Monday, January 28, 2008

The Holocaust - Made in Germany

I do not question the Holocaust. In both the micro and the macro I find it rings perfectly true, and accords with everything I understand about the villains, the Germans, and the victims, the Jews.

Take the well known German inability to design anything that isn't crap. As my engineering lecturers in university used to drum into us - don't look to the Germans, their design has always been bad to the point of idiotic. And the Holocaust provides perfect proof of this in the famous electrocution rooms of Belzec. The existence of these rooms was 'irrefutable' and was widely discussed and written about in the forties. And sure enough, the manner of their construction and the complete lack of logic adheres to everything we know about German problem solving and design.

How stupid were these Belzec designs? A survivor described a large room with a metal floor on which the victims were lowered into neck-deep water and then electrocuted. The floor would then raise and the victim's bodies were further electrocuted until they were ashes. Those idiot Germans. The floor didn't need to lower. A quick spray with sprinklers would have done fine for electrocution. All those moving parts for nothing! Talk about over-engineering.

And you can turn people to ashes with electricity? Sledge hammers for walnuts ain't in it! What absurd amounts of electricity would be required to turn dripping-wet fleshy bodies into parched ashes? Enough to power a small city! And how long would it take? And how much muck would have been baked onto the floor? Imagine the unspeakable sludge the thousands of litres of water below must have been turned into. Think of the clean-up! I expect that those German bastards would have even forced the next set of victims to do all the cleaning - before they in turn were made into more clean-up work for the next set. German wickedness is beyond imagination. Much like their inability to sensibly answer a simple design problem. Rather than come up with something cheap, efficient, reliable, and easy to maintain, trust those German dickheads to come up with the most idiotic construction possible. Typical.

Certainly this speaks to our understanding of Germans. How does it speak to our understanding of Jews? Perhaps you're wondering why you've never heard of this. For this you may thank the Jews and their well-known forgiveness and consideration of the feelings of others - even those who attempted to murder them. Wishing not to impugn the German people's pride in their engineering ability, they quietly let all talk of the electrocution rooms drop shortly after the Nuremberg trials. Proof-positive of their virtue. People like me rightly sneer at those who say the witness was never there and made it all up. Why would he do that? Don't answer, because we don't actually sneer so much as throw you in jail. And quite right. I would never question the holocaust.

But that's merely a microcosmic example of what we know is true of Germans. What of the macro? Proof of the German people's idiocy in the big picture is clearly evident of their use of trains, camps and arcane machines to kill Jewish people as inefficiently as possible. As everybody knows, if the Germans were to organise a piss-up in a brewery, they'd dismantle the brewery, build a new one, come up with a new formula for beer, make the beer, and then kill everyone anyway. Because that's how stupid and evil they are. That's why they didn't just shoot Jewish people as they laid hands on each one. Where's the bureaucracy and mad expenditure in that? A penny a bullet? Anyone who knows anything about Germans and their love of over-complicated inefficient solutions knows why they didn't do this.

Just take a second and think of any German machine or design solution you ever saw. You laugh at all those clunky piece-of-shit Mercedes, BMW's and Audis, right? Of course. Just like the allies in the war used to laugh at those crap Panzers, U-Boats, and Messerschmitts. And just like I laugh at those bullshit electrocution rooms at Belzec. Germans! Hang your heads in shame!


annemarie said...

well done, bravo!

that's what we gotta do. turn things upside-down, in order to right them. it's only logical since the whole world is upside-down, etc.

bravo nobody!

Anonymous said...

Masterful, biting sarcasm...sorry, unable to add anything further. I do fear some will not 'get it'. Be prepared for flames.....
Great work Nobody

Anonymous said...

Shades of rape rooms, people shredders and incubator raids. But we have seen Abu Ghraib. We can see that even with exaggerations, absolute power over individuals corrupts absolutely.

We have to look at the Nazi policies: deprivations of livelihood, destruction of businesses, most of all, the thing you deny, deportation. All of this war against the Jews is well-documented.

