Thursday, January 24, 2008

screams of perfect agony

Do people get used to that screaming? The screaming you hear on all those taser videos on youtube? Maybe they do. If you read the comments at the bottom of each one, a majority seem to congratulate the police and heap shit on the victim. There's a thesis in that alone I reckon. 'Just do what the police say' they tell us. I don't know how that would have helped that fellow standing next to his shiny 4WD, wife inside, in New Mexico or somewhere like. As best as I could tell he was just standing there wondering what the cop was on about. I was with him - made no sense to me. But boy, did he fucking scream. Like Robert Shaw getting eaten alive. Only more real. All the taser victims scream the same. It's unbe-fucking-lievable. Nails on blackboards ain't in it. One wonders at the cops yelling at them - DO THIS! DO THAT! Jesus Christ - 99% of their brain is focused on screaming, boys. The remaining 1% is struggling to breathe. Never did a punishment so absurdly outweigh the crime that may or may not have been committed.

Just so there's no ambiguity I'll say what should be obvious - tasering is electrocution. When a cop tasers someone he is electrocuting him. No ifs or buts - it's a simple fact.

Here's another simple fact: screaming like that doesn't happen in the world of humans outside of battlefields and torture chambers. And being eaten alive, of course. Hands up all the people who've heard screaming like that in real life? Not me. I've crashed motorcycles, and watched others crash, till I lost count. Mad Max ain't got nothing on me. I spent half my life in workshops and saw extremities cut off and blood run like water. And I never heard screaming like that. These are warfare screams. Torture screams. Getting eaten alive screams.

God help us. The cops in that video carried on like nothing had happened. No, 'Jesus Christ! What the fuck was that?!' Nope, just another day at the office. 'Good for you buddy.' But did they dream afterwards? Did they hear those screams? Did they not ever twig that all those cops they know on stress leave might have a variation of PTSD, which is to say, a shattered mind? You hear enough screaming like that and it'll get you there. It's not natural. That sound is perfectly pitched to hit the reptilian part of your brain that floods your head with fear. Tough guy or no, you can't stop it. They don't play screaming tapes to torture victims for no reason. It's to break them. And cop's brains will do that thing too. The chemicals flooding through their heads will eventually break them. Troops have only 90 days of real combat in them. After that they're no longer tough guys. Only the insane can cope. Cops are no different. Their brains fry just like anyone else's. They know perfectly well that this is true.

And that's not all. There's the hundreds who died from being tasered. Think about that: They Died Screaming. Isn't this the precise definition of the worst death imaginable? Never mind the visceral experience of standing there listening to it - afterwards comes the loop-tape knowledge. This is the knowledge that a man died screaming at your hands. And for nothing. For talking back. For not being able to speak English. For being broke and going off their medication. The only way to deal with knowledge like that is with madness, alcohol, or drugs. Better still, all three.

Humans aren't meant to do this to each other. I say this to police - The people who tell you it's fine are deluded or liars. The only person who can save you from this, is you. You must listen to that voice that is not wrong. Not the bullshit voice that makes self-serving excuses. And then there's that saying - To thine own self be true. It's talking about those two voices. The one that lies and the one that's true. And you do know which is which. The voice in your head that justifies your part in the death of a person who died screaming is obviously bullshit and you know that. Wake up! Say no and hang tough. Otherwise, who are you? Who, or what, will you become?


Anonymous said...

Amen. You know I have no regret getting my tubes tied. I will NEVER have a child. It makes me sad sometimes but on the other hand...WHAT KINDA WORLD ARE WE HEADING INTO: INSANITY, TORTURE, CONSTANT WAR, BRUTALITY, ELITE SLAVE CONTROL, IMPRISONMENT, SPIRITLESS, MINDLESS, TAXES, AND LIES, LIES LIES... CONSTANT LYING.


Anonymous said...

Dude, I suggest you look up sociopath in the DSM IV and perhaps do a stint in a killing zone. Perhaps then write about your feelings about torture and death. Otherwise, stick to making submissions to "Home and Garden".

nobody said...

I'm glad you know what you mean. I doubt anyone else will. I certainly don't.

Anonymous said...

Teaser every fucked up pig ... see how they like their own medicine ..

Anonymous said...

Now that we've heard from TASER representatives (that's NASDAQ trading symbol TASR), let a human comment on this article, unpaid.

Has anyone ever read that Stanford University psychology experiment in which students (at no risk to themselves) are allowed punish people up to the point of death by electrical shock? The students believe that they are administering this shock for wrong answers as form of operant conditioning. What they failed to realize was that they were the subjects of the experiment. How far would they go to conform to authority's notions of right and wrong, without criticism?

Unfortunately, our society is up to its eyebrows in such conformists. There is a milling herd of them willing to use prods on the rest of the cattle, if they can figure out how the thing works. The steer with the prod gets to stand upright for a few minutes.

But then it's off to the slaughterhouse for all of those not left lying in manure after the shocking. That includes the prodder.

The Taser is the symptom of a very bad society in the process of becoming worse.

Anonymous said...

Hey you murdering COP PIGS!

I am waiting for one of you rookie Murders to get Tased in training and DIE... WE NEED MORE COP PIGS DROPPING DEAD(From their pain complaince tools), for the TORTURE TO STOP!

Anonymous said...

"Dude, I suggest you look up sociopath in the DSM IV and perhaps do a stint in a killing zone. Perhaps then write about your feelings about torture and death."

