article's comments section about to be knee-deep in blood and I'd rather stay out for a bit. I made a quick point hoping it'd set the tenor of the spray, if you know what I mean. One lost fellow is already spitting invective here and I'd prefer less of it.

But your comments were cool. As for extremists of various stripes, Muslims and Christians don't own the Reserve Banks of the world. Nor are they exclusive clubs. Anyone can join. The Jewish religion is really singular. There's nothing quite like it. And frankly I suspect that a great deal of Muslim and Christian extremism is thanks to the controlled media pushing them in that direction. Left on their own I'm convinced they'd be a lot more peaceful. But that's just me.

Anonymous said...

nobody April 13, 2008 11:19 PM
I think you are right in every instance.
Especially Latham

nobody said...

Yeah, it breaks your heart.

Did we all get the loud and clear message today folks? Julia Gillard says bosses should be able to read your emails. Why not tap your phone calls?

This is the Labor Party we're talking about. You know, the party representing the interest of workers and unions. Ben Chifley rolls over in his grave. Speaking of unions, where are they? Are they cool with having employers tap their workers' private communications? And the threat was what exactly? Some nonsense wankfest they pulled out of their arse. Cyber-attack?! God fucking spare us.

And Julia Gillard went on the telly and spouted that shit. Let's see who else pops up and supports this. We'll know soon if the Labor has a soul or not.

Anonymous said...

Fucking bravo!

You've summed up my own thoughts over the last month PRECISELY.

Anonymous said...

Cheers Nobody, I've only just found your blog but a lot of what you say resonates with my views.

I'll be looking in regularly to get your take on things.

Interesting times we live in!

nobody said...

Thanks Suraci,

You are perfectly welcome mate. Drop in anytime.

Anonymous said...

I'm performing a cyber-attack nobody

<----- <----- <----- <-----


nobody said...

Oh my God, that was horrible. If only somebody would take away my human rights so that that might never happen again!