I think that some people would like to make the victim the cause of his own demise, the better to enjoy the pleasures of getting along with those descended from the perpetrator. And make no mistake about it, the Germans are nice friends. They have a great society. But a lot of what they have today is due to their association with the rest of the West, with their former enemies. It is due to compromise, regret for past actions, and their own genius. I have a Pfaff. That machine is a dream.

I deplore the punishment of Holocaust revisionists. It shows too much fear of reality. 9/11 truthers are being lumped with those who deny the most flagrant acts of the Holocaust. I would like to learn more about what really happened. I know that some of those who perished actually died because they were killed by the invading Soviets, or were deported yet again, from places like Poland to Siberia. But while some of those people were in the hands of the Germans, they found them "useless" and they did away with them. They experimented on them. They killed them with neglect and starvation and disease. They removed them from their property, homes and communities and what happened to them was on the Germans.

They arent unique, the Germans. Look at the outcome of Hurricane Katrina, for a small-scale example of racial indifference or outright hostility, for essential ethnic cleansing. I would not absolve the Germans so readily. I know too much about mankind. And furthermore, anyone who put a chip in me or a tattoo on me for identification: that person would be treating me like a herd animal, to be dealt with at pleasure. The Holocaust speaks for itself. It really happened.

Anonymous said...

True...I am from Stuttgart, home of those crappy Benzes and Porsches..:D but maybe it was designed by people from the part of the country that later became East-Germany...just type in "Trabant" or "Wartburg" in google´s picture search, those are examples of their design-abilities...;) Friendly Greetings from an evil German

Anonymous said...

Imagine, your a super evil dictator who schemed for YEARS to rid the world of an entire race of millions of people -- and THIS is what you decided on for your final oven design....

Twenty or so of these babies just screams mass production.... German efficiency at its finest.

Anonymous said...

he who speaks lies syas nothing.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is saying nothing.
no man is liying about real men.

Anonymous said...

But but but but look at all the great things that the Jews have brought us. They are the 4th largest arms manufacturer/exporter in the world. Of course, that technology was provided by other nations. They are at the center of conflict in the middle east. And nobody can run a central bank and bring usury to such levels of perfection. Way to go.

even seven said...

Yeah, that Wernher von Braun was such a klutz. Everyone in the whole world laughed at his incompetence as he made his pathetic attempt to get the first man on the moon. Typical German half-wit. Oh, and that Hans Geiger and his silly invention that counts alpha particle. Wow, those stupid Germans don't know anything about science. Max Planck and his quantum theory, or Werner Heisenberg and his matrix mechanics have added nothing to modern science except to show what morons the Germans are. Yeah, sure.

Anonymous said...

The Germans were lousy at figuring out which way doors should swing too. Get this. Engineer-Fritz and his buddies receives orders to build a big gas chamber, in which they are going murder jews on an epic scale.
They make numerous idiotic mistakes in the design. They make the doors swing in, not out. So after a successful gassing, the doors would be blocked by the hundreds of dead bodies that would pile up inside. How are you gonna open the door now huh, you dumb Germans?

Then they decide to make holes in the ceiling, that the staff would use to throw gas canisters in through. Why didn't they think about all the gas their staff would inhale doing this, and instead lay a gas line that could safely and with much less effort deliver the gas? Schmucks.

And to top it all off, they go in and collect the dead bodies only about 30 minutes after the gassing is complete. Anyone who knows anything about chemistry will know that there would be considerable amounts of highly poisonous gas left in air-pockets that no doubt would form between dead bodies. But obviously the Germans are not only appalling at engineering, they also know nothing about basic chemistry (surprise!).

At least they were frugal and put the dead bodies to good use in the soap industry.
Or wait. That was made up. Ok, so the soap thing was admittedly made up. That proves nothing, all the other stuff is still true, and WOE to them that dare question any of it!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you could forget to mention how the german disease, maglev trains has spread even to china. Those germans can't do anything right!

Anonymous said...

There was one thing the Germans were good at, and that was rejuvenation!