Hey 5:11 P.M. #2, why don't you go fuck yourself, you ostrich? Keep your head in the sand, that'll make it all disappear. Oh, and hey, you filthy bastard, have YOU been in a combat zone? What the fuck do YOU know of suffering?

Anyway, my point, aside from calling out 5:11 number two was that torture is now an American value, right up there with Mom, baseball and Apple Pie, as Mike Rivero might say. It is a part and parcel of our society now, and likely will be until the day that the Grand Experiment in Republican governance finally ends.

Hopefully that day will come soon. America is like Humpty Dumpty... All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put America together again.

The best, most feasible solution would be to export the system of governance as designed by our Founding Fathers to a willing populace more deserving of the blessings of democracy than the corrupt, decadent American populace.

Anonymous said...

"Dude, I suggest you look up sociopath in the DSM IV and perhaps do a stint in a killing zone. Perhaps then write about your feelings about torture and death. Otherwise, stick to making submissions to "Home and Garden"."

Translation without the antisocial tone:

In the DSM IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, v4) there is a clinical definition of mental illness which describes how people can inflict such horrors on others without being affected, called psychopathy (or sociopathy). These people have no inner voice of reason or empathy, and never will...

Anonymous said...

hey nobody.everything in moderation i say except for the drugs and beer.oh and a little bit of madness works for me.go safe.

Cyber Durden said...

Makes me wish anonymous's mother [DSM IV comment] had gotten HER tubes tied. Anonymous commenting sucks.

Anonymous said...

"Dude, I suggest you look up sociopath in the DSM IV and perhaps do a stint in a killing zone. Perhaps then write about your feelings about torture and death. Otherwise, stick to making submissions to "Home and Garden".
January 23, 2008 5:11 PM
Dude I suggest you decide what you stand for in life-just like the "nobody" is talking about.
YOU are the enemy. Torture and death
you cast as "positives"?
You serve who in this life?
Not my interests, not "nobody's",
and not God's. You serve evil.
I don't need "psychopaths" (not sociopaths, which are a different
diagnosis) like you to do a damn thing for me or mine.
Why don't you move to Israel where you can do your thing with impunity, even cheering?
Maybe you'll get enshrined like Baruch Goldstein.


Anonymous said...

Don't despair. There is a chamce to make a difference right now. Support Ron Paul's campaign.

nobody said...

Believe it or not I'm actually a happy soul. And I'd like to declare for the record that, yes, I am very partial to things in moderation. As ever, I choose the middle way.

Otherwise thanks folks, you do me proud.

Anonymous said...

randallcasters said:
"I don't need "psychopaths" (not sociopaths, which are a different
diagnosis) like you to do a damn thing for me or mine."

I thought that the two definitions were different as well, but apparently modern practitioners regularly interchange them...

Anonymous said...

Anybody who says "There's the hundreds..." is an idiot and deserves to be tasered multiple times.

Anonymous said...

Taser Schmazer! There is a brand new category for any officer using tazers on "suspects". It's now defined as RAPE, remember RAPE has nothing to do with SEX. We have successfully sued a police department and the officer involved for RAPE and Apartheid, you can too!!

Anonymous said...

I especially loved this article and found the comments just as gratifying.

I'm pretty certain the anonymous poster was pointing out that these cops getting off on tasers and torture do it cause they like it and they don't have any guilty feelings about it.

Certainly not all cops, but absolutely that NM trooper.

Anonymous said...

One heck of a good read, Nobody. Thanks. Addressing this issue on the personal level -- talking to the potential torturer -- is exactly the right thing to do, imo.

I agree with MG, a person has to be the change they wish to see in the world. Hate lying? Call it out when you see it. Never support or cooperate with a liar. But most importantly, tell the truth... ALWAYS. Hate cruelty and torture? Don't support it in any way (esp. by paying taxes). Tell the truth about it everywhere an to everone you know... but most importantly, be kind ....ALWAYS.

I don't have a lot of faith that we are going to get things turned around in this country but I do know that if we ever do, it will only happen one person at a time.

nobody said...

I am happy to stand corrected on the number of taser fatalities. And if it was only say, 150, would you laugh and say, Ha! Only 150 have died! But you were so busy wishing pain upon me that you never got around to giving us the numbers. Never mind. That threatening thing was fun wasn't it?

And otherwise, mate, you do your side proud. So little is thought of the inflicting of agony now that we joke about doing it to people who have expressed an opinion. God spare humans from people like you.

And why are you at this blog? Why are you at wrh? What is the point of you?

Anonymous said...

Off duty, all cops should be subject to tasering by any random citizen that want to know what it feels like.

This service should be available anytime day or night when the cop is off duty.

Cops who wrongfully taser someone should be subject to a minimum of 1 tasering per day for at least a year.

nobody said...

Cruel. Every hour for one day would be more than enough.

annemarie said...

that's a link to a Canadian woman's blog, her brother was tasered to death. A couple of years ago, as I recall. And she's writing to spread awareness and trying to stop this lethal, torture device from being used.

Anyone interested please visit the link.


Anonymous said...


nobody said...

No mate,

Not 'ow', repeat after me - Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh!

Anonymous said...

Oh! Well that's f***ing all right then. Ay!
NTAMA - Northern Territory - Amalgamated Murray Annihilators

night watchman said...

Taser posts, please read my blog- tasers are more dangerous than believed, at least partially because they are used to convince police that electroshock torture is acceptable.