I mean in the middle of the Auschwitz swamp, in the middle of the winter, whilst in full retreat from the Russian front, they managed to exhume over 1.1 million people* burn them on open air pyres with no fuel, and they did this without leaving a trace!
And if you think that's clever, well just think, they managed this feat at every other transportation\labour camp too!

*Used to be 4 million until 1988, when Zundel beat you in court and you had to change the plaques at your vile theme park of judeo supremacy.

Anonymous said...

Save the Earth

Anonymous said...

Bravo, but you've got it all wrong.
Where did you finish your "doctorate in Science"?

Anonymous said...

Holocaust is the "best" invention the Jews have produced. And the holocaust industry together with the war on "teghogh" is their greatest achievement and export...

Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention that there was a need to build a whole new factory to make striped uniforms after removing the clothes that were being worn. This at a time when there were German troops freezing to death on the Eastern front for want of new clothes. Silly germans.

Anonymous said...

March 24, 1933

Hey, they started it.

Anonymous said...

Let me see---the nazis own files and testimony. Witnesses, records etc all refute your tenuous claims.

No real research just rehashed nonsense that does little. Posterity, and documentation =facts . You conjecture and offer no serious academic research

A very lame blog from a small mind that still thinks the earth is flat.

Get a life-------------oh and by the way--i do not support the Zionist Apartheid dehumanization going on in Israel. Holocaust denial is for the embittered losers who need a blog cause nobody is paying attention.

A weak argument with little points from a narrow minded bore

Anonymous said...

most comments here seem silly and the usual cowards oflofer no substantial proof-----just conjecture, bad grammar, and specious points---------get over the fact that you don't read history--To deny the Holocaust ---shows the level of ignorance-----how many losers does it take to fill a holocaust denial lame blog?-----read above and count

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Each person who chimes in here with the essay above, seems utterly delighted to discover some contradiction, some tiny clue that all was not as it was portrayed. This is the problem with learning through propaganda. Once some of it washes away, you think that settles it: the Nazis were lambs.

I wonder if anyone here advocates slavery? And let us say there is slave labor, imposed suddenly on a populace. After a "middle passage" of cattle cars. You seem to think that it was all dandy, delousings and warm pajamas, and getting three squares a day. Well, that is your wishful thinking. It is not reasoning, it is rationalization for your prejudices in today's world.

The old and the very young were killed like animals, the survivors were youth who could be used, and worked until they starved. The POWs of the Germans from wherever taken met a similar fate. You can blame it on their losing the war and not having enough food to dish out. But in the end, they fed their guards and themselves and starved the others. Of such are war crimes tribunals convened upon. Where the Jews were concerned, it was ethnic cleansing and theft of their property as the main motive.

But surely I am asking someone to reason through something rather than to rationalize the Germans' innocence or ignorance. Perhaps you all are like criminal defense attorneys, knowing that you can get an OJ off with enough race card playing.

It's kind of sad. The present day Israelis and Americans have much to answer for, but they never will if you insist on wandering in a desert of unreality. There is no master race. The sooner everyone gets that, the better off we'll all be. I am here because I suspect that the former opponents of such an idea, as well as the victims of it, have taken that trophy, and I would like to grind it into the ground.

Oh, and of course the corpses you claim weren't there were actually filmed and disposed of by the Allies, using earthmovers. That's probably why they aren't so easy to find at the various camps. But what are documented facts? Again, the problem was not with the facts but their use in propaganda campaigns.

Anonymous said...

AUDIs rule. Americn cars are pieces of crap. Asian cars are well, tin can Jap crap. I would rather crash in a car, designed for you to walk away after crahing at 120 mph on the autobahn. Not the 55 mph that the government says they need to be safe at.

annemarie said...

since1492 January 28th, 2008 1:07 pm

America has no trouble with forgetting a genocide here or there. Just ask an native American Indian or a descendant of a ‘buffalo soldier’. They also have no trouble with inventing genocides or promoting their favorite ones. The Holocaust has to be the best selling genocide of all time.
Hoa binh

A comment copied from here:

The article's title is:

America's Forgotten Genocide

I found the article well-intended, but weak or inadequate. Or something.

And then I read the comments below it. And by geezeus!!!

btw, I added the bold/emphasis to it. But that one line describes the Jewish holocaust better than anything I've ever read.

nobody said...

Just briefly,

The deleted comment was unconnected with the subject and was basically a dim-witted slur against the Irish.

I have no problem giving things the flick. I also have limited tolerance for endless limited-hangout conversation-hogging as I've made clear over at smokingmirrors. But that's Les' blog and this is mine.

Otherwise I'll wait until the article slides down wrh's list and the comments die down, before I reply. So far lots of straw-men and words-in-mouths.


profnasty said...

All the Revisionists want is forensic examination and open historical debate: Something the Zionists can never permit. Ask yourself why.

Anonymous said...

Mustings - just a few minor changes
But while some of those people were in the hands of the Israelis, they found them "useless" and they did away with them. They experimented on them. They killed them with neglect and starvation and disease. They removed them from their property, homes and communities and what happened to them was on the Israelis.

Anonymous said...

Remember Eric Hunt, a boy driven insane by too much Holocaust "Education".

nobody said...

Has everyone vented now?

I deny nothing. I am perfectly happy to concede the wickedness of the German persecution of the Jews. And of the the Poles, Rom, Catholics, homosexuals etc. And I'll go further and condemn the crimes of Arthur 'Bomber' Harris and Curtis 'Mad Dog' Lemay. And Stalin of the Poles. Check THAT out. I also condemn Roosevelt for his cold-blooded engineering of Pearl Harbour. Watch the BBC's Sacrifice At Pearl Harbour and be amazed. And yep, I also condemn the Japanese for their behaviour after they fell into Roosevelt's trap. And I condemn their behaviour in Manchuria too. Just like I condemn that of the Dutch in the East Indies, the Americans in the Philippines and Hawaii, the English in India, Malaysia and Burma, and the French and Americans in Indochina.

Atrocities beyond number. I condemn them all. And above all I condemn the hypocrisy of thinking some are 'good' and some are 'bad'.

But one atrocity is unique. Only one atrocity is sacred and the questioning of it profane. Only one atrocity seems to carry so much mad embroidery. Only one atrocity is on my TV daily. The 63rd anniversary of it was on last night. The 63rd? The Holocaust is the atrocity non-pareil. Atrocities far greater in fatalities and exactly equal in cruelty and suffering have never seen the light of our TV screens. Nobody has heard of them. And. Believe it or not some of them were committed by the victims of the Holocaust. Everybody has heard of Hitler and yet Kaganovich draws a blank. And as we speak, the inheritors of the victim mantle are in the middle of the most calculated slo-mo genocide the like of which I've never seen.

No atrocity is so over-represented and so misrepresented. No atrocity is so used as a bludgeon to justify further atrocities. By the victims! How many times have I seen Israeli spokesmen and women magically excuse their ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by way of the Holocaust. I lost count.

Can anyone name me another atrocity that seems to have so much embroidery connected with it? I note that not a single person here addressed the actual Belzec story. Because it may not be addressed. All the 'anti' comments were variations of that sentiment.

But seriously, why did somebody make all that daft, logic-defying shit up? Upon hearing such a idiotic story, I'm presented with two choices. Either I shy away from pursuing logical lines of thought and think nothing of it, or I come up with some convoluted logic-defying nonsense to explain it away. For me, the former is an impossibility, so I did the latter. But guess what? That's forbidden. Option A is the only option. Never may I entertain the thought that something is screwy with all of this. Never may I connect this guff with the Holocaust's over-representation or its use as a weapon. Yeah, well fuck that.

Since when do atrocities need to be embellished after the fact? Somebody name me an atrocity that needed, or got, further 'atrocitising'. Knock yourselves out. Are embroideries such as this Belzec guff, there to magnify the Holocaust and thus increase its utility? Fair question. The treatment of the survivors of this atrocity by the State of Israel makes me wonder if Israel doesn't view it in precisely this fashion. As the unhappy survivors said, Where did all the money go? Did any of the people heaping shit on me here, secretly in their heads curse them for speaking publicly? Ha ha ha, yeah right. You and Israel.

And no one here has given the Germans a halo. What bullshit. My point is merely to wonder at the size of their horns and why they are painted so large. Keeping in mind these horns seem to be clip-on. They can be jammed on anyone's head.

Otherwise I have no intention in dwelling on this subject. There are many subjects and this is one of them. I don't give a shit if people declare this subject 'special'. It ain't. All things may be wondered at and none deserve it more than those declared off-limits. If people want to get upset, they should know my heart bleeds for their wounded self-regard.

Anonymous said...

There is no evidence either physical or documentry for the Jewish lies of the trademark 'holocaust'.

So the idiots that still try their hardest to believe in it, are either poisonous yids, with an agenda. Or brain-dead morons who like being told what to think and see, even though in reality, it was never there.

There is a reason for these Stalinist show trials where one cannot even defend oneself you know!

You would think such diabolical charades would open peoples eyes. But alas many are so stupified, that they cannot even see for themselves anymore.

Anonymous said...

What would get rid of an enormous amount of clutter, bad grammar, bad spelling, unthought thru arguments and spraying out some words just for effect is for people to actually use their real name.

After all, if what you have to say really gets up the nose of the PTB playing Anonymous will not avail you at all.

They know the number and location of every terminal any person is sending from.

Since plenty of brave bloggers use their name why is it that so very many who send comments in prefer the option of anonymity rather than use their own name ?

I think there are two good reasons for using one's name; first being that it shows respect to the blog owner, otherwise it's too much like shoot and run or drive by writing; the second reason is that it makes it a bit harder for the army of shills who are paid or are ideologically committed to maintain their anonymity - also it should demoralise and shame them to come out.

There are no good reasons for not using your name, and if you won't use your name, don't clutter cyberspace, please.

curt maynard said...

Let's see if we can give this awesome essay some legs!

kikz said...

rapier wit, yoroshiku. well done.

yo musings..
"There is no master race. The sooner everyone gets that, the better off we'll all be."

the jew's talmud disputes this view.

"Oh, and of course the corpses you claim weren't there were actually filmed and disposed of by the Allies, using earthmovers. That's probably why they aren't so easy to find at the various camps. But what are documented facts?"

two words.. ground radar.

yap yap yap... when??? since that time, has ANYONE been allowed to even momentarily forget what happend to ONLY the jews?
conversely, when do the jews remember and appreciate anything done for them by the allies?

what of the russian losses? no whining there.
they make whatever magically changing number of jewish deaths pale in comparison.
if we're handing out awards......what of the roma's suffering? other people on the face of the earth have suffered so......

myopia, whining, ad nauseum.

i don't know why there isn't a channel on the dish devoted to it 24/7.
HoloCOST Channel...

is there? i don't hav cable/dish......

the pentagon has its own channel.....

after all...
ther'z noooo bizniss like shoa no bizniss iiiiiiiiiiiiii knowwwwwwwwww.

Anonymous said...

michael mazur - your reat name??
You are cluttering up cyberspace sir.
Besides ideas are ideas - no name - no problemo
Ebenezer Glockenspiel

annemarie said...

"You would think such diabolical charades would open peoples eyes. But alas many are so stupified, that they cannot even see for themselves anymore."

Anonymous @ January 29, 2008 12:37 AM


I agree with that bit which you wrote. However, I would still alter that second sentence to read:

"But alas many are so stupified that they cannot even see THEMSELVES anymore."

And that imo is the crux, the root of the problem. In fact, pick a problem, any problem, and it still applies. :(


Michael mazur,

I hear you. But it wouldn't make a worthwhile difference, not on the internet. Why? Well, one, for the simple fact that I could publish my name as "Feivel Mousekowitz" or even "Michael Mazur" and it still doesn't prove that I'm the person I claim to be.

Therefore, I feel that we have to take each other at "face" value, meaning that can only "judge" others by what they write/say here.


I think that there's already a holocaust channel, it's called the History Channel. ;)

Besides why have an open, blatant channel like that when you practically own every other channel. Literally and metaphorically speaking as regards to the words *own* and *channel*. pfft!

nobody said...

As I said, I have limited tolerance for limited hangout. To this end I blitzed Musings' latest blathering. Blogger's perogative blah blah blah. But fear not, I've summarised it para by para. It was fun.

- Obscurely points to an atrocity I failed to mention earlier. Insists we discuss that.

- Faults me for not providing links, which is to say, is too lazy to use google.

- Comes up with dubious reasons why such a daft story might have been concocted. Turns the latin phrase 'falsum in uno, falsum in omnibus' into 'falsum in uno, non falsum in omnibus'

- Concedes limited hangout point re 911. Paints horns on Germans.

- Bravely rises to the challenge and explains daft Belzec construction by way of his earlier established German irrationality.

- Makes a stirring speech about how great America is and how he's going to do his bit.

- Makes apologist argument for treatment of those who wonder at the Holocaust. They should consider themselves lucky they are not imprisoned or killed.

- Speaks in favour of free speech.

- Says arguments are good. Makes further limited hangout points about the wickedness in Iraq. Decries the lack of criticism of US actions there but succeeds in reminding us that muslims are head-loppers. Makes a limited hangout non-criticism of Israel on account of their foolishness in applauding Bush's declaration that Auschwitz should have been bombed.

If Musings wants to scream blue-murder, he may. Knock yourself out, mate! If he wishes to boycott my blog I'd be 41 varieties of upset.

Anonymous said...

made in Brazil
The creator, Paulo Barros, said, "It's a very respectful float. It's going to depict it [the Holocaust] as a sort of alarm, so that it (will) never be repeated".
Whoops! too late.

nobody said...

Hey Tony,


Anonymous said...

Thankyou both `Ebenezer Glockenspiel` and `Feivel Mousekowitz` for addressing the idea of using one's real name. Putting those in juxtaposition i would say the musicality here is too humourous and too imaginative for them to be likely real, but no matter, keep them for future use as they are better than plain Tony or annemarie.

While it is true that we could, say, look in a phone book and make up a composite name from, say, the names of two people which is more believeable than either Ebenezer Glockenspiel or Feivel Mousekowitz, we are more likely to stick with the pseudonym thus chosen, even if a Ebenezer Glockenspiel or a Feivel Mousekowitz, because once chosen we are more likely to stay with it for reasons of personal internal harmony rather than change the name like a shirt.

Take some authors of the past who used pseudonyms and were better known by the reading public by that than by their real name when that became available.

As it is there is much too many of anon and anonymous, which for all we know is the same person showing up more than once; and the use of nicknames, while sometimes a clever construct, and of first names, are also just about as anonymous. I should add that nobody in church of nobody is not as anonymous, since no one else - with the exception of a appointed standin - can lead with an article, or moderate comment. So, yes, with the exception of an associated fixed identity like a blogsiteofanon or a blogsiteofanonymous, the no names become names in themselves, and is self limiting.

The consequences over time are not all predictable, but notice that the criminals in govt operate in plain sight, but can't use pseudonyms, and about whom more than enough is known for war crimes tribunals, and yet they have no fear of us. Know why ? It is because we still hide behind anon and anonymous and nicknames and first names, but they will notice the change when we start using our real names or what could be taken for real names, and then they will know we no longer fear them or their security agencies - nor their bullet in the head.

As for me, like any of you, am one of 6,700,000,000 people on the planet, nothing more, and am michael mazur, one of those who the state can pick up in 10 minutes anytime, and sometime will, which means i am indeed a no one.

Anonymous said...

Your super funny. You should read a Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift. It was about the IRISH situation. Swift comes up with a great solutions for the British on how to deal with the Irish. You must do a parody of it but replace IRISH with whomever and BRITISH with Jews.

Dave Q. said...

Dear me! I do believe you had struck a nerve with this one, Nobody. Geoff was more than prophetic about the comments to come, wasn't he? As for me, what you said--after the venting--was spot on! Good onya, mate.

I hope you don't mind my taking you on a retrospective tour through your writings here, but you've had a wonderful blog, George.


p.s. thanks for the wings